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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 7, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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california's new governor claims victory and uses his victory speech to criticize president trump. and democrats take back are the house for the first time in 8 years and they are celebrating wins in the senate. and there's a fire that has forced two people being rescued. what led to the incident. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. we bring with breaking news out of washington, d.c., it was announced that attorney general jeff sessions has submitted his resignation to president trump. he's live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, in the last 15 minutes, attorney general jeff sessions submitted his resignation letter to the white house today. the attorney general has endured more than a year of stinging and personal criticism from the president, mostly over his recusal from the investigation into potential coordination between russia and
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the trump campaign. the president asked for his resignation. >> we're pleased to announce matthew g whitaker to attorney jeff sessions as the department of justice will be our new acting attorney general of the united states, serve our country well. in another attorney, we thank attorney general jeff sessions for his service and wish him well. a permanent replacement will be nominated at a later day. and the attorney general is one who played football in iowa. he served as a u.s. attorney during the george w. bush administration. the president hold an hour long press conference about an hour or so and never mentioned sessions resignation. we'll stay on this and give you more information on this show and have the latest coming up at 4, 5 and 6. this morning, president
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trump declared a victory for republicans, in the midterm election in a combative and wide ranging news conference from the white house. >> we did this in spite of a very dramatic fundraising disadvantage driven by democrats wealthy donors and special interests and a very hostile media coverage to put it mildly. the media coverage set a new record and a new standard. >> and throughout the news conference we brought you live on the 9, he told several to sit down and calling cnn's white house correspondent a rude terrible person. and he called the midterms an incredible day with republicans winning more seats in the senate. he briefly mentioned democrats regaining control of the house and nancy pelosi is confident she'll be elected to be the speaker of the house and she
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said she'll be the best person for the job and they're going to look for bipartisanship. >> we believe we have a responsibility to seek common ground where we can, where we cannot, we must stand our ground, but we must try and so openness and transparency and accountability, bipartisanship, a very important part of how we'll go forward. >> this morning, president trump tweeted in all fairness, nancy pelosi deserves to be chosen as speaker of the house by democrats, and if we give her a hard time, perhaps we'll give heroin votes, she deserves this honor. and senator feinstein is going back to the senate. she defeated kevin de leon to keep the seat she's had since 1992. senator feinstein said she doesn't like how the country is deeply divided. >> this is such a great country
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and it's been fractionalized and trivialized with rhetoric. we must stop that. we must come together as the great power that we are for the good of the nation and i think of mankind. thank you for your support -- with democrats regaining control of the house of representatives, the political landscape in washington looks devon this afternoon. ktvu ray is live with a look at the impact this is expected to have. >> reporter: so not too long ago, jon tester in montana claimed victory, that makes it 46 democrats and 52 republicans in the senate, we have still two more races to go, one in arizona where it's too close to call and another in mississippi where there is going to be a run off election on november 27. the democrats have a new majority in the house, and it could get bigger, depending on results of races still too
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close to call. while republicans in the senate are set to pick up at least 3 seats. the question now, will the two sides be able to work together and pass bipartisan legislation. >> we had big differences over things like taxes and judges, there were plenty of things we did together, there's no reason that would stop simply because the house becomes democratic you, in a series of early morning tweets, the president was quick to claim victory and credit and framing a big win for republicans, saying, quote, those who work with me and embracing policies and principles did well. those that did not say good- bye. yesterday was such a big win and all under the pressure of a nasty and hostile media. and they're warning people not to investigate him further saying republicans will retaliate in the senate. democrats want to make the next
