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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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cumbersome. issue and safety is number one for us. >> a crack steel beam leads to the shutdown of san francisco's new transit center. why officials are calling it a serious safety issue. >> the decision to close the sales force transit center came late this afternoon, creating chaos as the evening commute was getting underway. hello. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the morning commute will also be affected as engineers investigate what may have caused the crack and determine if the problem is widespread or an isolated issue. >> the transit center stretches several city blocks. it's elevated above fremont street, now closed between howard and mission. that's where the steel beam in question is located. we get the developing news from ktvu's jana katsuyama live in the city tonight with more. >> if you take a l goes over fr.
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right up there are dark spots in the ceiling of the third floor bus deck. we're told it was somewhere in there, between that and the top park where they found that cracked beam. they said they were going to open up some of the ceiling area to look at the area and inspect whether there are other places that are cracked but they say the crack is near but not on a weld. tonight engineers and building designers met with the san francisco police and fire officials because they say it's still unclear how long the street will need to be closed. >> reporter: commuters trying to get home tuesday night from the sales force transit centerfg commute, the center was locked closed after workers discovered a crack in one of the steel support beams in the ceiling of the third bus terminal. >> they were installing ceiling
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panels. >> reporter: the workers found the crack about 10:00 in the morning and the building designers and structural engineers were called in to assess the damage. inspectors said the cracked beam is 6 and a half feet high and provides partial support to the bus deck and the park on the roof overhead. >> it's a localized area, but out of an abundance of caution, we need to look at it to make sure they're not taking additional stress. >> reporter: officials say they don't yet know what caused the crack or if there are any other damaged beams but they say the steel beams made in the united states undergo multiple inspections and the damaged beae year ago. >> the beams are inspected in the fabrication shop before they arrive at site.on. we have a very rigorous inspection process. >> it was well after 4:00 p.m. when the transbay joint powers authority announced they were shifting all bus lines and operations to the temporary
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transbay terminal two blocks away, used while the new center was being built. buses and commuters had to divert around the road closure at fremont and mission street. that caused big backups and confusion. >> i only have to go for 45 minutes but i've already been on a bus for an hour. >> hopefully they can open it up sooner. i walk down this way most days. the sooner they can open it up, that would be better. >> tonight you can just hear the frustration and all of the car horns around this area south of market. they're expecting it to be bad tomorrow morning. people should try to avoid the area. they'll be working throughout the night trying to identify the problem, assess the damage, then they tell us that they're expecting to give some sort of update tomorrow afternoon. >> jana katsuyama in the city tonight. thank you. 2017 bus lines use that terminal. they've now been rerouted to a temporary terminal a few blocks
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away at howard and main. the agencies include muni, golden gate transit, and others. >> with that in mine, they tweeted tonight heads up in advance of tomorrow morning's commute. if you can avoid driving into the downtown area, please do so. consider using other transit options including public transportation, car pools, and taxies. tomorrow morning turn to mornings on 2. they'll have the latest on the transit center closure and the traffic conditions getting into and around san francisco. the closure of the transit center comes on the same day that sales force kicked off their annual dream force conference. an estimated 170,000 people from all over the world are at masconi center. former presidential candidate jeb bush and former vice president al gore will of them told us thedez to see ss people on the on the streets.
