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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 14, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PST

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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2" middle of the week, it's wednesday, november 14th, i'm dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, steve paulson is back, we're talking about another spare the air alert. it will be better. >> air quality. >> everything was trapped yesterday, we'll have a little better, still not great, but not as bad as it has been. >> a little improvement is good. >> that's right, look on the positive. there's still an easterly component to the breeze, it's drawing everything back in from the northeast even though it's not that strong. it goes from the east bay, north bay all of the way to the coast. the haze and smoke will be there, tempatand 40s, we're
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looking at the 60s to low 70s, it's tougher to get above 70 without much sunshine, look for highs to be warmer than yesterday, as we look in check for the higher clouds, a little better on the air quality. here's sal. >> all right, steve, we have a problem here with northbound 101. all lanes are closed on 101 because of an overturned truck that flipped over right into a up couple of, we got into a crash with a couple of other vehicles, it caught fire. northbound 101 is closed at santa rosa to , this it's sure petaluma heading south, you'll see it and other people will see it and people will slow down. please, give yourself time. lets talk about the commute on 80 westbound through the solano
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county area, vallejo, it looks good to hercules, no problems for the solano supercommute. traffic is looking okay, and here we are a the macarthur maze and the traffic is moving along pretty well. at the bay bridge there's a small line in one of the fast lays there. 4:32 let's go back to you at the desk the number of people who died in the butte county wildfire has grown to 48. six more fire victims were discovered yesterday. now, it's unclear how many people are still missing, but it could still be in the hundreds. the fire has burned 200 square miles. it's nfull containment is not days, sherif deputies have arrested 6 people in butte county for being in areas that are evacuated, they say a variety of felons the
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secretary will go on a with survivors staying in chico, they've declared butte county a major disaster. it allows fire victims to get help with crisis counseling and unemployment benefits and legal counseling. our time is 4:33, the butte county wildfire still only 35% contained but already, there are questions of how much it will cost to fight this fire, and the one still burning in southern california. ktvu reports cal fire has spent its entire firefighting budget for the ifies cal year that ends next june. >> firefight, and the massive fires in northern and southern california, each area attacked bulldozer called sts.
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8700 firefighters are are spend hours statewide, we've gone to 15 other states for resource help as well as the national guard has put 100 groups on the ground for us. >> extreme fire conditions and longer fire seasons that extended into december last year are putting more burden on the state's budget. cal fire alerted the legislature in a letter that the 42 million budget would be tapped out for the fiscal year. >> the emergency fire suppression was exceeded back in the state granted an extra 248 million so cal fire could -- 234 million for for a fighters and staffing through december. the money is from a $200
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million reserve fund reserved by governor brown. >> it's being drawn down from the $200 million reserve. and the costs has reached record highs, in the 2014 to 2015 emergency fire suppression totaled ailed $242 million, and costs have always exceeded the budget. and last year in june it hit a historic high of 773 million. it's keeping costs with an accounting team stationed at every command post. governor brown had this warning tuesday as he hands off the job to incoming governor gavin newsom. >> this is unpress tented, it's the new abnormal. we should be humble in the face of this and resolute and
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determined. now, governor elect gavin newsom is scheduled to unveil his budget plan in january, we'll be watching to see if he and lawmakers maintain the reserve fund or divert that money to other things. the number of hate crimes is up across the country, the number of reported hate crimes rose 17% and that's the largest sexual orientation. antisemetic and that does not include the mass shooting at the pittsburgh synagogue last month. >> i've seen the increase of antisemetic behavior significantly. they're acting on hatred and they're committing crimes inspired by that hatred. >> the antidefamation league
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said it's important for political leaders to denounce hate crimes when they happen. the u.s. senate is close to agreeing how to reduce the sentences of some criminals, it would increase rehabilitation efforts for federal and give judges discretion for acceptancing people who are charged with drug crimes. we don't know what will happen in congress. and part of the central american caravan arrived in it. ijuana yesterday. one got through to the us briefly. and some are in the guadalajara an area, this is across the san diego border. can the smoke and air lead
