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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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fox10 news starts now. city leaders got an ear full for people living in the willow glen neighborhood. >> hello, frank and julie have the night off. san jose is trying to calm fears after neighbors complain about a wave of crimes. new 11:00 tonight, smith is live in san jose with more on the problem, and what the chief had to say. >> reporter: the police chief acknowledged their angst. he is frustrated too, and tonight, he told us he is rolling out several new strategies to help combat crime. >> thieves break the back door window. >> reporter: for the second time, a rghas broken into gunter's restaurant, surveillance footage captures him rummaging through cabinets. in the cash register early monday morning, camera in tow. >> scared and angry, it's also become a commonplace thing around here for crime to happen. >> this break-in is the latest in a string of crimes in willow
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glen. earlier this month, ktvu reported on a home invasion, a car stolen right from the driveway , and an assault. tonight residents say they are under attack and fed up. >> the neighbor has gotten nicer and more upscale, quality of life has gone down for us. >> i completely understand where everybody is coming from. you have these concerns and fears regarding the safety of our community. >> reporter: many say the majority of recent crimes committed by two groups comprised of nine juveniles and one adult, you know each other. >> they are linked to 95 separate incidents. >> reporter: in fact, one suspect, just 14 years old, connected to eight residential burglaries. >> they are targeting all different places in the city, the seven to be some areas they have hit. >> the chief says in light of these crimes, officers will respond to all alarm calls before officers would only respond to calls if they are verified. the department is also
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establishing a street crimes team and a dedicated burglary unit next month. >> 100 burglaries aren't committed by 100 different people. my hope is by being proactive in taking these individuals off the street before they have the opportunity to commit a crime is what our goal is. >> officers enforce the laws that are there, that will be solid. >> reporter: the chief says he is working with judges to keep juveniles in custody longer. in the meantime this business owner says he plans to patrol his own street at night. >> i have taken it upon myself to come around here at night, at different times of day. we have crime during broad daylight, but, i am afraid we will see a lot more vigilante is if this problem doesn't get solved. >> reporter: at tonight's meeting, the chief address staffing, saying two years ago, the department had 900 officers. right now, there are 1100 officers covering a city of 1 million people. alex, he says it will take time to rebuild, and that they are in the process of doing that. >> in the meantime neighbors will have to be patient.
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new at 11:00, another apple store has been hit by thieves, this time in santa rosa. police say three men wearing hoodies and to the store, you see the surveillance footage right here at the santa rosa plaza mall around 8:00 last night. they took more than $35,000 worth of prizes, there have been similar robberies throughout the bay area in recent weeks including one in walnut creek just on saturday. police say to give them a call if you recognize any of the suspects. 97 cisco, four students are in custody tonight after a gun went off inside balboa high school. the entire campus and two nearby schools were placed on lockdown. students at balboa were on lockdown for nearly 2 hours as police searched the campus. they say they located the gun, and a bullet casing. parents say they were frustrated over when the students would be released, but, obviously revealed that no one was -- with relief that no one was seriously hurt. >> amongst the ranks of parents
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who stood outside my child school not knowing what is happening to these kids, and whether they are safe. yeah, it's pretty crappy. >> reporter: one student is in custody for discharging the gun, three others were detained as accessories after the fact, and one student was hurt, but police say not by the gunfire. and oakland neighborhood is banding together to catch a peeping tom. this is a story we first told you about last week. so far, apparently all the publicity has not scared this man off. in fact, he was spotted again just last night. deborah is joining us live from the maxwell park neighborhood, with details on this, back at it again? >> reporter: that's right, nothing seems to scare off this persistent peeper, but with every incident comes more resolved from this community.
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julie keeps her shades down, and her new cameras on. noises on the side of her house at night, she thought were raccoons, were actually, a man who climbed the fence and dropped into her yard to peek at her windows. >> he came to the door as i came to the door and saw him and started yelling at he went back over the fence after i saw him. >> reporter: that was two weeks ago. the man, stocky, middle-aged, balding, left when she shouted, but not in a big hurry. when julie bought this house two months ago, the seller mentioned rumors of a long time peeper in the neighborhood. int it sounds like he's been there for a number of years. to hannah kirk, all six years, she has lived in park and has been repeatedly spied on. apparently, the same manner she has captured on video sneaking across her backyard to lurk and look in her windows.
