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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 23, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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pool. . good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, tuesday morning, october 23rd, i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. >> for a fighters are battling the wildfire at an apartment block, it's on west grand avenue and philbert street. you can see how big that fire is from this angle. leigh martinez joins us with an update. >> reporter: firefighters are trying to get this done. however, the chief is telling us that the threat to the neighborhood is over, and every once in a while. you can see the flames shoot up over there. this was an apartment complex under construction about 6 buildings, three storeys east.
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these are town homes. he's held back saying it was a total loss at this time. fire crews recalled them in at a 2 alarm fire at the site with flames visible on the first and second floors, it escalated to a 5 alarm. to 40 people were evacuated and embers were high in the air and there was a threat of exposure in nearby buildings. firefighters are outside of the building and ladder pipes are up. firefighters will not attempt to go inside until daylight hours. >> we went to five alarms, 90 personnel responded, it's a substantial amount of resources. we had 13 companies and several command staff, it's a huge incident. anything beyond 5 alarms is
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taxing the agency's resources. >> it was brought down to a 4- alarm. it's a construction project called oakland 2 ice house. ment move in date was in december. about 55 units are impacted. city ventures said it had 15 to 16 security cameras and a security guard stationed at the site. so if you come back out here live. okay. we just loss leigh martinez, she's there on the scene again of this top story this morning, this big fire in oakland, you can see here's a live video picture there of the fire, you can see the water, the firefight there, we understand again, a construction building under oakland, apartment building under construction if you're just joining us. lets check in with weather, and
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cool and not windy. >> it's very cool, not at all, weather is not an issue for the firefighters. 50s and 60s and a few high clouds. it doesn't look good, some drizzle, that's system moving in right there. it's lifting northward and falling apart. there isn't much for it. mostly an onshore breeze, mostly onshore, west or southwest, from calcaneus straight to the delta. some 30s and 40s, and berkeley is 49, and gilroy, 45, and 54 seems possible in saratoga and santa claire a the low clouds will peel back and this system brushes us today. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. 5:03, allie rasmus is here, do you want to start with the fire or something else? >> i want it start with the
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drive from the south bay. we want to check with folks out there in case you're headed there this morning. you can see a lot of green here if you're coming up on 101 northbound through morgan hill. and in san jose and mountain view there's no issue to tell you about. that's good news, even they it's pretty early. fingers crossed it stays that way. both directions are looking good this morning, and 24 in lafayette, it's filling up a little bit over the last hour we would expect. you're going at the limit you can see a little bit of break lights there as people merge heading through lafayette towards the caldecott tunnel. traffic looks this morning, no issues to tell you about there. the and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights not yet on, so now, is your chance if you have the fast track to get on the span at all. >> reporter: we're following
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the aftermath of a big fire in a high rise building in downtown san francisco. the red cross is helping dozens of people who were forced out of their homes in the financial district. it was first reported late yesterday afternoon at the gateway apartments next to the embarcadero center. investigators say the fire started on the 12th floor and it quickly spread forcing the evacuation of people who were on several floors of this high rise. >> i didn't smell anything but the alarm went off in the building. >> i was studying back home and i heard the alarm going off and the lady screaming. >> they rescued several people and including physically disabled people who were carried out of the building, no serious injuries have been reported. >> we have a number of 7 individuals who have now been treated on the scene, and that's for smoke inhalation, and other items such as anxiety. >> now, this high rise was
