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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  September 26, 2018 7:00am-8:56am PDT

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schools. the demographic is being excluded from charter schools. temperatures in the upper 40s and s.and livermore, camera
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we have a fog floating around until midmorning. watch out for that as the clouds gradually break up a bit. here is the plan for today into the afternoon. more sunshine and hot numbers inland at the clouds there back near the coastline. that will set up a big temperature range with the meetings for the mid-60s to the mid-90s. check-in and traffic looks like it is starting to build a good morning, sal. we have and overturned truck 680 northbound. it is really causing a slow traffic where it normally isn't slow. look at the so traffic on 680. if you are driving from san jose to pleasanton and from san jose to san ramon, or from the south bay to walnut creek, this is your commute and 680 will be tough. the couple lanes taken away as a clear the overturned truck
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southbound traffic is slow as people are st bay commutes like a 80 n. between the coliseum and downtown oakland. southbound a get to that in a moment because it is so from hayward to fremont. san mateo bridge is fine. southbound a 80 from about 238 all the way down to fremont. it is a tough commute. give yourself a lot of extra time. the south bay commute is busy with earlier accident that have the morning started off in a slow way. especially in the east part of the valley west. that is a tough commute. the bay bridge, you already know you have the salesforce a lot of streets around that. causing so traffic. dream force is close between third and fourth. south of market is going to be very slow. we would suggest taking bart and set of let's go back to the
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death. more on the traffic in a big developing story. widespread challenging emergency closure the transit center in san francisco because of a cracked beam. leigh martinez covering the challenges commuters are facing around the bay area. we bring an jesse gary live at the salesforce traffic center with the problem that engineers are looking at. morning. just to the right we have transit police who are talking to folks all morning long they are walking up asking questions i was talking this morning asking about more information about the inspection work later today and then how much longer will the transit center you see behind me. him much longer will it be closed. we are waiting for the
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response. let's take a look crews will inspect all of the beams to keep the public safe one crack is not the sign of a larger problem crew they discovered a crack in a beam around 10 a.m. yesterday morning. above the floor and maybe monday third level bus the dock of the transit center on fremont street side of the structure. the facility was closed around the afternoon rush as engineers were called in to assess the problem. beam in question is inspected when it was made and again once it is installed, the to billion- dollar transit center opened a month ago and is facing the first major problem. >> we need to look at the numbers to make sure they're wh looking into right now.
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>>reporter: because of the crack is under investigation and is not thought to be linked to the leaning millennium tower which also hasa cracked beam which is due to the building thinking since it opened back in 2009. as soon as we get a better idea of when they will reopen the center, we will let you know. we are hopeful to have information late this morning or by noon. we will stay on the scene and keep you updated. we are live in san francisco. jesse gary, chaos and confusion in downtown san francisco this morning. fremont street between mission and howard man's clothes. buses are being rerouted. let's bring in leigh martinez to continue life team coverage from the temporary terminal. ac transit workers tell us that 7 is the busy hour. we are out here and so far it does not look into bed. everything seemed to be running smoothly. we spoke to a couple of saco the commute into the city was pretty smooth and they were very happy that the temporary transit hub is
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still operating and available for them. that was convenient for them to get back into the city. multiple transit agencies are effected for by the salesforce transit center closure. five to the salesforce transit center that are rerouted to the temporary translate terminal. ac transit has diverted all 27 translate bus lines to howard and beale street. golden gate transit says route 87, 70, 101 and 11x will pick up and drop off at first as well as howard and appeal. commuters today saturday ride into the city was fine and very less confusing than it was yesterday. like there was police, and people saying the old terminal. and the buses were all behind. a very good time going home it
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is just only a month or so. edit was very disappointed. i wonder how many more crack there is the were in the transit center. truck at the start of the tuesday evening community center was locked and] was well after 4 in with translate joint powers authority announced that they were shifting about fines and operations to the temporary translate terminal, two blocks away. that was used while the center was being built. that's no traffic at the height of the evening commute. buses and commuters had to divert on the road closure every mother mission street causing a big traffic backup and confusion. back out here, live we are at the temporary translate help. it seems like everything is running pretty smoothly. we are told this is the busy hour. we have not seen as many buses come through just yet. everyone we have talked to said the right into the city was pretty quick. no problems. additionally, the city is
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taking bart may hire more rider this morning. and san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. the wider bay area commute is turning into a bit of a nightmare. but let's go back to sal and the traffic center looking at the trend and to the cars on the freeway. >> if you're getting off of the bay bridge, you cannot use it the fremont street exit because that puts you down there where the closure is. that is going to effective traffic coming off of the bridge. perhaps more people will be in the transit center. taking the left exit getting on to harrison street. i will mention, that is the spare the air at unity asking you to take transit if you can. 27 ac transit buses going to the center. a routclosures all over the suggestio after they look at the map
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fremont street that is the best way even some of the ac transit will find may be affected. use part in transit howard street is closed between third and fourth. i will watch this all morning and keep you cloaked -- posted. let's go back to the death. san francisco board of education approved a resolution calling for more oversight of charter schools in the city. according to the examiner, the resolutions give school boards more control over approving charter schools and monitoring the operation. some of the cities most notable student are not admitted into charter schools with how much funding it is diverted to the districts. some charter school leaders guilty schools is being unfairly targeted. >> more than one year since
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mayors that make the san jose mayor outlined the city's plan. and has made full progress reaching the goal of adding 10,000 affordable homes by the year 2020. san jose housing department reports 64 new units had been completed by the fiscal year that ended in june. nearly 600 units are under construction. city leaders note san jose recently lost billions of dollars in affordable housing from the state. developers proposed a huge transit village near the bart station in san jose. the project transformed a clean market into a mega-hub for jobs at high density housing. with millions of square feet for office and housing unit. they the minute the plan to city leaders hoping to build a company that is outside near the road. it is one of the biggest projects tied to the future bart station in san jose's berryessa district. there will soon be more advertising in and around san jose. the city council voted to allow new billboard and electronic
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site on city-owned land downtown in the opened -- airport large billboard. proponent including -- upon is a coding the mayor said the city is moving too quickly and needs to hear from residents before allow allows new billboards to be put up. another -- numbers argue allowing fight could bring in much-needed revenue and decreased commerce downtown. repelling california does make repairing california roads. there is a proposal to repeal the tax, so get the highways the fixes they need. protecting your information a popular website and mobile devices. the meeting today the nation's capital to determine how to keep your private information present. in weather, thick fog across portions of the bay area. away from the inland temperatures soaring up into the 90s. a lot more on the hot weather forecast and eventually rain chances. all of that is coming up. what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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the california highway patrol says one minute the custody following a suspected drunk driving crash in san jose at about 2:30 of the capital expressway needs san jose. the hp said officers began following the suspect car after they found it weaving. the car hit a traffic signal injuring the driver and passengers.>> driver was impaired traveling recklessly. he was not being pursued by police. just decided that he would drive excessive speed. putting his passengers in danger. it was a expected to survive. the chp plans to book the driver on dui charges after he is treated at the hospital. hundreds of immigration rights activists plan to deliver
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petitions at wells fargo in san francisco. those organizing the drive with a wells fargo is one of the leading financers of the large for-profit then corporation, which operate immigration detention centers. the activists are also accident while the wells fargo customers to shut down account at the bank continues to play any role in the trump administration crackdown on illegal immigration. wells fargo is not publicly commenting on the process. u.s. senate holding a hearing and will consider ways to develop rules on how internet companies can use your information for advertising and other business purposes. executives from six major internet companies are terepresent at&t, amazon, apple, google, twitter, antarctica medications. today's hearing would that privacy problem that the top in well as reviewing the cu and discussing effective safeguards. one of the biggest names
