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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 28, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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people have a right to their privacy so we don't break doors down to look for individuals. >> reporter: neighbors had their suspicions for weeks, calling 911 when someone repainted the door, cleaned the front of the house with bleach, and called a crime scene cleanup company before the police even had the chance to investigate. >> whoever was inside was frantically cleaning things up and we could see all of the soapy water coming and pouring out of the front door. he was sweeping up. he was obviously trying to hide evidence. >> reporter: police returned to the home with cadaver dogs. that's when they found human remains inside. >> the search of the residence took place over a four day period. and during the early hours of august 17th, a human torso was located in a large fish tank in a concealed area of the residence. >> reporter: police say they initially arrested two men. 52-year-old robert mccaffrey and 39-year-old lance silva on suspicion of homicide, identity theft, and financial crimes. ultimately, there was not enough evidence to proceed. mccaffrey has been released, silva is still in custody on unrelated charges. longtime neighbors say that egg
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was known to associate with transients. >> he would go to saint anthony's for free meals and stuff. and there he would meet people, and then he would bring people back and let them sleep in the garden. >> reporter: police and neighbors tell me that egg's sister and brother both contacted authorities with concerns about his disappearance. meanwhile, we are still waiting for that autopsy report, trying to reveal the identity of the torso found in the fish tank of that home. also trying to determine when a person died and how. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. after almost a decade on the run, a fugitive in a deadly hit and run on the peninsula is under arrest. authorities tell us shannon steven fox was arrested in guatemala. he was wanted in connection with the death of a 6-year-old girl in menlo park in 2009.
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fox was allegedly street racing near the area of bayfront and willow road and crashed into a car carrying 6-year-old lisa xavier and her mother. lisa died the next day. the mother was injured. police say fox likely left the country shortly after the crash and has been a fugitive for the past 8 years. authorities tell ktvu that he is being brought back from guatemala today and will be booked into the san mateo county jail. we may learn more about this information, or about this arrest, in a news conference expected tomorrow. in arizona, people are paying their respects to the late senator john mccain, leaving flowers at a phoenix mortuary. mccain died saturday of cancer. he will lie in state at the arizona state capitol in phoenix tomorrow, on what would have been his 82nd birthday. a memorial service is scheduled for thursday at the north phoenix baptist church. mccain's body will then be flown to washington, where he will lie in state at the u.s. capitol rotunda on friday. a service will be held at the national cathedral in washington on saturday. mccain will then be buried,
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laid to rest on sunday at the u.s. naval academy cemetery in annapolis, maryland. there is a primary being held in arizona today, in the race for the state's other senate seat. and the polls close in less than an hour. >> fox news reporter peter doocy explains why republican candidates had already been keeping their distance from senator mccain. >> reporter: as arizonans mourn the loss of senator john mccain, voters there head to the polls to choose their next gop sanity. hotly contested race to build jeff flake's seat overshadowed by the -- death of the six term senator. but, some candidates urge voters to keep their eye on the issues that matter most. >> don't get distracted. you know, keep the mccain family in your thoughts and prayers, but keep your eye on what is important in this election. and, that is putting forward an america first champion. >> reporter: congresswoman martha mcsally, former state senator kelly ward and former sheriff joe arpaio are facing off today.
