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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> i feel like whoever was shooting was going to make sure they were shooting to hit somebody. because they just kept on shooting. they kept shooting. tragic circumstances. new details emerging about what led to the death of a utah firefighter on the front lines of california teaching largest wildfire. as a community says goodbye to a fallen hero. pay gate plan. b.a.r.t. is looking to set up better barriers as station entrances in the hopes of stopping fare even haters. -- fare evaders. how much it will cost to install hundreds of new fare gates. the four on 2 starts now. fare evaders are not hard to spot at b.a.r.t.
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across the bay area. it's a problem that cost the transit agency millions every year and now b.a.r.t. is considering installing new sturdier pay gates that will be more difficult to get around. welcome everyone to the four on 2. i'm alex savidge. heather is off tonight. it could cost as much as $200 million to replace b.a.r.t.'s outdated fare gates. rob malcolm joins us live from san francisco with more on the plan. >> reporter: good evening. we are at the powell street station in san francisco. this is a $25 million problem for b.a.r.t. with a $100 million fix. the issue and challenge for b.a.r.t. is how to replace these fare gates and come up with something which will deter fare evaders. one by one with our cameras rolling in less than no time, fare evaders made quick work of the entry gates. in 20 minutes, close to a dozen cheaters slept through, oblivious to our cameras and the $75 fine. for law-abiding riders, this is a problem. >> we are all trying to get to the same place. and, we all have our fair share.
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>> this isn't fair to the customers that pay. everybody needs to pay when they get on board. >> reporter: it's a bigger problem for b.a.r.t. systemwide. hurting their bottom line. >> fare evasion has become a $25 million problem. we are beginning the study. how can we go about replacing the fare gates in a way that prevents fare evasion? >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. entry and exit gates are ambitious and not cheap. >> the most important we need to know is that we don't have funds identified for replacing the fare gates. it's extremely expensive. we have 600 fare gates. we are thinking it's going to be 252 $350 million. >> reporter: for some, it is a way of getting through life. ktvu captured this woman in a stroller friday, then look closely, it's the same woman today. >> if they just had somebody standing closer, if that's a cheaper fix. you know, somebody any uniform.
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>> our collective bargaining agreement with the union is clear that only b.a.r.t. police officers can provide security for b.a.r.t. systems. we cannot bring in hired help. >> reporter: of these people skipped through, right in front of the b.a.r.t. police department, right in front of the gates. many were unwilling to talk. >> can you answer some questions? you did not pay. >> reporter: but, this man who clearly jumped the gate gave us his name and an excuse. >> i just did it so fast. that's why you did not see me doing it. >> reporter: what's clear is that this problem isn't going away. >> they need to do something. >> this woman did not pay either. >> did she do it, too? not okay. it's not okay. >> reporter: back here live,
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b.a.r.t. will study all viable plans and options and take it to the board in 2019, and then have a discussion on how to pay for it all, and for now, what it looks like is that these pie shaped entry and exit gates will be with us for quite some time, until we decide what to do next. alex? >> so many people walking through those turnstiles, no regard for the consequences it would seem. let me ask you. do they necessarily need to install brand-new pay gates? or is there some sort of way they can just repair or upgrade the existing gates? >> reporter: they would love to do that but as it stands now, the gates cannot be upgraded or repaired. mind you, there are 600 of them and they are all tied to proprietary software. so what b.a.r.t. needs is a system that the employees can upgrade and repair themselves if needed. alex? >> all right, ktvu's rob malcolm live in san francisco. thank you. we've learned new information about what killed a utah firefighter helping fight the mendocino complex fire.
