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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 24, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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been shut down because of a deadly car crash, as you can see there is a car pinned underneath a big rig. i will tell you how it happened. >> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> 7:00 and we are starting with some new video just into the newsroom of a tanker truck explosion in hawthorne. one person was killed when the vehicle and a tanker truck collided, this was the scene just after 5:00. it was on the 105 freeway and this entire stretch of 105 is closed. an investigation is underway into this fiery crash. we will stay on top of what is happening in hawthorne as we cover the bay area as well. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark.>> let's talk more about hurricane lane. it is causing a lot of trouble in hawaii. heavy rain and wind from what is now a category three hurricane with flooded roads knocking out power to thousands of homes and businesses forcing flights across the country to
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be either canceled or delayed for hours. there is no concern that the region could be hit by a tornado. >> let's get over to steve paulson who has been watching the hurricane.>> indeed it is category 3. tornadoes and waterspouts are possible as it gets closer. we are starting to see a little bit more jog to the north. gusting up to 35 miles per hour in honolulu. again, this will be more of a rain event. not all of the big island but parts did receive 20 to 30 inches of rain and you can see the heavier bands are moving northward. so, more likely oahu. the track is taking it to the north although it looks to be moving northwest. we will see on the update, it has to get below 110 miles per hour and then it will be category 2. and then it will park itself and move slowly to
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the west over the weekend. so again the speed and how close it gets will determine the rainfall. 11 inches before -- below average on the highs. i do not think that will be changing today, maybe a little bit better later. low clouds with mist and drizzle and we are cooler, 1 to 4 degrees cooler compared to 24 hours ago. so it will feel cooler and there has been a robust delta breeze with 60s and 70s for most. 7:02, what do you want to start with? let's start at the bay bridge, it is unusual to be this light westbound coming up to the pay gate you will see that traffic is light and we love that on a friday. friday, sometimes you get friday light and we might be getting the last of the summer friday light. as you drive through traffic is doing well, richmond bridge approach is not to slow but getting to the richmond bridge from interstate 80 could be an issue because of police
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activity all morning getting off of 80 at richmond parkway. currently you cannot do that so people are coming down through san pablo and then going to the richmond bridge. the richmond parkway is open past that police investigation but people cannot get there very easily from 80 so put that in the back of your mind. let's talk about the peninsula traffic looking pretty good in both directions on 101 and the silicon valley commute is looking good. 7:03, back to the desk. back to hurricane lane, some flights have been canceled because of the hurricane. a san francisco international duty manager said all flights to and from hawaii have been canceled. a spokesperson for oakland airport says one flight to maui has been delayed by four hours but other flights are operating. at san jose, some flights have been canceled and others delayed with more operating on schedule. the best advice is that if you
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have a flight scheduled to hawaii check with your airline about your specific flight. a flight from maui landed at the oakland airport last night and we talk with passengers who were relieved to get on the plane. larry rodriguez came back with 11 family members on vacation. and others said that many businesses in hawaii were closed or running short on supplies.>> were closed gas stations. we did not have enough gas but we made it. you couldn't find anything. >> many airlines are waving rebooking fees including delta, american and hawaiian airlines. there are 300,000 tourists still in hawaii. 7:04, a search and rescue team from menlo park is in honolulu helping with the rescue operations if needed. 36 members of the california task force 3 arrived yesterday in oahu coordinating potential water rescue operations with the honolulu fire department.
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two other fema sponsored west coast search and rescue task forces are also in hawaii in advance of hurricane lane. one from san diego and a washington task force is in position on maui. we will continue to track hurricane lane here on "mornings on 2", coming up we will take you live to honolulu with the very latest on conditions there. another developing story in richmond where a deadly car crash has closed a busy intersection in richmond for seven hours. chp has issued a traffic advisory for the area san pablo avenue and the richmond parkway. let's bring in alyssa harrington who is live from the scene and this could take hours to clear. >> reporter: i want to explain how this happened, a big rig was traveling on richmond parkway through the intersection when a suspect vehicle traveling on san pablo avenue went through a red light crashing into the side of the truck.
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and then the big rig ended up dragging the car 50 feet. you can see where they ended up, the car is still stuck underneath. a tow truck just arrived to try to remove both of the vehicles from the scene. this happened, it started as a chase just before midnight, deputies saw two people discard something in a suspicious manner at the post office so they attempted to pull the driver over but instead the driver took off at a high speed and the car traveled down san pablo ran a red light and slammed into the side of a big rig. the driver died and the passenger was able to walk out of the car. we are not sure about any injuries. police later found out the suspicious item was a gun. several agencies are investigating and there is no eta. we do not know when the intersection will reopen, but there is very half in -- and heavy traffic. you can see on the camera we have traffic enforcement out here and they are moving all
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cards into one lane traveling along richmond parkway so you must turn right onto san pablo. this is the way you usually get to the freeway so you might want to rethink things this morning and there is no eta. live from richmond alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. 7:07, police in berkeley are investigating a shooting that happened outside of a restaurant at the berkeley marina. it happened in the parking lot near the, japan restaurant, terrified customers ducked under tables, shell casings were found in the parking lot but they do not find anyone with a gunshot wound. a man was pulled from the water at the marina dock and taken to the hospital. authorities will not say anything about injuries except that he was not shot. a san jose music teacher has been arrested. william culvert is accused of exposing himself several times when giving private music lessons to female students. ages ranged from 8 to 10 years
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old. the incident happened in the girls homes between august 2017 and august of this year. in addition to teaching private music he was also employed as a music teacher at the school of music and art. if you have any information for police please call them. united airlines flight that took off from sfo just after midnight headed for singapore had to return to the airport after the plane hit several birds 1 1/2 hours into the flight. the airport duty manager says the plane returned out of an abundance of caution and landed safely. the flight is being rescheduled to depart at 8:45 today. two state assembly members will start investigating why verizon reduced the internet speed for firefighters as they were battling the biggest wildfire in california history. what verizon did is called data throttling, it happened at the mendocino complex fires, when firefighters began using more
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bandwidth than usual verizon suggested they move to another more expensive plan. fire crews eventually switched to a different service provider. verizon has issued a statement after this happened saying that they should've canceled that internet speed restriction in the situation. a property owner and a realtor are now accused of trying to price gouge victims of last october's wildfires. the state attorney general filed a four account misdemeanor complaint against pamela kelly and the property owner in marin county scott park. telephone you declared a state of emergency because of the fires, landlords were prevented from raising the rent by more than 10%. before the wildfires started october 8 park was charging $4950 a month but after that day the rent ballooned between $6800 and $9500. a new study on teenagers using marijuana. coming up how usage appears to
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have changed. also an end to some charter schools in california. the schools that are now being targeted and how soon they may have to shut down. it is a little busy on interstate 80 westbound this morning but there is a nice surprise at the end if you are driving to san francisco. we will show you when we come back. temperatures are cool with low clouds and fog smoke and haze. we will take a look at the weekend coming up. welcome to the xfinity store. thanks, janet. it's my happy place. you can learn how to switch to xfinity mobile, a new wireless network that saves you cash. and you can get 5 lines of talk and text included with your internet. and over here i'm having my birthday party. dj fluffernutter, hit it!
