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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 26, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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they try to cross into the u.s. we'll tell you about the responses from mexico and the united states as mention of tensions keep rising. -- as tensions keep rising. steve paulson has a lot to tell you. and the sky looks great behind you too. yes. >> i missed you. >> not as much as i missed you. >> we have a lot going on, not so much today. but it will be tomorrow and taking us into thursday. that will be the main day and probably saturday. there you go. sunrise over the big city here and a little patchy fog. halves moon bay is clear. but san francisco, slo and oakland reporting a little fog there. there is your pretty picture to start off with. look at the temperatures coming in. is it really cold for some. i show you this because there are flight departures for
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oakland and san jose to chicago because of snow. but it looks like they're about done. but if you have a flight to chicago, you'll probably get delays. for us, a lot of high clouds and rain is on the way. it will start tomorrow morning. the first system does not have a lot with it. but there could be okay amounts to the north. the second stimulate wednesday into thursday and it looks to be the biggest of the bunch. the sierra started off clear and they have cloud cover but that is about it. there were no warnings with or watches. the snow will be high from the system tomorrow. for us, a few 30s 40s to 50s on the temperatures here. look for the increase in high clouds today mainly north of the golden gate. and we'll start to cloud it up by tonight and tomorrow morning p and we'll talk about some rain to the north. 60s to 70s for some. sal will tell you the traffic is? >> busy. tomorrow morning we'll be talking about the rain.
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>> north of the golden gate and north and south will be fine. >> so when will he would be talking about rain? thursday night big time. >> thursday i'll eat my wheaties. good morning. let's take a look says macarthur maze bridge bridge. that is why it is a little slower. it is the normal time. 36 minutes for this time that is it about normal. you get to the bay bridge, you'll see the traffic backed up to the maze. meettoring lights are on. no - metering lights are on. they did issue a zig sig alert. but it doesn't look that bad.
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it is slow 238 to union city. dunbar and sam te'o bridge is fine. is it getting a little more crowded. tense moments at the u.s./mexico border this weekend after a clash between a migrant caravan and u.s. border patrol agents. >> it started peaceful and then it turned violent as the migrants threw rocks at agents and they retaliated with teargas. >> reporter: it is hard to come at the pictures out of that clash. but we know about 39 migrants were arrested. they faces charges of disturbing it the peace. it started peacefully but it changed this weekend. it was to speed up the processing of asylum claims for central migrants. but an organizer traveling with
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the my grants said that sunday's -- migrants said that the sunday's march was to make their issues that it was dangerious to live in their countries. the migrants pushed past a police blockade and they tried to get over i fence. and they launched teargas. families including small children were running from the gas. they defended the agents said that teargas was to force the group out after several migrants threw and hit agents with projectiles. it led to san diego's border patrol office closing their port of entry for several hours. it could reignite the immigration debate. democrats want to address the problem in central america. and some republicans are
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sceptical of their asylum claims. >> if you have a problem, go to the root cause. >> the word got out this was a uber stamp and you can come to america in a large group or migrant and we would just let you in. those days are over. >> reporter: the president said that mexico so send the people back to their countries. he called on congress to fund a border wall. on sunday, mexico vowed to increase border security. today the u.s. secretary of agriculture tour sonny purdue, and secretary of interior will tour the damage done by the camp fire. this will be the second visit to the area. the two members of president trump's candidate will attend a meeting with the survivors and firefighters. the camp fire burned for 17
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days before they were able to fully contain it. it killed at least 85 people. there are still 249 people unaccounted for. they said that the rain helps get control of fire a few days ahead of schedule. utility workers will remain in the fire zone till it is safe for the people to return to their property. >> it will be a tremendous amount of hazard. and we have more rain coming in week, it sounds like. >> it destroyed 19,000 structures, 14,000 of which were homes. the search and recovery crews will still look through at the time debris to look for more victims. it could take several more weeks. now that the camp fire is actually contained, fire crews from butte county are going back home.
