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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 31, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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final day of august, august 31st. good morning. let's talk about your friday weather. steve paulson is right here. i've been here since 4:00. alex said i remember moving into my first apartment from davis at walnut creek and i was traumatized. that was one year ago. i cannot remember what san francisco was. today will be warmer but not that much warmer. 70s yesterday that is unseasonably cool to near average for today and into the week a little above. so a little fog. the coast and the bay will not change much. you'll look at 60s and 70s. it will be cool this morning
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about at a three to 11 degrees warmer. this is a response moving through. and it will allow the thigh start building in it might a little optimistic on the temperatures today. inland, coast and bay looks like a lot of 60s and 70s. 7:01 on a friday morning. we have some earlier trouble this morning on southbound 680. it is improving. all the lanes are open. but still a little slow. a good day like today when the accidents clear, the backup clears up quickly because it is lighter than usual. we've been looking at 680 and 80 and 24. things are doing very well. so the roads are lighter. when accidents happen, they tend to be more serious because people are going faster. they are clearing an accident there and traffic is backed up from 280 to san francisco downtown. counselors are available in san francisco this morning when
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the classes resume at balboa high school. >> reporter: there will be classroom discussions today and extra counselors and extra security measures. but those were not detailed to us this is happening this morning after a gun went off inside and put the entire campus and three nearby schools on lockdown for two hours. cell phone video posted on an app called citizen shows the students huddled in the corner of a classroom. it came on the intercom of an armed man on campus. a spokeswoman said that students would be sheltered in place. and the officers went through the campus, clearing each classroom. >> there was a lot of people
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crying. i saw people trying to can't friends. >> i saw so many other mothers and parents crying and rushing towards the school that maybe could not make contact with their kids. >> reporter: the police recovered the gun and the bullet casings and four students were arrested. one student was in custody for discharging the gun and others were detained after the fact. some students had some non-life threatening injuries but not from the gunfire. the security plans will be in place for the rest of the week. any minute now, a motor case will take senator john mccain to the u.s. capitol where he will lie in state. he arrived at andrews air force base yesterday. vice president mike expense to
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speak at the capitol rotunda. a them questioning service was held for the late -- -- and then a memorial service will be held. this flute is being played in his honor the phoenix baptist church. joe biden said that senator john mccain was very funny and a good friend despite their political differences. >> my name is joe bid dent i'm a democrat. -- biden. i'm a democrat. and i loved senator john mccain. i always thought of john as a brother. we had a lot of family fights. >> tomorrow a private service for senator mccain will be held at the national cathedral in washington that is where former
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president bush and obama will eulogize him. we'll have live reports for you from washington d.c. with the latest on today's events coming up throughout the morning and next at 7:30. in other news, the police in berkley searching for a man accused of sexually assaulting a uc berkley staff member. it happened yesterday morning just before 9:00 at the entrance of the university's garage on bankcraft way. if you have any information, call the police. thieves hit another apple store in santa rosa. it shows what happened when three men wearing hoodies stole more than 35 thousands of apple devices. this followed -- 35 thousands
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35 thousands apple devices. mta approved scooter applications for permits from two companies. they granted one year permits to the scoot and skip, leaving out the better known brands like lime and bird and uber. the agency said that both scoot and skip offer the best solutions for san francisco's concerns, including providing helmets and offering in person training. each company will be allowed to deploy 625 scooters in the first six months of this pilot program. the city has issued a cease and desist order to scooter rent companies to allow time for these regulations. this bill's arthurs say that people that live near this don't want gun shows in their neighborhood. the gun show sponsor crossroads
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of the west, said they will lose $700,000 in revenue in the legislation is enacted. video from a violent incident from a muny train is circulating this morning. take a look. anna sterling shared this. two men trying to throw a young man off a muny train because he was playing music too loud. you can hear a woman pleading to leave him alone. on the second video, you can see two men trying to force the young man off the train. as of right now, we don't know names of the men in the video or when this happened. we have reached out to san francisco and muny officials trying to get a comment on this. there will be an end of emergency police patrols after a deadly attack in oakland. bart ordered all police officers and other staff members to work ten hours shifts six days a week. it came after several violence incidents, including the stack
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death of 18-year-old nia wilson. the san francisco chronicle, bart switched to a new staffing plan this week that it considers more manageable -- manageable for the long-term. they got a grant to help improve security. and they are considering $28 million upgrade, one that will include nor police staffing. -- more police staffing. a pedestrian was hit yesterday. a man walked in front of a train at 5:40 yesterday evening. the witnesses said that they saw the man was looking down wearing headphones looking at something in his hand. they are not sure if he did it by accident or on purpose. a new section of highway 1 is showing this cracks. this is a quarter stretch mile
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of road that was rebuilt after a storm sent more than a million tons of rock and work down on to the road. it is a cost $54 million last month. cal tran said they are aware of the tracks and say they are superficial and they are say that the road is safe. it is expected to be busy on the roads and the sky. people are going to head out for the holiday weekend. they expect 200,000 passengers to go through the airport this labor day weekend that is up 8% compared to last year. most of the travelers, about 48,000, will go through today. passengers are being told to arrive early if you have a flight. and millions of people are expected to be driving, hitting the roads. this weekend, we could see the most traffic ever for the holiday weekend since 2018 has
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been a record year for road travel. the worst time to travel on the roads will be at 5 or later tonight. also new numbers show that people are spending less time waiting in line at the dmv. the wait times have been going up in part because of the shift to federally required real id cards. in the past month, the average weight times through the northern california dropped by an average of 50 minutes. the better numbers come after the state decided to open more dmv offices on saturday. an update after a deadly plane crash kills five east bay coworkers. the trump administration is taking aim at welfare recipients. the big changes that take effect tomorrow. we see that the traffic is better than normal here on 80 westbound. it is a little bit better as you drive out to the macarthur
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maze. one year ago it was hot around here. it will not be anywhere close to that.
