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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 29, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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over developments in the communities. state lawmakers, however, take the step and approving the legislation. today at we go the first prototype of a safe injection site. >> a bay area police department is offering up a new program for high school students considering a career in law enforcement. a look at how k-pop is sweeping the globe and knocking some of the world's biggest pop stars out of the top spots. spots. welcome to the 9. you're seen sun where you are as well. august 29th, 2018, the day that would have been the king of pop's 60th birthday. michael jackson is playing here in the ktvu studio, one of my favorite songs, his album, thriller, i have on vinyl which i know you, sal, as a d. j., would appreciate it. >> i have a couple copies with him. >> i saw him at aerson.
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>> you saw him on tv at the super bowl. >> he was part of the halftime entertainment. >> that's right. >> we didn't know that it would be such an important performance for you. >> monumental. >> we'll be talking about what is happening through the day. let's start with the big news of the day. >> let's go to the city. happening right now, a prototype for a controversial safe drug injection site is opening in san francisco. allie rasmus is live where the mayor will throw her support behind this facility later this morning. >> reporter: that model safe drug injection site is inside glide memorial church. you can see there is a group of held and community members getting the first tour of this prototype. look around, you can see some of the booths they have up here. the people here, you see sitting here, are learning about this program. this is kind of a public exhibit. it will be open to the public for the next four days so people can come in and see what a safe drug injection site might look like and the services it would
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offer. i want to bring in kenneth kim, a clinical director of glide foundation. thanks for talking with us. walk us through the process. what is this room that we're looking at here and how does it work? >> this is a safe injection room and folks that would use this site would come in, register, and they would come and get their clean supplies and this is typical of a syringe exchange program to preventd diseases like hiv and hep c and prevent infections in wounds. we administer narcan which reduces opioid overdoses and carry ones people can take with them to dispose of needles properly. >> what is the idea behind a safe injection site and why did you think it was important to show it to the public before anything official happens? >> the main purpose is to
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prevent overdoses. there are questions about the effectiveness but the data does show that with the thousands of overdoses that have happened, within the hundreds of overdose sites, there have been zero deaths. the efdz proves that this prevent -- evidence proves that this prevents overdoses from happening. >> if someone is going to inject themselves with drugs it should be officials for years have been studying and working on creating some sort of safe injection site program. what is the hold up? why haven't we seen it yet? >> it is a complicated issue. within our laws and federal laws it is against the law to use substances within a site like this. the passing ab-186, the state lawmakers allows for a pilot program for safe injection sites. we need to work
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together. agents wouldn't be able to open a safe injection site alone. we have to work with partners within the community and leaders and other departments to make sure there is an active system. otherwise a site like this would have negative sequences. what about critics who say this promotes illegal drug use. >> it doesn't. the type of folks that use this site are folks that have been using for awhile and are not using substances for recreational use but really to manage their withdrawal symptoms. they can get the safe needles they need and the support that they need. we would follow harm reduction principles to make sure this is a place of dignity and respect. >> reporter: thank you so much, kenneth kim, the clinical director of glide foundation. i want to show you this room. there is also a tour going on with some people in community learning about this. this room is a prototype of what
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a recovery room would be like. they come into a space over here. you have to think of this as a public exhibit. there is no drug use going on here. this is just a model or an example of what a safe injection site would be like. this e want to educate the public about it -- they want to educate the public about it, give people a look. it will be here at glide foundation on taylor street for the next four days. back to you guys. . the safe injection sites are at th our question of the day. do you think the safe injection programs would be beneficial? 37% of you say yes. 63% of you say no. >> ktvu's frank mallicoat is live in san francisco and is getting reaction to this question on city streets. frank? >> reporter: all right, sal, good morning to you. i think we can all agree that the homeless issue and the drug issue is a big problem here in san francisco. after spending a couple of hours out here on the embarcadero.