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a cal fire report says battalion chief matthew burchett died last week from falling tree debris after thousands of gallons of fire retardant were dropped on the area that a crew was working in. three other firefighters had minor injuries. the report did not say if the tree was weakened from the fire, or from the retardant drop. at this point, cal fire has not said what type of aircraft made the drop or why the firefighters were underneath. the union representing wildland firefighters said there could have been a radio miscommunication or the crew may not have heard or chose to ignore radio warnings of the airdrop. burchett was part of a strike team from utah and today in salt lake city, there was a funeral service to remember him. thousands of emergency responders and loved ones were there to remember the 42-year- old who jumped at the chance to come here to california to save lives and property. he spent has his -- half his life as a firefighter and was among many out-of-state
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firefighters who came to assist in california. burchett is survived by his wife and 7-year-old son. during the service, burchett's family was presented with a california state flag and letter from governor jerry brown. the ranch fire burning north of clearlake is now 74% contained. azul burned through nearly 350,000 acres since it started on july 27th. cal fire says the huge fire continues to burn actively to the northeast, and new evacuations were ordered in glenn county, west of county road 306, over to the late county line. nearly 300 firefighters are working to contain the fire. right now, berkeley police are asking for the public's help after a shoot out at a popular park this weekend left three men wounded. crime reporter henry lee joins us from the park with the latest on the investigation. henry? >> reporter: here in san pablo
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park, there is no trace of the violence that happened over the weekend but the children's playground is right next to where the shooting happened and police say it could have been worse. >> i heard a pop and then i kept hearing pop, pop, pop. i looked and i saw flames and duct. >> reporter: francesca jones says she never got a look at who fired near san pablo park because she hit the ground and scrambled for cover. >> i felt like whoever was shooting was going to make sure they were shooting to hit somebody. because they kept on shooting. they just kept on shooting. >> parents were on top of the children. they were grabbing the children. they were scattering in all different directions. people were in utter chaos. >> reporter: the drive-by shooting happened at 5:30 saturday afternoon. there were up to 200 people outside including kids and birthday parties. >> they fired into a park full of people. it was a busy day. completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the shooting happened in a picnic area next to a children's playground near the corner of russell and maple. >> they pulled up and began shooting at a group of young men who were at san pablo park. we have information that some
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in that group may have returned fire. >> reporter: a 25-year-old man was shot numerous times in his stomach and is in critical condition. police don't know if you was the intended target but police don't know if someone fired back. two other men were shot by stray bullets. a 63-year-old man was great in hand. both are expected to survive. residents of the area say they were shot -- shocked by the shooting at the park. it's a place where kids play, people walk their dogs and enjoy sports. >> it was daytime and our kids could have been at the park, absolutely. that's terrifying, but not a reason to not go to the park in general, or leave the neighborhood. >> these were innocent people. >> we were just out having a good time and they were shooting like they did not care who got hit, who they were going to hit, they did not care. >> reporter: bullets also hit parked cars and at least one home in the area.
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coming up at 5:30, we spoke a few minutes ago to the father of the 26-year-old victim who tells me his son was shot six times but is recovering nicely and was just released from the icu. that will be coming up at 5:30. reporting live, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> just a frightening situation at that park. jurors worked into the evening on day three in deliberations of the paul manafort trial but ended the day without a verdict. the president's former campaign chairman faces 18 counts of bank and tax fraud. this is the first case brought to trial by special counsel robert mueller as part of the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges. the president took to twitter this morning to blast off a series of posts aimed at the special counsel and the investigation into russia's election meddling.
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fox's white house correspondent kevin cork is in washington now with the latest. >> reporter: president trump, intensifying his attacks on special counsel robert mueller this morning. in a series of tweets, blasting the former fbi director, calling him disgraced, and discredited. the president went on to criticize mueller for spending nearly 30 hours interviewing white house counsel don mcgahn, saying despite approving the interview, quote, anybody needing that much time when they know there is no russian collusion is just someone looking for trouble. >> the president says he did nothing wrong. they did not think he needed any evidence but he did. come on. write the report and we will write hours. let's move on without interference. >> reporter: the president condemned the investigation himself, repeating claims into looking into whether russia colluded during the campaign is a rigged witchhunt. meantime, former cia -- cia director john brennan doubled down on his decision to speak out against the president, saying just days after having his security clearance yanks, collusion is in plain sight.
