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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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issuing a challenge to the poll cisco of president trump. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox news starts now. >> a big night for politickings as democrats win enough seats to regain the majority in the house of representatives while the republicans add to their majority in the senate. >> here in california gavin newsom defeated john cox to become california's next governor. here is the latest vote count. newsom with 57% of the vote, john cox with 43%. >> heather holmes is at the victory party. >> reporter:lt. governor is set to become the
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40 governor of california. he took to the stage to thank supporters and star and he also used his victory speech to stand up against the trump administration saying that california is not only a state of resistance but a state of results. >> it's a state where, you know, we don't criminallize diversity. we celebrate diversity. we don't reject, we protect the most vulnerable. we don't put profit and loss ahead of clean air. we don't put profit and loss ahead of clean water and clean coastlines. we don't regulate a woman's body more than we regulate assault weapons. we don'tde mean, we don't discriminate and we don'tde move raleighlize. we don't separate families and we don't lock kids in cages.
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>> reporter: newsom emphasize thad california is a state for everyone, where everyone is welcomed. he was joined on stage by his wife and three of their four children. a campaign spokesman said it was going to be tough to get all of the four kids to stay up late but they didn't want them to miss out on daddy's big night. newsom's victory was no big surprise. he was a consistent front runner and he continues the blue wave here in california astate that's been veried by a democrat-- governed by a democrat. >> newsom's challenger, businessman john cox, conceded the race. >> i consider myself very proud that we highlighted the incredible struggle that the people of this state have had
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for years under the people that are running this state. we identified the needs of these people, the fact that they can't afford housing, they can't afford gasoline, they can't afford the base six of life. let me tell you, this republican party will be back in this state. >> appealing the gas tax and affordable housing were two of the issues john cox ran on. taking a look at the race for lt. governor, eleni kounalakis has the lead over ed hernandez. kounalakis with 57% and hernandez with 43%. >> the big story is the shift of pow never the congress. the house is in the hands of democrats and republicans have
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regained control of the senate. >> reporter: while a lot of the attention is focused on california, we've been tracking everything on the monitor tonight. we want to begin with the balance of the power in the house. looks as though the democrats have it. so far 203 votes. tate needed 25 and reans only have 187. president trump called the aide of nancy pelosi congratulating them. on the senate side needing 51 and the republicans got 54. they were able to flip four seats. that's where we stand now in the senate, republicans retaining control. let's look at the net gains for the night n.the house 25 so far for the democrats.
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4 for republicans. we're waiting for more to come in. on the republican side, florida, north dakota, indiana and missouri, they were able to flip that. >> brooks, thank you. >> there were big upset on both sides of the isle today. >> jenna is live with deta >> janna. >> reporter: voters have decided on a significant split of power. republicans taking the senate and democrats taking the house. california's congressional races could widen the margin. two key races are in california's congressional district 10.
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51% to 49%, still too close to call. in district 50 hunter going up against the democratic challenge issue, 54 to 46%. again, we're waiting to find out the final results. all of this coming in the larger context of a very tight race nationwide. >> reporter: big smiles for congressional democrats as early election results show them taking back control of the house. >> thanks for watching news 10. remember, between broadcast you can head over to for thanks for watching news 10. remember, between broadcast you can head over to show. >> today the american people have spoke on the restore that vision. this new democratic majority will honor the vision of the founderrings. >> this has proserren to be anything but. voters in conservative states
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gave republicans victories. mike braun beat the democrat incumbent, joe donnelly nindiana. >> we have a rare opportunity to make things happen none washington, d.c. >> reporter: in missouri, democratic senator lost to a republican. kevin kramer won the senate seat beating democrat heidi heitkamp. >> reporter: senator ted cruz beats out beto o'rourke. >> texas came together behind a common sense agenda of low taxes, low regulations and lots and lots of jobs. >> i was inspired, i'm as hopeful as i've ever been in my
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life and tonight's loss does nothing to diminish the way that i feel about texas or this country. >> and tonight, as you can see from those victory speech, it appears that each party feels like the voters have given them a mandate. >> jan that thank you. >> in new york city tonight voters elected the youngest ever female congressional candidate. 29-year-old democratic socialist, alexandria ocasio- cortez defeated her challenger. this is video of her voting in the bronx. she defeated joe crowley in the primary. she was endorsed by former president, barack obama. >> dianne feinstein is returning to the united states senate for a sixth de leonto ar
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54% for feinstein over de leonwith 46%. tonight feinstein says she's disturbed by how the nation has changed over the years. >> this is a great country and it's been factuallized and triviallized with the rhetoric. we must come together if ever the good of the nation and i think of mankind. thank you for your support. >> senator feinstein will return to a u.s. senate that remains under republican control. >> joining us for analysis, david let me start with you. the day is almost over. kind of a broad stroke ts? >> democratic wave strong,
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great, in terms you live in cal not going to know the extent of democratic gains because there are millions of vote that is have not been counted. we don't really know what's happened in southern california and valley districts. >> as a follow-up, many of those races are 50/50, 50/49. very good point. >> at the end of the day, republicans look like they've taken back control of the house -- >> democrats. >> excuse me, yes, been a long night. republicans hanging on to the senate. will it be a grid lock or will they be able to get things done? >> i hope not. the republicans controling the senate, they have a certain mandate and a set of things they work on including judicial a appointment so they's huge.