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built in the 1960s, it did not have fire sprinklers, the fire crews had to go floor by floor putting out the flails. investigators are looking for cause of the fire. san francisco's fire chief rushed to the scene of the high rise in san francisco after she announced her plans to retire. white has been chief for 15 years and was one of the first group of women to become firefighters in the house. she is the only woman to leave the san francisco fire department. she was appointed by the mayor gavin newsom who is running being for governor of california and she texted him that she was stepping down as fire chief. >> i did, i thanked him for the opportunity. i worked hard, and it was a bold move for him for me to get this job. >> she has agreed to stay on the job until spring to give mayor london breed to find a
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replacement. she has not ruled out the chance to run for san francisco supervisor. and the university of california medical centers are going on strike. about 15,000 radiation technicians respiratory therapists and pharmacy and lab workers plan to walk off the job in a couple of hours. they're members of the biggest union at the university. the workers say that the university is hiring subcontractors to do some the work that leads to the best long term careers, and that's allowed under the current contract. the workers have postponed 4,000 -- they've postponed 4,000 medical appointments douching the time they're on strike. nurses are not striking. we're following developing news from the national hurricane center. willa has weakened to a
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category 4 storm with winds dropping from 160 to 145 miles per hour. it's expected to make landfall this afternoon. and storm preparations are under way in the tourist city and other coastal communities. and new this morning, turkey's president is demanding that saudi arabia reveal the names of the saudi official who is they say murdered journalist jamal khashoggi in istanbul. doug luzader has what they said this morning. >> they said journalist jamal khashoggi was killed bit saudis and premeditated and planned days in advance. >> the only thing this that they can agree on he was killed by a group of saudis in the consulate of turkey three weeks ago. but, the defense that he was
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inadvertently killed in the consulate by a fist get, president trump is a skeptic. >> and turk whyy is skep cal. >> investigators are trying to determine what happened to khashoggi. >> we'll know very soon, we have tremendously talented people who do this well. they are coming back tonight and tomorrow. >> at the center of this is the prince of saudi arabia. and khashoggi was a critic of the saudi government. and steve mnuchin who is skipping the conference met with the crowned prince and has said how difficult and complicated the relationship is with the u.s. it's unclear how it's possible to get out of this. the saudis look like they have a lot of blood on their hands
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at the highest level. the story has changed, the question this morning, is whether it's going to change again. e again. in washington, doug luzader fox news. the 1.6 billion is up for grabs today. the odds of winning this is 1 in 383 million despite the fever sweeping the nation, all of the tickets sold for tonight's drawing is expected to cover all 75% of combinations. everyone wants to be win, and lottery pools are flooding across the country despite the mega millions and power ball drawing. be aware of the stakes, if you're joining an office pool, don't use cash, use paypal
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annual have written confirmation of payment and don't accept a verbal promise, an iou won't cut it and it won't meet legal challenges. and make sure everyone gets the photos of the pool tickets. someone can say they bought it with their own money and not the pool money, e-mail the players and a certain cut off time for the drawing. >> oh, no, that was just my ticket who won, sorry, guys, i don't think so. 5:11 is the time right now. a ballot measure focused on tourism in napa county, coming up, the tax increase and how that money will be spent. breaking news a big fire at a construction site, it lit up the sky this morning, we'll bring up the latest in an update when we come beachgoer we're following a new report of a collision on highway 24 through oakland and berkeley. in the meantime here's a look
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at your drive, 101 before the 80 split, heading into the bay bridge, things look good there.
