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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help, when i did brett put his hand over my mouth. >> i have never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever. >> high drama today on capitol hill while the professor and supreme court nominee testified about an alleged account are at a high school party back in 1982. it was an extraordinary hearing
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with emotional and compelling testimony from both judge kavanaugh and christine blasey ford. >> it is the first time since we have heard from doctor ford and most was say she was a credible witness. her testimony was unshakable. judge kavanaugh denied the allegation. he passionately defended his integrity and was invasive at times. he sparred with senators. jana katsuyama joins us now to begin tonight's coverage. >> reporter: this was a historic hearing, aussie more than eight hours. at times both ford and kavanaugh were the tears. kavanaugh had anger. each defended their honor with no clear resolution. the senators now face a difficult boat. standing before the senate judiciary committee and the nation, christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh swore to tell the truth. their testament that followed
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diametrically opposed. >> i was pushed onto the bed and brett got on top of me. he began running his hands over my body and grinding into me. >> i have never really -- never sexually assaulted anyone. not high school, not in college, not ever. sexual assault is horrific. >> reporter: ford was a college professor. she went to account about a party when she was 15-year-old. the 17-year-old kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in a room while his friend watched . >> i tried to get away but he was heavy. brett gropes me and try to take off my clothes. he had a hard time because he was very inebriated. i was also wearing a one piece bathing suit underneath my clothing. i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand
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over my mouth. >> what is the strongest memory you have? >> the strongest memory of the incident? >> it was a laughter. the uproarious laughter between the two and they're having fun at my expense. i was underneath one of them while the two left. two friends having a good time with one another. >> reporter: the 11 republican senators, all men, had a six gram prosecutor, rachel mr. -- mitchell about gaps in her memory. for that she does not know the address or the exact date of the party. others, who were at that they h no memory or knowledge of such a party? >> i do not expect that pj
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would remember this evening. it was a very unremarkable party. it was not one of their more notorious parties. nothing remarkable happened to them that evening. they were downstairs. >> doctor ford, with what degree of certainty you believe kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100%. >> reporter: ford! why she kept quiet about that night. >> i was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these details. i did not want to tell my parents that i come at age 15, was in a house without any parents present drinking beer with voice. i convinced myself that because brett did not reap me i should just move on and pretend that it did not happen. >> reporter: after a break, kavanaugh followed with his testimony. >> i'm not questioning that doctor ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person, in someplace, at some time. i have never done that to her
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or to anyone. >> reporter: also emotional. >> -- >> reporter: kavanaugh said he had a long history and had already hired for female clerks and he was confirmed. he was a female friends who spoke in support. he denied any high school drinking affected his memory. >> he said sometimes you had too many drinks. is there a time that you drink so much you can member what happened or part of what happened the night before? >> no. i remember what happened and i think you've probably had beer . >> you are saying there has never been a case where you drink so much that you do not remember what happened the night before, or part of what happened? >> you are asking about a blackout. have you? >> could you answer the question judge? that has not happened? is that your answer question
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--? >> i'm cursive you have. the judge also showed anger about the allegations that came before his confirmation vote. >> this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated hit. it is fueled with a parent anger about president trump and the 2016 election. fear that has been really stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the clients. >> reporter: the hearing was political and partisan. lindsey graham accused democrats of delay tactics. >> this is unethical and a sham since i have been in politics. if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure would not have done what you did to the sky. >> reporter: democrats called for an fbi investigation and praised ford for speaking up. >> i believe you are doing that because you love this country i believe that history will show that you are a true profile encourage at this moment in
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time in the history of our country. i think you. >> reporter: in the end, the two witnesses both called for senators to see their side. >> if i was my civic duty to relay the information i had about mr. kavanaugh's conduct so that those considering his nomination would know about this assault. >> i ask you to judge me by the standard that you would want to decimate he would will apply to your father, your husband, your brother, or your son. >> reporter: immediately following the hearing, for senators met behind closed doors. republican susan collins, just like, and lisa michalski, as well as joe manchin reportedly talked. a large meeting of republicans was held this meeting. gop leaders emerged from that thing a committee boat would take place at 9:30 am tomorrow morning.
