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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 24, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hawaii's big island taking the brunt of hurricane lanes powerful wind and rain. a torrential downpour drench is the area craig neighborhood flooding and even leading to some rescues. canceled flights due to the hurricane but that is not the only reason for our long delays. a hearing aid with the state capitol as lawmakers raise questions about data throttling, practice that injured some firefighters. ktvu fox2 news at noon starts right now. good afternoon. catastrophic flooding on hawaii's big island as hurricane lane drops 30 inches of rain in the past 48 hours. it's been downgraded to a category 2 but even as it slows, it brings major flooding to several main roadways and there are concerns of landslides and dangerous surf. >> for the latest on the hurricane, we go to meteorologist, steve paulson.
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it is weakening but a major rain producer. a lot of the deposits are on the kona side of the big island and the category 2 is moving north at at 2 miles per hour. 105 miles per hour and it will maintain a category 2 status, but moving at 2 miles per hour, the eye has collapsed and it almost looks like a category 1. without recon flying in, it's tough to tell. it's a category 2 and as it moves ever so slowly toward oahu, that could be a problem with rainfall and it is sweeping over the other islands on maui and molokai and now heading toward oahu and a little bit toward kauai, but not much. it is drifting and taking a tilt northwest, favoring the european forecast solution but there is a lot of rain and because it is so slow, the wind
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has not been a huge factor. some of the south facing beaches could be in there. you can watch with it moving, but, again, the main bands are far enough so that moving at 2 miles per hour, it might take a while. there is a hint to the north, northwest toward oahu and kauai and maui, that seems to be the projection and at should weaken in the next 12 hours to a category 1. will it stalls out? if it does, you could see oahu with concerns for it jogging west as a category 1. for the next 24-36 hours, oahu is in line for heavy duty rain. it's more of a rain producer than on the wind. the high winds being reported are blamed for fueling
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a brush for our >> umpire: brush fire on maui. take a look this video. the fire is burning and it's not clear how big it is. according to the twitter page, there is a major highway that is being shut down and officials were forced to evacuate a shelter that had been set up due to the hurricane and the county said some homes in the area of lahaina may have been destroyed but they didn't confirm it. one woman was burned and flown to the hospital in honolulu. live on the phone, we have a fire chief from the menlo park district. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. >> how many people are in hawaii and what are they doing? >> we have a total of 36 personnel on task force three. that is about 25 firefighters throughout the peninsula from not only our agency, but from san francisco in different
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agencies. we call them civilian professionals. there are doctors, structural engineers and equipment operators, dog team handlers -- these as converts -- these experts. >> are they embedded with local teams out there or kind of on their own? at this point, in your communication with the team, have they made any rescues? >> a great question. actually, they been working with the honolulu fire department since yesterday and they are operating out of their training center. that is where the equipment was delivered yesterday afternoon and in the evening they unloaded about 20,000 pounds of equipment. it's like inflatable boats for water rescues and smaller atvs and all kinds of technical equipment they brought with them to help them out. they've embedded with honolulu fire and they will work underneath them and with them,
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if there are significant events they are needed for. >> chief, people say they are relieved that what was a category 4 storm is now a category 2 storm. it sounds like the danger is far from over? >> that's right. as we saw the hurricanes through these years, even katrina, the initial blow wasn't so much the hurricane, as it was the flooding that came later. in the case of katrina, it was levy failures. in the hurricanes last years, they can be rainmakers if they slow down and so that is the big concern. we are there in case they need us to supplement the locals and work with them and help them out. it's always better if we get there before hand because obviously, after the fact, it may be too late. >> chief, do you know if they have been involved in rescues on any of the island so far?