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if you're just waking up and joining us, look at your screen, we have breaking news from west oakland, 100 firefighters are battling a
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fire at an apartment building complex that's under construction at west grand avenue and philbert in oakland. six buildings were gutted in this early morning fire. no injuries were reported, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. leigh martinez somebody out there, she's been out there for a while. she'll bring us a live report from there in just a couple of minutes. we're following developing news from salt lake city as well. police announced early today, the man suspected of a fatal shooting of a university utah student has taken his own life. >> they found the young woman's body in a car outside the dorm on the campus last night. the killer died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound while on a brief chase with police. they say he had a brief romantic relationship with the
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woman who he killed. and a body cam exploded and they are taking body cameras out of face. it was smoking while the officer was wearing it. he removed the camera and exploded. they're not saying whether they're still using them. >> our primary concern is our own officer safety here, it's unsafe, we certainly are going to take quick action, we're working with the representatives and police department. >> the police department in the nearby newark have used the cameras for 8 years and signed a 5 year contract for 65 of the newest model cameras and their accessories, and their cameras are working and remain in
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service. a venetia school grounds keeper will have to decide whether accept a reduced award against monsanto. the judge held up, but slashed the penalty from $29 million to 78 million. the judge found that there was enough evidence that monsanto's product contributed to the cancer of johnson. and monsanto will appeal despite this lower amount. >> not only do you have this case and a large award, there are 8,000 cases around the company, if this award stands more claims will come forward. >> mr. johnson has until december 7th to decide if accept the award amount. if he turns it down, there will be a new trial, his case was the first to go to trial, 4,000
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lawsuits, nationwide against monsanto, whether they had cancer using round up. we're checking in with allie rasmus who is in for sal this morning. and and hopefully the huge fire in oakland is not causing a traffic problem. >> you can see it from several freeways, if you're coming from westbound 580 from the carquinez bridge, things are a being good. if you come from 80 to the east shore freeway, we have a position over the fire. here's a look at 24 and lafayette, it's feeling up and a little quiet headed to the caldecott tunnel. no major problems to tell you about. there's a problem on highway 24, on the other side of the tunnel at telegraph avenue, the off-ramp in oak, there's report of, i had a call from the utility crews.
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be aware of that. you can see the icon on the bottom left, that's where the west oakland fire is located that you can see from this camera here this is our emoryville camera you can see the fire scene and what's left of it from the east shore freeway, 24 and 980. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights flipped on, it will be slow to get on the span unless you go in the carpool lanes or cash lanes. it's 5:19, now, to steve. thank you. lets get to the temperatures, they're going to start off on the cool side and then not get warm here today. why? there's a system coming in. the weak system it, won't do much. it will keep us very cool. it will be the coolest day of the week. low and a few high clouds, mix of sun and clouds and 50s and 60s, and low 70s, low clouds are there. not as widespread as yesterday.
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west, southwest breeze, southerly breeze for most. the front direction, even though there's not a big front. southern california and into the four corners, that's for sure, they're getting rain down there. it's been and rainy month for some, arizona and new mexico, 36 in lake port, a lot of folks due to the cloud cover, and napa is down to the cool 80s, and 47 bookend and concord pavillion, danville is 44 degrees, and this is lafayette and morega, and 47, and any rain looks to be confined to the north coast. there may be drizzle, the combination of low and high clouds will make a cool day for us. october can be a hot month, we're not getting rain, but we're not getting any heat either. that's one consolation. what about tomorrow, a little bit of fog, but temperatures will work their way up a little bit after today's cool numbers.
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mostly sunny tomorrow, it will be warmer as we go through the weekend, pam. >> thank you, steve it's 5:20, taxi drivers firing back. coming up the reason they're concerned about new rules at sfo and they say it's a violation of their first amendment rights. the cleaner morning commute, a new and effective way to keep bart trains clean.