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as of last week, mcsally, a gop establishment favorite, was leading the race with 48% of the vote. all three candidates heavily aligning themselves with president trump, while distancing themselves over the last few months from senator mccain, who frequently feuded with trump. president, staying out of this primary, not offering any endorsements. >> i don't ask for endorsements. my endorsement comes from the people. i served the people in every race i did. i always go to the people. they decide who should win the race. >> reporter: the results of this race could prove to be critical for the november midterm elections, but the arizona senate seat, considered to be a top takeover target for democrats. today's primary coming as arizona's governor doug ducey faces a major decision of who to appoint to senator john mccain's now vacant senate seat for the next 2 years. in mesa, arizona, peter doocy, ktvu fox 2 news. california is now the first
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state to eliminate bill for suspects awaiting trial. under a bill signed by the governor. fail will be replaced with a risk assessment system, although it's still unclear exactly what that system will do or how it will work. it's expected to go into effect in october of next year. brown signature gives the state's judicial council with the authority to reshape pretrial detention policies. each county will use the councils framework as a basis to set its own procedures for deciding whom to release before trial. >> we have replaced this system with a money system, with a detention system, where a judge looks at you and if they think they can let you out with an ankle monitor, it happens. we know it works. >> that senator claims this will help alleviate overcrowded jails as well as replace a system he says unfairly hurts the poor and minority communities. but, craig padilla, founder of padilla bail bonds says without fines, the majority of people who get out of jail won't be
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going back to court on their own. new at 6:00 tonight, allegations of racism against a teacher at a bay area middle school. tonight, an investigation is underway after reports she made racially charged comments about two students. >> if that was me, i would feel really disrespected. no student should feel that way. our teachers should not say that at all. >> officials at the el cerrito school say the teacher is on administered of leave tonight. >> the teacher who is white is accused of calling a black student the n-word and making other comments about a latina student. ktvu's cristina rendon is in our newsroom where students staged a sit in today. >> reporter: they did. even though the teacher has been placed on leave, students and parents say she was initially allowed to return to work without any apparent discipline. that's what prompted the protest today. these students, leaving class
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to stage a sit in outside of the high school and middle school campuses. where an eighth grade science teacher allegedly called a black student the n-word in class last week. >> if that was me, i would feel really disrespected. no student should feel that way. and, our teachers should not say that at all. they should keep it professional. it's their job. >> there have been other students who have said it and not face any consequences. i brought that to the administration's attention. they are like, warning one, warning two. but this is something that needs to have serious consequences. >> reporter: student body president calvin andrew says the same teacher is also accused of talking negatively about a latino student. she has been placed on leave while school officials investigate. >> arrival organized a sit in, so that the students can be a community, and show them that we are not going anywhere until she does. >> parents are also speaking out. >> i was furious. i expected the teacher to be removed. and for them again to contact us parents. >> reporter: some teachers are
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standing with students. one of them tells me hate speech is not taken seriously, but a spokeswoman for the school says k2 has a zero- tolerance policy on inappropriate sensitive or hateful language. part of a statement reads, we will not stand for disrespect in any form or of any kind. we are committed to encouraging dialogue among our students, and making this a moment that we can all learn and grow from. >> i think it's important for our children to cs, you know, stand behind them. they are good kids. they just want to make a difference. they want to be heard. >> reporter: student leader andrews is frustrated with the administration for not immediately firing the teacher but ultimately wants her to think about her mistake. >> i want her to really take this and learn from it. >> reporter: summit k2 says it understands students need to feel safe in order to thrive. or now, the teacher will remain
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on leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. julie? >> do we know much about the teacher? has she or he been at the school for quite some time? >> this is the teachers first year at the school, though not her first year as a teacher. it's unclear where she taught in the past. as we understand, this is her first year at summit k2 in el cerrito. right now, a football team in fairfield is playing a rematch game, following friday's deadly shooting near campus. school officials say extra officers and campus staff were on site but there are no metal detector wands or bags been checked. the friday shooting happened a block away from the high school, just as the jv football game was starting. police funneled the crowd into the gym and put them on lockdown. a 16-year-old was killed and another teen critically injured. one of the suspects was arrested in the gym after trying to blend in with the crowd. >> we are not surprised that some of our students and maybe even parents were a little bit nervous. but, there has been a lot of expression today, as well as, let's go and go to the game and
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show everybody that we are not going to let something like that change our community. >> and marie ojai is playing bethel vallejo. the jv game started at 5:00 with diversity expected to start at 7:00. coming up, president trump going after google. at x: 30, why he says the search engine is rigged against him, and what google is saying about the claim. up first, new details about an oakland police officer critically injured on the job two weeks ago. what we are learning tonight about his condition. >> there are going to be things that are needed to assist him in getting back on his feet and establishing a normal way of life again. taking a live look right now, the tuesday evening commute. this is the macarthur may. as you can see on the left, heading toward el cerrito and richmond, very slow going. the other direction heading toward the bay bridge, not
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getting too bad. >> and, looking like a smooth ride in both directions. at this point, no trouble to report.