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. there will now be a new requirements getting food stamps or benefits. but starting tomorrow, the waiver will no longer apply in san francisco, santa clara and sam te'o counties. 7:13. the california supreme court ruled that people convicted of crimes, you don't have the right to have your dna removed from the database even if it is reduced from a felony to a
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misdemeanor. proposition 47 allows the reduction some felony crimes to misdemeanors. but court ruled that previously collected dna samples should be removed. california assembly voted a bill to put in place the strongest net neutrality in the nation. it will prohibit internet service providers from blocking or throttling lawful content. and this follows months of lobbying that warned this would head to higher costs. and now it will go to the senate for final approval. cancelled, president trump is canceling the pay raises scheduled for 2 million federal government employees, including post office workers, the irs and workers at the veterans' association. they are scheduled to get a 2.1% salary increase next year. but the president said that
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freezing federal pay will protect the budget and save $25 billion. he also wants salaries tide to merit. but unions representing the federal workers are criticizing that. they say that the huge tax cut that president trump signed into law last december, increased the national debt and helping the corporations and wealthy americans and only modest benefit for middle and low income families. >> it boosted the deficit. you you don't want to give us it2.1%. >> they could get a salary increase if congress could work out a federal pay raise in next year's budget. but president trump will have to sign it. to the hard working federal employees that trump extrude by
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cut -- screwed by cutting pay, you matter. a bill on governor brown's desk will require publicly traded company will need to have at least one woman on the board by 2019 and 3 women by the end of 2021 depending on company's size. women are current absence from one fourth of the board of directers in the state. the chamber of commerce said it would pass other people deserving. let's get on the road for a lot of people. a lot of people are getting out of town. on some a holiday. so there will not be much of a commute. today there will be a commute leaving the bay area. traffic on 80 westbound looks okay. drive together bay bridge, it is not that bad.
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san francisco does have a crash northbound 101. they also have within at cesar chaves. southbound 101 from the golden gate bridge looks good. and the peninsula, it looks fine. if you're driving into san francisco northbound, it is very slow. i would avoid 101. there have been not one but two accidents here. i would use 280 instead 101. the city streets are an option as well. 7:17. let's get to it delays for the fog on some arrival flights. i think the same here now in san jose showing some minor that could lead to seattle and tacoma. yesterday it was cool for us. at the end of august this is a far cry from last year. that is for sure.
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gilroy 80, san jose 76. livermore 75. redwood city is only 73. at the end of august, 57 in livermore -- 75 in livermore is paradise. >> practically freezing. >> yes. these are actually near average to slightly below. san jose should be 82. san francisco 68. i don't think they'll get above that today. there is too much fog. the coolest high temperature in august was 59 on the sixth. the warmest was only 72 on the ninth. there was only three days that we had a temperature above 70. one of those -- those was on wednesday. today if you're heading up to the mountains, it will be fine. a little warmer as we head into the holiday weekend saturday and sunday. they are looking to be warmier. there could be some buildups
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from clouds. i think it will be all right. there could be a few isolated showers on monday. low clouds, still cannot get rid of that. we're getting late in the fog season. the lows are running cooler by 2 to 9 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. so a lot of 60s. and now a lot of 50s. and we'll go back to the coast and that will keep the 60s and the 70s. cool is moving out. but the high pressure is moving in. it will not give us anything close to what we had a year ago. it will be warm on the weekend. the temperatures have been well below average for a while. we have to warm up sometime. we will. not so much the coast but the bay. 7:19. an amazing rescue story after a boy was swept away by floodwaters in wisconsin. the quick reaction that accepted save the little boy's life. >> reporter: senator john mccain returns to the nation's
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capitol today. we have more on the plans coming up.
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is there a road song that you like. 7:23. we have additional information about the housing crunch in santa cruise. some people said they have rented their houses out to students for years because of the shortage of students. the need is real and it is urgent, especially when the classes begin in less than a month. some students are blaming the administers for the shortage. >> they want the staff and faculty for what they are paid to do and that is to find a
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solution. >> they say they are working to build 3100 housing units. groundbreaking is still years away. anyway from now, a six hour funeral service is about to begin for aretha franklin. jennifer hudson and stevie wonder are going to sing. a soldout concert paid tribute to aretha franklin's legacy. performing artists, friends and others said that they sang her songs. her granddaughter thanked those that say they have been touched by her life and music. >> it is inspiring to see how much hearts and lives that my
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grandma touched. it is warming to see all the sport that you give us. thank you. we appreciate you so much from the bottom of our hearts. >> we'll bring you live coverage of aretha franklin funeral throughout the newscast on mornings on 2 today. an 11-year-old boy is rescued after the firefighters saw a finger stepping out of a manhole. he was playing with some friend by a drainage ditch and pulled him under the water. he survived by holding to a ladder extend together top of the manhole cover in the storm sewer. this bear was going to be released into the wild. but did he not want to go. he jumped back into the truck. he ran off after the driver
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honked his horn. look at this. this bear is swinging back and forth in a hammock. the woman that owns the home said that the bear has come to lounge in the back in yard before. where a mother and daughter were when the law enforcement were called out to find him. >> reporter: it is get away day. and all three major airports are open in the bay area. but you would never know it. but it is actually slow here. roads are not that crowded. i think i know what is going on. this morning it going to be light but this afternoon it will be crowded. we'll tell you more straight ahead. a little bit of a warmup inland. but there is a good fog bank out there. so not that much on the coast and the bay.
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you see the hearse bringing senator john mccain's building to the capitol rotunda with the motorcade. senator john mccain will be the 13th person to lie in state there. a service will be held tomorrow at the national cathedral followed by a private burial on sunday at the naval academy in
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in annapolis. we have a few flight delays due to fog. san jose is having some sea-tac to tacoma because of fog. and thunderstorm activity in newark. i would think that st. louis might be encountering something there. is that little cell going bonkers there. we will see the temperatures that will be unseasonably cool. nothing compared to last year. but they'll get back to near average to slightly below. south lake tahoe looks good and the temperatures bumming up, maybe monday could -- bumping up. maybe monday. fog still there. we're not expecting any north, northeast winds 50s, more so 60s by far. it is noticeably cooler today.