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two years more than obstruction, but they won't be intimidated. >> this is around issue, we'll protect people with pre- existing conditions not because they're democrats or republicans, but because they're americans. now, we are talking about the house and the senate. the democrats got control there are races too close to callment we'll have to wait to see what the exact majority will be, the democrats will hold on. what is the leadership role going to be. nancy pelosi says she wants to be speaker and who knows who will be the house majority whip. you have two for the house minority leader for kevin mccarthy and jim jordan. we'll see what happens. those party election also come up in the next week for republicans and in about a not for democrats. and gavin newsom is now the
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governor elect. he defeated businessman john cox winning more than 50% of the vote and his acceptance speech focused not on john cox but another opponent in office. >> there was a frequent topic on the campaign trail for gavin newsom and it was the running theme of his victory speech. >> it's time to roll the credits on the politics of chaos and the politics of cruelty. now, it's time to go far and go together. now, is the time for decency, for facts, for trust and now is the time for truth. he declared victory in the race for california governor after the polls closed last night. he won nearly 60% of the vote, he benefited from california voters dissatisfaction of president trump and republicans in congress. the survey conducted with fox news, they believe the country
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is headed in the wrong direction. a majority of california voters 7 in 10 had a negative view of president trump, and they tapped into it. >> we don't criticize diversity we celebrate diversity. we don't reject, we protect the most vulnerable, we don't put profit and loss ahead of clean air, we don't put profit and loss ahead of clean water and post lines, we don't regulate a woman's body more than we regulate assault weapons on our streets [ cheering ] gavin newsom got his start in politics by being appointed to the board of supervisors by willie brown. he rose to national prominence by being one of the first mayors in the country to recognize same-sex marriage in 2004. he will govern the entire state. concentrate on construction of
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affordable housing and expand programs for low income children and he has to tackle problems like homelessness and affordability in the state issues that john cox tried to highlight during the campaign. >> we identified the needs of these people, the fact that they can't afford housing, they can't afford gas lean, they can't afford the basics of life, and let me tell you, this republican party will be back in this state. in this state. >> but not at the statewide level, at least in the for the next four years, gavin newsom will take office january #th taking over for jerry brown. now, out of developing news out of the south bay, jessie joins us from the scene, and the del mar neighborhood near san jose. they are telling you an argument led to this fire?
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>> that's right. firefighters are here in mop up operations, they're pulling hoses, they're making sure nothing ignites during the rest of the day as arson investigators are trying to figure out the exact cause, it started with the couple's fight that escalated into domestic violence. >> the neighbors got into an argument. >> i heard all of this argument. he said he was going to kill her, and i looked through the window and the apartment was on fire. >> san jose firefighters responded at 9:00 with a column of smoke rising. and one unit and a grouping of 8 units were on fire. this woman grabbed her cellphone and recorded firefighters to rescue one woman from the top floor of an apartment next to the ignition site. >> i was crazy, i thought i was
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going to lose the house, apartment, they were going to lose everything. >> fire officials say a quick response to the two-alarm blaze, prevented the blaze and allowed them to rescue the woman and pets preventing loss of life. >> this is what we train for, we communicate on the way in what the situation is, our dispatch told us there were people stairs, we're in rescue mode, and that means our first priority is life and saving people's lives. >> and the woman the firefighters saved, she we talked to her a few minutes ago she is okay and so is her dog. that was man inside the man burning, he was able to get himself out and was taken to the hospital with significant injuries, that's how it's been described, and he's been put on a 72-year-old hold for evaluation. >> arson investigators are working the scene, the red cross here because two units
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are uninhabitable and the others are okay. we'll have more coming up later today. ter today. still to come, breaking down measures on california's ballot, how many people voted last night on some of our state's most pressing issues. >> after the break, a red flag warning set to go into effect, we'll check in with our meteorologist with the latest on the conditions we can expect out there. there's a controversial tax on big business to pay for homeless tax in san francisco, how london breed is responding to proposition c you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california.