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new at 6:00 tonight,are learning more about an oakland critically injured in a crash while on the job two weeks ago. tonight, officer jordan wingate remains in intensive care. >> now his father is praying for a miracle. here's more on his condition and the efforts to help his family.
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>> reporter: good evening, julie and andre. officer wingate is so critical but officers -- doctors are hopeful along with family and friends remain optimistic, but we are learning it will be a very long road to recovery. >> reporter: from a boy in diaper, to a man in uniform, officers at the oakland police department share fond memories of watching jordan wingate grow up to become a brother in blue. >> officer jordan wingate has actually been a member of the family his entire life. >> reporter: this captain has worked with his father randy wingate for years. he says he is a well respected military veteran, and skilled officer assigned to opd's cease- fire team. >> his dad has been one heck of a cop at opd. a great family man. always brought his kids around. so, i remember seeing jordan grow up as a young man, being at opd functions and barbecues.
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>> reporter: big shoes to fill, but jordan, eager to follow in his footsteps, he became a cadet in 2013 then graduated at the top of his class in 2017 to become a sworn officer. >> i always knew he was going to be a police officer. to see his dream come true has been awesome. since he's been here, he has been an extraordinary cop. doing the right things at the community. >> reporter: on august 13th just after 2:30 a.m., officer wingate was reporting to a call about a suspicious person when he collided with another vehicle, sending his police suv into a parked bay bridge. he became trapped inside, had to be extricated, and transported to highland hospital where he remains in a medically induced coma. captain joyner says he has undergone multiple surgeries and is in critical condition. >> there will be things that are needed to assist him to getting back on his feet and establishing a normal way of life again. >> reporter: to help pay for the costs, jordan's father has launched a gofundme account with a goal of $50,000.
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more than $15,000 has already been donated. opd says the community has been so supportive. between fire department cooking and serving meals to the department as well. many people have sent prayers and well wishes and for the family, that means the most during this difficult time. to support their gofundme page, head over to our website at >> alyana gomez, thank you. a stockton motorcycle officer was seriously injured today while working on distracted driving enforcement. stockton police say the veteran officer collided with a honda suv at 10:30 this morning. tonight, the officer is in the hospital in serious condition. investigators are now trying to figure out what happened. they say the driver involved in the crash stayed at the scene and is cooperating. >> we go now to antioch where police and firefighters are searching for an arsonist who may have said two early-morning fires.