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the house doing the people's business. we hope they can get along and we hope the mandate going forward is what we feinstein, l let the better come forward. >> california has a new governor. gavin newsom, how will he be different from jerry brown? >> jerry brown is about lowering expectations. he's been a national figure who has had many political laws. gavin newsom is about looking forward. he's been a pioneer in terms of the civil rights of same-sex marriage. that is difficult as he wants to sell himself in the middle of the country. he is a national figure against the trump administration. can you get thing done and continue the momentum of california? a lead the state of that rests on continuing economic growth
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and power. that is key for him. >> david, brian, thank you for your comments. it's a lot to digest and take in. >> been a big day. the next few days the final results will roll out and we can look at one thing tonight and that is the voter turnout across california is strong. >> great news. >> tens of millions of dollars in campaign money went into the hotly contested state race to determine who would be the next school chief. marshall tuck, a former education executive will be the next state superintendent of public instruction. the political newcomer has a big lead over the democrat utony thurmond. busting move on election night. oakland mayor, libby schaaf, hopes to dance home with an election victory. we'll hear from her live after
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the break. >> san francisco voting tonight on a new tax on businesses to help the homeless in the city. we'll tell you the latest results on proposition 8. >> the bay area will talk about that and what you can expect the rest of the week. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. (music throughout)
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. turning now to the race for oakland mayor where voters chose among ten candidates. >> so far libby schaaf is leading with 65% of the vote. cat brooks 16%, pamela price with 11%. debbie is in oakland with the schaaf campaign tonight and mayor. >> reporter: yes, we're here with libby schaaf as we wait for more return but right now we have the mail-in ballots. everybody is on pins and needles and i know you are too. you're the hostess so you're sticking around but i know your
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husbands went home. >> people want to know the results not just of my race but of many races in oakland. >> reporter: is there a delay in your minds? >> it's like it was four years ago. what's encourages is so many came out the vote this year. i'm happy it's taking long time to count the ballots. it means people got out and care. >> reporter: you're the heavy favorite coming in. how optimistic are you that you wake up tomorrow and you're in for a second term as mayor? >> early returns prove favorable but it's never over until it's over. while i've gotten i'm not
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responding just yet. >> now to stan fran and prop c, the measure to tax big business. prop c is trending toward passage. yes 60%, no 40%. kristin the live at a yes on c campaign event. it appears it's passing christian. >> yeah, the yes on c people have had a lot to cheer about. they took an early lead and managed to hold the lead and extending the lead as the evening went on. the latest results are showing that it's extended a lead. it would impose a half cent tax and projected to raise e the neighborhood of $300 million. the money would go to
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opponents including the mayor say while it t there would be no accountability. many worry it would cost the city job going up on the taxes. if the measure does not hit the two thirds mark it will likely face a legal challenge. >> we're obviously hoping to get to two thirds but if we don't we'll be joining in the struggle with the teachers and the childcare and it's going to the state court who made the decision that the 50% thresh holds is the threshold for a voter initiative. ours is a voter initiative. more people will die which is tragic but in the end we'll
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prevail. >> reporter: in the last 15 minutes we heard from the no on c campaign. they release as statement saying the yes on c campaign failed to earn the two thirds voter support necessary for san francisco to see a penny of the proposition. both sides knew that the two thirds vote was necessary because of the pending litigation from the primary election. we're expecting more results to roll in on television and online. live in san francisco, fox 2 news. >> quick look at two other ballot measures. prop a would allow san francisco to borrow up to $425 million to repair the aging seawall that is more than a
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hundred years old. the san francisco measure to impose new taxes on recreational cannabis businesses is sailing to victory tonight. proposition d will levy a tax on pot shops ranging from 1 to 5%. it will depends on the they're a retail operator. >> california voter consider as number of ballots today. >> andre is here with where some of those stand right now. >> reporter: it appear that is vote evers are not in favor of repealing the gas tax. the measure last year raised the gas tax 20-cents and the money is meant to pay for road repairs across the state. 55% are voting no, 45% voting yes. prop 7, having permanent daylight savings time, many voting in favor of it.