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♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. welcome back to "ktvu mornings on 2", workers at the twin peaks tunnel in san francisco will finish final testing to make sure it can reopen to the public tomorrow as scheduled. it has been closed for two months so crews could finish $40 million of repairs including replacing some tracks making seismic upgrades as well.
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some passengers complained the bus bridges that replaced the trains made the commute to longer. they are now anxious and ready for normal underground service to resume. >> it takes me more than one hour to get to campus now that the bus line has been in place, so i am so excited that it is coming back. >> the san francisco mta says the project should be finished on time, it should come under budget as well. if you want a plastic straw with your drink you may soon have to ask for one at all california restaurants. lawmakers sent governor brown a bill prohibiting restaurants from handing out straws unless customers request. the legislation does not ban straws out right and does not apply to fast food chains. the bill is a small step toward reducing plastic use and fighting ocean pollution but opponents say that it will only punish restaurants but the restaurant industry has not come out against the bill.
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restaurants that do not comply could face fines. and other bill on the desk with of the governor would ban for-profit companies from running charter schools, the legislated is supported by the federation of teachers which says it will stop the practice of diverting public dollars away from students for corporate profit. there are currently 34 charter schools in california run by for-profit corporations. there was a fire in fremont at the tesla plant but it will not slow down production of the model 3 sedan. a pile of cardboard caught fire last night at 5:20, the smoke could be seen coming from the tesla property alongside interstate 880 south of the automall parkway. firefighters arrived to find the cardboard and the baling machine engulfed in flames. crews were able to confine the damage to a tent recycling area right on the edge of the complex.
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the firefight was tough because of nearby powerlines. as well as one amber's marking a small grass fire in a dry field right next to the tesla parking lot.>> cardboard bales are tightly compacted so they burn, now what has to happen as we are getting assistance from tesla they have this excavator and the excavator will pull them apart so we can get the water into and amongst the cardboard. when the fire gets in the bill of cardboard it has to be broken apart. >> elon musk tweeted afterward saying that i was just there cardboard being prepared for recycling along the southern fence caught fire. we appreciate the fast response from fremont fire department. no injuries or damage was reported, this was the latest of several fires in and near the complex in the past year. a worker is recovering after an explosion at a water treatment plant in martinez. it was at the facility on pacheco boulevard yesterday morning, a container filled with 100 gallons of sodium hypochlorite exploded, the
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chemical is used for water purification and disinfection. firefighters and a hazmat team contained the chemical, the explosion has not affected water supply or pack -- plant operations. today marks four years since the magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit napa damaging 2000 homes public buildings and wineries. it seriously injured this young man as well, nicholas dillon he was only 13 at the time having a sleepover and his family living room when the chimney fell on top of him. he recently recalled the experience to rob roth. >> i started crawling to the door and this happened in a matter of seconds. before i knew it i felt something pinch me and i could not move forward or feel my legs. >> nicholas says he has recovered and is moving ahead with his life. the city of napa is also moving
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forward, the mayor says there is no plan to commemorate the earthquake anniversary. kind of an odd morning commute we are light in some places but impacted in others. >> i am looking to see this accident list and there's not a lot going on. traffic is going to be a little slow approaching the richmond bridge. you know we have had this problem approaching the richmond bridge from people who normally use 80 and the richmond parkway to get there but this morning they cannot because of the police investigation at 80 and  richmond parkway. so people are driving down using other exits to get to the bridge and now we are getting crowded as you can see. you can also see the traffic on the peninsula looking pretty good headed up to san francisco on the 101 we are doing well across the east bay. when you get to the south bay the commute is also a little light, so most commutes are doing very well, lighter than usual. this is 280 and san jose,
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unlike yesterday where we had a big issue today is nice and light so take advantage of that while it lasts. let's bring in steve paulson with your forecast. for those just tuning in your friday traffic jams are what? >> famous guitar riffs. >> okay, hurricane lane is approaching oahu. it appears to be taking more of a northwest turn. we will see but gusting up to 35 in honolulu so things are picking up in the wind department but that was not a issue on the big island but the torrential rain was. some areas were okay but watch in the last few frames. right there it is moving northward but it could take a jog northwest which is from the european forecast model. the gfs is taking it to the right, more toward oahu and
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maui. still it is getting close enough and the track is close enough where we have to keep it before it stalls out which could be the worst case scenario. before it turns to a category to dig it is jogging to the right and south but that would not be until the weekend with isolated 25 plus amounts in the mountains are possible. we do have very smoky hazy skies with temperatures well below average. this trend will continue all the way into september 1. you remember september 1 last year? >> just like it was yesterday. >> 106 in the city. anyway, we are looking significantly cooler this year so the beat goes on. 50s for the temperatures running a little bit cooler than yesterday. upper 50s but not the 60s like yesterday. 56 san francisco at the buoy, bodega bay also in the 50s.
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both the smoke and haze are in place and temperatures are well below seasonal normals. at least the lows are running a little above but overall not much changes. air-quality date changes into the weekend looking better. president trump is targeting a former loyal supporter. the latest feud between the president and attorney general jeff sessions. paradise in peril, hurricane lane bearing down on the aloha state. i am in honolulu with an update on the storms next.
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♪ >> there is no mistaking this guitar rift, it is the beatles. we are doing famous guitar riffs and this was requested by barbara on instagram. we are having a little fun with it, if there is a song with the famous guitar riff go ahead and send it to me on social media. facebook, twitter or instagram, just use the hashtag ktvu. staffing and budget problems are leading the san francisco court clerk's office to cut office hours, on the court website it says all offices will close at 2:00 pm every day beginning october 22, a notice from the court says the reduction comes because of a
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reduced budget. court staffing levels have dropped by 30% over the past 10 years. attorney general jeff sessions is firing back at president trump, the president has criticized sessions for recusing himself from the russian investigation because of his role in the trump campaign, now sessions has responded saying i am attorney general but the actions of the department of justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. there is speculation the president is planning to fire sessions but some republicans say that would be a mistake. >> the idea that jeff sessions might be fired is a very bad idea. it is a bad idea for the constitution. it is a bad idea for public trust and for the department of justice in fact for the president it is a bad idea. >> medical experts say the president would face a problem replacing sessions which would have to confirm a replacement in the senate in the highly charged atmosphere during a midterm election.
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president trump says if he is impeached the stock market would crash. >> i don't know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job. if i ever got impeached i think the market would crash. everybody would be very poor because without this, you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe. >> in an interview with sky news his personal attorney went on to say the american people would revolt if president trump were impeached, online betting markets have increased the odds of impeachment to 44% but most analysts say that the stock market would navigate itself. legislation in sacramento requiring an audit of rape kits on backlog. the bill was introduced alongside another bill requiring law enforcement tested the kits, it is unclear how many kits are backlogged but it is estimated there are 13,000 untested kids in california.
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right now the state does not require rape kits to be tested by lawmakers say the passage of the new bills could help police identify sexual assault suspects. 7:26. reducing wildfire risk, the proposal that has some environmental groups upset this morning. a flight to singapore out of sfo had to return after an incident in the air and now the rescheduled flight has been canceled. we are going to talk to passengers when we come back. good morning, we still have problems for the morning commute, but some commutes are doing very well. we will separate them and sort them out. we are stuck in a cool pattern and it is smoky and hazy with a lot of fog in what is turning out to be fog august for sure.
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if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe.