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they get back to a little better than average. 7:30. we have a couple of issues. >> there is slow traffic northbound 101 trying to drive into san francisco. say you want to debt downtown i would not use -- to get downtown. i would not use that is a decent commute. today, the commute is mostly after noon. anytime you're going on a major highway afternoon, it will start getting slower and slower. and the peak is about 5:00 or 6:00 to about 8:00. and then after that you might want to go late. but i would not be going in the afternoon or the evening today. let's talk about some of the other commutes, golden gate bridge traffic looks good as you head down to san francisco. the peninsula traffic is all right. it is not too bad on 101 near
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the airport. but northbound 101, we mention it had up into san francisco is slow. so you can use 280 as an alternate route. this is get away friday for a lot of people that are going away for the labor day weekend. the rush has started. it means that our highways and airports will be busy. frank is at the oakland international airport talking to people heading out of town. >> reporter: good morning. i think there are advantages to apparently threing out of oakland. -- there advantages flying out of oakland. take a look. not a lot going on 50,000 people are expected here today by the end of the day. but so far, it's been quiet and eyeseasy for travelers -- and easy for travelers and slow. these ladies are flying to
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burbank and they will jump on a bachelorette cruise to mexico. so far it has been perfect for these ladies. >> it took no time to get here at all. >> reporter: there are advantages to flying out of oakland. my brother dropped us off. easy. >> reporter: slow this morning. but some 200 plus are expected to go through the gates in oakland by monday night. chp said that the maximum enforcement period tonight on california highways. it will run through monday till midnight. they'll look for any distracted drivers or anyone under the influence. chp is asking everyone to stay safe and stay sober and take it slow. but we want you to go out and
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enjoy the weekend too. it is the unofficial end to the summer vacation time. so go out and have a great week that is the latest. slow so far in oakland. back to you. happening today, there will be classroom discussions and extra counseling staff on hand at -- in san francisco today after a gun went off inside the school yesterday. the entire campus and two year schools were put on lockdown yesterday just before noon. the police searched the campus and they found a gun and bullet casing. the parent were distressed having to wait to be reunited with their children after such a troubling incident. >> i'm the parent that stood outside the police tape of my
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child's school. it is pretty crappy. >> four students were arrested. one student is in custody for discharging the gun and others were detained as accessory after the fact. one student was hurt but not by gunfire. ntsb released new information about the plane crash in early august. it killed five people from the east bay. three realtors from danville and two family members were flying from concord to orange county when the plane crashed in santa ana. he was told to hold over a shopping center. several witnesses said they saw the plane enter a left bank turn and then go down towards the ground at a steep angle. the pilot did transmit emergency three time and it crash into several vehicles and a shopping center. -- at a shopping center. the report did not state a
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possible cause of the crash. we continue to follow today's service dedicated to senator john mccain. a motorcade escorting his body just arrived outside the capitol. it will lie in state for the public to pay their respects. let's go to capitol hill with what is happening now and in the coming hours. >> reporter: good morning. senator john mccain's remains will be lifted up the capitol steps and to the capitol rotunda where he will fly state. vice president pence the present a wreath from the administration. the senator will lie in state for the duration of the day. and the public will have the opportunity to file past and pay their final respects.
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>> on a day like this, does washington, the daily business of it grind to a halt? is there still sort of that daily work happening? >> reporter: well, that depends on where you work. for folks around capitol hill, this is going do dominate everything today. we're dog to see crowds out there waiting to get inside the capitol rotunda. but otherwise, i think like any other city, life goes on. most people are probably working today as this plays out watching this coverage on television, perhaps. but having said that, senator john mccain played a huge role in this city. he was one of 100 senators. he was more than that and it goes to, not just his status as a war hero, but the fact that he ran for president and a moral leader want party.
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sew played a big role here. that is why he's recognized with this great honor of laying in state. >> and senator john mccain this weeks and months to plan his final days. much what is happening over the next few days was orchestrated by mccain himself? >> reporter: we're told that he goes down the music selection that mccain was intimately in planning all of this and we are seeing that in the simpleness of it. there was a ceremony in arizona, the senator's home state and moves on to washington where he spent so much of his time and built his legacy. on the way to the national cathedral tomorrow. the motor indicate will stop at the vietnam war memorial where a wreath will be laid. and the senator will be buried at the naval academy in
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annapolis not far from washington where the senator attended. every step of the way, you see his fingerprints here. >> we see cindy mccain on the far left and other members of the late senator john mccain's family standing as the imroid is about to enter the u.s. capitol where it will lie in state in the rotunda. this is the public's turn to pay their final respects and say thank you to the long time arizona senator in the past few days that has united the nation. >> it has. we'll follow that. 7:39. some good news about a mother and daughter visiting from canada that were reported missing. the sam te'o sheriff's office said they were been found safe and sound in the bay area. they're in good health. they were enjoying their trip. officials did not say where there was a lapse in communication with the mother's boyfriend back home in canada
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but the mom and daughter will be flying back to canada today. a packed house as neighbors and business owners sound off about crime. at 8:00, how the police trying to address the concerns of residents in san jose. college football season is underway now. and we'll look at stanford and cal's first matchup of the season. good morning. if you are driving on any of the bridges, most of them are doing okay. there is one notable exception to where traffic is not okay. and we'll tell you about that coming up. still fog out there. but a lot more breaks. it will born off sooner and the temperatures will bump up a little bit on a friday.
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stanford plays cal state. cal begins its season tomorrow against the north carolina tar heels. they came out on top when they squared off in the opener. they are banking on concontinue unite -- continuity and experience. the time 7:43.