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michael vasquez! come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and,
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we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. . welcome back to "mornings
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on 2", time now 5:23, the san francisco taxi drivers are pushing back a new rule on where they can hand out leaflets at sfo, the city's taxi workers alliance may take legal action for what they call a violation of free speech. the airport commission said handing out leaflets where cars are moving is a safety issue. taxi drivers are only allowed to pass out materials or collect signatures for petitions at the airport's picnic table area. and bart hired a consultant to retrain the training staff in the cleanup techniques. each worker is getting 40 hours of classroom and on-the-job training on cleaning and how clean things have to be. they were trained by other workers and procedures and standards have been inconsistent. >> what happens when you do that, you have, this is the way
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i do it and you go to another station and a person may be doing it differently. have you all these different techniques and processes that weren't really cohesive. >> bart will have 122 station maintenance workers go through the training by the end of january and it could hold similar training sessions for the bart cars. >> the boston red sox play the los angeles dodgers in boston. the dodgers are sending clayton kershaw to the mound tonight. boston, chris shale, coverage starts at 4:30 this afternoon. you can catch the baseball and news, we'll have baseball and news for you throughout the world series, you can watch news on ktvu plus. and the warriors had back
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to back games. the warriors bounced from the only lops of the season. they played the phoenix suns at oracle arena, the game was not in question. the doves are up 23 at half. steph curry led the way as the warriors blew out the sun, and the next game will be wednesday night. they won 123 to 103. it's 5:26, 7,000 people on the move headed to the united states. coming up the latest political battle surrounding that caravan of migrants to southern mexico. >> we still have an active firefighter out hereafter -- firefight out hereafter an apartment complex goes up in flames. we'll have the latest on the power outages and what's going on. >> we'll have more on a commute in tracy, tea getting crowded
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on westbound 580. here's a look at the san mateo bring. it's busy but not too bad. a cool pattern here for a tuesday, some low and high clouds, look at the temperatures on a chilly tuesday forecast.
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good morning to you, welcome back to "mornings on 2". this is the top story for us at 5:30, a huge fire in west
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oakland, it's destroyed an apartment complex under construction. on the left side of your tv screen, these are live pictures, you can see the smoke filling the area off west oakland on west grand avenue. there's video earlier this morning. i saw this as i was coming in. there was a huge response from east bay firefighters on the scene. we'll check in with leigh martinez who is there at the scene in just a moment. >> that's another fire to tell you about in san francisco, we understand it's a deadly fire that started just hours ago, take a look at the map there, the san francisco fire department says one man died, another woman is in the hospital in serious condition, after a house fire, that's on funston avenue. a woman 13 in serious condition after being burned in the fire. it started at 3:30 and was put out 30 minutes later and it's still under construction. that could affect things in that area as well. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday,
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morning, i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook, thank you for joining us, steve paulson is covering local weather. you're watching the hurricane, wil la. >> we'll have more on that in ten minutes. and in fort bragg, there's a slight chance there, will be an it will be diminishing. >> the system is approaching. there's still something there, fort bragg north will be the line. we'll get cluck out there. the mix of low and high clouds will be it today. there's a belize out to the delta, look at the active pattern, and think you're going sit in the sun, i doubt it. low cloud cover and rain, it's been that way this month. 49 tracy and 36 in lake port, there are cool readings, pope
5:32 am
valley is 37. and american canyon is down to 46 as well. low 50s and some of these temperatures will be modified a little bit by the system coming in. look for morning low clouds and partly cloudy and partly sunny and 60s and 70s. 5:32, here's my friend allie rasmus filling in. it was the south bay supercommute. now, you want to do what? >> now, we're going to the tracy supercommute. it's the busiest one -- one of the busiest ones and it's getting busy. it's not terrible. i've seen worse, and i'm not here every day. but, looking at the 205 headed towards westbound 580. there's a little slowing in that area, not too bad. things clear up once you hit the altamont pass and it's smooth sailing as you get to the dublin interchange. livermore south, that's a little slow there. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, things are busier than
