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speak good morning and thank you for joining us. monday, first day of the week, august 27. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. i can't believe we are almost ending august. how does september look? the whole month? >> well, if the pattern holds looks like a continuation of what we are seeing. september usually throws in some surprises. air quality has improved in the moderate category. not good, but not the unhealthy levels we saw last week from all the smoke. there's a big fog bank. another cool forecast for some mild for others. i don't see much change. in that it temperatures running cooler than average. a deep system. maybe we can usher in our first rain or snow of the season. there are hints around september 5. we do have a
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pretty good fog bank with temperatures in the 50s. the city is at 57. 55 tiburon. 58 berkeley. water temperature is 57 in san francisco bay. 50s for almost everybody. a couple of outliers, but west southwest gusts to 32 at travis. low clouds slow to retreat. as they do there's really no change. even tomorrow looking for much of the same. 60s and 70s. if you like this pattern you will probably like most of the week. we're looking at where? which commute? the solano county commute is still looking at a that has a crash on 80 westbound coming out towards the truck scales. it did not involve injuries. however, you will see some slow traffic approaching it but once you get to vallejo it looks pretty good. let me not get to the vallejo area so quick.
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that crash wcting and getting towards the scales. if you're driving across the carquinez bridge pretty good with no major issues driving down through the area for it continues to look good into richmond. we are also looking at the drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze of 17 minutes and at the bay bridge toll plaza is light delay in some of the outside lanes. let's go back to the desk. police in florida are looking for the motive in the deadly shooting that happened at an he sports tournament in jacksonville. alyssa harrington joins us now live in from our newsroom with what other gamers are saying may have prompted the government to start shooting. other gamers say the suspect was upset because he just lost.
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the gun man killed two people and that himself. the gunfire and victim cries were caught on a live stream. this tournament was taking place at the jacksonville landing complex including several restaurants and shops. the game was being streamed live. the 24-year-old suspect, david katz, began firing a handgun he brought with him. he killed two people, 11 others were hurt. >> i don't know if i'm uneasy about it. i'm way more upset that someone got this upset over a game that anything. it is just a simple game. nothing crazy. >> tournaments have grown in popularity in recent years with gamers competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. the madden nfl 19 championship series is sponsored by a very area company, electronic arts inc. , located in redwood city. live in the newsroom with ktvu fox 2 news. the shooting also raises
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new questions about how first responders prepare for this kind of emergency performer fremont fire battalion chief mark debose says the first few minutes after receiving the call are crucial. struck both police, fire, and the medics that are responding, this is following the most challenging incident they will ever face. we know from the share -- sheriff it took two minutes from the time of the call to the arrival of the first officer. >> first responders only have a few seconds to figure out if there are multiple shooters, secondary devices, and if the suspect or suspects are trying to lead -- leave the scene by mixing in with innocent bystanders. he says they have to act quickly, but carefully come so that they don't disturb the evidence at the crime scene. [ crowd chanting ] >> hundreds of people rallied
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in san francisco hoping to block the confirmation of us supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh. it was part of the national day of action. similar protests were held around the country. protesters a president trump supreme court nominee poses a direct threat to women's rights , reproductive rights, lgbtq rights and other freedoms. many public officials were at the event including san francisco mayor london breeze. >> it is one thing to have a president that continues to lie to the american people. it is another have someone who can use the legal system to roll back the clock. >> senate democrats want cavanaugh's official hearings to be postponed. they are scheduled to begin next month. vice president mike pence spoke out against democrats opposing brett cavanaugh. he said if we lived in a, quote, more respectful time judge cavanaugh would be overwhelmingly confirmed. tributes are still pouring in on the life of arizona
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senator john mccain who died over the weekend. doug luzader is joining us live from washington. they are getting ready to remember senator mccain through this coming week. morning. >> reporter: senator mccain was one of those rare political figures that has friends on both sides of the aisle. that will be a on full display this week. a procession down a dusty arizona road carries john mccain on what will be a final journey outside his office in phoenix a memorial has taken place as constituents remember a tenacious leader. >> there's a sign on some of the flowers that remarks that i didn't always agree with you, but i always respected you. i think that really captures how many people felt about john mccain pursuant john mccain carried many titles. naval aviator, prisoner of war, presidential candidates. he l to rename the capitol hill building that housed mccain
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office spearheaded by chuck schumer. >> nothing will replace his memory. i will be introducing a resolution into the senate to rename the russell building after john mccain. >> reporter: later in the week his body will arrive in washington to lie in state at the u.s. capital. a rare honor. friends and colleagues over the weekend remembered mccain. >> i don't know that we will ever see anybody like john mccain. i think he is one of a kind. i think we can try to follow his example and see the good and their opponents and recognize that people maybe on the other side of the aisle or have a different philosophy, but they are friends and fellow americans. i think that would go a long way if we would follow that example from john. >> reporter: mccain's memorial service will be held saturday at the national cathedral in washington. on sunday he will be laid to rest at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. there are a
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number of reports that mccain specifically requested to have former presidents barack obama and george w. bush speak at his funeral. president trump is not expected to attend. in washington, ktvu fox2 news megan mccain shared a heartfelt statement remembering her father. she wrote in parts, he loved me and i loved him. he taught me how to live. his love and his care ever present. always unfailing. took me from a girl to a woman and showed me what it is to be a man at all that i am is things to him. she ended her statement with this quote the dream has ended, this is the morning. politicians on both sides of the aisle reacted to the news of john mccain's deathcain our are with you. former president obama posted a statement reading in parts, few
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of us have been tested the way john was are required to show the kind of courage that he did . all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own. at john's best he showed us what that means and for that we are all in his debt. our coverage on the passing of senator john mccain continues online on our website, friends and family gathered to pay their final respects to iowa college student molly tibbetts. more than 1000 people filled the gym of her high school in brooklyn iowa for her funeral yesterday. the oakland native body was found last week after she disappeared more than a month ago while jogging. tibbetts was born in oakland and attended corpus christi school in piedmont from kindergarten through third grade . medical examiners confirmed that she died from being stabbed several times. 24-year-old christian rivera is in jail facing first-degree murder charges for her death.
