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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 28, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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both area teams start this weekend. raiders are one of the teams that are still winless. the game is right here. kick why have 1:05. we talk live with tastings law professor david lavine as the senate judiciary committee votes in an hour to vote to send judge brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court. and international comedian -- is on set as he brings his act to the bay area. it is friday. we only do traffic jam one-hit wonders. this is one of the of san francisco giants. and the college is cloudy and it is friday.
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i want you to look at this. >> it is one of the days that you want to work out. >> you're did he have in thely in the middle of it -- in the middle of it and you'll remember it for a long time. but i think a lot of people on twitter said i'm glad it is friday. is not over, though. in 90 minutes, the senate judiciary committee will cast the first vote on whether to send judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. in the last hour and a half the democrats have been giving comments for the record. >> reporter: good morning. this process described as messy, unusual and stirred up strong feelings on both sides of the aisle. two senators, democrat from rhode island and lee from utah. >> anybody who has done any
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serious investigation knows you don't stop just with witness statements of interested parties. you rundown corroborating and impeaching evidence. you check and across check. you asked and go back again. do you the basic blocking and tackling of investigation. >> i too wish it had been investigated by the fbi. had it been at the outset as it could have been and should have been would have when the letters were received. then this could have been handled in a dignified manner, a manner more respectful to dr. ford and more respectful to judge brett kavanaugh and respectful to both of their families and the entire process. >> it is too important to rush
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to a vote. >> reporter: and expected full senate vote next week. he has enraged many democrats. about two dozen representatives went before the cameras a short time ago. >> everybody knows when the fbi investigates, whether it is a background check, a meticulous matching of the facts. as a team member, i believe we have demin initialed institutes and have seen the three blind mice that see nothing and saying in. >> i believed her. i believed her. and i looked at him and i thought what would this guy be like with a few beers in him? >> reporter: that was san diego congressman vargas and then sheila jackson lee. they are part of the democrats that are talking to cameras,
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urging a no vote on judge brett kavanaugh. they're asking one republican to vote no. this follows the testimony over ford and judge brett kavanaugh over and alleged sexual assault at a high school party in the early 1980s. the senators were watching. senators from alaska and maine still have not decided. flake from arizona said that he will vote for judge brett kavanaugh. he said that he's now been pressured and questioned as he was leaving the committee room in an elevator by some people. so there ramifications for him. we'll keep watch what shaping and -- watching what will be
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happening. we will watch that and have it for you and have an update four at noon. jessie gary, ktvu news. joining us now is davis lavine. the vote will take place in the next hour, most likely and the republicans said if you're voting against judge brett kavanaugh, you're voting against due process and the constitution what is your take on that argument? >> that is interesting. the due process would be a investigation. what we saw yesterday was so compelling and it was only part of the picture. it would have been far better if we had a process where all the witnesses were heard, not only on this particular charge but on all the others. >> so when judge brett kavanaugh was taking i'm open to doing anything with this committee, whatever you guys what, and senator harris asked him directly, for the fbi investigation, would he not
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tans. >> that's right. -- he would not answer it. >> that's right. >> what is your thought on that. >> he wants to move on. >> it doesn't mean he's guilty, though. >> he said it doesn't happen. he doesn't say it doesn't remember it. and there are so many details where we can question his veracity. but we don't have enough. we have two compelling incidents. we need to hear from the third person that was there and the other people that were at that appear. there are people that are alive that were at that appear. and with respect to other events, we need to hear from those people. >> you're a law processer, i'm sure these come up in your law school classes. what are you going to teach lawyers. yesterday people were talking about judge brett kavanaugh demeanor. what will you be telling your answer to avoid being