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fires involved cars and started blocks apart, within 20 minutes of each other this morning. investigators say the first fire was reported around 3:30 a.m. when a car caught fire and spread to an apartment building at g and 17th streets. firefighters say a young girl and her grandmother were asleep in the unit upstairs when they awoke to the smell of smoke. >> the fire had already begun to spread to the upper floor and was actually blocking the front door of one of the apartments at the other building and in essence, was on the verge of trapping a grandmother and her young grandchild inside the apartment. >> firefighters that rushed to the scene of the second car fire nearby on d street near a middle school. no injuries were reported in the two fires. arson investigators say both were intentionally set and are related. people in one richmond neighborhood say they are fed up with sideshow drivers, racing and spinning donuts near where their kids play. ktvu's rob roth spoke with residents, who say the complaints to the city have gone nowhere. >> reporter: lawyers road, those who live hearsay, mostly it's a quiet, friendly neighborhood, but with
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permanent scars. these. they are tire tracks from joyriding drivers, spinning donuts and staging sideshows. >> it's outrageous. >> reporter: parents such as this mom say it happens so often, they worry about their kids being in the front yard. >> i don't let her go outside. we watch her, to just not walk outside. >> reporter: neighbors say it's like a plague that comes on suddenly, several times a week. sometimes a few cars, sometimes more, often in the evening. >> one time i was pregnant. they came in front of my car. i was behind a stop sign. they were just doing it. i was stopping and praying that they don't lose control. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of a sideshow last january near marina parkway. a richmond police officer was injured, trying to break it up. those who live on moyers say they've complained to the city and to police. >> they don't see it as an issue. that it was harming. you know, they see it as more
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or less like the dukes of hazard or something like that. just racing and that was that. >> reporter: the city put in a speedbump a few years ago but neighbors say it hasn't really helped. what they say would help would be a traffic island. the richmond mayor told us by phone many neighborhoods one traffic islands like this one and that the city would study moyers but that it quote, would not happen overnight. in all, these neighbors here are wondering what more they can do. one man reached out to ktvu and sent pictures. >> they are hitting telephone poles, and they are hitting fire hydrants, and tires are flying off in the middle of that kind of stuff. it's getting dangerous. >> reporter: police did not return our messages but patrol officers told us a lot of the sideshows are over so fast, the cars are gone before they can get there and that they do take it seriously. in richmond, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. there it is. that was last night. we had some sprinkles around here, drizzle. basically drizzle.
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when it adds up to 0.04, it is the grounds that are wet. you might have noticed that along the coast in pacifica, san francisco, daly city, drizzle in berkeley. that is a lot when you measure -- most people get drizzle and it does not even register. these actually register.hundred in san francisco. concord has been on the cool side which is representative of our inland valley >> the reason i point that out is because we are dealing with a much less and fire danger because of this. temperatures will warm up as we head toward this weekend but overall, these temperatures have been well below the average. temperatures as we head toward the weekend, especially saturday, will get close to the average. fire danger will come up a little bit but, nothing, nothing, nothing extreme. we've had a really good run. this past week has been what we've needed. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow will be about the same, maybe warmer in some
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places. maybe a little more sunshine because it was slow to burn off today. a nice-looking day but cool and mild. that continues through thursday, and then things start to change around a little bit. it starts to warm back up into the upper 80s. we'll see you back here with the forecast. puerto rico's government raised its official death toll from hurricane maria to 2975. it had been 64. an independent investigation by george washington university shows the majority of the deaths happened within six months after the storm hit last fall. the report found the initial low death count was partially because physicians lacked training on how to certify deaths after a disaster. the report was critical of the puerto rican government, and said there was inadequate preparedness and personnel training for crisis and emergency risk communication. governor ricardo slo said he's forming a commission to study the response to the storm. four killings within 48 hours in oakland.up next tonigh
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investigators now underway as opd works to stop the spike in violence. the 49ers add to their defense, signing a running back out of humboldt state to a three-year deal. jason will tell us about that later in sports. and, later, caught in the act. the search for four robbers caught in a brazen bay area theft at an apple store. woman: hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2008.
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he's quite the pug about town. he gets invited to a lot of parties. he knows he's a pretty big deal. how could you not love him?
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walnut creek police release four suspects photos wanted for
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a brazen theft at an apple store. it happened around 5:30 saturday afternoon at the broadway plaza store on south main and olympic boulevard. police say they grabbed an estimated $30,000 worth of iphones, computers, and other items. the suspects sped away in a mercedes suv with a california license plate number of 5xrs825. the thieves were not carrying any weapons and no customers or staff will hurt. the number of homicides has spiked in recent days and is running head in the past 2 years. as ktvu's paul chambers reports, opd is hoping a show of force will help calm things down after four killings on sunday and monday. >> reporter: memorials sit across the street from one another, both in memory of two
6:26 pm
homicide victims killed on oakland streets in less than 24 hours. >> this level of violence it is unacceptable. >> reporter: the most recent homicide happened after 4:00 monday afternoon at this area near the intersection of 72nd and international avenues. family members say 36-year-old mario thomas was sitting in this chair when he was fatally shot. >> a pretty nice young man that got caught up in the streets a little bit but he would never hurt anyone. >> reporter: across the street near the intersection where thomas was killed, police say a man and woman were shot around 7:00 sunday night. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the female victim was transported to an area hospital and is expected to survive. at this time, police say the homicides may be related and drugs possibly played a factor. >> i want people to know that this is not going unnoticed. we are responding. i'm here personally as a part of that response. >> reporter: members of oakland police command staff walked along the area where the city's two most recent homicide that occurred. talking to storeowners and victims' family members who want answers. >> i want to know, who did it?