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president trump suppressed his support for the judge date moments after the testimony wrapped up. he tweeted judge kavanaugh showed america exactly why i nominated him. his testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. democrats search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. the senate must vote . >> mike lee, a republican senator from utah expense report . he wrote i believe doctor ford was the victim of a crime. i do not believe judge kavanaugh committed it and no clobbering evidence suggest he did. >> tennessee senator, also a republican, and the support. he said there is no question that jeff kavanaugh is qualified to serve on the supreme court. i plan to come from him. >> center from connecticut tweeted that republicans desperate attempt to distract from doctor on the boards
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testimony by blaming democrats is refuted by her own words. all sexual assault victims should be able to decide for themselves whether the private experience is made public. >> on twitter, barbara lee posted this message: judge kavanaugh should not be confirmed . in fact the senate will proceed with a boat shows a deep disrespect for doctor ford. survivors of assault and our democracy." . >> if you are not able to watch the day unfold. you are able to watch bits and pieces. reactions were as dramatic as a testimony itself. there tending to take sides along the plug will divide. our team coverage continues now with deborah. she is live in sonoma county with a professor who called a must see tv. >> reporter: a daylong drama. did it change any minds?main st will find most people heard what they wanted to hear. >> defy and tearful. he went defined to tearful.
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>> reporter: a political scientist said vulnerability shown by brett kavanaugh was intentional. the maximum is often hard. that was helpful for judge kavanaugh for softening some of the hard edges of his aggressiveness. >> reporter: response to the subject unshakable christine ford. >> republican step back and were aghast at the approachability and credibility of her. >> i thought it was heartbreaking. i cried on my way to work hearing doctor ford's testimony. >> reporter: downtown tonight the class of two stories is on the table. as it is in towns and cities across america. >> i feel really sad to think that he might be confirmed tomorrow. >> reporter: all eyes are on jeff flake, the republican from arizona. the only undecided boat on the committee. >> i think kavanaugh is a good guy, well spoken . i do not see him doing anything like that.
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>> reporter: this student watch on instagram and what he heard fortified his views. >> i think kavanaugh is in the clear. the testimony that she was caught in for lies. >> i believe her. >> reporter: the student followed on her phone . >> i thought it was brave of her to stand up and having the president against her. >> reporter: however people followed it the testimony brought emotional reaction . >> erodes me closely. i went to catholic schools and in a lot of what went on. >> reporter: this professor cut her afternoon class short. she was so nauseated watching the proceedings during lunch. >> at this point he is tainted and he needs to withdraw his nomination. senators now have to take a vehard vote, a vote that will find them either way on the wrong side of history. >> reporter: they expect kavanaugh to decide -- survive the committee. he may look to the midterms for it is the way and not want to alienate the purple voter,
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independent, suburban, and often female. a vote that is not red or blue but paying attention today. >> the electro stakes are much higher for each party. the politics in this country has become so divisive by evidence of the tone of this presidency and what has happened during these hearings. >> reporter: the fact that today's hearing even happened is a pivotal moment in the me to movement and he knows the in the house races in november a record number of candidates are women. >> there were rallies all cost the area today in support of professor ford. >> we believe christine. and paul out of there was a rally in support of her and in san francisco women dressed as characters from the tv show the handmaid's tale to express their opposition to the -- to brett kavanaugh. in oakland they made a mural
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that read we believe survivors. >> 59 people were arrested in the nation's capital at a protest there against the kavanaugh nomination. protesters gathered outside the u.s. supreme court and then block the street. that is when police moved in and made arrest. the organizer of the protest that they were trying to send a message to the u.s. senate that if it votes to confirm back -- confirm kavanaugh they would take it to the midterm elections. >> a group of other women died in washington but in this case we were rolling in support of judge kavanaugh. concerned women for america held a rally called i stand for brett. their goal was to provide moral support to the nominee. our coverage continues late at this hour and on you can find today's testimony in its entirety. the security and exchange commission is taking legal action against hensel ceo. what the decision could mean for elon musk.