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ce is asking the public for help to find a missing six-year-old -- 16-year- old girl. she is with 25-year-old high school wrestling coach philip maguire who she is romantically involved with. the stockton unified school district says he is a volunteer coach african high school. he passed a background check before being allowed to work with the team. the student is not being identified. officials say they are not sure how she met the man but they are concerned about her safety. >> we take our students safety very seriously. we will be working as hard as we can to help the sheriffs department find the student. >> the sheriffs office says the two are traveling in a 1994 green toyota xtra cab truck with a california license plate
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8g9 1493. if you see mcguire or that truck call the san joaquin county sheriff's office. elon muunder fire. the ceo's decision to abandon his plans to take tesla private and the sec investigation. coming up. new reports about more friendly relations between mexico and the united states. coming up we will let you know about the trade a deal the u.s. negotiators are closing in on. good morning. we can see that traffic is off to a decent start driving on highway four. a nice looking drive coming up to the willow pass bridge. temperatures bumped up a little bit yesterday. still below average. we will show you how much and what is in store for another cooler monday.
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welcome back. talks are expected to resume between the united states and mexico on the north american free trade agreement. negotiators reportedly are closing in on a deal. there are reports significant breakthroughs came during the past several days on the hot issues about automobiles and energy for canada for the most part has been sitting out the talks, covering $1.2 trillion in annual trade. however, an agreement between united states and mexico is expected to create an opening for canada to rejoin the talks. this week a bill heads to the assembly floor that would make sure there are women on
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the board of directors of public companies. supporters say having more women on the boards will assure greater protections in the workplace against things like sexual harassment. however, the bill is opposed by many business groups. it is already past the speed -- the state senate and will need to return for final approval if it gets through the assembly which has added some amendments. things are heating up between starbucks and dunkin' donuts in the war over fall flavors. dunkin' donuts is rolling out there fall menu which is full of pumpkin flavors today. me time, at starbucks it is pumpkin spice latte that will officially debut tomorrow. that has led to the complaints on social media by people saying fall is the new christmas. companies are rushing the arrival of fall. . the azor in houston today for a big series against the astros. they were in minnesota over the weekend to take on the twins.