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will head to washington on friday. google typically give officer will meet privately with republican lawmakers who accused the internet giant of censoring conservative views on the search enter. the top executives from facebook and twitter attended this month social media hearing on capitol hill are -- capitol hill. google was noticeably absent. the plan to return to dc in november and testify over a house judiciary committee following the midterm elections. san francisco schoolchildren will soon get an inside look into the city of system. san francisco public utilities commission and goes? a lot of people do. the story is a six-year-old earl's visit to have ethical southeast treatment plant. the video shows the young children and what happened to human race one that is lost down the toilet. the video being made available in the classroom, and online. >> i like it. i think my fourth-grader has a
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field trip coming up to the waste management garbage and recycling facility. the facility in san leandro. you put it in the trash and it disappears. they need to know where it goes so they do the right thing. like you are right but after the show is over, i'm going to have a conversation with the producer who stacked the lineup. they picked that story before me. we are going to start low grade. six pound and -- six 680 northb truck overturned with no serious injuries. the commute has been this way police in our driving from san jose up to pleasanton. let's say you're driving from south bay to san ramon. pleasanton to dublin. on 680 a lot busier than normal. you have to wait to stop and go traffic. south mountain slow and you are
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expecting so traffic all the way -- all the lanes are open southbound. this is a look at 880 northbound passing the coliseum. you can see traffic is going to be all right. san mateo bridge is on. southbound a 80 between hayward and fremont. most of it is slow and part of it is due to earlier problems. it is kind of stacked up heading down to san jose and all of the commute are getting into the west valley in the silicon valley that are slow. bay bridge is backed up. there is a lot of activity today south of market with the transit center being closed and reinforced clothing howard st. between third and fourth. plan accordingly. parking at a premium. my suggestion is to usemark and all and around the bay. with that fog better, it is related. you have warming temperatures up above the fog deck and compressing it. what the clears to the coast
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you will feel a warm-up inlet. 90s this afternoon around 96 degrees and at livermore. here is a satellite this morning looking above the fog floating around the bay engineer the coast. here we are in san francisco, ocean beach, southern marin as well to start out the day. authorities the current visibility, down a quarter of a mile. that happened at the 6 our and to the 7 our in santa rosa. current numbers show the upper 40s and the north bay. san francisco, 52 and 54 mountain view, san jose and in the mixing out an 8 or 9 this morning. at a few patches this morning. this area of high pressure want to build in. this is the source of warming today and tomorrow. hottest day happens as we head into, this is the 90s we are expecting
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today." conditions. patchy coastal fog at the inland spots back to the 90s. here is where it is happening a few days from now. saturday there is a slight chance of the spangle. it looks like the chance would be to the north of the bay area. that a saturday. look what happened into next week with a system developing offshore. could bring as potentially some rainfall. that could be monday. it is not in the forecast, but something that could be a possibility into early next week. the forecast-this afternoon will go santa rosa 90 out towards fairfield, 94. 90s for one week. gilroy, 94 and san francisco downtown flirting with 70 degrees. the beaches most the in the 60s. the five-day forecast tomorrow will shave off a few degrees but still pretty hot inland and the temperatures drop off quite a bit friday and into the weekend.
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plan on 60s and 70s with a few extra clouds towards saturday and partly cloudy skies into sunday. sales force annual tech conference bringing more than 100 1000 people to san francisco. with the company ceo is doing to help local school district. move by the trump administration that could mean a loss of tens of thousands of workers in silicon valley. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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designed to save you money. even when you've got serious binging to do. wherever your phone takes you, your wireless bill is about to cost a whole lot less. use less data with a network that has the most wifi hotspots where you need them and the best 4g lte everywhere else. saving you hundreds of dollars a year. and ask how you get xfinity mobile included with your internet. plus, get $300 back when you buy a new smartphone.
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xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. republicans on the senate judiciary committee has scheduled a vote on supreme
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court nominee brett kavanaugh friday. after palo alto professor. christine blasey ford who is accused of cavanaugh sexual assault is set to testify before the committee. doug luzader was live in washington where we are more information where the testimony will be handled tomorrow. >>reporter: we are about 24 hours a hearing taking place, assuming everything is moving for the schedule there is a lot at stake.>>reporter: judge brett kavanaugh is a day away from it could be the most critical event of he and his accuser christine blasey ford expected to appear at a hearing tomorrow and republicans have hired a veteran sex crimes prosecutor, rachel mitchell, to handle the questioning which avoids the appearance of 11 male gop senators taking on a woman accuser. democrats say it is a copout. >> if you remember the senate judiciary committee you ought to be capable of questioning dr. for yourself and not hiding
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behind our outsourcing that to a higher done outside counsel. >> republic is now set to have a judiciary committee vote on cavanaugh -- judge kavanaugh friday. >> we are not going to move it. we are not going to delay it. it is like an arsonist complaining about a fire. these are the people that put us in this spot. this vote will be friday. truck democrats pushing for more delays. the president is increasingly vocal with his frustration about the timing of the allegations leveled at cavanaugh. >> the democrats are playing a time, -- con game.>>reporter: members of the senate judiciary committee will have new information to look at. first of all, brett kavanaugh has a some of the from his youth. although it is not clear how helpful those will be because we do not know a date with the alleged assault took place. in addition, for its -- ford's lawyers have committed statements from for individuals. we have seen these.
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they indicate that she told them according to the statement, about the alleged incident, years ago before any of this was made public. at the statement will presumably be part of the record tomorrow as well. back to you. president trump is expected to focus on iran when he shares a meeting of the united nation's security counsel for the first time. we would like to belie pictures that shows the president speaking at after the present f what he calls a cracked dictatorship. he also met at the audience to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. ronce president fired back saying united states sanctions to economic terrorism. stratmoor life in coverage of the big developed story today. just as the money commute is about to hit at the peak is been an especially tough one on
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the road. the trans bay transit center forced a closure of the newly okay opened facility. we were all the massive transit is being rerouted to enter the impact it is having on your money commute. after more than a year the final findings of a near miss at sfo are released. what investigators say about the incident that put a commercial airliner from disaster. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪ midweek a vacation taking live oak a small island off of the coast of madagascar sunset at 6:30. 80 degrees. you see the golden rose hue on
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your screen and you can almost taste the fruity drink with an umbrella. it is time to go back. you worked so hard. it is a hard workday when you're getting to work for some of us. it is a busy wednesday. morning commute is the opposite effect. estate, september 26. palm trees, water, and you are there. i am frank and for dave clark and mark tamayo is subbing for steve paulson and has quite the smorgasbord of weather. >> a little bit of everything. could we keep hearing that song? it is a nice relaxing song. we are playing it because 30 years ago it was number one on the charts. >> 30 years. look at that. >> 1988. that is what they are telling me. a freshman at redwood high school. >> i was not born yet.
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>> i was -- waiting for gasia to arrive. sprocket -- >> a nice way to kick off our mornings. if you like fog cosign your happy been lent hot temperatures back into the 90s later today. today should be the hottest day of the week. tomorrow is pretty hot in the low 90s thursday. today, and tomorrow hot temperatures away from the coastline but we still have fog and watch out for that it coull a mile in santa rosa. the sonoma county airport reporting a quarter of a mile visibility. the current numbers are in the 50s. the upper 40s on santa rosa. napa and several cisco taking a 53. hear the live camera towards sfo where you see fog and some hints of the cloud deck is trying to go up. we have a spared air alert
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today. the warming weather pattern impact air quality. keep that in mind if you could take a carpool or massive transit. srs temperatures, in the 60s and the mid-90s. a gigantic temperature range later this afternoon. we talk more about a chance of rainfall heading toward the next week. we have an update on the roadways. >> we have a lot to get to, just in case you are wondering about getting into san francisco. it is pretty typical at the bay bridge, but it will be tough on the other side because they fell force transit center is closed. they using the temporary center today. there are street closures and what happened yesterday was a lot of people were confused and they were in and a lot of traffic trying to get out of town yesterday afternoon. today probably not that much better. green forsan close howard st. the big st. between the fourth and that puts more pressure on other streets.