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we have a lot of fog out there now. temperatures are trending down the next couple of days. at first ambulances soprano -- spun into a walgreens store after a release of pepper spray affected 18 people. >> --
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18 people were exposed to purpose break today in a
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walgreens in vallejo. the fire department says crews responded to a pepper spray incident on springs road around 4:30 pm. one person who was sprayed directly was taken to a nearby hospital. 17 others were treated on the scene and released. the store was temporary closed while the health department investigated. helicopter hit power lines during an inspection this afternoon, sparking a small brush fire. according to the faa impacts over the lines and they fell to the ground starting that small fire. the helicopter was contracted by pg&e to conduct inspections of those lines. it landed safely at a nearby field as a precaution. three people were on board but nobody was hurt. the faa is now investigating. the fire was contained to about one half acre. elon musk is at the center of a federal investigation for allegedly making false and misleading statements about his company. the security and exchange commission filed a complaint today in federal court.
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paul chambers tells us the case stems from a tweet that elon musk posted last month. >> reporter: tesla ceo is coming under fire again. >> today best ec file charges against elon musk. >> reporter: the securities and exchange commission says the charges stem from this tweet elon musk release back in august which stated considering taking tesla private at $420. funding secured. must committed fraud when he made that tweet. it was false and misleading about the potential transaction. the message that he put out, especially that this was a done deal, very quickly became clear that it was not as finalized as everybody thought. that is why the stocks shot up and then collapse. >> we alleged that musks statements were false they left any basic in fact. at the time he made the statements, must could not secure funding. >> reporter: if that is the
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case, the sec wants musks to pay back any profits that he obtained go to be prohibited as serving as an officer or director -- director of a public company. >> is not clear who would step up and be the ceo if he was to be gone. you have to remember that they have seen of accidents of executive in the last few years. >> reporter: said said that this unjustified action by the sec is me deeply saddened and disappointed. i have always taken action in the best action of truth and transparency in investors. transparency is the most important value in my laugh this mac life. tesla stock drive 10%. -- dropped 10%. the dow was up 54, the nasdaq was up 51 and the s&p 500 was up eight. apple shares rose helping to push the markets higher after
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an analyst said the apple could gain another 20% in their stock price by the end of next year. in, live pictures from the transit center tonight after a second full day of closure. engineers are trying to figure out how to temporarily show up to cracks still support beams in the elevated structure that you see above fremont street. crews have been working around the clock clearing space around those two beams. today, they released a new photo of the crack in the second beam. officials say the ongoing effects they -- inspections have not turned up any additional beams showing similar damage. >> we have seen nothing except for the two cracks. we will continue to monitor just to make sure. >> the authority says they're looking for the materials needed to build columns in the middle of the month street to hold up the beams in question. remonstrate below is expected to remain closed through next week. the closure of the transit center prompted a tweet from
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mark benioff, the founder of salesforce which paid millions for the naming rights. he said i'm very sorry to hear of the closing of the transit center due to the cracks beam. i pray this is a blessing that the crack was discovered before anyone was hurt or injured. the most important thing is the safety and the well-being of our community. temperatures today did cool off and they will continue to call tomorrow. it was done a couple of degrees. it is 80 degrees in santa rosa. the heist tomorrow will be another 5 degrees cooler. in the warm spots tomorrow it will be in the mid-80s. temperatures come down significantly again tomorrow. there will be high clouds and fog around the close -- coast. the fog, it is really stretched out so the fog is motoring into the valleys. we are seeing rapid cooling. as you see out here, you can see the fog. the last few knots i have been showing you the fog has been
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well below the top of the fog. we are looking even with that now. the marine layer is up around 13-1400 feet. as a go into the next couple of days, this cool weather pattern will settle over us. fire loves us because the fire drops off. the temperatures, starting tomorrow through saturday and sunday will really drop. beyond that, the system has the opportunity to bring his a few sprinkles as we head into saturday afternoon. there is another system out here for the middle of the week. that comes together when i see you next after the break. of next, a tool to get onto and off of treasure island. how the new proposal has business owners and residents starting off tonight. the debut of thursday night football on fox. there's plenty of offense, 70 points were scored. mark has no shortage of highlights later in sports. our coverage of the cavanagh hearing continues. reaction from a b area family
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who says christine blasey ford's testimony hits very close to home. >> she was just very struggling , still, with everything. it is obvious that she has carried this her whole life.