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>> all of us have read and seen over the last 18, 19 months since president trump has been in office, the things that have come out. be individuals who have already admitted to wrongdoing. >> reporter: it's going to be up to special counsel robert mueller and the courts to decide whether any of this rises to the level of conspiracy. over the weekend, mr. giuliani reiterated that he's reluctant to have the president sit down with special counsel because as mr. giuliani put it, the truth isn't always the truth. meaning, there could be different versions of the truth, and the president in an interview could walk himself right into a perjury trap. at the white house, i'm kevin corke, foxnews. a uc berkeley architecture professor has been suspended for 3 years, without pay, over sexual harassment allegations. middle east scholar nezar alsayyed is accused of putting his hand on a female student's thigh and making sexual
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advances toward her in 2013. the allegations prompted a student walkout in 2016. the university said the president engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment and created a hostile environment. the professor has denied the allegations. attorneys say a nationwide chain of massage clinics is not doing enough to protect its women clients. we'll tell you what they had to say and what they did coming up. plus, the next step in prosecuting the suspected golden state killer. what we are expected to learn tomorrow, and how a bay area county may potentially play a role. cooler air into the bay area, and temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below where we were yesterday. i'll have a look at current conditions and talk about how long this trend will last coming up. ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy!
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we are learning more about the man arrested at the scene of this sideshow on the bay bridge yesterday that led to a crash and brought traffic to a standstill. the video shows three sports cars spinning out of control and the westbound direction of the bridge. officers arrested one driver at the scene and today identified him as 21-year-old gabriel mora of stockton. he has been booked into san francisco county jail on charges of reckless driving. there is no word of any additional arrests. the other two drivers involved in the sideshow drove away before officers arrived. a federal judge arrived in sacramento, ordering a suspected isis terrorists from iraq to remain in jail, saying
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he's a flight risk and danger to the community. 45-year-old omar ahmeen was arrested in a sacramento apartment where he lives with his wife and child. he is wanted for killing a former police officer in an iraq province back in 2014. court documents describe him as a terrorist and leader of both isis and al qaeda forces. federal officials say he lied about his past to seek refugee status and be allowed into the u.s. iraqi authorities want the u.s. to allow him to be extradited back to his home country. officials in mexico say a man who was detained in a southern california gas station while driving his pregnant wife to the hospital is wanted for murder. surveillance video shows officers surrounding joel ladarra at a gas station in san bernardino last week. his wife is been seen running into the gas station, visibly distraught. she reportedly ended up driving herself to the hospital to deliver her baby.
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today, a mexican official confirmed that he is wanted for a homicide in mexico and the prosecutors there asked the u.s. government to help locate and detain him. today, a coffee shop is raising money to help the family of fallen chp officer kirk griess. it is being sponsored by dutch brothers coffee, and, we report now from that location in vacaville, where the officer used to get his coffee. >> reporter: so many people in the community have been devastated by the death of officer kirk griess. and today, a lot of people are coming together to show their support at this dutch bros. location on peabody road in vacaville. there have been long lines all morning long. and, you, too, are invited to come out to dutch bros. locations in fairfield, vacaville, and napa today. one dollar from every cup of coffee sold will be donated to the family of officer kirk griess. he was a beloved chp officer in the community and father of three. you may recall on august 10th
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in fairfield, investigators say a distracted driver hit and killed him and another driver from villa help. dutch bros. is also helping that family during this time of need. so, when you come to dutch bros. today for the fundraiser, look for the donation box. dutch bros. -- kirk griess frequented this dutch bros. location in vacaville. employees say this hits close to home. >> when it hit that close to home, everyone takes it individually and personally. when we come together, we can do something good from it. >> when you see the amount of people that come out, it really shows how much they were respected and valued. i think everybody, his family and stuff like that, seeing the support of the community, it helps fill the hole that is void. >> the fundraiser for officer kirk griess and the other victim are happening today through midnight. if you can, stop by locations. in vacaville, leticia ordaz, ktvu fox 2 news.
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it was a great start to the day for a lot of people but the sun eventually showed up, rosemary. >> we eventually saw some of that but look what was over san francisco. fog. it did not clear out in the city and areas on the west edge. we are looking at that fog working its way back across the bay area even at this hour, beginning to see it and turn to the east bay. 58 degrees, 66 in oakland, upper 70s in livermore and san jose at 76. 76 in santa rosa. temperatures are way cooler for our inland communities. down by 12 in livermore, down by 10 in concord. 6 degrees cooler in novato. around the bay, not a huge difference but again, with the cloud cover along the coastline in san francisco and portions of the peninsula, it definitely feels out -- cool out there. here's a look at storm tracker 2. we began to pull back around noon and had mostly sunny skies away from the coastline.
