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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 30, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we think -- we see this golden retriever playing at the zoo. these cubs were banded and they grew up together and they are now the best of friends. today, a large tree crushes multiple cars and pleasant hill. now the question is, who will be responsible for the damage. we go inside the blockbuster and they say the doors will stay open. from self-proclaimed geek, we talked live with steve hofstetter with his shows in the bay area. here we are. it's thursday, august 30, 2018. we have overcast skies. welcome. we have this
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instrumental version of the heart of glass. i saw this story about someone saving someone's life and i have never taken a class. >> i remember before my first child was born, i made it a point to go. that was important to me. >> you never know when you can be in a position and hopefully it will not happen but, you know. >> my husband made me go when my first son was 1 1/2 and i realized i should have gone sooner but thankfully we have never been called upon to use our skills and we are always updating the procedure so what we learned needs to be updated. >> my wife knows that she is not always around. i will get recertified. let's start with the news of the day.
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we will go to east bay. crews are cleaning up after a oak tree -- an oak tree fell down. this is near patterson boulevard. we are live in the neighborhood with the latest on the cleanup. >> reporter: the tree removal services are out here and i do not know what the estimate was but homeowners are speculating heavy equipment will have to come in to try to take down the rest of this tree. they are also speculating that they may have to get cranes to get the rest of the tree. the homeowner was only part of the tree. the rest of the tree is still standing and she is worried that it might be leaning towards her property. the large 350-year-old oak tree split apart just before midnight and made a big impact smooshing seven vehicles that were parked on hardy circle. the neighbors came outside last night and they were awestruck by the crash and the amount of damage. >> it was a home run -- like a home run was hit and it cracked
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and made that wonderful sound. that is what it was like. it was really loud and you heard it boom on the ground. that is a chevy truck behind it and it looks like a tiny truck. it has been squished. >> it is in pretty bad shape but i don't know. >> city crews remove part of the tree but most of it is still laying on two properties. the homeowner says the city told her it's her responsibility to get rid of the remaining tree. on the trunk there is a plaque or that said bicentennial tree and it was named emma. this nation goes to large trees and the tree cannot be touched without permission from the city. the homeowner says they check on the tree frequently and there was never any problems. making light of the situation, one family member was happy to find the tree down as a dog was
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chewing on branches. one of the neighbors came over and said the tree on all the properties here sit on the high water table and there's also a floodplain further down the neighborhood and there is a canal that runs on the other side. he speculates that the tree probably got so much water that it became too heavy. he is trying to take down the rest of the tree and that is on the homeowners and they are talking to the homeowners insurance right now. this morning, arizona is paying a final tribute to john mccain. there will be a church service and a salute and his casket will make its journey to washington d.c. for more memorials. we have been covering the death in arizona and we are live again this morning with what is happening now. >> reporter: good morning. the hearse has just arrived and
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senator mccain's coffin is being carried from the capital by what appears to be, i am looking very far away and it appears to be a group of state troopers that just picked up the coffin. it is draped in an american flag and it will be carried to the hearse. currently, the mccain family is standing in the road right behind the hearse. we have the senator's wife and either set of her is jimmy mccain in his full uniform. he was an officer in the army and also john mccain the fourth who was also in his full uniform. he was a u. s. navy helicopter pilot and instructor. as we speak right now, you can see the coffin is being carried and draped in an american flag. from here, they will take about a 15 to 20 minute ride to the north phoenix baptist church where there will be a ceremony. they are starting at 10:00 local time and there are about
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1000 seats open to the public. there will also be about 50 senators in addition to players and staff from the arizona cardinals and the arizona diamondbacks and arizona coyotes. -- the phoenix coyotes, excuse me. speakers include former vice president joe biden whose son also died from brain cancer and former arizona cardinals wide receiver, larry fitzgerald. you can see as the hearse is being -- as the coffin is being put into the hearse, you may not be of the see this because it could be blocked but his two sons, jimmy who was an officer in the army and john mccain the fourth who was a lieutenant in the navy are both saluting their father's casket draped in an american flag as it is put into the hearse. and just a couple of minutes, they will make their 20 minute drive to the north phoenix baptist church to the ceremony.