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to long term health problems for us. coming up, bay area doctors talk about the concerns about the camp foyer we're breathing. and how often are there cell phones at the dinner table? i constantly have to remind you. how football legends are trying to get people to drop that habit. >> i never -- never mind. traffic is getting busier as you know, and this is the time when it starts getting busy on the bridge, it looks okay. you may see more slow traffic driving this way. >> a little better air quality today, temperatures will bump up a little bit, we're under hazy skies, we'll look at whether there is any relief extended.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", the air quality in the bay area is said to be the worst in the entire country. it's deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups, it's now unhealthy for everyone. doctors have seen calling for complaints about respiratory problems. >> smoke from the fires contains small particles, what we call particulate matter which are very tiny particles that important to limit outdoor exposure, especially rl the good news anent. >> generally it does not require treatment unless somebody has a significant worsening of thbreathing that is d above what
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they might otherwise experience. >> now, if you will be outside for long periods of time you should get one of those n95 masks, also don't forget to put your car and home ventilation once recirculate. a woman describes the scary start of the camp fire in paradise. her two children arrived in school last tuesday when they called to tell her, there were looked. she picked up her ten-year-old child and she couldn't find her 14-year-old son. >> i had to jump out at a stop light and holler for his name and couldn't find him. he had been, a propane exploded him on the path and blew him down, he went to the
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walgreen's, i get shaky when i talk about it. we get to the walgreen's and we picked him up. >> the family did manage to escape those flames but the usual 15 drive from paradise to chico took four hours. another paradise family was able to find an important family memento in their home. they left everything behind, they escaped the flames just in time. the only thing left standing at their home was the brick fireplace and mantle. on top of that imagine will was the urn with the ashes of mirac believe she made it. it's a sign she'll be okay. >> they're staying with family members in orrville. there are a dozen people in the home with a dozen pets, but at least they're safe. we will be talking with san francisco mayor london breed
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this morning about her new plan about the plans for addressing the issue of people living in their cars and being homeless, and the mayor is considering opening a facility in the city where people can store their cars or rvs while they stay in temporary housing, mayor breed will join us coming up on mornings on 2 during our 8:00 hour. go and we'll see new canopies to the platforms. they held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the canopies will keep both bart passengers and the escalators that you ride clean and dry it, should mean fewer were able to get a 30% increase in availability. we hope this is a future in san francisco. >> flour bart is also
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installing rollup -- now, bart is also installing rollups for bart passengers. there are negotiations over google's proposed transit village. two nonprofit groups sued the city and they said that deal is shrouded with secrecy. the proposed development would allow 20,000 to work in the transit village featuring office buildings, homes, shops and restaurants and parts in a huge area near san jose's sap center. son football legends are t people the phones at the dinn table. >> will you pass the green beans. >> you can't do that so early in the meal, lets look at the replay. >> and this is a public service
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message, a study into eating habits, many of us are distracted while eating. 29% say during every meal they eat. dave clark, i hope that's not you, this add and others will start appearing next week and during nfl games. >> why do you have to look at me and sal, we don't mean any harm by it, sal. >>castenada do not allow cell phones at the table. what she says go. it's not on have a problem northbound at 101, and this is at railroad avenue. the whole northbound freeway is closed. there's a set of doubles, two
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trailers operated by ups and now the packages in the truck are on fire. it was involved in the crash with other vehicles, southbound traffic is so far affected. you can clearly see what's going on on the other side of the road, this is a busy commute from santa rosa to petaluma, it hasn't started yet. we don't see it southbound and that's going to change. you can see traffic here is moving along well. it's when you get to the altamont pass, and when 280 and 580 merge, it's backed up to 11th. also looking at the commute from livermore to castro valley no problems on interstate 880, it's getting a little more filled in here at the pay gates, you can see a little bit of slow traffic. 4:48, lets bring steve in. >> we have better conditions
