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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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seeking death possibly. >> facing a judge, the undocumented immigrant accused of killing iowa college student mollie tibbetts made his first court appearance as we hear from the suspect's boss. >> what we learned in the last 24 hours is that our employee was not who he said he was. >> closing in, hurricane lane continues its push toward hawaii as people prepare for dangerous conditions. >> strong winds, a lot of rain because of a very moist start and a lot of surf. >> when the powerful storm is expected to hit the islands. the 4 on 2 starts now. it was a crime that shocked this community. 18-year-old nia wilson stabbed to death on a b.a.r.t. station platform and now we learn the man charged with her killing may face the death penalty. welcome, everyone, to the 4 on 2. i'm alex savidge. >> i'm heather holmes.
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john cowell is already facing murder and attempted murder charges, but today the special attorney added a special circumstance to that list. our crime reporter henry lee was in the courtroom today and joins us now live with the very latest in this case. henry? >> reporter: john lee cowell originally faced many life terms in prison if convicted of this unprovoked stabbing of nia wilson at the b.a.r.t. station, but today the alameda county d.a.'s office raised the stakes making this a potential capital case. alameda county prosecutors added a special circumstance of lying in wait along with the original murder charge against parolee john lee cowell. the new allegation makes cowell eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole. it's a development welcomed by the family. >> we support them 100% and are very confident that the process will work the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: but alameda county public defender brendan woods whose office is representing cowell said he's troubled by the lying in wait allegation. >> there is no evidence of that and i got to say i'm deeply
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concerned that they are now seeking death possibly against someone who has got severe, severe mental illness. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed in court. cowell who did not enter a plea looks different than when he was arrested. he's grown a beard while behind bars. relatives and friends of the victim nia wilson packed the courtroom. some were angry that cowell who is said to be mentally ill was released from prison just months before the stabbing. >> it don't work like that. if he's insane, keep him there in an insane facility. don't keep letting him out because he did time served and you keep letting him out on the same behavior he's had before. >> reporter: authorities say on july 22nd cowell stabbed nia wilson and her sister letifa as they were getting off a b.a.r.t. train at macarthur station in oakland. nia wilson died. her sister survived. police say he attacked them for no apparent reason. the next day b.a.r.t. riders spotted cowell on a train. police arrested him without incident at the pleasant hill
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station. so far no rate crime charge has been lodged. on that issue the public defender agrees with the d.a. >> unfortunately there's been a narrative that's put out there that this crime is based on race and that's just not the case. there's been no evidence presented whatsoever by law enforcement that this crime is generated by race. >> reporter: now the public defender tells me cowell did seek mental health treatment both behind bars while he was in prison and again after he was, several times at john george psychiatric pavilion in san leandro. cowell returns to court september 13th. >> henry, is it clear what evidence prosecutors are planning to present to prove that cowell was lying in wait? >> reporter: not yet. they haven't presented any evidence. in fact, the public defender said they're still waiting for the evidence in the case that they've only got 54 pages so far. >> and the public defender doesn't think the evidence is there. henry lee live for us in oakland, thank you.