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. they have approved proposition c to fight homelessness in the city. they want to consider the homelessness problem, they think it's the biggest issue facing it san francisco. >> companies earning more than $50 million in revenue will be taxed to pay for homeless programs, we have more on the story. >> reporter: it had solid support with voters passing with 60% approval. it's projected to be raised 300 million for homeless programs. now, that is the most money a city has directed to homeless programs ever, prop c approving taxing big businesses and a .5% in gross receipts, it will be double the amount spent on the
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city's housing, it earned support from sales force, with the ceo supporting his own campaign. and the head of the city and mayor london breed said her role now will be bringing the different stake holders together. >> it's clear the voters have spoken, there's no doubt that we all want to address this issue, we all want to see more funding happen for helping people who are sadly speaking on the street. it's about identifying locations, identifying and going through the process to make sure we're able to provide the capacity to meet the need and focusing on regional approaches to addressing this issue, because this challenge around homelessness is not just about san francisco alone tweak
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our entire state. >> it's likely that prop c will face legal challenges it, could take months or even years. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. they weighed in on several propositions some affect the finances when we sleep. >> lets break down some of the measures to see how voters weighed in. this is proposition 10, dealing with rent control, the cost of the housing act bans cities and counties to impose rental housing restrictions on homes built after 1995 and single homes. they say they wouldn't limit city and county rent control laws. with the results photos have
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rejected proposition 10. 62 voting against and 38 voting in favor. they say it would put fair and you'll limits and they say it will make it worse and put bureaucrats in charge of housing. and a $billion -- and a billion dollar measure for assistance for low income families and veterans, 54% voted yes while 46% voted no. those 4 prop vulnerable poppinglations would help for affordable housing and they said bicker solutions are needed to fix the housing shortage. lets go to proposition 2, this would amend the health services act, it would house people with mental illness, the place is called no place like home. they would use mental health funds that exist for proposition 63 for the program. it would be funded through a $2 million that would be paid back
12:19 pm
with revenue from proposition 63. they approved the no place like home act in 2016. the lawsuit held up if the funding, and a majority of california voters approved it. 61% voted yes, and 39% said no. it will offer housing and freemont for those living with mental illness. they say it doesn't address legal barriers, they said it would take billions away from the mentally ill. we're not done yet, by any means. at 12:30 we'll have more information on the state's proposition 6, 7 and 8. fire danger will high in the areas in the hills because of gusty winds and dry conditions that we're experiencing, the red flag warning will be in effect until at least friday morning. now, because of this fire danger, pg&e is notifying customers in parts of 9 different california counties
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that the utility will shut off the power because of the chance of wildfires, it could include napa, lake and placer county. pg&e is sending out automated phone calls and textses and alerting it customers, pg&e shut off power last month to 60,000 customers because of similar high fire danger conditions. and our meteorologist has gone out far into november looking for rain? >> we can't pinpoint a day yet, to talk about a real rain chance in the bay area. last week we had two who have shore events that set the stage for high fire danger. the biggest day that has the highest concern will be on thursday. here we are, all of the areas shaded in red is a red flag warning for portions of northern california the sierra foothills and closer to the bay area and the east bay hills and north bay hills. the concerns will be ramping out of the north and northeast.
12:21 pm
that's a dry wind that will boost the fire danger. here you go the details, 10:00 p.m. wednesday and tonight, right through thursday until 70 on friday, we could have gusts going up at 40 miles per hour, and it could top 55 miles per hour, this will be a factor, especially as we head into wednesday. here, wednesday night tonight into thursday, here's the forecast, model, winds not bad tonight, 7:00, a look at the brighter colors starting to develop, these reflect stronger winds coming out of the northeast, could you see some of the model locations in terms of the numbers and the numbers are definitely going up throughout the entire day on thursday, typically we're talking about a six to 8 to 12- hour time frame. this is an all day event thursday into friday. we'll scale back on the wind speeds, that's when the warning expires friday at 7:00. here we go the satellite is
12:22 pm
showing you this, all of the energy will be sheered apart and headed to the north. here we have san jose, 71, san francisco 70, with this pattern we're locked in this warm weather pattern, this sunny weather pattern, look across san francisco, that's mount diablo looking at the distance, they'll have the red flag warning kicking in tonight through friday morning. the last rainfall was october 3rd, so far november has been dry, we can say with high confidence, the first half of november will be try and longer than the 15th, something can change now through the next few days, we can't pint point a day with rainfall in the region, there is a system, but all of the injury is falling in the jet stream heading towards nevada, this is setting up the wind event for the thursday's forecast. look at the 70s, a few spots close to 80 degrees, this is at 3:00, here's a look ahead p the
12:23 pm
five-day forecast, we have lots of sunny millions here. the beaches tomorrow, 73 to 74 degrees. typically this time of the year, we can talk about heavy rain, and lots of sunshine and 70s through the weekend. still to come at noon, another hit for customers of wells fargo, the new error that is putting more families out of their homes.
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they're asking riders to commit to riding safely. they're launching an initiative, respect the ride. you need to ride responsibly. the first 25,000 people who sign the pledge online will get a free helmet. they're spending $3 million on the safety plan. the girl scouts are suing the boy scouts for trademark infringements. the boy scouts changed their name to scouts bsa, the girl scouts said it will dark the brand and confuse families. they said there's an opportunity for both organizations to serve boys and girls in the communities. the boy scouts organization is reviewing the lawsuit. the number of homeowners that were i will properly closed on -- foreclosed on in
12:27 pm
2016. they closed homes on homeowners to seek a loan. they improperly denied loan modifications and foreclose on homes. the bank plans to be work out a resolution where each customer and hasn't given details on what it expects to pay in remediation. and stocks are going up. there's been large gains, it's in line with expectations the dow jones is up 2%, gaining 500 plus points right now. a similar percentage increase on the s&p and the nasdaq is close to 2.5% mark. big day. history in the midterm elections. we'll introduce you to the first woman, youngest woman elected to congress and the first gay man elected as governor. and will we pay more at the gas pump, more on the state
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we're following breaking news, attorney general jeff sessions is submitted his resignation to president trump an hour ago.
