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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the news starts now. another woman accuses brett kavanaugh of misconduct. >> i'm going to see what happens, i'm going to be watching, believe it or not. i'm going to see what is said. it's possible that they will be convincing. what all of that being said,
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judge brett kavanaugh has been for many years one of the most respected people in washington. >> president trump offered a vigorous defense of judge kavanaugh, but said he could be persuaded by tomorrow's testimony. good evening, i'm julie haner. >> he said that it's a big fat con. the testimony begins nine hours from now. >> reporter: frank and julie, testimony begins tomorrow. kavanaugh called the accusations a last-minute smear a preview of what could be a dramatic day of testimony on capitol hill. brett kavanaugh, with the supreme court nomination on the line, and palo alto professor christine blasey ford will be
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custom -- testifying. doctor -- brett kavanaugh said that he had never had in her actions with salesforce transit center. she said that she believed he was going to rape her. ford's lawyer past the results of a lie detector test that she passed. at a news conference president trump said he would be watching and stood by kavanaugh, said he emphasized -- empathize because he had been falsely accused of sexual assault in the past. >> with that being said, i look forward to what she has to say. >> reporter: the president did leave open the app goes opportunity of changing his mind. wednesday the senate judiciary committee said it had received four separate allegations
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regarding sexual conduct. trans gets released by democrats said that the allegations which took place in the 1980s, kavanaugh saying that it did not happen. he said this is an outrage that this 35-year-old accusation should be leveled in this fashion at this time. wednesday, attorney michael avenatti released a sworn statement him another person, julie swetnick , who said she saw kavanaugh at a party and other friends spike punch so girls could be sexually assaulted at one of these gang or train rates. she said she is observed him be abusive toward girls with physical abusive behavior. the transcripts also cite anonymous letter from a woman in denver on behalf of her
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daughter who said that in 1998, brett kavanaugh shoved her daughter up against a wall. kavanaugh released his calendar , that shows beach week, march in those marked in june, which was mentioned by julie swetnick. senate republicans are promising a boat as soon as writing morning. >> up or down, yes or no, however this boat goes i'm confident in saying that it will for bird be steeped in doubt. >> reporter: the 11 male blican femathe questioning. the hearing is set 10m on the e our time. a bay area memory expert says that when it comes to remembering events from the past are more likely to recall the big picture than the specific details. >> find details as to what
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color shirt someone was wearing as opposed to a different color or whether this person's name was this or was it, was her name jane or janice, i know it started with the jay sekulow. those types of details are going to be difficult to remember. >> strong emotions can enhance your ability to remember but he said if the event is traumatic, the drink dose brain can block out those memories. >> and joining us on this is ktvu political analysis dose -- analyst, ryan sobel. >> most of the charges go back 30-35 years. at this point the republicans are pushing this to a vote. and, it's up or down at this point. >> brian, what is your thought
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on scheduling abort those vote -- scheduling a boat for friday morning? >> well, my thinking, for many senators they are going to be troubled by that. but on the other hand, in fairness this has been an ongoing set of hearings for this nominee for a while now. and i think people actually on both sides of the aisle are concerned about timing questions. >> brian, prosecutor rachel mitchell has been chosen to be the lead questioner tomorrow. what kind of questions are we going to expect from her? >> reporter: she's going to ask some very very tough questions about time and place and memory. and who did professor ford speak with about this over the years about the timing of this? the usual questions that one would expect in a case like
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this. >> brian, i thought it was interesting how the president commented about judge kavanaugh , and said i think he's a good guy but i'm gonna wait until i hear the testimony. it sounded like he was leaving the door open for possibly withdrawing the nomination, did you get that feeling, too? >> i think he was giving himself an out in case professor ford is a credible witness who impacts a lot of the senators and her testimony is compelling. perhaps the president besides to dump kavanaugh to seek out more conservative judges that he could appoint including one woman who is much more conservative than kavanaugh. >> will it will be a busy day in washington, brian so will our political analyst thank you for being with us. >> and stay with us for a complete coverage of the hearing on ktvuplus. we will also have live updates on fox2 .