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andrew mitch cutcheon is going to be traded to the yankees. they are hoping that his bat will feel a void in their left field. and they will get two minor league prospects. the yankees play a three dame series in oakland on monday. regular nfl season starts next week. the raiders lost their final preseason game against the seahawks. quarterback tj manuals led them to a victory. the first regular season game is against the los angeles rams on monday night football. 49ers played their final preseason game hosting the los angeles chargers. once again, backups played most of the games that went back and forth till the charges pulled ahead in the last minute. all nfl teams have to trim
7:45 am
their rosters from 90 to 53. that has to happen by tomorrow. a win for collin kaepernick and the initial round of his case against the nfl. they turned out the grievance that he filed against the nfl that means that the case can go to trial. he claims that the nfl team owners compared to block him from playing because he need no protest during the national anthem. let's get you to where you need to go. are people getting to the office early today so he can leave a little early too. >> or taking a four-day weekend. people do, around this time of the year, i've seen everything happen. let's go to the bay bridge. i think if people went, they went early. it has been light all morning long. the only trouble is when the freeways are this light, we have collision that are more serious because people are
7:46 am
going faster. slow it down. and chp has an extended presence. this is a look the golden gate bridge. mandalay bay 10, the arrow is slightly skewed here. northbound 101 is recovering after a couple of earlier crashes. and 280 is slow as well. but the crashes seem to be gone. but it is taking a while to recover. if you're driving into san francisco, don't let that surprise you. just remember, leaving the bay area today, it starts at noon. it gets really busy 3, 4, 5. what time should i not be on the road? >> the peak is about 5:00. but anytime in the afternoon, if you're driving up to, i
7:47 am
don't know, sacramento, is not a good day unless you're going there. >> i'll change my plans. we have some delays here. san jose sfo arriving flights because of fog. san jose has a couple. sea-tac has a couple. and newark, new jersey reporting some thunderstorm activity. some of these are low clouds. this is probably coming from st. louis. most of you are going to see some delays. we'll see the temperatures warming up today. the fog bank is there. but it has a lot more holes in it today compared to yesterday. the temperatures, these are really cool, as you know. these are where they should be. they are in the low and mid and upper 80s. lake tahoe looks good for friday, saturday and sunday. and the clouds could pop up on monday, and maybe an isolated shower or two. but i would not worry about it. low clouds for us.
7:48 am
50s on the temperatures more so than 60s. a lot cooler by 2 to 10 degrees compared to yesterday. the city was six degrees cooler on the low compared to yesterday. they were 62 yesterday. 60s, 70s is inland that starts to bump up on the temperatures now. and i think they'll go a little bit above. we're not looking for any record heat or anything. but the temperatures will warm up as we go into the holiday weekend. 7:48. speculation apple may soon take the wraps off new iphone. we'll let you know when we could see the latest iphones. let's see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> reporter: getting paid while you're sitting in traffic. the push to make time count as part of your workday in one country. scoring big at your next tailgate party. some of the games, gadgets and gear will earn should extra
7:49 am
fans. we're back after the break.
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someone requested this
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song. we have a director that little funny. thank you. we're all friends here. if there is a song that you want to hear that is a road song, let me know. the fda is warning about the possible danger of eating foods prepared with liquid nitrogen t is trendy for some foods to be covered in the liquid nitrogen. when you eat it, it can do this, blow smoke out of your smoke and fourthmouth and look like a -- nose and mouth and look like this. the fda said that serious injuries, including organ damage can result from eating foods prepared with liquid nitrogen. researchers say there are a step closer to developing a vaccine for acne. for the first time, scientists have shown how a type of cell
7:53 am
that the body produces in response to a toxin from bacteria and the skin with reduce the pain in acne. the final -- findings were just published this week. now more research is needed to how to zero in on certain bacterias like and knee. may see -- like acne. you may see some bright red pikes in the area. the bikes could help preserve the environment. it is a hope there will be fewer cars in the park so people can ride the bikes from the bay. rules have changed once again about children's car seats. there are some familiar names affecting wall street this morning. pam cook is back with today's
7:54 am
collar and cents. reason lu-lu lemon had a good sale for the quarter. ringing the bell this morning was the long island little league team. they finished up in the little league world series there. is the dow jones industrial average up a little less than 25 points there t. -- it did drop below 26,000 mark. coca-cola aagreed to purchase one -- agreed to purchase one
7:55 am
of the biggest coffee change of changes in new york. it is costa coffee. it has 38 locations in european, mainly in the uk. if you're waiting for the new iphones to come out, the day almost here. it will be september 12th. apple typically announced its new devices this year. three new iphones are set to be released. the imitation offers a hint that copper may be a new color option for the phones. the event will take place at the steve jobs theater at the apple park campus. there are new guidelines for child safety seats. they are recommending that children remain in rear facing safety seats as long as possible, till they become too
7:56 am
tall or heavy. the group previously suggested they should be in rear facing seats till the age of 2. the rear facing seats are the safest ways for children to ride in cars. the hard shell sports the head, neck and spine. i'm pam cook. back to dave. time is 7:56. bart is back in the the spotlight. honoring aretha franklin with a star-studded farewell to the queen of soul. these are live pictures. we're take you go to the funeral for aretha franklin as thousands gather to honor the legendary singer. good morning. we can see that most traffic is beginning to settle down for the morning commute. the commutes like this are starting to get a little more crowded for 880 northbound heading into downtown oakland. plenty of low clouds
7:57 am
around. but the temperatures look like they'll pump up and warm up a little sooner today.
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students return to high school in san francisco after
8:00 am
this school was put on lockdown yesterday and the extra help on campus today. a final farewell to senator john mccain. thoughts of people expected at the nation's capitol today to pay tribute to this political leader and friend one last time. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. right now a memorial service is underway for the late arizona senator, senator john mccain. vice president mike pence is scheduled to speak. the public can soon pay their respects and say good bye. john mccain back to a place that he worked at for decades. >> reporter: this is a moving ceremony that is underway right now. just a little while ab his casket arrived on capitol hill.