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>> one block feels safe and the other one doesn't feel safe. >> i spent last week in hong kong and i felt safer walking the streets of hong kong in the middle of the night than i do here. i'll admit that. >> it's expected to bring $150 million to the local economy. >> sales force ceo mark benioff plans to donate $15.5 million to the san francisco and oakland public schools. benioff said the donation is part of his responsibility as a native san franciscan and local businessman. the city's superintendent of schools said the money will be used to bring computers and technology classes to every student in the district. new at 11:00, santa clara county has voted to tear down the old san jose city hall an accident. the county plans to demolish the empty building on north 1st and west missions streets and use it for parking until the site can be redeveloped. advocates had hoped to convert the building into housing for
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the homeless. but the county, which owns the building, says it's in such bad shape, it would cost at least million to renovate it. now to concord where a group of tenants went to city hall tonight asking for help. they say the new owner of their apartment complex has told everyone they have to move out so that improvements can be made. ktvu's amber lee is in concord tonight. the residents are worried that if and when they can come back in, the rents are going to be a lot higher. >> tenants tell me they have limited options since the city of concord doesn't have rent control. one single mom says she may have to move out of state. >> reporter: for seven years, crystal chandler and her daughter navaeh have called thin concord. now she's among the 28 families who have received a 60-day notice to vacate by the end of october. chandler says she hasn't been able to find any other housing
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that's affordable. >> it's hard as a single mom. even with ait's just overwhelmi. i think about her all the time, making sure i can provide for her. >> reporter: chandler says she pays $1200 a month in rent. she works as a dental assistant and sometimes takes on five jobs just to make ends meet. she says her take home pay of $2600 a month disqualifies her from getting any government assistance. >> this is just like a huge shocker. i don't have first month's, last month's, deposit. >> reporter: chandler and other tenants asked city officials for help during tuesday night's city council meeting. >> at this point i don't even know where i'm going to live. >> reporter: the walnut creek based investment company now owns the apartment complex and plans to spend $1.3 million in repairs required by the city and renovations. in a written statement, its president said we are working with current residents by offering financial assistance
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for relocation or temporary housing. >> just trying to work something out with the owner where tenants have the right to stay longer or to have more funds to be able to find another place to live. >> reporter: ptla says it's offering $3,000 for relocation and welcomes current tenants back when the renovations are completed by the first of january. chandler expects her monthly rent to increase by $800. >> i think we're going to be pushed out of california, not just out of concord. >> chandler says she's already preparing to move out and may have to live out of her car for a short while. she said she's speaking out to urge cities that don't have rent control to reconsider. a spokeswoman says the mayor is working on holding a meeting to bring both sides together in hopes of coming to an agreement. >> amber lee in concord tonight. thank you. bill cosby is now behind
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bars tonight in a pennsylvania state prison. a judge sentenced cosby today to between three to ten years in prison for a sexual assault conviction. this mugshot was taken shortly after the disgraced comedian learned his sentence. judge steven o'neal called cosby's drugging and groping of andrea constand in january 2004 a planned assault and he denied bail. the legendary entertainer was then handcuffed and led away to prison. cosby's defense team was defiant till the end. >> mr. cosby is doing great and mr. cosby knows that god is watching over him. he knows that these are lies. they persecuted jesus and look what happened. not saying mr. cosby is jesus but we know what this country has done to black men for centuries. >> the 81-year-old cosby will have to serve at least two years and nine months before he is eligible for parole. an investigation released today found that a california state senator threatened to slap
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a lobbyist and also rubbed her shoulders when he was drunk at a restaurant near the capitol last month. the legislation is not in session and joel anderson is not seeking re-election. instead he's running for the state tax board. california nurses association lobbyist stephanie robinson filed the complaint against him and several witnesses have backed up her story. now to the latest on the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh. republicans have scheduled the first vote for friday, one day after palo alto professor christine blasey ford testifies about kavanaugh's alleged sexual assault during a drunken high school party. as fox news lauren blanchard tells us, republicans are pushing back against anymore delays. >> despite democrats' calls to delay, the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee has scheduled a vote on the nomination friday, just
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one day after both judge brett kavanaugh and one of his accusers are expected to appear before the panel. >> i'm confident we' confident d in the very near future. >> reporter: the top democrat on the committee dianne feinstein saying this about the newly scheduled vote. quote, for republicans to schedule a friday vote on brett kavanaugh today, two days before dr. blasey ford has had a chance to tell her story, is outrageous. the gop refusing to delay kavanaugh's hearing, even as a second woman has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the supreme court nominee, something the president took time to address on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly. >> the democrats are playing a con game. c-o-n. a con game. >> reporter: democrats calling for an investigation into dr. christine blasey ford's accusations. >> we're heading for a hearing that's far from what a serious
