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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 12, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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most powerful storms in history. good morning, thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2", friday, october 12th. dave clark has the day off today. but, the number killed by hurricane michael is up to 7, 5 in florida, one in georgia and another in north carolina. it could take years now for the communities in the florida panhandle to recover from one of the most powerful storms in the gulf coast. steve paulson will cover it, lets get to ray who is in one of the hardest hit areas, mexico beach, florida. >> we're coming you from the gulf and bay county line. we can't cross it, if we did we would be in mexico beach.
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there's a check point. there's a curfew from sunset to sunrise, technically we shouldn't be outside at all. we can show you what's left of the lookout lounge. there's not much. there's a refrigerator and sink and some of the tables there, this is one of the many buildings in this area that's been reduced down to its foundation. walk streets of mexico beach, florida. >> you get stunned, the house is not livable. >> the close-knit community of 1200 people has been turned inside out and flattened. >> total devastation, every piece of property, if it isn't, if there's anything wrong with it, it got leveled. >> and the storm delivered,
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winds were sustained at 155 miles per hour. but, much of the damage was caused by the massive blasts of water, don arrests were -- vicars was inside when she was inside the mobile home. >> our house had been broken off the foundation and was floating around. >> search and rescue efforts continue as crews hand out essentials like florida water. florida governor rick scott has promised to get everyone back on their feet. >> we're going to get back to a normal life as quickly as we can. >> there are about 350 customers without electricity here in florida. gulf power says they've turned it back on for 35,000 customers in a few counties, they warned that some of the customers in hard hit customers like panama city beach should be prepared
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to have no electricity for weeks. pam, back to you. thank you for that update. we'll check in with him throughout the morning. lets go to steve. i know the good news is it's moved out to the atlantic. >> it's on its way, it's clicking the t right now. it's still inching out. it went past new york, and will clip the boston area. it's moving rapidly. it's moving out of the picture, in two days it's gone from the gulf coast all of the way up here. it's taking its track on long island and it's moving out into the atlantic, we're starting a warming trend today. more so as we go into the weekend, it looks like it's tempered a little bit. the low will form here, it will form and that will stay in southern california, high pressure to the north. water temperatures went up for bodega bay. nothing new there, what's new, there is not much in the way of any low clouds, it's not the case this morning, look for a lot of sunshine pretty quick, a lot of dry air, and
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temperatures will bump up, 60s, and 70s and some 80s here. 4:04 and sal is here, a friday night for the man. >> good morning to you, good morning to you at home. it looks good so far. a little bit of slow traffic on traffic, you're off to the altamont pass, there's been no major problems in both directions here as you pass oracle arena and at the bay bridge toll plaza it's light. at 4:04, lets go pack to the desk. the two men at the ghost ship warehouse fire are scheduled to go to court today. there's a pretrial hearing for two defendants, and they face
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36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. they wanted a plea deal and a judge said that one was not remorseful enough and they're going to have a motion to reinstate the plea deal. and attorneys for 68 tenants announce a lawsuit against a landlord. they claim veritas investments have been trying to drive out long term tenants by creating unbearable living conditions. they say their apartments are in need of repairs and have problems like mold, leaks and lead. they have gotten away of rent control laws bypassing on costs to tenants. >> they're seeking an injunction for unfair and illegal business practices, including how they do tion whic disruptive to the tenants. >> veritas investments released
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this statement. veritas investments, it says: ments, it says: we're keeping an eye on wall street this morning to see what the markets will do today after two big drops in a row. the futures indicate a positive opening across the board, the dow dropped 585 points yesterday that's after the 800 point on wednesday, the nasdaq slipped 92 points and the s&p 57%, a little more than 2% of its value. and we talked to an analyst about what was behind the sell off. >> reporter: call it what you want, a one-two punch, the stock market's bullish run turned tail with the second day of losses. gary slosberg said it all came
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together. >> there's been uneasiness of the earnings outlook with interest rates moving up, labor markets tight and wage increases and tariffs yet to come. there was a lot of apprehension to begin with. >> fuel companies and tech companies, alphabet has reached a correction, that's a drop from 10% from a recent peak. and facebook has dropped 29% reaching a bear market level. and some blame the fed hiking interest rates, and president trump called the fed crazy and he added this. >> the fed is far too stringent and they're making a mistake. it's not right, despite that we're doing very well. it's not necessary, in my opinion, and i think i know about it better than they do.
