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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 10, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i want to hear what he has to say. >> we will talk about the hawaiian islands first. the atlantic coast around north carolina, category one with wind at 85 miles an hour. the track is almost taking it right over the hawaiian islands as a tropical storm. over maui late tuesday and into early wednesday. we will have more tomorrow. some fog returns. mostly clear with a big drop in temperatures by wednesday. wind picking up. san francisco hit 70 on sunday. that's exactly what they should be on the high say that -- for this time of year. that's the warmest temperature so far this month. last thursday 61. 70 today. 67 and easing back a little bit. low clouds are moving in and that system to the north will deep and 39 napa airport. lake port at 48. 40s and 50s. low 50s from concorde to
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blackhawk. water temperatures coming down a little bit. i expect those to continue to come down. a mostly clear morning with some patchy low clouds. temperatures starting to cool off today and then really cooling off tuesday and wednesday into thursday. highs today in the upper say -- upper 80s and 90s. no 90s after today for a while as a big system drops in. things are getting busy. we will start with the toll plaza. i also have some news about san francisco at a busy intersection. i'm getting more information about it right now. let's go to the toll plaza. if you're trying to get into san francisco. a 20 or 25 minute delay getting into san francisco. at the corner of lombard and sky there is a crash involving a muni bus on lombard at scott. that is going to affect traffic
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on that very busy street getting into the area. we do have the fire department on the way and they have just called for another medic unit. apparently, people are hurt. we do have a crew on the way. let's take a look at the south bay commute. traffic is filling in. still a lot of room to work. let's go back to the desk. firefighters in napa county battling a wild fire that has forced the evacuation. it is the snell fire southeast of middletown. it has burned 2400 acres since saturday afternoon and is only 20% contained. we will bring you a live report from the front lines later this hour. a 45 mile stretch of interstate 5 n. of redding remains shut down because of the delta fire. firefighters are having a tough time getting it under control. it has grown to more than 40,000 acres and is only 5% contained. there are mandatory evacuations in the area and the u.s. forest service has not said how the
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fire started, only that it was human caused. it started wednesday north of redding is burning on both sides of interstate 5. it is not clear when it will reopen. the bay area is under an air quality advisor because of all of that heavy smoke from the fires up north. look at video from oakland yesterday. it is hazy. the air quality management district says the northern and eastern counties will be affected the most. they also say you should set your cars air-conditioning and carvings to recirculate to keep that bat around. firefighters in contra costa county are investigating a fire that damaged two comes. that fire started just before midnight near w. 14th st. the fire department says one of the homes that was damaged was empty and for sale. no one was hurt. firefighters were able to get the fire under control in about 30 minutes. policing gilroy fired at least one shot at a man after he reportedly threatened police
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officers at a youth sports event. it started yesterday morning. police were called about a stolen car in the area of your high school. the suspect called police saying he was at the school and he wanted to fight police officers. it turns out the suspect was a former police officer himself. authorities say they saw him driving on a field next to the high school and he started to drive towards them so police fired at the suspect. he lost control of his car and was later arrested. hundreds of people watching the fifth and sixth grade sports event nearby we are told to shelter in place as a precaution. the suspect was the only person who was hurt. an investigation underway after a and officer involved shooting in san jose. it happened after 5:00 yesterday morning in the area of malin avenue and scott street. police got a call from santa clara police who asked for help
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while they were chasing a stolen car. at one time the chase ended and santa clara officers shot the suspect. rico was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay. want to get out those gets out of the hospital he will be book into the santa clara county jail on several charges and a felony warrant. a santa rosa memorial patient accusing of assaulting two windows. it happened yesterday afternoon. the newspaper says the man suffered injuries after a fall. it is not clear what led up to the incident santa rosa police and hospital are both investigating what happened. bart is expanding direct service to and from the warm springs bart station. beginning today riders will have direct service to and from the warm springs station six days a week with the exception of sunday. that's about the green and orange lives. bart is also
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returning the greenline service to a 5 am start time on weekdays. today the state is expected to announce street gang arrest. police chiefs from walnut creek and vacaville will be part of today's news conference. the state has increased efforts in me -- in recent months to crackdown on organized crime and gang violence. today's announcement is expected at 10:00 this morning. governor brown is also set to make an announcement today in sacramento. there are not a lot of details surrounding the governor's news conference. over the weekend governor brown signed a bill designed to block drilling off the shore of california. this morning's announcement is at 10:00. the governor's environmental efforts will be on display later this week. he will be hosting the global climate action summit wednesday through friday in san francisco. more than 4500 delegates from all of the world are expected