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>> we have these live pictures and report. this will happen for the next coming days and it will be -- it was all planned out by john mccain himself in his final months and days. thank you for the live report. now to detroit, over the next two days, some of the best entertainers are gathering to honor and celebrate the life of aretha franklin. fans said their goodbyes to aretha franklin at the african- american history museum. the casket was them brought to the church for today's visitation. the church was founded by her late father. today's concert is being called a people's tribute to the queen. it features the knights. bill clinton will be there and cried davis and performances by stevie wonder, jennifer hudson and faith hill. new this morning, it was a tough early commute in san jose
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and they are all in the northbound direction between capital expressway and roads were shut down for several hours. police investigated a shooting and the driver of this black car told chp investigators that he was driving in the northbound direction and out of nowhere, another car passed him and opened fire. the man's car was struck multiple times as you can see. some of the bulletholes are clearly visible. the driver was struck by a bullet hole in the back but is expected to be okay. investigators say they do not know why someone opened fire on the car. >> the driver did not have any information of what may have prompted this. they are conducting interviews to see if we can get any additional information that might help us in identifying the suspects. the majority of the time, these instances are targeted or it's
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some type of road rage incident. we do not have any information yet to say whether or not this case was one of those incidents. >> investigators say they do not have a description of the vehicle and that part of the freeway does not have cameras but police will be checking with many of the businesses around that do have surveillance video. according to a reporter, they also did find evidence. police announced this morning that they will not respond to all calls because of a shortage. police officers currently have 62 sworn officers which is 15 fewer than the guidelines. this is because of injuries and officers that are going to different jurisdictions because of higher pay. they will not respond to noninjury accident where cars were safely moved to the side of the road. in addition, police will no longer respond to misdemeanor theft. police want you to look at
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surveillance video we are about to show you of two women stealing a tip jar. the video has gone viral and some of the people that have already seen it are helping police tracked down the thieves. >> it was a big plastic coke bottle and it stood up to about here. >> reporter: joe kept this tip jar on the counter but it was no match for a woman who snatched it up and stuck it in a bag. she and an accomplice hightailed it from this store. >> i was totally heartbroken. >> reporter: the shop owner put the jar up a few years ago's -- a few years ago for staff and especially the technicians behind the scene who customers do not meet. >> i started out as an installer so i always had a heart for an installer. people love it. they walk up and they threw their tip in their and we thank them for it.
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>> karma will get them. joke before karma, the cops. surveillance video was posted on facebook and people knew the two women and provided names confirmed by santa rosa police who recognized them and they expect to catch them soon. the pair was quick. two employees stepped out to give a customer a quote and they slip in and rush past the man later. >> i did not even notice. my manager said he thought they took something but i couldn't even see and then we saw that the tip jar was gone. >> reporter: the video has been shared almost 100 times with 20,000 views. scumbag is the word popping up the most. >> we usually get about $100 or so and we left it for a year to make it grow so we could get more at the end and we are
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actually -- we were actually going to split it up very soon. >> reporter: the owner will be more vigilant about his spot at the counter. burglarized before, he takes precautions with steal doors and a security system but this theft feels different, more personal. >> there is not enough people standing up against these criminals that think that they can violate good people and get away with it. coming up, we are cooking up a little competition for first responders. up next, how the contestants on master chef used the latest episode also give thanks to some of the firefighters that are on the front lines of the thomas fire.
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we have a check at the stock market that is down about 4/10 of a %. nasdaq and s&p are also down. you had to know that people would take their profits at some point after a couple of pretty good days on the market. we have breaking news and the business world. apple announced they will announce new iphones number 12. the parents of a boy are demanding answers after he was left behind by his afterschool program. he walked 2 1/2 miles home all by himself. >> reporter: joanna kirby is personally walking her five- year-old son. all from his can garden classroom at fairfield elegies: hayward. -- at fairfield elementary school. >> i am relieved but mad that they could actually let this happen. >> reporter: on his first day of school, five-year-old
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jackson was left behind by his afterschool program. he had gone to the bathroom and when he returned to his classroom, it was empty. no one was there to escort him to his afterschool program so not knowing what else to do, he walked home 2.6 miles alone. it took about one hour. >> it was pretty easy. >> reporter: the road included 10 different streets including a second busy street. >> how did you know where to go? >> because of that building. >> reporter: he is a familiar building to get his way home. >> i am so proud of my son that he was able to be a big boy. >> reporter: she is also furious with the school in the district. the district released a brief statement saying: "we are investigating to determine what steps need to be taken the -- to ensure this never happens again." >> i want to know where they messed up because they messed
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up big time. >> reporter: on that same day -- for an hour and a half, this woman six-year-old granddaughter went unaccounted for at the same afterschool program but at a different school, truth and elementary. when the mother of a first grader came to pick her up, the school did not know where she was. it turned out giuliana ended up in the wrong afterschool classroom but she was safe. >> we did our part to have everything ready so that when school started, you would think they would have everything ready as well but they did not. >> reporter: two traumatized families grateful but upset. >> would you want to do that walk again? >> yes.