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new at 10, pushed back for people who live on treasure island and business owners there. they are speaking out against a new toll proposal. dozens of people packed the
10:25 pm
community center to learn more about the treasure island transportation plan. under a proposal from san francisco transportation agent, getting in 2021, drivers from san francisco would pay a $3.50 whole to get onto treasure island during commute hours and the same amount to leave the island. >> it has been a challenge to get customers to come to our location anyway. we have guests who have lived in san francisco for 30 years who have never been to treasure island. now to almost punish them for coming to treasure island, they have to pay to come onto the island and pay to leave the 7 pm when you would not have to pay a toll at all. treasure island is undergoing a construction boom and that toll money would go to -- towards transfer transit. a 9-year-old san jose man is a this mac behind bars for the murder of his stepdaughter.
10:26 pm
and then he was arrested on suspicion of murder for killing karen on september 13. they found her body in a san jose home when they conducted a welfare check. governor brown sign a bill that would give san francisco leaders to help mentally ill people get off of the streets. the bill creates a five-year pilot program that is intended to help homeless people suffering from substance abuse to get into treatment programs. i would give city and county officials more control over who could be involuntarily helped for mental health. components of the bill say it bending and voluntary holds restrict people of their simple rights. the governor also approved a bill for protecting marine mammals. the new legislation will phase out fishing gear that is responsible for killing dozens of marine mammals every year. the bill targets net used to catch swordfish. the problem is that those nets can accidentally trap dolphins, seals, wealth, and turtles.
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coming up, more arrest announced in a major bust involving a series of theft at apple stores across the state. deface a hollywood star factor bill crosby. their message one day after his sentencing for sexual assault. a family is speaking out about the cavanagh hearing. coming up, the similarities to their case and why it was so hard for them to watch. distance relationship.
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brett assault me drastically altered my life for a long time. i was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these details. i did not want to tell my parents that i, at age 15, was in a house without any parents present drinking beer with voice. i convinced myself that because brett did not rape me i should just move on. >> with what brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100 percent. none of these allegations are true. >> correct. no doubt in your mind? >> i am 100% certain. not a scintilla. i am 100% certain. >> you swear to god?
10:31 pm
i swear to god. a day of dramatic testimony in washington, among those in the gallery at today's hearing was alyssa milano. >> reporter: is important for me to be here, it took me a very long time as a survivor to come to terms and be public with my own abuse and assault. milano was invited to attend the hearing by senator dianne feinstein. the 42-year-old actress that she wanted to show support for christine ford. the high-profile hearing is also triggering painful memories for some. >> reporter: the parents of audrey -- pablo guardado was sexually assaulted . we have reported in saratoga were her parents say repressor for its case is very similar. >> reporter: to similar. audrie pott's mother said it was too difficult for her to
10:32 pm
watch professor ford's testimony. however, her father says that he felt he needed to watch to support survivors. as christine blasey ford testified today about the sexual assault allegations against judge byrd -- judge cavanagh the family of audrie pott said it was too real. obviously we are not connected with the people in the case but it has an effect in the i feel the stress. i can feel the anxiety. >> reporter: it is all by the similarities from the case from 2012, both were 15-year-olds and both happen at a small gathering among high school friends in an upstairs room, door locked, and drinking was involved. on the board, transit team -- audrie pott never had the chance to share her story. she took her life after pictures of her were shared by classmates on social media. she lost her life and her voice. we had a decision to make whether to make it public or to make it private.
