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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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that candlelight vigil. hemore than a month after she went missing. reporter matt finn is in iowa where the suspect accused of killing her faced a judge today for the first time. matt. >> reporter: frank, that illegal immigrant faced a judge in the courthouse behind me today. it's fueling more debate over the immigration that the president calls a disgrace. wearing striped prison clothes and shackles, 24-year-old christian bahena-rivera was led into poweshiek county court in iowa this afternoon and charged with first-degree murder in the death of 20-year- old mollie tibbetts. >> did you kill her? >> reporter: i.c.e. says he is from mexico and has been in the united states illegally for four to seven years. police say rivera confessed that on july 18th he followed mollie tibbetts during her nightly jog. he told investigators she pleaded with him to stop trailing her and said she was
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going to call police on her cell phone. rivera then claims he blacked out. when he came to, she was in his trunk with a bloody skull. a cornfield where they found what they believe to be her body. he worked at a farm near where the body was found. a spokesman says he worked there for four years but today corrected their initial statement by saying they did not use the federal everify system to screen him and he is not who they thought he was. in court, the defense claimed the case has become political and asked the judge to block the media but was denied. >> the government has weighed in at the highest level of a predisposition that this young man christian is guilty. >> reporter: at a rally in west virginia tuesday, the president weighed in on the murder. >> you heard about today with the illegal alien coming in very sadly from mexico and you
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saw what happened to that incredible beautiful young woman. [ yelling ] >> should have never happened. illegally in our country. we have had a huge impact but the laws are so bad. the immigration laws are such a disgrace. >> reporter: rivera's attorney insists that he is here legally but today a federal immigration official tells fox news that rivera never submitted a daca request and there is no record that rivera has immigration status in this country. back to you. >> matt, i can't imagine how hard this must be for mollie tibbetts's family. any comment from any family today about what happened? >> reporter: well, as you guys may well know, mollie tibbetts' father lives in california. he was here on the ground for 30 days pleading for any information related to his daughter's disappearance. and authorities advised him to go back to california and try to get on with life which he did just a few days
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ago. he returned to california and a short while later got this terrible news. we haven't been able to communicate with him. the family released a statement saying their hearts are broken and that they need privacy. >> matt finn in iowa, tonight, thank you. the case is reigniting the immigration case here in california. coming up at 6:30, what the two gubernatorial candidates are saying about the issue. today president trump denied claims by his former attorney that he directed efforts to pay off two women in order to influence the 2016 election. michael cohen pleaded guilty yesterday to violating campaign finance laws. but in an interview on "fox and friends," president trump said he didn't know about the payments ahead of time. >> did you know about the payments? >> later on i knew. later on. but you have to understand, what he did -- and tht of campa finance. that's a big thing.
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that's a much bigger thing. did they come out of the campaign? they didn't come out campaign. they came from me. and i tweeted about it. i don't know if you know, i tweeted about the payments. but they didn't come out of campaign. >> however, last month, cohen released an audiotape of mr. trump apparently discussing one payoff to playboy model karen mcdougal before the election. adult film star stormy daniels also received hush money to stay quiet with an alleged affair with mr. trump years earlier. the president raised more speculation today that he might pardon his former campaign manager paul manafort calling him a brave man on twitter. a jury found manafort guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud yesterday. but the president had this to say about michael cohen: if anyone is looking for a good lawyer, i would strongly suggest that you don't retain the services of michael bogan j washington where the white house defended the president. >> reporter: the white house
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defended the president today but democrats on capitol hill were full throttle attacking. they wanted to postpone the confirmation hearing for brett kavanaugh the president's supreme court nominee. yesterday with everything you just mentioned in those two convictions, one senator even called that are terrible tuesday. >> the president has done nothing wrong. >> reporter: the white house on the offensive engulfed in controversy after monday's two convictions. paul manafort, who once chaired trump's campaign, found guilty of fraud. the president's old fixture michael cohen pleaded guilty to federal felony charges. >> just because michael cohen made a plea deal doesn't mean that that implicates the president on anything. >> reporter: in court, cohen admitted to breaking the law and says then candidate trump ordered him to pay hush money to two women stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. >> if michael cohen with the prosecutors in new york agreeing admitted to that, then certainly donald trump is guilty of the same crime. >> reporter: the president has acknowledged the payment but says it didn't come from any campaign account.
