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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 2, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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fired. good morning, this thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2", friday, november 2nd, i'm pam cook. >> and you look beautiful in red. >> we have our red. >> and we're wearing red for a reason. >> remembering everyone deployed. >> and steve paulson, the weather. >> we had records set in gilroy, it was 90 degrees, my goodness. the fire weather watch has been posted if today into saturday. we're picking up with the winds out of the north, northeast. high pressure is toppling in again. there's not much of a change, there's a northerly component in some of the higher elevations, that's what we're dealing with, berkeley is at 60 degrees, 65 in wood acre, 60 in cloverdale, there are a couple
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of locations on the cooler side. portland, and rain not here, high pressure and warm temperatures again, 70s and 80s. sal is here to tell us things are quiet, i hope? >> they are quiet, this is a good start for a friday and hopefully on friday, we're going to continue our tradition of light volume, it looks pretty good here, as you can drive out of the altamont pass, there is road work they're picking up right there on 205, where they're picking up the cones and that has an effect on traffic. give yourself extra time, otherwise 580 looks good getting out to livermore, there is slow traffic getting in and and out of livermore in both directions, this is a look at interstate 880 and oakland. we're off to a nice start. no major issues here at the oracle arena and the bay bridge it is light. back to you at the desk. we're learning about a
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police chase to oakland. the chase ended at 22nd avenue and international boulevard. the suspect was armed and wearing body armor. and cayce tells us what happened after the crash. >> reporter: the worst were shattered -- the windows were shattered after bullets hit the vehicle. >> the caller said the suspect came hereafter he was shot multiple times by police. he shown up in front of the callers house and the man was parked with an arsenal in his vehicle. >> he was heavily armed with rifles, assault weapons, a handgun, and that he was fearful and he let our officers
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know that. >> when officers arrived and took tactical positions, the man took off triggering a 30- mile chase at 100 miles per hour at times and once on city streets. >> we have reports that the suspect did fire at our officers during the pursuit. >> bullets flying, and when it ended with a crash, other vehicles got tangled up. this dad got a call from his daughter, the next thing she was a witness to an officer- involved shooting. >> you're looking at it right now. >> yeah, yeah. >> you have to be relieved that she's okay? >> yeah, thank you. >> not until he was able to get beyond the police tape and close enough for a hug that he could relax. >> there's a heavily armed suspect with assault weapons. >> police admit it's not common to chase a suspect into another county. it's not rare either. it's a choice officers have to make in the moment weighing the
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risks. >> it's dangerous and so is the person with assault rifles and pistols, it's a decision the officers have to make. have to make. new details this morning on a three-year-old boy shot in his family's east oakland home. the boy's father wars charged with felony child abuse being an ex fell on in possession of a gun and criminal firearm storage. according to the criminal complaint, 29-year-old kevon page said a gun was hidden on top of an entertainment center and his son must have climbed up and got his gun and shot himself. and the reports came in halloween night it, turned out that the l.e.d. lights showed an image of fire inspired by lord of the rings for halloween. the call prompted a full
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response, two truck companies and a battalion chief, that's what they saw. the crew gave the all clear shortly after they arrived. the 49ers won 43-3 in the game against the raiders. the raiders get ready to move to las vegas. the police were everywhere at levi stadium this fight was posted on social media with two people who were wearing 49ers clothing. they through punches. they said they're going to miss the clash between the 49ers and the raiders. >> levi stadium filled up fast
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with people doning silver and black and black and gold. >> it's okay, raiders. >> we have bay love here. >> 9ers and raiders fans we're here having a good time tailgating and drinking, it's a blast. >> these people flew in from indiana. >> we saw them. >> only to be reminded by this raider fan who won the last time in 2014. >> who got the title in the last four years, that would be raiders. >> this could be the last battle of the bay with the raiders moving to las vegas. >> everybody was angry, everybody is sad, this stadium could have been shared by both teams. >> fans enjoying every minute while they can, sharing in the misery, both teams have losing records. >> both teams crappie going at it at the end of the year.
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>>. >> i'm very nervous, this is when they could shine. >> and shine he did leading the 9ers to an easy victory inside and outside heightened security. this he don't meet in preseason for a reason, past violence, two men were shot and another man beaten last season. one bike officer said there are three times more security than a regular game. a regular game. >> this woman brought her children and friends to take part in history. many fans say they'll miss the camaraderie, they'll head to las vegas if they have to, but they'll miss the battle of the bay. some the buzz about the game involves what happened before the kick off. one of the 49ers cheerleaders took a knee during the national anthem.