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president trump says that he may withhold any decision made on rosen sign those -- rosenstein, so he can focus all of his attention on the hearings tomorrow. firing rosenstein would set off a political crisis since he oversees robert muller's investigation. new reports now of the san francisco salesforce transit center and reports of a new cracked beam. the new transit center will be closed now at least until the end of next week. the futuristic -looking building open last month. amber lee is in the city now where engineers are scrabbling to shore up those two things.
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>> reporter: julie, those cracked beams are located behind me. they are part of the new transit center. look at the lower section it's a bit darker, the cracked beams are behind the gap. yellow caution tape signals the closure of the new transit center as engineers come up with a temporary fix. they plan to install showing supports to hold up the two cracked beams that are located over fremont street between howard and mission. >> this is what the crack looks like now. you will see this is the bottom plate. >> reporter: marks a bonnie the executive director of the transit authority, shows photos of the first crack discovered tuesday morning. it's about 2.5 the long. all part of the two .2 billion center that opened last month. and now a crack has been found in a second adjacent being. >> i am glad they found it and i hope they keep looking until they find all the defects.
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>> reporter: the cause of the cracks is yet to be determined. but officials say they are not related to deterioration of the roof top and they have nothing to do with its neighbor. they describe it as a localized problem. >> it could be of fabrication issue, it could be a welding issue, it could be a design issue. candidly, given this area, given what has happened with millennial towers, you know what might be some liquid vacation factors, it doesn't entirely surprised me. >> reporter: traffic appeared lighter than usual, people returning to the former terminal, which is now in use. >> this is another black eye for san francisco. >> reporter: i asked the
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spokeswoman for the authority how much this fix will cost and when a permanent x will be complete, she said she doesn't have a figure yet and that a permanent will take several months. she said the focus now is to get the transit center reopened as soon as it's safe to do so and officials are urging people to give themselves ask her time. julie? >> and just to be clear, that section of fremont street where you are will be closed along with the building at least into the end of next week, is that what they are saying? >> reporter: that is correct and if you look behind you can see some of the work that is being done right now. you can see crews taking down bus pass that are going to be used. late this afternoon a person was hit and killed by a train in south san francisco. it happened just before 5 on dubuque avenue. caltrans officials say the person was trespassing on the
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tracks when he was hit. all trains were temporarily stopped and no one on board the train was hurt. it was caring about 700 passengers. this is caltrans's eighth accident this year. apple stores hit again and again by crooks who ripped stuff off of tables. tonight, arrest made linked to dozens of deaths. we got a couple of days of significant cooling as we head toward the weekend. oakland, a city in trouble or a city making a turnaround? we listen in as candidates for mayor including the incumbent weigh in on oakland's future. [ music ]
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election day is less than six weeks away and oakland mayor libby schaaf is running against a long list of challenger those challengers. tonight the top three face-off against her in a debate. >> reporter: stay the course, or choose a new path. mayor libby schaaf believes she has earned and another term. >> oakland was rated as the second most violent city.
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>> reporter: the mayor describing the city as she found it four years ago. >> i'm ready to continue the work that i have started and deliver a thriving equitable city. >> reporter: not so fast, say opponents who lay oakland's problems at city hall. >> the oakland that we knew will not be here in two years. we will not survive another two years under mayor libby schaaf. pamela price is a civil rights attorney, marchant hedman, a housing expert. >> homelessness doubled in the past four years, everything double in the past four years besides wages. community activist calls brooks calls oakland rogan. >> and we can't fix it with an administration that disregards the voices of our most impacted oakland community members. >> reporter: the mayor and her challengers were quizzed on five topics. homelessness, denser housing,