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the best way is to take apart. it is a great way to get him. i try to myself and it worked like a time. this is a look at interstate 80 northbound in the past oracle arena. it looks all right. the san mateo bridge looks good. i want to update the situation on the sonoma grade the overturned truck is still there and northbound a 680 fell coming out of the san jose getting up into the pleasanton area. also want to mention the southbound a eighty four between hayward and fremont and south on 680 flow-through present and.; 33 and let's go back to the death. we want to you on a developing story we first brought you this morning. at least one person home from a hellfire in berkeley on alvarado road. the fire started after 6 under control about 30 minutes later. it is too early to tell how the fire got started. this was happening just blocks from the claremont hotel. roads are blocked off as they mop up we will continue to keep an eye on the story throughout mornings on 2. san francisco's $2.2
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billion transit center is closed and will be closed all day as engineers try to determine what caused a steel beam to crack. sales for transit center such as summer boxes south of market. it a celebrated buffet fremont street which is also closed between howard and mission. workers discovered the crack at one of the steel support beams and the feeling of the third- floor bus terminal. the beam was made in the united states and went through several inspections including the last one at about a year ago. the transit center opened six weeks ago and it is supposed to be san francisco's version of the new york city grand central station. to transfer a joint powers authority overseas at the complex. executive say they shut down the terminal out of an abundance of caution. coming up, we have more life in coverage on the investigation into the crack itself and the impact of the closure is having on downtown san francisco. the closure the transit center comes as salesforce hold the annual dream force conference estimating 170,000 people all around the world are
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all at them as county center just a few blocks away from the transit center. we talked to some attendees about their impressions of san francisco. many of them say they are surprised to see so many homeless on the street. >> something thing that baffles me how you can go from one block to the next one is in place and what does not feel safe. >> i spent last week in hong kong and i felt safer walking in hong kong than i did here. >> dream force expected to bring player on guyana dollara with ceo mike benner half. the heavy hitters, metallica and janet jackson will perform the benefit concert for the ucsf children's hospital. sales force ceo tony $15.5 million to public schools in san francisco and oakland. kicks off the company's reports
7:36 am
covered by think the donation as part of his responsibility as a native san franciscan and local businessman. the money will be used to bring peter zampa pathologies to public schools in both districts. improving public schools is critical to helping students get jobs in the new economy. >> new information about the at canada jetta nearly crashed into four fully loaded planes awaiting on and sfo taxiway. ntsb said the air canada pilot mistook the camp -- taxiway for runway during the near miss last year. ntsb said they did not adequately review a warning to all of the pilots that a runway had been closed for construction. federal safety officials blame a lack of awareness by the pilot as well. they also said that excited crew fatigue and other mistakes as contributing factors. >> there was no indication that the crew was aware that they had overflown air carrier aircraft on the taxiway. >> ntsb has recommended the
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development of technology to warn pilots and air traffic controllers when a landing plane appears to be a and at a taxiway, instead of a runway. air canada says it will review the safety worth recommendations and has taken steps to improve training and procedures. the santa clara county board of supervisors has agreed to a six-month program for the hope village homeless camp. the county will lease a parcel of land from the city of san jose for one dollar a month. it is across from a owned by th international unit where the camp is now. it will provide space for up to 14 people and could be expanded to accommodate twice as many as the county decided to extend the agreement. less than two dozen families living in a permanent complex returning to city hall for help. they say the new owner of the parkside garden complex wants everyone to move out for a renovation project. lieutenant. received a 60 day -- tenant received a 60 day notice to pack up and move. they told city council met last night there worried rent could
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be higher when it is time to a backing the company that owned the complex says it is offered -- offering the tenant financial assistance as they look for new homes. berkeley police. posting mugshots on social media of most of the people they arrest according to the east bay times. city council passing a policy that would prohibit police from posting mugshots unless they post a threat to the community. change was first proposed after police released mugshots arrest rally last month. people say th and purse -- pictures and personal information was shared online which led to threats and harassment. information surrounding fires burned closer to each other and close to homes. coming up, the arrest made by police and how they were able to track down the suspects. a look at whether tourism has rebounded in napa after last year's devastating wildfires. we have a lot of slow
7:39 am
traffic and incidents i want to show you. the traffic in san jose is slow driving into the west valley. in weather, thick fog over san francisco. this will impact your visibility in the short term, but high temperatures in the forecast and we will have more on the forecast, coming up.
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tonight the public will have to hear from for people buying for the position of oakland mayor. in november the farm featuring the be chef as well as challenges committee activists kathy brooks. civil rights attorney pamela price and certified domestic violence counselor marchand. they will discuss issues including housing, homelessness, traffic, and education. the event kicks off tonight at 6. the first presbyterian
7:42 am
church in broadway. the form of three but you're asked to register prior. go to the web links section on for registration details. struck a proposal by the trump ministration to change in immigration law could mean the loss of five new high-tech workers in silicon valley. the department of justice as it is three months away from changing work permit for the spouses of workers in the united states who are here on h1b visas designed to bring highly skilled foreign workers to the united states. the proposed changes causing concern many silicon valley executives and employees. >> that if loss 1. loss of 2 is that it will take recruiting talented wother countries to come here to the united states will make it that much work difficult. suck president trump calling for the change at the immigration saying american workers should be hired first. twitter looking to expand on hateful speech.