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fact finding inquiry should be. >> reporter: republicans have hired a female lawyer as outside counsel for dr. ford's hearing on thursday because all 11 gop members on the committee are men. >> we have an outside person coming in and i think that's an appropriate way to do it. so that you don't -- the witness should not be uncomfortable. >> dr. ford's attorney is objecting to the outside counsel, saying it's not appropriate to bring in an experienced sex crimes prosecutor because the hearing is not a criminal trial. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. unarmed ambassadors on b.a.r.t. the proposal being float today help boost security on the transit system. a 6-year-old boy is reunited being violently kidnapped from his house. well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back
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a 6-year-old kidnap victim waved to news cameras in modesto today after being reunited with his mother. family and friends greeted jayce cosso. the 6-year-old was recovered in a hotel in dublin. his father, 41-year-old john cosso, was taken into custody at the la quinta inn. he had been hiding out there with the boy and an older son. he was taken, prompting an amber alert. police say the father had some associates pose as utility workers. they allegedly broke down the mother's door, pepper-sprayed her, and grabbed jayce out of her arms. >> my understanding is they're currently separated or going through a divorce. there's custody issues going on. why he chose to do this this day and this manner is all something
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we're currently still investigating. >> police believe six people were involved in the abduction. john cosso is facing several charges including kidnapping and domestic violence. he's being held on a $300,000 bail. his 17-year-old son who was also at the hotel is expected to be charged as well. b.a.r.t. is hoping to mirror a muni program in a new effort to help prevent violence on b.a.r.t. trains, at b.a.r.t. stations and b.a.r.t. parking lots. the idea is to hire unarmed ambassadors to de-escalate situations without having to involve police. more now from aliana. >> something more than the status quo, which riders say doesn't seem to be working. >> we don't have as vibrant a presence in these times. to win back our riders, i think something like muni's program could help us. >> reporter: at thursday's meeting, b.a.r.t.
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board directors will propose an idea that mirrors muni's program where the transit agency would hire unarmed street smart community ambassadors to help patrol the system. >> they go out and de-escalate. if someone is homeless on a vehicle, they'll go do a wellness check and talk to them. these are civilians. they're not armed. they're not going to write a ticket. they're there for the betterment of the riding experience. >> reporter: in july, three people were killed on b.a.r.t. in a five-day period. it caused a lot of concern among riders. >> i've seen b.a.r.t. gotten a lot worse. definitely get civilians on there will help out a lot. >> reporter: muni says it's worked for them for the last 20 years. it cost muni $1.2 million. b.a.r.t. directors proposed tripling those numbers because of the sheer size of its system. even then they say it would be money well spent. >> frankly, we're using revenue by losing our riders on evenings and weekends because those
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situations make people decide to drive. >> reporter: there is one snag. the collective bargaining agreement prevents anyone outside of b.a.r.t. police to provide security. these ambassadors would have to be hired as union workers. b.a.r.t. directors say this would be a great addition to the b.a.r.t. police force, especially considering they're having a pretty difficult time hiring new officers. there's 25 vacancies within b.a.r.t. police. the funding is there. there's plenty of applicants. but the background check system is so robust, they're having a difficult time finding people to meet the qualifications. slz a lot of work that needs to be done. the proposal will be pitched on thursday. as we head into the next couple days, temperatures will start to cool down. not tomorrow. temperatures spike tomorrow. warmest day of the week. one of the warmest days we'll see in the next few weeks. temperatures drop off. beyond this, out toward the middle of next week, there's a chance of showers in the bay area and the north bay and even
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bay area proper. it's a chance. it's interesting to see the opportunity. wouldn't that be nice to get some significant rainfall under our belts early? knock the fire danger down a little early. 90 in fairfield and antioch. highs tomorrow will eclipse these by 3, 4, 5 degrees. there's the sales force building underneath this fog, underneath my hand is the city. you can't see it because the fog is coming over the top. if you look off in the distance, you see lights toward the berkeley hills. the fog and marine layer is very shallow. about a thousand feet deep. it's going to stick around the bay. not going to get into san rafael and those areas. just going to hang at the coast and right around the bay. so you can see where it is. it's shooting across the bay. it's shallow and getting trapped over there up in berkeley. these are the current temperatures. 50s. then the forecast model, this is what it does. it tries to trim the fog at the
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coast tomorrow afternoon. the model did the same thing today too. actually had less fog and today was foggy all day. look for some chances of sun secoast. reds are 90s. yellows are 70s. oranges are 80s. that's the warmest temperature footprint this week and the next few weeks. 94 in fairfield and vacaville. right at 95. this is the warmest day of the week. then 93 in brentwood. there's your wednesday forecast. no red flag warning. there was one yesterday. that got dropped. still hot. fire danger still high. we're not looking at those winds, gusty high elevation winds that we have late last night early this morning. here's how it goes. we heat up here. wednesday, warmest day of the week. then temperatures steadily trend down as a weak trough comes in, making way for a chance perhaps next week of sprinkles in the bay area. we'll see back here tomorrow. can the oakland a momentum r clinching a spot in the playoffs?