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business, and its role in the community. >> we can't afford to have things that leave and destroy the fabric of this community. >> reporter: also oakland's and relationship with the police department. >> one homicide it is a problem for me. >> reporter: finally, illegal dumping in oakland. >> if we can do it in the hills we can do it in the flats. >> reporter: they accuse the mayor of ignoring poor neighborhoods. >> it is not true. the more important piece is we've got to change behavior. it is not acceptable to dump your trash anywhere. record and her e mayor defiance toward federal immigration policies that made her an administration target. >> i also am proud, when we
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stood up to donald trump when he came for people in our community. [ applause ] >> reporter: here at the first respite hearing in church we are far from filled but voters still have six weeks to really hone in on this race. one topic not discussed, rank choice voting. and whether any of these challengers will join together in a 1-2 strategy to unseat mayor libby schaaf. >> could you tell by watching the audience who they might those migrated to? >> reporter: i think that kat brooks resonated with a lot of people because she is well known in the community as an activist. and there was a lot of applause for her comments. but also the other challengers as well and it some point the moderator asked everyone to stop clapping so that the debate could move along at a
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more brisk pace. >> all right, debora villalon in oakland, thank you, debra. members of the largest employee union, which includes you see hospital aids and patient transporters and security guards say contract talks are talked. more than 50,000 workers staged a walkout last month over the university's practice of outsourcing jobs at lower wages. the strike involves the union and is scheduled to start two weeks from today. huber has agreed to pay -- uber has agreed to pay a settlement for is a cat -- for
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a security breach. today officials say they hope the company will respect and protect customers and drivers. >> it's my belief that uber is moving in a different direction and it's my hope that we will see a very different approach. >> california will receive $26 million in a settlement. the bay area is making progress fixing its potholes. the metropolitan transportation commission released an annual report on potholes today. overall, the bay area's nine counties scored in the fair categories. palo alto, dublin, el cerrito and san ramon scored in the top categories. larkspur and scored in the lowest area. san jose was rated fair and oakland scored in the at risk category. [ music ] so, we had the
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warmest day of the week today. we saw some mid-90s, so here we are wednesday, the warmest day and you see the trend down. tomorrow it cools a little bit maybe three or for degrees. and then saturday and sunday temperatures in the hotspot just in the mid-70s. these are the highs today, probably as high as they will be all week and for a while now. 90 in santa rosa, so a pretty warm day, no red flag warning, air quality was good. as we look back toward san francisco you can see the fog over here and you can see the shop -- fog shooting over the city. so, it's going to get up over these inland hills. so we will see some further cooling through the delta.
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and that will trend temperatures down. so that is why if you degrees cooler. after that, temperatures really drop. so slightly cooler tomorrow you're not going to really notice it unless you're in antioch or some of those hotspots. coming up tonight at 10:30, casual dating and sexually transmitted diseases. why some say hook up apps are part of the problem and possibly part of the solution. also the 49ers new quarterback was taking snaps and practice and the team is still looking for a backup. we will hear from cj becker later in sports. and then a rash of thefts in apple stores and what we have learned about those in custody. >>
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eight people have been arrested in connection with a series ofãthat's at apple stores. the suspects may have been involved as as many 45 steps across the bay area and state. ktvu's alyana gomez has more than that. >> reporter: dressed in dark clothing men run in and any device insight and runoff. all while customers and even security standby and watch. it's in our that played out once again tuesday afternoon at the apple store in emeryville.
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that store locations fourth robbery in one month. >> we need to have people that are engaged in the prevention of crime. >> reporter: eight suspects were arrested one is a juvenile and hasn't been named. the others were leo david smith, joshua jamaal cole, cody stewart, antoine johnson, and jeremy hank. all are charged with grand theft. davis is facing additional charges for possessing a firearms. the suspects could be linked to 45 and go theft at apple stores and other that that span across the state. local law enforcement and government officials all confirmed the arrest but won't release any further details. >> we are aware of the rest and we are working on the situation, but i won't comment on it at this time.