10:33 pm
we chose, because audrie pott was no longer with us that we owed it to her to go public. >> reporter: her parents are not surprised by ford this mac they relive their own experience. they were bombarded with media and had to move out of them area. they had to speak with lawmakers to pass audrey's law. it is so difficult to talk about something that has torn your life a part. i can understand her voice trembling. >> reporter: also not surprised that ford waited years to speak up. they say back in the 1980s sex crimes also -- often went on supported and support for victim was like. this is a time for awakening. it is a time where the victims, or survivors can feel supported. joke they say this historic day offers lessons. i hope that all teenagers are watching this case.
10:34 pm
it shows that something you do when you are 17 can come back and haunt you. >> reporter: it offers healing with so many people condoning sexual assault and listening. >> we see somebody like doctor ford going public although it is sad it is heartwarming and reassuring that we did the right thing. >> reporter: their take on cavanagh, they found his testimony credible, defiant at times, the family is really having empathy for both sites. they also support an investigation. volunteers with the national sexual assault hotline say they saw almost 150% more calls than normal today. they were also experiencing long wait times for their online chats. people in need of help can call the toll-free number it is one 800 656-4673 women against rape also offers a free 24 hour hotline that number is 510840
10:35 pm
7273 built cosby star has been vandalized following his sentencing. this photo shows that vandals rolled word serial rapist and the hashtag me to on the star. the harwich era saw -- commerce oversees the sidewalk and had previously rejected a petition to remove the star. cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for sexual assault. dozens of other women have come forward to say the actor drugged and raped them. new information tonight in a string of those grab and run tests at apple stores. 17 people have now been arrested and charged. investigators say they broke -- broken up a crime ring responsible for more than $1 mi half of those accused were in oakland, including a father and son. the crimes follow similar part of. they invade the store and then run off in seconds as customers and employees look on
10:36 pm
in shock. >> i am concerned about this brazen attitude that you think you can go in, to in -- into any community, and commit crimes like that. the thefts took place in 19 california counties. so far the state attorney general has filed charges for conspiracy to commit grand theft against the suspects. coming up, a stanford football player is bouncing back after cancer treatment. >> it was a long time where i did not know if that would ever happen again. how his story is serving as inspiration for the team. a lot of fog at at the coast. temperatures are on the cooldown. details on the weekend forecast. new information about a series as police detail the arrest made and the cars that were told. -- told. >>
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. we have new information on a series of sideshows in police say they arrested two people in connection with those sideshows. one driver was arrested after his pickup swerved and hit a police cruiser, injuring an officer. another driver was arrested after his car and other vehicles and he was attempting to flee from police.
10:40 pm
in all, almost 100 cars were towed. man was under arrest after a backpack containing a fake pipe -- pipe bomb. police received a call about a suspicious person near wildwood elementary. he discovered the backpack on a side block. the bomb squad was called in. police later arrested the owner of the backpack. he was a 30 year distractor essential transient named pablo guardado. inside of the backpack authorities found an unloaded gun, to switchblade knife and addition want to -- turn into be a fake pipe bomb. in modesto father was charged with forcibly taking his 6-in the boy's mother was in court this afternoon for the first time. prosecutors have charged john with kidnapping and burglary in connection with the abduction of his son. jace was taken from his mother's home in modesto on monday. it prompted an amber alert that stretched from the central valley to the bay area. police said the father had some
10:41 pm
associates pose as utility workers. they allegedly broke down the mother store, pepper sprayed her, and grabbed jace out of her arms. >> the matrixes leading up to it and they made choices at any moment. any one of them could have made a better choice. a search for the suspects and the boy ended a day later when authorities found the boy with his dad at a motel in dublin. the boy was unharmed and later even this mac leader reunited with his mother. in the poll shows that california lieutenant governor has a double-digit lead on his challenger. the public policy institute poll shows that newsom has 51% support among likely voters and and john cox has 39%, 7% are undecided. california voters are keeping a close eye on the midterm elections. the poll shows 52% of likely voters say the selection is more important to them than past midterms because control
10:42 pm
of the house and senate is in play. here in california, 11 districts are considered competitive with republicans holding a slight edge. a stanford football player is hitting the field again after cancer treatment. how history is serving as an inspiration for his teammates. bill martin is tracking rain on the 5-day forecast. he is back with when the weather will turn after the break.