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you can see it's beginning to moving back across the bay. as we move in closer, take a look at where we are seeing this. right along the bay bridge. we showed you the golden gate bridge into areas in the east bay, perhaps richmond seeing some of this as well. this will continue to work inland as we move through the evening hours. tomorrow morning, expecting to see the widespread gray once again. 24 miles per hour gusts, 17 mile per hour winds sustained over areas in concord and coming from the south. an onshore breeze in oakland. 13 miles per hour. here is a view of the pattern that is bringing us the cool down. we have a trough working its way toward the pacific northwest. that is what brought back the onshore breeze, a little bit stronger than what we've seen over the weekend. temperatures tomorrow morning under partly to mostly cloudy skies. 54 in san francisco, 57 in oakland and 56 in concord. for the afternoon, not expecting a lot of change. low 60s from pacifica into san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay.
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inland, low 80s. 81 in livermore. in the north bay, 81 expected for santa rosa. for the south bay, 83 in morgan hill. that's a good day for inland communities but if you're at the coast, that's going to be a cool one. temperatures won't change a lot into the extended forecast. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. they worry about students getting to class on time. why san francisco officials had to alert students about possible tardiness for thousands of students.
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students returning for the first day of classes in the alameda school district are being given more freedom to decide what to wear. this is part of a new dress code policy adopted over the summer being called the most permissive in the bay area. tube tops, tight pants, ripped jeans and even pajamas are acceptable attire. the new policy allows students and families to decide if such clothing creates a distraction in the classroom. the school board is also hoping to reduce bullying and body shaming on campus. this was also the first day of school for tens of thousands of san francisco students, many who rely on muni to get to class on time. but, the district told school principals that some students might be tardy because of an issue with stuart -- service. >> reporter: there's a few reasons for these delays. they need to hire more drivers and training operators about these routes that they are navigating. there is also this large
4:25 pm
construction project. this is the twin peaks tunnel improvement project that started in late june and should wrap up in about a week or so. this has close both west portal station at forest hills station. riders are rerouted to shuttle buses instead. this impacts the k, l, and m lines. now, there are temporary bus stops, but some students i talked to who already have first day of school jitters are now confused on where to go. >> well, i am definitely out here earlier, just because it is the first day of school, but, i was not thinking about it at all. and then come it just kind of shocked me. and i did not realize that i had to get off and i did not know where to go. >> reporter: is it a little confusing today? >> yeah, for sure. >> i do leave earlier only because i'm worried i'm not going to get there on time and i like to be prepared for school in the morning. but sometimes, i do run to the bus because it comes earlier than expected or i will be sitting there forever because
4:26 pm
it comes later than expected. usually, it's on time. >> reporter: the san francisco unified school district posted its message on a low -- posted a message on its website and sent out alerts. a school official told me they will say -- see how things go today, then work with officials and students impacted. muni is in the process of hiring more drivers. their transferring 72 operators from part-time to full-time. >> we do a lot to accommodate students getting to school every single day. we have our school trips, which provide a bus at the end of the school day, meet the kids at the school and merge into our overall muni service. we also put extra service out an alliance, where we intersect with schools across the city, because we understand that people are trying to get to and from school and we want to make sure they can do that. >> reporter: the school district also uses yellow bus transportation but a recent study found half of high schoolers rely on muni for the morning ride. in san francisco, elissa
4:27 pm
harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. new safety signals have been installed in oakland to keep children safe on their way to school. they are called pedestrian hybrid beacons. they have been placed in several highly troubled intersections across oakland. this is video of one intersection near markham elementary school. the signals have to be activated by a person and once activated, drivers will see a flashing yellow light before it turned a solid red, similar to a traffic signal. a walk signal will then appear which means it's all clear for a person to cross. city leaders are hoping the new signals will help keep students safe. >> school is back in session. we want all of our families and children to feel safe walking to their skills. -- schools. so when you see these flashing lights, it usually means a pedestrian walked across the street, you need to stop, you need to wait until you see the flashing, and then, you can proceed with caution. >> no child in oakland or anywhere else should ever feel unsafe on their way to school. this is a great day.