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the family of mollie tibbetts, the iowa college student whose body was found yesterday, has said today their hearts are broken. on behalf of mollie's entire family, we thank all of those from around the world who have sent their thoughts and prayers for our girl." that family's statement came today as the undocumented immigrant accused of pursuing and killing tibbetts made his first court appearance. fox reporter willie james inman was in iowa city for today's preliminary hearing. >> do you have anything to say for yourself? are you sorry? >> reporter: 24-year-old cristhian rivera appearing in an iowa courtroom wednesday charged in the kidnapping and murder of university of iowa students mollie tibbetts. the 24-year-old went missing jogging in the city of brooklyn july 18th prompting a month long search. tuesday rivera told police he followed tibbetts in his car while she was jogging and got out eventually to run beside her. he said he put mollie's body inside his trunk before burying her underneath cornhusks in a
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nearby field. mollie's murder is heating up the immigration debate across the country with the revelation that rivera is an undocumented immigrant. >> we've got to stop politicizing this issue and fix it once and for all. >> reporter: tibbetts' murder drawing comparisons to the death of kate steinle who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant on the pier. >> it's heart breaking. >> reporter: if convicted, rivera faces the possibility of life in prison without parole. >> the owners of the iowa dairy farm where that murder suspect worked said that he gave them a fake name and a false social security number. brothers craig and dane lane of the business say they believe they followed proper protocols when vetting cristhian rivera for a job. they say rivera provided a government id and a social security number, both of which were verified through the social security verification
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service. craig lane is a prominent republican and ran for iowa secretary of agriculture this summer where the issue of illegal immigration came up. >> during my campaign i talked about the need for a comprehensive untraceable worker program for this country and that an immigration law that needs to identify the people that are here, identify where they live. >> u.s. immigration and customs enforcement says that rivera is an undocumented immigrant from mexico. the agency did not say whether he had any previous contacts with federal immigration authorities or whether he had been previously deported or if a judge had ordered him deported. there is new legal trouble for president trump's former personal attorney. investigators in new york have now issued a subpoena to michael cohen as they investigate whether the trump foundation charity broke state laws. cohen, as you'll remember, pled guilty yesterday to campaign
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finance violations. we are joined live now from washington where president trump admitted making those payments to two women but claims he did not violate campaign laws. ray? >> reporter: good evening. as you mentioned, yesterday for manafort and cohen were very tough days legally with the two convictions and today there was a growing chorus of democrats on capitol hill who are now calling for the president's supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, to have his confirmation hearing postponed as a result of all this drama. meanwhile critics are saying this is president trump's worst week of his administration. >> the president has done nothing wrong. >> reporter: the white house on the offensive engulfed in controversy after monday's twin convictions. paul manafort who once chaired trump's campaign, found guilty of fraud. the president's old fixer, michael cohen, pled guilty to federal felony charges. >> just because michael cohen made a plea deal doesn't mean that that implicates the
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president on anything. >> reporter: in court cohen admitted to breaking the law and says then candidate trump ordered him to pay hush money to two women, stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. >> if michael cohen with the prosecutors in new york agreeing admitted to that, then certainly donald trump is guilty of the same crime. >> reporter: the president acknowledged the payment but said it didn't come from any campaign accounts. >> but they didn't come out of campaign. in fact, my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign because that could be a little dicey. >> reporter: mr. trump also tweeting his disdain for cohen while expressing sympathy for manafort leading to questions about a possible pardon. the president seems to be planting the idea he'd be open to a pardon, that's a big deal. so it's unclear as to whether or not the president can be or will be indicted. you may have also heard some calls from democrats towards
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impeachment. that would be a long process. it would require it to go through congress and then need a 2/3 majority vote in the senate. >> ray bogan, thank you. now to hawaii and the powerful hurricane lane that is churning toward the state, it was downgraded to a category 4 storm, but it remains a threat to the island chain. as we'll learn, there are concerns about heavy rain, flash flooding and high surf. >> reporter: already dealing with one natural disaster, hawaiians are preparing for a possible direct hit from hurricane lane later this week. >> hurricane lane is a very serious storm that has potential to do damage and cause harm. there were, we must be as prepared as we can. >> reporter: the monster storm churning in the paci as it moves closer to the hawaiian -- the pacific ocean as it moves closer to the hawaiian islands expected to move closer in the
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coming days and cause significant damage. >> strong winds, a lot of rain because it's a very moist storm and a lot of surf. so we're going to have flooding in all likelihood. >> reporter: and that's not all. islanders can anticipate storm surge, mudslides and possible tornadoes. ahead of the storm officials are taking every precaution. >> i did sign an emergency proclamation an hour or so ago that allows us to be proactive and preposition state equipment and assets to support county emergency responders. >> we are anxious. >> reporter: and residents are also bracing for impact stocking up on essentials. >> flameless candles, i got batteries in here and i have a lot of dried foods. >> reporter: hurricane lane will likely weaken as it moves towards the states, but even if it doesn't make direct landfall, the storm still potentially is life threatening and has the ability to destroy property. flights out of oakland
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international airport to the hawaiian islands took off without a hitch today. no scheduled flights operated by alaska and hawaiian airlines were canceled. alaska airlines has announced it will waive fees and the difference in the price of tickets for people traveling to several airports in hawaii. travelers we talked with today didn't seem all that worried. >> yeah. just got to prepare and prepare for not too much sun, maybe a bit of inside time. so yeah, it's all right, though. i'm going to look at wedding venues as long as we can get that in. then i'll be all right. >> as always, a very good idea to check with your airline before you head to the airport. i want to give you a look at the conditions just about an hour ago at the popular waikiki beach on the island of oahu. a hurricane watch has been posted for oahu and kawei.
