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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 7, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PST

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president trump. the democrats are taking back the house for the american people. lets salute our family. and congresswoman nancy elosi will likely beco again, the big wins and losses for both parties. good morning. >> good morning. >> a busy morning for wednesday, november #th. i'm pam cook. >> before we check your weather and traffic with steve and sal, here are the headlines. democrats picked up enough seats to regain control of to house once again after nine years as a minority leader. and gavin newsom is the next governor of california and libby schaaf won overnight for a second term.
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and california rejected prop 6, coming up we'll go in- depth into all of the races and local states and key races across the country. you can see election result totals scrolling at the bottom we'lto steve and the out the beautiful weather predicted. >> it's a quiet pattern here. if you enjoyed yesterday, it's probably not as warm, it will still be in the 70s, almost for everyone here. if there could be patchy fog. we have a slight onshore breeze. sabrina says i'm in the mood for rain, and i'm in the mood for love, none of them are happening right now. at this stage of the game we'll take it day-to-day or week to week and right now it's a quiet week. it's mainly 30s to the north.
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it's a cold morning for some. 30s for many, wood acre is at 1500 feet sitting at 60 degrees, high pressure large and in charge will give you sunshine and warm temperatures for everybody. sal? >> we're coming in hot, i like it. westbound 580, we have slow traffic out there on the altamont pass approach. the tracy supercommute, we have lane blockage for construction and a mourn accident. get on the road as early as possible. if you're driving there, there have been no major issues for the castro valley as you go to the coliseum and the bay bridge toll plaza back to you at the desk. gavin newsom easily defeated his republican the
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vote with john cox getting 41%, as ktvu's heather holmes reports, gavin newsom has been preparing to be governor for years. >> he's been waiting in the wings for years to become governor, new he's set to become the 40th governor of california. he took the stage at the former l.a. stock exchange to thank his staff and supporters. he also used it as a way to stand up against president trump, he said it's of resistance and election results. >> we celebrate diversity and we don't reject, we protect the most vulnerable. we don't put profit and loss ahead of clean air and clean water and post lines. we don't regulate a woman's
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body more than we regulate assault weapons on our streets [ cheering ] >> we don't demean, we don't discriminate and we don't demoralize, we don't separate families and we don't lock kids in cages. >> he was joined on the stage by his wife, and three of their four children as spokes wo in the campaign. it will be difficult to keep 4 kids away but they didn't want to -- awake, but they didn't want their kids to miss daddy's big night. he continues the blue wave in california, a state that's been governed by a democrat for the 13 of the past 20 years. gavin newsom's challenger, john cox, he says he will see a time when california will not be a blue state.
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>> i consider myself proud that we highlighted the incredible struggle that the people of this state have had for years under the that are running this state. >> his campaign identified the needs of california, he said, affordable housing and cheaper gas and the basics in life. he said the republican party will be back in california. and a democrat has a 12% lead over fellow democrat ed hernandez and tens of millions of campaign money went into the race for school superintendent. >> marshall tuck has 51% of the vote and 49% voted for tone anthony -- tony thurmond're loo
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the secretary of state race with alex pedilla and lex pedilla and those are the numbers in that race, a lot of close races here in california. now, house minority leader nancy pelosi said democrats in the house will use their minority to pursue a bipartisan agenda and president trump called her to congratulate her. doug, can you hear us? r us? >> reporter: we're still waiting for some results to come in. one thing it's clear, we're going to have a new era of divided government here as a congress split right down the
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middle. democrat i can voters have retaken the house of representatives from anger of the president and nancy pelosi can be the house speaker. >> today is more about democrats and republicans, it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. democrats won't be able to pass laws on their own, they'll use their subpoena powers to launch a number of investigations into the white house and the president, and some on the far left will no doubt push to gun impeaching the president. for his part, the president was celebrating on twitter. tremendous success tonight. thank you to all. >> good bless texas. there was good reason for republican relief. they held senate. republican senator ted cruz won