8:01 am
it was carried out by military honor guard and taking to the rotunda that is a rare honor inand of itself. right now senator mitch mcconnell is speaking. this is primarily to honor the time that mccain spent serving in congress. it is a lengthy tenure. he was not one voice out of a hundred. he was more significant than that. and that is why he's being recognized in this fashion. and we'll hear from speaker of the house paul ryan. we'll hear from vice president mike pence. we're and -- hearing about his background about his military experience but how he was able to get along with
8:02 am
other members of party. they are recognizing his wife, where we're seeing both democrats and republicans playing a big part in the remembrances. >> and now we see paul ryan to step up to say words. he worked in the house of representatives for two term and more than two decades in the u.s. senate. doe know what will be spoke about to talk about his folk news washington? >> reporter: these are moving words that we're hearing at this moment. we heard from senator mitch mcconnell and the house speaker is there as well. he had a fascinating and extraordinary life that really his public life began at the navy academy in annapolis.
8:03 am
he was a prisoner of war and he served in the house and later in the senate and then ran for president a couple of times. so there say lot to draw upon. but he was a colorful figure. and we'll see that today and the memorial service tomorrow as well. >> thank you. and let's listen n. >> he was a man of the house, a navy man, a family man. a man that made an enormous difference in the lives of countless people, a man of conviction. a man of state. there is a line from his farewell statement that grabbed me. our identities and sense of
8:04 am
worth are not -- but enlarged by serving good causes bigger than ourselves that is john mccain. how fitting and how true. what stands out about john mccain is what he stood for. this is the common humanity that burns in each of our hearts. hemmingway once wrote, the world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places. no one was stronger at the broken places than john mccain. the brokenness was his
8:05 am
balancist. he never lost the joy or the edge that political life so often sands away. i myself from time to time found myself on the receiving end of john's distinct brand of candor. , happily so. i remember thinking more than one, he does talk lake a sailor. but you see, with john, it was never famed disagreements. the man did not fame anything. he just relished the fight. he showed us in the arena, the honest back and forth, that is where the cause gets bigger. that is where the triumph is all the sweeter. we get stronger at the broken places. the highest office i will
8:06 am
lewded -- eluded him, he obtained what is far more endid you den -- more enduring, the add more admiration of people. >> you see his mother, 106 years old, burying her son today and holding the hand of her granddaughter, senator mccain's daughter meghan. he did not faint anything. he was as real as they come. you can watch the entire service for you. we have it on the facebook page right now. and we'll bring you continuing coverage through the mornings on 2. let's get you caught up with traffic and weather. we'll take a look at
8:07 am
yesterday's temperatures. take a look at them. they are cool. these are well below average here. gilroy was the warmest at 80. concord 77. hard to believe san jose 76. those are all good ten to 12 degrees below seasonal averages for this time of year. we'll bullpen up things for -- bump things up for today. tomorrow looked to be a day where the temperatures will go above for the inland areas. 68 for the city and the afternoon shy 69. august shall -- afternoon - average high is 69. a little more brakes for the clouds. and we're running four to 7 degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago. and there is a dell that breeze. this is west, southwest.
8:08 am
so is onshore. and look for the temperatures to come up 60s and 70s coast and bay. warmer inland and more so as we go into the weekend. a few upper 80s to near 90s. we have a couple issues now how are things now? things are starting to get a little better now as the morning wears on. let's start can tra costa county -- contra costa county, the bridge to the maze, a 30 minute drive. that is good. no delay at the time bay bridge toll plaza. and san francisco still recovering after some earlier issues. and now back to the desk. classes are beginning this morning at san francisco's balboa high school. we have more on the story. >> reporter: the kids are just starting to arrive to get ready
8:09 am
for class. and several of them said it was a scary situation for them yesterday. they didn't understand what was happening. they knew they had to go into lockdown and it was real. we're told that there will be classroom discussions and are a counseling staff on hand. an announcement came over the intercom system of an armed man on campus and people should shelter in place. it shows students huddled in the corner of a classroom and the doors were locked and the lights were turned off. they put the entire campus and three nearby schools on lockdown for two hours. >> i tell everybody go to the back. and everybody was getting scared. he turned off the light. he said calm down.
8:10 am
we'll be safe and everything. >> reporter: the police recovered the gun and the bullet casings. four students were arrested. one was arrested for discharging the gun and three others were accessories after the fact. one student was hurt but it was not related to the gunfire. and in talking with some of the students, even though they are here and feel comfortable, they know several friends that are not coming to school today because their parents won't let them. and talking to the school, they'll have wellness services here for the students but for the rest of the staff for the upcoming week. back down washington d.c. we hear vice president mike pence speaking for the late senator john mccain. >> on his 23rd bombing run john was shot down and captured.