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they were an hour ago, there's more traffic on that bridge, no major issues to tell you about, that's good nurse. 880 north and southbound, the oakland coliseum you're at thely. traffic is coming in and the time is 5:33, lets go back to the desk. fire crews across the east bay are still battling the huge fire, an apartment building complex under construction in oakland, it was first reported just after 2:00 this morning, near west grand avenue and phulbe rt street. the flames can be seen for miles, they've gutted 6 buildings and leigh martinez has been there all morning long at the scene, what can you tell us now? >> the firefighters have it contained to this construction
5:34 am
site. you can see looking to the right of the building, we see flare ups. at the top of the roof i'm seeing some flames right now. this is an apartment complex, actually town homes that are being constructed, six buildings and three stories each were on fire, significant damage according to the chief, however, he stopped short of calling it a total loss, the call came in at 159am, fire crews called in a 2 alarm fire at the site at first, with flames visible on the first and second floors, it escalated to a 5 alarm with 90 people working on this fire. 20 to 25 people were evacuated off of market streets because large embers were seen high in the area and there was a threat of exposure to nearby buildings. they have it contained to the construction site. crews are doing a defensive firefight operation and firefighters are outside of the
5:35 am
building and firefighters won't attempt to go inside until daylight. >> trying to gain access was to the something we wanted to do. you can only make so much impact, your hose, depending on your impact and getting to the seat of the fire. >> it's a 4-alarm fire. it's a construction site, it's an apartment complex called oakland 2 ice house. the move in date was scheduled for december, and 55 units are impacted. the contractor is city venture. crews say it had 15 to 16 security cameras and one security guard stationed at the site. the company is in the process of downloading the security footage this morning. the cause of fire is under investigation, there are still active flames, the light around
5:36 am
these two streets we're on myrtle and market street. we saw the street lamps come back on. power was shut down to this area and 2,000 customers were affected now, we're told than a little more than 1400 customers are without power this morning, but pg&e is working to restore power. we still have an active firefight. firefighters are hoping to get inside the building once daylight arrives, however there is some concern of possible collapse. there was the possibility of some of the structure in the interior has collapsed. if it's safe for firefighters to go in, it will be safe for them to go in. >> thank you so much for that update. the caravan of central american migrants heading to the u.s. border continues to grow. there are estimates that more than 7,000 people from honduras guatamala and el salvador are marching north. >> president trump will send as many troops as necessary to the
5:37 am
border to prevent them from entering the u.s., he calls the caravan an assault on our country. >> we don't have borders, we don't have a country. >> it's very worrying, but he doesn't know how we suffered. he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. well, we didn't. >> right now the caravan is more than 1,000 miles from u.s. border, temperatures are in the triple digits and many have suffered from dehydration and heat exhaustion. the police searching for a hit and run driver who hit a man in pittsburg over the weekend. at 4:30 saturday morning, a red vehicle hit and killed this man. the driver never stopped. if the family of michael watkins is pleading with the driver and anyone who can identify the driver to come forward. >> we're going to miss him, i
5:38 am
know michael loved me unconditionally and i feel like someone took that from me. >> michael watkins leaves behind a 7-year-old son named michael and they shared the same birthday. and police are searching for the driver in another deadly hit and run, this time in sunnyvale. this happened on the expressway. the minivan left the expressway after the crash. the cyclist was rushed to stanford hospital and died from injuries. the vehicle was described as a toyota sienna, possible front end damage and a smashed windshield. voters in napa county will have the final say over a hotel tax in the area. it will raise the transient
5:39 am
occupancy tax from 12 to 13%. it needs 2/3rds approval to pass and will start january 1st. and a man was caught on camera vandalizing campaign signs. home surveillance video captured the man spray can in hand. he sprayed a sign for a man seeking his third term on the city council. he is lopez, he's a long-term resident who said he was a member of the community who helped pass a rent control ballot in 2016. >> i would think maybe he just got a little too passionate about the cause. >> this is an attack on the democratic process and it's out of line and most most of the people in this community do not condone that kind of action at
5:40 am
all. >> police cited lopez with theft and vandalism. he's scheduled to appear in court in december. our time is 5:40, bumping up the minimum wage in san francisco, we'll tell you which group of workers who may soon be paid $17 an hour. and there are new developments on a breaking story we've been following all morning long, firefighters on the scene of a new fire in oakland, we're going to have an update. it's coming up after the break. many people living with diabetes
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monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology,
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is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. welcome back, we continue to cover the breaking news of that big fire that started by west grant street earlier this morning. now, there's another fire burning just a short distance away. ktvu sara just arrived there.