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this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> 7:29, good morning i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning i'm dave clark. >> emergency warnings across hawaii with hurricane lane downgraded to a category 3 hurricane but it is still causing all kinds of problems flooding roads, knocking out power, and also disrupting air travel across the nation.>> we are covering a number of angles on the storm, meteorologist steve paulson is tracking hurricane lane but first let begin coverage with reporter ray bogan in honolulu. >> reporter: hello, good morning
7:30 am
. right now in honolulu it is fairly calm. we have some wind gusting on and off and the rain has been nonexistent. when it comes to storm conditions we are not getting them yet. it is 200 miles offshore to the south but if the forecast is true and we are to get all of the rain that the big island of hawaii got yesterday we are in for a wet one and the governor even tweeted earlier there is a potential for tornado in honolulu, maui and even on the big island of hawaii. >> high wind and soaking rain pounding parts of hawaii ahead of the arrival of hurricane lane, the storm downgraded but remains powerful and dangerous. hurricane lane has been downgraded but it is wide and very moist. it is going to hang around as it moves because it is moving slowly. >> there are nearly 300,000 tourists visiting the island chain but despite the weather
7:31 am
many are enjoying their vacations. >> no surfing or swimming.>> on the famous waikiki beach warning cannot keep the tourists away. >> this is not bad right now but it could get worse. it is a little scary. >> stores are listening to the warnings closing early boarding up shops before the storm hits. the outer rain bands are soaking parts of maui and the big island which was slammed with two feet of torrential downpour's. surfers hit the beach to take on some of the high swells and the rain also cause the river to overflow with crews rescuing four people trapped in homes. meanwhile tropical storm force winds whipping across maui creating dangerous winds. on trend 20 residents are headed for higher ground. >> it is a gamble and i am going to be prepared for the
7:32 am
worst.>> reporter: so, at last check hurricane lane was a category 3 but we expect another update from the hurricane center in 30 minutes. >> thank you for that live report. now let's get over to steve paulson with more on the weather. >> it is barely a 3 at 115 miles per hour. so it is getting closer to the category to. this is approaching as a rain event as the moisture, it is getting a little bit closer to oahu with gusting up to 35 miles per hour. again, this looks to be torrential rain because of the nature of how slow it is going. there were some hints he could jog more toward maui but it looks to be going toward oahu. we will see if the track continues and if it does it could produce and again it looks to be taking more of a
7:33 am
northwest turn but we will see if the track holds and that would be a better case scenario. if it stalls out at all at less than five miles per hour you could get 25 inches in the mountains like they just saw on parts of the big island. so that is the main concern, it looks to be the possible storm surge tornadoes as well as waterspouts and the torrential rain. we are well below average on the temperatures so the air quality is not very good. it is a "spare the air" day but that is holding down the highs. may be a little better later today but more likely over the weekend we will have a favorable pattern with 50s and we are running cooler with the onshore breeze and a lot of fog mist and drizzle. another cooler day. 7:33 on this friday morning and the traffic is? unexpected. some of these commutes are doing very well and others are slow for reasons you might not expect. 80 westbound has more crowding
7:34 am
in richmond as people are using the richmond parkway. people are using that to cut across richmond without staying on the freeway and there is police activity just off the richmond parkway on 80 with the richmond parkway closed for several blocks. more people are now headed down to the richmond area. the richmond bridge traffic is getting busier as people are arriving. when you get to the bay bridge is filling in. it was quiet for part of the 6:00 hour but now more people are arriving so we are kind of up and down with 10 to 15 minutes on the weight. -- way. we have plenty of slowing on 80 but on the other maps like 880 s. and peninsula looking lighter than usual, likewise for the south bay commute. let's get back to the desk. this morning we have just heard from passengers who were trying to get on a new flight to singapore after a bird hit the red eye flight overnight forcing the plane to go back to
7:35 am
sfo. frank mallicoat is at sfo right now and they just got some bad news. what happened? >> reporter: they sure did, it has been a very long 24-hour period for those folks, they took off just after midnight from sfo to singapore and the flight had to return. according to the passengers we talked with the flight out this morning at 8:45 just got canceled. that was canceled and they are not happy. 236 people are all waiting in line for answers now. 400 fee after their midnight takeoff they hit the birds and then they circled the pacific for a couple of hours eventually returning as a precaution. the plane will be fully inspected later today. there were no injuries reported on the plane but the passengers, after spending the night at the airport got that bad news this morning that the rescheduled flight was canceled according to one passenger that i spoke with.
7:36 am
he is not very happy about it. >> supposedly there are no more flights to singapore today. so it looks like sunday is the closest. >> so you guys won't even get out?>> no. >> are you upset? >> i am pretty upset, yes. and i am very tired. that could be adding two things but yes it has been a long day and night.>> reporter: the family celebrating their second anniversary, they were going to go to singapore. right now, they are waiting in line and mike told me the earliest flight right now would be sunday so they still have a couple of days. we did talk with the united spokesperson and they say that they are looking into it. so it has been a rather long ordeal on a flight two hours, come back spend a night in the airport to have your flight canceled. that is the latest from sfo i'm
7:37 am
frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. the developing story we have been covering in richmond, the crash that left one person dead and is affecting the morning commute. contra costa county sheriff's deputies saw two people acting suspiciously and throwing an unknown item away at the rodeo post office, deputies try to stop the car but the driver kept going. authorities chased them and the car ended up running a red light crashing into the side of a big rig at san pablo avenue and richmond parkway. the driver of the car was killed, the passenger survived. investigators say that the item that was thrown away was a gun. traffic is now being moved to one lane on richmond parkway and then cars have to turn right on san pablo avenue. 7:37, an elderly couple is recovering after a home invasion robbery in los altos hills from 11:00 yesterday morning at the house near altamont and black mountain roads.
7:38 am
the couple is now bruised and shaken up. investigators have not said how the robbers got into the house or what was stolen. robberies are rare in this area, but neighbors are concerned. >> i am always home alone and i like to have my windows and doors opened, especially in the summer. so it is, it is concerning. >> investigators say that the community is not in danger and the suspects likely left the area after the robbery. a cause of death has been determined in the case of the missing iowa college student whose body was found this week. according to preliminary autopsy results from the medical examiner she died as a result of being stabbed multiple times. the men arrested for her death is in the country illegally, his immigration status has reunited the immigration debate, the 24-year-old christian rivera is from mexico and entered the united states illegally years ago.
7:39 am
in washington politicians are speaking out on both sides. >> this should be the front line with immigration. you know, i don't want this to be the focus. we have to focus on continuing to work with law enforcement.>> from 4 to 7 years this man was here undetected and unaccounted for. this raises questions about his immigration, employment and criminal history. we must receive answers. >> members of the family of mollie tibbett say they do not want the murder to become a partisan fight and they have asked for privacy. if rivera is convicted he faces life in prison. there is a new survey showing marijuana use among california teenagers is going down. researchers released the california healthy kids survey that comes out every two years, the study found between 2011 and 2013 10% of california's
7:40 am
seventh graders used marijuana. the number went down to 7.9% between 2013 and 2015. in the most recent study, only 4.2% said that they tried smoking marijuana. days into the school year and hundreds of east bay students have just learned their sports programs are being eliminated. coming up at 8:00, we will tell you which district is cutting half of its sports program, the impact on students and why students are upset. the bad air in california, how long the new "spare the air" alert will continue. on the road westbound highway 4 is a little slow from some earlier issues and it is slowing down through concord as well. we will tell you more about the east bay commute when we come back. not much i can tell you except the fog continues with cool temperatures into the weekend. we will see what is in store on
7:41 am
the high side with those inland temperatures.