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to be talking about climate change. there will be events all week including a green film festival. a workshop on future design and dozens of speakers. the summit will celebrate the progress made by communities around the world. spring in san francisco dozens of people in the baby you hunters point neighborhood gathered to protest at the line our ship yard. organizers were speaking out a big dose about saying that the shipyard is filled with toxic and radioactive waste. they want that whole area to be retested after allegations that an earlier test result was falsified. people who live there say it's not safe and know what -- no more homes should be built there. >> i have children and grandchildren. do you think i can sleep well at night knowing that any child five or 10 years from now will wake up with a buddy nose like my children were doing. >> back in may a navy spokeswoman said there are no plans at this point to retest
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the area which is now at home. not all eyes watching football were focused on the game. what is expected to happen with the least controversial national anthem policy. a muni driver caught using a rubber band to keep the throttle open on trains. how muni is reacting this morning. good morning. you can see traffic is going to be okay. is getting a lot more crowded as you drive in the east bay. also a problem in san francisco . no problem with the weather. mostly clear with a little patchy fog. we are getting ready for a good cool down across the border. more on that coming up. many people living with diabetes
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welcome back. two separate developing story's in france . the first, the arrest of a man after a major security breach at two airports. he crashed his car through security barriers of two airports in lyon. the third largest city in france. police say he then ran -- rammed into the security barriers at a smaller business airport and then drove onto the runway at the nearby international airport where flights were quickly suspended. all of this started as a police chase because he was driving the wrong way on a freeway. no casuals reported. the man was arrested. we are watching a developing story in paris.
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police are investigating a knife attack where seven people were hurt. it happened in northern paris. one person has been arrested and is a suspected of attacking the victims outside a movie theater. the attacker also had a metal bar and through it. terrorism is not suspected according to french police. up to seven people hurt with four in critical condition. change to north korea's military parade this year. with that ballistic missiles. the parade did feature a series of military tanks. the events left out many anti- american themes seen in previous years as well. north korean leader kim jong un has watched the event alongside the head of charlie's of china's parliament. president trump raised the mood -- the move tweeting, quote, north korea has just staged a
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parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding without the customary display of nuclear peace and. this is a big and very positive statement from north korea. thank you to chairman kim. we will both prove everyone wrong. a police officer in dallas texas has been arrested after shooting and killing her neighbor. reporter mike cantor has that officers account of what happened and also the reaction from the community. >> reporter: 31-year-old dallas police officer amber geiger arrested sunday night in the fatal shooting of her neighbor. geiger was taken into custody on a manslaughter warrant and bonded out of jail a short time later. geiger officially charged with his death. >> he wanted all of us to unite. >> reporter: according to police geiger was returning from work last thursday still in uniform when she shot john at his apartment. reportedly
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one floor above hers. geiger told responding officers she mistook john's apartment for her own. lawyers for john's family and the community were calling for geiger's arrest since the shooting happened, saying her freedom showed favorable treatment for the officer. >> this police officer should not be given any preferential treatment. >> over the weekend people remember the 26-year-old st. lucia name -- native as a well- known member of the dallas community. also a great loss for the city. >> not only has he lost his life, but we have lost a potential leader for this city for decades to come. >> reporter: geiger is a four year veteran of the police force. many questions about the incident expect he went to his grave never knowing why the police officer came into his apartment and shot him >> the texas rangers have taken over the investigation and are trying to determine whether drugs or alcohol may have been involved or if fatigue was a factor. in new york with fox news. happening today, a community meeting in the east
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bay city of lafayette between the public and pg&e. lafayette city council asked pg&e to schedule this meeting after council members received many complaints from residents. the city council passed on more than 150 concerns, including pg&e's plans to remove and replace more than 200 trees in lafayette. also work on a gas pipeline on a very busy stretch of road that is going to affect traffic. that meeting today is that from 4 pm at the lafayette library and learning center. cleanup is expected to continue after a few look at jack london square. the u.s. coast guard is helping to remove the fuel that leaked into the marina last night. that's when an inspection found leaking fuel lines at the marina. coast guard crews are still trying to figure out when the leak started and how much fuel
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was released into the estuary. a muni driver being criticized for using a rubber band to drive the train. this photo posted on reddit shows a muni operator with a rubber band in his left hand, using it to hold the throttle in place. if the throttle is taken out of place it activates an emergency brake. the director told the san francisco examiner that is a dangerous violation. breaking news in san francisco where a muni bus has apparently crashed into a building near the corner of lombard and scott streets. it is the marina. moments ago san francisco fire department tweeted out that there are four injuries. firefighters are also telling commuters to expect traffic delays in that area. we do have a crew headed to the scene and we will bring you a live report as soon as they arrive. let's check in with sal. a very busy area this time of day your lumbar.