8:11 am
refusing early release for the same of his comrades, he endured five and a half years of confinement and torture. then as now, americans marveled at the iron will of john mccain. but cab captivity did not diminish his sense of calming. as he would later say, i fell in love with my country when i was a prisoner in someone else's. after he made it home, john traded service of the uniform of the united states for service in congress, exchanging the rank of captain for congressman and later senator. for 35 years john served in these very halls under this
8:12 am
very dome. he fought for what he believed n in my years in congress and vice president, we did not always agree either. and he always noticed. but his support for limited government, for tax reform and support for our armed forces surely left our nation proper prosperious and more secure and he will be missed. as president trump said yesterday, we respect his service to the country. >> vice president mike pence speaking on the late arizona senator, senator john mccain, not just about his service in washington but as time as a prisoner and a half years prisoner of war. he said in his own words that would he yell ab -- obscenities to his guards and
8:13 am
captures. he would yell at their the captures to show his comrades that his fight was still in him. >> they talked about his iron will and after the war and when he made to capitol hill that he fought for what he believed in. >> we continue to watch the service and bring it to you live, you can see it on our facebook page. that is where we're streaming it live for you this morning. a star-studded farewell to the queen of soul. we take you live to the funeral for aretha franklin as thousands pay tribute to the singer. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪ and now a look at aretha franklin funeral. former president bill clinton will speak at the service and reverend jessie jackson. in the bay area, bart is reportedly ending emergency police patrols that began after a deadly attack on a platform this month. bart ordered them to work ten hour shifts six days a week after several violent incidents, including the
8:17 am
stabbing death of 18-year-old nia wilson. the san francisco chronicle, bart switched to a new staffing plan this week that it considers more manageable for the long-term. violent crime on bart had increased significantly. bart is considering a $28 million upgrade that includes more police staffing. video from a violence incident on the muny train is circulating this more than. take a look at this video. you see two men tried to throw a young man off the munie train. apparently did he this because he played the music too loud. you hear a woman pleading for them to leave him alone. they try to force him off the train. we don't know name of the men in the video or when it happened. we have reached out to san francisco police as well as muny officials for more information. when we get it we'll bring it to you. across the bay, oakland
8:18 am
police released surveillance video and sketches that they hope will lead to an east to a unsolved homicide. they looking for information about the homicide in 2016. the sketches shows the two men and a third man they want to question. he stood up to a group of men that were harassing his girlfriend. family members are pleading with the witnesses to come forward. crimestoppers of oakland is offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. if you have a tip, you can remain anonymous. and now back to sal. it looks pretty good out there. i think a lot of the calm before the storm out here. on the bathe bridge -- the bay bridge it is light.
8:19 am
traffic is moving along very nicely. this afternoon will be a tough one getting out of the bay area. labor day one of the busiest days on the weekend. chp is doing maximum enforcement. starting today, golden gate bridge traffic looked good. northbound 101 and san francisco, we had issues with 101. it is still slow. we checked in on it right now. it is backed up from the old candlestick exit to cesar chaves. 8:19. and now steve. sal, i noticed a higher chp on 880 today. >> yes. they are all over the place. you have to to be a good boy or girl when you drive. 68 in the city today. that will fall one short of average. and i don't think we'll go over 72. so we'll take a look at the
8:20 am
august claimant data. the coolest high temperature was 59 on the sixth. the warmest was 72 on the ninth. only three days did the area have warm temperatures. this is amazingly cool for us at the end august. concord should be about 86. gilroy was the only 80 that i could find. what about today? we'll begin to warm things up a little bit. san jose, 80. it should be 82. livermore, closer to 86, 87. they're still running a little bit below average. 30s and 40s around lake tahoe and south lake tahoe, it did dip to 32. the mornings are cool and the days are nice and there could be some popup showers and a
8:21 am
couple partly cloudies on monday. the fog has a few more holes in t but we're slowly to warm up. and we're running four to seven degrees cooler. there is a hint of a westerly breeze through the straight out to the delta. but it is not that strong. the fog will not go anywhere but it will get compressed. nothing disappeared last year. mild coast and warmer inland. 60s and 70s. a few 80s. tomorrow it does look warm. i think sunday will be the warmest day and cooler on tuesday too. wal-mart making a big change just ahead of the holiday season. what the company is doing to fill the void left behind by toys our us. would you like to get paid while sitting in traffic or on a train while on the commute. the push in britain to make the commute time as part of the
8:22 am
workday. in 2011, california passed a law
8:23 am
requiring carbon monoxide alarms in single-famil - [ beep ] single-family homes. that was seven years ago. [ beep ] carbon monoxide alarms... [ beep ] ...typically last [ beep ] seven to ten years. which means california's about to start hearing a lot of this but you can beat the [ beep ] uh-huh... by getting a new kidde carbon monoxide alarm now. just go to beat the beep dot [ beep ] go to to find the kidde solution that's right ...for you. [ beep ]
8:24 am
cal tran built this new road on top of landslide at a cost of $54 million. init just reopened last month. there are some crashes and cal tran call them superficial. they plan to monitor the cracks and say that the road is say.
8:25 am
new numbers though that people are spending less time in line at the dmv. they had been on the rise because of the shift required real id card. the average wait time through the northern california dropped by an afternoon of 50 minutes. and the improved numbers when the state decided to open more dmv offices on saturday. a new study may make you think when you actually clock into at work. more than half the people check e-mails or files relating to the work where they actually made it to the office. the report suggests that employees, business and governments may want to count a person's commute as part of the workday. one employment expert said that counting travel at work it could stagger commute times. in norway they include travel time as part of a work day. do you believe employees
8:26 am
should receive compensation for work done away from the office. 80% said yesterday and 20% say no. let us know what you think. oakland raiders will present a $250,000 check to the unified school district to save the high school sports programs. last week the district announced it would have to eliminate half the sports programs due to a budget shortfall. and the owner hopes that the quarter mile donation should keep athletes in the games this year and beyond. saying good bay to senator john mccain. -- good-bye to the late senator john mccain. more on the good-byes this morning. we'll see this past the col assume this is slowing down. still plenty of fog out there and low clouds. but there are some breaks in it compared to yesterday.
8:27 am
and it does look a little warmer, especially inland.
8:28 am
8:29 am
a little warmer today. unseasonably cool yesterday. at the end of august, things have to warming up. overall pretty good. and there is fog there. but there are more breaks in it paired to yesterday. the lows are significantly cooler than 24 hours ago.