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a new report shows the number of wildfires in california could increase dramatically over the next 30 years. that report says by the year 2050, california could face a 50% increase. the average area burned across the state would rise by 77% and the end of the century, if the mission trends, -- if the mission trends are not reversed. there are plans for statewide systems about natural disasters and that would include a universal notifications it system -- notification system to let people know about emergency notifications. some people did not get notified about the ongoing emergency and they still have to sign the legislation. for many back -- fire victims, recovery has been slow. one of the biggest hurdles has
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been the city. the city has had many challenges facing this. >> this is an unprecedented situation from just the sheer number of residents that have lost. there is a debris cleanup as well and you are showing pictures of that now and that was an extensive process. the insurance has been a big issue for people and then surveying and geotech and architect. i have heard stories and all the way from hawaii and india. people are getting creative trying to figure out how to pull this off. >> engineers are getting building plans and at this point, almost 7 hundred homes -- 700 homes are being constructed and more to come.
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the master chef honored firefighters that battle one of the most destructive wildfires. the eight final contestants served up some of their best dishes to 25 firefighters who helped battle the thomas fire in santa barbara county's. the competition was recorded back in march as a way to thank all of the firefighters who risked their lives on the front lines. firefighters served as judges on the show. if you missed the show, you can get it on demand. 36 first responders will come home today. the task force deployed to hawaii last week for hurricane lane and once the storm passed, the task force searched 81 miles and they spent the majority of yesterday reloading equipment and they will be back in the bay area tonight. coming up, a boycott against in and out. how a political donation is causing some people to rethink where they will get their next hamburger. update the bathroom
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but we wanted to work with a company we could trust. rebath gave us the bathroom we always wanted. call 925-364-4218 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel
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happening now, this is southbound 680 and all but one lane is closed. you can see the overturned truck. this truck flipped over in the 8:00 our. it's. -- carrying pool chemicals and they cannot sweep it up and call it good. meanwhile, there is a big backup on 780. avoid the area. there will be a big legal change. the legal counsel for the president will be leaving. he has worked with the president on what the constitution allows him to do and he has earned the continuing respect from president trump. >> don mcgahn is a really good guy and he has represented me and it will be almost 2 years. i have a lot of affection for
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don. >> don mcgahn indicated that he will stay through the confirmation hearings of brett cavanaugh -- brett kavanaugh. some people are boycotting in-n-out. a journalist on the restaurant chain donated $25,000 to the california republican party. the late ceo of in-n-out was a devout christian that donated to republicans but in the recent years, the pump -- the company also contributed to a group that supports democrats who are business friendly. that brings us to our question of the day, does corporate political spending decide your spending behavior. 51% say yes and 49% say no. >> let's check back with frank who is live asking people what they think. >> reporter: good morning. i think one thing we have established is there are a lot
9:25 am
of fans. in some cases, taste gets trumped out by politics. >> generally, it's saturday night and i want to get a burger but that is something i would think about more. did you know that in-n-out is a christian restaurant? >> i do not -- i do know that because they have scriptures and stuff on their wrappers. i am a catholic so sometimes i like to look at my cup. >> reporter: does the fact that you may leave left and newly right stop you from buying a burger? the mac -- >> it might. i might tend to go somewhere else. >> i do not think it bothers me that much but if they give it to trump -- if it was just some guy that was a republican,
9:26 am
let's go with bob and he was a republican running for some office, i probably would not care but for some reason if it's that cabinet in d.c., it would bother me. >> reporter: you are done? >> yes. >> reporter: we did find a study and the restaurants do tend to donate to republican causes. the big stand that was too polite. 100% of their donations during the time period went to democratic causes. 82% of starbucks want to time it -- went to democratic causes and the most politically correct restaurant will be dunkin' donuts which is 52% republican and 48% democrat. a little food for thought on this thursday. we are breaking the gap and this is the idea between the barbershop. for nearly 2 years, paul chambers has had open and
9:27 am
honest conversations and for the first time, the group is heading to emeryville. if you want to be a part of the change, the form is at 6:00 at emeryville center of community life. coming up, becoming official on social media, how you can get that little blue checkmark next to your name when you are on instagram. that is usually for celebrities and public figures. up next, we go inside to the last u. s. location of blockbuster in oregon.