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7:43 am
firefighters battling the car fire in the redding area appear closer to full containment, containment inched upward overnight to 94%. the 359 square mile fire is no longer growing but the mendocino complex fire continues to grow. it grew by 10,000 acres overnight and is now almost 416,000 acres or 650 square miles. another "spare the air" alert for today, you have likely seen the hazy skies throughout the bay area and that is largely due to smoke from the wildfires.
7:44 am
air quality management district says to stay inside if you can and limit activities that could pollute the air such as driving or using a gas powered lawnmower. a san francisco man was arrested for allegedly starting a deadly wildfire in northern california. the 32-year-old is accused of recklessly starting the fire by burning debris on july 5. according to the chronicle he has been living in san francisco, he drove to turn himself in to the county of the fire, 35 homes were destroyed in the fire. this was near the border with oregon. governor brown is proposing changes to logging laws in response to the intense fire season this year, the new rules would aim to thin out the california forest and allow for landowners to cut larger trees without a permit. the idea is supported because many forests are overgrown. many environmentalists say that the rules can lead to people cutting down historic redwoods.
7:45 am
california's tourism agency is working to reassure visitors that the stay is safe to visit after the recent fires. the agency says california lost as much as $20 million in july due to cancellations. in response california, oregon and washington formed a west coast tour is in recovery coalition. they want to let travelers know the fires affected less than 1% of the history -- state land. you have to see this, a hotel in colorado had a very unexpected late night guest. it is a bear. he strolled right into the stanley hotel in the mountains above denver and in the video you can see the bear is standing on a coffee table and then casually walks past the front desk. the hotel staff actually push the bear out of the front door. you may notice this is the hotel from the famous movie the
7:46 am
shining. but there is a bear on the coffee table right in the hotel. >> maybe he is looking for some snacks in between the cushions.>> perhaps. or maybe some people. >> no, it is funny but we are in his backyard. i applaud those hotel workers who were brave enough. >> i don't know how i would feel about staying at the hotel. >> i'm sure a lot of people like it because of the movie, the shining. we will cross that bridge when we come to it. let's go take a look at what we have, this is a look at the richmond bridge and we have been focusing here because the crowd is late because of that incident on the richmond parkway. there is a detour set up and it is kind of, some people are confused so they stay on the 80 and come this way to the richmond bridge. if you're driving on the bay bridge approach it is getting lighter.
7:47 am
it was light and then busy, now it is light again so it has been up and down. we are talking about 80 and the richmond parkway is not an option for most so it is putting more traffic on the freeway. this is a look at the peninsula where traffic is okay. i always watch the airports and 101 is not bad to the airport, if you're driving to the san jose airport that should look pretty good and there is no trouble getting to the oakland airport so have fun wherever you are going. 7:48, let's bring in steve paulson. we will get right to it, hurricane lane is currently category 3 coming down now. 150 miles per hour, there have been some reports of 20 to 30 inches of rain on the big island but not so much elsewhere. gusting up to 35 miles per hour for some and as it approaches the key is that it is moving north taking a little jog to the northwest and in the last few frames it looks like it is
7:48 am
moving right toward oahu. it is a couple of hours before the main rain band coming though. there has been a little bit of loss in the signature of the eye and there is some windshear in the higher levels taking some strength out of it but it is dangerous enough as it is moving more to the track of the european forecast model which is more northwest. still, it is close enough. now it is a category to go -- 110 miles per hour. it looks like we are running 3 to 11 degrees below average for our highs. the smoke is certainly adding to that which takes a couple degrees off the high temperatures but there is a big fog bank even making it out to the travis area which tells you travis has smoke haze and fog. other than that it is a nice morning. they have the lower cloud deck and temperatures are running cooler than 24 hours ago with
7:49 am
the onshore breeze as well. so it is a robust fog bank with temperatures holding in check well below average inland especially. livermore should be around 87 and that might be a little on the higher side with the smoke. very few 80s with a lot of 60s and 70s. not much change today and even cooler possible early next week. 7:49, sears and kmart will be closing even more stores, the two bay area stores that are going to close. let's check in to see what is coming up on "mornings on 2". >> coming up this week we told you about the nearly 100 supply stores closing and now we are learning the big move could dampen the christmas spirit in the city of san jose. speaking of the holiday season, it is not him in september but stores are getting ready for november and december. a consumer psychologist will be joining us to talk about why
7:50 am
people are already shopping for the holidays.
7:51 am
7:52 am
♪ >> spectacular guitarist.>> incredible. >> also a very recognizable guitar riff so that is what we are doing famous guitar riffs on
7:53 am
"mornings on 2" here on "traffic jams", that was requested by someone with that account name. so thank you. give me a song request. you can just go to facebook, twitter or instagram and use the hashtag ktvu. we will not be able to get to all of these but we have some very good songs.>> you did good sal. michael mina the bay area celebrity chef is expanding his restaurant empire. he already has restaurants from the bay area to the middle east now he plans to open in hawaii in november calling your trailblazer tavern inside of the new salesforce tower in san francisco providing a hawaiian cultural experience including salads, noodles and rice. this will also have an outdoor patio and international
7:54 am
collection of wine and beer. sears is closing more stores and general mills is dropping the words 100% natural from its granola bars, pam cook with today's "dollars & sense". >> in morning, you will no longer see 100% natural on natural -- nature valley and all of ours, that is the result of a lawsuit after it was claimed that they used a pest -- pesticide link to cancer. stocks were headed higher about one hour ago as the retailers have been in focus this week, some news is very good like sales from target and lowe's with some bad. sears closing more stores, orchard supply closing for good. currently checking on the numbers, they are all up with the dow jones up .5% at 130 point. 25,788, the s&p 500 is up .5% and the nasdaq is up almost
7:55 am
.75%. liquidation sales will begin next week as an additional 46 sears and kmart stars will be closing in november, and the bay area the kmart in antioch will close and the sears in santa cruz, those closures are in addition to the several hundred it has closed in the last few years. the company says it is closing the underperforming locations, as of may 5 sears had 894 stores. google has a new feature you can soon use with the google assistant, you can ask the assistant to tell you something good and it will provide a summary of recent positive news stories, the news comes from a nonprofit that curates positive news from different media. some stories can be local and others may come from around the world. the function is now available for google home devices. of course you can get all of the news on alexa as well just as for ktvu. i am pam cook from the newsroom
7:56 am
with a look at "dollars & sense". some new information about the stabbing yesterday at the warm springs bart station in fremont. the new photos that have been released by police that they are hoping will lead to an arrest. not as foggy today on some of the commutes including the golden gate where we can see a little better. traffic is looking good headed into san francisco. we have a lot of gray outside and we are staying cooler for this friday forecast. ♪
7:57 am
well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls... and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! (laughter) the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! (laughter)
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a traffic nightmare for drivers in richmond, a deadly car crash closing this major intersection for eight hours and there is no eta. when san pablo and richmond will reopen, i will tell you how it all happened. trouble in paradise, hurricane lane dumping a couple of feet of rain in hawaii, the latest on the storm coming up. "mornings on 2" continues. >> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> good morning everyone welcome back to "mornings on 2" i'm mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian, we have hurricane lane already affecting hawaii and we have weather concerns as well.