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this is quite a two-week stretch for the stanford football team. they just beat one top 20 tween, oregon. on saturday, they are going to play number eight, notre dame . >> they are playing inspired football and they happen to have one of the more inspirational players in the game. scott reese has his story. >> reporter: ryan was hitting his stride last season. the former walkout had earned a scholarship and was seeing the field for the first time in his college career. i was feeling good, playing good. it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: a cancer diagnosis so often does. ryan got his, non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> to hear the word cancer you just jump to conclusions. your mind races to a bunch of
10:46 pm
places. my world cup flipped upside down. >> when you hear news like that the world stops. ryan is one of my closest friends in the world. it was a earth shattering moment. it was a scary couple days. >> reporter: when the team flew to san antonio for the alamo bowl brian stayed home for treatments. even though he was not there physically he was certainly present. >> i was gearing up to watch the game. we were going to have a viewing party. i got a call from jj . >> be my family have been very close to his can -- his family. my mom had cancer. i was still a lot of gratitude and i wanted to do for him. he asked if it was okay if some of him and the guys pay tribute. i said yes. i was very touched by that gesture . >> it is dedicated to you. when it happened, i was like
10:47 pm
yeah that was meant to be. that was for him. i pointed to the camera and knew who it was for. >> it was a good emotional moment. people were asking why you not there, why is 43 on people's arms. >> everybody was thinking about ryan. he is our teammates. we wanted to make sure that wherever he was watching that he was with us. >> reporter: about four months later, ryan completed his chemotherapy and began to work out. >> i started training in the early spring. >> reporter: he had the attention of rejoining his team for the upcoming season. he missed winter and spring football and then came back in the summer, which is the hardest conditioning. other guys are fighting , which is insane. >> i put my arm around him and said i wanted to be here but i did not think i was going to be here. he has worked so hard. god bless the doctors and thankfully his body responded.
10:48 pm
he was there day one ready for practice. >> reporter: and now ryan beecher, the beast, is back flying around the field have been beaten his toughest opponent yet. >> it has been very inspiring to watch . >> the guys have been very emotional about him. and now to be back out here with your friends, your extended family, running around and playing football is awesome. >> there was a long time that i did not know if that would happen again. i am incredibly lucky and grateful to get back out here and do what i do. the way i want to do it, speed. -- full speed. we are getting ready for your friday. there is a bit of fog out there. they'll be more tomorrow than we had today. temperatures will be cooler than what we had today. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow in the inland valleys are in the mid-80s
10:49 pm
where there were mid 90s. temperatures are going to plummet 8-10 degrees. because of the fog and because of the cover, because of this weather system out there. you can see the swirl on it. that stretch the marine layer out. that is allowing the fog and look at it, it is deep. the system click through tomorrow, close tomorrow. that is why it is cooler. as we head into saturday it clips to the north and a chance of a sprinkle. do not change your pan -- plans based on it. it will be in the mid morning hours on saturday. that system is then gone. the rain forecast has fog for the morning and it burns back. it tries to go away as that low gets closer. i will not be surprised if the model is wrong. i would not be surprised at the fog goes away.
10:50 pm
these are the forecast highs. it is a cool day tomorrow, grease -- greens and yellows. this guy comes in on tuesday and it looks like it could bring us a chance of some rain, mainly north. that is a great news, for fire. if you're watching the weather and you are as concerned as i am, this is the height of fire season. to get some rain in here would be helpful. here is the 5-day forecast. it is one that i know if you are a firefighter you appreciate. the hotspots are just in the upper 70s, mid-70s. tomorrow it cools and it cools further on saturday and then it hovers at mid to upper 70s. the hotspots with a chance of a few showers on sunday. parts board of directors meets tonight on safety and security and takes a vote on whether to add additional inspectors. the vikings and rams put their offense on full throttle.