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i think the locals, the commuters, they all agree, anything to curb the problem, they're 100 % behind. >> when i walk to and from work every day, i usually see somebody shooting up or needles on the street. there are children here, tourists here it is a beautiful area and it is not their fault that they're addicted, obviously, but i think there should be some control over it so not everyone has to be exposed to it. >> it is a huge problem with homelessness in the city and hopefully there are more facilities to keep the city clean and do what they need to do. >> do you think by giving them an area to do it might egg people on? >> i don't think they need egging on. >> i'm homeless and i mean, it is kind toeoe do that and heroin and shooting up, needles, it is dangerous. >> do you see a lot of it as a
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homeless person? >> yeah, i do. >> you do? >> yeah. >> do you think by giving people a place to do it safely might help them kick the habit or at least keep them safe? >> i don't think so. >> no? >> no. >> you think they're just going to take advantage of it? >> yeah. >> reporter: the woman, as mentioned, is homeless and has seen it all here. you have to start somewhere and this needle program is now being done in over 60 cities around the world, including up we can only hope if the governor signs the bill, it all works out here in san francisco, that it will work here, too. we shall see. that is the latest, i'm frank mallicoat, back to you guys. senator john mccain will lie in state at arizona capitol. first of many events honoring his life and legacy. ray bogen is live in phoenix to bring us more on the events, many of which senator mccain
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planned himself. >> reporter: that's right, gasia. good morning. as you can see behind me, we're not expecting senator mccain's motorcade for another hour but already there is well over 100 members of the military lined up from the navy to the marines to the army, waiting to greet him when he gets here. arizona may be his adopted home, but thousands here in phoenix are expected to pay their respects to a man who spent nearly six decades of his life in public service. >> to reflect on the many different things john mccain did as a senator, as a leader around the world, as a resident and father here in arizona. >> memorial services honoring the late senator john mccain starting today in phoenix. the senatorie in state inside the arizona state capitol where a private ceremony for the mccain family will take place before the capitol open to the public to pay their respects. >> once the family has taken
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their opportunity, give their blessings to john, the public will be allowed in and i have reassurances as long as there are people in line to file through see john, the capitol will remain open. >> reporter: on thursday, the life of john mccain will be celebrated at the north phoenix baptist church. mccain's body will be flown to washington d.c. where he will lie in state at the capitol rotunda. followed by a memorial service on saturday at the national cathedral. mccain's colleagues paying tribute to him throughout the week in washington, reflecting on his life and legacy. >> i believe there is a little john mccain in all of us. and the little john mccain can make this a really great nation. >> reporter: senator mccain will be laid to rest at the naval academy cemetery in annapolis, buried next to his life time
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friend, admiral chuck larsen. we're expecting his motorcade in just about a half hour. >> thank you. a former military fighter pilot is the republican nominee for arizona's other senate seat. honored john mccain in her victory speech. >> i had the chance to learn from him and work with him. >> martha mcsally defeated kenny ward and joe arpaio to win the gop primary. congresswoman kyrsten sinema won with 80% of the vote. they will face-off in november to replace jeff flake. now to florida where the mayor of tallahassee won a surprise victory in the democratic primary for governor. andrew gillum defeated five opponents including a former congress woman and pair of
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candidates who spent millions african-americ governor if he wins. he will face republican congressman desantis. he beat his closest republican opponent by 20 points. coming up, pope francis addresses the catholic church sex abuse scandal during a public appearance at the vatican. we'll talk about the religion reporter about the implications it could have.
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. this isn't a james bond movie. if you wanted to own aston martin, you may be able to own stock. it will go public and they will raise an estimated $6.5 billion. the company has had trouble in
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the past but now it seems to think everything is all right. remember, james bond rode an aston martin in 1964, by the way. the car movie gold finger, for those of you who are james bond fans. markets themselves have been doing pretty well this week. take a look at the big board. 26,159. it was the third consecutive day of advances for all three. right now the nasdaq is up as well. likewise for the s&p 500. investors are feeling optimistic, especially now that some of the trade tension has eased. the trump administration is looking at ways to regulate google searches after president trump said that google manipulates its search results to display negative stories about him and other republicans. the president's economic advisor said the white house will examine the president's claims.