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>> areas under the warning sections could feel the effect late tonight and early tomorrow morning. the radar is starting to pick up the outer rain bands as well approaching the big island of hawaii. as we come closer, there is the circulation of lane. you can see the winds feeding into this major hurricane, a category 4 hurricane. as far as the distance locater, the center of hurricane lane, just over 200 miles from the big island and about 384 miles from oahu. that's the latest on the satellite. as far as the current conditions for a few of the airports, temperatures in the 80s, winds around 22 to 30 miles an hour, but as you saw, that hurricane is still well to the south. as far as the impacts right now, these stations are not reporting the impacts just yet. the latest information from the hurricane center, a category 4 hurricane with winds of 155 miles an hour. this briefly maxed out yesterday at 160 miles an hour
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for a short time hurricane lane being a category 5. this is moving to the west, northwest about 8 miles an hour. there's the current position. we'll look at the projected path. we call this the spaghetti plot showing you all the forecast models and what they think lane would do. this would be nice moving well out to sea, but that is unlikely because they're kind of clustering closer to the island chain. this is a forecast from the hurricane center. we're showing you the red line. you want to keep an eye on the broad area because there's still a lot of uncertainty and this trek has been changing a bit and there is a chance this could continue to change a bit. here we are into thursday. it would be a category 4 hurricane, then weakening along this path. that's the 1 piece of good news. hurricane lane will weaken the next few days, but having a big impact late in the day friday
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into saturday and possibly passing the big island in the next few days. all the areas shaded in red, that's a hurricane warning for the big island out toward maui, hurricane watch meaning conditions could be imminent out toward oahu. 10 to 15 inches and we could have amounts topping 20 inches. so, of course, with any hurricane we are concerned with storm surge. that could be a factor especially, depends where the center is and in terms of the wind, that will cause some damage, but the rainfall is the highest probability of causing some major problems for the island chain. you see these estimates, 10 to 15 inches. we'll continue to keep an eye on this system and have more in our forecast coming up in a little bit. >> mark, thank you. coming up here we are going to stick with our coverage of hurricane lane as it moves towards hawaii. coming up we'll talk live with an atmospheric scientist about the conditions on the island right after the break. welcome to the xfinity store.
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we want to continue our coverage. hurricane lane as it continues moving towards hawaii. >> we're joined by allison nugent, assistant professor of science at university of hawaii. thank you for joining us. tell us about the conditions there now and what you expect from this storm. >> hi. thank you. currently everything is balmy here on oahu. there's nothing that would hint of a tropical storm or
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hurricane coming by, but through the day tomorrow we expect conditions to be worsening significantly. on the big island they're already experiencing some precipitation worsening through the night tonight. >> can you give us a sense here of why it's so unusual to have a storm of this size threatening hawaii. it sits right there in the middle of the pacific ocean. you would think that there would be more hurricanes that would threaten the island. why is this so rare? >> yeah. that's a great question. specifically we have pretty strong wind sheer in the hawaiian islands because there's a difference in wind strength at different levels in the atmosphere and when you have wind sheer, it weakens the storm and any storm that am coes near hawaii, -- that comes near hawaii, typically it weakens significantly. currently the conditions are
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favorable for strengthening the systems of this storm and that's why it's sticking around and coming our way. to me what is most interesting about the storm is the storm track. it's curving up towards the island and may take a left turn and again that has to do with the winds and the pressure systems that are in place. >> professor, this mark tamayo, the meteorologist with the station, it seems like the amount of uncertainty with the forecast models especially after the first or second day, what's going on in there and when do you think the models might get a better resolution of what the eventual track will be? >> yeah. the uncertainty comes down to the fact that when you have a stronger storm, it's deeper and so winds at higher levels in the atmosphere matter, but as the storm weakens, the lower levels then become more and more important and so it's not just the potential of where the
4:20 pm