6:27 pm
i want justice. >> reporter: oakland police report they will be changing officers about the hours to have a higher police presence. they will have the command staff vehicle here for the next three days. all the while, high ranking officials will be out here walking the streets, talking to residents. >> we will have officers in command coming through, spending time in the area. >> reporter: two other people were killed sunday. a 21-year-old from oakland and a 31-year-old of union city were shot and killed within an hour and a half of each other. police say these crimes are not related. these recent homicides bring the total number of people killed 246 for the year in oakland. that's more than the same time in 2017 and 2016. still, family members of thomas say all the killings need to stop, because this is not the first time they've lost a brother. >> i lost three brothers from the streets. and so, i'm just fed up. >> reporter: as of now, police do not believe these crimes are gang-related. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30
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starts with president trump going after google. >> google is really taking advantage of a lot of people. >> up next, what he says the search engine is rigged against him, and what google is saying about the claim. also, new development in the controversy over 3-d printed guns. the loophole allowing one company to sell its blueprints, despite a court order to stop. and, a lesson policing for students at one bay area high school. stay with us, ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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now to our top stories. an autopsy will determine if a headless torso found in san francisco in a home there is that of a missing man. police say they first began receiving calls about brian egg in late july. neighbors called 911 earlier this month when they saw a crime scene cleanup crew at the home. police returned with dogs and discovered the remains inside a fish tank. police say they initially arrested two men on suspicion of homicide, but there was not
6:32 pm
enough evidence to proceed. in el cerrito, middle school students walked out of class in protest of a teacher they say called a student the n- word in class last week. students at summit k2 want the school to fire the eighth grade science teacher. they say the same teacher also talked down to a latino student. the teacher is on leave while the school investigates. preparations are underway in arizona for the first memorial to senator john mccain. he will lie in state at the arizona state capitol tomorrow. a service is scheduled for thursday at the north phoenix baptist church. then, his casket will be flown to washington to lie in state at the u.s. capital, followed by a service at the national cathedral. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. president trump took aim at google today, claiming the search engine is rigged against him. >> it's a theme he has repeated in recent months. the suggestion that media and internet companies hold an anti- conservative bias. ktvu's maureen naylor tonight with how google is responding.