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regulating search results could search engine is not used for a political agenda and not bias toward any political ideology. >> every year we issue hundreds of improvements to ensure that they surface high quality content in response to user's queries. >> president trump said his administration received thousands of xhants about google and social media companies -- complaints about google and social media companies. >> what google and others are doing, if you look at twitter, if you look at what is going on in facebook. they better be careful. you can't do that to people. >> reptdives from facebook, twitter, and google will appear next week at a house judiciary committee hearing about filtering on social media. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9. people in richmond neighborhood say side shows are causing
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dangerous situations out there. the changes they're asking the is it i for to slow people down and keep the streets safe.
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. pope fra to victims of sex abuse by priests. he spoke at st. peter's square and dedicated at the assembly. he says he was deeply moved by the survivors. >> the meeting left a deep mark on me. i asked the lord for forgiveness for the scandal and sense of betrayal caused. >> today was his first public appearance since a report accused him of covering up the scandal. a former vatican ambassador to the u.s., a critic of pope francis, said the pope hid misconduct allegations. joining me live is julie with
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the post. >> good morning. >> some argued the church has to be held accountable for the scandal. the calls on the pope to resign, do they have traction? >> well, i don't know if we're at the point yet talking about the pope resigning. archbishop vig ano has called for that. we're trying to figure out what the pope knew. there has been no real documentation yet. there are a lot of calls for the vatican to release the documents that it has. >> do you think the calls for pope francis to resign are being made over genuine concern for children abused over the decades by priests is thi that doesn't like pope francis, quite frankly, for his speaking out on
9:20 am
immigrants, easing up on gays and divorced women, is this a conservative clergy that sees an opening here? >> it is both. absolutely many of the pope's harshest critics have been critical all along for many other reasons, not just the mishandling of sexual abuse. there are people on the left and right and everywhere in between that are very upset about the sexual crisis in the church, especially out of the pennsylvania grand jury report. people of you may political backgrounds are upset about that. what different is what they of e crisis and what they think are the solutions. >> what do you think in regards to the pope's response earlier, not today, there outside of the vati will not say a single word on this. what do you read into that? >> i think we're waiting for him to say something. he has not responded yet in any real way to the claims that are
9:21 am
very serious that archbishop vigano is making. he needs to respond at some point. >> in his trip to ireland, i heard catholics saying enough of the apologies. do something, change something. what is next? what do you foresee happening in the weeks and months to come? >> there are many calls for reform. whether that means more lay leadership in the church, individuals not in the clergy to have over sight over some of this, whether it is criminal investigations, the archdiocese of st. louis is opening itself up and opening the files for investigation like they did in pennsylvania and a lot of people want their own diocese to do that. whether it is beneficiaries resigning. there is an eagerness for more action, not just prayer and repentance. >> i appreciate the conversation. julie with the washington post, thank you. >> thank you. oakland police say they're increasing patrols across the city in response to a string of
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shootings. four people were killed, four others were wounded between sunday morning and monday afternoon. yesterday members of the oakland police command staff walked the area where the two most recent homicides happened. the police commanders met with some of the victim's grieving family members demanding answers. >> i want to know who did it. i want justice. >> i want people to know that this is not going unnoticed. that we are responding. i said we would respond and i'm here, personally as a part of that response. >> the latest shootings bring the total number of homicides in oakland to 46 so far this year. that is more than the previous two years at this time. we'll move now to new information on a body discovered in a fish tank inside a san francisco home. an autopsy will determine if the remains found at a home on clara street are that of 65-year-old brian egg. police say they first received calls about a disappearance in late july. neighbors called 911 earlier this month when they saw
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suspicious activity, police returned with dogs and discovered the body. >> whoever was inside was frantically cleaning things up and we could see soapy water coming, pouring out of the front door, and he was sweeping up, so he was obviously trying to hide evidence. >> reporter: police initially arrested two men on suspicion of homicide but there was not enough evidence to charge them. people living in a richmond neighborhood say the city is ignoring complaints about dangerous side shows. moyers road is scuffed with tire marks. neighbors say the side shows happen several times a week and families with young children worry their children could be run over. >> when they're hitting telephone poles and hitting fire hydrants and tires are dmrchling off in the middle -- flying off in the middle of that stuff it is getting dangerous. >> neighbors want traffic islands, which could provide a safe walking area for pedestrians and force vehicles to slow down.
