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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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synagogue shooting. final midterm push. trump embarks in a campaign blitz with 11 rallies in eight states. >> those are the states with the president is popular and has the ability to help carry these individuals over the finish line. a california okayed driverless car. >> it allows waymo to test the fleet of three dozen vehicles without drivers behind the wheels. >> we discussed the industry milestone and where you will see those cars moving down the street. from ktvu news, this is the 4 on 2. a larger presence will be patrolling castro. the neighborhood is a popular halloween night gathering spot. welcome to the 4 on 2 on this halloween . in a matter of hours
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halloween will be in full swing in san francisco. the castro will be party central. we have a preview and also tips from police. >> reporter: the castro is quiet right now but in a matter of hours you can expect the streets to be filled with goblins and san francisco police say they will be here. they will be here to make sure that things don't get out of hand. >> there will be an increased patrol in the area and the castro area to make sure everyone is safe and has a good time. >> reporter: police say at this year is anything like halloween's past, the best way to get here is using a ride share service.
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police say partiers can drink without having to worry about getting behind the wheel. officers are advising that if people do drive, do not leave anything of value in view in a parked vehicle. while grown-ups like to party, there will still be kids mixed into the crowd trick-or- treating. >> we asked the drivers to watch out for pedestrians and children in costumes. >> reporter: in years past the castro has been the scene of a lot of partying. if you remember last year there was even an officer involved shooting out here in the neighborhood. that is why police are going to be out in force trying to make sure nothing gets out of hand. they will be here to monitor everyone's behavior. ktvu fox2 news. be sure to stay with us. coming up, oakland police will join us for tips for all of you parents out there to keep kids safe tonight. here is a live look outside. it's pretty sunny across the bay area right now. for more
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information on the trick-or- treating conditions, let's check in with our meteorologist. it's a very nice forecast for this evening with no rain threat out there. temperatures on the warm side. temperatures were in the 70s and 80s. as you can see our live camera, clear skies over san francisco. some of those high clouds drifting into northern california and the bay area. it will be mild to start things off. take a look at the 6:00 temperatures. by 8:00, upper 50s to mid-60s. and then around 10:00, 53 degrees. >> this is the source of high clouds. this is the main reason why. clouds are moving in from eureka down to sonoma county.
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there is a thin layer of overcast. we have sunshine getting through and it is a warm afternoon. right now, 80 degrees in fairfield. san francisco, 72. san jose, upper 70s. we talked about tonight looks pretty good. tomorrow should be the warmest day of the week under partly to mostly sunny skies. upper 60s and close to 70 on the coast and inland spots in the low to mid-80s. a few locations could be approaching the mid-80s. the fog is just off shore and that could play a role in our friday forecasts. we will talk more about that coming up. two people were killed in a multivehicle crash on 880. it happened at 10:40 last night. the chp says that were bus was going 65 miles per hour when he crashed into alexis in front of them.
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the driver of that lexus was crash. the tour bus going and another driver was killed. >> a lot of amount of people were impacted. they are all bad. we hate to see any traffic accidents where people get hurt when people die and makes it worse. >> the two people who died were of 46-year-old man and a 57- year-old man. and then there was another multivehicle crash on that same freeway which involved a motorcycle and four other vehicles just before industrial parkway. fortunately no one was killed. the water is back on at a hayward mobile home park where people have been living without running water for days now.
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the water service when out on saturday. the manager says the water main that serves the park was cracked. repairs were complicated with the gas line running through the area and plumbing that needed to be ordered. >> we are doing everything we can to get this resolved as soon as possible. >> it's terrible to be without water. in this day and age that never happens. >> people who live in the parks 134 units were drinking bottled water and filling up buckets from a swimming fuel -- a swimming pool to flush the toilets. we will have a live report coming up. a federal grand jury indicted the alleged gunman in the pittsburgh synagogue massacre. he is charged with 44 crimes including hate crimes.
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11 people were killed on saturday. six people were wounded including four police officers. bowers is being held without bail. prosecutors have indicated they intend to seek the death penalty against him. funeral services were held for three more victims of that rampage. joyce feinberg was a widow with two sons. she was a researcher at the university of pittsburg. melvin wax a retired accountant was leaving -- leading the service when he was shot to death. irving younger was a beloved father, grandfather and youth baseball coach as well as a realtor. he will spare no resource to seek justice for those victims. as we report from pittsburgh, the attacks of last the close knit jewish community heartbroken. >> reporter: eight men and three women were shot and killed during saturday services at a synagogue and pittsburgh. the shooter telling police he hates jews and wants them dead.
