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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> the second day and a second crack at the new transit system center. it remains close tonight as engineers try to discover the scope of the problem. experts are still not sure what caused the cracks in the beans and for safety reasons they have closed the brand-new transit center at least the next week. hello again everyone i'm frank and >> i'm juli, it's an inconvenience for thousands of commuters and while engineers determine how to reinforce the beams, there is no resolution in sight. wide coverage from ktp's ktvu's amber lee. >> reporter:, this is part of the new transit system they are behind the
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>> reporter: yellow's hazard -- yellow hazard tape is cordoned off to prevent people from accessing the closed section. the first crack was discovered tuesday morning. it's about two and a half feet back long.adjacent beam. >> i'm glad they found it and i hope you keep looking until they find all of the defects. >> reporter: because of the cracks is yet to be determined but officials say they are not related to the deterioration of the past and it has nothing to do with its neighbor, the millennium tower, which is
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sinking. they described it as a localized problem. >> it could be a welding issue, it could be a fabrication issue it could be a design issue. >> it's a surprise given modern technology but given this area and what has happened with millennial towers, you know what might be some liquefaction issues, it doesn't surprise me. >> people adapted to returning to the temporary terminal, that is now back in use. one woman who lives in the area says this latest fiasco is another black eye or sent -- for san francisco. a spokeswoman for a fix on a permanent basis will take several months. in safety and assessment will be ongoing and she said the focus now will be trying to get
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the new transit hitter we opened as soon as it's safe to do so. julie? >> amber lee, live in san francisco tonight. it took seven years to build the new transit system and it hasn't even been open seven weeks and already the cracks are racing questions about safety and accountability. our team picks up with candace tonight. >> reporter: the trans bay transit center was the first to start seven years ago recording the trans be transit authority. the executive director spoke about the project in february. >> all started constructing them as we amount of contractors. >> reporter: today his back in front of cameras, not talking about dissenters budget delays or bailouts, but about when days
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-- wednesdays discovery about cracks. >> it could be a fabrication issue, it could be a welding issue, it could be a design issue. >> reporter: questions to such fundamental issues caused investigators to look into who was behind the transit center. according to state records, web core the joint venture is a san francisco-based contracting team. in terms of who made the steel? >> herrick is the fabricator. >> reporter: the company involved in la's disney concert hall and san francisco airport terminal b. >> we have several contractors who have provided steel for
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this project. herrick is only one of them. >> reporter: overseeing each player is ultimately the joint power authority. it is being led by the banning. he once said this was a prime example of what transit development is. the original budget for this project was at $1.6 billion, now at 2.2 billion, going over budget by hundreds of millions of dollars. >> stay with fox2 news as we bring you updates. now to the accusations about supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh by a christine blasey ford is set to before the subcommittee, ktv
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jana katsuyama is there and will be covering the hearings, which begins in a few hours. >> more accusers have stepped forward with sexual allegations in the just the past week. a deluge of new documents offer a preview of what will be a dramatic day of testimony on capitol hill at thursday's senate judiciary hearing. brett kavanaugh with his nomination on the line and palo alto christine blasey ford will testify that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. he denied the allegations and claimed never to have any sexual or physical encounter of any kind with ford. in her prepared testimony she said he believed -- she believed he was going to kill her. he put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. lawyers have released the
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results of a polygraph test she passed on august 7. at a news conference, president trump said he would be watching the testimony. >> it's possible i'll be watching it, and i might say hey, i change my mind. >> reporter: for separate allegations -- four separate allegations have been received about his conduct. julie swetnick, another woman said she attended parties in 1992 and said she saw kavanaugh and mike judge spike punch to get girls inebriated so they could be sexually assaulted. she said that mike judge and brett kavanaugh were at -- present at a party where number
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of girls were gang raped. >> reporter: kavanaugh's calendar from that time show beach week, which matches the date given by julie swetnick. >> up or down, yes or no, however this vote goes, it will forever be steeped in doubt. >> reporter: transcript shows another allegation came from a man in rhode island who said in 1995 dashes 1985, judge and kavanaugh sexually assaulted a friend in newport. kavanaugh called it a smear campaign. >> jana katsuyama in the newsroom tonight. brian sobel says that there
