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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 18, 2018 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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angels that saved their wedding. they'll remember the acts of generosity every year when they celebrate their anniversary. today at 9:00, we're live in san francisco where your next drink order could provide a person in need with the next meal. and a vote for brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault. free marshal arts training for children in oakland. the gym hoping to quadruple in size as it tries to keep up with demand. welcome to mornings on 2. it's sunny later on september 18, 2018. you're hearing paul mccartney music. why, you ask? nope, still alive. >> don't scare anywhere. >> he's very much alive. he has a number one album on the billboard charts for the
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first time in 36 years. >> congratulations. >> the last number one he had was in '82. >> only a minute ago, 36 years ago. the album is egypt station and the number one billboard album in the last little at while. paul is stoked. he's excited to have it on the number one album out there. >> that's awesome. let's go to the newscast. we're going east to washington d.c. the senate judiciary committee will not vote this week on the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh. judge kavanaugh and the bay area woman accusing him of sexual assault are scheduled to testify monday in front of the confident that nominee brett kavanaugh will be confirmed. the process may not be as quick as president trump was initially hoping for. a vote has been postponed and a hearing is set for monday to
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hear from brett kavanaugh and christine blasey ford that accused him of sexual assault when they were teens. >> brett was always respectful, always decent, never out of control in any way. always, always treated women with respect. >> senate democratic leaders believe republicans on the judiciary committee can't be trusted to conduct an impartial review. gop leaders believe the latest announcement is the attempt to delay kavanaugh's confirmation. legal experts believe the allegations could make the vote on kavanaugh's appointment a tight one. >> that's determined by four people, senators if it please the that could be looking for reason to orone, if it's
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if they lose two, the nomination is history. >> with high stakes in mind, one conservative group is planning to dish out $1 million to help support kavanaugh. >> ford notified bay area congresswoman in july about her allegations against kavanaugh. the congresswoman said her office then hand delivered a note to senator dianne feinstein july 30th. at that time, ford requested to remain anonymous to protect her children and family. she stepped forward sunday after her name was leaked. >> she feels she's recognizing her civic responsibility. that was deeply touching to me. she is not a politician. she knows nothing about the fo
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former students ms in maryland have signed a letter supporting her. among them is actor julia dryfish that tweeted she was in the class of '79 and signed the letter. workers from mcdonald's are expected to walk off the job at noon today. in san francisco, workers will stage a lunchtime strike to protest. 42% of the women in the restaurant women say unwanted sexual behavior was forced on them. many women worried they would be fired or have their hours cut if peers julie chen is leaving the network a week after husband resigned amid allegation if sexual misconduct allegations.
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she is signing off with a pretaped message. she stands by her husband less moonves. she is expected to remain host of big brother about to wrap the 20th season. president trump will survey the area affected by hurricane florence. his visit will not disrupt recovery efforts. details of the itinerary have not been released. power is out for half a million homes and businesses. food, water, other supplies are distributed to the hard hit city of wilmington, north carolina. one road has reopened as a supply route. more than 100 roads in the city are still closed. the worst of the rainfall is over. more help is arriving each day for areas hit hard by the hurricane. jack callahan looks at emergency response and what needs to be done. >> authorities say at least 32
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people have died in three states, of florence, once a category 4 hurricane. >> it's a tornado. >> one death reported in virginia after an apparent tornado touched down in the richmond area causing the roof of the business to collapse. rescue crews continued around the clock to save people in homes and vehicles. in wilmington, long awaited supplies, people have been stranded for days with roads cut off by flood waters. military moving in big trucks and choppers filled with food, fresh drinking water and other supplies. help previously came from volunteers like this group of veterans that called themselves task force 75. >> sometimes it's rescue. sometimes it's handing out food and water. sometimes that's health and welfare checks. we're putting dogs second story bathrooms. in newburn, 4300 homes have been inundated by water. that's a third of all homes
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there. >> clearly there's a lot of devastation in historic wonderful to north carolina and part of our history. i've also seen a lot of people who are determined. >> in nearby trenton, john holmes says he's determined but wonders how and where to start. >> i really don't know i really don't. take it day by day. >> bay area relief teams are working hard in north carolina. the spokeswoman for the san francisco police department seen on -- she's not in the picture. she's helping run the operation center. numerous workers from across the country have been deployed in the carolinas from virginia. the office of emergency services sent urban search and water rescue teams. california is sending three more relief teams to the region. liver more police have