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folks are still in shock. today a gun threat prompting the closure of a school blocks away from the synagogue underscoring the level of fun easier. >> it is a little scary. it's not an active shooter so i'm just going to stay here and wait. >> reporter: the focus is turning to security and how to stop another attack like this in the future. there will be more security in place at the services this weekend. some folks are going further taking firearms training and getting firearms hoping to treat fire with fire. >> and push me over the top. this is what i can do to contribute to society. >> reporter: the mourning process continues with funerals underway for victims. friends and family are doing their best to come to terms with what has happened. >> i am so overwhelmed with
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sadness right now that i can even be angry right now. it is such a loss and it is tragic. >> reporter: funerals are expected to be completed by the end of the week. they had to be delayed because of the ongoing investigation. ktvu fox2 news . trump might send as many as 15,000 troops to the us-mexico border. he is hoping this move will deter an estimated 3500 migrants heading toward the border seeking asylum in the u.s. the secretary of defense denied the idea that placing additional troops at the border is simply a scare tactic. >> is is a political stunt? >> we do not do stunts in this department. thank you. >> troops will be limited in
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what they can actually do. federal law blocks a military from exercising enforcement on american soil and they cannot detain any migrants and they are not able to try and prevent anyone from entering the u.s. the migrant caravan is weeks away from reaching the border. a bomb scare in sacramento turned out to be a false alarm. police evacuated the building at 11:00 this morning. a manila envelope race suspicions. it turned out to be harmless. last friday a package was found at the sacramento post office that did contain a pipe bomb. coming up, you may sue see -- since he truly driverless cars on bay area roads. we will be joined live to hear about the first for the industry. the 49ers and the raiders me tomorrow in the battle of the bay. we will show you the security members in place to keep france safe. -- keep fans safe. maybe you could save energy by
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tomorrow night will mark the final battle of the bay between the 49ers and the raiders. security will be stepped up for the big prime time match up. we are live in santa clara outside of levi. this comes after past fights between fans. >> reporter: that is right. police say there will be far more officers here tomorrow then during a typical game. they will be in the stadium, at the gate an undercover dressed
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like fans. >> it is a rivalry with along the tumultuous track record. the 49ers and raiders meet and it will be the last ever battle of the bay. authorities want to make sure the action stays on the failed. >> understanding the rivalry and past occurrences, we want to limit any type of poor fan behavior. >> reporter: the 49ers and raiders were banned from the preseason matchup following a violent 2011 game during which two men were shot at one man was beaten. santa clara police valve at this time will be different. >> fans will be able to see a difference in the stadium. >> reporter: there will be a dramatic increase in staffing including undercover officers. they will be keeping a close eye. levi stadium comes equipped with its own jail holding cells.
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>> i can zoom in and see the back of every seat in this facility and everyone coming through the gates and when they are leaving. we have cameras in the parking lots and body camera's on strategic personnel. >> reporter: and to make sure people's faces can be seen, there will be no masks allowed. >> it is just not knowing someone's identity or their intentions with a mask on. it as part of a threat assessment and it creates a uneasiness with law enforcement. >> reporter: most assault at levi has resulted in quick arrest including a beating earlier this month in the parking lot. officials started planning for this game back in april. whatever happens, they will be ready. >> we welcome you but don't come down here and cause destruction or you will be met with resistance. >> reporter: officials are
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expecting close to 70,000 people at the game. it gets underway tomorrow at 5:20 in the evening. >> just to wins between the teams. tune in tomorrow and we will be here on ktvu to begins a 4:30 and kickoff will happen right  here on ktvu at 5:20. jeff rosen announced he is preparing a legal challenge for a recently passed state law on the grounds that violates california's constitution. senate bill 1391 was passed for the thrill kill murder of michael russell in 2009. one of the teens was 15 at the time. the law prohibits juveniles under the age of 16 from being tried in adult court. he says the new law preempts the previously past proposition that allows judges to decide where juveniles will be tried.