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>> reporter: sources tell me that more arrests are coming as the justice department works to bring down an organized crime ring. here the new apple store in walnut creek you will find security standing right out side keeping a close watch on everything that is happening outside. police want to remind everyone that no one has been injured in any of the steps and the public should not be concerned about shopping at apple stores across the bay area. once we have more information on investigations from the department of justice we will bring it to you. and one that creek i am alyana gomez, box to news. -- fox2 news . shortly before1:00 yesterday afternoon, two suspects pointed a gun at an individual and took his cell phone. the suspects were last seen running south on eighth street. they are considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. anyone who sees them is asked
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to call 911. a big change coming for this year's christmas in the park in san jose. >> it's a tradition for everyone to celebrate the holidays in san jose. >> reporter: why the annual family favorite will be cut short by six days. lost the connection, there's an app for sexually transmitted disease and how to prevent them.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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you will
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that is the sound of metallica performing tonight in civic center plaza. as part of dreamforce . just across the street, janet jackson took the street at the bill graham auditorium at 8:00 tonight. metallica is -- metallica's performance is part of a fundraiser to benefit children. >> it's a little chaotic, but i think it's acceptable. >> dreamforce runs through
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friday at moscone he center. health experts are seeing a connection between a rise in certain sexually-transmitted diseases and increased use of casual dating apps. >> the same technology that makes hooking up easier could make notifying partners easier as well. >> reporter: in some ways, dating has never been easier. dating apps like tender and grinder might just be a few swipes away or at least mr. or ms. right now. but health experts warned that track those -- health experts warned that sexually- transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea are up over previous years. some point to the proliferation of dating apps that the exploded at the same time as
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sexually-transmitted diseases. many app companies don't reveal their user numbers publicly, but according to a third party website, an estimated 3 million people actively use grinder and several million have signed up since the group started up. they reported that tinder has millions of users to date. >> my one friend she met this guy >> we spoke to some college students who say they are seeing a connection between sexually-transmitted infections and dating hookups. one person said one thing led to another and after an end counter her friend came down with troubling symptoms.
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in that case she said the friend in question tracked down her partner who then ignored her. >> dating apps may contribute to writing std rates, but they also give us a great opportunity to reach people and educate them about making healthy sex choices. >> reporter: dan will file is the director of building healthy opportunities. and he said that the work to try to notify people of healthy tools. >> they can getscreened regularly. >> reporter: he's working on an app thatto maintain their anonymity. grinder dash the stash -- grindr
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and tindr are working on ways to protect people from sexually- transmitted diseases. frank, and open conversations with all sexual partners might be helpful as well, christien kafton, fox2 news. more than 80,000 americans died of the flu and its complications last winter. the cdc says it was the highest death toll in at least 40 years. in recent years, the number of flu -related deaths nationwide have range from 12-to 50,000. health officials say the past blue season was driven by a strained which has put more
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people in the hospital, a new locker room at uc berkeley offers more privacy for this the stash disabled and transgender students. it is believed to be the first large-scale universal locker room on a college camper -- campus anywhere. the facility has its own entrance, or 200 lockers, 16 individual changing rooms along with private showers and toilets. it also leads to the campus pool which officials say students avoided because it was only accessible through the existing locker rooms. the federal reserve today reach their interest rate by one quarter one percent. the rate went from 2 to 2 into percent. in a statement, the federal repeated described the economy as strong and said there would be another increase by the end of the year. the feds move said the major stock indexes down. the dow fell 106 pointafter
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starting with a higher. the nasdaq was down 17.0 the s&p 500 lost nine. shares of the digital survey company survey monkey sword as much is 67% during their ipo today on wall street. the stock hit $19 a share during the first few minutes before closing at $17 a share. closing price represents a 42 percent increase over the ipo price. survey monkey is based in san mateo. a new tool to help firefighters monitor wildfires. the cameras being set up by pg&e. and still warm tomorrow but not as warm as what we had today. you can see a little bit of wind coming in, forecast for a cooler weekend coming up. first, church members reunited with a couple of stolen bands and other items. how a couple of transit deputies were able to crack the case. [ music ]
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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new at 10 a theft from a church in san jose has landed two men behind bars. austin hudson and andrew miller were arrested for conspiracy. tonight church workers were reunited with their stolen items. authorities say they stole two
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passenger vans and $15,000 worth of musical equipment from the chinese for christ church. a pair of transit deputies stop the vehicles and found them in possession of burglary tools, and drug paraphernalia. hudson and miller were booked into the santa clara county main jail. and washington house lawmakers passed a bill today to regulate the airline industry. the faa reauthorization act includes four amendments that aim to prevent run rate accidents. last year, and air canada jet nearly landed on four fully loaded airplanes that were lined up on the taxiway at the airport. congressman say the four commencement what ensure safer landings by improving technology and data used by pilots and air traffic controllers.