storm is going, but how quickly it will weaken that adds to the uncertainty associated with the storm track that we're seeing now and so actually recently we've been seeing more and more agreement between the forecast models, more and more of the european model has been agreeing with the u.s. model and there's such minor changes, but we'll just have to see. >> thank you for taking the time to talk with us. let's hope this storm does, in fact, veer off of its path. appreciate you being here with us. mark, i know you're continuing to track things. do you think that this storm will continue to weaken over the next day? >> that's the piece of good news with all the uncertainty and the forecast track, of course, everyone is on high alert for the hawaiian island chain. this system has weakened a
4:21 pm
little bit and that trend continues a little bit for tomorrow but probably more profoundly later in the day thursday into friday. so this will continue to weaken, but even a category 1 or 2 hurricane is serious business. we'll watch for that over the next few days, especially late day thursday, friday and into saturday as that track actually moves up to the north. here is the satellite showing you this in the bay area. we just had the low clouds and fog up and down our coastline right now and still some stubborn cloud cover near portions of the shoreline, but today you probably noticed more sunshine especially over portions of the bay and for the inland spots. current numbers, some 70s and a few spots around 80 degrees out toward fairfield. san francisco 65, san jose mid- 70s and sfo checking in now at 71. today a touch warmer than yesterday. here is our live camera where yesterday, if you remember, we just showed you a cloudy scene. right now we just have some haze overhead and looking back toward the cloud deck blanketing portions of san
4:22 pm
francisco. this is the overall weather theme, a cool to mild forecast, warm inland, cool coast. notice this temperature range. we aren't talking about triple digits or 90s or upper 80s. we're just thinking lower 80s over the next few days. in fact, it could be cooler heading into next week. here is the cloud cover forecast model once again widespread overcast over the bay area thursday morning, gradually clearing back to the coastline and tomorrow a day much like today. that means the warmest locations sneaking back up into the lower 80s out toward antioch and brentwood, san francisco 65, san jose 77, gilroy 82 degrees. that is for your thursday. if you look at the five-day we'll have coming up, the numbers in that might surprise you especially for this time of year. >> thank you, mark. oakland sees a drop in violent crime, coming up the program that city officials credit with cutting gun violence nearly in half over the last six years.
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the city of oakland has seen a drop in violent crime over the past six years. >> as ktvu's allie rasmus tells us, the decline is due in part to the ceasefire program. >> reporter: the ceasefire program started in oakland back in 2012. the way it works, community leaders, clergy members and oakland police host regular meetings with people who live in at risk neighborhoods, neighborhoods that have had a problem with gang violence over the years. the program puts those people in touch with social services,
4:26 pm
things like housing, ged programs and job training. now six years later oakland police and city leaders are touting the results of a study that shows the ceasefire program has played a role in bringing down the violent crime rate. in 2011 oakland had more than 700 shootings, 93 deadly. last year the rate of gun violence was cut roughly in half with about 340 shootings and 63 deaths. >> the ceasefire strategy seems to deserve credit for a noteworthy share of the reduction. it's not responsible for the entire reduction, but certainly something very meaningful happened. >> reporter: anthony brega is the director of criminology at northeastern university and the lead researcher behind the study. he compared oakland's violent crime rate with san francisco, sacramento and richmond and nine other california cities. only two of the 12 also saw a drop in violent crime. >> only two other cities had something that resembled a decline of the magnitude oakland had and that was
4:27 pm
stockton and san francisco. >> reporter: oakland police has a team of 40 officers who work on the ceasefire program. the opd captain speaks fondly of the success stories, young men he's met who turned their lives around. >> in and out of jail being shot, doing shootings. he got involved in the program, got a job, got credit to get a car. >> our ceasefire strategy is a departmentwide strategy to reduce violent crime. >> the fact that oakland has roughly half of the gun violence that it had six years ago, it's worth every penny and more. >> reporter: the ceasefire program has cost the city of oakland about $3.5 million over the past six years. it's paid for through a variety of funding including grant funds and measures defunding. in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. it started during the great depression and survived those lean, hard years only to die a
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corporate death here in the 21st century, osh going out of business, why and who it affects after the break. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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lowe's executives plan to shut down orchard supply hardware stores. the chain started in 1931 in san jose as a cooperative between farmers trying to stay afloat. orchard supply filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and was sold to lowe's. we have more live now from san jose with more on the closing with jesse gary and this time
4:31 pm