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are some tough questions expected by the female prosecutor, rachel mitchell. >> i think she's going to ask some very tough questions about time and place and memory. and who did professor ford speak with about this over the years about the timing of this. the usual questions that one would expect in a case like this. >> sobel went on to say that each senator has only been given five minutes to question kavanaugh and then questioned doctor ford. he said that some senators may find that frustrating. it is expected the ll. ittee will yield their time tomorrow morning on ktvuplus you can what's uninterrupted covert of the hearing beginning at seven in the you will also f. now a man was killed in south san francisco near the
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caltrans station on dubuque avenue in san francisco. caltrans officials say the man was trespassing on the tracks when he was hit. all trains were temporarily stopped in the area causing big delays. no one on board the train was hurt. it was carrying more than 700 passengers at the time. this is caltrain's eight casualty this year. eight people were arrested in connection with the rash of thefts across the bay area. sources tell us that the suspects could be linked to as many as 45 grab and go left at apple stores in the bay area and across the state. you've probably seen the surveillance video showing these, the most recent happened yesterday afternoon at the apple store in emeryville. hours later, eight suspects were arrested in oakland, seven adults and a juvenile. >> we are aware of the arrest and we are working on the situation but have no comment at this time.
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>> we are told that the california department of justice is now involved and that more rest could be on the way. candidates in oakland mayor's race squared up tonight during a mayoral forum. >> i'm ready to continue the work that i have started and deliver a thriving equitable city. and we cannot fix it with the city administration that disrespects, disregards and all but ignores the voices of her most impacted community oakland numbers. >> now to berkeley where the city council has been the police department from posting mugshots of people unless they pose an immediate threat to public safety. the council voted 5-3 after the department posted photos on media -- social media of protesters. some of the photos were published by conservative outlets and there was concern that that would open the protesters to harassment and
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threats. affordable housing for teachers. coming up the effort that is gaining momentum in one bay area community. and the governor signs a gun bill into law. and there is the fog out there on the coast, it has been there all week and it should be there tomorrow. we will have details on the forecast coming up.[ music ]
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new at ten governor jerry brown has approved a bill that would require training for people who want to carry concealed weapon. the law requires that applicants undergo a minimum of eight hours of gun handling and shooting technique training. the governor also signed a bill that clarified that bump stocks used in last year's massacre on the las vegas strip are illegal in california. the governor also signed a bill by san francisco that will speed up the process of building housing for the
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homeless. it's one of many affordable housing programs and environmental studies. santa clara county wants to build housing specifically for teachers and the movement is gaining traction. officials are worried that teachers are being driven away by high housing costs. >> reporter: santa clara county supervisor joseph didion has a vision. >> we can get this done if everybody has the will, and so far, we have the property gamma --, and we got some funding. the county chipped in $6 school districts who will chdollars ap
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>> housing has been an ongoing challenge for us. we hire high quality teachers in our district. retaining them over the course of time is something we really are focused on. >> it's been nearly impossible to do. the high cost of living in silicon valley has led to an exodus of teachers. and those who do state have an hours long commute. >> without them having a decent , affordable place to live, our school system is going to collapse. >> districts from palo alto to mountain view have expressed interest in a housing project. the college district has agreed to find money to join. >> i'm hoping we can have as many as five or six local school districts participate. serve something like 50 or 60
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teacher families. if it works well we can do it again, and again, and again. >> reporter: resized, the configuration of the program is still up in the air but teacher c is hopeful it can be built. >> this would really give teachers to not lose sleep over at night. i think it's an awesome opportunity. >> he is still in talks with other school districts about funding the project. he hopes to have a proposal ready by next year. in palo alta, and ruben, fox2 news. the san jose homeless camp called hope village will be moving to a new location tomorrow. the encampment is privately funded by nonprofit and has amenities like porta potty's and portable showers. last week, the group was evicted from state land so city and county leaders found ear th international airport.