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kerr put these images on the social network next-door after he came two nights in a row. >> i will sleep best, when we have caught the person. >> reporter: oakland police reached out and promised increased patrols, and neighbors have formed a prowler task force aimed at catching him. >> i want him caught, and not doing this again ever. he has a pattern, he is consistent, nothing is stopping him, not even a new story. >> reporter: last night, he surfaced again on video, pacing in front of julie's house. then, peering through her fence until she opened her front door, and startedtled him. >> neighbors came out >> reporter: police arrived and look for the man last night, too, but no luck. residents expect they are going to be the ones able to mobilize quickly and make a citizens arrest at some point, but alex, this is an odd and unfortunate way for neighbors to have to come together. >> yeah. it certainly is.
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thank you. the california assembly voted today to advance a bill that will put in place the strongest net mentality -- net neutrality provisions in the nation, bringing back obama era rules ousted by the fcc in december. it would prohibit internet service providers from blocking or prohibiting lawful content, apps, services, or non-harmful devices. the assemblies vote following months of lobbies from internet companies which warned that it would lead to higher costs. the backed -- is heading back to the state senate for final approval. a bill on the governor's desk would require publicly traded companies based in california to appoint women to the board of directors. the bill mandates that corporate boards include at least one woman by the end of 2019. and as many as three women by the end of 2021 depending on size. women are absent from one fourth of the board of directors here in the state. the state chamber of commerce opposes the measure, saying it
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would elevate women over other underrepresented segments of the population. >> president trump today said he is going to freeze the pay of more than 2 million civilian federal workers, and eliminate a 2.1% pay raise that was set to take place in january. janet is joining us live tonight from our newsroom with reactions from workers. >> reporter: alex, this affect mail carriers, the irs, veterans and ministration workers, and other civilian staff, who say they already sacrificed raises three times they are upset that president trump repeatedly touts a strong economy and tax cuts but is now freezing federal workers pay and eliminating a separate increase that adjusts for the cost of living differences. at the federal building in oakland, many workers heard about president trump's decision to eliminate their 2.1% pay raise. about 150,000 federal employees live in california. >> we work just like everybody
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else, and we are living in the area, as you know, the cost to live here is very high. >> reporter: joyce jones has worked for the government 26 years, and says while they had a freeze during the recession, she doesn't understand why president trump is doing it now. is after a massive tax cut. >> this already boosted the deficit over 10 years to $1.4 trillion, and you don't want to give us 2.1%? >> reporter: at a campaign rally thursday night in indiana, the president claimed credit for a growing u.s. economy. he says the pay freeze is necessary to save 25 million dollars in next year's budget. and feels federal wages should be tied to merit-based pay. >> using trumps words of the economy is great, going gangbusters. >> reporter: uc berkeley economist stephen pitts is an economist at the center for labor research and says the increases were put into law decades ago. >> back in 1990, a law was passed that was designed to equalize salaries between the private and public sector. they found they were having difficulty attracting and retaining employees. >> he says the president has
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the power to freeze raises but that is usually done during times when the economy is struggling. >> the difference is the economy. right now, have very little unemployment. even trumps trumpets of the great nature of the economy. >> reporter: earlier this month, the senate approved a 1.9% increase for federal employees, but the house has not voted on that budget item, and even if it does pass congress, it would still need the president's signature, alex? >> the timing of all this is interesting. janet in our newsroom tonight, thank you. senator john mccain was remembered today in his home state of arizona, as a man who embraced friends across the political spectrum, and from all walks of life. >> navajo flutist played a him in mccain's honor at the north phoenix baptist church. former vice president joe biden eulogized kemp -- mccain as
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loyal and funny and a great friend despite differences. >> my name is joe biden. i'm a democrat. >> [ laughter ] >> and i loved john mccain. i always thought of john as a brother. we had a lot of family fights. >> after the ceremony, senator mccain's casket was flown to washington dc one last time. tomorrow, the senator will lie in state at the u.s. capitol, where the public will be able to pay their respects. on saturday, a private service will be held at the national cathedral, where former presidents george w. bush and be laid the u.s. eulogize him. naval academy in annapolis. a new identity for fisherman's wharf, how the popular tourist destination is hoping to attract more locals.