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traffic islands and the city will study moyers road but construction will not happen overnight. they're running frequent enforcement operations in neighborhoods and take the problem of side shows very seriously. we're going to get to this video in just a second. there is a ship. i love this new studio. there is going to be a ship that is going to come in. a video on social media, stop laughing. is getting attention. . >> the sheriff's office posted this video on facebook. a deputy discovered a stolen vehicle. the partner checked the ignition and to everyone's pleasant surprise, they were blasting speakers on the song tell me when to go by e-40. without missing a step, the deputy started dancing to the tune and the video has 15,000
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views so far graduation is a proud moment for any parent but this may be the most special one from an alabama family. this is colin, graduating from the neonatal intensive care unit in alabama. colin was born 18 weeks early and weighed 14 ounces, which is very, very small. doctors gave him a 2% chance of survival. after 23 weeks in the hospital, colin is now home. where is the ship, mike? >> the ship? >> the ship has sailed. >> it was right behind you a moment ago. >> this is the cool part of being up here. >> these are real windows. people ask if it is a back drop. it is the real deal. >> i can like it. coming up in a minute on mornings on 2, incredible moment taken by a bystander who was rolling as thieves target a new
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apple store in the east bay. the video holds a major clue for police. a prayer service under way at serra high school in san mateo. students are finding a way to remember their class mate who recently lost his life.
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. gasia mentioned it. we have sun and it affects the mood of some people. not others, but some people are a little happier or kick in your step because of the sun today and less fog. steve says this might be the start to a pattern, right, steve? >> well, you know, by the end of the summer, that is when your summer starts. it has been very cool, san francisco. heading to the northeast, oh, man it is hot. watching the u.s. open, some of
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the tennis they have to give them ten minute breaks in between sets. it is already 91 and the humidity is to match. last year it was here, so things have changed completely in one year. that is forwe areoticeably coole should be. 66 to about 80 should cover the temperatures. the high is running warmer. san francisco, i was asked, have they had an 80-degree temperature this summer? they had one on june 23rd in july. the hottest temperature was 77. in august, the warmest temperature has been 72. it has been very cool. average is 69 degrees, inching closer, they have a more sun. the inland temperatures are well below seasonal averages. livermore should be closer to 87 degrees. we'll see that today. over the weekend, we'll start to get closer to some of the temperatures. there is nothing that looks
9:30 am
close to last september first. we'll be in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. we're well below average on the seasonal, inland temperatures. a little low right here, a disruption of the fog. there is some patchy fog there. a lot more sunshine today. we're warming up, not yesterday. we were stuck in the 50s and low 60s. . you can see one to five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. we're getting long in the tooth on the fog season. temperatures will start warming up. we'll see 60s, 70s, and a few low 80 on. the extent does have warmer temperatures on friday. nothing compared to last year. rest easy, just normal temperatures. students at serra high school are holding a prayer service for a fellow student who died in a crash the way to true. blake bottarini died in a single car accident on skyline boulevard monday morning. ktvu's leigh martinez is live at
9:31 am
the school. leigh? >> reporter: blake bottarini was a very popular kid and sadly a lot of the students say they grew up with him, they went through elementary school with him. his death impacted them a great deal. all of the students today wore white colored shirts to show their solidarity in the grieving process. california highway patrol says the serra high school senior left for school in the red toyota tacoma but never showed up. blake bottarini was on skyline boulevard when he went off the road between kings mountain and 84. he crashed into a tree. san mateo county sheriff deputies found his vehicle in the afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his friend since sixth grade said everyone wanted to be blake's friend. blake bottarini always had a smile and lived to make other people happy. today is the second vigil held for him. >> all of the seniors and juniors had one yesterday and that was hard on everyone, or at least me it was but i know it
9:32 am