5:43 am
what is burning there? are there any thoughts that this could be related. >> reporter: that was one of the main concerns, that there was a press conference. he's concerned baseball the main fire, he was concerned that wind would blow ember and affect different houses and buildings in the area. we don't know if that's the case here, you can see firefighters are actively working on putting the fire out in this house. there are no flames but the entire side of the building is charred from the fire that happened here. we're learning what happened here and if it's connected to the main fire. we'll bring you updates on that shortly. but, as about that main fire, we'll pull up video right now and talk about construction fires that have happened, housing or mixed use buildings in oakland, what you're looking at is video from prior fires that have happened from buildings that were under
5:44 am
construction, now, it's because of fires like this, that officials launched a tip line and reward fund for information leading to the arrest for people responsible for intentionally setting fires to any multifamily residential buildings being built in oakland. they set up a $300,000 reward fund for that information. look at this list of fires. in 2016 a fire gutted an apartment complex under construction on lester avenue east of lake marriott. investigators say that was arson. and in july 2016 and may 2017, there were two separate fires at the same mixed use project under construction in emeryville at the oakland border, that was determined to be arson. and a massive 4 alarm went off and that was arson. now, this cause is unofficial.
5:45 am
and this fire on i the sabella street, they weren't sure where they were with those housing units, they said they're at the point of putting up sheet rock. we're waiting to hear back if arson was investigating that. and they're still working on information on that, and they're trying to see if it's connected at all to the main fire that's down the street from us here. from us here. thank you are, for that update -- thank you for that update. with the fires in san francisco, we're coughing that. lets check in with allie rasmus who is in for sal. the fires, the two in oakland and one last night in san francisco and and deadly fire coming near the going gate and the panhandle -- golden gate and the panhandle there. >> traffic is picking up at 6:00, we're seeing stuff coming up on the chp log, lets show
5:46 am
you a map with the drive of 1301 and a little slow in the morgan hill area, not bad there, it continues to be there through the the south bay and san jose area. we have a new crash to tell you about northbound 880, this is a collision involving a semi truck and vehicle, it's in the process of being moved to the shoulders, you don't see much of a delay this. further north, that commute has not been great this morning. that's because of a westbound highway 4, somerville road, there's an ambulance on the scene of a crash and that ambulance is blocking the right- hand lane. be aware of that. you can see a new crash that we just learned about, it just popped up on southbound 242 in concord. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's getting busier there, it will take you a little time to get on to the stand from the bay bridge toll plaza, once you get across the bridge and into san francisco,
5:47 am
be aware east of the fifth street exit, there's a report of that collision, that vehicle is in the process of being moved off to the shoulder. that can slow you down more as you get into the city. >> the time is 5:47 and i'll send it over to you. >> one time yesterday, it was category 4, and now this storm is weakening a little bit, this hurricane, it's expected to take the turn in between the porta vallerta it's moving from santa cruz to miramar. we can see it weaken considerably. it looks to be the track. in between west central mexico coast. it will decrease, from a 5, still strong, a category storm surge can be a big issue with heavy rain. we have a front
5:48 am
approaching, it's there. it won't do much except keep us cloudy and keep us on the cool side. we have a cool day today, temperatures are mainly in the 60s and low 70s, that's little breeze, southerly to the south westerly from the delta to the straits, it's very active southern branch of the jet, and a lot more show, southern california. it's been a lot of go, new mexico and up into utah and colorado, 30s, 40s and 50s, napa airport has cooled to 49, lake port at 36. a lot of 40s here, low 50s for some. walnut creek, 47, and the concord, it's cooled to 46. and there's a little bite to the morning here. for us, our system will fall apart. it will drag across high clouds. if there is any rain, it will be light, and there's a possibility with low clouds in place. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, cool days for us here.