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the urban search and rescue team came home. several team members said this battle was just as hard as other disasters, including severe hurricanes and the oklahoma bombing and new york city after 9/11. they were impressed by how their coworks from paradise and -- coworkers from paradise and surrounding towns kept working despite the loss of thursday community. >> they lost homes and family members and they were there reporting for duty and getting the job done every day. >> reporter: z. >> they say they hoped they ease the burned on people in butte county. they are grateful that they can come home and celebrate a meaningful family with their families at their own homes. archdiocese of san francisco released the result of the preliminary reviews of sexual abuse by members of the
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clergy. they say in. 1990s, there were six instances of sexual abuse. they did not though any clergy abuse of minors since then. pope francis called for a summit at the vatican in february to discuss the sexual abuse crisis in the catholic church. san francisco's are much bishop said that he's prepared to work with the bishops with the issues confronting the church. members of the lgbtq company will join the marriott hotel worker strike in san francisco. it is a show of solidarity with the workers on the eve of the assassination of harvey milk. he was assassinated along with san francisco mayor george -- and organizers said that the protest said that joining the hotel workers' strike is a way
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to celebrate the life and legacy of harvey milk. san francisco has several hawaii rise buildings that could can be at risk for an earthquake. the newspaper obtained a report season said all the buildings have steel skeletons and build between 1944 and 1959. they are suspect to break down during a strong earthquake. and the city is trying to make sure that the building that's need inspections will get inspected. experts say that san francisco has a 72% chance of experiencing a 6.7 or stronger magnitude earthquake in the coming 25 years. 7:09. a major midwest snowstorm this morning that is affecting travel out of the bay area. we'll look at some
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cancellations affecting thanksgiving holiday travel. today is cyber monday. and we look at what it takes to ship out thousands of packages on one of the busiest day of the year. this is westbound bay bridge coming through. we'll let you know more straight ahead. there are delays at our airports for departing flights to chicago that is because they have know. we have a little fog around here. we'll see what is in store for this week.
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today is the biggest on- line shopping day in history. for amazon this the biggest
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shopping day of the year. >> i wasn't planning on buying anything today. but i got notification that my low carb and sugar mixes were on sale at amazon. so joining us now right now is vice president of amazon. tell us about the top two products that you think will sell today. >> this is the echo dot. it is only $24 today. this is the stocking stuffer category and the stick, normally $45. >> reporter: and your clothes are a big deal, especially the puffer jackets? >> yes. customers are discovering that the clothes are between 30 and 50% off. >> reporter: how am i going to
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guarantee some of the products because the sales are going on at stagger time? >> go to monday. you can check track this deal and you will get a notification when the deal comes up and you can buy it right there. >> reporter: and the other thing i that i want to show you this is this unicorn. it does like a thousand different things. it is adorable. and it is a rainbow too. >> i have a six-year-old daughter that is obsessed with anything unicorn. she is getting one of these. it is normally $74. today it is only 53. >> reporter: the deals are there. you may want to say what you want and stock what you want. the game is on. many people will also shopped open line on black friday spending $6.2 billion.
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more than a third of the sales were made on smart phones with $2 billion spent passing the 1. $4 billion spent last year. despite the shopping centers looking busy on friday, we're told that foot traffic was actually down almost of 6% this year. a chinese researcher said that he helped make the first genetically babies. the twin girls were born this month. he alter it had the dn -- altered the dna that is capable of rewriting the blueprint of life. he said that he did it with help the girl resist the infection of the aids virus. it risks harming other genes. human trials may start for an alzheimer's vaccine. it shows promising results in animal testing. the vaccine safely prevents the buildup of substances in the
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brain associated with the fatal disease. if. vaccine proves safe and affective in humans it could cut the number of dementia cases in half. if you use the ferries to and from san francisco today, things should be okay even though one of the boats are out of the commission because of a collision. the coast guard is investigating why the boat named san francisco slammed into the dock near the ferry building on friday. there were two minor injuries. the serious damage to both the dock and the boat. regular ferry boat riders were stunned when they heard about the ferry collision. >> i've been riding the boats for ten years or more. this is the first time i saw anything like that happen. >> officials at golden gate ferry said they have enough boats so no schedule changes