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the bill would also regulate the size of airline seats it would give the faa a year to set minimum measurements for airline seats. since the 1970s, the average leg room and most airlines has declined by nearly 4 inches. so, the senate will have to vote before then. firefighters in marin, sonoma and napa county are getting new high definition cameras to monitor wildfires. it is hoped that the cameras will allow firefighters to get to values -- fires faster and more efficiently. the cameras can also help firefighters get to a fire before it grows to 10 acres or more. >> once it hits that 10 acre threshold that growth can be so exponential that we are behind. the fire is out pacing our ability to get resources to the fire. >> the system also allows homeowners to login and see how close a fire maybe to their
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property. cameras will be installed by the end of this year. a small sacrifice for a beloved holiday tradition in san jose. coming up why christmas in the park is ending early this year. and chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with our forecast in a minute. [ music ]
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tonight the san francisco film festival pay tribute to british actor rupert everett at the castro theatre with a screening of his new movie the happy prince. everett has appeared in movies including shakespeare in love and my best friend's wedding. this new film is the first that he has directed. he also wrote the screenplay and he stars as the playwright oscar wilde who is imprisoned in england in 1895 for the crime of homosexual behavior. in san jose a holiday tradition will see a big change this year. >> christmas in the park is going to end early as the city prepares for a sporting event. azimuth is here to tell us
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about why it's ending. >> reporter: the last day will be on christmas day cut short for the college football player championship. >> hidden away in this warehouse in san jose are all the lights for christmas in the park. >> all of our displays here there's over 40 animated sleighs. >> reporter: he is putting the last finishing touches on a new pet themed christmas display. local families flock here every year. >> because we don't charge admission, it's free to see santa claus, you see a lot of families where this is their christmas because it doesn't cost them an arm and a leg to go off and be in a family atmosphere. >> reporter: for the first time in 39 years families won't have a christmas -- the week after
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christmas to enjoy it as the city is dropped into the national spotlight for the college playoff. >> we have 19 hotels under contract already. we are anticipating 100-150,000 residents and visitors coming into downtown. >> reporter: the game is at levi stadium, similar to the super bowl, super bowl will have its own activities. the film -- the area will be transformed into a area that has many related activities. >> it will be good for sports fans but you're taking away from the kids. >> when we can make a small sacrifice in closing early to help the greater good of what san jose is going to get, attention wise for the event that is coming in, which is the college football championship game, we are going to do our
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part to be a community player. >> reporter: the city of san jose and the sports authority will be compensating the nonprofit for lost revenue and a quick teardown. also about a dozen vendors will be losing sales that week. their fee will be discounted this year. the ice rink and the ride will remain open after christmas. live in san jose, azenith smith , fox2 news. a warm day today we talked it -- about it, you can see the fog is pushing a little bit inland. temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. it will be a lot like today but then temperatures really drop off starting on friday, saturday and sunday. it will be cold but the hotspots where it was in the mid-90s by the weekend it will be in the mid-70s. and there's also a chance of a sprinkle or two as we head into
10:49 pm
next week. there is fog along the coast and it's showing a little deeper , and we are already seeing this. this is the current temperature footprints and you can see the cool greens, represented up in fairfield and pushing through. 70 at livermore, so 10 degrees cooler in fairmont. slightly cooler tomorrow it's going to be a nicer day tomorrow a little fog in the morning. and a little slower burn off in the afternoon and a little cooler tempera it brings it all back to the coast. it had it gone tomorrow morning , i don't see that happening. but either way there will be fog at the coast again tomorrow morning. there might be some breaks. forecast highs, there the reds are 90s and 80s you might
10:50 pm
notice that the reds have shifted a little further east. subtle changes. but tomorrow will be eclipsed by the major cooling changes on friday, saturday and sunday. so there it is, 93, in still warm and livermore. but look at san leandro and hayward. san jose, 84. and 63 and 64 in pacific -- pacifica and daly city. so tomorrow is a nice warm day, a lot like today but warmer. and then they drop off another eight degrees or so on saturday, sunday and monday with that rain chance. so we will watch it for you, have a nice day tomorrow and we'll see you back here at 11. speaking up -- of 11, how teachers and one bay area community are helping teachers stay in the communities where they teach. and the 49ers hit the playing field-- practice field
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with thw starting quarterback.