7:43 am
they want want the new policy targeting messages that humanize others. twitter executive say dehumanizing groups of people can lead to potentially damaging repercussions and decadent and serious violent. twitter says the humanizing speech includes comparing people to animals, body parts, viruses and twitter will take public feedback until october 9 on this. the company plans to relative changes later in the year. supporters of an effort to repeal california's gas to fund road repair work without dippinrepeal they say felony wa for attacks. the proposal was directed the governor to end the $77 billion high-speed rail projects and any unspent funds left on other transportation needs. >> it is time we say no to the politicians. it is time with a that you had
7:44 am
your chance. you are a pack of liars. you have stolen the money for years and now citizens are going to steal our money back. >> supporters say repealing the tax would bring a halt to all of the construction projects and roads and bridges putting the safety of drivers at risk. gas tax critics say if the tax is repealed and a new spending proposal is passed californians could keep 650 up to $800 every year. circle your calendars because you will have an opportunity next month to visit any of the more than 100 redwood parks in the state for the redwoods league inviting the public to visit the parks saturday, october 13. you can download your free pass at 8 a.m. this morning. passes are available at a first come first serve basis and we posted a link on our website if you want to check it out on almost a year after the north bay wildfires, to resume the napa valley continues to recover. according to the tourism agency, visit napa valley, visitor data shows revenue for
7:45 am
hotels in the county for nearly the same time last year. wildfires last october and mostly away from the larger populated areas of the county. very small numbers of wineries were affected and no napa county hotels were lost in the fires. >> let's kick it over to mr. traffic and to see how we are doing and what is a pretty hectic day. like a pretty hectic day and a lot of so traffic is not left o flowing and the west valley as a commute. everyone seems to be heading up north and west to cupertino and palo alto. you can see now, even downtown san jose getting into the act and you look at the roadways. 85 is a solid line of traffic from 101 all the way up to 280 part of it has to do with earlier issues just very crowded into the valley. southbound aad, hayward to fremont is folk because of
7:46 am
earlier issues. northbound and southbound 680 will be slow on the snow upgrade. what matthew is northbound 680 coming up. this is normally not slow but there is been a truck accident almost for the last two hours they are having trouble getting the truck righted. it was flipped over and traffic is backed up for at least a mile heading up north. that will put you way behind schedule if you do not allow for extra time. like i cannot forget to the bay bridge backed up as a normally is and it will be very slow in the southern get the market if you are driving around as of several closures.; 47. let's go back to mark tamayo with the weather. warmer temperatures in the forecast today and a spare the air alert. the warmer weather pattern having a big impact on air quality. take a look at the temperature comparison with the highs on the bottom row from yesterday. and today, everybody with a
7:47 am
little bit of a bump in the numbers in length but we still have solid overcast across the surface go to the coastline the shallow marine layer. and i are compressing the fog. that is why it is so dense. we have a visibility reports the north bay. the santa rosa airport. sonoma county airport a quarter of a mile of visibility. the current numbers in the upper 40s and 50s. separate cisco, 53. san jose, 57. livermore 54 it hear the like camera looking towards sfo and you can see the airplanes moving around a bit and we have patchy fog but that will gradually mix out into the process already happening for your wednesday morning closer to the airport. the big area of high pressure want to build an and this is the source of warming away from the coastline. as we showed you, it will be warmer than yesterday. that means the 90s in and but around the coast mainly in the 60s, we could have partly cloudy skies later this
7:48 am
afternoon. big drop off in temperatures by the weekend. there was a chance of a few spangles in the bay area and i guess there is a slight chance in the north bay but it looks like the main focus is to the north towards eureka and cape mendocino. into next week we have a system developing that will approach the bay area into early next week and even rain chances down towards southern california as this could tap into moisture from what is now a tropical storm. into next week by tuesday we should have a decrease in clouds but very interesting forecast because it is hot today and cooling off by the weekend. maybe fairfield and vacaville. walnut creek, 95. oakland in the upper 70s. san jose, 86 degrees. the numbers above average at 3 to 6 degrees over yesterday's highs and a look ahead at the five day, weikel things off a little bit to thursday and a big drop off in the numbers by friday and into the weekend. benefits and minimum wage of for uber drivers. the decision in court that
7:49 am
means that the workers may have to wait longer for employment perks. good morning. coming up in the next hour, hospital in modesto want to calm the nerves of children about to have surgery. a look at what is rolling in to the operating room. distracted has been declared marcus day in oakland. we are live with the decorated playwright as he brings his hit show black out of the back of to the bay area and we are back after the break.
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the federal reserve expected to raise the benchmark interest rate for the third time this year. the increases have started pushing up consumer borrowing cost for adjustable-rate mortgages. in addition to announcing likely rate interest-rate how policymakers see the economy and interest-rate evolving. the third public hearing on the troubled ministration proposal to rollback national fuel economy standards happening today in pittsburgh, pa. the epa argues freezing fuel economy standards 2020 levels and delaying tougher restrictions scheduled to take effect in 2022. we keep prices lower and improved safety. california and other states have suited epa with a move to rollback tougher fuel standards. today's hearing follows similar ones in fresno and in dearborn, michigan.
7:53 am
there is good news for people buying an electric car. pam cook joins us with a look at today's dollars and cents. struck california can increase the amount of money people get back for buying an electric car. bloomberg reports the state will hold a hearing this week to discuss an offering of a $4500 subsidy for each pure electric vehicle sold in the state. that would be up from the current $2500 subsidy. right now the federal government offers a rebate for buying an electric car. but that will expire next year. california leaders hope and increased rebate will help motivate people to choose electric over gas pored cars. stock tire with the opening bell ring this morning particularly the bank stock. j.p. morgan ringing the bell that is an expectation that the fed will raise interest rates as we were talking about taking alive to the big board. dow jones up 50 pointed to a
7:54 am
26,543. almost almost a quarter of a percent. about the same percentage rise for the s&p 500. 29 .20. the nasdaq up about the same as well at 8024. federal appeals court ruled the drivers want to be classified as employees after independent contractors cannot pursue a class-action lawsuit. 160,000 uber drivers of solitude against the company claiming the sever cisco based company classified them as independent contractors to avoid reimbursing them for gas, vehicle other expenses. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco roles of the case cannot go forward as a class-action lawsuit because the drivers signed arbitration agreements. the court says each driver when he to individually file an arbitration claim with uber. strike a popular macadamia not has been recalled. the mottola company recalling thousands of macadamia nuts because they could be exposed
7:55 am
to e. coli. the company says they found bacteria and the well water that surprised -- supply the company factory. anyone to purchase enough after september 6 should return them to the store. the company has asked all retailers to pull products from store shelves. no illnesses have been reported in connection to the recall. pam cook and the newsroom and that is a look at dollars and offense. coming up, a major closer -- major closure impacted commuters in san francisco. what we are learning about a crack discovered at the new $2.2 billion transit center coming your way. we are preparing in washington for a huge hearing tomorrow involving supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh and his accuser. i am doug luzader in washington and we will have more on that, just ahead. struck will be a tough commute east bay. westbound 24 a little slow getting up towards lafayette. still tracking inland
7:56 am
heated today and the hottest location in the mid-90s but eventually raindrops could headed towards the bay area. we will talk about that during the 8 hour. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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jesse gary live in san francisco. this is fremont street. right by the transit center. you can see that the street is closed. the transit center is closed and inspectors are here to check out the beam and determine if it is just a small problem or a large problem. we have that coming up after this. showdown on capitol hill. sipping court nominee brett kavanaugh the palo alto man accusing him of sexual assault. more the outside prosecutor being brought into the questioning. mornings on 2 continues. morning and welcome back i met mike mibach. >> continue coverage of the emergency closure of the new salesforce the transit center in san francisco and the effect it is having on the morning commute. let that bring in jesse gary live at the closed transit center to bring us the problem on the cracked steel beam and effort to fix it. >> reporter: good morning to you and we have moved our
8:00 am
position to fremont street. we have, down the block a little bit to give you a better idea down from howard of what the street looks like. this is the closure we have been talking about effecting traffic and that is the transit center you see in front of you. i have been e transfer a joint powers authority and emailing them asking for more information about the inspector work that will continue and how much longer the structure will be closed. we are waiting for them to get back to me. let's take a look at the video. officials with authorities say to have crews inspect all beams and to keep the public safe and a chore one crack is not the design of a larger problem. while replacing feeling child tiles crews discovered a crack around 10 a.m. yesterday. the small breaches about six feet above the floor and a b monday third level bus tech of the transit center and pima street side of the structure. the facility was closed before the actual afternoon rush began. engineers called in to assess
8:01 am
the problem. officials say the beam in question is inspected when it is made and inspected again after installation. the two -- tablado transit center opened a month ago. it is now facing the first major problem. >> it is a localized area. out of an abundance of caution, we need to look at the numbers to make sure they are not taking additional stress.>>reporter: the cause of the crack is under t thought to be linked ent millen has a cracked beam due to the building thinking 18 inches into the soil since it opened back in 2009. as soon as we get more details about the inspections that will continue, of all of the beams to make sure the building a safe and seconds, what the causes. as soon as we know any of that, we will get back to you. we will hear either later this morning or hopefully by noon. for right now, if you are out in san francisco, it is wednesday. at least it is not wednesday.