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offices patrolling livermore high today. the increased presence in response to a threatening note left behind. alli is speaking to parents and students this morning. >> reporter: close to those 1900 students are inside in clays at livermore high school. we had a chance to talk to students and parents as they headed to class. many of them noticed the extra police presence on campus today. see there's two livermore police patrol cars parked in the driveway. >> they expect to have extra officers throughout the week because of a threatening note found on campus yesterday. students and administrators received the note at one of the bathrooms on campus. administrators found it disturbing enough to contact livermore police about it. according to police, the note which was handwritten alleged a direct threat to the school. parents were notified by the
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school's principal and superintendent. the superintendent told us this morning she's confident students and staff are safe today. >> i do trust our police. i was on the phone with our police chief, lieutenant, sros. we have a great working partnership. they say it's not credible. i feel comfortable reassuring families it's okay to come to school. >> i feel safe enough to send my son to school without knowing the concept, what is there to believe than trust the officials? >> i'm sure it's going to be fine. i have stuff i cannot make up. i'd rather not miss it. >> livermore police say extra officers are assigned to the school for a week. we have heard from livermore high parents that tell us they planned to keep their kids out of class today as a precaution. we talked to the superintendent about this. she says attendance numbers for today won't be available until
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much later. she says based on number of cars coming and dropping kids off, she thinks it was mostly business as usual. she did get a couple e-mails from parents explaining their kids were staying home because of that disturbing message found on campus. ktvu news. >> thanks alli. police are investigating the threat of violence against the middle school. a police sergeant told us the threat was brought to the department's attention last night. he would not say what that was. police have been investigating throughout the night and say the threat came on a resident's phone. the officials are trying to find whoever create had the threat and determined if it's legitimate. extra police will be at that school this morning. the schoolfe. a baby in a coma has been moved from ucs in oakland to stanford med after his family says doctors at childrens planned to take him off life
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support. the family and supporters protested outside the hospital in oakland. 16-month-old holmes has been in the hospital last month since he went in cardiac arrest and stopped breathing at the family's home in fairfield. the boy's mother said the doctors suggested he be taken off life support a month ago. she refused and says there's still life in her child. >> he's wiggling toes, moving his feet as well as his hands. his breathing has gotten tremendously better. >> the hospital officials in oakland say they decided not to take the baby off life support to allow the family more time to get the second opinion. that led to the transfer to stanford. a spokeswoman for childrens in oakland say they empathize with the family and the decision to take a family member off life support is not taken lightly. up next, the charges for
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. a sacramento county sheriff deputy has been killed and another injury inside the auto parts store in rancho cordova 15 miles southeast of sacramento. mike is at the scene this morning and has the story. >> still an active investigation all morning long here in rancho cordova outside downtown sacramento. all sparked by the deadly shooting yesterday. take a look. it was this deputy who was shot and killed in a gun battle with a suspect. it all started with the original call of a disturbance with a customer. that's when two deputies arrived here in a shoot out killing one. we don't know at this point in time much about the suspect or
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motive. this was a routine call of disturbance with a customer. we saw the officer who was killed. his partner that arrived here, julie robinson was shot in the arm and should be okay. we're expecting to learn much more about who this suspect is and potentially why the suspect was so quick to open fire on deputies in a shoot out that spanned an entire city block yesterday afternoon. in rancho cordova, now back to you. >> undercover police officers are staking out coffee shops in berkeley as part of a renewed the campus. snatching laptops and running off with them have been recorded on video. the sting operation comes at st
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laptops stolen because it happens all the time. >> you look away for one second. the stories of people having laptops being stolen were just sitting there. they didn't leave. people literally came up and grabbed them. >> here's tips on how to protect your laptop or recover it if it gets stolen. they recommend a locking device that attaches a computer to the table. install tracking software on your laptop and back up clouds on the file so you don't lose valuable information. jot down the serial number so if police find your lab top, they can return it to you. the city released body camera video from the shooting. >> don't move. don't move. >> this is video that was released in response to a request from the civil rites attorney john burris that represents the man's family.