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>> some say the economy is doing better than the recession a decade ago, they worry whether it's sustainable. >> i think the fed needs to raise the rate so we have wiggle room, as low as it is now, it could go lower. >> i think it's good to question the tax right office that are allowing it. >> one silver line is for people who save. >> deposit rates, short term savings accounts will gun to see a better interest rate. begin to see a better interest rate. >> that should arriving for seniors who are more risk averse. >> in the coming weeks companies will release their third quarter earnings report and some have indicated that the numbers could be weaker than expected. police in berkeley are asking for help to find a machine who has been peeking
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into a home. they released surveillance video of a man looking into a home near acton street on october 3rd. he walked on to the front porch and looked in the window. berkeley police are searching for a peeping subject and one is under arrest. pedro was caught wednesday, a woman said someone had been prowling around her home since march. she set up 4 surveillance cameras and on wednesday she called police and they were able to take him into custody. the california public utilities commission improved a fee violence -- violation, people who use local programs
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with pg&e service areas in north california. the exit fees are insure that they pay their fair share of long term cost that is the company incurred on their behalf. under state law people who live in areas with local programs they're automatically enrolled unless they lucked out. and the transbay transit center, they've delayed the reopen of freemont street until next wednesday. crews haven't pulled damage from the damaged steel beams. they won't know what they're dealing with until they get the results. they want a permanent fix in place by the end of the year. the 2.2 billion transit center is under warranty. taxpayers won't be responsible for the added expense.
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the mega million jackpot grows to half a billion jackpot. it's now at 548 million. a single winner can choose a 384 cash option or the last jackpot went to a group of wells fargo in san jose. so good luck if you're playing. 411 is -- 4:11 is the time now. the search for a san jose man continues. and thousands of dollars are being offered to lead to an arrest. first, criticized for skipping the pledge of allegiance, what the school board opted to do ahead. traffic somebody looking well, it looks nice here, we'll tell you more about it coming up. after a couple of cool days, today looks warmer, we'll show you how much warmer on a
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friday forecast.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, the new president of the san francisco the pledge allegiance. paul chambers asked him about his reasoning. >> we start the name in honor
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of maya angelou. when you learn, teach, when you get give. >> it's not what he said, it's what he didn't say that had san francisco board president stephen cooke coming under fire. >> it took ten seconds to do and this became the focus of the day. >> cook skipped the standard but not required pledge of allegiance. instead starting with the famous quote by maya angelou. >> i think it's a great expression of the love i have for the country to talk about people who embody all of the things we care about as a nation. >> stand for the pledge of allegiance. >> he became a board member back in 2016. >> he stood and didn't recite f any sed on there are idea that i don't respect or love the country, think they misunderstood me. >> he said going forward recite
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famous words of wisdom to decide what should be said. >> give me idea, send me ideas about people who represent the country's values and i'll consider acknowledging those people. >> for schools it's a different story. the california code of education, schools should conduct a daily patriotic exercise and students can opt out. people in san francisco have their own ideas about whether they're right or wrong about saying the pledge. >> if you can say inspiring words, get your staff meeting going, whatever it is, i'm thumbs up. >> put your hand your heart, it's routine, it doesn't offend anybody, he's proud to be america. >> if anyone wants to do it on meetings they can do so. but, they hope that people care
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about the students, more about his actions. the raiders are in london with the seahawks. you can watch the game live from london right here on ktvu fox 2 starting at 10:00 a.m. the 49ers play the green bay packers on monday night football. injuries have been the story of the season. 49ers have lost several players. players. it is something that the 49ers and the cowill try to overcome in green bay. >> i know we've been through some adversity. i know this is the hand we've been dealt and i think we have the people in our organization, i think we have the players, i
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think we have strong enough people to deal with it and man up and find a way to win. that's what's cool about the nfl no matter what happens, you get a chance next week to redeem yourself. we plan on manning and you coming to work and not worrying about things we can't control. >> the game is at 5:15 monday night on espn. right now it's 4:18 in the morning, we want to check in with sal. hopefully a nice friday night commute? >> we're hoping so, pam. >> we always hope for that, right? >> exactly. get your cup of coffee and get on the road if you want completely clear traffic. you should probably get on the road soon, right now we're doing well here at the bay bridge toll plaza. conditions and there we go, traffic is going to be okay at the toll plaza. if you're driving in gilroy, northbound 101 traffic is going to be okay from san jose to aro a ro work, but it