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we had exactly one day of sunny skies.
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we are exaggerating but we have cloudy weather again and it might get sunny later. steve says it might be a nice day later. >> we have delays at sfo for low ceilings on arriving flights in about one hour. otherwise, oakland and san jose are fine. there could be some storm activities especially towards the gulf coast. we had a much stronger push here and most locations a copy to mostly cloudy. there are a few high clouds that continue through the peninsula. a few of those are drifting across. we have much warmer on the lowe's. we are already on the mid- sixties for some so we are slow to warm up. it is 65 in concord, 64 elsa brontk, 66 mt. pleasant. everyone is really close. the fog will burn off and it is
9:31 am
still holding on at the end of august. temperatures will begin to bump up a little bit and it has been below average all week as much is 10 to 12 degrees. tomorrow, does look warmer. we have those 80s and another day with very low 80s. some of those temperatures begin to warm up and we start to cool down monday and tuesday. if you are inland, you can enjoy the next three or four days. a young man got in a restroom and he was found unconscious with drug. nilly. paramedics tried to save him but he died at the station. the station close for this investigation and reopened just a couple of hours later last night. police have identified the suspect in the latest stabbing and investigators say jamar coleman is wanted in connection
9:32 am
with the incident from saturday night. the stabbing happened at the station and the victim suffered a minor injury. we have new details about a man that was arrested for identity theft. i headless body was found inside a fish tank. the man was in court yesterday to do with using a missing man's debit card. the headless body was found inside the fish tank and another man that was arrested in the case has been released. for more on some of the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. a motorcade in phoenix is underway and it is taking senator john mccain's casket from the arizona state capitol to a church for a memorial service. this is an eight mile route that is lined with people holding american flags and signs and paying tribute to the late senator and war hero.
9:33 am
almost half of the united states senate will be at that memorial service. it will be at the north phoenix baptist church and also there, former vice president joe biden. john mccain's casket will then be flown to washington for three more days of memorial -- of memorials. there was a deadly hit and run in 2009 and a man is now due in the courtroom. shannon fox was extradited back to the bay area on charges of killing six-year-old lisa xavier. investigators say he fled the country after he was in a street race and ran a red light and plowed into a car that was passing by with a little girl inside. the judge is not allowing any cameras in the courtroom today but we will tell you what happened in the hearing coming up today at noon. officials are set to make a
9:34 am
decision about the housing crisis in sacramento. housing has been a top issue for the mayor that signed a two- year $11 billion budget that included major investments in housing. that announcement is set for 11:00 and we will have announcements at noon. that is a look at just some of the top stories we are working on. the owner of the restaurant has come up with a creative way to make sure that her workers have a place to live. >> she said it was difficult to keep staff because it's so expensive to live near her business and palo alto. >> her solution was to buy a home and rent out rooms to her staff. >> it's beautiful. joke this is a two bedroom three bathroom house -- >> reporter: this is a three bedroom and two bathroom house. there is cable and internet included and it is just $500 a month. >> it's so cheap.
9:35 am
another place he would pay $1000 or more. >> reporter: cheap rent would not be possible if it was not for the store's owner that bought it for $950,000 and now rents rooms to her staff. it's her answer to what she calls a labor crunch. >> most of my employees cannot live here and they have to move out because the rent is so high. >> reporter: employees are happier to make some revenue, she rents the master bedroom to tech employees for $1500. the independent business owner who owns this restaurant and palo alto says skyrocketing housing prices are causing original shortage for the service industry. >> we have to have apartment complex and more affordable
9:36 am
housing. >> it makes people not able to grow. you will not be able to save anything. >> reporter: there is a waiting list along with two other employees. this assistant manager makes roughly $35,000 a year but has to rent an apartment for $1200 a month. he is living paycheck to paycheck for him and his seven- year-old son. >> it's really hard in the bay area. everywhere i have looked, it's so expensive now. >> there's also the student housing cursing and the university is asking employees to open their homes to students.'s urgent appeal comes as senators have a waiting list. there are not enough on-campus
9:37 am
rentals available. the letter is going out that says providing a room to students would be a tremendous help. a company is using driverless cars to delivered groceries -- to deliver groceries. the business has three cars so far but plans to expand to 20 by the end of the year. new delivery areas will likely include palo alto and mountain view. the temperature controlled cars will be stocked with additional items allowing people to make extra purchases. >> in the future, we have a bigger vehicle, you can call a star right to your doorstep and select whatever you want. >> i love that, actually. it's cheaper than traditional delivery services because the driverless car will cut down on costs. workers are being sent out with each delivery for backup. instagram is making it easier to get the coveted blue
9:38 am
checkmark that shows that you have built a personal brand. your following had to be big enough for instagram to credit you with that symbol. it signifies that the account is the authentic celebrity or global brand or public figure. now, anyone can request the blue checkmark. just go to settings and click on request verification. instagram is still not saying what qualifications are necessary to earn the blue checkmark. a blockbuster video began losing lots of money because of competitions like red box and netflix. >> the company started closing stores with a small number of them still open and mainly overseas. >> will location here in the united states is holding on. we headed to bend, oregon where as long as people's -- people continue to rent, the doors will stay open.