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>> already the traffic sensors are showing slow traffic on lombard. that is coming off the bay bridge and they have just dispatched another ambulance to the scene on this street. i would avoid, most of the traffic seems to be going this way that is low but -- but some of it is also coming this way. i would avoid using lombard street if you can for this scene. we do have a crew on the way . the is going to be causing traffic tieups. as far as san francisco goes, northbound 101 it looks all right. a little bit of slowing on 19th avenue. this morning as you drive past san francisco state and get into the sunset district. the bay bridge getting into san francisco looks all right with no major issues. 880 north and southbound also doing well. in the south bay this is 280 in san jose. this also looks good getting to the west valley. let's bring in steve with today's forecast.
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>> what bridge? >> the golden gate bridge. if you use lombard street once you get to the marina district you will see slow traffic. >> thank you. hurricane florence will be a major factor for probably a major hurricane later today as it intensifies. all signs take this toward north carolina. somewhere around north carolina and south carolina borders late thursday. 145 miles an hour wind. then it goes and lend. there was some talk it might drift and hold off the coast and meandered northward. now almost all of them driving in ladonna thursday night into friday. we also have olivia, a category one, heading toward the hawaiian islands it will weaken as a tropical storm, but still the track takes it right in between the islands and over maui late tuesday into wednesday . for parts of lake county and parts of northern napa county
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lows are cool. one more warm day and then really cooling off. the wind not east or northeast, it will be west northwest and strong heading toward wednesday into thursday as a deep system moves and. some fog, but mainly clear and cool. a big drop in the high temperatures by wednesday with 70s on a lot of these. quincy says it is cold in san jose. i had to turn on the heater at 3 am since the first time summer started. morgan hill's 47. santa clara at 51. santa cruz mountains a lot of mid 40s. if it feels cool, it is. maybe by friday we could see some upper 30s. sunshine for the coast and city. fog will drop in and really
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wrap up. it will not the high out of there and be the major factor this week. 40s and 50s on a lot of these temperatures. some low 50s. water temperatures came down and that will help the fog formation. that will be later probably more like tomorrow. really begins a little bit today and then a big drop tuesday, wednesday, and thursday as that system deepens. not expecting any rain yet but i do like the pattern if this keeps going rain is in our near future. just not yet. 60s, 70s, and 80s. temperatures are on their way down. this will be the warmest day of the week by far for inland areas as temperatures drop down. there might be enough coolness to hold up the fog, but a cooler forecast by thursday and friday. up next, the problem stanford is facing as students and faculty are struggling to find a place to live. a homecoming queen treated -- traded in her crown for a helmet. kaylee foster was not just a homecoming queen in
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mississippi, she is also the football team kicker and she nailed a late field goal to give her team the win. be right back.
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welcome back. it appears the nfl's controversial policy on the national anthem will not
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believe -- be into bloom into this season. layers will not be punished for taking a knee. the new anthem rule was postponed over the summer. now it might not happen at all. nfl sources told espn they will probably wait until next season at the earliest. overnight a tally by the ap found that fewer than 10 nfl players took action during the national anthem over the weekend by kneeling, raising a fist, or walking off the field. colin kaepernick is thanking two players on the miami dolphins for kneeling during the national anthem on opening sunday. in a tweet he wrote, quote, my -- my brothers continue to show their unwavering strength by fighting for the oppressed. they have not back to down even when attacked and intimidated. their courage will move the rolled forward, love is at the root of our resistance. kaepernick sparked an active debate by kneeling back in 2016 to protest police brutality and social injustice. yesterday president trump took digs at the protest on twitter
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and wrote, nfl first game ratings our way down over and already really bad last year comparison. viewership declined 13% lowest in over a decade. -- that from the president. a bay area consumer research consultant says several factors contributed to the drop in viewership including football player concussions, the fact that millennials are less interested in team sports. >> the nfl would be very lucky if these national anthem protest were the only reason they have had decline in the ratings. the nfl ratings have been declining years. >> you are paid to perform a job and not distract. essentially, it can be a distraction. >> it wants me -- it doesn't make me want to watch football any less or more.