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struck a ban on gun shows at the cal palace, the legislation now in the governor's desk and how much it could cost and revenue. struck coming up on the weekend here, weather is looking pretty good, it's been a little rough, a mild week, higher temperatures through the weekend. ♪ ♪
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trains in the north bay should be back on schedule in the morning after a pedestrian was struck and killed this evening. police say that 29-year-old man walked in front of the train around 5:40 just north of the roanoke park station. witnesses say they saw the man walking with his head down with headphones, and then looking at something y they aren't sure if he walked in front of the train by accident or not. five people were hurt in a multivehicle crash on vasco road this afternoon. the crash was reported before 3:00 in byron.
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a total of three cars were involved and one of them flipped over. highway patrol says the crash happened when one car attended to pass another, and crashed into oncoming traffic. a five-year-old child and adult suffered major injuries, three others suffered less serious injuries. new 11:00, a san jose man is behind bars facing charges of kidnapping and armed robbery . solomon bell is accused of robbing an 18-year-old san jose state student at gunpoint last week. and then, forcing him to walk to more than one atm to withdraw money. the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. the victim was released unharmed. after burning for more than a month, the destructive and deadly carr fire is now fully contained tonight. the fire destroyed more than 1000 homes in and around reading, and was to blame for eight deaths. the blaze started back on july 23, cal fire says it was sparked by a vehicle that was driving on a flat tire. this fire burns 229,000 acres, making it the seventh largest wildfire in state history. >> a bill that would ban gun
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shows at the cal palace is headed to the governor's desk. the senate passed that bill today, if approved, it would put a stop to the five times per year fire -- firearms shows. the bill authors say residents who live near the palace don't want the gun shows in their neighborhood. the gun shows sponsor, crossroads of the west, say the palace will lose more than $700,000 in annual revenue, if the legislation is enacted. rideshare scooters are coming back to san francisco after a two-month hiatus, while city leaders drafted regulations . the city's transportation age to the companies skewed and skip , leaving out some better-known brands, including lime, bird, and spin. the fda says -- ss fta said skewed and skip altered the best solutions -- offered the
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best solutions to the city's concerns including training. each company will be allowed to deploy 625 scoot first six months of the program, back in june, all scooter rental companies were told to stop operating while the city drafted regulations. is a cisco fisherman's wharf is a well-known destination for tourists, but for locals not so much. now, as rob explains, the wharf business owners are hoping to attract locals by changing their perception of the area. >> reporter: ask a sentence as a resident if they ever visit fisherman's wharf and chances are you will get this k answer. >> is kind of a touristy place. >> there are a lot of people there, not my vibe. >> reporter: the recent fisherman's wharf community benefits district strategy report shared that just 14% of the 16 million annual visitors are locals, the rest, from elsewhere. >> korea. >> wisconsin. >> reporter: what are you doing at fisherman's wharf? >> here for the weekend. >> reporter: there trying to win over locals to change the
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impression the area is more than a souvenir shop. >> after labor day, it becomes slow so that is when we would need our locals to come down and support businesses. >> reporter: changes have begun, new businesses have come in, such as a brewery in the square, at a cheese store. plans are also afoot to improve lighting and establish more of a nightlife. >> we are trying to encourage people to do, to come down in the evening. you know, six or 7:00 p.m., happy hour, date night, maybe, for a sunday fun day with some girlfriends, there are lots of times at the wharf, where there is just a few people walking around. >> reporter: the strategy report also encourages a social media campaign to lure locals with discounts and special events. >> do i want all of the wharf to have t-shirt shops? no. none of us want that, but we want to create a beautiful environment, which already adds
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to what we have with our natural beauty, to invite everybody to come down. >> the business is -- businesses say making the necessary changes will be an ongoing process. i went to fisherman's wharf this weekend. >> are you? >> no, i asked if i wanted to, but i have good weather? >> it's going to be foggy. it's going to be good san francisco weather, you know, but definitely the fog bank clearing the last couple nights has been getting pinched down, and when that happens, you get the fog right at the coast, and out in the marina district, it burns off a bit but in the mornings it is definitely foggy. partly cloudy quickly in the afternoon, so things are changing, these are the highlights from today, let's us highs from today, hides from tomorrow will be warmer, so the pressure is building in, this is the story as we go forward.