4:28 pm
>> the oakland department of transportation says african- americans are twice as likely to be injured in a crash in oakland, and three times more likely to be killed while walking in oakland. authorities believe he's a golden state killer, accused of 13 murders and countless rapes across california. the new information we are expecting to learn tomorrow, and how the bay area may play a role. plus, the new lawsuit against the national massage chain filed right here in the bay area. what victims say they want the company to do. this is not a bed.
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we may learn tomorrow where
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the first trial will be held in the golden state killer case. a news conference is set for orange county tomorrow morning. it includes prosecutors -- or will include prosecutors from six counties including contra costa county district attorney diana becton. 72-year-old joseph deangelo is suspected in 13 murders up and down the state. the former police officer is not linked to any homicides in contra costa county. but, nine rapes are attributed to the east area rapist, between october 1978 and july 1979. joining us now to talk more about this case is uc hastings law professor david levine. david, thank you for being here today. >> good to see you. >> you as well. prosecutors from across the state are set to make this big announcement tomorrow in southern california. what do you expect we will hear from them? >> they will tell us how prosecutors have agreed on how these prosecutions will take place. one possibility is that it could all be in place and since
4:32 pm
they are holding it in orange county, best guess would be that everything will happen in orange county. the majority of the murders took place in southern california, orange county has the resources to handle a big case like this. so in all likelihood, that's what we will learn. either that orange county is going to go first, or that the prosecutions will be in orange county, in a coordinated way. >> take me through what this process likely looks like, from a prosecutorial standpoint. how do they all decide what the best place is to hold a first trial? >> it has to do with the resources, it has to do with the connection of the defendant and the murders, the crimes, to the particular locale. also, there is a certain amount of jockeying. this is going to be a high- profile case. and, if you are a district attorney, you want the big high profile cases. so, there is a certain amount of saying, i should go first, i should go first. but in this case, it does seem as if orange is the likely
4:33 pm
place. you wanted to be in one of the bigger counties and i think of the six, it will be contra costa or orange. we don't have any murders in contra costa county. my bet is on orange county. >> on the flipside of the coin, if you are defending joseph deangelo, is there a place you would rather have this first trial be held? >> you know, it depends. because you've got so many murders, and they are so awful, and, there is so much evidence against him. it's hard to say that one place would be better than the other. it's not as if you are going to look forward to a more liberal journey in one place or the other. it's just a terrible set of crimes. >> let's talk about the bay area connection to all of this. we know along with murder charges that you just talked about, that joseph deangelo faces, he's accused of numerous sexual assaults that happened in contra costa county and east bay in the late 1970s. we know that the district attorney will be on hand for the announcement tomorrow.
4:34 pm
what possibility is there that deangelo is charged in connection with any of those rapes? >> he could be charged with some, if not all. it depends on the date. rapes have a statute of limitations on them, or at that time had a statute of limitations. it may be that some of the rapes or charges that are not murders, it may be that it's too late to prosecute them. so, i assume some of the contra costa cases will be prosecuted. >> finally, david, looking further down the road, what happens once the first trial wraps up? let's say it happens in orange county, in southern california? what happens once we get a verdict in that case? >> it depends on how we coordinate. do they say everything is going to be tried in one place? or, is it going to be -- if it is the latter, another county would go and another county would go. but at some point, it does not make any difference.
