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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 9, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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trapped in their cars when they tried to escape the flames and they burned to death. >> the fire quadrupled in size overnight. so far 7,000 acres have burned. that's an area more than twice the size of san francisco. the fire is just 5% contained. also, a report filed with the state's public utilities commission by pg&e shows there was a problem with a transmission line just minutes before the "camp fire" started. now, that may have been what sparked the fire but an official cause has not yet been determined. some people escaped paradise and hit the record button on their cell phones and documented the terrifying drive out. flames surroundled them on both sides of the road. the smoke was so thick at times you could barely see out of the windshield. one of the clips of video we received the passenger turned to prayer to get them through safely. >> heavenly father, please help us. please help us be safe.
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i'm thankful for jeremy and his willingness to be brave. >> so that video clip continues for about 30 seconds. they pass a couple of cars, go around a couple of corners and then all of a sudden you see it right there making it through that fire zone and they are safe tonight. >> that is terrifying. this fire started northeast of paradise but was fueled by howling winds and quickly burned right through paradise a city of 27,000 people. the fire has now burned all the way to highway 99 and almost reached the outskirts of chico. we have live team coverage of this fire tonight. we have the latest on the firefight. we start with tom vacar who made it into paradise today and the devastation there very widespread. tom. >> reporter: well, look how dark it is right now. that's because of the pall of smoke all around us. it's incredible how much smoke there is up here right now.
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now, many of the people up in paradise love their town and many of them say that they will be rebuilding. but as we learned from other major fires for many folks, it will be paradise lost. reporter: the speed with which the fires came almost lightning. we found two areas where jars abandoned and people thought it was more wise to run. high up on the skyway some 20 to 30 vehicles were on the side of the road, in ditches and others in the middle of the road. but the worst in terms of total destruction and consequences came in this neighborhood where flames and gridlock among the fleeing vehicles spelled doom. and it was here near the corner of edgewood and pearson that people died in their cars. five people died as fires gave them no chance to escape engulfing their cars.
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the destruction in paradise near total. >> the fire moved very quickly into that area. it destroyed, i think latest report was a couple of thousand structures. >> reporter: while some businesses survived, notably drugstores and auto parts stores, it seems no more than a quarter survived if that. homes fared far, far worse. >> it's very sad because it went from house to house to house. >> reporter: everywhere you look, there's tragedy piled upon tragedy, disaster piled upon broken creeps. -- broken dreams. and occasionally you even see some irony. bitter, bitter irony. this conflagration still has a lot of life left in it with no rain in sight. >> we are still having a very critical rate of spread on this fire. the fire is spotting ahead of itself. so it's pretty aggressive still. >> reporter: by the time the "camp fire" is wrapped up plus the ones in southern california, we will almost
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certainly have racked up the second worst year in california's history for fires. wildfires. but here's the problem. there's still six weeks to go into the year and southern california is known for really big fires in november and december. one big fire and we will rack up the worst year in california's entire history of wildfires. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and take a look at this satellite image from noaa: highlighting the huge petaluma of smoke from the "camp fire" spreading -- plume of smoke from the "camp fire" spreading south to the butte county to the bay area and to the west to the coast. chief meteorologist bill martin was reporting live from the fire lines in paradise last night. he joins us now with more on these conditions. bill. >> the conditions have definitely gotten bet your but they are going to degrade as you get more wind coming in, in the area. so here's the zone up
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around butte county. you see the smoke coming into the region. air quality is bad. it's not going to get better anytime soon. i wanted to show you the current conditions. you can see -- let's go to jarbo gap. 4-mile-per-hour winds, 14% humidity. cool at 59. winds have died down. that's a great help to percent. the winds will come back up. i wanted to show you where paradise is. it interesting and dangerous. this is the feather river canyon. this is the butte creek canyon. right? and on this ridge, between the two canyons, is paradise. we used to get fires on the canyons and put them out. the canyons never caught fire at the same time. as long as i can remember i don't think it's ever happened that way. what happened on this fire is it got up here towards magalia, crossed over to the butte creek canyon and burned down this entire strip of this entire -- almost like a baseball diamond from home