8:30 am
maybe 2 to 7 degrees. at one time was 12 degrees cooler at the airport. in the delta, there is nothing to hang on your had the or anything. this is in arizona but the high pressure will kick in for us. all right. 8:30. i didn't see tumble weeds there at the bay bridge toll plaza. but it looks like a sunday morning. >> is it light. this morning, it is light and people are trying to stretch this to a four-day week. this is a look at highway 24 be looking to oakland. no major issues on the way. traffic seems to be doing very well, especially in the last hour. some commutes are getting slower, 24 minutes. when you get to the bay bridge,
8:31 am
it will be light. and the richmond bridge, it will be light. it is a mixed bag. it will be difficult drive around this afternoon. this morning seems to be a little bit better. even thousands of people will hit the road for the labor day weekend, you may see long lines at our airports. frank is at oakland international airport speaking with people headed out of town. >> reporter: there advantages to fly out of the city of oakland. today is supposed to be the busiest day. but so far, no issues whatsoever. today, some 50,000 people are expected to go through the gates. but as i mentioned, quiet and easy thus far for travelers. and it's been slow that is good news for these ladies. near flying to burbank where they are getting on a
8:32 am
bachelorette cruise. >> we had no problems. >> reporter: easy breezy. >> totally. my brother dropped us off. no traffic. ease i didn't breezy. >> reporter: slow this morning shall but 200,000 plus are expected here at the oakland airport by the end of the labor day weekend. so call ahead and make plans because it will get busy and the roads? chp starts the maximum enforcement tonight on california highways. it will run through monday at midnight. they will be looking for any distracted drivers or anyone under the influence. c hp is asking driver to be safe, sober and take it slow. that is the latest here at the oakland airport.
8:33 am
senator john mccain is lying in state if he capitol -- rotunda. >> let me say to all of those gathered and his beloved family, on behalf of a grateful nation, we will ever remember that john mccain served his country and john mccain served his country honorably. >> public will be able to pay their respects to john mccain throughout the day at the capitol rotunda. tomorrow there will be a seer at the national cathedral in washington d.c. where former president obama and bush will eulogize him. he will be laid to rest at the naval academy annapolis. happening right now the
8:34 am
city of detroit, a funeral for aretha franklin is getting underway. a number singers will give tributes. other speakers includes reverend jessie jackson. and the service is expected to last six hours. >> there will no doubt be classroom discussions and counseling today at san francisco's -- high school where a gun went off yesterday inside a classroom. four students were detained, including one under suspicious of discharging the gun. a teen was hurt but not shot. the schools were put on lockdown for two hours while they investigated. people in the willow glenn avenue are fed up with more crime and demanding more plea patrols. they say that the police are not doing enough to keep them safe. one restaurant owner shows
8:35 am
surveillance video of a man broke into his restaurant with a hammer and seen rummaging through his cabinets and cash register. >> i understand where everybody is coming from, that you have the concerns and fears recording the safety of our community. >> the santa fe police said that it has been committed by two groups of nine juveniles and two adults that know each other. and the district is working with district attorney how to keep the juveniles in custody longer. thieves hit another apple store in santa rosa. three men wearing hoodies stole 35 thousands of apple device -- 35 thousands of apple devices. if you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call
8:36 am
the police. a man is behind bars accused of kidnapping and robbery. he is accused of rob a student at gunpoint last week and forcing him to take money from an atm. after the incident, the student was released unharmed. and you don't go fifth, three coworkers and two family members were in a plane when it crashed in santa ana. the pilot made contact with the control tower and told to hold over a shopping center. they saw the airplane and plane enter a left bank turn. the report did not state a possible cause of the crash. firefighters may quick work
8:37 am
of a fire at this building. it is on constitution drive that is along the facebook complex. the county told people in the area to shelter in place. but 50 minutes later, the county announced that the fire was out and normal activities to resume. cal fire announced last night that the destructive car fire in the reading area is now fully contained. it is the sixth most destructive in california history. it claimed the lives of eight people and destroyed a thousand homes and burned 350 square files. they blame the fire from sparks on a truck that got a flat tire. there is a 1 billion-dollar plan that could reduce wildfires. it will to get rid of dry brush in vulnerable communities and to relax logging rules to make
8:38 am
thinning forests easier. this is expected name is after 8:00 tonight. the deadline is midnight. smart trains up in the north bay are back up on schedule this morning after a pedestrian was struck and killed yesterday. a 29-year-old man walked in front train about 5:40 in the evening just north of the rhone park station. the witnesses said they saw the man walking with his head down and headphones on looking at something his hand. they are not sure if he walked in front of the train on accident or purpose. the man's name has not been released. a crash involving several vehicles left five people injured it happened yesterday afternoon when one car tried to pass another and crash into oncoming traffic. three cars in all were involved in the crash of the one of them flipped over. we were overahead just minutes after the crash happened. three other people suffered less serious injuries. still to come, san jose
8:39 am
police chief garcia will join us live. we'll talk about new members joining the police force. we have traffic that is something in some areas. a lot of freeways are seeing a fry bounce before the holiday weekend. we'll tell you more coming up. temperatures will get a little bounce inland. they've been very cool. but they should warm up today and more so on the weekend. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
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♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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hit the road jack by ray charless. some people are taking the day off, as paintly. when we do these things on friday, you can reach us on our social media platforms, facebook, instagram and twitter. just use the hash tag ktvu. we're live with the san jose police chief garcia with more on that and other issues affecting san jose. >> reporter: good morning.