10:51 pm
mark will have the fantastic finish next. it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our to teach our customers about on for our customers. the r
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we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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was go to mark now. what a game on thursday night here between the vikings and the rams. the rams are for real.
10:54 pm
the rams are undefeated, 4- 0. that is not great news for the 49ers. with talk about jared, he started his career in catholic high school and he hit the big time. he went hollywood tonight. there was great synergy with his coach. he has a 32-year-old coach. there was a perfect quarterback rating tonight. he made all of the throws. he goes to the running back there, quick and tight. that ties it up at seven. it is 10-7 now for the vi hundred and 62 yards receiving for. 70 yards of it is ri there is a touchdown for rams. 21-17 is a score. later, there is a 47 yard touchdown. 465 yards passing and five touchdowns for jared
10:55 pm
cobb. he goes to adams, breaking through. it is 31-28. the vikings are down in the fourth quarter. it is stripped here by john. there is a loose ball and the rams have it. end of story. 38-31. what a night. >> i think we were rolling and it ran very well. it had to be at least five. the way the game was going, i think we knew the way the offense was going that we had to score a lot points. it is we are offenses. >> the county kid is doing it up. meanwhile, never say never colin kaepernick and eric reeve were never going to play in the nfl again after they filed suit against the leak.
10:56 pm
nodefinitely going to suit up and play again. >> welcome to the killing of panthers. >> that would be eric reid. he is a carolina panther and forever linked to his protest with her and it over the national anthem. eric reid has a one year contract. >> i wanted to be one of the first to congratulate and welcome eric reid to the panthers . he is a great teammate, a great leader, and a great man. i am excited for him. it has been way ers could not use eric reid on their problems of their own, that would be the raiders there- three. they got -- last time we saw
10:57 pm
hugh jackson he was celebrating the browns first win of the year. there 1-1-1. a lot of people know that he and john coached the raiders. did you know that back in 1989 both started their coaching careers as assistant at you op? jackson coached the running backs. they shared an office and a whole lot of passion for food all. >> we used to be office mates. he taught me football. we used to argue every day. i know him extremely well. he is a the competitive go he does not like losing. no more than i like losing. trust me, he will get this team ready to go. >> branson raiders, you will see that sunday right here on fox 2. meanwhile, he and is on world. in basketball, maybe not so much. the saturday night kevin durant will turn 30. the warriors will play their first preseason game
10:58 pm
against the timberwolves at oracle. went to hit 30 in nba years you feel like you're getting older. i try to not think about the nba side of things and just look at with how my body feels. when you walk into the locker room now you have guys who are jacob, born in 97. it comes full circle and it is cool. it is weird. >> 30 years old, old. the a's were off. everybody that concerns the giants are looking for to how they do with a chance of eliminating the doctors this weekend. there is some takings around the schedule and the major leagues. check this out. kyle, one of those i got it, you take it, -- that is not happy with what transpired pira
10:59 pm
you have to go after it man. you have to be aggressive. do not limit on the other guy. the pitcher was not very happy. he may be the rookie of the year, ronald of the braves. he made a nice catch there to rub kevin. you know how they always tell you duck if the ball is coming to you? chen gallagher did the right thing. he ducked. the ball found him. he is okay. there is no concussion protocol. it is all worth checking out for this thursday night. that is the sport life, 11:00. time for no -- time for more news. coming up, >> doctor ford, with what degree of certainty you believe that brett kavanaugh assault on you. >> 100%. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed.
11:00 pm
>> an accusation and a denial, now in a matter of hours, they are scheduled to vote on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court. the 11:00 news on fox 2 starts now. the committee vote is scheduled for tomorrow morning. republicans have 11 both the democrats have 10. if approved, the kevin not nomination will then move on to the full senate for consideration. >> for the few undecided senators the vote essentially comes down to who do you believe. christine blasey ford or the nominee judge brett kavanaugh? if the process moves forward, as expected, in the morning the judiciary committee will vote at 930 am eastern time. a procedural vote will follow on saturday with a final vote in the full senate next tuesday.


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