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emotional? >> it depends on the situation. one thing that i spoke to you that has wide experience with these sexual assault cases. in her view, his demeanor was consistent with somebody who was trying to bluster through to say no way no how the but in fact there are pieces of evidence going the other way. so the demeanor is important. what was dr. ford's motivation what did they try to do. she was in turmoil about this. she did not how how this contact people in washington. she called her local office and she did it at a time when judge brett kavanaugh was on the short list. she said repeatedly, i thought there were my m many other qualified people and go with others. we'll be studying this one for a long time, comparing it with
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the aniece at a hill -- the anita thomas and clarence thomas hearing. >> they were worried that he was so extremely partisan. >> that's why when he was up for the dc circuit years ago it took him three years to get him on the court because of that concerns about that i would say part of it the partisanship but also the demeanor as he exploded, is that somebody who has judicial temperment? yes it was emotional. yes he feel he has been mistreated and these are not true charges and he's embarrassed for his family. but the way he exploded, is that what you want when you couple that with the sentence that it is all partisan? how is he really going to be
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the subjective judge. >> but some it was a direct look at president trump. >> he had many audiences yesterday. president trump was one of the audiences because he didn't want president trump to cut him loose. and the president said that he would be watching. so that is one audience. the other audience he has to keep on board all of the republican senators. we did know where senator collins is and senator -- is. >> the people has feelings. he showed his part t partisanship. they all have feelings. but it does not feel that he hid them very w. >> but we have rule on what are
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call recusal. if you cannot judge it fairly, you should not be judgeing that case. -- judging that case. thurgood marshal, he would not participate in case involving the naacp because he had been their general counsel for so long. and you should just step away from those cases. so i think if he were to go on the court, i think there will be challenges to him in certain kinds of cases of this. >> let me ask you this in regards to politics. when i was watching this yesterday from john mccain. we could see our supreme court voted in down party lines. what does this say about our country moving forward? >> on this one is concrete.
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the issue with regard to the senate, the change from the filibuster rule when you need 60 votes. senator harry reid, when he was the majority leader. he started down that road. if we had a 60 vote rule for. >> many of the cabinet officials there would have to be bipartisanship. they would not pick people that were lightning rods and you would be moving back. >> this is his life's work to make the changes. congratulations, senator mcconnell. >> we're livestreaming the committee meeting right now and west opening statement from dr. ford and judge brett kavanaugh at bart has approved a public
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safety plan to crackdown and fare evaders and increase surveillance technology. and we look at the changes that the riders will eventually see. >> reporter: bart, more than doubled the fare inspection staff at a cost of 900 thousands and newly and also plans changes design of some of the stations. they voted 4-2 to hire three more inspectors. and they will go work night and weekends. they will erect taller barriers and installing alarms on exit doors and raising the railing. the bart board of directors stay is necessary to keep riders safe after several high profile crimes at bart stations, including the nia
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wilson homicide. >> surveillance and those technologies do help fight crime and provide more safety. we're okay with that. >> reporter: critic said that the enforcement program racially profiles. 3800 citations were issued and 47% to black riders. they say investigate in fair gate instead. but the officers on the trains and platforms and it sends a message of customer equity that everyone pay their fair share. in walnut creek, leigh martinez. another morning of slow traffic for commuters in san francisco. next the work that is underway right now to secure the sale force transit center as the
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inspections for any additional cracks continue. more connected than the internet, d because noths we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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tesla ceo elon musk is it facing a lawsuit for charges of fraud. >> we allege that musk's staples were false and misleading because they did not have any basically or fact -- basis or facts. >> he called the allegations unjustified. tesla's stock fell 11 percent right now. we'll take a look at the broader markets right now. the dow jones industrial average is on the plus side, it is up about 57 points. and all three indexes started slower but they're slightly on
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the upside. tomorrow will mark one year deadly rampage in las vegas. >> the reason i'm here tonight is because of heather moon. her hudson husband sonny died. >> they say that they have a large support group that is spread out all over the country. >> at first it felt so uneasy. but they were so genuine in their compassion and sorrow for me that it was impossible to ignore. >> across the u.s., the survivors said they have bonded with each year. 17 people have been charged in connection with a series of