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it would allow the legislature to decide how california's time would be set and congress and the president would go on to approve it. 62% say yes, 38% say no. >> voters are not in favor of the clinic. those who wanted to limit the revenue claim the clinickings were over charges patients that pay out of pocket. >> california rejected arendt control initiative by a wide margin. no votes 64%. this would have allowed them to extend the existing policies. many argue thad the landlords have been are in favor of
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banning animals confine inside small pens and cages. in is the small animal confinement initiative. 59% of the voters say yes, more space.. ha is some of the prop that is californians are voting on. >> it appear that is santa clara county sheriff, laurie smith, has been re-elected for a sixth term as the county's top law enforcement officer. help challenger is john hirokawa. smith with 357%, hirokawa with 43%. this was sheriff smith's first run off race since she was elected in 1998. this was the most contentious election in her 20 years as she face as very determined challenger. >> we wanted to bring forward what the messaging should be
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and how the reform should look like. i think by doing that and exposing, we're hoping it has a positive effect no matter if i win or lose. >> i think i'm optimistic. we have a smart voting electorate. >> hirokawa says he has no plans to concedes. he's waiting for more results to come in throughout the night and days ahead. >> we're checking in on your weather. it was a good looking election day. temperatures warmed up nicely. high pressure was the story. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same as today. upper 70s and low 80s. things start to heat up around here. we have a red flag warning wednesday night into thursday morning. that is for some gusty winds and that's what we've been seeing. seems like every week we've had
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a length flag warning. right now it's down to 46 in nevada, 46 in santa rosa. it's clear and cool and tomorrow morning the temperatures take a plummet. overnight lows, coolest we've seen in some time. when you head out the door you'll notice it. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. no fog at the coast. that's not happening. the sunny and warm stretch could notes right into the weekend. the red flag warning transpires. the high tries too fill in and you get the gusty winds. that is the mechanism that we've seen every week for the
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last month. 7:00 a.m. the red flag warning ends on friday morning. most t intoearly, early thursday morning. these are the forecast highs and cities out there with temperatures in the 70s. mostly upper 60s but lower 70s coast side as well. just a mild warm bay area week ahead. five-day forecast, we'll see you tomorrow night. >> an announcement from the niners. the team now says nick mullens will get the start against the giants next monday night on primetime. scott will have the quarterback's reaction. >> thanks for joining us on election night. the 11:00 news continues in two minutes. when a beautiful picture of san francisco city hall. ♪
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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ . time for sports, i'm scott reese. first place is the best place to be, especially on election night. a win would move the sharkings atop the division hosting the wild in the tank.
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sharks on the attack, burns terrific fmarcus the pass. that is pretty. sharks with a 1-0 heed. 2nd period they're up 2-1. sorenson, 3-1. the wild get two quicklies and they're tied at 3. burns will blast one off the leg, mildde election is all it takes. that's the game winner, sharks take it 4-3. they're 6-2-1. >> college hoops opening night. year three is a critical one for jared. he has a lot of talent. the mission is to get the fans back at maples and get the team back to the ncaa tournament to.
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night was a successful start on both fronts. spin move and two hand flush. another look at the star in the making. cardinals up by two. late in the half apollo again, strong move, spinning, finishing, career high 29 point, 8 rebound, 5 assists, cardinals up. ryan thee and he was fouled. he had five triples, 16 points. davis with the finishing touch, stanford wins 96-74. cardinals have won 29 of openers. >> kyle shanahan's quarterback,


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