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>> they didn't come out of campaigns. in fact, my first question when i heard about it was, did they come out of the campaign? because that could be a little dicey. >> reporter: mr. trump also tweeting his disdain for cohen while expressing sympathy for manafort, leading to questions about a possible pardon. >> the president certainly seems to be planting the idea that he would be open to a pardon. that's a big deal. >> reporter: now, a big question that has come up out of this is the idea as to whether or not the president can be indicted. and that's not clear. the president's attorneys say he cannot. and then the other question is, impeachment. that is a long ways away. even democrats on capitol hill saying they are far from that. however, if it got that far it would need to go through congress and get a two-thirds majority in the senate. >> ray bogan in washington
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tonight, ray, thank you. democratic house leader most in san francisco today suggested it's too soon to talk about impeachment. >> remains to be seen what the truth is and that will out. that's what we want to do is seek the truth. so we ask questions about impeachment, no, let's seek the truth and see where the truth leads us. but if i were president trump, i would be very worried right now. >> the former house speaker said manafort and cohen cases reflect a culture of corruption, cronyism in washington that democrats need to replace in november. new details tonight about a measles warning out every contra costa county. health officials say the person infected has now recovered. now they are warning people who may have been exposed to that patient. ktvu's rob roth reports. >> reporter: contra costa county now has its first reported case of measles in three years. >> whenever there's a cause of
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measles, we're very concerned because it's so contagious. >> reporter: the county public health department has issued an alert that others could have been exposed if they haven't been vaccinated. >> they can start with cold- like symptoms, fever, sore throat, cough, red eyes, and then a rash will appear. that rash may last for a few days. it usually starts on your heads and moves down. you're contagious four days before the rash appears and four days after. >> reporter: health officials have traced the movements of the unidentified infected county resident. measles advisories have gone out in sedona, arizona, where the patient spent august 6 through 8 and in los angeles where the same person visited from august 8th through the 10th before heading home. health officials in those areas have reported no measles cases. ugust 11th, back in cont costa county, the patient visit the john muir medical center emergency department in walnut creek. >> they have notified all the patient and companions who may have been exposed at that time. >> reporter: then the patient went to a restaurant in lafayette the morning of august 14th, chow restaurant. the general manager says the employees have all been vaccinated and no customers
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have called with concerns. measles is not spread through food but through the air so there's no current risk of infection here. residents we spoke with say getting the vaccination is important to them. >> when it's our safety and the community's safety, um, i think you're vulnerable. >> reporter: most people are immunized as children but anyone who thinks they may have symptoms are urged to call their doctors. in korean, in walnut creek, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news in walnut creek. hurricane lane is barreling toward hawaii. here. ations a when we come back, we'll talk to experts in hawaii on how they are getting ready for hurricane lane. >> also, caught on camera. a confrontation involving bay area police during a traffic stop. what police and the man who
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was tased are saying about it. >> a live look right now at the wednesday evening commute. that is the macarthur maze. the traffic very heavy in the commute direction there in oakland. it's also heavy on the right heading toward the bay bridge. >> another look right now at the golden gate bridge and it's not too bad out there at this time.
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hawaii is bracing for a direct hit from hurricane lane. we have live pictures from the big island where it's still quiet. we don't have live pictures. i can tell you the category 4 storm is expected to hit the island starting tomorrow. pipe are stocking up on bottled -- people are stocking up on bottled food and supplies. there will be rain, winds and surf. hawaii's governor says residents need to be prepared for the worst but emergency officials are ready to respond. >> a direct hit in any significant populated area would be far more than any emergency planning can plan for. and, you know, disaster prepar is helping each family and each individual prepare themselves. >> the hurricane has prompted the close public schools in hawaii as well as state and county offices for tomorrow and friday.
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flight out of oakland international airport to the hawaiian islands took off without a hitch today. no scheduled flights operated by alaska and hawaiian airlines were canceled. alaska air has announced it will waive fees and any price difference for people traveling to several airports in hawaii. people we spoke with today didn't seem too worried. >> yeah. just got to prepare and prepare for not too much sun. um, a bit of inside time. so yeah, it's all right, though. i'm going to look at wedding venues as long as we can get that in, then i'll be all right. >> as always, it's a good idea to check with your airline before you head to the airport. all righty. they are getting ready for a big hurricane. it's down to category 4. we have somebody in the islands to talk to right now. john, with noaa, hey, john. can you hear me? >> i can hear you.
