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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the growing political battle over the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court. 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> the woman from palo alto who has accused judge brett kavanaugh of sexual assault 30 years ago may not testify on capitol hill unless the investigation is conducted by the fbi first.>> christine blasey ford is the bay area psychologist saying that he tried to force himself on her when they were in high school, but so far she has not agreed to appear at a special hearing called by the senate judiciary committee. in the newsroom with the developments.>> her attorney sent a letter to the judiciary committee, saying that she wanted an investigation be us m that she had been targeted with death threats and harassed since going forward with her sexual assault allegations.>> reporter:
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brett kavanaugh and his accuser, christine blasey ford , were called to testify before the senate judiciary committee monday about his -- her claim of sexual assault, but her attorneys sent a letter to the chairman, saying that her worst fears have materialize, she has been the target of vicious harassment and death threats. the letter says as a result, ford, who has a husband and two children, has been forced to relocate her family out of her home, she says her email has been hacked and she has been impersonated online. she asked that an fbi investigation be conducted to have witnesses and facts in a nonpartisan way. the fbi had found no evidence of a federal crime, according to president trump, and brett kavanaugh met with white house staff. >> hopefully she will come forward and state her case, he will state his case, before
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representatives of the u.s. senate, and they will vote. >> reporter: he said they should be heard, but accused democrats of playing politics. >> when senator feinstein sat with judge kavanaugh for a long period of time, a long meeting, she had this letter, why didn't she bring it up? >> i know she didn't want to go public, that's why i didn't make the letter public, i can't say that everything is truthful, i don't know. >> the hearing is to test credibility. >> both ford and kavanaugh must weigh the cost now of public and very probing questioning. you ever get drunuestions that are quite humiliating and invasive. and it is not clear that they
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would have any ground rules to restrict those questions. >> he says they haven't -- they have jurisdiction to investigate perjury, nancy pelosi was in san francisco today, she says she hopes the senate won't rush to a vote before rushing to a vote -- before hearing the testimony. >> they will have an investigation in addition to a hearing. >> he swing republican senators have indicated they want to hear them testify before a vote, but jeff flake, one of the swing vote said if ford does not testify monday, he might call for the confirmation vote to move forward. >> thank developing news in sa francisco, investigating a homicide, 46 avenue, 9:00 tonight, a person was found lying on the sidewalk, shot to
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death. a heavy police presence, witnesses on social media reports seeing at least one car speed away from the area, so far police have not been available to provide any additional information. a 76-year-old woman had to be airlifted off a cruise ship selling 35 miles outside the golden gate, officials say she was suffering severe gastrointestinal issues. the crew contacted the coast guard this morning, responding, hoisting the woman into the helicopter, taken to stanford medical center. investigating in marin county, a worker was struck by his injuries. >> reporter: construction along a home ground to a halt tuesday. >> something will be missing every time i drive down the road.>> reporter: this resident says he has been driving past the area since last september,
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one of the highlights was sharing a smile with the people working to build the home. >> so kind and nice, it hurts me. >> reporter: when it picks up again, one of the workers will be missing, killed when plywood fell on top of him. sky fox was over the scene around noon showing a police cruiser parked in front of a scene of the incident, between coleman and lincoln, closed for the investigation. they got the call about 8 am. >> i don't know what's going on right now. >> reporter: the identity has not been released, it is not clear if the one that he got to know is the one who passed away. he says all the workers have been instrumental in keeping the traffic running safe along narrow fair drive. >> as you come up the hill, there's a corner, hard to see regardless of construction or not, some people drive too fast, but they always had someone here looking both ways.>> reporter: a member of cal osha
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was talking with someone here, based in concord, he did not want to discuss the incident. in a statement, cal osha said it is investigating, and has six months to issue violations of citations for safety. details are confidential until then. >> my heart goes out to families and friends and everyone involved, it is just hitting close to home, if you will. >> reporter: san rafael police have not released an official identity, he is 60, married with children, he landed the job at the site about four months ago. osha has prohibited work on the site for the time being. in san rafael, andre sr., ktvu fox 2 news. healthcare workers at a rally in the south bay in hopes of preventing a hospital closure. at san jose's o'connor hospital, after the owner declared