12:31 pm
he was submitting his resignation at your request. over the past year, the attorney general has endured criticism from the president, reaction is going in this afternoon, and charles schumer said it's paramount that special counsel robert mueller be protected by the new attorney general, the president tweeted that matthew g whitaker jeff sessions chief of staff will be the acting attorney general until a nominee is announced and later confirmed. we continue to follow the results of several statewide ballot measures. and propositions went from daylight savings time to dialysis cap measures. proposition 6 is aimed to repeal the gas tax, the taxes from a 2017 transportation law that designated taxes and vehicle fees for road repairs and public transportation, the majority of voters reject the appeal. here's how the results came
12:32 pm
out. 55% voted no, 45% voted yes. supporters say voting yes would lower gas prices, they argue that the tax was unfair and regressive increase and those against it they say it will eliminate billions for transportation projects. proposition 7 was the one everyone had an opinion on. it was daylight savings time, we could change the period by 2/3 vote. a vote for this would push that effort forward, a vote against would mean california would maintain its current period. voters want the change. 60% voted yes, and 40% voted against. they said the bi-annual time change is harmful for children and seniors, and they said it would be take russ for children going to school and they say the change is unnecessary. and what regulates
12:33 pm
outpatient kidney dialysis treatment. they said revenues would be limited ant they have to have rebates to pay for companies that have dialysis limits. and they voted no that they wouldn't have to pay rebates and 38% voted yes, and 61% voted no. supporters say this prop will invest in patient car and stop overcharging, and they said if it passed it would close clinics in california and close clinics for patients and the results we're seeing now, likely won't change much. a number of measures on the ballot had a number of people talking. frank mallicoat joins us with reactions of voters. >> reporter: california voters had a lot to think about. they elected a new governor and a senate race too.
12:34 pm
how did it go? it depends on which way you lean politically, one thing is, voters came out in droves. democrat and republican, the most impressive thing that happened election day was this. >> did you vote? >> i did. >> record turnout across the country, some to validate the status quo and others wanted a change, they got it in washington. i was happy democrats took the house, i was pleased with that. >> we're going to do the same thing, and government would come to a halt. >> do you think president trump wants checks and balance. >> a little bit, he doesn't think there's a thing as checks and balances. as a fifth grade teacher i teach the constitution, i think he missed that curriculae. and now it's time for going far and going together. >> while most agree the gubinatorial race was a
12:35 pm
foregone conclusion, many were surprised that prop c won by a 60% vote, that's where they detect big business to fight homelessness in san francisco. >> i'm happy because i'm about to start with sales force, so, it was nice to see that they're actually helping the committee and being a part of it. >> if california voters get their way, you'll have to turn back the watch or your clock again. prop 7 sailed through the polls, 365 days a year, there's work to do. it requires a 2/3 approval by the legislature and congress. >> the first regulates itself. this is a really old outdated system, lets just do away with it. it's already dark enough now. >> well, arizona and hawaii don't turn back their clocks, perhaps california will be next in line. if you weren't happy with the
12:36 pm
election results yesterday, you have a long way, november 3rd, 2020 is 735 days away. a little food for you. oakland mayor libby schaaf has been elected to a second term. her closest challenger cat brooks at 30% and the other challengers had 2% of the vote, and mayor libby schaaf told us about her top priority and concerns? >> clearly the most pressing problem is homelessness. i'll baseball focusing my first hours in a new term with our unsheltered residence, listening to them, hearing their needs. >> libby schaaf is the first oakland mayor to win what second term since jerry brown did it, he served as mayor of oakland from 1999 to 2007.