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the rest of the cheerleaders were standing. that cheerleaders' back was turned, we don't know her name while she kneeled, no players protested during the anthem. gavin newsom and john cox will be in san diego today. they'll hold a town hall in palm springs. both cox and gamp you in some are continuing their statewide campaign bus tours. with the balance of power at stake, democrats and republicans are pulling out all of the stops to get people to the polls. volunteers here in the bay area are working to get out the vote. >> reporter: motivated and mobilized, volunteers gathered
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at a marin area where they're hopi to get out the vote effort. >> for the first time she took vacation days to volunteer. >> it's important to volunteer here, i've taken off work to do more texting and get out the vote. >> republicans feel the stakes are high and are planning their own weekend get out the vote list. >> we're doing a lot of phone banking to get the republican vote out on this important election. >> the midterms have become a battle on the national values and what direction the country should take. they need to -- democrats need to take 23 seats for the senate and 2 for if the house. and president trump will make stops in 8 states to reduce republican candidates. in missouri thursday, he pumped up supporters josh hawley who
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is in a tie with mccaskill. and joe biden stumped for mccaskill. >> you get a vote and you get a vote. >> and oprah winfrey showed up for stacey abrams who is running for governor. >> i believe everyone should have the right to vote their values and vote your conscience regardless of the party. >> vice president mike pence also in georgia reminded voters of the president's agenda. >> we'll build that wall and secure that border. re that border. now, we will be covering all of the major local and national races on election night. our coverage starts tuesday night on the ktvu plus, then join us wednesday morning, mornings on 2 with all of the overnight developments and the updated results, there are a lot of close races, wednesday morning, we'll be important and
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busy. >> the tomb 4:10, investigators are searching for a missing girl from oakland. the reason they think she could be a victim of human trafficking. and the airbag problems with toyotas, coming up. oyotas, coming up. and if you're on the road right now or soon, i should say, probably at home now,, but if you are going to leave soon, 80 westbound is moving nicely, the traffic is looking good, all of the way to the maze. it's a rather warm day, gilroy had a record high of 90 over my shoulder. we'll see what's in store for the friday forecast. ♪
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without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 4:14, today in miami, the suspect in the mail bomb case is due in court. cesar sayoc is facing five federal charges including mailing an explosive or threatening former presidents, and the prosecutors are expected to present more evidence, the lawyers asked and received more time to prepare their case. investigators believe that mailed at least 15 packages containing homemade pipe bombs to prominent democrats and critics of president trump. and a rights group is suing
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behalf of the central american migrants seeking asylum in the u.s., they're helping border patrol agents dealing with the arrival of the migrants now hundreds of miles away from mexico. the president is violating federal law by not allowing the migrants to apply for asylum in us, when asked by reporters, he suggested that the troops could fire on the migrants if there is a clash at the border. >> they want to throw rocks at the military, the military will fight back. when they throw rocks like they did at the mexico military police, i say consider it a rifle. >> president trump says he plans to sign an executive order next week that could lead to large detention of migrants at the border. a funeral will be held in pennsylvania for one of the 11
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victims of the mass shootings at the synagogue. rose mallinger, 97-year-old will be laid to rest. and the simons were married more than 60 years ago in the same place where they died. family members and friends also paid respects to 65-year-old richard gottfried, he was a dentist who shared a practice with his wife peg. >> he was a good man and left too early. i don't understand what's in these people's minds who do these maps murders and these massacres. new the accused robert bowers has pleaded not guilty. he told police, he wanted all jews to die. bowers has requested a jury trial. the prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. and toyota is recalling 1 million vehicles worldwide to fix airbag problems.
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the recall is calling scion cars from 2004-06. systems could deploy inadvertently. owners will be notified in december and toyota would not say if the problem has caused any crashes or injuries. we'll be watching apple stock this morning after the company reported 4th quarter earnings, it met expectations and it missed shipment of iphones and it took the a 7% drop yesterday, and it took it down its $1 trillion cap. cell phones are more expethey b practice. >> it was not expected, they were expecting the higher numbers and stock to go up. we'll watch that. lets friday
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morning traffic. >> that sounds good. >> friday morning. northbound 101, we'll start in gilroy and take a look at your gilroy supercommute and it looks good here as you drive up to interstate or drive up highway 101 all of the way up to interstate 880, into san jose, it looks good with no major issues as you drive into the valley. i see road work, you're not seeing major delays. we're looking at the valley nevertheless. traffic is looking good. hopefully this morning, we'll continue with the light volume that we normally have. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is light. it doesn't get going, e until 5 4:18, lets bring steve paulson in here. >> hold on, saokay, steve paulson. >> thank you, sal, always a pleasure. my gosh, in gilroy, if you were there yesterday, it was hot.