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>> it does not provide for any exceptions. if there were exceptions for dangerous offenders who committed horrible murders like this one i would support this law. there are not any exceptions and i think it is one-size-fits- all. >> he is asking for a state to prevent him from being released from prison. one of the nation's largest electric router companies says they pulled thousands of scooters off of the streets because batteries could catch fire. they learned about at the fact with a lithium battery in a small percentage of scooters. the company behind the segway produce those batteries. the company operates in oakland but the scooters were assigned to los angeles, san diego and the lake tahoe area. more than 2000 have been recalled. they are warning consumers that they can break if written off the curb at high speeds. amana florida is suing
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tesla. he was driving on the florida turnpike when his car slammed into a ford fiesta that was stopped and blocking a lane. according to the lawsuit the autopilot feature never alerted him to that part car. let's if you drive and santa clara county do not be surprised to see this. a car on the road that has no driver or a backup driver. the dmv issued its first permit to waymo and they can start in santa clara county. joining me is tim higgins life from second -- san francisco. what is your feel of putting these vehicles on the road? >> waymo has been doing this in the silicon valley for several years. they have accumulated millions of miles. they have had a safety operator behind the wheel ready to take control if that person didn't
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think they were handling the situation. does not going to be anybody there. the computer has been trained to put itself in a position if it doesn't understand or it gets too complicated it goes to a safe status. that will be one of the challenges. seeing these cars on the freeway without people in them. >> they will top out at 65 miles per hour. they will be in mountain view, sunnyvale, palo alto. what should drivers know when they see these vehicles on the road? >> one of the things we have seen is these test vehicles, human drivers tend to run into them. fender bender's are quite prolific. in this case it illustrates the world is messy and we humans get into a lot of crashes that we don't rise to the level of
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being in the news on a regular basis. so this has underscored the dangerous nature of driving. one of the reasons why waymo and other self driving companies are pushing their technology is because they can make driving safer. >> they had to come up with plans that had to help law enforcement and first responders interact. what could that be? >> we have seen down in chandler outside of phoenix, they have worked really hard with the local emergency officials and train the cars to understand the sirens and what to do in an emergency scenario. the company has been working with local food -- local officials as well. it is a tricky human element. a human driver you understand lights are behind you and you have to pull over where it's safe. a robot has to be trained how
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to do that. >> let's move to the not fully autonomous version. the driver admits he was looking down at his phone and looking at the road at the same time when his tesla crashed into another vehicle. if drivers and nor tesla's direction are they still at fault? >> this is semi autonomous and not self driving. the human needs to pay attention because the way the systems are tuned they use radar to see things down the road. the problem with radar is that is very messy. they can tell the difference between a bridge or a truck or a manhole cover. so if that car in front of you is not actually moving, it might not see it. that's why these tesla's are crashing into the back of trucks on highways. the system does not see it and
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that is why tesla says you have to pay attention to the roadway. >> hudson said tesla is marketing the feature. it is in the manual he can take the victim over 50 miles per hour and auto power. he was going 80 miles an hour when he crashed. his impression from the marketing and from the dealership is that you can put autopilot on at any time you want. is there a problem with that message? is it getting through to drivers? >> elon musk has a knowledged that one of the challenges they have with the system it's pretty good and people that use it regularly become overconfident in its ability. they think it becomes a self driving car and the focus is keeping their attention. the company has ratcheted up those efforts that will turn the system off if the person
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hasn't touched the wheel in a certain amount of time. if you compare that to general motors or audi they have put in extra technology and a camera to attract the users eyes to make sure the person is looking at the roadway and not watching tv or something like that. one of the debate is whether tesla has done enough. >> he suffered a broken neck. didn't tesla recently settled a class-action suit over autopilot feature's on their vehicles? >> there was an issue where tesla was selling the fully driving systems that kick in at a certain point. they settled a lawsuit on that for a little bit of money. the company has been cleared they are fully self driving system is not fully self driving yet. that is for the future. tim higgins, thank you for your insight into this technology were heading into. we all know kids love the magic of halloween.
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more likely they love the candy. for parents there are some concerns about safety. oakland police will join us to share tips. tune in for an undue episode of empire. stick around for the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news right here on ktvu . sfx: tinny headphone music
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shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck. the telescope has run out
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of fuel ending one of the most productive missions. it was launched nearly 10 years ago and discovered nearly 2700 planets. it was boosted into an orbit around the sun. this company is thinking teachers for their work by helping them become homeowners and some of the country's most expensive cities including san francisco. >> reporter: stanford graduate alex is back visiting his childhood home in bellevue. alex's mom susan is a former teacher who inherited this home from her own mother two decades ago. homeownership and financial stability. it is a lifeline alex wants to give to others. >> he is the cofounder of landed. there helping school employees and four expensive cities like
4:28 pm
san francisco purchase homes. he's bringing his program to the seattle area. >> we like to think of ourselves as aversion bank of mom and dad. >> they provide have to down payment. if you sell that home and an upturn you pay back the down payment and 25% of the profits. >> stanford university offers something similar. >> bellevue skills of the first in washington state to offer landed. 100 school employees have signed up to learn more. >> 65% of our employees live out of -- outside of the bellevue school district. >> reporter: their employees can buy a home anywhere and not just bellevue. their goal is to shorten commute times and raise the quality of life for their employees. >> i would love to not spend 45 minutes every morning and afternoon fighting traffic.