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hasn't caused major delays as you drive into san jose. also looking at the commute in downtown san jose, that looks good. at 4:19, lets bring in steve for the forecast. >> thank you, sir, it will be warm with the hypes of 60s and 70s, we'll bump temperatures up to low 80s and 70s, 79 for palo alto and 83 for livermore and 80 for san jose, sunny for everyone and a smidge cooler on saturday and warmer on sunday, 70s in the coast by sunday into monday, in case you're wondering. not much going on, there will be a low pressure forming in southern california, that is sits there, we'll probably get a little pop of an offshore breeze, it doesn't look like a huge event, it looks like a stable event. mid-40s santa rosa and up near lake port. 51 sunnyvale and napa and the
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airport. 27 up in truckee and 39 reno and a patch or two of low clouds, we're more under the clear skies this morning than yesterday. we have a lot of low clouds yesterday at this time. you can see the air flow direction. more sun today, temperatures will be bumping up 60s and 70s, low 80s, tomorrow, i don't think there's much change, a little fog for tomorrow. by sunday, it's gone and the coast will have clear skies, warmer temperatures look nice, very quiet in the next 5 to 7 days. a bay area real estate list something getting extra buzz. the well-known hollywood actor who lived in this houseboat. rapper house, we'll have more on what happened coming up. many people living with diabetes
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". kanye west went on a ten-minute monolog in front of reporters during a white house visit. here's the memorable moments from the oval office. >> reporter: good morning, celebrity visits are nothing new to the white house, this
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took things to a new level yesterday. >> reporter: it was unusual to say the least. rapper kanye west met president trump in the oval office and no topic was off limits. >> if he don't look good, we don't look. the president has to be the freshest, the best, and we have to make our core to be in power. he was here to talk about prison reform, his support of trump and make america great again has caused controversy and some have questioned his mental health. >> don't start that, just because he has mental issues. >> there were other news, the markets were falling once again, the president lashed out
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at the federal reserve about raising interest rates? >> they're making a mistake. >> the president had to give way to another big name in the oval office. kanye west was a tough act to file. >> we are putting people in a position where they have to do illegal things and they get in the prison system. >> that was pretty impressive, kanye. >> what a day at the white house yesterday. thank you, doug. there's more trouble for the millennium tower in san francisco, that's the high rise building that's sinking and leaning to one side. there's been a violation to the homeowners association for removing 80 feet of scaffolding that was put into place on the
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cr to protect pedestrians in case of falling gas. they ordered that it will be reinstalled immediately. and more trees are cut down in napa county. why the pg&e is removing the trees and the traffic in the area. we're continuing to monitor the aftermath of hurricane michael and where that storm is right now. i-80 westbound, it's moving along well. it's moving along the macarthur maze and coming in from richland into berkeley. >> it will be nice in richland and berkeley and we have warmer temperatures on your friday. on yo
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good morning, thanks for
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joining us on "mornings on 2". i'm pam cook, gasia will join me here at 5:00. hurricane michael is a tropical storm heading back to the atlantic ocean, michael has left a trail of destruction, the number of deaths is up to 7. power is out for 15 million homes and businesses. it's the most powerful hearing to hit the u.s. mainland in more than 50 years you, i thought trees were going by and i realized it was our hours. it had been broken off the foundation and crews are now going into neighborhoods looking for anyone who may be trapped in the rubble or unable to safely leave their damaged homes. and an insurance company that produces models for disasters said it caused $8 billion in damage. 4:29 is the time right now.
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it's moved out to the atlantic for the most part. it's headed that way. >> it's going by new england, long island. it's moving 29, 30 miles per hour. it's moving fast. it's post tropical, it no longer holds tropical characteristics. the coast, sunday looks to be the best with more 70s, today 60s, 70s and 80s, and san francisco, livermore and sacramento are heating up. this is offshore, it won't be howling at the surface, it will give us more sunshine. tropical storm sergio is taking aim again. it may be in new mexico and arizona, it's another round for them. 40s and 50s on our temperatures, cooler here due to the lack of clouds, upper


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