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>> there you are. >> i can hear you, john. now, listen, we're watching this storm. boy, i'll bet you're watching it close last night when it went to category 5. >> yeah. that intensification right there that took it from a really strong category 4 into category 5 status, amazingly powerful storm for this part of the pacific. >> what island are you on, john? >> oahu in honolulu. >> so it's looking like the latest forecast models are aggressive with bringing it off the west side of the island. what are you concerned about the big impact? >> um, the impact we're expecting regardless of the variability on the forecast track is heavy rainfall. these islands can get a lot of flash flooding. there's a lot of steep terrain
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and so once that heavy torrential downpour starts, we could see life-threatening flash flooding. in addition to that, the winds. and then of course you get storm surge with big pounding surf on the south-facing shores. >> i have heard some discussion today especially on the big island, in our area we get lots of rain and orographic lifting. the moisture gets pushed up the side of the mountain. you're going to see that with the southeast winds. what do you anticipate? i have seen up to 2 feet of rain in some places. i would think on places like the big island or maui with all the topography, you could see more than that. >> that's correct. with the slow movement of the concern that adds to the concern as the rain continues to pour. we could see areas getting
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upwards of 30 inches or more of rain. i guys the big thing is getting the words out. mark tamayo's family lives on kauai. we were talking yesterday, saying, you know, it's interesting about the islands is there's a lot of not good information flying around, not from noaa but people just kind of talking out of school kind of tweeting stuff out. are you seeing that? >> a little bit. rumor control is always a concern. we have to stress to the public that get their information from official sources. >> so all said and done here, this is going to be a big time rain event and you're anticipating a couple of days of bad flights, issues getting on and off the island and flooding? >> correct. yeah. it will be a very active weather pattern. it's not typical for this day for this time of year. >> all right.
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listen, we sure appreciate your time and wish you the best. hopefully maybe in the next 24 hours, these models are flip around and send it a little further south. thanks for your time. >> thank you. coming up, a new charge is filed against the man accused of killing a young woman on a bart platform. >> i'm deeply concerned that there are now seeking death possibly. >> up next, the new developments from court today. >> also ahead, the a's slip out of first place despite a late rally. mark has highlights from an afternoon affair at the coliseum. >> and california congressman speaking out against allegations that he used campaign funds for things like family trips, groceries and tuition.
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a confrontation involving fairfield police and it all is caught on cell phone video. now the man seen in that video is speaking out. he is accusing police of excessive force. he says he was tased, punched and kicked during a traffic stop. alyana gomez is in fairfield tonight with both sides of the story. alyana. >> reporter: frank, good evening. fairfield police are telling me that they have seen the video on social media and they have also reviewed their own body camera footage. they tell me their preliminary review at this time shows no areas of concern. the couple that was involved in the incident says that their use of force was excessive. >> he pulled his gun out. >> reporter: bystanders
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watching the traffic stop unfold captured this video and posted it on social media. in it, you see two fairfield police officers with their firearms drawn pointing them at the passengers inside the black mustang. one of them is 20-year-old joseph schwab of fairfield. >> i was like no, i'm not putting my hands on my head. what do you want? >> reporter: he and his girlfriend were driving with a missing license plate and were stopped by police but say they weren't told what they were being pulled over for. suddenly, several more officers pull up and approach the vehicle. moments later, you see schwab in a white shirt get out of the car. >> oh. give him my hands, and he starts twisting it, twisting it. what the heck, dude? he is like get out of the car. so i get up and like i don't really remember seeing him punch me because he had my ponytail. he was grabbing my ponytail. he hit me three times i saw in the video and then when he let go of my ponytail like i just dropped and like just looked
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almost likely. >> reporter: seconds later, you hear the taser go on. >> they are tasing this man. >> reporter: you then see schwab's body turn around now facing the car while getting punched from behind by the officer. he calls the use of force excessive. we took those concerns to fairfield police. >> the reason that the conflict was a lot more physical with the officers was because the taser malfunctioned. >> reporter: they said he was combative and resisted arrest. schwab said he was tased at least five times. >> they tased me the longest in the back of the calf after i'm already on the ground with my hands behind my back. i'm not moving. if i'm moving it's because they are pushing me on making me move. i wasn't resisting. >> reporter: during the ordeal he says one officer dropped his body camera under her car. >> hearing an officer say hey, pick up my body camera and they are pointing under my car is questionable. >> when the conflict started, the bodies striking each other struck his camera and it fell off of him on the ground. there's still multiple videos
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all going at the same time. >> reporter: ktvu has requested that body camera footage but hasn't been released yet. schwab was booked into jail last night and released a few hours later charged with resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. as for the body camera footage, no word yet on when we'll receive that footage. fairfield police only telling me that they typically don't release body camera video. reporting live from the fairfield police department, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. the alameda county coroner's office is investigating the death of a man who died in fremont police custody. officers arrested the 42-year- old man at a fry's electronics store at osgood road yesterday afternoon and faces charges of theft and fraud. officers noticed he had trouble breathing during questioning. the suspect was rushed to the hospital where he died. doctors spotted a plastic bag trapped in his throat. it contains unknown objects according to investigators. the man accused of killing