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matt chapman said to team up with a solo home run in the fifth. jed lowrie brought in two runs on a hit. he tried to leg it up to a triple what was out at third. base hit four homeruns on the afternoon cruising to a 6 - 2 when. they now have a five- game lead for the final wild- card spot. the giants host the arizona diamondbacks tonight after taking that we can series from the texas rangers. brandon crawford is a bad boy. another great defensive play ending that ending. steve dugger rips this one to the gap . knocking in two runs. the giants went on to win 3 - 1. buster posey is having season
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ending hip surgery today. his hip problem has been bothering him all season. with a trip to the playoffs looking like a long shot the giants front office said buster should have that surgery. the recovery time could take up to eight months, meaning buster could possibly miss spring training next year. however, the giants are optimistic that buster will be ready for the 2019 season. i want to check back in with self for a look at the traffic. >> so far not bad. i see traffic is doing all right. let's start off and take a look at some of these commutes. you can see that traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look too bad as you are driving. there is a little bit of slow traffic as you drive through. traffic will be all right. as you get up to the main part of the bridge. there have been no major issues driving on the
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eastshore freeway toward the macarthur maze getting out to the mayor's. as you're driving out to the tracy super you will see the traffic is slow coming it on the 205 and 580. this is exactly what we expect at this time. there was some roadwork. it is a lot of crowded conditions. if you're driving to dublin it looks pretty good. no major problems getting over to interstate 880. let's bring steve in with today's weather. a little warmer sunday. it was still a little below average. if you 80s in there. napa a beautiful 75 degrees. these are 3 - 64 almost most, three, 3 - 6 degrees below average. temperatures continue to rumble average. today will be another day of that. san jose 76 for the high today, which would be 6 degrees below
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the way of low clouds. series of systems getting closer . some snow advisories for the northern rockies into parts of idaho and montana and wyoming. the first of the season. will anything make it down here? not yet. the southern end of that system has enhanced our fog bank. it is on the water temperatures as well. san francisco boy 57. san francisco's temperature 57. 53 in lake port. cooler there. 58 in tracy. raos it -- rio vista 57 hayward and union city and fremont 59. half moon bay running warmer at 58. everyone is really close. 35 and gusts -- and gusts to 40 at travis. with that in place west southwest the onshore breeze and low clouds will give
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us a another cool day with 60s and 70s. tomorrow? i don't see much change. maybe at the end of the week we might get a bump up on the temperatures but temperatures are not going above anytime soon. staying below average. 60s and 70s. a soft 80 for some . temperatures really quite comfortable. if you like it you will like this weather. i don't see much change. looks quiet going into september. this is a steve paulson car. a rear car. sold at a record price. look at that. how much that ferrari sold for over the weekend in monterey. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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welcome back. thousands of people turned out for the silicon valley pride parade and festival in san jose. it started yesterday morning at julian and market streets. there were more than a dozen floats with about 2000 people marching in the parade it into that cesar chavez a plaza in downtown san jose where the festivities continued with food and music performances. >> the pride parades are always about love and togetherness and it is really, i mean, there is always a certain amount of politics but it's really about getting together and having a great time and celebrating diversity that's really
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important. >> this is the 43rd year silicon valley has celebrated its lgbtq community with a pride festival. the oakland a's are teaming up with the blood centers of the pacific to help save lives. everyone who came to alameda yesterday and took part in the mobile blood donation received a pair of tickets to an oakland a's game at a free oakland a's t-shirt. let centers of the pacific supports 50 hospitals in northern california. they rely on 100% of the volunteer donations. >> they -- it takes the entire community to support to make sure every patient has blood when they need blood. >> each donation potentially could save three lives. in honor of women's equality day weoung girls and a baby send, wrote a moving letter about how women's equality has become an issue very close to his heart.
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the letter starts with a recent sun riley wants to be like bo h like mom. steph curry's letter turns serious with the hope that both of his daugeated and paid equal go, i want our girls to grow up knowing there are no boundaries that can be placed on their futures. this week thousands of free backs packs will be distributed to low-income students in berkeley public schools . the more than 250 volunteers loaded the backpacks yesterday with everything students need to have a successful school year. one of them told us giving back to the community makes him feel good. >> very rewarding. otherwise, i would just get on the couch and watch netflix with my dog. i feel lik worth of
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supplies were packed up and loaded into more than 3000 backpacks. this is the eighth year that supply has hosted this school supply giveaway event. a very rare 1962 rory 250 gto became the most expensive car ever sold at an auction. it sold for more than $48 million. it went to an anonymous bidder saturday in monterey. take a look. this red coop is one of just three dozen that were made each were slightly unique. during its competitive career in the 1960s the car won a national championship and several other major races in its class. unlike most race cars, number 23 has never been wracked in a race . the $48.4 million auction price broke the $38 million auction record set by a similar car in 2014. still ahead, several
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sports programs cut from the oakland unified school district. we will tell you why school officials are now having second thoughts about doing that. and arrested made after eight tesla crashed into a fire truck. new details .2 autopilot possibly being a factor in the crash. the details coming up. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along okay on most of these commutes. if you're driving at the macarthur maze this is pretty good coming around the corner to the bay bridge. are weather pattern is on hold. august turning out to be a little like it has been the last 10 days, that's a little on the cool side.
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good morning. across the country many are mourning the death of senator john mccain what the senators family, friends, and colleagues are saying. we have details about his memorial service. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i'm pam cook. >> are you ready for a new week? >> i guess so. >> good morning. i'm dave clark.
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>> low clouds have already made it out to travis and fairfield. another cool day for those inland. we had a bump up yesterday, but monday does the mostly 60s and 70s on the temperatures. we get the southern edge of this . that has enhanced the fog bank. low clouds and plenty to go around. a little bit of drizzle as well. no rain for us, but maybe something in about 10 days or so. we will keep an eye on that. the low cloud deck will be slow to bring back. 54 - 57. a lot of a 50s. lakeport 53. mid-50s gilroy at 53. santa cruz 57. mid-50s santa cruz mountains. 50s around santa clara, cupertino. cool at 54 w. southwest at 35 at travis. the delta breeze is up early. temperatures today in the 60s and 70s. tomorrow about the same. very few 80s.


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