4:35 pm
the man is 72 years old. these are extremely serious murders. it may be that some of them are subject to capital punishment. and so at some point, there is no point. he's going to go away for the rest of his life. so i assume we are not going to have 13 murder trials. >> why spend the money on those additional trials? uc hastings professor david levine. i appreciate your insight today. >> glad to be with you. attorneys in the bay area and across the country are suing the massage envy chain, saying the franchise has not done enough to protect women from sexual assault. ktvu's christien kafton has more from the area where attorneys were representing victims today. >> reporter: attorneys say that massage envy has not done enough to protect women customers. attorneys today say they are filing the suit on behalf of numerous women, in response to dozens of allegations of sexual assault at massage envy franchises. at one location, one male employee assaulted at least 13 women and the franchise did
4:36 pm
nothing to stop him or warn the women. they say that they want to see the culture of massage envy changed from the top down. >> this lawsuit seeks to give a voice to all the women in california who are sexually assaulted at a massage envy, and to stop massage envy from protecting the criminals within its employment at the expense of the safety of the customers. >> reporter: meanwhile for its part, massage envy released a statement today reading, while we aren't able to comment on active litigation, we can tell you that we remain focused on our commitment to safety plan, which is glittery -- further strengthening our safety policies. safety will always be our priority and we will never stop working on it. attorneys say one of the reasons they are coming forward is because they believe there may be other women assaulted in a similar manner. they want those women to speak out as well. in redwood city, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. antioch police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened at an apartment
4:37 pm
complex near the delta fair shopping center. offices -- officers were called to the apartment on san jose drive yesterday morning. the caller told police he had been shot. when police arrived, they found the man hiding in a parking lot and the body of another man nearby. the body was taken -- the man was taken to the hospital for surgery but police are not releasing any information about a motives. a san jose man missing since last month was found dead in yosemite national park. the body of scott tenczar was found. he was last seen at the bridgeport ranger station july 25th. he planned to backpack from robinson creek to crown lake, matterhorn canyon, and several other locations in the park between that date and august 5th. authorities say he was an experienced hiker. meantime, the ferguson fire, which claimed the lives
4:38 pm
of two firefighters and forced the closure of yosemite national park is now 100% contained. the fire broke out july 13th and destroyed 97,000 acres. the cause of the massive wildfire is under investigation. veterinarians are using fish skins to help a bear cub heel -- heal after being burned during the carr fire. that is that -- that is what the department of fish and wildlife that. they suture the skins to the bottom of her burned paws during treatment at uc davis. the 1 1/2 year-old american black bear managed to survive by making her way to a stream near whiskeytown in shasta county, but as you can see, the pads of her paws were badly burned. >> she was lying on a tiny patch of ground that was the only piece that was not burned. everything around her was burned. >> if she were a dog or cat, veterinarians would put new bandages on every day or so. but with a bear, the animal has to be immobilized, for each change of bandages, which is
4:39 pm
too traumatizing. let's hope that she will be healthy enough to release back into the wild in time to hibernate this winter. the deadly carr fire is now 88% contained. it has burned nearly 230,000 acres near reading. as we have been reporting, the fire is blamed for eight deaths, including the deaths of three firefighters. it has also destroyed 1079 homes, along with a number of other structures. hundreds of dead, and a staggering 800,000 displaced as a result of flooding. that's almost the entire population of san francisco. up next, hear the latest on rescue efforts after record flooding in india. outside our doors this afternoon, the clouds and fog along the coast and inside the bay, giving you a view of the bay bridge. working its way across to the east. i'll have a look at what you can expect tonight into tomorrow and the weekend coming up. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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first lady melania trump spoke at an anti-bullying conference today. lonnie trump's "be best" campaign has a strong focus on preventing cyber bullying and being safe online. she believes that technology and social media companies can be proactive in sharing ideas about good online habits with children. >> social media is a part of
4:43 pm
our children's daily lives. it can be used in many positive ways, but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly. >> the first lady says most children are more aware than adults about the benefits and pitfalls of social media, in addition to social media, the "be best" campaign also focuses on children's well-being, and the opioid epidemic. a colorado husband and father is facing nine felony counts, including first-degree murder, in connection with the deaths of his wife and two young children. we have just learned within the last hour, 33-year-old chris watts admitted to killing his wife shanann. that is according to an arrest affidavit unsealed today. watts told authorities he did it because she, his wife, strangled their two young daughters, 4-year-old bella, and 3-year-old celeste, after he asked for a separation. watts is due back in court tomorrow.