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bankruptcy. they want to sell the hospital and nullify collective bargaining agreements with employees. >> we want the hospital to stay open and continue to serve our poor patients, and if we don't have the hospital, were the patients going? >> the financial situation impacts the other hospitals, including saint louise and gilroy, and seaton in daly city, and moss beach, two more hospitals in southern california as well. security changes at san jose's airport, the tsa has chosen the airport to get sophisticated new perimeter security and detection centers. live at jet -- sjc, with the funding that is now underway.>> reporter: a history of security breaches, people hopping over the fence, that is why the airport is above standards, but
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lighting and fencing can only do so much. >> reporter: through the years, intruders have gone on to the airfield at this international airport, back in 2014, surveillance cameras captured a 15-year-old stowaway who hid in a wheel well on a plane bound to hawaii and survived. >> software and technology, more ability for our personnel's eyes to be on many more areas of the airport. and there is only so much a perimeter fence can do.>> reporter: the tsa is investing $4 million in technologies at san jose's airport, adding new video cameras as well as laser, infrared and ground sensors, congressional leaders, eric swell well and others have been pushing for federal funding. >> our airports are quite vulnerable to perimeter
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breaches. >> it is almost impossible 24/7 to guard make sure that nobody intrudes. >> reporter: he knows firsthand that airport officials can't watch everything, he worked airport security until 2000, he says the sensors will help especially at night, when lighting is limited and unattended plains are parked overnight. >> long overdue for american aviation, it needs to become the way that we do business.>> reporter: the airport serves about 40 million passengers a year and growing, travelers we spoke to said that cutting-edge technology would no doubt make them feel more at ease, given the past security breaches. >> it is a top priority, especially a lot of people are in one place, like a plane. speakers somebody who does that, with malicious intent, could be the next one to do it.>> reporter: the hope is that this program is successful, so that it can be utilized, and other airports in the country
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can us miami international airport was the other airport chosen, and installation of the program will be happening soon, we are told this fall. >> azenith smith, thank you. police say they have arrested four teenagers for posting threats against pittsburgh high school, within the last few days. three of the four suspects taken into custody our students, the fourth attends black diamond high, also in pittsburgh, none of them had weapons or access to weapons. a mistrial was declared in san francisco in the case of a man attempting to aid a terrorist group in syria, 25- year-old adam shafi of fremont, in july 2015, after federal agents stopped him from boarding a flight to istanbul, wiretaps indicated he was planning to go to syria to join an al qaeda affiliated group.
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no decision has been made on whether he will be retried. a major announcement the push of a korea free of nuclear weapons, north korea has agreed to permanently abolish its key missile facilities, kim jong-un says he is willing to closes nation's main nuclear complex, if the united states takes similar steps for nuclear disarmament in the region. the announcement in the past few hours follows the conclusion of summer talks between leaders of north and south korea. going cashless, the future is here for some businesses, one food trucks experience with no longer accepting cash. a new home tonight for a homeless came in, hope village in a new spot without fear of fiction. -- eviction. warmer, thursday, friday and saturday forecast.
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halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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new at 11:00, a homeless encampment has been given a reprieve, the nonprofit hope village will have no threaded eviction, raising $10,000 from the community to set up the encampment, located on state land, residents were forced to leave. the upgraded homeless camp, puerto potties, garbage service, in a temporary location provided by the sei you. the city owned land will be for 180 days of the cost of one dollar. -- seiu new census figures, about one in eight people work from home in marin county, the highest rate in the state, placer county and el dorado were second and third. the number of california's -- californians using their home as work jumped 30%.
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leaving the hit daytime show the talk, involving her husband. >> i have been at the talk since the date started nine years ago, and the cast, crew and staff have been family to me over the years, but right now, i need to spend more time at home with my husband, and our young sun. -- son. >> two weeks after his -- her husband, leslie moonves resigned after sexual misconduct allegations. a rally in san francisco today to urge governor jerry brown to sign the net neutrality law. >> i am so proud that this bill is on the governor's desk now, and that everyone here came together and all the legislature came together to support it.>> the lawmakers joined a group of democrats to show their support to restore
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obama era regulations that were taken away under the trump administration, stopping providers from blocking or slowing down some websites and privatizing some sites over others. a bay area food vendor that doesn't take cash, he has been cashless for nine months, and said it is helping his business. amber lee reports in daly city, were several food trucks gather on tuesday nights. >> reporter: a popular food truck, serving what loyal followers describe as unique filipino fusion, at the food truck event at the center here in daly city. >> is different food that you can't get any restaurant, i have never seen a asian breeder at a restaurant.>> reporter: doing something else different, by going cashless, starting the