just unable to survive. >> reporter: exactly right. one of the ironies of business, lowe's initially bought into what seemed like a good business bet with osh basically in bankruptcy so they're getting it for a fire sale and basically spent money taking what was the old store over there and upgrading building this brand-new beautiful store, but that money and much more has been sent down the drain, this after the surprising announcement after 87 years in business osh is on the way out of existence. normal business hours wednesday at all orchard supply hardware stores but definitely not a normal atmosphere. early arriving customers bewildered by news the comfy convenient hardware store affectionately called osh is headed out of business. >> this is a very sad day. i've been shopping in that store over there and now this one and the other ones around the bay area for as long as i've been here. >> reporter: executives with lowe's, osh's parent company, say despite hiring signs going out of business sales start
4:32 pm
thursday. the original orchard supply opened here in san jose in 1931. obviously a lot has changed both with the street and the company. osh went on to grow to a chain of 99 stores stretching over three states, all now slated to be shuttered at the close of the company's fiscal year. officials informed 4,300 employees of their ping slims in face to face meetings. this woman has worked here 17 years. >> what am i going to do? we'll see. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> probably apply for lowe's. >> reporter: lowe's executives declined to talk on camera instead releasing a statement reading in part, "we're working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible for our associates and customers. we are training our associates and encouraging them to apply at open positions at lowe's stores where they will receive priority status." companies say the closing comes so lowe's can get back to retail fundamentals by
4:33 pm
simplifying organizational structure. >> really what happened was they screwed up. >> reporter: san jose state's strategic management professor dr. woods said home depot is an 800-pound gorilla on the retail landscape and amazon weighs in at 600 pounds. osh was squeezed in a war of business titans and in the interest of self-preservation lowe's decided to get its own house in order. the closing doesn't entirely leave loyal customers in a lurch. home depots are ubiquitous, but it's not the same and it's not a store where a great depression store survived and folks thinking of it as their long time corner hardware store. >> apparently that's not enough to stay in business these days. >> reporter: orchard supply in the south bay used to have a large railway boxcar that they put up as a second signage in this area to let people know
4:34 pm
about the store. that's now over at history san jose as a fixture for people to come, part of the history of san jose. we'll end with. this they used to put out a -- with this. they used to put out a calendar every year from 1975 until 2018. the doors close february 1st, 2019. live in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you. >> the changing of the times, thank you. >> certainly the end of an era for many here in the bay area. for more on the closing of orchard supply stores and shuttering of midlevel businesses across the country we are joined by san francisco state business professor mitchell marks. thanks for being here today. what is it that was wrong you think with the financial picture for orchard supply stores that prompted this move? >> there was nothing necessarily wrong with orchard per se, but lowe's -- let's put
4:35 pm
this in context. their stock price is up 35% this year as well as home depot. so i appreciate what you just said in that package about playing catch-up with amazon and all that, but the reality right now, people can't afford to buy new homes because of the crazy new home prices, so they're spending the money they do have on home improvements and lowe's and home depot have been doing well. what i think this is, this is the case of the ceo of lowe's clearly surviving wants to do something dramatic and so it may have a little more to do with his ego than with the business' case. now there's a lot of practical reasons why they should eliminate orchard and cut the costs for a separate brand, but the reality is the marketplace is pretty good for these industries this year. >> so why is it that sort of
4:36 pm
slimming down and having fewer stores might help lowe's compete with home depot? how does that help them? >> i have been studying leadership for 25 years and one of the things i've found is when it comes to making important change, leaders will first do a structural change. for example, alex, they'll change and do something like eliminate stores rather than try and change the people and change the culture. i don't know if you've shopped at lowe's recently and while i love the array of things they have, the customer service is not world class and so rather than try and improve the culture of the people, which is much more difficult, the tendency, then, is to just eliminate some stores and i think that's what's happened here. >> is there something broader at play here, mitchell? we have seen a number of well known chains that have struggled and have been forced to shut their doors. why do you think we're seeing
4:37 pm