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a woman on a bart platform last month faces a new charge. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains, if convicted, the added charge would make him eligible for the death penalty. >> reporter: alameda county prosecutors added a special circumstance of lying in wait along with the original murder charge against parolee john lee cowell. the new allegation makes cowell eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole. it's a development welcomed by the family. >> we support them 100% and are confident that the process will work the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: but alameda county public defender brendan woods, whose office is representing cowell, said he is troubled by the lying in wait allegation. >> there's no evidence of that. and, um, i got to say i'm deeply concerned that they are now seeking death possibly against someone who has severe, severe mental illness. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed in court. cowell, who did not enter a plea, looks different than when he was arrested. he has grown a beard while courtroom. some were angry that cowell,
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who is said to be mentally ill, >> he should be in an insane facility. don't keep letting him out because he did time served. you keep letting him out on the same behavior he had before. >> reporter: authorities say on july 22nd, cowell stabbed nia wilson and her sister as they were getting on a bart station in oakland. nia died. the sister survived. police say he attacked them for no reason. bart riders spotted cowell on a train the next day and police arrested him without incident at the pleasant hill station. so far no hate crime charge has been lodged. on that issue, the public defender agrees with the d.a. >> unfortunately, there's been a narrative put out there that this crime is based on race. um, there's been no evidence presented whatsoever by law enforcement that this crime is generated by race. >> reporter: the public defender says cowell did seek m
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in prison and after he was released, also tried to get treatment at a psychiatric hospital several times in san leandro. cowell returns to court september 14th. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with the mollie tibbetts murder case reigniting the debate about immigration. >> most people who have come to this country even illegally are probably decent people but even one murder is one too many. >> up next, what the two candidates in the california governor's race are saying about the issue. >> also ahead the head of the dmv comes to the bay area. how she says the agency is trying to reduce those long wait times. >> and it's the end of an era for orchard supply hardware. how the closure of the bay area-based chain will affect its 4,000 employees. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. welcome to the xfinity store.
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now to our top stories. contra costa county is reporting the first case of measles in three years. an alert is issued that others could have been exposed and may be at risk if they are not vaccinated. health officials say the infected person visited a number of popular indoor venues in contra costa county, los angeles county and arizona. officials in l.a. and arizona have also issued their own advisories. investigators in new york have issued a subpoena to president trump's former attorney michael cohen as they investigate whether the trump foundation charity broke state tax laws. cohen plcampaign finance violat saying he was directed by the candidate to make hush trump de about the payments ahead of time. also, the man accused of killing iowa college student mollie tibbetts made his first court appearance today and was charged with first-degree
6:32 pm
murder. 24-year-old christian bahena- rivera is an undocumented immigrant from mexico. prosecutors say he followed tibbetts in his car while she was jogging, killed her and buried her body in a cornfield. in court today, it was revealed that rivera had worked for years at a dairy farm and provided a fake identification and social security card to his employer. ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the case of mollie tibbetts is grabbinged in a headlines and bringing immigration reform front and center in the california governor's race. as ktvu's christien kafton tells us, the democrat and republican running for the state's highest office have two very different takes on the case and on immigration reform. reporter: former san francisco mayor and current gubernatorial candidate lieutenant governor gavin newsom toured the newly renovated low income alex griffith housing apartment complex today but national headlines are starting to become major issues in the run for the state's highest office. mollie tibbetts' body found yesterday, an illegal immigrant held for her killing. the president tweeting about border issues. all sounds familiar to newsom. >> this is a tragedy. and my heart goes out to the family of the victim. but it's not a tragedy that
6:33 pm
should be exploited and that's what they are consistently doing and i think it's a real outrage. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor says the hard-line immigration stance while ignoring the positive contributions immigrants make in the state are positions that have already alienated a majority of californians who he says support compassionate immigration reform. >> i think it's wearing thin. it wore thin in california so much so that republican party is now third party in this state. >> reporter: for his part republican john cox just received a mention on the president's twitter feed just days ago. by phone today, cox said given the kate steinle tragedy and now the tibbetts case, the current immigration system needs to be examined. >> you know, i think that's important for people to understand because you know, most people who have come to this country, even illegally, are probably decent people. but even one murder is one too many. >> reporter: cox is calling for changes including a signature of the trump campaign, a border wall.