4:29 pm
>> this educator lives in issaquah. at 38 years old homeownership finally feels possible. >> it has been exciting so far. there is one more place i can make that a reality now. >> there needs to be a lot of tools and a toolkit. four needless to say, this mom is proud. >> a big source of my pride that he wants to give back. >> reporter: right now he's talking to more school district -- districts. six days ago until the midterms. for tracking the final sprint to election day next. the president will kick off the campaign blitz traveling to
4:30 pm
rallies in several states. james taylor will join me and weigh in on whether the presidents appearances will have an effect on the midterms.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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the midterm elections are less than one week away. candidates are getting high profile record high voter turnout is expected. we have more from washington dc. >> reporter: it is a final stretch on the campaign trail before millions head to the polls. familiar faces or person to get out the vote with so much on
4:33 pm
the line. >> the vice president of the united states. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are bringing out the heavy hitters. it is a full-court press to appeal to voters with the power in the house and the senate hanging in the balance. >> you don't ever want that to happen again. >> if we stand for who we have always been, we will win on tuesday and we will take back this country. >> trump is planning to hit the road for a rally. 11 cities in six days including a stop in florida tonight were races for governor, senate, and house her neck and neck. >> not just to bring these massive crowds out but to actually deliver with the amount of energy and stamina he has. >> reporter: it will also be a
4:34 pm
stuffer president obama. experts say republicans stand a better chance of keeping their majority in the senate but the house could be a toss off -- too. >> what the president is doing or trying to distract from the democratic agenda and their message because we are winning. >> reporter: some americans have already made their decision. early voting is allowed in 37 states and dc. more than 45 million americans took advantage of that and 2016. ktvu fox2 news . for more with what is at stake i'm joined by james taylor. take you for being here. president trump is going to be a busy man. 11 rallies, eight states, six days. what do you think has a parents will have? >> i think he's preaching to
4:35 pm
the choir and making a terrible calculated mistake in not going to the middle and try to increase and expand amongst independents and women where he is losing. he's not going to miss again, pennsylvania and wisconsin where he caught everyone off guard. >> so he's going to friendly territory. would it make a difference if he went to some of those other states? >> he only won pennsylvania by one person. he might be able to shore up more votes. there is a lot of local issues like affordable healthcare, pre- existing issues, marijuana legalization, minimum wage and local issues like control. they drive these midterm elections and not national issues like the border wall. the elections, his message about
4:36 pm
what is threatening america, this election should be about local issues like we were talking about earlier. that is an issue that will drive california statewide and he's preaching about the border wall and summer like pennsylvania where it is not as much of an issue. his messaging is off. >> let's talk about democrats. what do you think the likelihood is of the democrats either retaking the house or the senate? >> all of the forecasting is that the democrats are expected to take the house and a donald trump chance of taking the senate. i think they have the winning issues, the affordable healthcare act and a permanent tax cut for corporations in a temporary cut for everyday people. if you go back and look at 2016, hillary clinton won in the exit polls on the issue of
4:37 pm
the economy. they were not driven by the economy. there was something deep about culture that is in flux in america. it is not a winning issue because many people are being alienated by him. >> you bring up the economy. we are in a strange time in which the president has a very low approval rating. >> there is something called a misery index that looks at how people feel about their economic situation as it relates to unemployment rates and the inflation rates. the more people feel miserable by their circumstances, the more they're not inclined to mobilize. donald trump could surprise the world and come out on top on november 7, donald trump has acted like a congressperson who stays in campaign mode. congress raise money and donald trump has never governed.