8:02 am
it is a difficult monday for the commute. live downtown san francisco, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the emergency closure of the salesforce transit center has crteproblem for many commuters in the downtown area. fremont street between mission and howard remains closed and buses are being rerouted to the ones shuttered temporary transportation. that is for on the bus for an hour. >> hopefully they can open that soon. i walk this way most days. >> there were already traffic problems in the area because of the estimated 170,000 people attending the salesforce dream force tech conference at nearby month coney. we will have more coming up in a live report at 8:30. the closure of the brand- new centers comes a salesforce holding the annual dream force
8:03 am
conference. an estimated 170,000 people from all around the world are at moscone he center just a few blocks away from the transit center. dream force is expected to bring about $150 million to the local economy. today's the dream force speakers include william and warriors player under it all. there will be is what is described as a fireside chat with the salesforce ceo bunny. metallica and janet jackson perform at the benefit conference for the children's hospital. struck all of this topic downtown area three cell with a look at the entire area. >> we're looking at the transit closure beginning to affect the bay bridge. the backup at the toll plaza is a standard 30 or 40 minutes, but on the bridge itself we have so traffic on the span. it was too busy to use the camera to look at this i put up a map. traffic is slow on west baber it's because people cannot take the fremont street offramp because fremont street is
8:04 am
closed. the exit leads down to her the salesforce transit center is. they have blocked access. people are using harrison street and it is causing a lot of slow traffic on the bridge. before long, this is actually going to effect the metering lights and they will have to slow them down and it will be a big traffic problem and we don't know when it will reopen pima street offramp. maybe today, but we will see. northbound a 80 was flowing past the coliseum getting up to downtown. 92 westbound is slow to the high-rise and still a lot of slow traffic. we are going on 2.5 hours of a backup northbound 680 because of an overturned truck. it is affecting southbound traffic. let's go back to mark tamayo with today's weather. morning and were talking about hot temperatures inland and have an advertising us as the temperature curve all week long showing you steady climb with temperatures today. still hot tomorrow. on friday with cool things up quite a bit taking us into the
8:05 am
weekend. hottest days of the week today and tomorrow still tracking towards the san francisco, san mateo out towards the coastline. this is impacting your visibility this morning. check out reports one quarter of a mile watsonville down to three quarters of a mile. be extra careful around the bay where the fog is. it is locally done. the current numbers in the 40s fremont, 54 and here is the live camera. and oakland some of the fog and haze, and i should mention we should have a spared area alert issued today with the warming weather pattern with the impacting air-quality. we are watching for the and the short term. today areas of fog and this afternoon sunshine at the cloud deck pulls back near the coastline, the mid 60s and low to mid 60s it would be just keeping it cool. 70s and 80s around the bay and the hottest locations in and
8:06 am
back into the mid-90s. 94 to 96 degrees. data for the afternoon. we could eventually be talking about our chances in the bay area and a big-time cooldown. we will have more on that coming up in a bit. republicans on the senate judiciary committee have scheduled a vote of the court nominee brett kavanaugh just a day after palo alto professor. christine blasey ford was accused brett kavanaugh ag dc a testimony will be handled. a lot of the development including republican scheduling a judiciary committee vote on judge kavanaugh friday.>>reporter: judge brett kavanaugh is just a day away from what could be the most critically event of his career. he and his accuser, christine blasey ford are set to appear at a hearing tomorrow. publicans have hired veteran sex crimes a prosecutor, rachel mitchell, to handle the questioning which avoids the appearance of 11 male gop senators taking on a woman
8:07 am
accuser. the democrats say it is a copout. like i think if you are a member of the senate judiciary committee you wanted to be capable of questioning dr. fort yourself and not hiding behind or outsourcing that to a hired gun outside of counsel. >>reporter: republicans are set to have a judiciary committee vote on judge kavanaugh friday. >> we are not going to movement. we are not going to delay it. it is like an arsonist complaining about a fire. these are the people that put us in this spot. this boat will be friday. >>reporter: democrats are pushing for more delays. the president is increasingly vocal with his frustration about the timing of the allegations leveled at judge kavanaugh. >> democrats are paying a con game. >>reporter: if the senate judiciary committee moves ahead with the vote on judge kavanaugh friday, that set the table for a full senate confirmation as early as next week. in washington, doug luzader,
8:08 am
fox news. > the attorney repres second woman was accused brett kavanaugh sexual misconduct says that deborah vermeer is is willing to testify but that the senate judiciary committee is refusing to talk to her. he says that there was a phone call scheduled with committee leaders last night, but only democrats were on the line. ramirez told the new yorker that cavanaugh exposed himself to her during a party when they were students. attorneys for christine blasey ford have submitted to the senate judiciary committee signed declarations from poor people who corroborate her sexual assault claim against brett kavanaugh. the declarations come from ford's husband, and three friends. all four documents say ford told him cavanaugh had assaulted her in high school long before he was nominated to the high court. they say ford revealed the information to them in conversation stated back into 2012. brett kavanaugh's freshman made at yell says he believes the claims of sexual conduct made by the classmate, deborah ramirez. james wrote is a ceo of the
8:09 am
startup. he said at yell he would see judge kavanaugh returning from night that was friends and wrote, it is from this experience that i concluded that although brett kavanaugh was normally reserved, he was a aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk. the hillsboro real estate heiress accused of a high- profile murder but due back in court. the judge is expected to announce a trial date for tiffany lee during her court appearance in redwood city. she is accused the 26 the murder of keith green, her ex- boyfriend and father of her two young children. prosecutor say lee directed her current boyfriend to carry out the crime. the case made national headlines when lee posted $35 million bail. police investigating another robbery in the bay area apple store practice what happened just before 12:30 yesterday at the bay street shopping area. six to eight people went into the store in a matter of seconds and took off with an
8:10 am
undisclosed amount of apple products. police are not saying whether or not they think this is related to recent robberies at apple stores in cities including santa rosa, burlingham, one and corte madera practice one store has been hit twice in less than a month. new information surrounding two fires at the bird closer to homes in san ramon. coming up, the arrests made by san ramon police and how they were able to track down the suspect. and air canada that comes within feet of landing on another plane. the final findings and recommendations more than a year after this very
8:11 am
so you need people that it iyou're close to...r footing, to help guide you. i think about how important it was for me to have the role models i've had. oh, look at that! i wasn't able to get there alone. he essentially plucked me out of obscurity. he's the one who said, "hey man, this is your life, this is what you need to do." nobody can do it alone. the more help you can get along the way, the faster you can achieve your goals. i'm in it to fly. help people achieve their dreams. speak for those who can not. whatever you're in it for... ...we're in it together.
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8:13 am
this morning, the california highway patrol says one man is in custody following a suspected drunk driving crash in san jose. it happened around 2:30 on a capital expressway in east san jose. the chp says officers began following the suspect car after they thought leaving on northbound 680. investigators say the car hit a traffic signal injuring the driver and passengers. the injuries are described as moderate to major. all those hurt are expected to survive. now to hercules were police are looking for a blue mercedes involved in a felony hit and run that happened in the starbucks parking lot on willow 31. investigators say a man stole an iphone from another vehicle and tried to leave in the blue mercedes. the victim tried to stop him, but his feet hit the grass and
8:14 am
-- gas and crashed into another vehicle. police want to talk with any witnesses. north carolina the parents of a missing boy with autism are opening up about his disappearance. six-year-old maddox rich was walking with his father at a park when he took off running last weekend. normally the parents say that he would run ahead and so down and wait for his dad to catch up but on this occasion, he apparently got too far into the dad lost sight of him. the father said he started panicking when he could not find maddox and his mother pleaded for his safe return at a news conference. >> maddox is my whole world my reasons for living. his mama's boy. >> committee holding prayer vigils were maddox was o recordin o were to hear them.