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if they are kneeling or not kneeling that doesn't change that. >> the nfl season started just days after nike made colin kaepernick the new facebook -- the new face of its add campaign. a new study found online sales of nike has surged in the few days since colin kaepernick came to south -- the company stock slid directly after the ad was released but has since recovered. nikes kaepernick add debuted online one week ago. as for the games, the 49ers are returning to the bay area after starting their season on the road against the minnesota vikings. a turnover was the story of the game for the 49ers. they were going up against one of the best defenses in football, the vikings. they intercepted jimmy
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garoppolo three times. the 49ers were in it late and tell and interception field the win for the vikings. the 49ers hope to get their first win next week when they host the detroit lions. tonight the raiders open their season at home against the rams. expect a big crowd for what could be the raiders final home opener in oakland. game starts at 7:20. we are following breaking news in san francisco. you should know there's a problem in the marina affecting traffic several people were hurt after a minibus crashed into a building. also, hurricane florence strengthening and some states could see a direct hit. we are tracking its path as thousands prepare to evacuate. if you're headed to san francisco from the east bay you will see traffic stacking up at the toll plaza. also when you get to certain parts of san francisco the marina district has some
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welcome back. taking you live to new york where they just ring that opening bell. we are keeping a close eye on apple this morning after
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president trump called on apple to shift production to the u.s. and out of china. we will continue to watch how that affects apple and tech stocks and business news coming up in today's dollars and cents . >> thank you for joining us on this monday morning september 10. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. we are getting new details about that breaking news in san francisco. if you're headed to the city people, four people are being treated for injuries after a muni bus crashed into a building in the marina district. it is lombard ann scott. moments ago firefighters said a city inspector has been called to evaluate the -- the structural integrity of the building. i'm not sure if that's an apartment or a business. it could be both. it looks like a motel.
6:32 am
emergency responders are telling people heading into the city to avoid the area. definitely it is affecting lombard. you can see it looks like they are bringing out someone who is injured. we do have a crew headed to the scene. we will get you more updates this is on lombard it has affected traffic in the marina district. sal is going to continue to get updates on this as well and we will follow this throughout the morning. hurricane florence is getting stronger and is expected to hit the southeast coast later this week. in charleston south carolina people are filling sandbags and stocking up on water and food.
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evacuations are expected and officials say finding a safe space for all of these people will not be easy. hurricane florence is expected to become a category four hurricane with wind up to 150 miles an hour when it makes landfall on the southeast coast on thursday. north carolina, south carolina, and virginia have already declared states of emergency. let's check in with steve. i know you are keeping track of both sides. >> the outer banks is very low lying. if you get the storm surge like that and 30 inches of rain with 150 miles an hour wind that will cause some severe problems. the track takes it late thursday and friday as a category four and punches it inland what looks like right at north carolina. thursday night into friday. we have about three or four days to see how the details iron out. is intensifying. a cool morning and getting even cooler later in the week. a big drop in the temperatures. kristin who is very good about rain day had a mishap with my
6:34 am
last rain gauge. the new weather station is up and running thanks to my pops. there you go. get ready. sometime this month i like the patter. i think we could get some rain later this month. chris henry says 45 yesterday and 47 in morgan hill. fall is in the air. just wait until friday. scotts valley 45. 44 felton. 49 saratoga. campbell at 47. that is very cool. water temperatures have come down. there is patchy fog there from the pacific northwest bumping the high out of here. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. only patchy low clouds but the theme is for cooler pattern to kick in today and more so tuesday and wednesday into thursday. a big temperature drop. last time for 90s for the rest of the week. 60s, 70s, and 80s mostly today. let's head over to sal.
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if you take the golden gate bridge into the marina district you might want to divert and not use lombard street. lombard at scott and now most of this is being affected by traffic going toward the golden gate bridge. it is also affecting traffic coming from it. this is the scene at lumbar ann scott. wrote sensors are showing us slow traffic . the is a good area to avoid. you can use marina boulevard or diversion off the golden gate bridge and go through presidio. avoid lombard. we have a crew on the scene and we will have a report from them coming up shortly. you will see traffic is going to be okay on san francisco freeways in general. if you're driving to san francisco it is backed up for at least a 25 minute delay. 880 traffic moving along pretty well. looking at the south bay commute it is doing well on all of the freeway so far, but getting more crowded.