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the as in seattle went into extra innings. do we have a winner? >> i'd go as won, giants lost. >> of course. but that's why they play the games as frank always tells me. the as maybe a little long over. matt chapman, big error in the bottom of the 9th. cost the as the win. the as led this game just about the entire way. it started with a big three-run 1st inning. it's matt joyce who has been injured most of the year. clean two-run single. came out with a 3-0 lead. nelson cruz up for the mariners. as respond with another three-run inning.
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nick martini coming through. shot down the right field line into the corner. got himself a two-run triple. martini on the night had three hits. and that off mike leake to send him away. but in the bottom half of inning number 11, it's the very well known chris herman getting to emilio pagan, former mariner. he walks off a loser. so do the as. 10 -8. they're two and a half back of the yankees for the number one wildcard spot. take it to at&t where the kids are still cute and the giants still care. trailing 3-2. gregor blanco slicing one. the giants take a 4-3 lead but the paome back to tie it 4-4. send it to the bottom of the 12th inning and madison bumgarner to the place with
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gorkys hernandez at 3rd. base hit. and then the mob scene. who wants to go try to mug madison bumgarner? you'll notice hunter pence is about the only guy getting close to him. don't want to get punched or anything. the giants do walk off a winner, 5-4. meantime, we got a little time to cto. check this out. hockey season is just about upon us. the philadelphia flyers unveil their new mascot. the jury is out on gritty. we go to the ball yard. in deep right center field, it is into the pool for the dodgers to tie the game. look at the fan up there. she gets it out of the pool from the guy and throws it back and the dodgers wind up losing. it is bark at the park night in dc. loving his dogs. happy dog. master doesn't dare take another bite of it. we go to the astros-jays game. down the left field line.
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love this right here. the fan makes the catch, says you got it. then the best part. the hug. remember that on fathers day. here's a popup into right center field. who's got it? davis says i got it. billy mckinney gets in his way. you can see that's the center fielder's ball right there. he yells "i got it" but the best thing about it, neither one of them hurt. that's the sporting life. tough to see the as lose that game because they celebrate, they're going to the post season. what they really want is one game back here with the yankees but now they're two and a half back in that department. so it's a long shot right now. >> that philly mascot. >> gritty. >> it looks like an orangegrove. >> looks stupid. [ laughter ] >> creepy looking. >> did you figure out what hair of the dog meant? >> i told him. i told him. goodnight.
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ahh, breakfast lasagna! great call, honey. stay away from it. it's for everybody tonight. that's two meals away. (phone ringing) hello. hey, colonel, what's up? mommy, could ivan come for dinner? no, seƱor, 'cause tonight the whole family is coming over for dinner, 'cause we're gonna vote on where we're going on vacation this year. a vote with a moral stain on it, since ballots are reserved for land-owning adults. because nobody wants to go to the birthplace of edgar allan poe. jay: damn colonel screwed me and took his name off my petition. i'm trying to overturn this dumb rule the club passed banning cigars within 40 feet of the main lodge. when my country passed a law that allowed them to draft 14 year olds, you said, "these things happen." i just bought a box of el conquistador especiales. and they deserve to be smoked in a fine leather chair, not out by the fountain in some heavily-spidered area.
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i don't want this in my house. can't smoke at home, can't smoke at the club. maybe stella has room in her doghouse.


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