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oakland firefighters found hog unresponsive in a bmw parked on the off ramp of interstate 580. they called police after finding a gun on the passenger seat. hog did not respond to police commands to get out of the car. after more than an hour, they stormed it. one officer says she opened fire after hog moved towards the gun. burres calls the shooting outrageous. >> seemed to me it was unnecessary to create the confrontation yelling and screaming at that person when you know his natural reaction when he wakes up is to move. >> in 2016, the officer that filed the shots. the city agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle lawsuits filed by the family. there's no word on why the city waited to release the video. police are looking for suspects after a robbery at a t
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mobile store. three ran in after 7:30 last night. witnesses say the men started grabbing cell phones, tablets and other electronics off the store shelves. they dashed out the door and jump into the older green hond employees say no one was hurt. $6,000 worth of merchandise was taken. police can't say if this is linked to other stores in apple stores. decks, outdoor stairs and elevated walkways would be improved. there's a direct response to the 2015 berkeley balcony collapse that killed six young people n others. must be inspected every three years. >> the new law requires the state department of education's
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website to list resources and structural materials on literacy. it was inspired by a samford study that found students found it challenges to distinguish advertisements from news stories. after years of delakes delay, the murder trial for suge knight is expected to start. he is accused of running over a compton business man in a parking lot of february 2015. knight argued with the victim hours earlier. knight said he sped off because he was scared about being ambushed. the trial has been delayed numerous times. knight has gone through lawyers and battled health problems. oprah is unveiling a postage stamp. up next, the multiple wildfires
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burning across the state this fire season. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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. the industrial is up. it w that tariff news with president trump encased in a war with china. investors didn't like this morning there's more optimism. speaking of which, apple is up 1% after dropping yesterday 2%. people found out the tariffs will largely not affect apple. this morning, china responded to president trump's new tariffs on chinese imports by announcing new tariffs of its own on $60 billion worth of u.s. goods. yesterday the president ordered new taxes on $200 billion worth of products that range from backpacks to windshield wipers to baseball gloves. trump says the tariffs are chin
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pressuring americans to give up businesses. they're going to have to work hard to find employees for stores. that's good news for those looking for jobs. low unemployment rates for some companies including khol's and jcpenney started back in june. usually they would start holiday hiring now. >> that's early. spacex ceo elon musk is introducing us to the first person that will take a trip to space. lauren green has the details on the unique plan for the trip. >> finally i can say, i can tell you that i choose to go to the moon. >> japanese billionaire paid
9:24 am
for the trip to the moon. >> this is dangerous. this is no walk in the park here. it will require a lot of training. when you push the frontier, it's not a sure thing. >> the week long journey will bring passengers aboard the bill falcon around the moon which is 200,000-miles away from earth. at the time voyage will not include a lunar landing. >> it's the first flight of something on new technology, talking about deep space. you have to be a brave person to do that. this is not a small matter. >> he doesn't want to take the trip alone. he plans to bring six to eight artists along for the ride and hopes they'll be able to create work that eir experience. >> they'lthey to
9:25 am
us. >> the spacex big falcon rocket will launch in 2023. ktvu fox news. >> i don't know, if i'm a billionaire, if i'm on board with that trip. maybe five to six years. i'd wait until my children are older which this is, 2023. >> he did have to give money. i think either way, you're kind of wired to be the first to get on something being developed to do that or you might say, you know what, i'm going to wait a little bit. >> good for him. i don't know. i'm out. >> i'm a billionaire. i have a lot of other things to to. there's a postage stamp honoring victims. the red, white, blue stamp features a firefighter,
9:26 am
paramedic, police officer running to an emergency. oprah says it represents the rising of compassion, endurance, survival, thriving of rsders. >> nice looking stamp. coming up on mornings on 2 at 9:00, people charged. the department says it has no other choice than the responses to the idea. up next, the free training offered and why young clients say it's desperately needed.
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he could possibly... he likes to collect things. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. oh and we have an entire comic book store and i managed to wedge a candle in there. oh i see, so this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. it also fits the entire neighborhood, when they show up, unannounced, in a good way... kind of... what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it.
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make the dream yours. . welcome back. little bit of cloudy weather here. it should be sunny in some areas later. >> good morning to you. guys, we're looking at another beautiful day once we get to
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the afternoon. plenty of sunshine, away from the coastline. mostly cloudy start for many given your view of sfo, san francisco 56 degrees. low 50s santa rosa. upper 50s livermore and san jose. winds generally light out there. concord bit of a breeze coming from the south gusting to 25. oakland reporting sustained at 12 relatively calm and light over portions of the north bay. we get to the second part of the morning and early afternoon. this is going to peel back again. we'll be left for sunshine for the second part of the day. right now stockton covered over areas. you can see widespread through the bay, san francisco bay into the east bay beginning to thin out here overour east bay hills as well as the inland east bay along the coastline. plenty of overcast sky. here's your future cast by noontime or so, we're partly cloudy away from the coast. the coast will remain mostly cloudy. we'll get this pulled back as
9:30 am
we get to 3:00 or 4:00. yesterday late afternoon, had the sunshine over pacific and half moon bay. let's hope for a repeat of that. temperatures near repeat as well. low 60s for san francisco today. upper 60s oakland, upper 70s to near 80 in some locations. we get into warmer weather. this is the final week of summer. how about wednesday, 84 inland community, upper 80s to near 90 as we settle to thursday, friday. we get to first week of fall. temperatures come down a bit. good looking forecast. 70s to near 80 around the bay. 60s at the coast. back to you. all right. thanks rosemary. the east fire protection people for emergency services. the district says it has no choice after measures.