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>> i haven't heard that. we've had teams on maui and kauai. on oahu, where we are, that hasn't happened yet and probably won't happen for another 12 hours, based upon how slow the storm is moving. we find it effective to work with the locals and have the game plan ready to go in case it happens. >> they have the best in the country and we are glad they are helping the locals. chief, always a pleasure. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. commissions in hawaii -- conditions in hawaii are causing cancellations. >> we have more about that story. >> reporter: yes, the hurricane is causing problems at all three major bay area airports including sfo, behind me. it has been mired in the fog and clouds all day and we are
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now seeing some clearing and that is good news. flights to and from hawaii and sfo have been canceled until further notice. this hawaiian airliner at sfo is likely going nowhere for a few days until hurricane lane passes through. to top it off, sfo has a ground delay program by the faa due to low clouds, fog and all the smoke around the bay area with 50% of all flights experiencing delays and up to 30-45 minutes or more. so, the airport is packed with people sacked out and waiting. for some, the weight could be much of the day. >> we were going to leave at noon and now, we are leaving at 8:00 at night. >> reporter: 8:00 at night? why? >> they said fog and smoke was canceling flights this morning. >> reporter: to complicate matters, the bay area has seen an influx of smoke from the
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fires from as far away as canada. according to bay area quality management, it might be a while before it all clears up. >> we are likely to see temporary relief this afternoon from the impact of the smoke but there is a likelihood that we will see impacts again tomorrow with light wind bringing smoke from the fires in mendocino into the north bay and we will also, likely, see the impact throughout the bay area as the smoke moves. >> reporter: good news. you can see it right there. we've spotted blue skies with a break in some of the cloudy and smoky weather and that is good news. the faa, by the way, has ground delays in place until midnight. some clearing could change that. that is the latest south of sfo. state assembly members are discussing why verizon reduced internet speed for firefighters battling the mendocino complex
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fire. the process is called data throttling and firefighters began to use more bandwidth and then, verizon suggested a more expensive plan. the crews ultimately switched to a different service provider and verizon issued a statement saying it should have lifted the speed restriction in this situation. and auditor has resigned. the resignation was announced yesterday in a mayor to the -- in a letter to the mayor and the city council. you wrote, the extraordinary attack on my office on my work are a distraction from the important goals of reform and expanded oversight of the police sought by the public and the community groups. the police union had been calling for his removal and last month the mayor questioned visser's impartiality and conduct. police found a man unresponsive at a station in san francisco just after 4:00 this
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morning at the drumm street entrance to the embarcadero station. medics were on scene when he was declared dead and authorities have not released any details and we have learned that bart police made an arrest in the stabbing of the warm station -- warm springs station. a transit was arrested, the man seen in this image of the station. officers saw him at the richmond station last night and took him into custody. is accused of stabbing a man sleeping at the station yesterday morning and he's now being held at the santa rita jail and the victim will survive. sad news from senator john mccain. what we are learning about his battle with brain cancer and the treatment decision. a home invasion hombre -- robbery in los altos hills leaves a couple injured. coming up, how safe are the neighbors? you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. a family of republican senator john mccain announced he has chosen to discontinue medical treatment for brain cancer. in a statement, mccain's family said he has surpassed expectations for his survival, and the progress of the disease and senator mccain's age were factors in his decision. the 81-year-old has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma. he is a vietnam veteran who spent six years in a prisoner
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of war camp, served in the senate since 1997 and has been away from the capital since december. his family is said to be gathered around him in arizona. a war of words continue as president donald trump takes to twitter to taunt his own attorney general, jeff sessions. >> the tweets followed days of verbal sparring between them including president donald trump accusing sessions of failing to take control of the justice department. >> reporter: president donald trump escalating the latest feud with his attorney general. in a series of tweets he urged jeff sessions to take control of the justice department, saying, come on, jeff, you can do it. the country is waiting. the hammering comes after president donald trump sat down with fox news for an exclusive interview in which he took aim at jeff sessions for recusing himself from the russia pro. >> he took the job and then he said, i'm going to recuse myself. i said, what kind of a man is this? >> reporter: in a statement, he said while i'm attorney general, the actions of the department of justice will not