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first of this year, it stopped accepting cash, the co-owner says safety and efficiency are factors. >> i grew up in the restaurant industry, my dad was robbed as a kid, i got to the point where we were accepting so little cash compared to credit, that it did make sense to carry cash anymore. >> reporter: fewer and fewer customers using cash. >> in 2011, 70% cash, and a 10% decline every year.>> reporter: and this owner, teresa rondeau said he plans to continue to accept cash. >> not everybody uses credit cards, especially the older generation, they don't know how to use apps, like people -- paypal. most people believe in old- school cash.>> reporter: but they say it makes good business sense for vendors, that run several trucks talk -- trucks,
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to go cashless. >> a lot of employees, a lot of locations, money in cash get lost easily. >> reporter: the co-owner says going cashless has worked well so far. >> we feel safer, a lot easier to run the business.>> have you seen the downside? beeker no, we want to focus on food, not be a bank. >> reporter: most people pay with a credit card or phone, but some say they want the option to pay in cash. in daly city, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news . san francisco transportation agency is discarding -- deciding whether or not to continue the 18 month trial with jump bikes, with a rollout of 250 bikes, since january, more than 326,000 trips of been taken, the average being used 10 times per day, the average is 2 1/2 miles,
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they have until october 9 to decide if it will add another 250 bikes to the program. things are starting to pop up, the bicycles, you don't need electric bikes, you can just pedal the bike, in a city like san francisco, i'm surprised they did that. temperatures outside right now, the highs from today, 78 in santa rosa, 80 in antioch, 79 in livermore. the high temperatures from today, 5 degrees warmer, that is the trend as we go forward, a little warmer each day, going into friday and saturday. as you look outside, the fog getting chewed away, the winds are doing it, kind of north/northwest, the wind, chewing the fog out, tomorrow, very little of it, but there will be some, as there is now,
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a little bit in the morning, and patches up, the sun comes out, what we are seeing tomorrow, temperatures increasing in san francisco, to the mid and upper 60s by the time we get to thursday and friday. in the valleys getting into the 80s, mid-80s, and upper 80s to low 90s heading into thursday and friday. fire danger comes up with that. the warm weather continues tomorrow, maybe 45 degrees warmer than today, santa rosa, 85, 69 in san francisco, pretty warm, it represents a lack of fog. san jose 80, 87 and morgan hill. a nice looking day for the bay area, you will notice this, in the numbers, 92, around the bay, mid to low 80s, inland, as we
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head towards the autumnal equinox, getting into the low 90s, not hot but lower than we have seen. prepare yourself, be ready forthe .-- for the fire danger to come up a little bit. the oakland a's were back at the coliseum tonight, next in sports, we will find out if they lowered their magic number with 12 games left in the regular season. a big day for destiny coronado, undergoing cancer therapy, she will serve as a san jose earthquakes honorary captain. destiny met the team at the stadium, the earthquakes are dedicated to raise awareness of childhood cancer, the 11:00 news continues in two minutes.
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a rough day today for the oakland a's, couldn't quite pull it out,of sports. >> frank is always telling me this, what is too hot has got to cool down, right? beeker i say that all the time. >> [ laughter ] not an
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opportune time. >> we want them to peek right now. >> the oakland a's have lost 4 out of 5, trying to clinch a playoff berth, going the other way, a current and former shark, throwing out the first pitch. the oakland a's were down 1-0, scoring 4 in the inning, bases loaded, almost to the grand slam. the oakland a's take a 3-1 lead, and jonathan lucroy, cruising until the sixth, the angels put up 6, one swing, and lou trevino would like that back. 7-4 deficit, the oakland a's lose 9-7, the magic number stays at seven. the giants,
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hunter pence, no matter what has happened to them this year, falling off a cliff, i like to see him finish with a bang, that thing is way out of here, an rbi double tonight, to get the giants rolling, in the fifth inning, the padres will retake the lead, a two-run shot, look at chris schauble, the youngster goes up, he thinks he might have a chance at catching it, instead, they snag it, the fan, the umpires looked at it, but they say it is a home run no matter what. the giants are trailing in the eighth, load the bases, and chris shaw, a chance to get it back, he does, little blooper, donna left the line, hunter renfroe, all kinds of problems, to run score, the giants will keep a 5-4 lead, i wanted to show you this clip what it's like at the ballpark these days, that is all happy, a foul
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ball, the kid is like that, would you come down? i'm on the phone here. he could care less. [ laughter ] put the dugout phone down. do we have time to check this out? sprinklers on, the timer, even in the middle of a championship game, between memphis and durham, and it canceled things for about 10 minutes, finally getting it together. a play by steven matz of the mets, the double play, beautiful on the replay, and he also hit a home run, but the phillies beat the mets, and that is the sporting life for tonight. back to you. remember frank, what is too hot has got to cool down. >> [ laughter ] >> thanks for reminding us. >> words to live by, good night.
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