8:43 am
we're picking it up from last night because we had a football game late. and part of the response is to create a burglary supression team. how were you handling the cases before? and how will the new team give you more bank for your buck? >> we've been rising as a department, we had to put people into our occurring ray unit. but -- burglary unit. but we did he not have any burglary detectives. i believe that being proactive to stop the burglary crews. then we'll solve a lot of burglaries and a lot of other crimes as well. you take five or six crews off the street, you'll be solving
8:44 am
about a hundred burglaries or more. >> reporter: some may say it all sound good but this comes after you had a meeting in willow glenn. is this just this willow glenn or something that you have on thinking about? >> we handpicked the officers many months ago. it was a good platform to tell the community what we' >> reporter: how many ours? >> i will not give out the specific numbers. but a good amount of officers. they'll be proactive. >> reporter: speaking of proactive, i heard some of the residents talking about you cannot have a cop on every corner or block. some say about patrolling their own neighborhood and some
8:45 am
perhaps aren't? >> a lot of frustrated people were at the meeting and but they were extremely support at this time. my response was we need to have these meetings and cannot have individuals driving around armed. we took 160 guns off the streets from criminals. i don't want to add to the tally for people that have good intentions. and don't put my officers in a situation where they're stopping individuals that are out roaming about with good intentions that are armed. it will not have a good outcome. >> reporter: let's move to topic 2. the police academy. the recent class had a fair a women joining the force. is that something that you're trying to actively recruit or this just came back organically? >> it was a point that we tried to instill in our recruiting unit. our left three academies --
8:46 am
let me back up, hiring women is an issue for out and throughout the state. we're proud to say that we had hired 23 female officers on the debt a testament how beautifully diverse our academies have been and the message that we're sending is we're growing and we have full are academies. it wasn't just about growing, but grow in the right way. and we feel like we're doing that. >> reporter: chief shall the officers that are on the staff already, made a trip up to stanford university to help a sick little boy. talk to us about that. >> there is a little boy in bradenton that is waiting for a heart transplant. and he posted a post on face book that he was a fan of law enforcement and wanted to collect pins and patches. so a few ever our officers and command staff went up to visit the young man and gave him what
8:47 am
he wanted, some patches, a hat, and shirt his favorite, a little teddy bear. it was great to see the officers going up and beyond. they did it on their own. >> reporter: they didn't just call and ask? >> no, they just went. this is great for the parent and the children as well. to have that ability and have officer dozen that on their own puts a smile on my face and i hope it put a smile on the little boy's face. >> reporter: well done, chief. i appreciate the time. and the new unit kicks off when? >> september ninth. >> reporter: hopefully we'll be able to talk to you then. have a good holiday weekend. police chief eddie garb tee -- garcia. bay bridge is a dream today. it is. but it will not that be way
8:48 am
later. i'm hooking to see what i can -- looking to see what i can see about some of the mutes -- of the commutes. when you get to the bay bridge or the richmond bridge or the sam te'o bridge, you'll notice that a lot of people do have the day off. i think they're stretching it to a four-day weekend. 101, we had the arrow on northbound 101 because traffic has been slow from the get-go. we had a couple of crashes earlier and the traffic is slow. however, driving down south 101 does not look to bad for the airport. it is a little slow in sam te'o getting into redwood city. mark said i think that max might cat has catched too many mornings on 2. i get like that
8:49 am
myself about 9:15, 9:30. this is the fog party on the bay and the coast. we had an average low of 67 and the high 71. we only had three days in the 7s. one year ago, 94. you know what happened september 1st. san francisco only this three days in august. their warmest was 72 on the ninth. the coolest high temperature was 59 on the sixth. today we'll warm it up a little bit and take it into the week that is very cool for livermore. if you're heading to tahoe, it looks good till monday. and thin i think you'll get partly cloudy and 70s to near 8 on the high. the fog is -- near 80 on the
8:50 am
high. the fog burning off. the onshore breeze has not turned north or northeast. and the high pressure will nose in a little bit and that will allow the temperatures to bump up to a place they have not been in a long time that is in the mid- to upper 80s. it looks warmer for the week. this weekend, the grand opening of the first public bike park on the east basement we're -- east bay. we're live at dirt world. they want everyone to experience the track even -- to experience the track even if you don't have the equipment. the new technology being tested at lax
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
coca-cola diving in the coffee business. right. canada affecting things this morning saying we are not there yet. and that is taking stocks down this hour. there was some bright spots when the opening bell rang this morning. lu-lu lemon posted a stock quarter thanks to good sexual assault, particularly on line. and ulta hit a 52% higher. and ringing the bell, mid- island little league team
8:54 am
playing third in the world series. trade requesting is underway for -- trading is underway for a little more than two hour. and i mentioned canada's negotiator saying that there is still work to be done. the dow jones industrial average headed lower. it is down a quarter of a percent. and the same for the s&p 500. the nasdaq is hanging onto a little bit of a gang. other stocks to washing overnight -- to watch overnight, coca-cola agreed to pretty much the british coffee company costa coffee for $1.5 million. they have 38 locations around europe, mainly in the uk. no plans to open costa coffee shops in the u.s. will it be bigger, cheaper and have a better camera? apple sent out invitations to the next big event that is
8:55 am
scheduled to be held in coopertino. they say that we'll see a new series of i watches and perhaps -- eye -- i-watches and perhaps the ipod. travelers traveling out of lax, tsa is experimenting way scanner that provides a three dimensional image inside a carry-on bag. the technology provides better security and cuts down on wait time for passengers going through checkpoints f all goes well, they will installed a second machine -- will installed a install a new machine by the end of the year.
8:56 am
wal-mart trying something different since toys"r"us went out of business. they will have a national playdate on december 4th. they can play with top rated and best selling toys so they can start building that holiday wish list. i'm pam cook and that is your dollar and cents. college football is getting underway. and we'll talk live with the new director of the cal marching band and why he made the move of from georgia. the football game, the preview is big.
8:57 am
8:58 am
you'll see scooters on san francisco streets again. the transportation agency granted one year permits to the company scoot and skip, leaving
8:59 am
out better known bands. the agency said that both scoot and skip offer the best solutions for the city's concerns, including providing helmets and offering in person training. each company will be allowed to deploy 625 scootedders in the first six months of the pilot program. they had issued a cease and desist order to scooter companies to allow them time to coming up with the regulations. it is the first week for college football. this is a big year for the stanford cardinal and their starring running back when is one of the heisman trophy favorites. cal came out on top when the scheme squared off in last -- team squared off in last
9:00 am
year's home opener. you can catch this game right here on ktvu news fox 2. the kickoff is tomorrow at 1:00. meet the woman that helped investigators crack the golden state killer case. how she was able to identify suspect -- joseph deangelo. the uc berkley marching band takes the field with a new director this weekend. we're joined in the studio with the man behind the music. >> that's right. i'm the guy that cannot stop talking about my school. go bears. tomorrow is a big football game. th


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