5:49 am
the days are short and the lights are getting longer. what about tomorrow, we'll transition to a weak system with high pressure. it won't be until thursday when we see more sunshine and warmer temperatures taking us into the weekend. bob barker, the farmer price is right host is rushed to the hop. the health care that the tv icon is dealing with when we come back. and bay area firefighters are busy in oakland. two fires are burning and there's a deadly fire in san francisco, we'll bring you an update coming up at the top of the hour.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 5:52, bob barker the famous tv game show host, famous for the price of right, he's 94 years old. he was rushed to the hospital with severe back pain. the tv legend has been battling back problems since he was injured in a fall in his home in hollywood hills, and he hosted the price is right and was on tv for 50 years. and there's a new recall for exploding toilets. they're recalling the toilets,
5:53 am
this is after 1500 bursting and spreading toilet tanks. this toilet can burst. these toilets have resulted in almost $1 million in property damage and 23 injuries. the company is urging customers check the model and the serial number of your toilet, if you have the affected toilet number, turn off the water supply and release internal pressure by flushing the toilets. the owner of a missing therapy dog in contra costa county is offering a $2,000 reward for her safe return, we're talking about roxie the boxer, she disappeared from her home two weeks ago. as a therapy dog, she visits schools, nursing homes and hospitals. she was wearing a collar and microchipped. >> i need this dog and i'm
5:54 am
willing to offer a generous reward. >> someone fell in love with her, it's easy to do, please send her home. this is where she belongs. >> he's worried because she needs daily medicine to treat her cataracts. the bay area leaves the country and the amount of office space this year. most of the bay area is dealing with a critical housing shortage. a solution seems a long way off. way off. >> reporter: the bay area's growth is evident with each new office building sport ago sign out front. the region is expected to open 8.2 million square feet of office space, the number greater than new york and dallas combined. >> we want people to have jobs, livelihoods, pay taxes and contribute to our economy and
5:55 am
communities. >> but increasingly communities that serve aztec titans such as apple and facebook and google. from 2010 to 2015, the region created 6 times as many jobs as housing units. commercial buildings are up 6 and a half% compared to last year. >> i have firms here want to look here because that's where the skilled labor is. >> if the scores of low income owners have joined homeless people and rvs, the housing market continues to skyrocketing. >> this is the opposite of field of dreams, people live here and they had their dreams and their dreams were coming true and people got greedy and priced them out. and now the origin habitants
5:56 am
are priced out and the original people are being pushed out, and pushed out. you can't do over and pretend these people weren't here to begin with. >> some areas have done better with residential development. but, experts say as long as tax laws and local ordinances continue to favor commercial construction and make residential development more difficult, investors will go towards the easy money. >> we need a climate where people can be equally able to build homes for hard working families throughout the bay area and beyond. it's needed both. >> it is unclear how long it will take to catch up, the residential building to the commercial growth. and a fire broke out at an
5:57 am
apartment complex under construction, we expected news breaching at the top of the area, we'll have an update coming up in two minutes. we continue to keep an eye on several crashes in the east bay, hayward, freemont area and up in the bay point area, here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, and you'll have a crash to get over once you get over the bridge into the city, we'll tell you about it coming up. and a combo of low and high clouds, we'll have a look at the tuesday forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
another large housing project under construction goes up in flames in west oakland, firefighters are still working the scene, we have several road closures and power is out. we'll have the latest coming up. today's fire is one of four major construction fires in the past two years. we'll take a look into the series of unsolved arson investigations, it costs millions of dollars in damage. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, october 23rd. i'm pam cook.
6:00 am
>> and i'm dave clark. we're beginning with breaking news. firefighters are still battling a big fire at an apartment building complex still under construction. >> it happened at west grand avenue and philbert street, leigh martinez joyce be an joins us at the scene. leigh? >> reporter: in just a few minutes we'll have a press conference with the foyer department. from the latest, we heard that the threats of the neighborhood is over. they have the fire contained to the construction site. this was a site for newtown homes being built in west oakland, they were another the completion of this project, about six buildings, three storey he is east suffered significant damage and it's undetermined at this point if it's a total loss, they have active fire they're battling this morning. they have drone video set up


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