didn't hit me the most. there are some kids that have been in school with him since kindergarten. ryone wears the white shirts and has a good service for blake. he deserves it. >> reporter: in a statement from the high school, it asked the community to pray for bottarini's parents and twin brother. they have reached their goal with fund me reaching $20,000. there is a vigil going on right now in the gym for all of the student body here. we are told that counselors will be here on campus throughout rest of the week. in san mateo, leigh martinez, ktvu, fox 2 news. the prototype of a controversial drug facility is opening in san francisco. about 30 minutes ago, allie rasmus showed us the safe injection site at glide memorial
9:33 am
church. it features injection booths and certified medical staff. mayor london booth has been a supporter of the safe injection sites. the bill establishing a four year pilot program of injection sites in the city is now on the governor's desk awaiting his possible signature. this brings us to the question of the day. do you think that the program will be beneficial? 37% say yes. 63%, overwhelming majority, say no. conversation out there on social media. what are you seeing? >> eric watkins says it is a waste of taxpayer's money so i count him a no. >> weaning people off safely while getting them and their needles off the street is a safe thing to do. >> thank you for your responses. reach us on twitter about anything. use #ktvuthe9. >> let's go to dave clark. here are some of the top
9:34 am
stories we're following today in phoenix, arizona, public and private farewells for john mccain. a private ceremony this morning will be for mccain's family, friends and colleagues. this afternoon, the public will pay final respects at his casket in the capitol rotunda. officials will leave the doors open as long as there are people in line that want to say goodbye to senator mccain. after that, the senator's body will be flown to the east coast for more services in washington. at the u.s. naval academy, that is where senator mccain will be buried. an emergency ordinance in palo alto to protect renters has been passed. palo alto landlords now have to pay up to $17,000 to low income tenants who were evicted without reason. the new law takes effect immediately. it will help some being evicted from the hotel president apartment building. owner is converting it back into
9:35 am
a hotel. police in danville want your help to catch two robbery suspects. investigators say a man parked his car on wind chime drive off of crow canyon road and told police two men came up to him. one of them had a gun. they demanded some items and they drove away in a dark green, older ford sedan. a third man was the driver. no one was hurt, but if you have any information, call danville police. that is a look at some of the top stories we're working on. >> thank you. now to the california wildfires. this week state lawmakers are voting on a bill that would allow utilities to pass along some of the costs of lawsuits from wildfires to rate payers. a legislative conference committee approved the legislation last night. it is a big issue for may pay billions of dollars. critics called the measure a bail out. lawmakers who support the bill say they need to make sure the
9:36 am
utilities don't go bankrupt. there will be new protections for home owners in california who may be under insured. governor brown signed a bill requiring workers to conduct a replacement cost estimate every other year. the goal is to make sure home owners are covered with current and timely estimates that reflect their property's value. bill comes as recent numbers from the north bay october wildfires show 2/3 home owners who lost their homes were under insured by an average of 317,000. the law takes effect in july 1st of next year. people affected by the biggest wildfire in state history can get a lot of help in one place. people affected by mendocino complex fire are encouraged to visit the disaster recovery center set up at the upper lake community center on main street. they can get help from everything from lost driver's licenses to home repairs. center is operated by fema and opens from 10:30 this morning
9:37 am
until 1:00 in the afternoon. the ranch fire, the northern part of the mendocino complex fire is 93% complete. walnut creek police are searching for the thieves who stole thousands from the new apple store. police got help from a witness who took video of the thieves as they were getting away. >> reporter: this apple store on south main street in walnut creek with the new, modern design, opened a month ago and it has already fallen victim to a robbery. >> it is so visible with the glass. i can't imagine that happening. >> reporter: on saturday around 5:40 p.m., four men entered the store, ripped iphones and laptop computers from the security tethers and ran out of the store. >> we were lucky enough to have a citizen who saw the vehicle and copied down the license plate of the vehicle and we were able to in a way to hopefully identify the suspects in this case. >> reporter: police say the citizen also shot this cell phone video of the get away
9:38 am
vehicle, a black mercedes suv driven by a fifth suspect. they are described as men in their 20s wearing sweatshirts with their hoodies up, and cinched around their faces. >> i think of walnut creek as a family community city. >> reporter: the citizen with the video was able to provide the license plate of the vehicle and that the registered owner is a person of interest. so far, no have been made. >> that is what our investigators are working on right now, to identify if this person was involved in this. we have to go through photo line ups, have witnesses try to identify. >> reporter: they're looking at other similar robberies in apple stores and cities such as fresno to see if there are any links. investigators say they're working with apple to see what can be done to prevent the robberies. >> i would suggest that they perhaps have a stronger tether on the merchandise. >> reporter: the apple store ins