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plate right on down into chico into highway 99. a dangerous place that never experienced a double canyon fire like that. here's the problem. the red flag warning does go back into effect as we get into tomorrow night about 10:00 . it doesn't look as aggressive. any wind is bad wind. so when you see me next, mark will do the weather. then we'll talk about what we saw up there in some of the fire areas. >> thank you. the amount of smoke generated by the "camp fire" has darkened sky so much it's hard to tell what time of day it is. one of our photographers shot this video earlier today in paradise. it was 10 a.m. when he shot it. but judging by the color of the sky, you would think it was the middle of the night. just a crimson sky there. >> yeah. >> for more now from ktvu's
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cristina rendon, she has been up to the fire lines and joins us now. >> reporter: we can tell you that the winds we are experiencing today are nothing compared to how they were described yesterday when those flames were fueled by those fast winds and just completely decimated the town of paradise. we actually drove past paradise today into the little community of magalia. and that's as close as we could get to where the fire is actively burning today. take a look at some of the video we got from law enforcement. this is video taken around 2:00 this afternoon. it is off south park drive in magalia. this is a small community of 11,000 and it's been destroyed by the flames. as we were driving around we could see several smaller fires things like propane tanks and power lines still on fire here. there's just so much devastation. it's really hard for crews to get to everything at this point. they are work the active fire lines as we speak so
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unfortunately, homes are being destroyed still into today. and we caught up with two women who were out here trying to rescue large horses and other animals just doing anything they could to help people they don't even know. >> we were able to get in behind, you know, into an area that had some horses that were standing in a front yard and there were propane tanks exploding and so we got two out. so that was great. but it's completely devastating devastating. >> reporter: and those women showed us the two horses. unfortunately, one of the tails of the horses had been completely singed. they also rescued two cats that were at a mobile home park they said and they were able to get to them. but you can just tell being out here how devastating this "camp fire" has been to these communities of paradise and magalia. 70,000 acres burned. only 5% contained. and we know there are more than 6,000 firefighters out here not just from california but mutual aid is being called
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in from neighboring states, as well. we also understand that cal fire is going to have a briefing tonight around 6 or 7 p.m. they are going to have their meeting and then hopefully give us some updated numbers that we can bring to you by tonight on the ten o'clock news. but driving through the community we saw all of those cars that tom had mentioned earlier. the homes, you can just tell how sad it is. it was really sad just to see how many cars had been hit. people trying to escape, you can only imagine what it looked like and we are here in paradise tonight. this is a car that had been burned behind us. we are inside of a neighborhood on the south end of paradise and there are still small flames still burning little patches of flames if you will. but no crews out here to contain them. >> cristina, we were just asking bill exactly how far magalia there is from paradise where tom was because it's considerably darker behind you than in tom's live shot just five minute>> just a few miles cristina. >> reporter: magalia isn't too
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far from paradise. it's northeast. i would say it's maybe a five- to ten-minute drive but it's really slow to get there now. what would normally be a five- minute drive is taking even longer just because there are so many trucks and equipment trying to get up there trying to get to the active fire line. and it is extremely darker here than it is closer to the highway when you get to clear he could and it's the visibility, um, is -- is very, very low. very poor. and it's just gives you this eerie feeling out here just so, so sad for this community. >> absolutely. thank you. among those evacuating were parents trying to rush their kids to safety. here's what it was like in one dad's car as he drove out with his 3-year-old daughter. >> guess what. we're not going to catch on fire, okay? we're going to stay away from it. we'll be just fine. okay? >> okay. >> we're doing all right. baby, it will be all right ♪.