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grab-n-go robberies at apple stores? 19 different counties. henry lee tells us that half of the accused were arrested in oakland. >> it happened over and over again. and grab thefts at apple stores across california. and now the investigators said that they've broke end up a crime ring for more than a million dollars in losses in 19 counties. >> my team executed a search warrant in the city of oakland. >> reporter: oakland police played a key role in the investigation. half of people were arrested tuesday in oakland. >> we took into custody the seven adult suspects and one juvenile suspect. >> reporter: the police began the multi-agency case after and apple store was hit in june. these are surveillance pictures of the suspects. the bust will only mean one thing. >> we'll see a pretty substantial reduction in the crime across the state. >> reporter: the u.s. came the same day that the apple store was hit for the fourth time in
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a month here. the crime follows the same pattern, the group invades a store and rips electronics from tables as the customers and employees look on in shock. >> i cannot believe this brazen attitude that you can go into any community and commit crime like that. >> i've learned that the defendants include a father and son both named leo david smith. many of the suspected were arrested after they committed the latest emeryville theft. inspections continue in san francisco at the sale force transit center after two cracked steel beams were found. they have spent much of the morning check more deems for cracks. they have not turned up any additional beams. the transit authorities is working on a fix the beams. they will have columns in
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fremont street to them. so the traffic will be shut down on both sides of fremont street. >> is it unclear what caused the cracks in the first place. the dream force convention wraps up today. today's schedule is shorter and previous days. it gets underway at 8 and ends at 3:00 p.m. coming up on mornings on 2 on 9. socket share a ride here in -- october is share a ride here tonight. we'll look at some of the bay area's most crowded roads.
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me of october is raid share movement and officials urge people to car poll or work from house for more on the effort to
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reduce the traffic i'm joined by kathleen from the alameda county traffic authority and commission. and one of the biggest things about ride sharing people are apprehensive about doing it, think it will be -- too difficult or they don't know how. how do people break the seal?>> we're working together so people know what opportunities they have for ride sharing. 511 is so get ride matching services, whether carpooling or van pooling. and there are apps that you can download and choose a ride or a match. it could be a a long trip or a ride to the bart station. >> we have some of the host
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congested corridors in alameda county. and the biggest thing is the empty seats in the single car riders. we ask you to try once a week, and we'll see a difference in the congestion. >> what are some of the things that you find out when you talk to commuters about ride sharing? is there any single thing that keeps them from doing it or trying it? >> i think the number one, people need to know where they can find information about how to ride match. they want to see how it will work for other people. >> like with casual carpooling or getting into someone else's car. when you have the opportunity to try it i've seen people in our own offices that tried it and they've said, i've made new friends and i had the opportunity to meet really good people and give a chance to give somebody else the wheel. and they get an easier commute.
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>> what is it about this month that you're going to be doing that is different? i know you're you always trying to get people to try the ride sharing. but this month you're going to have special events to get more people out there? >> yes. we're reaching out to business and larger areas where people commute on the free ways. people will see a changeable message signs that gives messages about sharing the ride and resources to be able to share the ride. so we'll be out all around the bay area. the air district, the metropolitan transportation commission, other transportation agencies they are trying to get word out because traffic is one of the largest contributors to emissions. by sharing the ride, they gift wheel over to somebody else and still get to where you need to go. >> how are we doing with ride share something have we gotten
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we are overred years? are we becoming more of a ride sharing commute population? >> we see a lot more in certain commute sheds of people taking transit or rail. carpooling is flat or even declined that is where the opportunity for using ride sharing tools, there are more and more available to make it easier for people. we're hoping by people understanding what they can contribute to reducing their own congestion headache that we can make a dent. >> let's go back to you. coming up next on mornings on 2 at 9. we're watching a fast-moving development in washington d.c. other than the vote for supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh nomination. we exam professor christine blasey ford's testimony and how this case is deeply impacting
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so many.