9:39 am
>> i wanted to return this. i am not sure how the late fees will be. >> we will check and see how bad it is. >> i was a kid and i rode my bike to blockbuster every day. i read whatever movie i wanted to see and then i would go home and watch it. blockbuster was a second home for me. >> thank you for waiting, guys. the mac this is amazing that people are still renting films this much. >> with everyone that has been here to visit, the one thing i hear is that it looks like a blockbuster and i am like of course it does. we are a blockbuster. you can still find movies the same way you did in 1990s and customers love it.
9:40 am
>> we have to have a licensing agreement and as long as we can continue to pay our employees and customers are coming in the door, we will stay open. you can absolutely work year. i have a badge already. >> look at that, i am legitimately a blockbuster employee. now i just have to learn how to do everything >> they are genuinely putting me to work. this is my first try. is this normal for a monday morning? i want to rent a movie. the specific when i'm looking for is terminator two adjustment day. >> let's go down here to the action section. >> i am not seeing it here. can we check if it is late or not and if it is late, i want to call that person and tell them to bring it back
9:41 am
immediately. watch me in action. my name is kevin for blockbuster and we were just giving you a courtesy call to let you know that the film terminator two is almost 2 days over due. real quick, what did you think of it? it was awesome talking to you. thank you for your business. that was legit. i want to meet this guy now. >> i just talk to you a second ago. >> this was not plan. awesome, nice to meet you. >> you can thank your customers and send them on their way. >> thank you, kevin. now i have my movie and i'm ready for my movie night. thank you so much. i have my candy. goodbye guys. i have to say this, always remember, be kind, rewind. >> you know what this reminds me of? when digital cameras came out i said i will still use film and
9:42 am
that lasted for about one month and then i realized that digital was the way to go. sorry. the mac my blockbuster card is somewhere. coming up next, it looks like love might really be in the air. y your next flight could actually land you your soulmate. this man is accomplished. here he is. steve hofstetter. as king midas, i here, you will too.nt. your oil change comes with a tire rotation as well. ooo! i could put that on an airplane banner.
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because i love dogs and
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have dogs, my cousin is convinced that i will have kids, like it's a gateway drug. >> that is my life. steve hofstetter has been on the radio tv and has been on sports illustrated and ran things behind the scenes for several shows. >> he is also the author of the book, ginger kid. >> he is performing at the punchline in san francisco and this morning he is kind enough to walk onto our set. when i realized to you were, i know i have seen you on mlb tv. you are a big baseball guide. >> i am a huge -- baseball guy. >> i'm a huge baseball guy. i am really excited about all of the young prospects and i look forward to finding what teams they get traded to. >> you should catch one of the games this weekend. >> it has been a rough
9:46 am
rebuilding process. i feel like the mets have been an off-season for a couple of years now. >> you wanted to be a sports writer, right? >> i was. then i realize you cannot be a sports writer and a sports fan at the same time. everyone was jaded and i would show up and be in the press box and i was like this is amazing i want to do this all the time so i kind of quit that and i still dabble a little bit. >> you do a lot of things with big immediate companies and i you stand up is a very individual sport. do you like that autonomy? >> i do. i started as an improviser and people ask why i started improv and every improv group, there's
9:47 am
always one person that is fantastic and a couple people who think they are fantastic. they try to make the scene all about them and stand up is great because when you succeed, it is up to you and when you fail, it is up to you. the mac i have -- >> i have glasses even bigger than yours. i love your glasses but my husband said he did not like them and i said they are geek chic. >> i am wondering where this is going. >> the word nerd used to be very negative but do you think that has turned a little bit? >> it has turned to a degree. my book is from a former nerd and i am still very much a nerd. so, i think people are owning who they are and be more proud but you also have the people who are not nerds at all that are like, i am totally a nerd.