9:39 am
targeted by theft 27 times in the past two years, averaging more than one incident a month. >> scary, yeah, i mean, i could be walking down the street and you know, i could get mugged, if that is the type of people that went into there. >> reporter: the california license plate on the suspect vehicle is 5xrs835. there were no weapons used and no injuries to customers. the estimated loss is $30,000. in walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. happening now, fans across the country are gathering in detroit to honor the late aretha franklin. legendary singer died of cancer two weeks ago at the age of 76. the public viewing for her began yesterday and will continue today at the wright museum of african-american history. tomorrow there will be a musical
9:40 am
memorial. aretha franklin's private funeral service is scheduled for friday at greater grace temple and the speakers include singer smoky robinson, the reverend jesse jackson and bill clinton. fans are planning to gather all over the place to celebrate michael jackson's 60th birthday. the family will have their own celebration in las vegas. another way to celebrate is to buy another copy of the thriller album. the eagles album recently the best selling in all history and jackson's fans want that honor back. a world war ii veteran is
9:41 am
serving middle school students near sacramento. up next, the advice he is giving them and how the at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. visit to learn more.
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. we continue our coverage of today's announcement of the extradition of a suspect in a deadly hit-and-run from nine years ago. manlo park police along with the fbi and district attorney's office announced shannon fox was brought back to the bay area from central america last night. investigators say he took part in a street race back in 2009 and ran a red light, slamming into a car that was passing by. a couple with their young daughter were in that vehicle and the crash killed 6-year-old lisa xavier. authorities say fox quickly fled the area, eventually went back
9:44 am
to his native country of guatemala. >> this case never went dormant. through the years, we have kept it active, attempting to locate fox. in december of 2016, working with law enforcement partners and liasion officers in guatemala, we were able to locate shannon fox. he was by authorities. >> he lost his final appeal in the supreme court a few months ago. his arraignment is set for tomorrow. lisa's mother suffered a broken back. a family friend says the family visits the gravesite every week. we'll have a live report at noon. a middle school teacher in el cerrito, who is white, has been placed on leave as there is an investigation into whether she used the n-word. they yesterday.
9:45 am
summit k2 serves middle school and high school students. many are den teacher be fired. >> there have been other students that said it and have not faced consequences. i brought it to the administration's attention and they said warning one, warning two, but this is something that needs to have serious consequences. >> the school has a zero percent policy on bullying. we are committed to encouraging dialogue among our students and making this a moment that we can learn and grow from. now that high school students started regular classes, the police department is about to introduce a new program of its own. ktvu's jesse gary said it is designed to educate young people about the details of new is c ae
9:46 am
first time, high school students under age 18 will be able to join the department's student police academy. >> this is one of the chief's new initiatives. we want to foster relationships, make them stronger with the younger generation. >> reporter: police department spokeswoman janine de la vega says it is age appropriate for children. over the course of eight weeks, public safety employees will present aspects of policing such as ride along patrol procedures, search and seizure, community relations, and criminal investigations. participants will get the opportunity to use the force options video simulator. other police departments such as san jose's use of video training andctions in high stress, situa. >> this gives them a realistic, sort of experience of what
9:47 am
officers have to face. they have to make split second decisions, and so it reporter: n to any high school student under age 18 who does not have a felony or misdemeanor conviction. the department officials say they received a handful of applications so far, but the perspective attendees have to be vetted. once that is done, classes are slated to begin in late september. in palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. the oakland raiders is donating money in an effort to save sports in local schools. a program has to be eliminated because of budget short falls. mark davis says sports are an important part of a high school experience and the donation will help keep dreams alive. the raiders donation came after an unanimous donor gave -- anonymous donor gave $35,000.