8:00 am
>> that is now a category to dig, it is down but still it is going to be a big rain producer wherever it ends up but where is it going to end up? it looks like it is headed toward oahu, gusting up to 40 miles per hour in honolulu so those outer bands are approaching with the deeper moisture and heavier rain just south of oahu. it looks like that is where it is going to go, the trend is taking get that direction with a little jog to the north but some indications are that it could be moving to the northwest. it is decreasing in intensity but still 20+ inches of rain on the big island. now it is category two and it should be category one by tonight and though south facing beaches are certainly in line for the possibility of some tornadic activity with waterspouts and high waves but more importantly some really heavy rain if it continues. 3 to 11 degrees below average
8:01 am
for us. we have 50s, more so 60s -- than the 60s. we have this onshore breeze with overcast skies and cordelia and every station has some smoke haze or cloud so we are cool today. 8:01 on this friday morning. some commutes are friday light and others are not but currently we are starting in the south bay which looks pretty good, the silicon valley approach northbound 280 moving along nicely getting timely 17. it is crowded and we do not have the san jose state backup so the class load is a little lighter or it looks that way by the traffic. this is the south bay map with slowing on 101 getting to mountain view but it is clear it is not as slow as it was earlier this week. on the east bay commute the same thing, definitely some slow traffic on 880 north and 580 w., in oakland we are kind
8:02 am
of slow. 580 is not taking the day off on highway 13, look at the slow traffic. that should start to dissipate in the next hour but this is a look at the san mateo bridge with westbound 92 moderate. again at the bay bridge it is light, now let's get back to the desk. we are following this deadly crash in richmond when a car got wedged under a big rake at san pablo avenue and richmond parkway. alyssa harrington is live from the scene with more on the story.>> reporter: good morning, a tow truck is attempting to move this big rig which was traveling wrong -- along richmond driveway when a driver in the suspect vehicle fleeing from police ran through a red light crashing into the side of the truck getting stuck underneath. we are getting a better look at the car involved in the crash. you can see the cars completely almost ripped apart. it is not even have a top anymore and we do know that one person died.
8:03 am
the passenger was able to get out though. here is some more video of when investigators were able to get the car out from underneath the big rig. this all started last night just before midnight, sheriff's deputies in rodeo noticed two people dispose of something at a post office and it later turned out they were trying to get rid of a gun. deputies attempted to make a traffic stop but the driver took off down san pablo avenue crashing into the big rig. the intersection has been closed for eight hours and traffic is backed up on richmond parkway. you can see that it looks like police are trying to get cars into the right lane and then drivers are forced to turn right onto san pablo avenue so it is causing a bit of a traffic nightmare. we have seen some drivers very confused about what they are supposed to do, at this point there is no eta of when the intersection will reopen.
8:04 am
alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. it has been a long morning for some passengers trying to get to singapore out of san francisco international. they took off just after midnight on a united flight but had to return to the airport after the plane hit several birds, the plane landed safely and passengers were told to return this morning for a flight that was supposed to leave at 8:45, when they showed up this morning they were told there was a mistake and there was no plane available. united could not get them on another flight until sunday. our crew at sfo says many passengers are understandably upset, we will bring in frank mallicoat with a live report coming up. let's turn to hurricane lane as it moves to the hawaiian islands, moments ago the storm was downgraded to a category to dig hurricane. the damage has been done. some areas of hawaii receiving three feet of ring with many neighborhoods being flooded and the storm has knocked out power
8:05 am
to thousands of homes and businesses, disrupting air travel. reporter ray bogan live from honolulu where the sunrise is about one hour away. >> reporter: we still have some time until sunrise and let me tell you we also have time until the hurricane gets here. it was just downgraded but we have not seen it. we have had very light wind and nonexisting rain because it is moving slowly at 200 miles offshore. so it will take a while to get here moving five miles per hour but with that said we have some mornings including one from the governor that says oahu, maui and the big island could potentially get a tornado. >> it is expected to pass dangerously close to the island as a hurricane on friday and the most uncertainty still lies within that weakening trend and the turn it is going to take. >> it is unclear if hurricane lane will make a direct hit but the storm continues to unleash
8:06 am
torrential rain on the hawaii big island. some areas getting more than 30 inches of rain, the rain bringing with it heavy flooding, landslides and dangerous surf. many residents are hoping for the best but are not taking any chances. >> it is a gamble with what is coming so we are prepared for the worst. >> hurricane lane interrupted vacationing in paradise for tourists. as many airlines canceled flights to and from the island tourists were stranded. >> i wanted to get out as soon as possible but you cannot control mother nature. >> fema is closely monitoring hurricane lane and is prepared to assist those affected with food, water and other supplies. >> any assets that will be flown into hawaii have made it there. they are ready to go as soon as it is safe to respond. >> we are hyper focused on safety and security. food, water and shelter. >> reporter: so, if hurricane
8:07 am
lane makes landfall here in hawaii it would be the strongest storm to hit the islands since 1992 when hurricane hit. back to you. >> some flights have been canceled because of the whole hurricane. all flights to and from hawaii have been canceled from sfo, we talked with oakland international and they say one flight has been delayed for four hours but other flights are on schedule. in san jose some flights have been canceled, some are delayed but others are operating on schedule. the best advice is if you have a flight scheduled check with your airline about your specific flight. a flight from maui landed at oakland airport last night and passengers were relieved to get on the plane. larry rodriguez came back with 11 family members after their vacation, he and others said many businesses were closed in hawaii or short on supplies. >> there were closed gas
8:08 am
stations. we did not have enough gas we didn't think but we did. you cannot get anything though. >> many airlines are waiting rebooking fees including delta, american, and hawaiian. there are 300,000 tourists in hawaii. a search and rescue team from menlo park is now in honolulu helping with rescue operations if needed, the 36 members of task force 3 arrived yesterday. they coordinated potential water rescue operations with the honolulu fire department, two other west coast urban search and rescue task forces are on the islands as well, one from san diego is on the island of kauai and a washington task force is on maui. photos of a man suspected of stabbing another man outside of the warm springs station in fremont, these images come from surveillance cameras, the stabbing happened yesterday morning. the station was closed at the time, the man who was stabbed
8:09 am
was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive. if anyone recognizes the man in the photo please contact bart police. state assembly members will begin looking into why verizon reduced internet speed for firefighters as they were battling the largest wildfire in california history. the process is called data throttling and it happened at the mendocino complex fires, when crews began using more bandwidth than usual verizon suggested a more expensive plan, ultimately the crews switched service providers. verizon has now said they should have lifted the speed restrictions. we are a couple of days into the new school year and students are paying the price for budget cuts within their district. coming up, the district where half of the sports programs are now gone and the impact it is having on students.>> a teenage boy nearly crushed by a falling chimney, a moment he will never forget, coming up next we will look at the napa earthquake now
8:10 am
four years later. good morning, we have some lighter than usual traffic with other commutes looking slower. this one looks good headed south into san francisco. cool and foggy here into  the mountains truckee is reporting 32 and 39, it feels like fall has arrived. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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8:12 am
and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪
8:13 am
this morning firefighters in southern california have their hands full cleaning up a tanker truck explosion and fire. this was the scene a few hours ago in the westbound lanes of the 105 in hawthorne near lax. chp thinks the tanker crashed with another vehicle setting off the explosion, two people died. responders are leading the remaining fuel burn off, after that caltrans will inspect the integrity of the freeway before reopening. today is four years since the magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit the napa earlier shaking thousands of people out of bed early that weekend morning, the earthquake caused major damage to more than 2000 homes building zen wineries. seriously injuring one teenager who was having a sleepover. rob roth talked with the teenager and has the story of recovery. >> it may not have been the big
8:14 am
one, but the house shaking, car rocking 6.0 earthquake that jolted napa august 24, 2014 was plenty big enough. >> i woke up moments before it fell. >> nicholas dillon was 13 at the time having a sleepover in his living room when the earthquake caused a chimney to crumble and fall. >> i started calling to the door and this all happened in a matter of seconds. before i knew it, i felt something pinch me and i couldn't move forward or feel my legs. >> the falling bricks and cement had broken nicholas's pelvis, he spent months in the hospital. >> the chimney boy nickname, that is funny. >> that was then and this is now. fully recovered nicholas graduated high school in june and plans to attend uc riverside in the fall. >> i am up and walking. >> this recovery in a way
8:15 am
mirrors napa's recovery from the earthquake that killed one person and damaged 2000 buildings. >> he is a great example of something happening to you and you get on with your life and you take lessons learned and you use it to make your life better. i think that is the story of napa after the earthquake. >> napa is mostly recovered although some work remains. the earthquake which hit seven miles down on the west napa fault forced the downtown post office from the 1930s to close for good. a developer bought the building as plans to convert into a hotel. a few blocks away renovations are complete on the earthquake damaged 172-year-old goodman library which has gotten rave reviews and an award for historical preservation. >> there is not a lot of big projects left and we are excited about that. >> the earthquake did not spare napa's most famous feature, it's wineries.