12:37 pm
sheriff laurie smith will serve a sixth term. we see she has 57% of the vote compared to his 43%. this was the first race for laurie smith when she was elected in 1998. she believes the campaign brought the spotlight to the importance of voting. we have more by the history making vote by new yorkers. >> this is why it's possible, when every day people come together in a collected realization that all our actions, no matter how small or how large are powerful, worthwhile and capable of lasting change. 29-year-old democratic alexandria cortez was elected to congress. she defeated a ten term congressman. a record number of women were elected to congress last night. more than 100 women are projected to win seats in the
12:38 pm
house. democratic congressman jared polis will be the first openly gay governor. >> for the equality and pioneers and the generations before me who endured so much hardship and hurt to make it possible for so many of us, myself included, to live and to love openly, and proudly you, polis served in congress for five terms, kate brown identifies as by sexual and jim mcgreevy served in the 2,000. more than 100 women are projected to be in the house. the next house will be a quarter of women. it's 20%, and according to rutgers university, the number of female candidates was the high pest for all elections for state, governor and state level
12:39 pm
seats. people put i voted on susan b anthony's grave. they put it on the woman's grave, she was the first woman to vote. she worked tirelessly in the women's sufficient rage movement and people paid homage and she inspired many generations to come. and three more states legalize marijuana for recreation appal and voters in massachusetts legalized and missouri they voted for it for medical purposes. ten allow it for recreational use. for more on the elections including a live look at the results, head to the san francisco giants have new leadership. the man chosen to lead the operations and the teams he's worked for. lets look at the sunshine
12:40 pm
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temperatures in the low 70s in some places right now. it feels likes winter in san francisco because the holiday weekend is now hope. they broke the ice this morning for the 11th season of that rink. there were special performances by brian boitano and others. it's the most beautiful in the world, it's ranked number 4, it's a pretty high tech effort to keep this ice from melting. >> what we're using is a technology with aluminum panel. it's an inch and a half thick, we can control the temperature of the surface at all times. so, we don't get wet, as you can see the sun means nothing. >> 300 people can skate at one time. it's $18 for children and $13
12:44 pm
for children 8 and under. it's open every day. the capitol is getting ready for the holidays wish the arrival of the state christmas tree. the 60-foot white fir was delivered from reading, crews will decorate with 10,000 ultra low wattage bulbs. and the legend willie mccovey will be celebrated in san francisco. everyone is invited to say good- bye at the at&t park. it starts at 11:30 tomorrow morning. it will include speeches and presentations and members of his family will be there with current and former giants players. he was battling health issues. and those wanting to come are encouraged to take public transportation to the park. and far andsidey is to be
12:45 pm
the new -- farhan zaidi. >> one of his first jobs is writing a fantasy sports column for the bay state news. i thought we would be ice skating in shorts and a t- shirt. >> in the summer it would be cooler to be ice skating with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, today we're talking about 70. it doesn't feel like november here in the bay area, it doesn't feel like a fire danger, we have a high fire danger alert. in fact, here's mount diablo looking at the bay in the distance, lots of sunshine, bay areawide. the red flag fire warning begins tonight thursday into friday morning, the winds accelerate from the north,
12:46 pm
northeast. we could have gusts topping 40 miles per hour relative humidity around 10%, that's the warning time frame, 10:00 p.m. tonight from thursday at 7:00 p.m., the projected wind speeds, we'll keep it on the brighter colors, they if to the wind scale. look at the stronger winds, they develop first thing thursday morning, the winds are coming out of the north and east, this is thursday, 1:00, and then we'll grab the scale back on the wind speeds, probably not until friday, that's when the morning expires friday, at 7:00, this will be a concern with an increase in the fire danger. we had two offshore wind events last week, each one, that develops, that's a big concern, because it continues to dry out, all of the brush out there. here's the satellite showing you this. the storm track is way up to the north, leaving us clear and dry, temperatures right now,
12:47 pm
san francisco 72 degrees, you're ice skating in 72 temperatures right now. here once gun is the camera looking across the bay out towards mount diablo and we're looking for rainfall, it looks like the first half of november, it will be completely dry, most likely longer, we can't pinpoint an exact day, with the high chance of rainfall here. we have a strong stretch in the 70s, look at the upper level winds, they're looking up and over the bay area, this is heading out towards nevada, as it does, this will boost the wind speeds for tonight and into thursday. we're essentially showing you a bunch of 0s, the only thing moving is the clock headed to the weekend and early next week, it looks like a dry weather pattern and a warm one. lots of 70s and a forecast high this afternoon, san francisco