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it's friday after a long week. and now we have cloudy weekend. the weather is clanking. and -- is changing. and i heard you say that low pressure is here. >> you always want to be cool and have low pressure. you don't want the stress, right something. >> yes. >> first system has arrived. there is not a lot to. but there is enough to give us a dramatic cool down. the inland areas would have been in the 90s. not now. there is a little going for it the possibility of some rain. i would say santa rosa north, that could be the first rain event for them. there will not be a lot out of this there has been some descrives and i think there will be -- some drizzle and i
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think there will some are tonight. that goes through. and the fly in the ointment is the remains of what is category 4 hurricane rosa. all signed show this point together california/arizonanevada border it does not look like it will be up here. but anything could happen between now and monday. 50s and 60s for a few. everything is in place for a pretty good cooldown. the higher clouds and the onshore winds so one system kicks out and the next one moves in. this could set the stage for the first widespread rain and that will not be till tuesday if that happens. and a lot could happen between then and now.
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we could use that to put a dent in the fire season. the temperatures will come way down. if you like the cooler pattern, it is here for a while. and let's hope some of the rain does make it towards early next week. senate judiciary committee is scheduled vote on the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court in about one hour. the committee is meeting right now. and the senator have been talking about this contentious confirmation process with the democrats and republicans accusing each other of playing politics. >> this has never been about the truth. this has been about delay and destruction. and if we reward this, it is the end of good people wanting to be judges. >> right now the way this process is run, we're not running it like we the people. it is being ruled by link the ruling party.
9:32 am
and i vote no. >> several democratic senators, including california's harris walked out this morning in protest of the some said they will vote yet on judge brett kavanaugh yet on his nomination. and it will pass to the full senate where a final confirmation vote could happen in the next few days. and this morning's vote comes a day after dramatic testimony from both judge brett kavanaugh and ford, the professor that accused him of sexual assault. ford went first with and emotional act of a small high school party in maryland where she said that the sexual assault happened. judge brett kavanaugh expressed anger, allegations that he denied that came at the last minute before the confirmation vote. >> i tried to get away from him, but his weight was heavy. brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes. he had a hard time because he
9:33 am
was inebriated. i brief he was -- i believe he was going rape me. >> this has been a call caught lated political hit, fueled by a present up anger about president trump and 20 is 16 election. -- 2016 election. >> democrats continue to push for an fbi investigation. millions watched the wrenching testimony by professor christine blasey ford and judge brett kavanaugh yesterday. and many said that seeing hearing professor christine blasey ford's account triggered their own attacks. i read that calls to rape crisis hotline skyrocketed during and after her professor christine blasey ford's testimony. >> we saw a 50% increase in calls starting on tuesday. and we saw an additional 25% on wednesday and yesterday we were at double or more.
9:34 am
so everyone was calling you. >> and telling you what? >> they said they were triggered and hopeless. one person said why should i even report rape if that is going happen. why should i report my assault if the individual with the highest judicial authority don't care. >> in exam i think in dr. -- examining dr. ford, some believed she was a credible person. >> it illuminates the problematic thing of what the perfect witness is. she's white and educate and blonde and so she seem more credible than maybe some of the other individuals that do come forward and report their sexual
9:35 am
assault. >> so fear a 16-year-old from a minority background that wasn't doing all the right things leading up to her attack, even dr. ford, i didn't tell my parents because i was 15 and i had a single beer. i was afraid of getting in trouble. >> that is actual actually the concern of a 15-year-old or 16- year-old. >> how do you coach people that come to you and say i've had this terrible incident happen what should i do? >> we want to give any victim of sexual assault or know someone, we want to make sure they are believed that is the biggest thing that the victims need to experience or feel from the people that love them is that they're believed and that