9:31 am
under the program, the fire district will soon charge to respond to car crashes, hazmat situations, illegal fires, water emergencies. >> i think that's terrible. i think that is a cost. not in favor. >> i think i'm for fire protection. if this is what they have to do to keep themselves going, i'm for it. >> a study in 2016 indicated the region needs nine fire stations to provide adequate services. they currently operate with three covering 250 square miles. they're breaking grown on a fire station this week. right now they can't meet the state guidelines of five minutes to respond to emergency calls. this brings us to our question of the day. you respond. to happen, how 21% say not call 911. 13% say call 911 and pay the fee. 28% of you say you may move out of the district. some chimed in on twitter
9:32 am
saying most voted noth to call 911. are they going to put out the fire or fix the water issue themselves? i hope they know it costs them that. payingis not the best choice, but better than taking a huge risk. >> crystal says don't we pay tax already for these services? >> it appears that this is an issue that raises a lot of questions. >> it's good we're talking about it. if i have to call 911, i'm going to call and pay the fee. >> you already do get charged when you use a rescue ambulance for whatever reason. >> it's thousands of dollars. i think talking to firefighters out there, it's frustrating to them as well. they want to get there and help f. they can't make the five minute response team, they see face to face what that means. >> communities aren't voting for bond measures. >> you can chime in on how you
9:33 am
feel about it. we'll check responses all day. go to our twitter page and use the #ktvu. >> here's some of the top stories we're following today. san francisco police will show us its new use of force training simulator training new police cadets and improving training for current police officers. the old training system involves a big screen and some props. the san francisco chronicle reports the new version which we'll see today has a 300 degrees view showing the situation not just what's in front of police officers. it will have a vibration system to alert officers if they've been shot as part of that simulation. the police department hopes the training system will teach officers when to use force, when to wait for someone they encounter. it will be used with the old systems since california has tr systems. we just confirmed moments
9:34 am
ago, alameda sheriff deputies conducted a marijuana raid this morning. in the past few hours, they seized 400 plants, two guns, arrested two people on androtti road. there are no other details about the raid or two people arrested. about an hour ago, the mayor thanked the city council for funding a third temporary housing site near the lake. the plan was approved by the council last night. it will how has 40 homeless people in the parking lot of the convention center. mayor chap said so far, 126 people have moved into the city's two top shed sites that are part of a d. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and woman accusing him of sexual assault more than 30 years ago havetestify monday senate judiciary committee.
9:35 am
however the chairman of that committee, senator chuck grassily says he's waiting to hear from the accuser christine blasey ford, a professor. the committee was to vote thursday on kavanaugh's nomination. that was delayed after professor ford went public with her allegations. that's a look at just some of the top stories we're working on. a 10-year-old girl is in critical condition after she was struck by a car on her way to school in brentwood. police say the girl and her sister were in the crosswalk at the time. the sister was not injured. the crash shut down both directions for more than four hours. >> the 10-year-old was air lifted to uc davis medical driv and cooperating with investigators. it does not appear drugs and alcohol were involved in the cash. right in front of antioch high
9:36 am
school, this both happened yesterday. the driver that hit two students stayed and cooperated with police. in another case, a driver in this toyota four runner hit a student crossing west 18th street in front of the school in a crosswalk and took off. all three students are expected to be okay. the four runner involved in the hit and run has a california license plate. 4ygw 385. anyone with information about the vehicle should call police. >> some drivers in san jose are complaining about the way street parking is set up on streets. it's designed to protect cyclists. drivers say it's confusing and can cause parking jams. parking use to be on de of the . >> now there's a bike lane with parking spaces further out. some are parking in the old peo >> little bit weird. the fact you have to park in the street away from it's confusing.