8:15 am
there is new information about the air canada jet that nearly crashed into four planes on an as about taxing later the national transportation safety board said air canada pilot mistook at the taxiway for a runway because the two pilots did not adequately review a warning to all pilots that a runway had been closed for construction. the federal safety officials blame a lack of awareness by the two pilot that also cited crew fatigue and other mistakes as contributing factors. >> there was no indication that the crew was aware they had overflown for air carrier after craft on a taxiway. >> the ntsb has recommended the development of tetraffic controllers when a landing plane appears to be aimed at a taxiway instead of a runway. air canada says it will review the safety board recommendations and has already taken steps to improve training a procedures. today is a troublesome day for those who into or
8:16 am
transit into downtown san francisco. >> i think a lot of people are weighing their options of people taking part and other commutes are slow. this does not mean other commutes are taking today off. highway for slow coming in from pittsburgh and bay point into concord and more people on highway 24 this morning heading out. it has been a busy day. a busy fall day where some things are not working in your favor. especially if you are a driver. the bay bridge is busy on the span. people cannot use the pimento street offramp. they are getting over to the left to use harrison street and there is confusion on the upper deck and that is why traffic will be a slow. it is backed up from treasure island all the way to san francisco and that has an effect on metering lights. getting into san francisco, our recommendation -- a strong recommendation is to take a bart. added that and went out to check out dream force. and went on a bartering nobody got into san francisco with little to no problem.
8:17 am
i did not have any problems. that is my suggestion. this is a look at the san mateo bridge heading to the high- rise. south mountain 680 is okay. northbound 680 is full because of an overturned truck. matt spring in mark tamayo. lots of fog on the traffic camera. the fog making a big comeback coast aside around the beta voters in and we warmer than yesterday more 90. 60s, 80s, and 90s should be the hottest days of the week but tomorrow is fairly hot. for comparison the bottom from yesterday's numbers and a bit of a bump in the numbers today. santa rosa from 80 to up to 90 p livermore from 93 to 96 degrees. the satellite showing you some fog still hanging out near the coast in their portions of the day for wednesday morning has me back the maps out we showing visibility report both the showing quarter of a mile for watsonville, outwards in sonoma county for the airport in santa rosa. the current numbers, checking
8:18 am
on those we have upper 40s towards santa rosa, 48. san francisco, 54. livermore, 57 and san jose in the upper 50s. camera looking towards openness. still some fog to deal with this morning and once in the mix this mix is that you will see hayes because we have a spared air alerted today and there watching the heat that could actually impact air quality through the day. that could be a factor for your wednesday. this area of high pressure in charge of the weather pattern today and tomorrow that will translate to a warmer forecast. as we showed you, the beaches, we cannot shake out the fog or clear it out completely. we have 60s and in lynden spots approaching the mid-90s. this is interesting into next week. we could track rain chances. this one chance saturday is fizzling out. the best chance towards cape mendocino and maybe a little bit of virgo or speckles in the
8:19 am
north bay with a slight chance above the sky above had before it reaches the ground that into monday, this could be interesting with rainfall in the bay area. next week, watch out for the potential change. not official in terms of rainfall added to the forecast. it is something to monitor. oakland, 77. livermore, 96. san jose approaching 86. san francisco is downtown, closer to 70. here is a look it had had a, hot for thursday and we cool things time friday and into the weekend. in cm the nerves the child having surgery. we have a look at what is rolling into the operating room. bill cosby spent his first night behind bars with his defense team vowing to appeal. i am rick leventhal we think the latest of the stunning fall from grace, coming up.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
for the first time, president trump leading a meeting of the united nations security council. the president is criticizing iranian leaders in the meeting and talking by his decision to pull out the iran nuclear deal. >> in the years since the deal was signed around aggression only increased. the regime used a new funds from the deal to support terrorism. nuclear capable missiles and calf. following america's withdrawal united states began re-imposing nuclear related sanctions on
8:23 am
iran nuclear's sanctions will be in full force by early november. flag after today's meetings with the security counsel, president trump will hold bilateral meetings with meters -- meeting from israel and japan. it will hold out the time it -- close out the time in your city with a news conference on his time at the united nations. cosby currently being held saying it is taking all necessary precautions to ensure his safety as he begins his prison sen new york. truck bill cosby behind the doors. the first celebrity sentence to prison for sex crimes in the me to era. orhe is a convicted felon and it should not be given a path. >> 32 years that i had endured finally came to closure this week. 2081-year-old legally blind comedian let out of court in handcuffs on tuesday after his sentence of 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault. he will also have to register
8:24 am
as a sex offender and undergo counseling for the rest of his life. during his sentencing hearing, the judge ruled cosby is a sexually violent predator.>> if any things that make anything happens to this young girl out here come forward and tell someone. never keep it a secret. >> cosby convicted in april of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand as head -- at his suburban home in 2004. more than 60 women accused that might have accused the after a sexual misconduct but most cases were told to prosecute. exceeding the statute of limitations has big limitations for cosby's legal team maintains innocent that mckenna fence claiming press gives -- prosecutors use falsifying evidence.>> cosby knows that god is watching over him and he knows that these are lies. they persecuted jesus and look what happened. >>reporter: cosby expected to spend no less than three years in a prison before his eligible
8:25 am
for supervised release. in new york, rick leventhal, ktvu fox 2 news. groundskeeper at an east bay school under arrest on suspicion of child molestation. contra contra costa -- contra costa county told enrica peña entered into custody facing seven felony counts of molesting a girl and is being held on 12 lean dollars bail. he worked at the palmer school a statement of says he passed a background check. officials say that the sheriff's department has t allegations do not involve any students and are related to alleged incident outside of the school. one hospital month to make surgery less scary for children by making their journey a little smoother. r. >> one of the registered nurse nurses is saw how shriners
8:26 am
hospital transfer -- transports their patients a brother to the hospital. she bought a toy mercedes-benz and it will -- has been a hit. children cruised down the hall underway to the operating room.>> that wheeling the child away. screaming and crying. trying to climb out of the bed. there are tears. the moment we bring the car in come a child sees it and their eyes light up. they are excited and they forgot about going to surgery and when the child actually doesn't go into the or, the transition of leaving their parents, there are no tears.>> the hospital has one car but are hoping to buy a second. writers thought -- something different apart. other transit it industry is responding to rider concerns responding to officers from the department of homeland security. ty coming up, the sudden closure of the sales force transit center has forced several agencies to change
8:27 am
plans and do reroutes. coming up we talk to commuters about the changes they experienced. the west of the commute is not doing well. we have a people avoiding the bay bridge and using the san mateo and other bridges. in weather, solid fog at the golden gate bridge in the distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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8:29 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. despite the transit center is closed this morning as
8:30 am
engineers try to determine what caused a steel beam to crack. the new sales force transit center stretches several blocks south of market elevated above premature which is also close between howard , and mission. the crack was discovered yesterday in one of the steel support beams any feeling of the third floor. to be was made in the united states and went through several inspections the clinic the laab new york's famed grand central station. a transfer a joint powers authority oversees the complex and executives decided on yesterday out of an abundance of caution. >> we are going to say it again. if you're heading into san francisco, bart is likely your best bet because the emergency closure of the sales force transit center has created a problem for drivers in the city. leigh martinez is life in san francisco to bring us that part of the coverage.>>reporter: we are two blocks away from the sales force transit center and where we are, traffic seems fine. the buses are coming through this temporary terminal is familiar to commuters. everyone that we talked to said it was no big deal coming back
8:31 am
here this morning. wolfe city transit agencies are affected by the sales force transit center closure. the fibrotic to the sales force etc. are rerouted to the temporary transit bay terminal. ac transit has diverted all 27 trans bay bus lines to howard and beale street. golden gate transit says routes 30, 70, 101 and 101x will pick up and drop off at first a mission as well as howard and beale. commuters say the ride into the city with quick, and less confusing than when they left yesterday. the temporary terminal is familiar to many of them. >> it is a little weird. i'm happy it is still around for us to still use. it looks like they are doing something. so far it has been as good as can be expected. truck at the start of the tuesday evening commute, the sales force transit center was locked and closed.