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over desantis beat andrew gillum in florida. and they looked to pick up michigan and wisconsin, georgia was a closely watched state, and the race between stacey abrams and kemp may be a run off. we're showing the usual divides, perhaps the biggest predictor of how someone votes is whether they live in a rural or urban area. doug luzader is covering all of that in washington, d.c. there are dozens of races around the bay area as well. we have up to the minutes results coming up throughout the morning and, you can find the live election results on the front of our home page. the time is now 4:08, the voting process may be over, but election officials across the
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bay area busy counting your votes. we'll show you the latest efforts in alameda county. good morning, we do see traffic off to a decent start today on this wednesday after ecbay bridge traffic looks good. >> the weather looks good, if it looks bad i'll let you know. this week it lookats ures? upper 70s and 80s, we'll take a look.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", we have been monitoring the overnight tabulation in alameda county, there was 70% voter turn youth for that election. 60 cars were lined up outside the registrar's office. this is after midnight, waiting to deliver ballots from the precision, registrar, they had a bit of a slow start, but once the process got under way, everything was running smoothly. >> we'll have to see how many more males we have to bring in and we still have to receive votes up to friday if they're postmaedon elsaid they had a lo line of additional voters but everyone got there on tithe dea
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55% of the vote. her closest challenger cat brooks had 22% and pamela price had 12%, none of the challengers had more than 2% of the vote. and mayor libby schaaf talked about the priority in the second term. >> the problem now is homelessness, i'll be focusing my first hours in the new term with unsheltered residents, listening to them and hearing their needs. >> libby schaaf is the first oakland mayor to win a second term since jerry brown did it 16 years ago. here's a look at the measured w, the vacant property tax, measured w has passed it, would impose a partial tax of between 3 and $6,000 on
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abandoned houses. they're going to reduce blight, to give home openers to paying sure it's in use. 69% voted yes, 31% voted no. now, measure z focuses on hotel employees in oakland it, would require oakland's larger hotels, the ones that have more than 50 guest rooms to pay their employees a minimum wage of $15 and they would have to provide them with panic but tops to help them with sexual assault or other problems. 75% voted yes, and 25% no. and the lone republican legislature has been and katherine baker beat mccann ker beat mccann
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51% voted for baker and 49% to bower kahn r kahn this morning's numbers showed that sheriff smith is beating former undersheriff, john irikawa. it was the first run off for smith. he believes his campaign put a spotlight on the importance of voting. >> we wanted to spring forward, what the messaging should be and how the reform should look like and i think by doing that and exposing what was occurring both in the jail and the enforcement side, we're hoping that has a positive effect, no matter whether i win or lose. >> i'm optimistic, i think i have a real smart electorate in santa clara county and i trust they'll make the right choice. we did everything we could and i think we ran a very smart campaign. one of the top concerns
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facing continues to be jail reform and inmate conditions. and senator dianne feinstein is going back to tshe defeated fellow democrat, state senator, kevin de leon she's held since 1992. she has a 54% to 46% lead. she says she does not like the negative campaign rhetoric and the deep divisions in the country. >> this is such a great country, it's been factionalized and trivialized with rhetoric. we must stop that and come together as the great power we have for the good of the nation and mankind. thank you for your support. >> a news conference from is morning specific time. weeeon results, we'll have that coming up live
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on "mornings on 2". >> i was watching his tweets earlier this morning, wondering if that was going to happen. >> yes. the time is 4:17, sal was elected best in traffic reporting. >> thank you. a chicken in every pot. lets look at the gilroy supercommute, northbound 101, gilroy to san jose, traffic is moving along well. if you're driving through, if you drive up to the west valley, there's been no major issues, there's construction out there, although it's not causing any major delays. we're also looking at northbound 280 and san jose, this traffic looks nice, it's nice and wide open in the west valley. at the bay bridge it looks good. this early morning commute so far has been light. 4: bring steve in. >> thank you, sir. we'll get to it. a warm day yesterday.
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the high temperatures are well above average, they'll come up a couple of degrees, and chris says i don't recognize the bay area climate anymore. >> what do you mean? it's a warm climate. any changes? one day we cool off and it goes to the north and high pressure and the breeze picks up. there was rain in the great lakes yesterday. and things are quiet. it looks busy for those in the morning, from memphis to jackson, mississippi. we see a line this, the rapid city is 11 and business mark, 16, a slug of cold air will plunge south. northern plains, great lakes 40s and 50s, it's cooler for some and warmer for others. it's close for walnut creek and thea. they'lsneak in with upper 30s, a little cooler as well.