9:37 am
>> the parking also creates problems for emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, and street sweepers. the san jose police department hopes to clean up confusion once lanes are painted and cones are installed to help separate bikes from cars. taylor streets in the downtown area will undergo the changes. a jimmy having to turn families away. we see the need is so great the guardian jimmy gym is about to quadruple in size. >> guardian, a fitting name for a boxing gym valued more than combat training. >> it helps me relieve anger.
9:38 am
>> what do you leave at the door? >> at just 12 years old, oakland student has had to overcome serious, physical and emotional obstacles. >> i'm bald. a bunch of kids at school were always making fun of me. they'll say i have cancer. then when i work in the group at school, it's hard to find a group. everyone says if they touch me or touch anything i touch, they'll get cancer. >> all of that changes at guardian. the cofounder opened the non profit gym in oakland in 2016 to offer underprivileged youth free training. >> it's my mom and i. it's hard for her to pay for extracurriculars like this out of school. >> two years in, they're meeting more families that feel guardian would be an outlet for younger children.
9:39 am
they've outgrown the small 1600- foot space. >> we turned away 200 families that called or e-mailed and said they wanted to have kids start training from 5 to 9. we say you've got to wait until they're 10. >> that was until this large 8800 square feet space. the plan is to transform the blank canvas into much more than just mats. >> we'll have the kid's classroom here. that's the first major thing you see. it's the entrance to the classroom. >> excited about this comfortable safe haven where kids feed their minds and bodies, local restaurants are helping to achieve that with plans to deliver free food daily so no child goes hung. it's always been a community effort, he says. he's hoping that rings true when it comes time for the final push. a fundraising campaign is called a dollar for oakland. >> there's 420 residents in
9:40 am
oakland. we need $420,000 more to build out our space. if we can get $1 per person that will be enough to raise moy dream inching closer to reality, one that looks to transcend community to a movement. ktvu fox 2 news. >> the fundraising campaign is set to launch in november. they hope to have the new location completed by the start of the next school year. coming up next on mornings on 9, helping people in need. we'll take you live to san francisco with a look at the burrito project and how your next cocktail could mean a meal for someone else. this isn't just any long distance relationship.
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. this is a part of the show i set off your alexa device at home. this year, amazon is planning to release at least eight new devices that come with alexa including a microwave oven. all devices will have smart voice assistant. some will have alexa built in. along with the microwaves, the devices include an amplifier, sub woofer. they're expected to be revealed later this month. every wedding is stressful. a couple in utah found out how the best plans can be disrupted. the morning of their big day, sterling peterson and his fiance had to evacuate because of a wildfire. they grabbed important papers, pictures, her wedding dress. they found out they would not be able to the wedding at
9:44 am
their house like they planned. >> hours later, they received messages that a new venue, wedding cake, decorations, music, food were all donated. >> i posted on twitter. i posted on facebook. i think we had probably close to 500 responses by the end of the night. >> like really grateful. can't even express how thankful we are for everything they did for us. >> the newlyweds say they cannot believe so many people they never met turned out to be angels saved their wedding. they say they'll always remember the generosity every year when they celebrate their anniversary. restaurants and bars around the bay area are participating in the burrito project. >> easy. all you need to do is order a drink. a person in need will receive a meal. >> we're at hazel's southern bar and kitchen in san francisco with more on how this
9:45 am
works. lee? report report it's a simple recipe. buy a drink and help someone else. the drink has to be a green bar city bright gin. if you like gin, you're in luck. this is for statewide month of september. for any purchased, they'll donate a burrito to a hungry person in the community. their goal is 50,000 drinks to be sold this month. >> it is a good cause. we have more information about it for you on our website. look for it in the web link section under the mornings on 2 tab. find it on the ktvu mobile app. that's the burrito project. >> i'm hungry all of a sudden.
9:46 am
coming up on mornings on 2. taking the runway and how london fashion week is mixing things up.
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9:48 am
. good news. we were able to fix the audio problems with lee martinez. she's joining us with more on the project. >> that was a practice run mike. we're now making the drink again for you. so, just to keep in mind, you can order a drink. that drink will go to making a burrito for a hungry person in our community.