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>> we need a comprehensive solution, everify, border security, beefed up border security including a border wall for sure. and it's because of the drugs, guns and human trafficking that's going on across that border that that's needed. >> reporter: as for how these issues will play out with voters in the state, we'll know on november 6th when the golden state picks its next governor. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. san diego coming man duncan hunter said he's innocent of federal corruption charges and is looking forward to a trial. a federal grand jury has indicted the republican congressman and his wife. they are accused of spending $250,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses. prosecutors said the money went to trips to europe and hawaii as well as household groceries and school tuition for their kids. hunter claims the the indictments were politically
6:35 pm
motivated in an effort to hurt his re-election bid this fall. >> there's nothing illegal about being poor. i'm not going to resign with a bunch of leftist government folks throwing allegations at me. >> the indictments are prompting calls for hunter to leave office. house minority leader nancy pelosi is demanding he step down immediately and the republican speaker of the house paul ryan is also urging him to resign. the head of the dmv was in the bay area today. she has been taking steps to reduce those long wait lines. but as paul chambers tells us, dmv customers say change isn't coming fast enough. >> reporter: for many people going to the dmv is a dreaded trip. >> too long. have to take care of my kids and dad. why wait in line all day? >> i can't do anything on the day when i come to dmv because i have to stay here whole day. i come here 8 to almost 4 p.m. >> reporter: state officials are aware of the problem. the wait time in the bay area increased 50%. they rolled out three projects at the same time. "real i.d."
6:36 pm
we implemented a new queuing system and we implemented electronic driver's licenses applications forms. so those got implemented over three months. >> reporter: that's not a good answer for customers. some say long lines are not new. it doesn't appear to be getting better. >> when i was 19, i'm now 45, every time i have had to come to the dmv for anything at all, it's always been hour, hour-plus wait. >> reporter: the dmv says the average wait time for a person getting a driver's license or vehicle registration is about 30 minutes. but it also depends on which field office you visit. in the meantime, they are opening up on saturdays and hiring hundreds more employees to help alleviate the pain. >> we are working hard to hire more employees to have more technicians train and working windows to serve our customers faster. >> reporter: the dmv has redirected 240 state employees to their busiest offices, open an hour earlier in some
6:37 pm
places, added saturday services to 60 offices in the most impacted areas and hired 500 more employees. they hope people will use the kiosk in grocery stores to renew registration. otherwise the wait inside will take some time. but they are trying to make it easier. >> we'll notify you when your ticket is coming up. you will get a text message their number is coming up soon. >> reporter: they are also directing people to their website to schedule an appointment up to 90 days in advance. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, the state of california poised to end the bail system. the controversial new law awaiting the governor's signature. >> what the bill does is it releases those who can safely be released. >> plus, a shortage of life-
6:38 pm
saving epipens. what the fda says you should do even if the medicine has passed its expiration date.