9:48 am
no, you are not a nerd you cannot -- you are a 10. you cannot be both. >> if you have glasses on a model and you are like she is a nerd and i'm like no. people want to be nerd because it is associated with silicone valley and the people that built the multimillion dollar companies. a lot of times people say -- my book is a lot about bullying or finding comity as a way out and a lot of people say i bet the bullies are not successful but how do you know that. some bullies do become successful. my bully is a doctor. i realize how that sounded. i am not currently getting bullied by a doctor. >> when he was a kid, he was bullying you and now he is a doctor. >> she but yes. >> okay, women can be anything
9:49 am
including a bully. >> do you like the engagement? the mac i preferred just doing my set which is why i'm glad to be here performing birmingham weekend. i prefer just doing my set. i happen to be good with dealing with the hecklers but the heckler does not want to shoot anyone. they would just rather sit and eat a sandwich. >> are you good with of -- have what makes you good with engaging with them? -- what makes you good with engaging with them? the mac i think it's just experience and that little person in your brain that says i should not say that, i do not have that guide. after a fight, on the drive home you are always like i wish i would've said that. my drive is always like, should
9:50 am
not have said that. it works that when you are doing standup. >> that is good advice for people that are looking to be a comedian. be yourself. >> yes, be yourself, as long as your self does not suck. >> welcome to the bay area. we have ticket information for those that want to go to your show. you can look under the web link section on and you can also find it on our mobile app. >> if you are baseball fan, i am happy to talk baseball after the show. the mac thank you -- >> thank you, we will be back after the break.
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welcome back. we are taking you live to phoenix, arizona. the memorial service for the late senator john mccain is about to get underway at the north phoenix baptist church. he never really flaunted his faith on the campaign trail when he ran for president but i know senator mccain could quote grifter at length and also served as the room chaplain to his fellow prisoners of war in north vietnam. you can see the hearst has arrived at the church in phoenix, arizona. vice president joe biden will be among those paying tribute during this service. after this memorial service at
9:54 am
the church, senator mccain's casket will be flown to washington d.c. and tomorrow, before the service, there will be a final burial at the naval academy in maryland which is set for sunday. we will be live streaming this service for you on our website at you can watch it right now on ktvu plus. we have a mural of robin williams to share with you. this was painted by an argentinian artist. this was taken from a photograph. williams died four years ago this month. david west is retiring after 15 seasons in the nba. the all-star made the announcement on social media. he won two championships with
9:55 am
the warriors and was a key contributor during the 2017 championship. he scored more than 14,000 career points. tonight is the final preseason game for the 49ers and raiders. the 49ers host the chargers at levi stadium. they have high expectations after last season ended with a 5-0 record. right now, the 49ers are picked by some to make the playoffs. we will have to wait and see. expect heavy traffic before and after tonight's game. kickoff is set for 7:00. the raiders are in seattle to take on the seahawks. this will be one final chance for players to try to make the roster which has to be trimmed from 90 players to 53 by saturday. most of the starters are expected to rest while the backups will battle it out on the field. the team will still be without the starter who was holding out while negotiating a new contract.
9:56 am
you can watch the raiders play the seahawks in week four of the nfl preseason. coverage begins tonight right here on ktvu. stick around for the 10:00 news. preseason football is too long. four days is too much. college football does not even need preseason. this oakland is introducing kids to his sport. the organization has raised money to buy 60 bikes with all of the helmets and safety gear that they will loan to the children in oakland and berkeley schools. he wants children to know how much fun and exercise riding a bike can be and anytime is a good time to learn a new skill. we will be live from the new bmx park tomorrow which will have its grand opening in richland. we will show you dirt world as we are so excited to share big things happening in richland. if you're looking for
9:57 am
romance, love might be in the air. a new study says one out of 50 air travelers find the love of their life on an airplane. it makes sense sitting next to someone for number of hours. that a conversation would actually start. my friends met not on the plane but in the airport so it does happen. thank you for joining us. we have much more noon coming up today at noon. have a fabulous day. we can see the clouds are back behind us and no more bright yellow son. -- sun. thank you for being here with us this morning on the nine.
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he could possibly... he likes to collect things. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. oh and we have an entire comic book store and i managed to wedge a candle in there. oh i see, so this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. it also fits the entire neighborhood, when they show up, unannounced, in a good way... kind of... what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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at ikea, we help you live it. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> wendy: thank you. [cheers and applause]


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