9:36 am
the story valid and their experience waiting makes sense to them. >> some people watching yesterday's hearing did not consider her dr. ford credible because she could remember clearly aspects. she doesn't remember how she got home. is this something you can understand? >> absolutely what is is it called is trauma. it is sexual trauma. and trauma does something to the brain it is a brain and soul injury. and it is common that people will remember specific censorry details and practical details not being able to remember how she got home and remembering clearlily certain individual smells, touch and fabrics of clothes and colors. >> is this case changing at all how you help survivors or is it reeveryone forcing what you have done for so long? >> it reinforces what the
9:37 am
agency it's z -- does for so long. after 47 years that we're still seeing the kind erroneous beliefs and myths that were illuminated yesterday during the senate judiciary committee meeting. >> thank you for joining us. for more on the other headlines that we've been working on, let's go to frank mallicoat. here are some of the top stories. the ceo of google on the hot seat on capitol hill. he was visit with republican lawmakers that accused the internet giant censoring conservative views on line. the company continues to deny any political bias. he is expected to hear at a
9:38 am
house judiciary committee after the mid-term elections in november. president trump has postponed the meeting with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein till next week. it was supposed to happen yesterday. but the white house said it did not want to interfere with the hearing on the sexual assault allegations against judge brett kavanaugh. his job has been in question that he chose to secretly record president trump and try have him removed from office. mitt romney is overseeing the mueller investigation into the russian interfere of the 2016 election. and now back to you. there is only a very small chance for the possibility of an oakland a's home playoff team. they could have a chance to host the wildcard game own wednesday against the new york
9:39 am
yankees. right now the yankees are one game away from securing home field advantage. if the yankees win, it will be played in new york. but the tickets can be purchased on the a's website or the coliseum box office or by phone. fans will get a refund if the home game does not happen. former quarterback goff had a big night last night. he tossed for nearly 500 yards and no interceptions as l.a. beet minnesota. -- beat minnesota. good-bye. >> i don't know what happened. but he looks a lot better suddenly. >> new coach, maybe. >> something is going on. so five touchdowns, no interceptions. minnesota came to play too. kurt cousins did not look back. 322 yards and three touch
9:40 am
downs. the rams won 38-31. both bay area teams hope they can improve their start. they host the cleveland browns at the coliseum. c.j. beatherd will be playing for the 49ers after they lost j jimmy g. the spartan's defense could have a tough time stopping the hawaii team that is averaging 500 yards a game on the season. game set for 4:00 tomorrow in san jose. a top ten matchup as the 7th rank stanford cardinal on
9:41 am
the road playing number 8 notre dame. they have big time playoff aspirations. the resume will look good after stanford. it will be in south bend, indiana. number 4 -- 24 cal hopes to duplicate their success. the bears are ready for the first time since 2015 after starting the season 3-0. saturday's kickoff set for 7:30 in berkley. >> i hear frank mallicoat say he's going to go. >> he's going. making the middle east funny. the comedian uses his personal experiences, including his parents' high hopes for his
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son. stay with us. round infrastruct. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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the comedy is special of bombing beirut. >> i am like why don't you keep score? he said because keeping score can put undue pressure on the young child that could result in post-traumatic stress disorder. i said sir, let me tell you about my childhood. i was having hernia surgery once in a hospital in lebanon and a woke from the surgery
9:45 am
because the plane dropped a bomb outside of the hospital in the -- and the windows exploded. >> never n before in -- they ever before in san francisco. i coach youth soccer. and were like we don't keep score. >> we're spoiling our kids and coddling them too much. >> he did get furious with me. i didn't know i was trespassing. he said it could give appeal ptsd. >> some a it is not i competition. >> here we have fun night. which team is having more fun?