4:38 pm
he campaigned with these rallies. if anything he has kept his base mobilize. that might be enough at the local level but his calculated mistake is alienating the middle with all these cultural issues we have seen down to the point of bombings and all kinds of racial divisions. >> it will be an interesting next few days. the president is really on a campaign blitz. make ktvu your source for election coverage. we will cover all of the major local and national races. were still trying to find the fuselage and black box from the indonesian jet that went down on monday. some debris has been discovered. >> reporter: checking his ticket and walking to the plane or the final unsuspecting steps of a passenger boarding this airline.
4:39 pm
the plane disappeared and the cause of the crash remains a mystery. over 100 divers search for the fuse a large. they have located passenger belongings but the search for the black boxes continues. regular pinks have been located in waters 130 feet deep. conditions have been too challenging to reach them. >> a problem now are the strong currents on the floor. >> reporter: 49 body bogs have been filled. -- body bags have been filled. >> we hope there will be a miracle. i'm sure he is alive. my father is strong. >> reporter: the latest version of the 737. it was brand-new and operational for just two months . three minutes into the flight the pilot asked to turn back and 10 minutes later they were gone. a day before the crash the
4:40 pm
plane was reported to have a technical issued which had been issued -- which reportedly was resolved. staff who approved the flight have been removed from duty. this is the first major accident involving a boeing 73 7 fate. boeing has not call for any others to be grounded. a warning on this halloween about candy laced with marijuana and meth. open police join us with what parents need to be on the lookout for coming up after the break. another one day in the bay area. coming up, i will let you know if the weather pattern continues and if any rain chances are in our five day outlook.
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recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools.
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that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools. join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first. all the candy and costumes and more candy. halloween can pose dangerous for young trick-or-treaters. joining me now is officer watson. this can be a little bit of a stressful time for her parents. you're trying to keep an eye on your little ones. what is your first hip? >> we are anxious to go trick- or-treating and get some candy. you bring up some good points. it is halloween and we have to
4:44 pm
be careful and remember our safety tips. some of those tips or if you do not have a flashlight and as the sun is setting and it starts to get dark, wear reflective gear. most costumes don't have it. parents can have the reflective vests on. stay on the sidewalk and not in the street. some of our communities are not used to having a lot of people in those neighborhoods. as cars are traveling throughout, they are not used to having the trick-or- treaters. >> anything you can do to make sure your little one is more visible. when i look at what kids wear, lots of times it's a mask that covers their faces and eyes. it's important for them to be able to see. >> that is exactly right. remove the rask if you're about to cross the roadway are going around obstacles. and also muddying up. let's say you have a mask on let's buddy up and make sure i
4:45 pm
can be your eyes or maybe even your ears. masks often can impair the hearing as well. you may not hear that car or see the car if you have a mask on. >> i know this seems like common sense but when you were in that halloween mode and that holiday mode, you don't necessarily think about all of those things. pedestrian injuries are the most common for kids on halloween. >> it is true. there are so many factors we have to inc. about. often costumes do have some type of restriction whether a tail or a long gown or cape or whatever it might be. often adults are not used to wearing that. we have to be mindful that the costume itself can pose a problem. getting caught in a door or caught on something that would cause someone to trip or fall
4:46 pm
off a curb. >> you mentioned candy. we are looking at live pictures here in the bay area. the dea, the st. louis division is issuing a serious warning about the possibility of candy that is laced either with marijuana or methamphetamines. these pictures look very much like the very popular candies we see like gummy bears and things like that. what should parents know? they look so similar to the traditional candies out there. >> if in doubt, throw it out. if there is any question about a package being tampered or if it doesn't look right or smell right, throw it out. have your children collect the candy and if you can exchange that candy for something you know you bought from a reputable store and it hasn't been tampered with, that is the
4:47 pm
best way to go. if you don't have that option, inspect each candy. when in doubt, throw it out. >> i know a lot of people may see that is going overboard but you cannot be too cautious. thank you for coming in tonight. i hope everyone out there has a nice halloween. mark, you could not have done any better. >> we are very excited about the forecast for this evening. no rain threat at all. it was a warm day with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we are tracking mild conditions across the bay area. take a look at the halloween forecast. a few high clouds. they are streaming in from the north. lower 60s to lower 70s. by late in the evening temperatures in the 50s, 53-58 degrees. you can see the clouds arcing up and over the bay area and
4:48 pm
dropping in toward the bay area. we have that filtered sunshine pattern right now. on the satellite, clouds from ukiah down to san francisco, santa cruz and monterey bay. take a look at these readings. it is october 31 and we have 80s to talk about out to work concorde, santa rosa, san jose, close to 80 degrees. san francisco, 73. a beautiful day and typically this time of year we are tracking the chance of rain fall but nothing is showing up. we will be starting out with rainfall. it looks like as we head into the new month the same weather pattern from the tent and possibly the 15th. possibly for the first half of november we could be talking about a dry weather pattern. we cannot pinpoint any days
4:49 pm
that are bringing and rain chances. this area of high pressure is in charge. as a result we have warming weather patterns and tomorrow will be one of the warmest days of the week. that will translate to 70s and mid 80s. fog will be playing tag with the coast. that's your cool off portions of the bay shoreline and the coastline. tomorrow morning, partly sunny skies. take a look at the forecasted highs represented with the callers. lots of 70s. you will see fog offshore which is something to be watching by thursday night and into friday. take a look at these forecast highs. a brand-new month and the same warm weather pattern. 80s out near clear will -- clear lake. you will see temperatures from 83-84-85 degrees down in the santa clara valley.