this trend? >> well, i think there's two reasons why we're seeing this trend. i think we cannot ignore amazon. we cannot ignore the reality of internet shopping. so that's probably first and definitely foremost and i think at some level it's like the ceo is in charge. it's a dramatic move. the world is changing. i mean we're losing mom and pop stores. we're losing, as you said, the mid market, the midsize stores, the store that so many people, especially in the santa clara valley grew up with and it meant something. orchard was not going to just any old store. it was an event. it was a fun thing to do. it was being in the bay area at a day when there were orchards in the bay area and so this is a really significant cultural
4:38 pm
impact to the bay area i think, but the people, younger people growing up now, never shopped there. it means nothing to them. they're just going to go online and make their purchases. >> yeah, but certainly a sad day for a lot of people who grew up going to those orchard stores. this is san francisco state business professor mitchell marks. thanks so much. >> thank you. in weather we have been tracking the cooler temperatures, still some haze and areas of low clouds and fog. the cooldown continues as we head toward the weekend. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> also next a san francisco company reveals an attempted hack on the democratic party's database. we'll speak live with a security official to learn more about how they uncovered that plot. >> plus free cash for some people in stockton, details on the pilot program that will put $500 a month in people's pockets, no restrictions. >> no restrictions on how people could use the money. so if people use it for drugs and alcohol, that's their
4:39 pm
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our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! the mayor of stockton is laying out details of a controversial plan called seed. it's a form of universal income that would give select residents $500 a month, no questions asked. we have details on the program including who receives the money and what they're allowed to do with it. >> reporter: forty dollars
4:42 pm
would go towards trimming leslie weston's lawn and go towards a pg&e bill and the other going towards peace of mind. >> i don't need no stress. that's one of the main things my doctor told me is i stress about little things. >> reporter: his neighborhood is one of many which qualifies for a from known as the stockton economic empowerment demonstration or seed where a universal basic income will be tested. mayor michael tubbs and researchers outlined how they will choose 100 people to receive $500 once a month. >> to make sure it's representative and diversity. >> reporter: recipients will be chosen throughout the city where the median income is less than $46,000. he also explains where the money comes from. >> this is not taxpayer funded. it's funded by a grant from the economic security project and we raised more money on top of that. >> reporter: he said 1,000 mailers will go out to eligible
4:43 pm
families in november. once mailed back 100 will be picked. recipients must be at least 18 years old and while researchers will check in, the money is unconditional. >> no restrictions on how people could use the money. so if people use it for drugs and alcohol, that's their prerogative. >> reporter: critics have argued little oversight leads to abuse, but mayor tubbs said he has faith. >> if i didn't believe in the capacity of the folks who elected me and who i represent every day to make good decisions, i probably shouldn't be mayor. >> reporter: weston who can only walk a few steps at a time says he's lived through a stroke, been on life support twice and the money would help him thrive. you're here now. >> yeah, yeah. thank god for deliveries. >> the democratic national come -- the democratic national committee said it thwarted an attempt to hack its database just once before the elections. when the party noticed the apparent phishing campaign, it contacted law enforcement and
4:44 pm
said no information was compromised. it was a san francisco-based security firm called lookout that alerted the dnc to the attempted breach. for more now on the discovery i'm joined by lookout's vice president of security intelligence mike murray. thank you for being here, mike. how did you realize someone was trying to hack the database? >> actually we have an artificial intelligence-based detection platform that goes out and tracks what's happening on the internet looking for this kind of phishing attack. we're tracking that across the entirety of the internet and our lead security engineer, jeremy richards, reached out to me on monday because the a.i. had identified a particularly interesting phishing site. it turned out as we investigated, it was clearly a copy of a site that is used by the dnc. it's not a dnc website. it's a third-party website that the dnc uses to track some of its information and it was clearly targeting that site. so we very quickly got the
4:45 pm
heads of security from dnc and that third-party site as well as the site that was hosting the phishing site itself and got them all on the phone, put together a quick investigation, involved the fbi and got the site taken down long before any phishing messages could be sent. >> this was a fake page that was designed to look very much like a dnc page and what exactly was it trying to do with the information or from potential users? >> what it was was a copy of a login page and i'll be honest. it was an incredibly high fidelity copy. nobody who looked at the two sites side by side could tell the difference between them. it was indistinguishable. so when a user would have gotten an e-mail or text message or facebook message that said hey, go log in and when the usinger logged in, it would have -- user logged in, it would have recorded their name and password to the