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look, we're past it out of it, okay? >> yay! >> yay! >> you do it, you do it! >> we did it together. >> that family safe tonight. just seconds later he stepped on the gas and took off as fast as he could. joe allen, that's the man you hear there in that video, was driving his daughter olivia while his wife took their eight-month-old daughter in another car. both made it out safely and check out this picture. to top it off when the family reunited it was time to celebrate olivia's third birthday. they had cake. the family believes they won't have a home to return to. two separate fires are burning in southern california. the woolsey fire and the hill fire are both burning in ventura county northwest of los angeles. more than 100,000 people are under voluntary orders to evacuate collectively though, the two fires burning about 20,000 acres. dozens of homes have been destroyed. we are looking here at live
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chopper video just above malibu. you can see how intense those flames are burning there on the ridge. this is just off the coast. and just to the right of that fire. just to the right of those flames. you will see multi-million dollar homes there right you see some of those homes the pool back there as well, that fire is burning extremely close to homes. it's tearing through that hillside there. and burning through some of the homes there, as well. the woolsey fire has now entered amazing as we mentioned in l.a. county where there are mandatory evacuations and the fire shows as you see here no sign of slowing. it's forced the closure of a stretch of highway 101 in ventura county in both directions. the flames have also destroyed homes in thousand oaks which was the scene of that deadly shooting massacre on wednesday. >> we just told but that. and ahead tonight we'll have new details about the man who opened fire inside that southern california bar. reports that he was posting message on social media during the rampage. >> all you had to do was look outside for the poor air
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quality. up next the impact on school, supports and how to best protect your jeff -- up next the impact on school, sports and how best to protect yourself. >> and we'll that about your weekend forecast and high fire dangers for the next couple of days at least. (music throughout)
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there is smoky polluted air nearly everywhere you look in the bay area. this is video from our traffic camera in emeryville. you can barely see the oakland sky line at all. this is the thick smoke drifting south from the big fire in butte county. >> here's a view from a traffic camera on top of a high-rise on california street in san francisco downtown there. and you can't even see the bay bridge. this is not fog, no, this is due to the thick smoke that's blanketing the city. >> and now a view from our highway 24 camera in walnut creek.
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incredibly the thick smoke has blocked out mount diablo. you can usually see the top of it from near anywhere in the bay area. if you spent anytime outside today, you likely smelled the smoke or felt it in your throat. many people are wearing masks outdoors today. >> that's for people with asthma. ktvu's christien kafton joins us live with more from san francisco. >> reporter: to give you a sense of the smoke, we are at coit tower right now. if you look over my shoulder there, you can see the golden gate bridge. that's about 4.5 miles away. you can see the haze in the air. and experts are saying it is dangerous enough that they are warning almost every to stay indoors as much as possible. >> reporter: bay area air quality management district is officially confirming the air around the bay area is smoky and dangerous. >> it varies a little bit from place to place but for the most part we have very unhealthy air quality especially in the north bay,
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san francisco, the east bay and now it's even moved into the south bay. so it's pretty region-wide. >> reporter: one look outside the signs are obvious. this one saying, it's hellish smoky around the bay area. this san francisco school also posting a sign, saying it's on a rainy day schedule. that means no physical education, no kids outside in the schoolyard. school officials say they are urging principals to halt any outdoor activities for all grades. >> we are keeping all students indoors including for phys. ed. and student exposure to the outside. >> reporter: in the north bay some schools are closed the football games friday night canceled. at ace hardware in hayward they had to restock masks to filter out the smoke. back on the streets of san francisco, workers from molecule a clean air startup were passing out masks. >> we have an air purifier
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that collects them. so we are out making sure everybody is healthy. >> reporter: sporting someone with a mask was easy. visitors were surprised that wildfire smoke from so far away could impact the city. >> we noticed all the smoke and we were visiting san francisco today. and we're saying what's going on? there are masks here. >> reporter: a mask may help people who have no choice to go outside, the mask can lend a false sense of security. >> we are not recommending the mask. the best defense is to stay indoors with your windows and doors closed. >> reporter: as for how long this haze will stick around air quality experts say their forecast models are showing winds from the north- northeast. but mike expect to see smoky skies through this -- but you can expect to see smoky skies through this weekend through