9:49 am
you have to buy a drink with green bars city bright gin. if you're a gin lover, you're in luck. i'm going to bring in michael craig reeves from green bar. he's going to tell us a little about why this specific gin. >> this gin is inspired by ethnic culinary fusion in the big city. we're taking flavors from so many different immigrant cuisines and putting them into one gin bottle. it comes together nicely. >> it seems like anything goes, right? >> especially in san francisco and east bay. these bartenders are inspired, like to make their own drinks. they've got a lot happening. >> we know who's making the drinks here. who's making the burritos? >> they have a chapter in san francisco, in the east bay. they'll help us make burritos for the hungry. >> thanks so much. we're going to talk to the burrito maker also named mike. you're with the burrito
9:50 am
project. >> i camera how did this come to the bay area? >> a friend of mine was involved with the burrito project in los angeles. he's a volunteer at the soup kitchen. he wanted to start up a chapter in san francisco. we've been going on two years now. ed out about 10,000 burritos. we meet up once a month, last monday of the month. we make up about 550 burritos and pass them out to hungry people. we work with the youth services who deal with homeless youth. yeah, it's an awesome project. >> what are the ingredients? specific burritos or a variety? >> we make vegan, rice, bean, salsa. we have vegetables and donations from a local farm. >> awesome. >> how do you find the people that are hunges love a
9:51 am
burrito. >> we usually scope out the area a week before remake burritos and out where people are at. we send people out on bikes, on foot, in cars, and we deliver other burritos. >> that's awesome. let's get you making a burrito real quick. little more about green bar too. they have the burrito project going on. we have it for another week and a half. green bar distillery uses sustainable products and also plant trees for every bottle of their gin sold. that looks like a delicious burrito here. it's going on for the month of september. after september is over, they're going rritos and delive >> you can come. we have a week and a half of september left. if you're feeling generous, order five drinks. there you go. >> buy a round. i love it. thank you. we have information about
9:52 am
the project on secti under the mornings on 2 tab and also the ktvu mobile app. it was a big night for streaming services such as netflix and streaming at the emmy awards. >> the marvelous. >> it was a marvelous light for amazon's mrs. maizele picking up best comedy series. >> game of thrones returned with a dragon's war after not being eligible last year. >> some top acting honors included game of thrones star. matthew reese for his lead rule in fx's the americans, and claire foye for playing the
9:53 am
queen in the crown. >> i love this man. >> two maizele actresses were marvelous. rachel and alex, wild bill hater and the fond's hinkler won for their roles. >> it's unbelievable. here's the truth. on wednesday, in two days, we start the second season. i'm on this great show. i was 27 when i started doing the fonds. i'm now 72. i'm standing right here in front of you with her. >> rue paul's drag race won best reality competition show. saturday night live picked up the 72nd gold statue, most for any tv show for variety sketch seri. last week tonight
9:54 am
with john oliver took the variety talk series. >> thank you. i'm just going to quit while i'm ahead. >> 96-year-old betty white was honored as a legend having won eight trophies in her lengthy career. best moment of the night was when winner proposed to his girlfriend. she said yes. >> you wonder why i don't like to call you my girlfriend? because i don't want to call you my wife. >> no mention of president trump by name during the three hour broadcast. the two big winners, hbo and netflix with total of 23 emmys each sharing the top spot. in hollywood, fox news. >> a san francisco native is celebrating his big emmy win.
9:55 am
>> and the winner is darren crisp. >> he won for outstanding lead actor in a limited series or movie for his role as andrew, the man that killed famous designer. he thanked those he did not have the chance to thank on stage. >> i wanted to thank all of my teachers, and all of my friends that enriched my life on this journey. i share this with them. >> chris starred on the fox tv show glee. he and michelle will perform in san francisco next no. you heard him mention thanks to his teacher. we had the same theater director. he's an si grad. i've met him many times. he's a great gator nice to see hem up there.
9:56 am
>> well deserved. >> teachers change lives. london fashion week is also underway. one designer is kicking off her summer collection with model who is break the typical mold. alice used a mix of models and those she's inspired by. some women modeling designs are personal friends of various ages and back grounds. >> i think it's more real then seeing another fashion show, more young girls, more dresses. it doesn't need to be on young girls. other people can wear it. that should be shone i think. >> she also says believing her actual friends who inspired her helps make the show that much more personal. heinz announced a new item, mayochup a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise. for years it's been popular in the puerto rican community. now it's made by heinz and
9:57 am
ready to squeeze. it will be used for dipping or anything you use ketchup for like spreading sandwiches and hamburgers. will you have to refrigerated it though? >> i'm not a big mayonnaise fan. a's have 12 games left in the regular season as the hunt for october is definitely on. angels are in town. baseball out at the coliseum tonight. that's it for us this morning. i'll see you at noon. if your skin had a wash tag what would it say? 80% glowing
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