9:46 am
>> more successful. >> i thought it was hilarious. i got ejected from the game. what about composition. >> if you can't keep score, you cannot lose to take the loss graciously. >> welcome to san francisco. you performed here before. you like the bay area. >> who doesn't like the bay area. >> the cement is to die for. >> i was driving under a bridge. and i never saw clean cement so like that clean. >> you came on a good day. >> i grew up in romania. and my parents had extremely high standards for us. i remember i got a c once, probably more than one, i said c was average, they said not in
9:47 am
this house. i imagine you grew up much with that. that may be fine with jim and susie, but when it comes to you... >> i used to get cs my whole life. one day i get like when a b and it was a celebration. my sister had straight a's. when she got a b it was lake a disaster. >> was there a competition between you and your sister? >> no. she won always. i was the class clown. she was the good student. everyone said why are you not like sister? you cannot have two good children. >> when did your parents finally come on board to do comedy? >> recently. when i first start doing stand up. i have this by the about i want to be a clown. i made it to the cover of the rolling stone magazine and my dad started taking credit for
9:48 am
my career. went from you're a fool to, i toll him to follow his dream. because of me, look at him now. i think the job of every parent to crush their children's dream at every opportunity. if the children still go on to do it, then they are really up to the task. if you cannot overcome your father and mother's verbal intimidation what the chance do you have in the real world? that is my opinion. >> i've been to shows -- where are my people in the house? do you talk directly to those groups or is it for everybody? >> it is for me that i don't have a certain following. i wanted to prove that comedy can be universal. and it is important for me to
9:49 am
have lebanese people, white people latino, whatever i can get into the room. if i can get everybody of a different background laughing at my joke, then we all have the same energy. >> so you do tell jokes based on your background. do you think helps people understand you better. >> yes. i think arab background has a terrible pr coming out of the middle east. it is great that an american kid is doing it i was raised here. i grew up here and i went back to middle east and spent about 20 years there but i maintained that american need to push things forward and to overcome as opposed to resigning to your situation. a lot of people in the middle
9:50 am
east have resigned to the situation. for me, we can do better. we deserve better. >> do you have a goal? i know you're living your dream. do you have an ultimate goal? >> my ultimate goal is to specifically get to everyone to laugh at the same joke. if i can get to that level in the middle east like i have here, i think could i pull it off f i got crowds of tens of thousands of people laughing at the same jokes and make in europe and asia, the next time that they say that we cannot get along, it will be a lot more difficult. if i made it more difficult for people to divide us that is my legacy. >> i love it we put the ticket information for you on our website on look for it under the web link section. and you can find it on the ktvu news mobile app.
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congratulations. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back after the break. the break. distance relationship.
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go to our facebook page and look for free buy friday links and follow the instructions and you'll have completed the on line entry form. you have to be 18 to enter. it has a value of $129. you'll find the rules under and contest. tonight's last man standing and the cool kid about what fan cans expect in the new and debut -- fans can expect in the knew and debut season. >> why would they cancel a show that everybody loves? maybe they're a bunch of it controls. >> reporter: it is a familiar face in a new place. after six years on another network, they are back with last man standing. >> we were all said when it was cancelled and it was a bumper. so it took us a while to get
9:55 am
over three. >> they don't just take a show off up with network and put it on another network. >> reporter: she listened to the fans and revived the series. >> it will be on syndication. and we get a call that fox wants us and we're going back. >> am i wrong? or is like way better on this network? >> you can see last man standing friday nights at 8:00 p.m. the friday night comedies continues with fox's new show the cool kids bringing likeness together where all the rules are out will window. this call this with golden girls with a golden guy with a girl. >> three men and a baby. >> i call at the time little
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rascals meets cocoon. >> reporter: the show starts with the three male characters trying to bounce back after the death of a friend. but when vicky lawrence that played margaret on the show, the guys let her know she is not welcome. >> i don't know who you are, but you cannot sit there. >> why not? who are you guys? the cool guys? >> i'm impressed. could you be one of the cool kids friday night at 8:30. palm chambers ktvu news.
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last man standing day because at 8 and then kitchen and then the 10:00 and 11:00 news. it is a big day in washington d.c. we'll be washing on the news at noon -- we'll be working on the news at noon. 60million facebook accounts breached. we'll have more at noon. thank youtor joining us today. -- thank you for joining us today. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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