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early next week. hristien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. we turn things over to meteorologist mark tamayo with more on the weather that affects the firefight. >> when you think about a fire burning 70,000 acres in 24 hours it's hard to comprehend the amount of smoke being produced into the atmosphere being directed to the bay area. so obviously having a huge impact on air quality. satellite picking up two fires here. one in southern california as you can't see that smoke there. then also out towards portions of butte county of course with the "camp fire." there's that smoke plume moving in from the north settling here in the bay area. as we come in closer, fire danger a little bit of a break right now and into a good portion of saturday. but look what happens once again. saturday night, red flag warnings go up for a good portion of northern california and the bay area including the north bay hills, east bay hills and santa cruz mountains all in response to some gusty winds developing so closer to home we potentially could have
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gusts up above 45 miles per hour and humidity on sunday could be about 8 to 12% so that's in place saturday night into sunday morning. now, this will not be as strong as the offshore wind yesterday. but still, the winds do pick up here. this is especially probably strongest sunday morning. we'll scale back on the wind speeds by sunday afternoon into sunday night. showing you this, the satellite storm track, you definitely want the storm to move into northern california but models are keeping us very dry through the period. we have an air quality advisory through monday. and this is the forecast for tomorrow. unhealthy for sensitive groups. unhealthy for other portions of the bay area especially up in the north bay. up in the north bay we are talking about high fire danger. we are also talking about frost! a frost advisory tomorrow
5:21 pm
morning for portions of the north bay. upper 20s to the 30s for the coolest locations. an area of off pressure, we have been tracking systems from the north that will set up the wind event saturday night into sunday morning. of course, we are looking for rainfall and this long-range forecast model the only thing moving here is the day and the time. look what happens. we are still in a dry weather forecast and a mild weather forecast over the next few days. possibly maybe the day before thanksgiving, it's still a ways out but we could be introducing a chance of some rain. that's still a long ways away. it is dry. fire danger elevated into the weekend. chief meteorologist bill martin grew up in paradise. you were in paradise yesterday. >> right. >> on the fire lines and we have been talking about these conditions earlier today you talked about how unpredictable this fire has been. >> yes. >> and how that's kind of playing a role.
5:22 pm
last night we even doubted it would make it to chico and it's going there. >> when i left last night at 12:30 or so the fire had made it down to highway 99 the eastern side of chico where they were evacuating some folks. in the eastern part of chico, it's stunning considering this fire just started yesterday and paradise is a good 18 miles up the road. it burned a lot of area. so yeah, it's a big fire. and people i talked up to there, i think the most obvious thing to me was -- i talked to a lot of evacuees, people coming out and took hours to get out. flames all around them, to the person traumatized. you know how people after they have been in a war zone? it was surreal. it was very unreal. people just kind of come stumbling out of their cars and tell their stories. how's your house? lost it. everyone lost it. i talked to many, many people. >> what's surprising about the
5:23 pm
action the way this fire is acting up there now? >> i think the fact that -- the jumped. the town is in the middle of the ridges. i grew up there. i know people have been there 100 years had been there. it never happened in the canyon. it strikes me. when something is in the canyon they kind of burn in the canyon and they have always kind of -- they put them out. they never burned the ridges. you can get them out of the canyons. it went from the canyons to the ridges. only a few access points in and out of town, one main artery skyway but clark and pence you can get out on. some people had to evacuate on old logging roads out the back
5:24 pm
towards butte meadow and places like that. barely two-lane roads. i can't imagine what that was like last night going out sort to the north. >> that was very frightening for people. just saw that 3-year-old in her car with the dad. >> those stories are endless. everyone had that story. not everyone but many people didn't know where anybody was. a lot of folks don't have cell phones. all the land lines are down. cell towers are down. it's still -- i was just talking to mark tamayo about this. day 2, there's not a lot of information coming out very quiet. >> the death toll is up to six. the search for answers after a dozen people were shot and killed inside a bar in thousand oaks. the new clues we learned about today. sfx: tinny headphone music
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by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. new details about the shooting in thousand oaks that killed 12 people. henry lee has been following developments and has more from the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: there is a report of a gunman was posting on social media during the rampage. he may have been looking for someone in particular. reporter: as loved ones mourned, investigators still have not revealed the motive in the shooting in the
5:28 pm
thousand oaks bar that killed a dozen people. but clues are surfacing. media reports suggest that the gunman, 28-year-old ian david long, may have been looking for his ex-girlfriend night the borderline bar & grill. long is a former marine who served in afghanistan. there are reports that long posted messages or pictures on instagram and facebook during wednesday night's attack. he reportedly wrote, i hope people call me insane and mocked how people offer hopes and prayers after similar shootings. authorities say long was found dead from a gunshot wound an apparent suicide. fbi agents have searched the home he shared with his mother but haven't said what they found. but investigators did say that long was armed with a semi-ndgu >> the weapon used in this horrific shooting was a glock 21, .45-caliber handgun. it's designed to hold in california 10 rounds and one in the chamber. this weapon did have a extended magazine on it.