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all right mark joint is in little bit of let's the a's got back on the winning track. >> as franco says a little . ba
10:54 pm
they do best and that is hitting the ball out of the yard and just demoralizing the other guys. that's what they do again, against the guy who used to throw his glove out there. king felix, not what he used to be, despite his big fan base. 1st inning, mark takes them for the distance and the 15th of the year and the a's are out quick, 1-0. matt holsen had never done this before, the grand slam, first of his career . 29th home run of his sensational season, 80 far -- 84 rbis. and nobody knows this better than chris davis who hit the ball out of the yard again. 47th of the year, remember when reggie had 47 in 1969? 129 rbis. to hundred 23 total they are
10:55 pm
again within a game and a half of the yankees for that last wild-card spot. meanwhile who says the giants won't play any meaningful games in the month of september? forget tonight, it's the dodgers over the weekend. ellie lost to arizona. rockies are in first place by half a game, the giants could crush the rival dodgers season over the weekend. meantime, some formalities tonight, as lawrence fishburn the actor, lou ferrigno throwing at the first pitch and that was the highlight for the giants tonight. they were trailing san diego 2 -0 in the 7th. have i mentioned that the giants can't hit? yeah, the giants don't hit much. 7th inning, bottom half of it, and garcia showing promise as a rookie. that is his 4th of the year and he came up two runs flat, and that's it 3-2 final and make way for the dodgers friday night.
10:56 pm
that should be fun over the weekend, it might be packed out there. meanwhile, 49ers, the poster boy is gone, forget about it, had a problem like richard sherman, calf injury he's going to be at out for at least a couple of weeks but it's make way for the new guys. at quarterback, cj it will be just his sixth nfl start. by the way the 49ers big underdogs in that one. in his brief career, cj has thrown six touchdown passes and he was sacked 19 times last year but he is a tough guy. and so far he is saying all the right things. >> you really are just one play away and you never know when the play is going to be. you could play zero in entire season -- an entire season. >> hard to find the silver lining but meantime for the raiders, they have got their
10:57 pm
own album, 0-0. there former manager, hugh jackson coming to town with the team that isn't winless. baker, mayfield, of course had a big hand in their first victory, catching the 2-point conversion. 's got the intangibles, he can move the football. his first start and he, too is a guy who knows just what to say as a rookie. >> even though i had one good game, that is just a building block. i didn't come here just to win one game and i didn't come here just to start. we're building a franchise here and so being that same person every day means have -- finding thatdium. >> frank, julie, pay attention, remember the name malaya emma, seven years old singing the national anthem at a soccer game.
10:58 pm
♪ [ laughter ] that is fantastic, seven years old. hey mom, closer hot prizes. when did the home run become an embarrassing a moment, how about tyler austin of the twins, hits the ball way out of the park. that is one of those want to get away? moments. but 's garciabatting as a pinch hitter for the carter's -- cardinals. he is wheeling around third, he takes a header, he is out at the plate and the brewers won the game 2-1. and here is zach
10:59 pm
of arizona they beat the dodgers come a that's a beautiful play you appreciate it more on the replay. look at that, kelly belanger is a goner. finally tonight, i mentioned the brewers clinched a broadcaster, remember bob uecker? in the front row, he is doused with champagne. he still loves his milwaukee brewers. he is about 84, 85 years old. and having some fun out there. all worth checking out. how about that 7-year-old? >> that's the first time i have seen that, that is unreal. it's amazing >> that was awesome. -- life, y guys take over. >> next at 11. >> the city has to get their act together there are a lot of things going wrong. >> the second day and a second crack at the new transit system
11:00 pm
center. it remains close tonight as engineers try to discover the scope of the problem. experts are still not sure what caused the cracks in the beans and for safety reasons they have closed the brand-new transit center at least the next week. hello again everyone i'm frank and >> i'm juli, it's an inconvenience for thousands of commuters and while engineers determine how to reinforce the beams, there is no resolution in sight. wide coverage from ktp's ktvu's amber lee. >> reporter:, this is part of the new transit system they are behind the


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