8:16 am
>> i remember standing outside this building looking up. >> a few wineries took a bigger hit than this family vineyard the 130-year-old tasting room left leaning to one side. while the winery has been restored and retrofitted for seismic data affectivity there is a reminder. >> not all of the building is opened but it is stronger than ever because we have new engineering. >> disasters can bring out the best in a community and many say that is the legacy of the earthquake. >> one of the biggest lessons learned is that there is strength in numbers. whether it is family friends or strangers. >> there is no plans to commemorate the anniversary of the earthquake as the focus is squarely on the future. in napa rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. i was here well, i was at home and it woke me up and then
8:17 am
40 minutes later i was here ready to work. so as we mentioned you can see the building leaning and remember those fires at the mobile home park. >> you and i worked that morning along with dave clark and a bunch of other people on a sunday. you know, we got it done and it was a big newsday. okay, let's go out and take a look at the commute now. you can see traffic here at the toll plaza has cleared, this is what we want to see. it cleared out at 6:00, it was busy at 7:00 now it is cleared at 8:00. let's move along to the eastshore freeway, 30 minutes, the richmond parkway closure has caused a little slow traffic on 80. on interstate 880 southbound and northbound we have a little slowing, san mateo bridge has cleared out but remember last time i told you five eddie was slowing but now it is clearing.
8:18 am
if you have some time to wait these commutes might start to clear. let's bring in steve paulson. downgraded to 110 miles per hour for hurricane lane. now it is category two but still moving north very slowly at five miles per hour gusting up to 40 in honolulu so the wind is picking up with the outer bands producing rain. oahu and maui but most of this looks to be taking aim at honolulu. it is continuing to track a little more to the north. the gfs model favored the right bias more toward maui and the european model takes it to the northwest so we kind of lend these and go to the north. that looks like that is what is happening now. again this could be flash flooding with the heavy rain, not only that but some of the higher surf for those south facing beaches and there could be gusting over 50. the rain is the big issue i
8:19 am
think because as it goes from a category two maxed to the one it will stall out. so this could be a biggie -- big rain event. we have a cool pattern here with the smoke coming in taking down the temperature a couple degrees for the inland areas but we already have reports as the fog is pushing through this morning. fairfield and travis air force base with smoke haze and fog. so when it makes it out that far that tells you it is a tall order to warm up. rio vista is 59, fairfield 58 and that is very cool with 1 to 4 cooler than 24 hours ago. so that translates with the onshore breeze into a cool pattern with some areas not getting out of the 60s. inland temperatures are in the 70s and the pattern is here for a while. we have a cool two-mile forecast with smoke haze improving over the weekend but
8:20 am
still smoky inland today. 60s and 70s are the temperatures and we are 10 degrees below average for some inland without much changing over the weekend just a little cooler next week. a new drive-through coffee shop will be opening on the peninsula and in a minute we will tell you why there is so much controversy surrounding it. first, any people across the bay area are upset that orchard supply stores are closing. the reason why it could have an impact on the san jose christmas in the park event. you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit.
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it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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♪ >> don't let the name fool you, that is eric clapton one of the most famous guitar riffs ever. that is what we are doing today on "traffic jams". this was requested by miss mars. thank you, if there is a song with the famous guitar riff you want me to play, just use our hashtag on social media. students in the oakland unified district found out this week that half of the sports programs in their district are being eliminated due to budget problems. the sports include tennis, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse and golf.