5:29 pm
>> reporter: among the victims of the massacre was a ventura county sheriff's sergeant ron helus shot while rushing in to help. the sheriff's office posted this picture of helus on twitter showing the 29-year department veteran leaving a briefly for -- leading a briefing for his patrol officers. the investigation is in the early stages as detectives try to piece together what happened. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. scenes of horror in paradise, california our crews got into the city and looked around and found dozens of burned-out cars and a bus. we go live to butte county for an update. >> just one. i couldn't find him. hard thinking about him. it's been a nightmare. >> really tired. didn't sleep well last night. >> with moments to spare, tens of thousands of people grabbed whatever they could jumped into their cars and evacuated from paradise. coming up some of the evacuees will tell their stories.
5:30 pm
>> i'm heather holmes live in southern california, where there's also a fierce firefight under way. where the flames are heading now and the evacuations that are taking place. place.
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the fire burning in butte county officials say at least 6 people have died in the fire. five of them were found dead in their cars and burned to death as they tried to escape the flames. the "camp fire" has burned 70,000 acres which is an area more than twice the size of san francisco. so far, the fire is just 5% contained. cal fire says an estimated 2,000 structures have been destroyed by the fire. to southern california now, two fires burning northwest of los angeles about 250,000 people under evacuation orders now. collectively, the two fires have burned about 40,000 acres. fire officials say more than 150 homes have been destroyed. the woolsey fire has entered malibu in l.a. county where there are mandatory evacuations and the fire shows no signs of slowing down. heather holmes is live with the latest. they must be traumatized after the mass shooting and now
5:34 pm
this. >> reporter: one man i spoke with earlier today was packing up his car to actually leave his home. he said to me, you know, this is almost too much for this community to bear. less than 48 hours after enduring word of that terrible mass shooting, here they are many of them under evacuation orders. we now have moved to calabasas and as i take a look around here, it's pretty much pitch dark. that's because power is out in much of the area. you can probably see over my shoulder there, officers conducting traffic there at that intersection. again, the lights out here in calabasas. in the parking lot, just across the way, that's the staging area for law enforcement. a short time ago i spoke with the deputy from the los angeles county sheriff's department. i asked him what they have been doing today and he said they have been really busy with evacuations mostly in the malibu area. now that the flames have started to hit that area. as you also said, these back-
5:35 pm
to-back tragedies, if you will, really impacting this community. listen to what this woman said. she was in an area impacted by the fire and she too said, you know, it just can't get much worse. >> very stressful. you know? it's -- it's been a lot of heartache and it's been really somber with everything happening all at the same time. i don't think anyone has had time to grieve, you know, with the fires happening also. >> some people that i know who, um, died. so it is kind of -- it's heartbreaking. and it's hard to deal with especially, like, as a high school student knowing, like, how much has been going on within 48 hours. it's just -- i -- it's hard to put in words. >> reporter: yeah. hard to deal with because, um, as many of them were trying to comfort each other, now they are packing up their belongings and trying to get to safety. we have seen a number of homes that have burned, 150 total as
5:36 pm
you mentioned. and still, so many people under those mandatory evacuations. there's no word on when some of those mandatory evacuations orders may be lifted if they will turned into advisories. but from where we are, we have seen a number of law enforcement race past us towards malibu so that just tells us, andre and alyana, that the situation is getting worse. >> thank you. from southern california to northern california, where at least six people died in the fast-moving fire that's destroyed an estimated 2,000 structures. ktvu's tom vacar joins us live now from near paradise with more on the devastation in butte county. >> reporter: well, the thing that's going on here now is a wait-and-see game which is to say we know that paradise has been destroyed. i was up there i would say no more than 25% of the businesses much lower than that i suspect and virtually