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they will be leasing the land to the group for six months for one dollar. janet jackson and metallica performed in san francisco tonight as part of dreamforce, the annual sales force conference. is i that is the sound of metallica's performance that started about 8:30. right across the street janet jackson took to the state at the civic auditorium at about 8:00. both performances were part of a benefit or children's hospital. -- or children's hospital. all right, the high temperatures for today are the warmest we have seen all week. temperatures really cool off as we head toward end. 97 in fairfield by sunday, and that will be 77, 76 degrees, so it'll be much cooler. so subtract about two degrees for tomorrow. there's oakland, there is the
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fog, and the fog is up over oakland, it's a little bit deeper than it was. that is going to allow for some further cooling. there are a few high clouds overhead as well. and the winds are generally onshore. it won't get into the inland bay valleys, but you can see from this isotherm map, you can see the greens and the sea breeze. so when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be cool. you will see that represented by these reds working their way east a little bit. as we get into friday, that's when temperatures really start to drop off significantly. friday, saturday and sunday, it will be mid-70s. 93 in livermore tomorrow, so still warm there. air quality looks good.
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no red flag warning, so that's always good. along the coast haven't seen a lot of sunshine and you won't see sunshine tomorrow, either. there's tomorrow and then there's a 10 degree drop on friday, and that's pretty significant in the hotspots. by saturday another eight or so degrees and it levels off in the mid-70s in the hotspots. so the five day forecast is one that cal fire appreciates. oakland raiders player handed out backpacks to kids in oakland. the backpacks were given to 160 low income it's at the east oakland youth development center with help from his teammates. they were filled with everything from pans to note books in addition to the donations, donald also talk to the students about the importance of education school. >> coming up next in sports, the a's riners tonight in seatt
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move closer to home field advantage in the playoffs. mark will have all the spots coming up. first, the pictures as the fog rolls in and san francisco. it will be hard to see there, thank you so much for joining us and we will see you in a minute.[ music ] tomorrow the latest on the damage trans bay terminal, and how it it will affect your commute.
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coming down to the baseball playoffs and the a's did it again tonight. >> the a's do every night with a giant need to learn to do over the winter. in this day and age you have got to hit the ball out of the park. four more homers for the a's tonight and they can forget all about what happened last night. king felix, not the ace used to be and the a's prove that right away. first inning, marcus simeon takes a swipe at it, 1-a 0 lead. the a'runs, r -- four provided the bat off matt holsen. 29 homer for him on the year, chad pender also homered and
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nobody does that long ball being better than this guy. right center field for crush davis, his 47th, he's got 121 rbis, yankees lost tonight to the a's, going into the final weekend only a game and a half for that last playoff slot that would give them the home field advantage. hey, at&t, lawrence fishburn and lou ferrigno, he lifted too many weights to throw good pitch their but they had some fun which was more than the giants provided. losing again, because they can not it. this was a homemade -- home run which made it 3-0. garcia, his fourth two run shot, and thus the final, look forward to the weekend, giant hands. friday night, the giants have a
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chance to knock the dodgers out of the postseason. we will see what transpires. meanwhile, also this week the warriors will play already their first preseason game when the timberwolves come to town. earlier today the warriors with their second full day of training camp back at it. and of course, stiphane curry, his 10th year. what are his goals at this point? >> it's more of a field than a standard. is not a changeable goal in terms of wins or losses. it will be with that energy and focus. >> back for an encore performance, 7-year-old leah emma. you've got to see this 7- year-old. ♪
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>> she's got range, she's got panache. [ laughter ] all right these are some of my favorite moments from today's activities. tyler ross of the twins hit it deep. he is pretty happy about his home run but not so good about keeping on his feet. and this one cost dearly, garcia, he was brought in by the cardinals specifically to pinch run. he was at first base wheeling around and that cost him dearly it's kind of funny to watch but he is tagged out and guess what the brewers lost. that is the sporting life.  >> thanks for joining us, good
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