8:32 am
it was well after 4 emily trampf a joint powers authority announced a were shifting all bus lines and operations into the temporary trans bay terminal two blocks away. buses and commuters had to divert road closures at fremont and mission street causing big traffic backups and confusion. if you come back out life, not so much confusion on the streets and everyone coming on familiar territory and where they had been going before the sales force transit center had opened. they said it really wasn' big deal to them. however, bart may be seeing a lot more ridership because of the confusion we thought yesterday. i'm going to send it to the sale. where i look -- them at looks good. i was at around us? getting to where you are is the problem on the bay bridge because people cannot exit fremont street. they are not allowed to edit that is causing big backup at the toll plaza because the metering lights are on extra slow because of the traffic to
8:33 am
pulling on the bridge itself, crossing into san francisco. normally we can show it to you with our cameras it is foggy. i will show to on the map. look at the photographic from before treasure island, a solid line of traffic getting into san francisco. that is because of the confusion of the exit at fremont street. this is where we thought it would having an bay bridge. in the latter part of the 7 hour. slow traffic there. it is the typical slowdown to downtown. some people may be on the san mateo and dunbarton bridge. northbound 680 cost -- across burnout is a problem because of a truck accident that has been there for two hours. all of the south bay is also getting into the west valley. let's go back to mark tamayo with in the weather. a better warm-up inland.
8:34 am
i have a fog a good part of it, coast side right around the bay. a bit of a breeze picking up later this afternoon. 80s and 90s till today without us locations approaching the mid-90s fog near the coast and portions of the bay will impact visibility and today a spared air alert. the second in a row. this warming weather pattern. the satellite with fog up and running towards the cisco san f me the overcast clearly dense fog with visibility and a couple of current reports down about a quarter of a mile for santa rosa and the watsonville area. the current numbers stepping outside the door. not much of a change over the past hour. the upper 40s and lower 50s with livermore checking in at 57. here is a live camera was the ohka nest. a lot of cloud cover and lots
8:35 am
of fog. you may see hayes because we have a spared air alert for today. here's a plan this afternoon with the fog gradually cutting back near the coastline almost like a july weather pattern with a big temperature range from the 60s out towards the coast for pacifica. 80s and 90s while inland out towards concord, livermore and antioch. eventually you cool things off dramatically as we head toward the weekend. we have more the forecast coming up in a few minutes. an elderly woman in the hospital, berkeley the fire started after 6 a.m. on el dorado road in berkeley close to a good when firefighters pulled from the home and fought the fire itself. 30 minutes later flames are out. we do not know the condition of the woman was rescued. the fire is under investigation. look at some of the other top stories we are following this wednesday morning. minutes ago attorney michael avenatti toasted -- posted a photo of another woman whose accusing sprinkler nominee
8:36 am
brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. he identifies her her as julie swetnick and posted a declaration from her in which she attended more than 10 house parties and the washington dc area in the 1980s where she witnessed cavanaugh and market judge drink conduct which she sa fondling and grabbing of girls this is the first time or first information about julie swetnick that has been released and so far this attorney is the only one to bring it forward. is known for representing adult metrics stemming daniels against president trump can estimated people around the world from of county center. the second day of sales force and ordering fourth conference in several cisco. muscala is a few blocks away from the transit center that is closed. if you're headed out to the conference prepare for possible delays. the dream for speakers including robert will i am and on andre from the golden state warriors fireside chat with
8:37 am
sales were ceo mike and tonight metallica and janet jackson performing the benefit concert for ucsf children's hospital. kicked off yesterday by announcing san francisco and local public schools. the donation as part of the responsibility as a native san bring computers and oakland an francisco and he says improving student to get jobs in the new economy. police stop posting mugshots on social media most of the people they arrest or going to the east bay time the city council in berkeley pass a policy last night that would prohibit the police from posting mugshots unless the person poses a threat to the community. the change was first proposed after police released mugshots of people were arrested at a rally last month. some of the people say they pictures and personal information was shared online and that left a threat and harassment. passengers may notice officers
8:38 am
with the homeland security patrolling the transfer he released a statement thing officers abnormal controls. the officers are members of a transportation security administration team and not with i.c.e. the tsa says that they regularly patrol stations and airports across the country hoping to prevent crime and terrorism. the tsa did not say other there was the trains at this safety program from an effort to prevent violence and meeting of the bard board several directors will propose mirroring the program in which unarmed ambassadors patrol change, stations, and parking. the objective is to de-escalate volatile situations. >> they will go to a wellness check and talk to them but these are civilians. they're not armed and will not write a ticket. they are there for the betterment of the writing experience. >> it is used in the best or
8:39 am
program for the last 20 years. it cost them $1.2 million to hire 17 full time transit assistant workers that proposes tripling the numbers based on the size and difference of the system. police have arrested a man of setting at least one grassfire that came closer to homes. william priest is charged with arson in the san ramon neighborhood where brushf sunda monday. please use the license plate number to track them down and emotive is not known. priest has trespassed on the property and become hostile -- hostile. is being held in a 70 500,000 liberal. stark city and county leaders in sonoma county have taken another set of future wildfires and other emergencies. edit county supervisors and city leaders in santa rosa applied for federal grant funds that would help design and install 20 warning sirens. half of the devices would be in unincorporated areas of sonoma
8:40 am
county and the other half would be in the santa rosa city limits. the proposal follows criticism that the county did not properly warn people living in the path of last october's firestorm. almost a year after the wildfires, tourism in napa valley continues to recover. according to the tourism agency, visitor data from july shows revenue for hotels in napa county with nearly $43 million. that is up 1.5 percent for the same time last year. the wildfires last october burned away from the larger populated areas of the county. just a small number of wineries were actually affected. no napa county hotels were lost in the fire. protecting information on popular websites as well as mobile devices. the media have -- meeting happening in washington i dc to determine how to keep your private information, private.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
top executives of from six large high-tech and medication companies testifying on capital someone by the senate,'s committee to explain how they are dealing with privacy concerns. the executives represented at&t, amazon, apple, google, twitter antarctica medications. the hearing with the privacy policies of the top tech and communication firms as well as review the current state of consumer data privacy and discuseffective safeguards. like i want to make it very clear that google is not
8:44 am
granted third-party access to users email data. we do under circumstances -- certain circumstances subject to user settings and controls allow the user to enable third- party app developers to have access to the data. >> b6 executives are testifying and how they plan to address new security requirements set by the california and the european union. none of the executives are household names, one of the most influential figures in the tech industry is also heading to washington. will chief executive officer will meet on friday with public and lawmakers have accused the internet giant censoring conservative views on its search engine. you will recall that sheryl sandberg, and jack dorsey of twitter appeared a congressional hearing earlier this month evolving social media but google was noticeably absent. the child also plans to return to dc in november and testified before the house judiciary committee. two different families who
8:45 am