8:24 am
500 students will be affected, the district says these cuts will save $500,000, the student athletes are disappointed and many parents are furious because the district made the cuts and announce them too late for parents to try to raise money to save the sports.>> i feel slightly disrespected and kind of hurt.>> they are taking that away, i will not be able to put this on my college application. >> these cuts come after literally years of cuts we have already implemented. not to mention growth in pension liability, growth in transportation. >> the decision was last-minute according to the district and the hope donations do come in so some of the sports will not have to be eliminated but the district says there is no guarantee any of them will survive next year. nearly 1 dozen tech companies will me today to talk about the midterm elections. there are reports that google
8:25 am
facebook microsoft and several other companies will be meeting at the twitter headquarters in san francisco. they are expected to talk about strategies and challenges ahead of the midterms and what they can do to protect their platforms. you may remember facebook and twitter were criticized over how their platforms spread misinformation during the 2016 election. the closure of orchard supply hardware stores is leaving a lump of coal for christmas in the park, orchard supply provides more than 500 trees every season to the christmas in the park but this year administrators will have to look elsewhere for the trees. the executive director of the event says they are company another supplier will be found. they are more concerned about the financial fallouts. the orchard supply is also one of the sponsors. christmas in the park lost longtime sponsor bank of the west earlier this year. if you were a fan of the movie mean girls you will be excited about a new musical headed to san francisco, mean girls the musical will be
8:26 am
running at august wilson theatre and the show will come to the theater in san francisco in 2020 as part of the musical national tour. it features a book by tina fey based on her screenplay for the film. a new and unique movie trailer opening in theaters today with bay area ties. >> one more thing. >> the movie is called searching and it is from a former san jose resident and is based -- framed on electronic screens. it is described as a hitchcock thriller, the film is about a desperate father's search for his missing daughter. he hacks into her instagram and iphone accounts to sort out clues, the movie will be in select theaters tonight including the century 20 oak ridge in san jose. a san jose music teacher
8:27 am
arrested, more on the allegations and why police are asking other potential victims to come forward. a united airlines flight destined for singapore has to return after hitting a flock of birds. i'm frank mallicoat at sfo and we talked with passengers who just found out that their next flight is canceled also.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
southbound 880 looking good from hayward to fremont headed to the south bay, southbound six eddie is slow because of this accident near mission. ls get back to the desk. just into the newsroom we have learned republican senator from arizona john mccain has
8:32 am
announced he is ending cancer treatment. his family put out a statement saying in the years since he was diagnosed he surpassed expectations for survival from the doctor, the family says the progress of the disease and age were factors in the decision. senator mccain is 81, he is battling aggressive brain cancer , specifically glioblastoma, senator mccain is a vietnam war veteran. he has served in the senate since 1987. he has been away from the capital since december. senator mccain's family is said to be gathered around him in arizona. some of the other top stories we are following. there is still a detour in place as san pablo avenue and richmond parkway in richmond following a deadly crash around midnight, sheriff's deputies spotted two people acting suspiciously tossing away an unknown item at the post office, police try to stop the
8:33 am
car but the driver kept going. the car later ran a red light and crashed into the side of a big rig killing the driver of the car. the item that was tossed away was a gun. 30 minutes ago hurricane lane was downgraded and is now a category to make hurricane with sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. it has flooded streets and homes causing power outages forcing flights across the nation to be canceled or delayed. those that are headed to or coming from hawaii. some passengers trying to get from sfo to singapore had a rough morning, first there flight was forced to return to the airport because of a bird strike and their rescheduled flight that was supposed to take off in a couple of minutes has now been canceled. frank mallicoat is live from the airport where he has been talking with frustrated passengers. >> reporter: imagine that, what a night for these folks thinking they would get on board the plane which they did on their way to singapore and of course they had to come back after a bird strike and then they were supposed to get on
8:34 am
another flight at 845 this morning to go to singapore and that was canceled. a lot of frustration for these passengers, it all started shortly after a midnight flight, the united flight hit a number of birds and after two hours of circling the pacific ocean the plane returned to sfo. 236 people on board were told that they would get another flight out this morning but the flight was canceled and the passengers are not very happy about it. >> there are supposedly no more flights to singapore today.>> really? >> sunday is the closest. >> so you guys are not getting out? >> no. >> are you upset? >> i am pretty upset, yes and i am very tired so that could be adding two things but yes it has been a long day and a long night.>> reporter: mike and his
8:35 am
wife out of roseville were going to celebrate their second wedding anniversary in singapore and then go to the beaches but now they are waiting in line with 200 plus other people. the earliest flight out that mike was told could be sunday so they might have to wait a couple more days. we talked with united and they say they are looking into the incident. right now no flight, no sleep and no trip so there is a lot of frustration for these passengers here at sfo. that is the latest from the airport i'm frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. in the south bay a san jose music teacher is under arrest accused of molesting children and exposing himself several times when giving private music lessons. jesse gary is live from the san jose studios to bring us more. >> good morning, san jose police say that bill colbert was arrested earlier this week after receiving reports he had committed the crimes exposing himself to children on multiple
8:36 am
occasions. let's take a look at the video and you can see the mug shot, detectives say that he committed the crimes between august of last year and this august and the victims were an eight-year-old girl and two 10- year-olds. in addition to private music lessons the 41-year-old teaches at the school of music in san jose and has done for the past 10 years. we have reached out to the school for comment and we are waiting for the reply. colbert is now in the main santa clara county jail. live from the studios jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. back to oakland. berkeley police are investigating a shooting outside of a restaurant at the berkeley marina, this happened in a parking lot near the hana japan restaurant. customers had to duck under tables, detectives found shell casings but did not find anyone with a gunshot wound, a man was pulled from the water and taken to the hospital. authorities have not said anything about injuries except
8:37 am
that he was not shot. an elderly couple is recovering after a home invasion robbery in los altos hills. it happened at the house near altamonte and black mountain roads. the couple was bruised and shaken up. investigators have not said how the robbers got into the home or what was stolen but the community is not in danger and the suspects likely left the area. the cause of death has been determined in the case of mollie tibbett the missing iowa college student. she died as a result of being stabbed multiple times, the preliminary autopsy reports say the killing of the 20-year-old coupled with the suspect's illegal status is reuniting immigration debate. 24-year-old crithian rivera is from mexico and he entered the united states illegally years ago, if convicted rivera faces life in prison without parole. all 13 murders committed by the alleged golden state killer
8:38 am
in the 1970s and 80s have been charged in court, the 72-year- old has been charged with the crimes but he did not enter a plea in the courtroom yesterday. he is also facing charges in 13 other attacks across the state including four grapes -- rapes in contra costa county. joseph deangelo will be in court december 6. we have another "spare the air" alert today with hazy skies across the bay area due to the smoke from the wildfires. stay indoors if you can and limit outdoor activities as well as pollution activities like mowing the lawn. controversy surrounding a new coffee shop on the peninsula. the drive-through cafi is called the pink panther espresso and will open soon in north fair oaks.
8:39 am
the coffee shop plans to future women in bikinis serving coffee, many of the drinks have suggestive names, many people who live nearby are not happy and safe it is inappropriate for children in the area and degrading.>> i feel like if you're serving coffee just serve coffee. i'm not sure what you need to be in bikinis. there is no correlation between them. >> they might have success but it does not bother me. >> san mateo officials say as long as the business abides by health and other regulations there is no reason to prevent the business from opening. a bay area family in need, coming up the plea from a mother of two who is living in their car. it has lightened up out there which is great news. here at the bay bridge this is what you are waiting for, it is light. a lot of fog with cooler temperatures on this friday. in fact temperatures are well below average for some.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ >> can't do famous guitar riffs without led zeppelin. the viewers had a lot of fun with this. i will give pam crooke -- cook
8:43 am
credit for this theme. >> that is a good one. >> if there's a special song you want to hear just hit me up on social media, twitter facebook or instagram and use the hashtag ktvu. >> thank you to all who contributed. attorney general jeff sessions is firing back at president trump, the president has criticized the attorney general for recusing himself from the russian investigation because of his role in the trump campaign. now sessions has responded saying i am attorney general, the actions of the justice department will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. there is speculation the president is planning to fire jeff sessions after the midterm elections. an east bay mother of two is living out of her car after leaving her job to care for her sick three-year-old son, paul chambers spoke with the woman about the young boy's condition
8:44 am
and why she says family comes first but at a cost. >> to see this three-year-old laughing and smiling is a far cry from where he was earlier this week. that is when the little boy spent nearly 2 weeks inside of the children's hospital.>> he had two blood transfusions in one day. he had three in one week. >> the setbacks do not end there. earlier this month the boys mother says she had no choice but to leave her job, dedicating her time caring for her older son with severe asthma and being there for the boy after he had his spleen removed, now the family is homeless. >> my sons, we will stay at my father's house or my friends house. >> with no resources and her car as her only shelter a gofundme account was created for the family. on this day she acknowledges she needs help and she wants to educate people about the medical condition.