4:46 pm
proprietior of this fake site. >> is your detection tool able to figure out who is behind this page? >> unfortunately, no. really those kinds of investigations take significant amounts of time. we don't expect that we will know who is behind it necessarily any time in the immediate future, but what i am really most excited about is i don't think who is behind it necessarily matters as much. it's hard to see. because we stopped it so early before any attack happened, it's hard to see what would have happened if we left it up. that's the point. we want to stop these things before they happen, not clean them up afterwards. >> mike murray of lookout, thank you for being here, just another reminder of the ongoing attempt to interfere with our election process. appreciate it. >> thank you. weather, temperatures have been cooling off all week long and no big changes in our forecast even heading towards the weekend, maybe a little
4:47 pm
butch in bump in the numbers. this is the theme we'll be repeating, cool coast, no 90s, warmest locations maybe making it to the mid-80s. here's the satellite showing you the big view, low clouds all the way from the pacific northwest especially for the northern half of the state. now we're still dealing with some overcast coastside and a few patches right around the bay, but today a bit more sunshine compared to yesterday across portions of the bay area. that has led to a little bump in the numbers. in fact, right now fairfield is 80 degrees, paris 75, a live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary and a lot of haze. here is san francisco, still patchy fog and lingering haze and possibly some smoke drifting overhead from the fires burning up in northern california and up in portions of lake county. low clouds for today, a bit of a cooling trend and more
4:48 pm
cooling heading toward next week. in fact, this will kind of be the highlight in our forecast into monday and tuesday, a few days away. as far as overnight lows, we're thinking 50s and 60s. it's the time of year we're getting ready for school, just some lower 50s on the cool end of the temperature range especially up in sonoma county. as far as tomorrow morning, in san francisco, clouds, possibly drizzle. by 12:00 we'll hold onto some cloud cover and by 4:00 partly sunny skies and breezy, temperature in the mid-60s. so no major heat in our forecast at all, in fact, no hints of it yet. this weather system up here actually cooled us off over the past couple days. this high will try to build in. it won't build in -- maybe just a little bit heading toward saturday, but it will be a cool to mild weather pattern. this area of low pressure really moves into the state into early next week. that will translate to even cooler temperatures for monday and tuesday. here we are tomorrow morning once again, kind of looks like this morning with the clouds covering a good portion of the bay area and even a little
4:49 pm
stretch here out toward the central valley. so that's for tomorrow morning. then into the afternoon hours the clouds will gradually clear back to near the coastline, could still have leftover patches right around the bay, but take a look at these numbers. just a couple weeks ago, even last week, we had temperatures very hot in the mid- to upper 90s. tomorrow the high end will be 88 in clearlake, santa rosa in the upper 70s. i'm surefire crews are really appreciating this forecast. we're not talking about the hot, dry conditions, still warm but not too bad, gilroy 82, san jose upper 70s and san francisco 65 degrees. typically late august we're talking about fog free weather and warm to hot temperatures. it's not the case as we head towards this weekend. it will be a little warmer into saturday and then we'll cool things off into sunday, more clouds by monday, definitely cooling things off into early next week and some of the forecast models are hinting at at least maybe a few sprinkles to start off the work and school week for next week. we'll be watching out for that, but definitely plan on cooler
4:50 pm
temperatures. >> thanks, mark. frank is here with a look at some of the stories we're working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. there are new details emerging about the possible punishment for nia wilson's killer. >> john lee cowell was already facing murder and attempted murder charges for killing nia wilson on a b.a.r.t. platform last month. today a new charge was added and this could mean he will face the death penalty, if he's convicted. our crime reporter mark tamayo was inside the courtroom when that charge was added. >> plus a very serious health alert in the bay area. >> it is. working to prevent a measles outbreak in the east bay, a bay area health department reported a resident recently had measles and traveled to southern california even outside the state. coming up tonight at 5:00, details about the alert and where this person visited in contra costa county. >> frank, thank you. >> coming up here next on the 4 on 2 about 77 years ago this man lost his wallet while in
4:51 pm
the navy. probably figure it's long gone, right? we'll tell you about the we'll tell you about the extraordinary series of ♪ ♪ ♪
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
a big announcement by disney that could help people trying to get a degree. today the company announced it is offering to pay full tuition for hourly workers to finish a college degree or high school diploma. it will offer the tuition up front starting this fall.