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it was, it was 90 degrees on november 1st h that's what was for the life of me, i think santa rosa set a high, they went up to 88 degrees, the record was 82. so, i think there's another record there as well. the old record was 86 and yesterday it was 90 degrees. now, we look ahead. what do we find? an offshore event that will kick in late tonight into saturday, northeast bay hills, we have to watch for good gusts at 50 miles per hour. see how the system is over the ridge and drop down in the inner mountain region, and it's rain from the great lakes to the deep south to florida. what do we get, we get a few high clouds, it looks like less than that today. there's slight breeze, nothing yet, it's kind of kicked in. it's calm out there. 40s, 50s and 60s, berkeley 60s degrees, half moon bay is down to 51 50 out by the
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concord pavillion, it's running cooler, martinez is 60 degrees and 59, very mild and warm, this time of the morning. 54 sacramento, and 55 degrees and rain did make it up in portland and seattle. someone is getting rain. nothing for us here. occasionally higher clouds, high pressure says i'm sticking around for a couple of afternoon or going into the week, it will be warm this afternoon, there will be minor cooling, so temperatures still above average, we'll see more lower 80s and 70s instead of the upper 80s and 90 degrees for tomorrow. we'll bump it up a logical bit. it looks like it will be about the same here. there's not a lot of change going into the weekend, very quiet, but certainly dry, you guys. all right, steve, thank you. the time is 4:20, putting out flames while preserving the environment. the new dutch product on
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display in the bay area. local firefighters seem impressed. >> first, another day searching for victims in a deadly plane crash, what investigators learned overnight.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms open books,eltersversi, and strict accountability measures y goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party,
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", this morning we're learning more details about the lion air ashed off indonesia. it crashed.
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the va sea moments after take off. it reported the problem was resolved, it had a problem when it took off, and the problem on monday, it made a return to base request. it had highly erratic speed and altitude after take off. the search continues for the plane's fuselage. and the google walk out, there may be more demonstrations if google doesn't change how it handles sexual harassment in the work place. they walked off their job in mountain view, leaving their desks and cubicles and gathered in the quad area of the campus. it's in response to reports that google executives accused of sexual misconduct left the company with exit packages worth tens of millions dollars. >> this was the $90 million
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straw that broke the camel's back. >> i've had friends get hurt and had their career destroyed. >> they want to end inequality among men and women and eliminate the policy of forced arbitration of sexual harassment and discrimination, it's looking at the ideas of employees and they want to improve company policies and procedures. >> workers at dozens of google officers around the world took part in the one day walk out. this is what it was like in manhattan and new york, there were similar demonstrations in boulder, colorado and kirkland wash in offices of asia, london as well. and the first drug for cannabis has befor
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sale in the u.s., it's the oral solution with cbd, it is derived from the cannabis plant, but does not make up high. it's to treat people with severe forms of epilepsy, and seizures. and people living with hiv, the mayor london breed announced that the centers for disease control is funding the city's opt in project. the grant will provide $2 million per year over four years, the goal is to improve the overall health for people living with hiv by addressing gaps in services available to them. one east bay city where the crime in robberies and assaults in berkeley. and shattering records across the country, the amount of money being generated in campaign donations going into the midterm election. on the road on the east bay so far so good, we take a live
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look at interstate 880, it's moving along nicely here, the traffic here as you pass oracle arena. it's a quiet pattern, that's warm for sure. we have 90 for one. we'll look at what's in store for the weekend. it really is about who you know. linkedin makes it more accessible to people like me who wouldn't have those opportunities otherwise. it's been a great way for me to just reach out and have conversations. i've gotten to link up with some pretty cool people. am i saying it well, l'chaim? l'chaim. maybe you're making merry. l'chaim! or maybe you're making cocoa. don't spill it. maybe you're with the family you got. (all) ooh! or maybe the one you've chosen. it's culture salad. maybe there's lights... there's definitely lights. maybe there's one less this year. or maybe one more. (singing) our holidays don't all look the same. and maybe that's what makes us great.
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make the dream yours. ikea. getting back on my feet was hard.tary, i've gotten a lot of help off linkedin. there's, uh, transitioning veterans group. i've had a number of people be like, "hey man, i've been where you're at. you can do this."
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2, friday morning, november 2nd, i'm dave clark. >> thanks you for waking up with us, steve also awake and ready. >> excuse me, i'm sound asleep already. we are indeed on a friday, it was hot, i do believe santa rosa and september rosa airport was a record, it to me. gilroy was 90 degrees, oh, my gosh, the old record was 86. wa
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a red flag warning is in place, and will be until sunday morning. this will dive down and pick up moisture and will give everyone rain except not here. high clouds, and a carbon copy, maybe cooler. low 50s, los altos hills, 63, pacifica 56 and belmont 57. seattle and portland has rain hang around except for day-to- day changes it will be yesterda back up on the weekend. 70s and 80s again. 4:30 in the morning, salon a friday, we're looking at the supercommute, maybe g else. >> hear that


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