5:37 pm
all the homes have been destroyed. what i have noticed here recently is we are starting to see more and more falling ash. probably some of that has to do with the fact that the winds are not real high right now and even though ash weighs almost nothing, it does weigh something and so it's coming down a bit. as a result of that, this is another thing that people have to worry about in the general region including all the way back to the bay area and that has to did with particulate matter from pollution. the pollution of course being the smoke that's the remains of paradise and surroundings. that's primarily the situation here right now. it's very cold. not very windy. but with only 5% containment at last count, this fire is still active and alive. and it will burn throughout the weekend and as bill martin said earlier, we are expecting the winds to pick up again and that's bad news because without the rain and with low humidity, we have fuel that is bone dry and when you have bone dry fuel, then what you
5:38 pm
have is the potential for much more fire and believe me, even though this is kind of rural california in one sense, there are plenty of homes throughout the area. not like in the bay area but there are plenty of homes here. that's the current situation here on the ground right near paradise. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, you mentioned many more homes. 15,000 homes are still threatened at this point. 15,000 structures, rather. we have that red flag warning going into effect again tomorrow night. what's the thought from people out there? are they nervous about this other red flag warning and what's happening? >> reporter: oh, you betcha, because they already -- you know, it's one thing -- they woke up 48 hours ago, you know, to some horrific problem that just, you know, shook them out of beds. people died in that process. they saw what happened yesterday what the fires and all of that with the aftermath
5:39 pm
today. and what they are looking at is the very real potential that other places that haven't burned are going to burn. everybody is feeling this sword above their heads. because of that they are very concerned. i can tell you that that is palpable up here and you just see it in the eyes of the people and many of them make those comments. >> all right, tom vacar live in paradise tonight, tom, thank you. and we are seeing more videos of the terrifying escape routes people took to get out of paradise. check this video out flames on all side of the road here smoke so thick you could barely see out of the windshield and long lines of traffic that made getting out of the fire zone seem like it took forever. tens of thousands of people had to pack up and leave their homes in an instant and some of their stories are heart-wrenching. rob roth went to butte county today and spoke with those whose lives suddenly have been upended. >> reporter: the butte county fairgrounds the place for people with nowhere else to go now. >> they want you to hang
5:40 pm
around right here for right to the red cross evacuation center by bus many elderly disoriented, children, all worried about their homes. >> i'm sad. very sad. i want to go home. >> reporter: jill and bill moved to paradise a years ago from the east bay living their retirement dream. >> that's my corvette that's in the garage. >> reporter: but on wednesday, they had to leave in a hurry. they gathered up their pets and in their rv but couldn't find their cat named hank. >> just one, i couldn't find him. it's hard thinking about him. it's just been a nightmare actually because i don't think we have a house. >> exhausted. just really tired. didn't sleep well last night. >> guess it's just too good to be true, paradise lost. >> reporter: by midafternoon
5:41 pm
there were 250 people here and more keep coming. capacity is for 500 people. not counting those coming in rvs. many people from paradise have harrowing escapes but few like joe allen. he was driving through fire while trying to assure his daughter in the back seat. >> we are not going to catch on fire, okay? we are going to stay away. >> reporter: at one point he sings to her. >> baby, it will be all right ♪ >> reporter: the 3-year-old girl worries she can't see her mother driving another car with her baby sister. >> we're past it, out of it. >> yay! >> you did it, you did it! >> we did it together! >> reporter: it was olivia's birthday. the whole family celebrated a moment of joy. but the question for so many reminds: what happens now? in butte county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. up next a proclamation from president trump.