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california is close to abolishing the bail system under a sweeping overhaul. senate bill 10 was passed by the senate and assembly this wa governor's signature. the bill would eliminate our current bail system. it would be replaced with a risk assessment of defendants
6:41 pm
and nonmonetary conditions of release. the idea is to reform a bail system that some say discriminates against poor people. the bill was coauthored by a bay area assembly man rob bonta. >> what this bill does is it releases those who can be safely released. it reduces and seeks to eliminate inappropriate detention, which is the hallmark. current system. >> but san francisco public defender jeff adachi and others who pushed for reform say this new system is even worse. they say it means judges would have more power to decide who should stay in jail even on a misdemeanor until that person's trial is over. at least 50 civil right groups also oppose the bill and bail bond companies are also opposed because they say it could cost more than 10,000 jobs statewide. the stock market set a record today for the longest bull market in u.s. history. since march 2009 the benchmark
6:42 pm
s&p 500 has gone nine years five months without a 20% drop the traditional definition of a bear market. in that time, its value climbed 323%. economic analysts say the bull market is likely to continue its winning ways in the months ahead. wall street ended the landmark day with a mixed finish. the dow was down 88. nasdaq was up 29. the s&p was down one. there's a national shortage of epipens the life- saving devices used by people with severe allergies. the manufacturer has blamed a manufacturing issue for the shortage. people who need it can ask their doctors to write a prescription for a generic version. this woman has a son with a nut allergy and was surprised that their pharmacy didn't have them in stock. >> i just received a phone call from the mail order pharmacy that i usthey said they didn't have any stock. that's concerning because suppl
6:43 pm
order pharmacy. >> the fda has extended the expiration dates for certain products by 4 months to help deal with the shortage. a well-known bay area- based hardware store closing its doors for good. >> it appears that's not good enough to stay in business these days. >> up next tonight, why some are calling it the end of an era and what's next for the stores' employees. >> not as much fog as yesterday. temperatures warmer today. air quality is better, as well. when i come back, we'll line up the bay area weekend. >> and coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, hawaii braces for hurricane lane and an elite bay area search-and-rescue team heads to the island. we'll talk live with the bay area fire chief who is the head of that unit. plus, one day after pleading guilty to federal crimes, word that president trump's former personal attorney is involved in another investigation of the trump foundation charity.
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it is official. lowe's is shutting down orchard supply hardware stores. the chain started in 1931 in san jose as a cooperative between farmers trying to stay afloat. orchard supply filed for bankruptcy back in 2013 and was sold to low's. ktvu's jesse gary tells us for many folks, the closure marks the end of an era. >> reporter: normal business hours wednesday at all orchard supply hardware stores but definitely not a normal atmosphere. early arriving customers bewildered by news the comfy convenient hardware store affectionate will the called "osh" is going out of shopping in that store over there and now this one and the other ones around the bay area here for as long as inhere. >> reporter: executive with
6:47 pm
the parent company say despite hiring signs, going out of business sales start thursday. the original orchard supply opened here on bassett street in san jose in 1931. a lot has changed. they grew to 99 stores stretching over three states all now slated to be closed at the close of the company's fiscal year. officials informed 4300 employees of pink slips in face-to-face meetings. hernandez worked here 17 years. >> what am i going to do? yeah. but -- >> reporter: what are you going to do? probably going to apply for lowe's. >> reporter: executives declined to talk on camera instead released a statement that says: >> reporter: company officials
6:48 pm
say the closing comes so lowe's can get back to retail fundamentals by simplifying organizational structure. it doesn't leave loyal customers in a lurch. hoe depots are ubiquitous and it's not the same and another sign where a great depression era store survived becoming a place less familiar to folks who just like their long-time corner hardware store. >> it appears that's not good enough to stay in business these days. >> reporter: orchard supply is such a staple in the south bay that a large railway boxcar that used to be in this area as a second signage towards the store is now over at history san jose, to let people know that "osh" did in fact exist. we'll end with this. the company used to put out a calendar every year from 1975 up until 2018. but that too is ending. doors close february of 2019. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. all right.