8:45 am
>> he got sick when he was two weeks old. >> sickle cell anemia is a hereditary disease most common among african-americans and latinos affecting roughly 100,000 americans. according to the cdc it will affect the red blood cells slowing down or blocking blood flow and oxygen to the body.>> my son is at a high risk of stroke so i always have to worry about is he going to be okay today. >> for now she is down but not out. in her faith and her boys keeping her going. >> i just want to take care of my kids. i wish i could go to work. >> in oakland paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. let's get you where you need to go, this has been an unusual friday commute. >> it sure has, we had a couple of problems and one of the problems has been the east bay commutes we have been showing. let's go to the south bay.
8:46 am
this is 280 san jose northbound looking good and things have not been the same as yesterday when we had that bad south bay commute. on fridays i checked the airport and there is a little slowing on 17 and 880 approaching the airport so plan ahead on that. there is a little bit of slow traffic and 101 is a little slow in this area getting to the airport. we are also looking at the oakland airport where there is a little slow traffic northbound on 880 but it is not bad southbound and there are no problems on the san mateo. flights into san francisco are okay and driving across the bay bridge it is light. 8:46 let's bring in steve paulson. we have a category two, hurricane lane at 110 miles per hour moving really slow just 140 miles southwest of the island, looking like oahu. the eye wall is collapsing and
8:47 am
sometimes it takes a while but it is weakening rapidly. as it does it could be a powerhouse as far as rainfall is concerned. that is the problem, it is moving slowly but it is category two moving into colder water and shear taking the edge off, gusting up to 40 in honolulu, gusting up to 30 or 40 on the big island although they had their fair share of rain with 30 inches for some in the mountains. that would be the main concern for oahu. it is jogging a little to the north but still not there yet. later this afternoon around tonight some of those bands could produce hefty rain totals. so again from maui to oahu. another cool day with a big fog bank in place and we are well below average on the highs with smoke from the mendocino complex lingering. that will take a couple degrees off the high temperatures inland for those that do not get the fog there is too much haze and smoke with a dip in the jet stream funneling in the
8:48 am
onshore breeze with a big fog bank. 50s for temps, 4 degrees cooler than this time yesterday with the delta breeze coming down but still onshore, overall another day of gray at the coast and bay. inland smoky and hazy with temperatures in the 70s. livermore should be 87 and we are going 77. 60s and 70s for many of us and except for some subtle changes there is not much if anything just a little cooler next week. thousands of people will be gathering at the alameda county fairgrounds this weekend for the good guys car show, the event just kicked off and will run through sunday at 5:00 featuring thousands of cars and live entertainment. there are many people who want to have a dog as part of the family but they are either allergic or do not have time to care for mom -- one. sony might have the perfect solution.
8:49 am
we will tell you more about the product that will be out just in time for the holidays.
8:50 am
8:51 am
a week of good news and bad news for retailers and general mills is dropping the words 100% natural from its granola bars, let's get over to pam cook with "dollars & sense". >> morning, you will no longer see 100% natural on nature valley granola bars, that is the result of a lawsuit claiming general mills used oats that were grown using a
8:52 am
weed killing pesticide linked to cancer. the bay area netflix continues to be the star of the nasdaq, netflix stock this morning gained $12 per share up 3.5%, netflix is up 10% on the week. that is helping the nasdaq reach a record this morning checking in on the numbers, the nasdaq at 7943 so it is up more than .75%. there is a live look at the dow jones which is up 156 points. it is up more than .5%, the same for the s&p 500. the bad news in retail, liquidation sales will begin next week as an additional 46 sears and kmart stores will close in november. in the bay area the kmart in antioch will close and sears in santa cruz, those closures are in addition to the several hundred the company has closed in the last few years. the company says it is closing
8:53 am
underperforming locations, as of may 5 sears had 894 stores so we will continue to watch. a warning for parents, 32 children medicines are being recalled due to microbial contamination. the manufacturer is king bio, the company says use of the medicines could reduce -- result in life-threatening infections, the medicines were produced between august 20 17th and april 2018. of this year, so far there have been no reports of any illnesses, king bio is sending letters to arrange for the medicines to be returned and replaced but stop using them. if you are allergic to dogs but you have always wanted one, sony might have the solution for you, the company will release its robot dog in the united states later this year. preorders begin next month, it will likely ship around the holidays, the dog incorporates
8:54 am
sensors and cameras that activate keeping it interactive. it will cost $3000 but there is no mess to clean up. i'm pam cook from the newsroom with a look at your "dollars & sense". a mother in illinois is being investigated by cps for allowing her eight-year-old daughter to walk the family dog around the block by herself. a neighbor called police reporting a child less than five years old was walking the dog alone, officers responded and after talking with the mother determined the child was not in danger. then the same neighbor called the department of family and children services to make the same complaint. >> we did something that was perfectly normal on the north shore and in parenting and i was still investigated. >> the department of family services cleared the mother of any wrongdoing saying that they had to check out any report that comes into their hotline. a new survey shows
8:55 am
marijuana use among california teenagers is dropping, the california healthy kids survey was released and the study found between 2011 and 2013 10% of california's seventh graders used marijuana. the number dropped to 7.9% from 2013 to 2015 and in the most recent study only 4.2% said they tried smoking marijuana. a rising star in comedy, you might recognize him, coming up we will chat live with the comedian and let you know where you can watch him in san francisco this weekend. plus we are hearing from one of the caltrans workers who was injured in a crash on interstate 80. the warning that she now has for distracted drivers.
8:56 am
8:57 am
a san francisco man is
8:58 am
under arrest for starting a deadly wildfire in northern california. investigators say that the 32- year-old john skoda start the fire by burning debris july 5. he has been living in san francisco and drove to turn himself in. one person was killed in the fire and 35 homes were destroyed in the trenton fire near the oregon state line. we are hearing from one of three caltrans workers who were injured earlier this week when they were hit by a pickup truck on interstate 80. the workers were picking up trash on the shoulder of the freeway tuesday when a pickup truck hit the trailer attached to their work van. shannon evans was injured suffering multiple fractures to her leg, chp believes the men driving the pickup may have been distracted by a cell phone. evans says she does not feel any anger toward him.>> his whole life will never be the same, no matter what. neither is mine.
8:59 am
you know, just because of one little distraction. >> the other caltrans workers injured were treated and released from the hospital. it happened in the same area where chp motorcycle officer and another were killed earlier this month. happening today workers at the twin peaks tunnel in san francisco will finish final testing to make sure the transit hub can reopen tomorrow. the tunnel has been closed for two months, crews are finishing repair work including some track replacement and seismic upgrades, some passengers complained the bus bridges made their commute even longer, they are now eager for regular service to resume. >> it takes me more than one hour to get to campus now that the line has been in place. i am so excited it is coming back. >> san francisco mta says the project should be completed on time and under budget. if you want a plastic straw with your drink you may soon
9:00 am
have to ask for one. jerry brown was given a bill that will request straws to require request. today at 9:00 we are sitting down with one of comedies rising stars. >> i would have loved to look at my wife and say we can. >> we will introduce you to steve trevino and let you know where you can catch him performing in the bay area. heavy rain and flooding as hurricane lane turns along the hawaiian coast. we will bring you the latest. holiday spending in august? why some stores are gearing up to sell halloween decorations and even christmas cards before summer is over. >> ♪.>> you know this song, it was


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