4:44 pm
at least 350 people are dead, and another 800,000 have been displaced because of historic flooding in india. heavy rains have been pounding the area for more than a week, and now rescue crews are using boats to navigate flooded neighborhoods, looking for survivors. robert gray has the latest. >> reporter: rescue efforts continue as soldiers and rescue crews try to help people stranded by heavy flooding, following days of incessant rain in southern india's state. downpours, which started on august 8th, and have not let up, causing the worst flooding seen in the area in more than a century. hundreds have lost their lives due to rising waters and landslides. and, hundreds of thousands more are displaced. crews increase their efforts over the weekend, going through flood stricken neighborhoods, evacuating people by boat. a mother and her baby, stranded on the roof were rescued by helicopter. for harder to reach areas, air
4:45 pm
lifts are the only way to get people out. >> i've lost my house. i've lost everything i've had. i'm staying in a relief camp and i need help. >> reporter: volunteers are pitching in, gathering food, water, medical supplies and clothing for those in need. trucks delivering the age where they could, and troops dropping supplies and food to thousands, still stranded in more remote areas. weather conditions are expected to improve over the next five days, and most, but not all of the affected areas. still, authorities now fear an outbreak of water and airborne diseases for those affected by the flooding. in los angeles, robert gray, fox news. outside our doors right now toe she -- thanks a lot. outside of our doors, we have probably cloudy skies around the bay area. as we get into the second part of the evening, temperatures
4:46 pm
will continue to cool off. and, we are looking at the fog cover coming back our way. here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change outside our doors, down by 10 degrees in areas like concord, 12 in areas like livermore, and around the bay, 2 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday at this time. we are going to continue with this trend until we continue with the next several days. not a lot of change expected. we will continue to see temperatures in the 80s in the inland communities, 70s and the bay, and low 60s with partly to mostly cloudy skies expected along the coastline. this has to do with a trough working through the pacific northwest. i will explain this all. the winds are onshore, through fairfield, dusting to about 24 miles per hour. that has helped to cool things back. we are not going to shake this pattern as we get into the next few days. that trough will work through and behind it, we continue with pleasant weather. for some, a little bit below the seasonal average. there is a look at the trough
4:47 pm
right in there. upper level winds bringing us that onshore breeze and the clouds, fairly thick. this morning, we woke up with widespread cloud cover. it took until noontime before we pulled away from the east bay shore and is already moving back inland. if we move in closer, you can see we have an across san francisco, down through areas along the ocean beach and into the east bay, crossing the bay bridge to golden gate. that will continue to work east as we get through the evening hours. berkeley, kensington, emeryville, all covered with cloud cover. again, we are looking at winds variable in areas like half moon bay. a south breeze, south breeze in palo alto. but, the onshore breeze through fairfield is helping bring down inland temperatures. 76 right now degrees in upper livermore, 58 in san francisco. if you're going to see the a's play later today, 63 degrees. a west breeze to about 10 miles per hour under mostly sunny skies. but, we will continue to see it cool off into the evening hours and the clouds will also be coming back.
4:48 pm
if you are going to the game, bring along a jacket. here's a look at what we are expecting tomorrow morning. widespread along the coastline, inside the bay, inner east bay, that onshore breeze will take the cloud cover all the way into the central valley, sacramento valley area. then it pulls back and for the afternoon, mostly sunny, a lot like what we had for today. a lot like the evening hours before sunset. we are going to continue in this pattern through the next several days. it's going to be pleasant for our inland communities. temperatures tomorrow morning, low to mid-to upper 50s for most. 61 degrees to start your day in antioch. over hayward, temperatures in the low 70s. a very mild pattern. is a look at afternoon highs in novato. 76 expected. 81 in walnut creek took into the south bay, temperatures for san jose, 78 the afternoon high. along the peninsula, 76 in redwood city. 63 in san francisco. a lot like today. cool and mostly cloudy.
4:49 pm
temperatures don't change a lot wednesday, thursday, and friday. low 70s around the bay, low 60s at the coast. alex? >> thank you. the eagles' greatest hits is now the biggest selling album of all time. ♪ the recording industry association of america reports the eagles album titled "greatest hits: 1971-1975" has hit the 38 million mark in album sales and streams. that surpasses michael jackson's "thriller" at the best -- as the best album in history. they master the wreck -- mix of rock 'n roll and country music. the songs of their album include this one right here, "take it easy." frank is here now with a look at stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. frank, a tragic set of circumstances led to the death of a firefighter.
4:50 pm
>> today, we learned that a utah firefighter was killed by a falling tree, after a plane dropped fire retardant on the mendocino complex fire. we are going to look at the dangers that fire retardant can present for firefighters on the front lines. plus, one southbay neighborhood has a different feel these days. >> changing neighborhoods. something we've been seeing across the bay area these days. a look at a san jose neighborhood that some are worried is losing its identity to redevelopment. >> those stories are coming up at 5:00. thank you for that, frank. after decades of waiting, north and south koreans separated by war are finally to be reunited. i'm benjamin hall in london with details coming up.