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be influenced by political considerations. mixed signals were sent as to whether this senate -- weather to jeff sessions should be replaced. >> i don't blame jeff sessions. i think is highly ethical and very competent but this is not working. >> the idea that jeff sessions might be fired because he is not a political hack is a very bad idea. >> reporter: the president does have authority to fire jeff sessions, but doesn't have the legal authority to dismiss special counsel robert mueller. rod rosenstein is the one person who can fire mueller but has said he will not do so without cause. in washington, ktvu fox2 news. there is worried that president donald trump's longtime bookkeeper, alan russell burke has been granted immunity by federal prosecutors. it was called to testify before the federal grand jury investigating michael cohen and
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hush money paid to women who claim to have affairs with president donald trump before he took office. a former director for the cdc has been arrested in new york on a sex abuse charge. thomas frieden was arrested this morning accused of grabbing the back side a woman in his home in october. the woman is unidentified but he is charged with forcible touching, sex abuse and harassment. the obama administration picked him to leave the cdc in 2009 and he served until 2017. he made a statement saying the groping allegations do not reflect who he is. bay area weather is stuck in this cool pattern. that is true and it noon, it's warmer in san francisco than santa rosa. my goodness. you don't see that all the time. we have low clouds and inland, you are left with hazy and
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smoky skies. 60s, 70s and some soft 80s. we have low clouds with temperatures around the bay about 3-5 degrees below average and for this time of year, livermore should be about 87 and they were 77 yesterday. i don't think it will be warmer today with smoke from the mendocino complex going in a southwest direction and it's tough to bug that out of here. the air quality is awful. unhealthy and sensitive for some, typical. it was yesterday and today. there is a dip in the jet stream and things are ramping up with this fog bank. it's burning back pretty fast. at noon, there's still some clouds and it's on the cool side. santa rosa in the 60s and livermore, 67 and napa airport, 63. san jose is not even 70 and rio vista and tracy, upper 60s through the low 70s.
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1-3 degrees below where we were 24 hours ago. a delta breeze was screaming and howling overnight and it has since decreased. the clouds aren't going anywhere but to the coast. they will have a meeting and regroup into tomorrow and i don't see a change in this pattern. it's a cool pattern, haze and smoke and the air quality will improve each day. nothing is changing. if you are going to the valley, if you think it will warm up, i don't think so. 70s, 80s, a little bump up, but overall, 60s and 70s and that is about it with some low 80s and it could be warmer over the weekend but there are signs that it will clear back down all the way into september 1st. you remember last year? >> quite the opposite, thank you, steve. and investigation is under way for a police chase ending in a deadly crash when the car of the suspect slammed into the side of a big rig. >> it happened on san pablo
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road, closing in intersection for several hours this morning. ktvu has melissa harrington to report. >> reporter: a very busy intersection in richmond and we are along richmond parkway at san pablo avenue. it for more than eight hours it was completely closed to traffic because of a deadly collision. video was taken from early this morning and it shows a car pinned underneath a big rig. what we know, the vehicle was fleeing police in slammed into the big rig. deputies noticed that something went through the post office and it ended up being a gun and they tried to make a traffic stop. the driver took off until he made a high speed crash. the driver died in the passenger survive. traffic was diverted to one lane along richmond parkway and drivers could only turn right. a
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bit of a traffic night >> umpire: but everything was cleaned up just after 8:00. in richmond, ktvu fox2 news. on monday, the man charged with murdering hayward police officer is scheduled to be back in court and we are learning he could face the death penalty. sergeant scott longer was killed and yesterday, the attorney for the defendant was fired and then, this comes as alameda county district attorney, nancy o'malley, seeks the death penalty against estrada, a rare move marking only the second time she has sought the death penalty. it could start in late november. a couple recovers after a home invasion robbery that happened about 11:00 yesterday morning at a home near altamont and black mountain road. the couple is bruised and shaken and investigators have
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not said how the robbers got in the home. robberies are rare in this area. >> i'm always home alone. i like my windows and doors to be open in the summer. it's concerning. >> investigators said the community is not in danger in the suspect most likely left the area after the robbery. a san jose music teacher is arrested, accusing of exposing himself while giving music lessons to female students. you see the 41-year-old, william kolbert. investigators said the incident happened in the homes of the girls between august 2017 in this month. the girls were between eight and 10 and in addition to teaching private music lessons, colbert was employed as a music teacher at the school of music and art. if you have information, you
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are asked to call police. more store closures for sears and kmart. next, the fate of locations here in the bay area and when liquidations are set to begin.