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let's go back to the desk. alameda county sheriff's investigators are treating the discovery of a man's body along with our tax in niles canyon as a suspicious death . the man's body was discovered near the union pacific tracks south of highway 84 and alameda creek at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the sheriffs department says the man had suffered injuries that do not indicate he was hit by a train. so far the man is not being identified. an investigation underway after the discovery of a body pulled from the waters in pacifica. officers were dispatched tomb palmetto avenue half highway one yesterday morning. after they receive calls that a body had washed up on shore. investigators have not been able to identify the man and are asking anyone who may have information to call pacifica police. two people recovering after a weekend shooting in richmond at a barbershop.
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two men walked into the fadeaway barbershop saturday night and started shooting. one man was shot and another was hurt by broken glass. one of the suspects who was arrested a couple of locks away from the barbershop, but police are still searching for the second suspect. no word on a motive. both victims are expected to be okay. oakland police investigating a deadly shooting according to the bay area news group. a man was shot and killed and a 17-year-old boy shot -- hurt in that shooting. it happened your 34th avenue. and salsberry street near the peralta hacienda historical park. victims names have not been released. tomorrow oakland acted commission is scheduled to vote on the result of an investigation that it concluded that libby shaft and others did not break any ethics rules by accepting tens of thousands of dollars in free tickets to
6:38 am
attend events. according to the bay area news group and investigator with the city's ethics committee found that neither official pilot oath -- oakland's ethics rules -- ethics rules. they did conclude that the city's code of conduct was too lax because it only requires officials to say they are attending an event on official city business. gibson claim $320,000 in free tickets from january 2015 through september 2016 mayor shaft took 18 sets of tickets valued at $54,000. experts say new stats are underscoring the connection between the cost of housing and homelessness. the bay area news group is reporting the work by the nonprofit journalism group, cal matters. they say california's homeless matters jumped almost 14% from 2016 until 2017. it is estimated there are 134,000 homeless people in the state right now. this study shows california is short more than 1 million
6:39 am
affordable rental units for extremely low income families. the san jose mercury news says stanford university leads housing for its students and staff. employees are living farther and further away from campus and dealing with longer commutes because they can't find a horrible -- affordable housing closer. it is doubly important since stanford has a long-term plan to dramatically increase the number of students, workers, and facilities. the university could add as many as 9000 more students, professors, and staff over the next 20 years. a cloud gathered to remember former congressman and mayor ron dellums. yesterday was his public memorial and celebration of life. his daughter piper organized the rally and told us she wanted to honor her father by celebrating peace and change in the community. >> it is painful because he was my best friend. he was my rock. my hero. he was my daddy.
6:40 am
i also have faith that tells me he still with me. stuck ron dellums died in july at the age of 82 from prostate cancer. for decades he was a leading progressive voice in local and national politics. still ahead, we are still on breaking news in san francisco -- san francisco's marina district. at least four hurt. look at these pictures. a muni bus crashed into a building. we have a look at the response efforts. president trump took to social media, mentioning tariffs and apple. what he wants from apple to avoid it being hit with millions of dollars in tariffs on popular apple products. a lot of people on the road everywhere you look. the theme this week will be cooler. well below average temperatures by wednesday morning.
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welcome back. in case you are just joining us you should know about it big boom in san francisco in the
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marina district on lombard. we have a a response now from sf mta after a muni bus crashed into a building. this happened within the last hour. it happened in the marina district in san francisco. look at the map. a busy ire on the side approaching the golden great ridge. fs mta says a bus from the 28th line crashed into a building on lombard ann scott st. it is affecting traffic in that area. the san francisco fire department is on the scene. we have been told they are treating four people for injuries . the assuming that they are on the bus. it could be someone from a car or possibly even the building. a city inspector has been called out to evaluate the structural damage to the building that was hit by the bus . we have a crew headed to this is -- to this scene. it is on lombard and scott. it
6:45 am
is on the side of lumbar approaching heading toward the golden gate bridge. not a little bit opposite of the commute that is that. we will bring you updates when they become available.
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