6:33 pm
>> i think google is really taking advantage of a lot of people. i think that's a very serious thing. >> reporter: president trump tuesday took aim at google, accusing the mountain view based tech giant of rigging its search results. in a tweet, the president saying quote, google and others are suppressing the voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. they are controlling what we can and cannot see. this is a very serious situation -- will be addressed. tuesday, when asked if google searches should be regulated, the president's economic advisor said this. >> we are taking a look at it. we'll let you know. >> reporter: google responded to the tweet saying, search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results toward any political ideology. >> every year, we issue hundreds of improvements to our algorithms, to ensure they surface high-quality content in response to users' queries. >> i don't think that google sets search results based on politics. >> reporter: a tech analyst says google searches are biased, but not politically. >> the bias is toward popularity. they have what they call a page
6:34 pm
rank, which are the ranking of pages. they are toward credibility. they have algorithms that look for meaningless garbage. >> reporter: the digital rights group, the electronic frontier foundation, says it sees no proof to any political method behind google searches. while the nonprofit would like more transparency to google search, it's against any government regulations to search -- for search engines to rank in any certain way. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. california is one step closer to approving permanent regulations for cannabis growers. growers had been operating under emergency rules. officials with the bureau of cannabis control held their last public hearing this afternoon in sacramento. they say permanent regulations will make it easier for growers to operate while protecting the public health and environment. >> permanent regulations are going to be a little bit more thorough. what i would call us tightening
6:35 pm
up in many areas where we've learned things during the emergency regulation process. where we might need to make minor tweaks or fixes. >> what happens next? the cannabis bureau will have a 45 day comment period to allow for more input. authorities hope to have permanent rules in place by early next year. a texas company says it is going head and selling blueprints for 3-d printed guns despite a federal court order to stop. fox news' casey spiegel reports on the fears that the guns will be impossible to trace and end up in the hands of dangerous criminals. >> anyone who wants these files is going to get them. >> reporter: a defined business owner in austin, texas is selling instructions for making your own handgun using a 3-d printer. he says a recent court order only keeps him from posting them online. >> this order stops us from simply giving things away, and was only an authorization that we could sell it, that we could mail it, that we could email it, that we can provide it by secure transfer. >> reporter: cody wilson claims he got hundreds of orders within an hour of the news and
6:36 pm
maintains he's not breaking the law. >> i'm not going to do anything that the judge has permitted. >> reporter: wilson plaza plans online in 2013 and washington came calling. he eventually made a deal with the state department, which regulates exports of weapons. but, 19 states, plus the district of columbia, mounted their own legal challenge, calling it a dangerous diy project. >> this unprecedented move is not only disastrous for public safety, but undermines our state laws meant to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals. >> reporter: wilson and his supporters argue this has nothing to do with the second amendment, rather, it's about freedom of speech. >> the only thing that is being stopped is your right to speak. your right to put things on the internet. >> reporter: wilson says he will continue fighting this in court. meantime, gun-control activists, even some supporters of the second amendment say this is a public safety issue and they are urging congress to act on it. in dallas, casey spiegel, fox
6:37 pm
news. coming up, a sight to behold. thousands of hungry bees swarm a hot dog stand in the middle of times square. how first responders were able to fix the problem. and, respect for a legend. the tributes today for the queen of soul, aretha franklin, as her body lies in state in detroit. >> you feel like she is there. you feel like she is over there. that's what it's all about. ♪
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check out this video. thousands of bees had their stingers set for some juicy new york city hotdogs. the bees swarm the top of a hot dog stand umbrella this morning. the site created a buzz among tourists who snapped videos and video. police officers offer protective gear, including netting as a protective officer stood over a ladder and sucked up the beast through a vacuum. no one was stung. police say they aren't sure where the massive group of bees will be taken but officials will find them a hive. several survivors of last weekend's deadly shooting at a gaming convention in jacksonville, florida have announced plans to file the first lawsuit stemming from the shooting. a gunman killed two people and wounded 10 others before turning the gun on himself. the attorneys representing the shooting victims say the organizers of the weekend event were negligent when it came to providing security during a "madden 19" esports tournament. >> now, proper security
6:41 pm
measures can be a significant cost for business owners. and event organizers. but, the safety of americans should always come before any cost considerations for businesses and event organizers. it always must be people over profit. always. >> the attorneys did not go into details about the lawsuit, or the defendants. investigators say 24-year-old david katz of baltimore attended the tournament and carried out the deadly attack. they say he has a history of mental illness, and targeted other gamers at the event. thousands of music fans from across the country have come to detroit for a public viewing for the queen of soul. they filled the charles h. wright museum of african american history where the body of music legend aretha franklin is lying in state for the next
6:42 pm
two days. the ceremony is part of detroit's weeklong tribute to the legendary singer who died of cancer two weeks ago at 76. the line outside of the museum started forming at 9:00 this morning, hours before the doors were scheduled to open. >> you feel like she is there. you feel like she is over there. that's what it's all about. >> i always listen to her music no matter what. >> you cannot beat the tone that she had. >> her funeral will be held friday. singers include smokey robinson, reverend jesse jackson and former president bill clinton. still ahead tonight, a lesson in policing for students at one bay area high school. >> we want to foster relationships, make them stronger with the younger generation. >> the new program, meant to encourage young people to learn more about what it means to be an officer. clear skies out there. pretty much the first time all day in san francisco. foggy most of the day,
6:43 pm
temperatures cool again. this pattern is continuing. coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, drug dealers in the bay area and around the country feeling the pinch. the unintended consequences of president trump's economic sanctions on he ran. plus, a dog rescued in the mendocino complex fire has a new home tonight. a special link to a fallen firefighter from utah.