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a liquidation sale will begin next week. 46 sears and kmart stores will close in november. the camera to an antenna, the series in santa cruz, as well. those closures are in addition to the several hundred closed in the the last few years and the company said that they are closing underperforming locations.
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there were 894 stores for sears as of may 5th. there will gradually be raising interest rates. the expansion remains strong and stocks have rallied. they are broadly higher and afternoon trading. tech companies have much of the climb. same story on the s&p and nasdaq, up close to 1%. the medical center in san francisco is just about ready to open. ribbon-cutting ceremony took place a few hours ago at the new cpm c mission campus at valencia and cesar chavez. state leaders were there. the $538million facility is meant to replace the adjacent sake lou -- st. luke's hospital. it has five orthopedic operating rooms and expanded wards with more beds. >> this hospital is here to stay for this community and i'm so happy about all of the
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benefits that it will continue to provide for generations to come. >> the hospital will be open starting tomorrow morning. a warning about a recall for 32 children's medicines due to microbial contamination. there manufactured by king bio and they said use of medicines could result in life- threatening infections. the 32 medicines were produced between august 2017 and april of this year. so far, no reports of illnesses. king is sending letters to distributors and customers to arrange for the return of the medicines. hundreds of disappointed students across oakland public schools. after the break, the recent announcement about the impact of budget cuts on sports programs. united airlines flight turns around and returns to sfo. the reason the passengers might not get on a flight for a couple of more days.
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>> hurricane lane move slowly in the pacific ocean off the hawaiian coast and is now a category 2 storm. is causing catastrophic flooding on the big island. more than 30 inches of rain has fallen with winds gusting up to 75 miles-an-hour and the surface 15-25 feet in some areas and the storm is slowing
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down and could stall. that may bring more heavy rain and flooding. here is the story from hawaii. >> reporter: hurricane lane may we can but will maintain hurricane strength as it approaches the islands. it's decreasing and strength, but not in danger. a huge threat to residents. torrential rain is falling on the big island, triggering massive flooding in many areas. the excessive rainfall combined with the slow-moving pace is posing big concerns. >> in some cases, there has been 2 feet of rain already. there is more to come. >> it sucks. have never seen anything like this and 43 years.
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we used to run around this park as little kids and now it is this. >> reporter: rain isn't the only problem. wind is over 100 miles per hour in some areas, whipping up dangerous surf. water levels could raise 5 feet above normal with storm surges. residents are advised to prepare two weeks of supplies. 100 fema personnel are already on the ground waiting to offer assistance. >> it will be a marathon based event. the bottom line is, torrential rains will occur for the next 48-72 hours and we hope that all the citizens are heeding the warnings that local and state officials are putting out. >> reporter: hurricane lane, the largest storm to come to hawaii since 1992 when hurricane iniki hit, causing damage were $3 billion, nothing like this has been felt since then. in mali, adam housley, fox news. san francisco international passengers were left frustrated after a flight to singapore turned around and now, it could be several days before there is another flight. they took off just after midnight on a united flight and returned after the plane hit several birds. the plane landed safely in passengers returned to the airport this morning for a flight. when they showed up, they were
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told there had been a mistake and there was no airplane available. united would not be able to get them on another flight to singapore until sunday. >> i'm pretty upset. >> reporter: and tired? >> i'm tired, yeah. it's been a long day and a long night. >> reporter: united airlines said the incident is under investigation after they are trying their best to get the passengers on other flights. good news for some people impacted by the two month closure of the twin peaks tunnel as part of a $40 million repair work project. >> service will resume tomorrow. we have more about the last minute work being done to prepare. >> reporter: at the west portal station, crews are testing trains. on 19th avenue, by san francisco state, workers are lining the new tracks and crews
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are making sure the electrical wiring is working properly. they describe it as trial and error. >> it's unusual when you put it together, that it would be right on the first try. you usually have to keep doing it and adjust it again. >> reporter: construction started on june 25th. work is being done 24/7 to replace tracks and a drainage system, along with site upgrades. the cost is $40 million and it will take two months to complete. >> we understand there is disruption, but it is a necessary investment and will make our city stronger and better, as a result. >> reporter: they have been problems. on august 10th, a construction worker, 51-year-old man from sacramento, was hit by a steel beam in the tunnel and died. it was revealed that the company he works for had previous safety violations. some passengers complained that the bridges that replace the