4:54 pm
disney joined other big companies who started paying tuition for workers in a job market where the unemployment rate is historically low. in may, walmart said it will offer workers a chance to get a college degree at three universities with online programs. a 100-year-old man was working on a warship anchored in san francisco 77 years ago when he lost his wallet. 77 years ago, and that wallet traveled halfway across the world through several generations before finally finding its way back to its original owner. reporter: here's the billfold, roy watts now 100 years ago old remembers losing it in 1941 inside a bomber on the assembly line in california. he was an electrical inspector whose job it was to climb through the plane's tight spaces. >> well, i went back and i looked in every one of the airplanes i worked on, about two or three, and i looked all
4:55 pm
over them and tried to find it. no luck. >> reporter: this man did find roy's wallet. edgar had been in the royal air force in england according to roy's family. how and when he found it we don't know. but the family says it was passed down two more generations after his death. his granddaughter, diane of scotland, located roy's family on the internet thinking he would be long deceased by now. >> she was shocked. and the thing she was hoping for is that she didn't know her grandfather because he passed away a few decades ago. so she was hoping my dad somehow had known her grandfather. but that wasn't the story. >> reporter: roy still gets around pretty well. he lives in arbor terrace a senior living community in peachtree city and he will celebrate his 101st birthday in december. inside that wallet was roy's driver's license. he had just gotten out of the navy so his address was the uss phoenix, not much help in returning the wallet.
4:56 pm
>> we're thankful to this family for getting the documents from the wallet back to us. >> i cannot imagine why somebody kept that wallet three generations. i'm going to keep it as a keepsake. >> reporter: roy says he has never lost a wallet before. he says he will do a better job of hanging on to that one, plans to pass it down to his children with the great story that goes along with it. in peachtree city, doug evans, fox news. that's it for us here at 4:00. ktvu fox 2 at 5:00 starts right after the break. have a good one.
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4:59 pm
a new charge against the man accused of killing nia wilson on a bart platform last month. he could be sentenced to death if convicted. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. john lee cowell was already facing murder and attempted murder charges but today, the district attorney added a special circumstance to that list of charges. our crime reporter henry lee joins us live from the alameda county courthouse with the latest. reporter: john lee cowell could have faced several life
5:00 pm
sentences but this was a major development today. the d.a.'s office raising the stakes making this a potential capital case. >> reporter: prosecutors added a special circumstance of lying in wait along with the original murder charge against parolee john lee cowell. the new allegation makes cowell eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole. it's a development welcomed by the family. >> we support them 100% and are confident that the process will work the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: but alameda county public defender brendan woods, whose office is representing cowell, said he is troubled by the lying in wait allegation. >> there's no evidence of that. and, um, i got to say i'm deeply concerned that they are now seeking death possibly against someone who has severe, severe mental illness. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed in court. cowell, who did not enter a plea, looks different than when he was arrested. he has grown a beard while behind bars. relatives and friends of the victim nia wilson packed the courtroom. some were angr


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