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today. the high and low clouds have moved out there may be patchy low clouds, steve, of f there were three, smoke and low and high clouds, higher clouds are gone now, you'll see better conditions, look at the temperatures here, kansas city, 17, oklahoma city at 19 degrees, 17 chicago, 17 milwaukie, this is really cold for this time of the year. they're well below average. we've been running a little bit above average on the temperatquality is better today, it in the unhealt not as bad into a pattern, there are hints when way, it's out to thanksgiving, next week there are scenes of a it back a day. as a wise manner once said, all signs fail in dry weather. when you're locked in for six
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or seven weeks, you need a major pattern change to change things around. 20s, 30s and 40s on the temperatures, a lot of 30s, 40s around santa cruz and capatola, 30s and 40s in santa clara and campbell. there's one rtbreeze in sunset north for everybody. that includes in elevations in the north bay, including atlas peak and the delta where we're seeing a northerly breeze for some, vacaville has turned west, the know is out of the north, northeast and lake tahoe, you're seeing teens and 20s on the temperatures here, not as many high clouds today, a warme and 60s and 70s, and again, 4:45, that sun starts to go down. >> real fast. >> 5:30, it's too many to go to bed. we'll have a westerly breeze by
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the weekend. the time is 4:50, how one bay county is leading the warning for everybody. the worst toys for the holiday season, did you see that. a consumer advocacy group, a list of dangerous toys and parents should not assume that all of those toys have been properly checked out.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", there was no warning when a engine exploded and a blade broke off, a passenger was partially sucked out of the plane. that woman who was a bank executive from wells fargo also automated security screening lanes will be unveiled in san francisco international airport. united airline passengers in terminal three, they'll be used for the new screening equipment, sfo is the first bay area airport to have the advanced screening lanes. they'll improve efficiency and they'll provide better security.
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sfo officials say the new lanes will be operating in time for holiday travel, they did the give us an exact date when they'll first be used by travellers. >> san mateo county are expanding the emergency alert system. they unanimously agree to automatically enroll everybody in the system. right now 10% of people in the county are signed up to get of individuals you'll have an option of opting out. when people can, they can, now, opt out when they're enrolled, that becomes a game changer. >> san ma thai te'o county is there to approve the legislation and other jurisdictions are considering it. christmas is just 6 weeks away and many parents starting to get those gifts, but a
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safety advocacy group is sounding the alarm about popular toys, and this could seriously hurt a child. >> this year alone, an estimated 200,000 injuries occurred. one child is treated every three minutes for a toy related injury. world against toys, a constoys list. including in the lineup, a black panther slash claw. >> one thing a child will that like. it contracts and extends, it's sold for four year-olds, serious eye injuries and impact injuries. >> and a nerf gun and a million le pet. they're all on the list of
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lurking dangers. everyone should not assume that they've been pre-marketed testing, and just because it comes from a reputable brand or retailer, it doesn't make it sense. >> some retailers call it biased and inaccurate. >> they have not tested the toys for the safety and toy manufacturers go to great lengths to make sure toys are safe and client and they have testing to insure that. >> chanuka begins november 2nd and christmas is a couple of weeks after. the time is 4:56, our coverage continues in just two men's from now, coming up, we're live in paradise with the latest on the firefight and why several people in the area are now in jail. plus. >> there may be a number of people in the administration that could be without a job. we'll have the latest on potential administration turnover coming up. t lovers wi, sausage, and ham.
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an outpouring of support for victims for the camp fire, new ways people all over the bay area can help out. can help out. good morning, thank you for joining us wednesday morning, i'm pam cook. >> it's the middle of the week. >> it's a long week. >> it's a really long week. i'm dave clark, and steve paulson is back. >> i can't tell you much. there's a little better air quality today. >> we lost the higher clouds from yesterday. a couple of days ago, i'm over at hm, half moon bay, it reached 75 degrees, 75, they started a coast of indonesia down yesterday. that he be on the mild side today, but the easterly breeze is in place, the air quality advisory is out through friday,
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it's better today and the south bay has been better for everyone and that goes down today. what it's a little better and our last rain was october 3rd, that was for the golden gate and everybody else. there's hints arou


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