9:48 am
heilsburg highty football team. the team voted to disband the squad after losing the first two games 41-0 and 61-0. the team only had 18 players and five quit after the first two games. the school has had declining enrollment for years and the number of students turning out for football is unpredictable. players from the varsity team will be allowed to play from the jv game. world war ii veteran now spends each morning greeting students outside of a middle school in sacramento. >> knuckles. >> 94-year-old wally richardson does more than just give a fist bump to the kids. he gives them advice like being kind to others and don't be judgmental. kids created a mural with all of his words of wisdom. >> so special. you can't believe. an old man, you know, someone my age, and the kids to
9:49 am
something me. >> he tells us what we should do and be kind to everyone. >> he is cheerful and makes everyone smile in the morning before they go to school. >> how about this? parents say their kids actually want to go to school early, when did you last hear that? so they have time to talk to richardson. >> i like that they don't tuck it away. they're writing it and documenting it so everyone can see it every day. >> smart children there. coming up next, alec baldwin's portrayal of president trump landed him a new role. how he is taking the character from the oval office to the streets of gotham city.
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. there was a lot of shaking but no major injuries or damage from a swarm of earthquakes in southern california. earthquakes. a magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook the city of la verne after 7:30 last night. there have been several aftershocks since the cake happened during the los angeles angels game against the colorado rockies. look at the camera shaking here. one woman tells the l.a. times she was watching the movie jaws 2 when the quake hit and it felt like somebody grabbed the house and shook it. -- baummg thes go for a sweep. t
9:53 am
two teams go against it. >> i like dugger. >> i like the pitching. >> diamondbacks haven't scored a run in the series. oakland arizona are opening up their series against the houston astros this morning. the a's were down early but jumped ahead with this. matt olsen hitting a three run home run. astros tied the game. in the ninth, nick martini knocked in the winning run. as they make a push for the playoffs, the oakland a's are the talk of major league baseball. the team's president paid a tribute to the capital. they say they're close to passing legislation allowing for a stadium in oakland by the year of 2023. they're hoping state lawmakers would pass a bill to effectively shield the organization from potential environmental lawsuits over construction of a new staid
9:54 am
yup. team hiredell -- stadium. the team hired a well known architecture architecturer. the role is characterized as a businessman in the mold of a 1980s president trump. baldwin was impersonating the president on saturday night live in 2016. joker is slated to be released in october of next year and will star joaquin phoenix. reporter jonathan hunt takes a closer look at the wave of korean pop, or k-pop, taking over on american radio. >> reporter: k-pop, short for korean pop music entered the american music consciousness with gangman style. >> i opened up so many people's
9:55 am
eyes that korean music can be fun and enjoyable. whether or not you spoke korean or not. >> fast forward a few years, bts beat out justin bieber, selena gomez and ariana grande, earning billboard's top social artist award. >> anyone through social media can see the artists, can see the day-to-day, see them in the car, see them rehearsing for whatever performance they might have. that makes k-pop feel intimate. >> it incorporates all of the different elements of pop and dance and hip-hop and many different different types of music into one song. >> reporter: monster x is the next group hoping to make it big and they're putting a lot of work into the effort.
9:56 am
>> they write their own music. you can feel the aggressive, fun, hybrid. >> the group landed on three major billboard charts and during the current world tour, performed seven sold out shows here in the u.s.. >> i feel like we're dreaming right now. it is such an honor. >> reporter: in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> your favorite cream filled cookie is getting a little bold. oreo is introducing two new flavors to your taste bud. hot wings and wasabi. the wasabi be surprised if they find their way to your store shelves as well. i like don't know. americans love sweet and savory together. >> i do but not like that. >> i will take
9:57 am
>> do you twist? >> no. i dip into the glass of milk and then drink the milk. >> like everybody else. >> glad we straightened that out. >> exactly. >> thanks for watching, everyone, we'll see you back here at noon.
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now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: yes! how you doin'? [cheers and applause] thank you very much. [cheers and applause]


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