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are necessary. and temporary repairs have been made to the dock. so the passengers will not be inconvenienced this morning. a plan top let solo drivers pay to use h.o.v. lanes. that is to help people get in and out of the city faster. the transportation authority recently approved $4 million to study the plan. if the plan is approved, existing southbound and northbound lanes of 101 and 280 would be converted into h.o.v. lanes. sal is back. have you fixed everything in the commute yet? >> i was just looking at my richmond bridge camera and i noticed something. let's go to it. it shows the tow truck trying to get someone out of the way here on the westbound approach to the richmond bridge. you see that the lights are on. so just it crossed the lanes
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here and there may be something coming up that the truck has to get to. and the traffic has been slow approaching the richmond bridge coming in westbound towards moran county. so it is obvious by looking at the pictures that last week as last week and this week is this week. last week was light and this week is not. a 35 minute drive to oakland. so a lot of slow traffic out there on this monday back at it for most. what is the weather going to be like today. not too bad. shroud and fog. upper 60s to 70. tomorrow morning, we'll start to talk about the rain. our good friend up in cookwood mountain is rising. i can imagine. more snow on the way to the
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sierra great. tomorrow will not be much. and thursday's system will be very good here. so we'll talk about the rainfall. we made up a lot of ground this week and we'll make up a lot week as well. and san francisco at 67%. and that is under two and a half inches of water here. and oakland 63%. and they are trying to .79. that is better than the 2%. this truckee. no fog the rest of the way there. 43 and mostly clear. there is a little fog dancing around. but the visibility improved at one point this morning. there is something around sfo and san francisco. mainly high clouds north of the golden gate and mostly sunny to the south. but it will be three systems
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that week, one tomorrow. that it will be mainly to the north and one late wednesday and one early thursday. that the looks to be the best of the system so far. and another one on saturday that comes in. but i would plan on maybe, if you can work from home thursday morning, it looks like the wind and rain coming in t pretty good amounts of rain coming in. two and a half. san francisco two. santa rosa 2. but there is are isolated amounts. high clouds to the north. mostly cloudy there. we have a little patchy fog. it will be milder and a little southeasterly breeze. 40s and 50s on your temperatures here and a few upper 30s. bolder creek, 39 and campbell holding steady at 40.
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sfo and that is southeast. and mountain view south and san jose south and a little offshore there. it is a southeast breeze there and it will be mild for the santa clara valley. and we'll see this system will be to the north. and we could have rain in the morning for the commute. and the rest should be okay till late morning and early afternoon. wednesday night, more rain moves in. and thursday morning looks to be the main impact of wind and rain. cooler friday and another system on saturday. >> bring it. 7:21. an important week for nancy pilosi. a vote to determine who will be the next house speaker. rubin foster has been released from the 49ers after being arrested for domestic violence. what the 49ers have to say about this decision.
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the tampa bay buccaneers will come to play the 49ers. but they fired their new starter. >> reporter: the 49ers were on a bye-week and then they learned something they had no way to prepare for. rubin foster was arrested late saturday night on domestic abuse charges. he had been under a no tolerance tolls since similar accusations were made against
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him in february. and management met and they felt they had no other choice but to release foster. >> there are consequences for your actions in life. and you show bad judgment, particularly after something has been communities clearly what the expectations are, there are consequences. >> we told rubin. i knew what the decision was going to be just when. too many things happened. we tried to help him out a lot. but that is a messup that doesn't matter as time goes on. >> reporter: two things for the 49ers as they stand right now. they have five games to try to salvage something out of this season. a team that has been criticized for the handling the player discipline in the past has made it clear they will no longer tolerate certain kinds of behavior. we're learning about another incident involving
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foster last month. the police tell the san francisco chronicle that they were called to the apartment that he shared with his girlfriend. there was a loud argue. involving the couple late in the night on october 12th. they were arguing over something found on foster's phone. officers said there were no signs of violence and took photos and video they told them to settle their differences more peacefully and no arrest was made. the raiders lost in baltimore. the ravens cut into the raiders' lead in the fourth quarter. baltimore pulled away after michael crabtree caught an 8- yard touchdown. the ravens knocked the ball out of carr's hand with six minutes left in the game and returned
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the loose ball for a touchdown. the raiders are back in oakland and host the kansas city chiefs on sunday. 7:27. russia opened fire on ukraine ships. we'll hear what the kremlin said prompted the attack. clashes in mexico. what the united states and mexico are doing to try to keep things under control. [ phone rings ] what?!