12:48 pm
approaching the mid-70s, gilroy in the upper 70s and mike and gasia, nothing, but sunshine as we head towards the weekend, lots of 70s, maybe some, maybe a little drop off of those numbers beyond sunday into next week, plan on warm temperatures. >> all right, mark, thank you. a colorado man has pleaded guilty to killing his wife and two young daughters. christopher watts pleaded guilty nine times, and it includes a guilty charge for the unlawful termination of a pregnancy since his wife was 16 weeks at the time of her death. he tried to justify his response after they argued over separating. >> i think there was a combination of relief, extraordinary sadness that we had to have that conversation in the first place, and i can only say that i hope there is a
12:49 pm
sense of closure. >> a sentencing hearing is set for later this month. watts could be sentenced with life in prison without the possibility of parole. a body of a mayor who was killed in afghanistan last weekend, he had taken a year- long leave of absence as a job in mayor. and he said his wishes was all of americans to exercise their right to vote. and the body of a mayor is back on american soil after he was killed in afghanistan. he was shot in kabul, it's the second insider attack on american forces in two weeks. his remains arrived at dover air force base in dover early tuesday morning. >> to say that our hearts are anything less than shadowed would be nothing short of true deceit. >> it's fitting that her husband came home on election day. >> a few days before he died,
12:50 pm
the major had praised afghans for years. >> he put it best days ago, when he implored us all, i hope everyone back home exercises their pressures right to vote and whether the democrats or republicans win, i hope we all remember that we have far more as americans that unites us than divides us. >> utah's governor believes taylor's dedication is a example of all americans. >> what's the personification of love of god, family and country. that's a quality we all ought to emulate. what can we do to help our fellow man. >> he stepped down for a year- long deployment in afghanistan and was expected to come home in january. in addition to his wife the major leaves behind seven children. he's the 8th american killed in
12:51 pm
afghanistan this year. jeff paul, fox news. a gruesome discovery in iraq. the united nations says 200 mass graves have been uncoughed. they're in areas formerly controlled by militants of the islamic state. they are believed to be members of a sunni group and bodies that belong to children, the elderly and women. and good samaritans jumped into action to save a life.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
a poll worker along with voters jumped into action in a washington, d.c. polling system, reporter paul wagner has the story. just before 8 after the m, allie was observing inside the polling system when an elderly man got his ticket to vote collapsed in front of her.
12:54 pm
>> we wanted to see if he was conscious when we realized he wasn't conscious, two or three people got down and tried to see what was going on and that's when he stopped breathing. >> as soon as she realized the man needed immediate help, her training kicked in. >> i was just racking my brain, what do i know about this, i've practiced. >> at the 911 center, wood took the call. >> once she put me on speaker phone i was able to initiate and make sure the person was doing it correctly. i was able to see if they were doing on the right pace and depth, i could hear it was being done correctly. >> she heard the man's symptoms and knowing it was a school. she said go get the aed. >> it's straightforward, they decide it, you press a few buttons and it talks to you, so, you know exactly what's going on you, apply pads to
12:55 pm
patient's bear chest, press it firmly to patient's bearskin. >> they applied electrodes and with the directions over the phone, gave the man two shocks. >> he was starting to sit up and wake up by the time we got here. >> and christopher and his crew took over and transported him to the hospital. >> the patient is stable, he was alert. >> it was a great head start. it was support on our end. >> we heard he regained consciousness and that he wants to come and vote, so that was just the best news. >> call taker wood said it worked like a well oiled machine. any celebrities urged people to get/and vote to midterm elections and they posted after they voted, and there was a i voted sticker
12:56 pm
ahead. and there was the i voted sticker at the shirt arranges they voted that it's 100% mosh effective than on the internet. and beyonce wore a at referring to beto for senate and he lost to ted cruz in her home state of texas. jeff sessions is out as attorney general. >> just about an hour ago, sessions delivered his resignation to president trump upon the president's request, we're working to learn about what the move means for the russia investigation and more going forward, full coverage today on the floor. investigators like the results of yesterday's midterm election, the dow jones is up by 550%, gaining well over 2%, the percentage gain is the same and the nasdaq is enjoying a gain of more than 2.5%, a post election bump as we hear
12:57 pm
lawmakers talk about bipartisan for the day. >> thanks for watching everybody. the next newscast is the 4 and our coverage is always online on
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