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the new rule designed to make it hard for illegal aliens to claim asylum in the united states.
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the white house released a proclamation from president trump for asylum. people to try to cross the u.s./mexico border illegally will not be allowed to ask for
5:45 pm
asylum. they must present themselves lawfully at the port of entry. it's the effort to deter the migrants coming from south america. the aclu is suing to challenge the policy. thousands of people left mexico city today to come to the longest leg of the walk to the united states. they spent days and getting medical attention. the united nations had agreed to provide buses for women and children for the trip to tijuana. but the organizers demanded the buses be offered to everyone in the caravan, so the migrants will walk. president trump is defending his choice of matt whit ter to acting attorney general but at the same time is distancing himself pick. >> matt whitaker is respected but i didn't know matt whitaker. >> that statement contradicts the president's statement on a recent "fox and friends" interview when he said, quote,
5:46 pm
i can tell you matt whitaker is a great guy. i mean, i know matt whitaker. the reason whitaker is controversial is he wasn't in line to take over the justice department and he hasn't been confirmed by the senate and is against the mueller probe which he is overseeing. some think he would impede or sabotage the mueller investigation. the two candidate in florida's tight senate race have filed lawsuits contesting the results. democrat bill nelson filed a claim against the florida secretary of state asking that provisional and absentee votes are not rejected because of inconsistent signatures. governor got wants access to ballots that narrow his thin lead. house minority leader nancy pelosi has announced her bid
5:47 pm
for speaker of the house. despite rumblings from some democrats about wanting a fresh face. pelosi has been speaker before and political analysts think she has enough support and the vote to reclaim the position of power. on the republican side of the house, kevin mccarthy faces a challenge from conservative freedom caucus founder jim jordan to lead the gop minority. four people were ransacking her house but a bay area woman was still able to silently get to alert police. >> she was hiding under the covers of the bed and no one knew she was there except for joust coming up next, a new technology that allowed her to tip off police leading them to the suspect. >> a break in the fire danger for today but another red flag warning goes into effect in northern california this weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. ng up. i am a family man.
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in some bay area cities new take is making it possible to text police. ann rubin says authorities are crediting a text to 911 for helping them crack a home burglary case. >> reporter: authorities in sunnyvale say it was a discreet text to 911 that alerted them to burglary in progress. thieves were ransacking a home an mary avenue while the homeowner hid upstairs. >> she was hiding under the covers of the bed and no one knew she was there except for us. >> reporter: it was the first time since sunnyvale introduced to the text to 911 function this year that it had
5:51 pm
been used in a real emergency. >> then we were able to communicate and commget informa her let her know what we were doing let -- kind of find out what the suspects were doing. she didn't see them, just heard them. >> reporter: they fled with the victim's valuables and her tesla but authorities quickly track them. alejandro garcia, marcos rodriguez, allison martin and another woman were taken into custody. >> we later located that vehicle in north san jose. we surveilled the vehicle and were able to catch the suspects as they came back to the vehicle to take property out of it. >> reporter: sunnyvale credits technology with helping them make the arrest quickly. they say the ability to text 911 both kept the victim safe and gave police realtime leads. other departments have been rolling out the function in recent months. most of san mateo county now has it. so the chp's golden gate -- so does the golden gate division of the chp and santa clara. sunnyvale also introduce the technology to allow them to better pinpoint of the
5:52 pm
location of 911 calls. they say keeping up with these kinds of advancements can be invaluable. >> from both sides it's great that the technology is available and we are able to use it. >> reporter: the suspects have been booked into the jail on burglary and auto theft charges. authorities are looking for additional victims though. anyone with information should contact the sunnyvale department of public safety. in santa clara county, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. your week forecast includes bad air quality through the weekend and longer. the smoke drifting in from the north, you can see the two main fires several across the state down towards southern california and, of course, the "camp fire."