6:49 pm
checking back in on hurricane lane. it's a category 4. that's the 5:00 update. the winds are still a buck 50. it's going to come a little bit under the islands. it's getting pulled into the jet stream to the north and this is when these storms start to weaken. that's why it's hard to get a hurricane near hawaii because it gets caught up in the westerly flow. as it goes north it will weaken into a category 1. actually category 2 by friday. and then saturday, it's down to a one. and then it turns. so we'll be watching it closely. you can see where the hurricane warnings are and the hurricane watches are. and it's all going to come down to -- we talked to the gentleman with noaa earlier. do heavy rautheastern edge of the islands. that's whewill be at will be up there's a lot of topography
6:50 pm
and so on. so we'll watch it. it's a developing story. it could still change and shoot well south of the islands which would be great. right now, though, the models are more consolidation with kind of going to just barely south of oahu. fog along the coast, winds are out there. air quality better. temperatures down. well, a little warmer than yesterday but down anyway. i mean, i would expect mid-80s inland at this time of night. and we're seeing 70s with a little haze and smoke. a little drizzle tomorrow morning. tomorrow lunch, hm, there's how it looks tomorrow afternoon. a little bit of sun. a lot like today. here's the forecast models. all the fog and then it burns off. temperatures come in represented by colors. yellows are 70s. greens are 60s. so that's a by the way is our a nice. so it feels like a summer of
6:51 pm
high fire we are getting a much better setup. so i'm going to push into the five-day forecast. as you can see here, that gives you an idea of what to expect night bay area weekend. nice and mild. still to come here, the a's look to we want is rangers today at the coliseum. they're down early. made a late charge. mark will tell us if they won. that's coming up next in sports. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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the a's rallied today but was it enough? mark has the answer. >> what happened? >> we're just not used to this. usually we're saying, a's when they are behind in the late innings come on strong particularly in the 8th and 9th innings. it was all set up for just that kind of comeback but it didn't work out. i called these kind of like the life-sized bubbleheads of a's legends of the past. the series. shutout wins over edwin jackson his first pitch over the wall off the bat of sin soo-choo of the rangers. we have a 1-0 game, his 21st. it could have been worst.
6:55 pm
this rookie just keeps doing it in central field. beautiful catch. keeping it in tight with his pitcher edwin jackson. 4-0 in the:th inning. a's begin to chip away in the 7th inning. piscotty down the other way down the right field line with a double and rbi. a's on the scoreboard. here they come. right? jed lowrie the two base hit into the right field corner. in comes a run. 4-2. that's all they got in that inning. but in the bottom of the 9th inning, they load the bases. nick martini with a chance to be a hero. he went around as jose leclerc racks up the strikeout, 4-2 the final. the a's hit the road a temporary fall from first, they hope. up in seattle this afternoon, against the world champs houston, tyler white
6:56 pm
bat. but look at the replay. the ball spreads nachos all over the cheap seats out there. they are hamming it up. they win it 10-7 and retake first place in the west. back in new york, queens is the place -- i don't know how the last month and a half is going to go for the giants. they just kind of look down and out. and they take on one of the best pitchers on a wild and wooly night at citi field. flushing meadows is the place and look at this. second inning, dominic smith of the mets. this thing goes upper tank off right-hander kc kelly and the mets 1-0. they build it to 3-0 before the giants and their bats begin to wake up. joe panik starting to have some good swings against the mighty thor noah syndergaard. rbi single to right 3-2. jose bautista, aka joey bats, deep left center, and a 4-2 lead
6:57 pm
his 11th of the year and the giants again only get to within a run, austin slater finally his first home run of the year, the giants are batting in the 9th inning, however, trailing 5-3. giants home runs and they are just, you know, what can you say? their home runs even come with nobody on base. all right. marshawn lynch out and about town helping with charities this weekend as klay thompson put on a charity golf event in san francisco. didn't expect to have it on his twitter page. apparently he has been taking golf lessons from charles barkley. ha ha! he got to work on that swing a little bit. klay, by the way, tied for first place in his own tournament. 23-under. steph curry his "splash brother" teammate with 22- under. i would say there's some creative scoring going on there. just keeping track. it's all for charity. that's the sporting life. good night.
6:58 pm
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this is an easy one. you love this guy. me. come on, he's an underappreciated genius. still think it's me. it's not you. now think, there's a car named after him. of course there is. the mini cooper, 'cause it's me. how about this: he's a poor man's sheldon cooper. oh, tesla. hi. hey! how'd it go? oh, not fun. the doctor shoved a camera up into my sinuses. yeah, i watched. it was like the scary boat tunnel in willy wonka. did they figure out what's wrong? yeah. it's a deviated septum. the surgery to correct it is simple. he's gonna do it next week. why would you have surgery? because i can't breathe.
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i snore, i get sinus infections... yeah, back off, he's all mine.


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