12:34 pm
train lengthened the commute. riders are anxious for normal service to resume. >> it takes me more than an hour to get to campus now that the bus line is in place. i'm excited that it will be coming back. >> reporter: one commuter gave muni high marks. >> the buses came frequently and i thought it went better than expected. >> reporter: at the bistro on west portal avenue, business is a swift. in june, we spoke with the owner, concerned that the construction would hurt business. >> it has helped us to get customers in. our regular customers made a point to come over and over again to make sure we are doing all right. >> reporter: they said passengers will notice a quicker and smoother ride. >> we wouldn't have been able to completely avoid any impact to the system. we did the best we could. >> reporter: the plan is to
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have the testing of all the tracks and equipment completed by friday with a goal of resuming service early on saturday morning. ktvu from san francisco. staffing and budget problems are leading the san francisco post office to cut office hours. it says all the offices will close at 2:00 p.m. every day beginning october 22nd. a notice from the court said the reduction in office hours is because of a reduced budget. staffing levels have dropped by 30% over the past 10 years. students in the oakwood -- in oakland unified have been informed have the sports programs of the district are being eliminated because of budget problems. tennis, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse and golf. about 500 students are affected on the district said the cuts will save about one half million dollars and athletes are disappointed and parents are furious because the district made the cuts and
12:36 pm
announced them too late for the parents to try to do fundraising. >> i feel slightly disrespected and kind of hurt. >> they are taking golf away. i can put this on my college application anymore. >> the cuts come after years of cuts we already implemented across the district, not to mention growth and pension liabilities and growth and transportation liabilities. >> the district said the decision was last minute and they hope that donations come in so sports won't have to be eliminated. they said there is no guarantee any will survive next year. san jose gets trees from orchard supply for christmas in the park and this year, administrators will have to look somewhere else. there will be a closing before the end of the year. the executive director tells
12:37 pm
mercury news he's confident another supplier will be found and he said he's more concerned about the financial fallout. the orchard is pulling out as a sponsor and christmas in the park lost longtime sponsors, bank of the west, earlier this year. on the peninsula, controversy for a coffee shop. a drive through cafi called pink panda's express so will open in north fair oaks. they feature women in bikinis serving coffee. the beverages will have racy names. many people living nearby are not hafey -- happy. they say it's inappropriate for children and degrading to women. >> just serve coffee. do i do need to be wearing bikinis, as women, and serving that? there is no correlation between them. >> they would have much success around her, it doesn't really bother me. >> officials say as long as the business abides by the
12:38 pm
regulations, there is no need to prevent it from opening. still ahead, we look back with a teenaged boy nearly crushed by a fallen chimney in the napa earthquake. >> i looked up moments before it fell on me. >> we look back at the earthquake, four years later and see how the community is recovering. weekend is knocking on the door. we look at san francisco bay with some pockets of sunshine elsewhere. we will check in with steve paulson one last time. you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less.
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at ross. yes for less. tonight, the oakland raiders host the green bay packers in week three of the preseason. we are looking for the coliseum with the gates opening in one hour. fans can expect the starters to be there for a good portion of the game. it starts at 7:30 in oakland. the regular season is a few weeks away but there is already controversy over officiating in the nfl. >> joe fonzi explains a new
12:42 pm
tackling rule designed to improve safety has sick up to schism and confusion. >> unnecessary roughness. >> reporter: expect to hear that penalty described with frequency in the coming nfl season. the league has an acted stricter rules this year with an obvious motive. >> we need to continue to make the game safer. we have too many injuries and there's too many guys out of the league now than our ailing. we are taking the head out of the game. >> reporter: exhibit a, the most publicized rules contain rules for helmets. players can be penalized or ejected for lowering the head. or, initiating contact with the helmet. it works on paper, but it's not so clear-cut on the field. the exhibition games have been confusing for players and coaches and even officials. no one is really sure exactly what constitutes a legal tackle.