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6:45 pm
the palo alto police department is introducing a new program for high school students just in time for the new school year. >> as ktvu's southbay reporter jesse gary tells us, the program is meant to educate young people about the job of an officer.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: something new is coming out of the palo alto police department. starting in september for the first time, high school students under 18 will be able to join the department's student police academy. >> this is one of the chief's new initiatives. we want to foster relationships, make them stronger with the younger generation. >> reporter: a police department spokeswoman says the new program is fashioned after the citizens police academy but tailored to be age- appropriate for children. over the course of eight weeks, public safety employees will present lessons on various aspects of policing, such as ride along patrol procedures, laws of arrest, search and seizure, community relations, and criminal investigations. participants will also get the opportunity to use the force options video simulator. other police departments, such as san jose's use such video training to sharpen officer skills and reactions in high stress and combative situations. >> this gives them a realistic sort of experience of what officers have to face. they have to make split-second
6:47 pm
decisions. and so, it's a very realistic scenario. >> reporter: the program is open to any high school student under age 18 who does not have a felony or misdemeanor conviction. department officials say they've received a handful of applications so far, but those protective -- perspective attendees still have to be vetted. once that is scheduled to be done, classes are slated to begin in september. in palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. welcome to tuesday. we've got a little bit of rain last night. we talked about that. these were the highs from today. they were cooler today than yesterday. we talked about that, too. this whole week is going to be about mild to below average temperatures, lots of humidity, lessened fire danger. it's all good stuff. the trough of low pressure is backed up over here. you can see a rotation in the upper atmosphere. what it did is took that inversion, stuck it up to 3000 feet and the fog went away. that's what you are seeing right now. the fog is going to push its way back into night as you
6:48 pm
would expect. tomorrow will be a repeat performance of what we had today most likely. i think we will see earlier burn off because the marine layer has been disturbed from this afternoon. these are the highs, or the current temperatures, high temperatures right now. 71 in fairfield, 70 in livermore. and then, it is actually low clouds more than fog. that's what happens when you stretch out the marine layer. there it is often the distance. it turned out to be a nice day but i'm telling you, the park, it was foggy all day. inner sunset was foggy all day. and, you can see the fog working its way back through this computer model. so, this is tomorrow morning. look at that footprint. there is a bunch of it. it brings back pretty quick but as you would expect, temperatures today, just like temperatures are going to be tomorrow. yellows are 70s. there is your temperature footprint. look at how clearly and distinctly those three microclimates are there. that's a little bit different than we are used to seeing, and this is an indication of a fall
6:49 pm
weather pattern right now. all of that is very summerlike, very hot. now we are seeing the microclimates set up more like an october weather pattern to me. 80 in vacaville tomorrow. that's below average and warmer than today but not by much. air quality is good with this pattern. the smoke throughout much of the west has cleared, because of that trough that has brought us cooler weather. but it has also created this sort of windy condition or breezy conditions at different levels of the atmosphere. they are taking that smoke and getting it out of here. idaho, montana, oregon, utah, california. it has been a smoky summer. there are the numbers. the thing to note here, check out the top tier of numbers. these are the hotspots. when those numbers stay below 90 for an extended period, that's really good news. both -- most of the summer, this top-tier was in the 90s both days. a much different pattern for firefighters and better air quality. the hartley strictly --
6:50 pm
hartley strictly bluegrass festival has drawn up its music forecast for the year. this year's festival is happening october 5th, 6th, and 7th and features 80 artists on multiple stages. some said to perform include allison krauss, emmylou harris and the red dirt boys, graham nash, and marv is staples. admission is free, thanks to the late warren hellman who started the festival and funded it. the 49ers are hurting in their run game but they just signed another running back who has amazing stats. jason will introduce us to the latest niner next in sports. in 2011, california passed a law requiring carbon monoxide alarms in single-famil - [ beep ] single-family homes. that was seven years ago. [ beep ] carbon monoxide alarms... [ beep ] ...typically last [ beep ] seven to ten years.