4:51 pm
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new details about actress asia argento who accused harvey weinstein of sexual assault. now "the new york times" is reporting that argento paid $380,000 to her own accuser, actor jimmy bennett. he claims the actress sexually assaulted her in a hotel room shortly after his 17th birthday in 2013. argento was 37 at the time. she has not commented on the report. the actress and her boyfriend, the late anthony bourdain, became supporters of the "me too" movement after argento accused harvey weinstein of assaulting her in a hotel room. the vatican released a letter from pope francis, following a pennsylvania grand jury report. this detailed decades of sexual abuse by priests.
4:54 pm
the pope wrote quote, i acknowledge once more the suffering endured by many minors, due to sexual abuse. the abuse of power, and the abuse of conscious, perpetrated by a significant number of clerics and consecrated persons. pope francis went on to say quote, we showed no care of the little ones, and we abandoned them. today, the archbishop of washington, d.c. is expected to meet with priests over his role in the pennsylvania sex abuse scandals. more than 300 priests are being accused of sexually abusing thousands of children. cardinal donald wohl has been heavily criticized for the way he handled those child sex abuse cases when he was the archbishop of pittsburgh. he has defended himself, saying he acted with diligence and out of concern for the victims. after decades of waiting, families in north and south korea are reuniting after being separated by war. benjamin hall has more now from london.
4:55 pm
>> whether it's the leadership in the north or in the south, both sides should work toward letting these separated families reunite at any time with great foresight. >> reporter: after more than six decades, family in north and south korea divided by war are finally reunited. the family, separated since the end of the korean war, through decade-long political gridlock between pyongyang and seoul. monday marks the first reunion event in 3 years between the two rival countries, who have recently reopened diplomatic efforts to resolve a standoff, stemming from the north's nuclear weapons program. over 60% of those seeking the union are over 18. many are grateful they are still alive to see this day. >> translator: i'm over 90. so i don't know when i'm going to die. i'm very glad i've been selected for the family reunions this time. i'm walking on air now and feel grateful. >> reporter: one mother, waiting a lifetime to meet her now 71-year-old son.
4:56 pm
>> translator: i'm sure i won't recognize him. he was 3 and now he's 71. he won't recognize me either. i want to ask him how he lived through all of these years, whether he was raised by a new mother or did his father raise him on his own? >> reporter: the emotional reunion caught on camera as mother and son embraced, wiping away tears of happiness, and catching up on decades of lost time. by a long-awaited, the reunions are short in length. families will spend just three days in north korea and only 11 hours together under heavy supervision. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. thanks for joining us for the four on 2. the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts after this break. have a good one. welcome to the xfinity store.
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it's a costly problem for b.a.r.t. riders slipping through the gates without paying. now, b.a.r.t. is looking to put an end to fare evaders. >> it's not fair to the customers that pay. everybody needs to pay when they get on board. >> according to b.a.r.t., 22,000 people slip right through b.a.r.t. gates every single day. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. this costs b.a.r.t. as much as $20,000 a year. ktvu's rob malcolm joins us live at the palo street station, where b.a.r.t. plans to build new gates.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: that's right. good evening. b.a.r.t. says it will cost anywhere from $150 million-$200 million to replace these gates and turnstiles behind me here. the issue is coming up with the money to pay for it all and making sure they can do it in a timely fashion to deter fare evaders. one by one with our cameras rolling, in less than no time, fare evaders made quick work of the entry gates. in 20 minutes, close to a dozen cheaters slipped through, oblivious to our cameras and the $75 fine. for law-abiding riders, this is a problem. >> we are all trying to get to the same place. and, we all have our fair share. >> this isn't fair to the customers that pay. everybody needs to pay when they get on board. >> reporter: it's a bigger problem for b.a.r.t. systemwide. it's hurting their bottom line. >> fare evasion has become a $25 million problem. we are beginning the study. how can we go about replacing the fare gates in a way that prevents fare evasion?


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