12:43 pm
>> it's kind of weird. i've seen guys doing videos with showing shoulder pads and tackling since we've played the game. >> they don't want the runner lowering the helmet or the tackler lowering the helmet. that has been in football forever. >> i don't know players are confused, or officials. we understand safety, but there is a fine line we have to walk, i guess. >> reporter: finding that line has been the challenge. richard sherman is one of the most outspoken critics of the new rules. >> it's an idiotic rule. there is no need to go down that road. there is no way you can tackle like that and play football. i would tackle like that if i was standing still and got on my knees and nobody was moving and i was tackling bags or something. to do that at full speed, it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the brass recognizes the current state of
12:44 pm
confusion. the league is updating a tutorial video designed to demonstrate the new rules. officials will have the challenge of trying to see subtleties in real time. >> i know what i think is a legal tackle and then i know what the new rule articulates with the words and it makes it hard to figure out how much we are following that and how much we are not. >> reporter: one final point, like colleges have done, and he had worthy of ejection is subject to replay. not everybody thinks that is a great idea. >> i don't like it. if we do more replays, we will be out there all night, all day and all night. >> we will have a million flags this year. i don't know how you will split the difference. >> reporter: to recap, we don't want more replays. we want the game safer by eliminating head hits and we want officials to get it right, but we don't want to take the physical nature of the game away. expect a lot of monday morning conversations this fall.
12:45 pm
joe fonzi, ktvu fox2 news. let's hope everyone has a safe game at the coliseum. bring your jacket tonight? i would. a little chill, no doubt about it. hurricane lane, two miles-an- hour. it was 12 miles-an-hour a few days ago and now it is crawling. it's category 2, but it looks like it is falling apart. it's generating some cooler ocean temps and that, along with changing wind direction is taking the energy out. it is spreading and a lot of rain. gusting, 22-30 miles-an-hour. it has been mainly a rain event. certainly on the big island, though not for everybody. on the hilo side, 25-30 miles- an-hour. that plays a huge factor in that. you may get copious amounts of rain.
12:46 pm
getting hard hit, with most of us taking aim toward the wahoo. it's wobbling a little toward the northwest and kind of falling apart. the eye collapsed and its losing energy. it will be downgraded pretty fast, i think. for us, cool, mild and smoky with very bad air quality. the pressure systems are weakened and that is all it takes to keep us below average on the temps and the smoke from the mendocino complex and the south wind, the fog is banked up and it has been a tall order to burn it off around the bay. we are slow to warm up. 60s and 70s, that is it. usually you have 80s or 90s in august, but that's not the case. fog is burning back pretty quickly and it will be back. it looks warmer inland and temperatures won't go that far, average 86 or 87.
12:47 pm
probably far below that today and tomorrow, a bump up on the temps but overall, the pattern favors cool. again, it looks like all the way to september 1st or even labor day weekend this will be in place. today marks four years since a magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocked the napa area. >> it caused major damage to more than 2000 homes. it seriously injured 18 having a sleepover. here is the story of his napa recovery. >> reporter: it may not have been the big one. but, the house shaking, the car rocking magnitude 6.0 earthquake that jolted napa on august 24th, 2014, was big enough.