5:53 pm
a good portion of northern california includes the bay area hills. this front should be weaker than yesterday that caused so many devastating problems here across butte county. chimly now with temperatures in the 40s -- chilly now with temperatures in 40s and 50s. as now the smoke and the haze still a big factor with air quality. we have the advisory through monday and possibly longer. a l saturday forecast, at least or not. air quality scale we are in the oranges and reds. unhealthy for the bay area. overnight lows a frost
5:54 pm
advisory kicks in for the north bay valley overnight. this guy will move in from the north that will set up winds saturday night and into sunday morning. now, we could definitely use rainfall. we are dry into next week. you see some rainfall but it's well to the north into next week. next chance of rain is still a ways out that could be the 21st. we'll keep an eye on that and we have high hopes to welcome in rainfall across the state. forecast highs tomorrow 60s to 70s. your five-day forecast it is cold for the morning hours. breezy sunday. . ballots to count in santa clara county and races could be recounted. sfx: tinny headphone music
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the deadline for mail-in ballots tore arrive to count for the race ended tonight. several tight races may turn on a handful of votes. there are ounce of thousands of ballots still left to be counted. >> reporter: days after the lion's share of ballots were cast, the task of confirming an accurate count continues. inside the registrar of voters office, hundreds of staff workers and volunteers are working around the clock to ensure each ballot is legitimate. >> we have shifts going 24 hours a day to tally votes. >> reporter: election division coordinator wendy hudson says as of friday 270,000 ballots are uncounted. of that number 231,000 are
5:58 pm
mail-in be postmarked no later than 5 p.m. on december 6th. then they are added to the overall county. 2,000 were received thursday and expects some to come in friday. >> the challenge to the process is time. we have so many to count. and we have shifts day and evening shifts doing the count and everyone will be working this weekend and we'll be working until the tally is complete. >> reporter: officials here say if the contest gets to one quarter of 1%, it triggers and automatic recount. so far, there about a half dozen races that have reached that point including multiple races for school board districts across the county. one contest that could end up in a recount is the race for san jose city council district 7. incumbent tam win on the right trace by 100 votes to his rival maya esparza. nguyen won recently. he had no comment about the closeness of the rematch the
5:59 pm
staff saying he will wait until all votes are counted. officials at the registrar's office say with some ballots lacking signatures requiring an additional signed statement, the ballot count could continue until next wednesday. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we begin with a haunting image of burned-out cars. you see it there. they were abandoned in paradise people running from the swift moving "camp fire" in butte county. we learned just over an hour ago that at least six people have died. just about an hour ago pg&e confirmed that it experienced transmission line problems minutes before the fire erupted. good evening. i'm andre senior. >> i'm alyana gomez. tonight california is on fire and crews are stretched thin across the state. you can see from a map here that the "camp fire" is burning to our north in butte county. and in southern california two
6:00 pm
wildfires are burning both in ventura county being called the woolsey and hill fires. >> we are learning about the race to escape the flames by hundreds of people living near the "camp fire" as well as getting a closer look at what's left of the town of paradise days after the fire broke out. >> five of those killed were trapped in their cars as they tried to escape the flames and burned to death. so far, 70,000 acres have burned and the fire is only 5% contained. cal fire estimates that 2,000 structures have been destroyed and that includes homes, businesses and other buildings and many more still threatened. and happening right now officials with cal fire are getting ready to give an update on the "camp fire" in butte county. we'll be monitoring this press conference and we'll bring you any major updates. >> hoping for good introduce. first we have our chief meteorologist bill martin monitoring the conditions. our tom vacar is in paradise right now. but werendon who is on the fire lines. what can you tell us? >> repo


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