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jason joins us now with a look at sports. we start with someone on the disabled list. >> a double dose of bad news for the a's. brad anderson became the 10 days starting pitcher to go on the disabled list. he has a strained left forearm. but, of even more concern, sean minaya, the arguable ace of the staff has been shut down with rotator cuff tendinitis. and there's a chance he will be forced to miss the rest of the season. for now, the a's will see if rest fixes the problem. this is a huge blow to the team
6:54 pm
who is already thin on starting pitching. as we said, manaea is one of their best. back in may, he tossed the a's first no-hitter in eight years. meantime, bob melvin and the a's locked in a hotly contested pennant race with the astros, game two of a three-game set in houston. top third, nick martin he thinks he's got a double but no. george springer makes the diving catch. later in the evening after a walk and a hit batter, matt olson, not going to catch this one. sends the charlie morton raking pitch into the upper deck at minute maid park. three-run homer for the a's, and they now lead 3-1 in the fifth inning. if they can win this game, they will be one and a half back of houston in the american league west. the 49ers' top three running backs are dinged up as we close in on the start of the regular season.
6:55 pm
say hello to ja'quan gardner out of humbled state, who then nine is just signed to a three- year deal. of course, that could end up being a three-day deal of the niners cut him after thursday's preseason finale. but, his resume with the division ii lumberjacks is impressive. in his four seasons in arcata, he rushed for more than 5400 yards and 72 touchdowns. >> you did a good job in our rookie tryout camp. he was a guy who pick this stuff up in the week he was here. we liked him as a person. we always liked his college plays. we want to make sure we've got another guy in here. this is a guy we've had on our short list since he was here at the tryout. >> we should get a good look this thursday at the 49ers preseason finale against the chargers. speaking of new players, the raiders have 42 of them, guys on the team this year that weren't on the team last year. that will change once the rosters get trimmed down this saturday. lots to think about for new and old head coach jon gruden who asked -- was asked what the biggest adjustment for him was this second time around.
6:56 pm
>> i don't want to lose sight of that. we've got to sign 53 players before we can even worry about the rams. unfortunately, some of the young players, we have not been able to get enough out of yet. i do like our rookie class. i think that was paramount, getting our rookie class, our first class in here and getting contributions immediately. we are trying to keep the right 53 men. that is the number one challenge. >> saturday is cut down day. they have 90 on their roster right now. heat, one of the big stories at the u.s. open. three players, forced to retire early, with temperatures in flushing, new york reaching 98 degrees. roger federer, not one of them. he played on and played well. no problem for him. the second seeded federal taking on japan, cruises in straight sets, 6-2, 6-2, 6-4.
6:57 pm
he gets out of there in a breezy one hour and 15 minutes. we want to show you what a pair of $100,000 sneakers look like. there they are. >> are they gold? >> they're not real gold i don't think although they could have some gold plates on them. they are bronze commemorative sneakers that pay homage and are literally one-of-a-kind. he said their products are quote, made to last and made to wear. >> are they listed for sale, or sold? >> i can't answer that but i'm not going to wear those if i spend 100 grand on them. i know they are made to last but i'm not wearing them. >> put them on a shelf and how nice they are. good night, everyone. >> our news continues at 7:00 on ktvu plus. ♪
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