4:50 pm
gilroy, mid-80s. in san francisco, mid-70s. the coast mainly in the upper 60s. here is a look at your five day forecast. friday will be cooler and fog could return. it looks like a quiet weather pattern as we head into the weekend. the first weekend after halloween we change the clocks and fallback as we head toward early sunday morning. we are expecting a drop off in numbers as we head toward the weekend. we are looking good over the next few days. we are joined with the look at the stories were working on. a scary story involving children. >> something we've heard about before. adults pretending to have a missing dog. in one city a man uses dog to do just that. coming up, the warning from police as the man took this scam one step further. a farmer looking to make
4:51 pm
money off of marijuana. >> he's hoping for a new cash crop. marijuana can be the profitable way forward. we will see you here in a few minutes. . we will highlight the effort underway across the country to help kids with food allergies this halloween.
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nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you. by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. at bass pro shops and cabela's. with big savings on flannel for the whole family. and save %50 on this masterbuilt digital control smoker. now under $150. trick-or-treating can be
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pretty tough for children with food allergies. there is an effort this halloween to make teal pumpkins show safe treats for all children. >> lollipops are so yummy. >> reporter: dressing up for halloween is a longtime tradition as is going door-to- door asking neighbors for candy. trick-or-treating may not be as fun for kids with food allergies. that is for the teal pumpkin project comes in >> a lot of times they cannot participate. >> reporter: placing a teal pumpkin outside your door means you will provide nonfood treats for trick-or-treaters. run by the research and education organization it suggests giving away small toys, stickers, but why teal? >> it is a nationally recognized color for food allergies.
4:55 pm
taking part in the teal pumpkin project doesn't mean you have to stop passing out candy. the group recommends putting food and nonfood treats in separate bowls and giving trick- or-treaters a choice of which one they would like to take. >> they are so prone to touching something and maybe touching their mouth. there are other ways to let families know you're providing allergy friendly goodies as well. you can print out where you can add your home to an interactive map showing where new nonfood treats can be found. >> children with food allergies are left out of a lot of activities. they can have a more enjoyable halloween. there's a new exhibit in los angeles that features the late johnny cashes prison concerts. these performances
4:56 pm
solidified him as the out locking. they are on display at the grammy museum. the exhibit will run through february of 2019. >> he's got a lot of fans. that does it for us. i am a family man.
4:57 pm
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a man uses a prop to lure kids into his truck. that prop was a dog that he let run away so he could then pretend that it was lost. >> dogs are cute, cool and loveable and it's definitely an easy way that predators can use to lure a kid. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we heard about adults trying to lure children by pretending to have a missing dog, asking kids to help them find a puppy. but police say in one east bay town, a man is taking that scam one step further releasing a real dog to try to
5:00 pm
lure children. our crime reporter henry lee is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: this is a variation of a stranger asking a kid help to find a dog. there was today dog in this case and now albany police are urging people to be careful. reporter: albany police say a man may have used his dog as bait, his target unsuspecting children. it happened on monday morning. two girls saw a group of people trying to catch a loose dog and a man took the dog by the collar and let it go. >> est seen releasing the dog and that the girls -- he was seen releasing the dog and that the girls helped try to capture the dog. >> reporter: they saw the same man again, this time in a vehicle. >> then he later got in the truck and followed them and asked them to get into his truck. >> reporter: the girls said no and he drove away. a few minutes later the same man drove up to the girls a block away and spoke to them again. >> the second incident he said, hi, girls,


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