12:48 pm
nicholas dillon was 13 at the time and was having a sleepover in his living room when the earthquake caught the chimney and it crumbled and fell on him. >> i crawled to the door and it happened in a matter of seconds. before i knew it, it almost pinched me and i couldn't feel my legs anymore. >> reporter: his pelvis was broken and he spent months in the hospital and earned the nickname, chimney boy. >> i think it's funny. i think the name will stick around. >> reporter: that was then and this is known. fully recovered, he graduated high school in june and plans on attending uc riverside in the fall. >> i'm up and walking and moving forward in my life. >> reporter: his recovery mirrors napa's recovery from the quake that killed one person and damaged about 2000 buildings. >> he's a great example that something happens to you and you get on with your life and take the lessons learned and
12:49 pm
use them to make your life even better. that is a story about napa after the earthquake. >> reporter: napa is mostly recovered but some work remains. the quake struck 7 miles down on the west napa fault near where the old downtown post office was built in the 1930s. a developer bought the building and plans to convert it into a hotel. a few blocks away, renovations are complete on the goodman library. it has rave reviews and an award for historical preservation. >> there's not a lot of big projects left and we are excited about it. >> reporter: the quake didn't spare the most famous feature, the wineries. >> i remember standing near this beautiful building looking up and my heart ached. >> reporter: wineries took a big hit. some of them had tasting rooms that were leaning to one side. >> we call this a remembrance
12:50 pm
post. >> reporter: the winery was installed and refitted, but it there is a reminder of the quake. >> the building is stronger than ever. >> reporter: disasters can bring out the best in a community and that is the legacy of the quake of 2014. >> a big lesson learned is there is strength in numbers. weather family or complete strangers. >> reporter: there are no plans to commemorate the anniversary of the earthquake and the focus is squarely on the future. rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. still to come, a new thriller about the search for a missing teenage daughter. up next, the ties the film has to the bay area.
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12:52 pm
lawmakers in sacramento are talking about why verizon reduced internet speed for firefighters battling the
12:53 pm
mendocino fire. >> we will hear from the bay area assemblymen leading the charge for the investigation into internet fraud links and how the situation is in mendocino county and how it affected efforts in hawaii. details today. take a look at this. the federal reserve chairman said he will expect the fed to continue gradually raising interest rates. the u.s. economy will remain strong, he said. it's a positive day and the s&p is up 18. a new movie opens today. it has bay area ties. >> how are you, sweetheart? >> the movie is called searching. it's by a former resident, aneesh chaganty. it is and explained entirely on screen and described as a hitchcock thriller.
12:54 pm
it's about a desperate santa fe father and the search for his missing 16-year-old daughter. he hacks into her facebook and social media accounts to get clues. it opens tonight including in san jose. this event is anticipated every year, the start of the 30- second annual nationals honor show. a three-day event featuring all sorts of cars from hot rods to muscle cars, classic convertibles and it is at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. admission is $20 with live entertainment. if you have holes to fill in your weekend plans, there is a lot to choose from. >> celebrations of culture and  diversity, a reptile show. a chocolate festival. rosemary has the details in this edition of the weekend watch. >> reporter: happy and of the weekend. in the south bay, authentic italian food, arts and crafts, a wine garden and other family fun at the 30th annual italian family fast -- italian family
12:55 pm
fest. there will be a festival at the plan is cesar chavez park, as well. reptiles will be on sale and on display saturday in the east bay, the 2018 chocolate and chocolate festival on saturday. artists will fill the sidewalks along shattuck avenue and in the gourmet ghetto. in oakland, the 31st annual chinatown street fest spans eight blocks of chinatown with booths of food and products, arts and crafts, live music and other attractions. invitees at -- and martinez, the polish street festival is saturday featuring cuisine, beer, performances and booths for shopping. in the north bay, activists
12:56 pm
join forces to help fight for social change at the annual progressive festival in petaluma on sunday. expect a variety of social issues. live music, information on the booths will be available. in san francisco, eat and drink. there will be food, wine and ferrets -- spirits saturday and sunday at fort mason. last stop, the peninsula. the palo alto festival for the arts. you can enjoy street painting, live entertainment, wines and microbrews and gourmet food. in sports, they raise and the niners are on the road. the giants are back home after a road trip with nine games out. there is a long shot. the niners are on the road in indianapolis.
12:57 pm
>> the silver and black about to make a showing in oakland. the game is at 7:30. excitement is brewing. have a great friday and we will see you back here at 4:00. at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art?
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that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. dr. oz: is it ok to eat red meat again? >> somebody told me it rots in your stomach. >> we may have got continue all wrong. dr. oz: the case for eating red meat again. plus -- conned by a fake psychic. >> a $10 sign in the window end up costing me $100 as soon as i walked in. dr. oz: milking victims for hundreds of thousands of dollars. psychic or scammer? >> this is the oldest trick in the book. r. oz: coming up next. are you ready to save some lives today? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [cheers and applause]


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