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33 in truckee and 40 up here. patchy fog and cooler and sunny and nice. 70s for many and 60s for some. the winds will pick up and the coast will have a warm up here, it looks like it's similar, and there may not be much of a spread here. if looks beautiful the next few days. >> thank you, steve. two of the most beloved american youth programs appear to be headed for a legal show down, the reasons the girl scouts are taking the boy scouts to court.
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welcome back, train services running again in two main cities, after a bomb scare overnight. >> train stations were evacuated it turned out to alar a man saw something in a suitcase, it was a belt buckle shaped like a hand grenade. we're learning about the deadly shooting earlier this year. the gunman albert wong entered the building carrying a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle. he took several people hostage before releasing all, but three
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victims. he acted alone in the killing of dr. jennifer gonzalez who was 7 months pregnant and dr. jennifer golak and the executive director kristin lopber. and the man who is a caused of sending pipe bombs to president trump's critics, will be in the court and will have a preliminary hearinannounced new evidence against him including dna linking him to 10 of the devices research on the devices. if convicted, cesar sayoc faces 50 years in prison -- nearly 50 years in prison. a bullet grazed an officer's head during a stand- off. police were called to the deer field drive where a fight broke out between neighbors. police say a man pulled out a
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gun and fired a shot at one of the officers, that officer suffered minor injuries ased. the suspect barricaded himself in a home. that area was evacuated while law enforcement tried to negotiate with the man, he later about 5 hours later. he's being held now at the contra costa county detention center at several charges. and a fire in brisbane prompted a smoke warning for people who live and work in san francisco, that fire started at the facility at tunnel avenue yesterday morning. a building containing construction debris. no one was hurt, but the fire department issued an advisory to close the windows and doors to cut down on the exposure to that smoke. and fire and crews pulled out a two-alarm fire in bay point. it destroyed two abandoned homes and destroyed two started
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gibson avenue. pg&e was called out to secure a gas line. it took 30 men's to get it under control. no one was hu. and e under investigation. the girl scouts are suing the boy scouts for trademark infringesments and boy scouts changed to scouts bsa and the girl scouts said it will damage the brand and confuse families, the boy scouts responded in a statement, there's an opportunity to have the boy scouts to serve boys and girls in the communities. they're reviewing the lawsuits. with the san francisco giants will introduce the new man in charge. zaidi accepts the offer to be a
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lead the giants in the baseball operations. one of his first jobs was writing a fantasy baseball column for the sporting news. they'll hold a news conference at 1:00 and they'll be talking about the future of the team. and there will be a two game within streak, the sharks got a 2-goal lead thanks to goals by two of the players. minnesota tied the game in the third period with two goals just minutes apart. the shakes scored the winning goal late in the third, brett burns, his play was by goodrow. and the next play is against the stars. and they approved prop 6,
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what voters decided when it comes to prop 6. you can 80 westbound looks good so far brighting through berkeley ading to macarthur maze, we'll tell you about the morning commute and slow spots as well. >> it's very calm, quiet and warm, this time of the year, well above average, we'll tell you if there is any change on the extended outlook.
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2, it's the middle of the week, the day after election day, wednesday, november 7, eight dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. a busy morning on 2, stay with us, steve is covering weather, it's not so busy. we had red flag warning. >> no winds. >> it might be a little bit
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starting tomorrow. >> the coast looks like it will warm up, a very quiet week, if we enjoyed the weather, it's warm, a good 15 degrees, for some above average, any hope for rain on the 18th. >> there's not much hope, maybe the 23rd, late 22nd and 23rd, it's so far out. i wouldn't put much in the way of hope for that. >> we'll scoot through and late tonight, that's when the wind coast looks nice going forward after today. >> 30s, 40s and 50s, we'll get 30s, and not clear again, maybe patchy fog, half moon bay, 41 standard, wood side and los altos and quiet in the pacific northwest, it's cooler today and still well above average on the high, 70s for many. >> sal is


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