live in an apartment complex and concord are turning to city hall for help. they say the owners of the parkside garden complex want everyone to move out during the massive renovation project. the tenant have received a 60 day notices to pack up by the end of september. last night he told city council members they are worried the rent could be higher once it is time to move in. the company that owns the complex is as it is offering the tenants financial assistance as they look for new homes. let's check back in at the 9 our approaching. how are we looking? socket is not good. if you have to drive somewhere, you should give yourself extra time. almost every commute i will show you it is behind schedule. let's start with the bay bridge. the problem with the salesforce of transit treasure island, and almost backed up all the way across the bridge. our cameras are too foggy to show you but i put it up on the map and it is slow all the way across because you cannot use the fremont street exit people are confused on the upper deck
8:46 am
of the westbound direction of the bay bridge into san francisco. have 880 traffic a little more normal flowing downtown. the san mateo bridge could be an option but you have to get there and this crash on the sonora grade, we are going on three hours northbound 680. now the backup is all the way down into milpitas. this commute is a terrible coming out in milpitas and driving to pleasanton. let's go to mark. good morning. hopefully improvement with the tough commute over the next few hours. for the next hour, hopefully. as far as whether you might be running into a fog bank. we have a fog coast side around the bay. eventually most areas of land in the range of coastal spots and 60s around the bay. the inland neighborhood are back to the 90s. most areas are a little warmer compared to yesterday. take a look at the highs tuesday and the up arrow
8:47 am
leading to the highs protected today. santa rosa up 8 degrees. livermore up to 96 and maybe 97. it will be hot inland. we have fog to deal with especially coast side and around the bay. here we are with san francisco towards portions of marin county. clear sky as well inland with antioch concord, black hawk and the other with visibility coming down. a quarter-mile reports for santa rosa and it was a vote for the 8 our current numbers for the 8 our showing ranges from the upper 40s to in santa rosa to the upper 50s in san jose and want to keep. it is alive camera toward the oak nest. still not much change. low clouds and fog that would impact the visibility. once the mix is out you will see a layer of hayes potentially because we have these spared air alert. the high-pressure building and capping the atmosphere. air-quality impacted with the
8:48 am
patter. the warmer forecast for you wednesday and you can see temperatures tomorrow 90s into the 60s. tomorrow will be a touch cooler and will pronounce it later in the wake -- later in the weekend. local but happens into saturday. a week system with clouds and diffuse prickles with a slight chance in the north bay back in to the north and into next week by monday, there is a chance we could have a chance of rain drops in the bay area. still a ways out monitoring the forecast but something that we could be watching heading into early next week. forecast highs we have santa rosa with a 90 degrees. vacaville 96. oakland the upper 70s. a few more spots in san jose checking in at 86. go right 94 and san francisco in the upper 60s. the five date, a little cooler thursday. more cooling by the weekend. changes are months away but the fight is already on it to
8:49 am
stop it. to move a bite the trump administration that could lead immediate loss of tens of thousands of jobs in silicon valley. so you need people that it iyou're close to...r footing, to help guide you. the's the one who said, "hey man, this is your life, this is what you need to do." to have the role models i've had. nobody can do it alone. the more help you can get along the way, the faster you can achieve your goals. i'm in it to fly. help people achieve their dreams. speak for those who can not. whatever you're in it for... ...we're in it together.
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and other bay area company started trading today and nike beat the street numbers for all of the stocks to watch let's get to pam cook with this morning's dollars and cents. bo the expectation that the federal reserve will lengthen that mcgrady benchmark interest rate. increases started putting up computer -- consumer borrowing costs were adjustable-rate mortgages in addition to announcing unlikely rate
8:52 am
increase, the fund will also issue economic and interest- rate forecast through the next three years. the forecast will signal how the policymakers see the economy, and possibly inflation so that can certainly direct the markets by the time i close. nike earnings came in even better than analysts expected. revenant $9.9 billion. analyst same nike is gaining marketshare against adidas and under armour but they say they colin kaepernick effect will actually hit next quarter. this quarter, nike got a boost from the visa world cup that showcased many players and teams wearing nike clothing and shoes. the bell rang and another hot ipo. the survey monkey initial public offering was $12 a share. it is already up 60 percent. the global headquarters are in san mateo. that follows a similar debut last week by san francisco event bright. teking and by the numbers they are up in the last hour. a little more. the dow jones any 41 point.
8:53 am
26,000.533. .15 percent. the s&p 500 also up about a quarter of a percent. 29.22. bank steps up today. -- facebook, amazon, -- google, gaining a third our percent to 8037. a proposed move by the trump administration change in immigration law could mean the loss of thousands of high-tech workers in silicon valley. the department of justice says it is three-month away from changing work permits for the spouses of workers in the us on h1b visas. they are designed to bring highly skilled workers into the us. the proposed change is causing concern for many silicon valley executives who say the visas are critical and filling high- tech jobs. delta airlines says the flight schedule is getting back to normal. that is after a computer outage caused delays in airports across the country. the problem involved in delta's tracking system was reported that the airlines main hub in atlanta last night.
8:54 am
delta officials say the problem has been fixed, but there could be lingering delays. watch out for that. i am pam cook with a look at the dollars and cents. let's go back singer and breast cancer survivor, sheryl crow, about the importance --
8:55 am
with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
8:56 am
has been one year since the san jose mayor first outlined the city's ambitious housing plan. member showed san jose would have made progress in reaching the goal of adding 10,000 affordable homes by the year 2022. san jose thousand department reports 60 -- 64 units have been completed by the other ended in june. nearly 600 units under construction. city leaders note san jose
8:57 am
recently law but doesn't lost millions of dollars in. developers propose a huge transit at the bart station. the project would transform a fully market into mega hub high- densit little square feet of offices and thousands of residential units. the developers the mitted atlanta city leaders yesterday helping to build the tied to the peterborough station berryessa district. the growing popularity of scooters a petabyte researchers at ucsf to take a closer high-t transportation more people to the hospital. researchers say increased recently and the number of pedestrians entered. they want to pick her up out of the state of scooters and mopeds are to. dr. chris call assess tracking scooter injuries is not easy. suck sometimes it is not clear what kind of vehicle was being used anytime patient swap and they have been hit by a car or
8:58 am
have been in an accident and they will tell us what happened. >> dr. caldwell said they were starting to ask a patient more specific questions about how they were injured in a better writers and pedestrian can protect themselves. struck new rate. people younger than 45 inverse relationships differently the baby boomers. they are picky about how they mirror and de education, careers, and finances attended to be in order. the result of the -- divorce rate between 2020 16. the analy sociality professor at the university of maryland. word of this money christmas tradition in san jose getting cut short. christmas handy park opens the day after thanksgiving but it is closing early. december 26. christmas in the park normally runs through january 1. organizers say it is being shut down early because of the college football playoff championship game being held at
8:59 am
christmas in the park has been held there for 30 years. it will be a major site for san jose activities elated to the game. will smith celebrated his 50th birthday by living on the edge. he bungee jumped out of a helicopter over the grand canyon. called the experience apparel here plus encouraging others to try conquering their fears. this is also a good way to raise awareness for global citizens awareness efforts. a crack in the trant rough for commuters in san francisco. marcus day in oakland. we are live as the record- breaking shows brought back to the bay area. just ahead, breast cancer awareness month in october. we talked with sheryl crow about her battle with the disease. ase.
9:00 am
>> it is one of those days. he thought under pressure comes to mind by clean. it is 2018 and was to have devastating traffic jams when something goes wrong here today's the salesforce traffic center which you can see the top of >> it is closed for what we are going to tell you about in a moment effective the


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