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we have had a nice cool week, temperatures are going to spike up here on saturday and sunday inland, along the coast, it will be cool and mild because of the fog, which will be persistent. the reasons temperatures are going inland is because the inversion is pinching down. before all the fog was cooling sacramento and stockton. not anymore, the fog has pinched back at the coast, so folks at the wharf will notice that. i want to show you that there's a lot of activity along the equator, a lot of tropical storm activity, very aggressive for this time of year, so next week is going to be -- there will already be hurricanes, a ton of moisture moving up into the mississippi delta, and then there is this area here that looks like it will develop into a hurricane by sunday, so -- it and, it has to do with temperatures, which are extremely warm. so, it will definitely be hot out as we go through the next
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couple of days in the atlantic. and pacific as well in the tropical regions. but, for us along the coast, there is the fog you see how it is tight against the coast, you see it hitting the east bay hills, but we haven't seen this before, here is the forecast tomorrow morning, and you see temperatures back in the orange is coming in, we haven't seen this. all week it was greens and yellows, which were 60's. forecasted high for vacaville is 89 degrees, 86 in fairfield, five day forecast, there they are, the hottest days of the weekend will be saturday, sunday, monday, and then temperatures cool back down next week for reduced fire danger again. >> thank you, bill. sports is coming up next, readers finish up the preseason with a lopsided win. mark will have your highlights, plus, the niners lost their first game.
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the niners and raiders wrapped up preseason tonight, it's about to get real now. >> it is. in the meantime, the a's had a tough one tonight. >> they sure did, and the sentences go giants were off, making fields, andrew mccutcheon traded to the new york yankees, for a couple of minor leaguers. we will see how that works out, i guess you could call this the
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official white flag for the giants for this year, and that trade could actually affect the a's, trying to catch up with the yankees in the wild-card race for the top slots. tonight like you said, a tough one, matt chapman had a rough one, bases-loaded two runs already in, bounds of the third, matt chapman is a gold glover but the arm, not working tonight. a bad throw, two more runs score, the a's were down 5-0, chapman says my bad right there, but they are still 4 1/2 up over the mariners in that wild-card chase. so it's not all bad. the preseason is , but john gruden, for all he was worth tonight, it was like an afc championship game, always pumped up, and a couple of jobs might be decided tonight. the past two jana caskey in a seahawks uniform, that will take a while to get used to, but quarterback cj manual, he might be the number two quarterback, hatcher present
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the presence of mind to stay afloat right here. his knees never touch, he's got to get this, he had eight catches for three touchdowns, and the second your player out of arkansas, 30-19 when, like i said, midseason form with the celebration, and the raiders finished 3-1 in the preseason. what you might call a very sparse crowd tonight, shanahan had other things on his mind, battling back up in the soon to be unemployed 49ers take a 7-6 leigh, one of the backup quarterbacks, nick mullins taking it himself, and an early lead for the niners trailing here by six in the final moments, three minutes left, jerry mcnichols, first of 6 yards, chargers did hit a field goal at the final gun to win it 23-21, 49ers finish three and one, 1-3 in the season, mirror image of the raiders. it is time to check this out,
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here's a kid very excited about the steelers game tonight, he is in midseason form, try that, man, that is something else. kid is only about seven or eight years old, looking good. meanwhile, the dodgers lost tonight, good news for giants fans, having some fun, that's the two-step right there, beautiful job by eduardo escobar for the winning diamondbacks tagging out, and giants fans will love this, safe at first, on a bad throw but he rounds the bag, and boom, he is out, that is the ge >> he got greedy there. >> a little bit. that is the sporting life, guys. >> thanks so much. thanks for joining us tonight everybody, good night.
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