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ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. a winter storm in the midwest is causing flight cancellations in the country.
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you see the melted snow on the camera screen. there are flight cancellations to and from. it is expected to dump snow in illinois, michigan and indiana. more than a thousand flights were cancelled because of this storm in the midwest. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson told us it was going to happen and it is happening. >> there is more on the way tomorrow. there is a lot of fog out there. there are delays. o'hare joined the party. if you're traveling there in the midwest, you're going to encounter some deplays that system and that will probably
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produce delays in detroit and south bend and also in cleveland and they're getting the rain sector right now. but the system pushes in. it is cold. international falls nine and 17, 18, 19, minneapolis and de moines down to kansas city. so there is cold air in place. we don't have much cold air, a couple of 30s and a couple of high clouds are streaming across. some are socked in this morning. and i'm not surprised it is a complete reverse of what we see in the summer. 53 and clear and 2 miles an hour northeast breeze. that is a little interesting there. we have the higher clouds coming in and the patchy fog will burn off. but to it is a wet forecast. this looks to be the best system by far. but another one on tap for saturday. so looking for a mix of mostly cloudiness to the north p and
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the sierra is mostly cloudy. so maybe tomorrow morning, and for us, we're looking for the temperatures starting off in the 40s and 50s. and we have this little southeast breeze in santa clara valley. that sounds nice to me. >> it does. >> good morning. let's find out what we have for you if you're driving on one of the busiest freeways like interstate 80 between the maze. we don't have the light traffic like we had last week. you see traffic is backed up at the bay bridge and some carpool lanes are getting some slow traffic. 880 is starting to slow down in downtown oakland. sam te'o bridge is busy. you can drive across and all the south bay freeways are throw. northbound 280, 85, 101, still room in downtown san jose right
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here. but around the corner, there will be slowing up to coopertino. mexico will increase the border security and report main tries to enter the u.s. violently. u.s. agents fired teargas after hundreds of migrants rushed the fence in tijuana after what started as a peaceful march. activists rallied in san diego after they briefly suspended entrance at the san diego border. >> fight for the right of humans that are just like us. >> president trump has threatened to close the entire southern border if immigration bill cannot be reached between the u.s. and mexico. u.s. custom defended the use of teargas.
7:34 am
several people through projectiles at agents. several agents were hit by the projectiles. and the situation is evolving. and a statement is forthcoming. in a couple hours from now, you can watch live the nasa probe tries to land on mars. it launched from santa barbara county six months ago. and alley is at the space and science center in oakland where the public is invited to a landing watch party today. tell us more about it. >> reporter: 11:00 this morning when the doors open here at the science center for the watch party. if you cannot make it here, nasa is streaming this landing live. the star of the show is the spacecraft called the insight probe. it has been traveling in space for six months making that 300
7:35 am
million-mile journey. there will be pretty tense moments before we know if that landing was successful or not. and that is because there is a 7 to 8 minute delay from the time will land on the surface of mars. the scientists said that there is a quote, fairly large chance something could go wrong. talking to the astronomers said that if there is a dust storm on mars that could thwart the landing. it will be on mars for the next two years. and it will use a probe to dig 16 feet into the crust. and they talked about the mission. >> one of the things they want to know is what is the inside of the mars like and how does this compare with the inside structure of the earth. >> reporter: our maybe mars to
7:36 am
learn more about our planet and the rest of the solar system about how it was formed about four and a half billion years ago. the spacecraft will deliver a size meter so they can measure mars quakes and the impact of meteorite strikes. this is not the first one to land on mars. you remember the courtesy a few years ago. this will not be roving around. it will land and drilling 16 feet deep. they had one failed touchdown. so hopefully the odds of everything going on are on nasa's side today. the watch party starts at 11:00. noon when it is scheduled toland on the surface of mars. you have to get tickets to come to the watch party.
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they are $8 a person. news new. 7:37. police in berkley are asking for the public's help to find a sexual assault suspect. they en entered the home and sexually assaulted the woman inside the home. the man is 20 to 30 years old and clean shaved face and square shaped face. the police are investigating the discovery of a body near the marina. someone was walking along the bay trail and saw the body floating in the water yesterday afternoon. the police said there was no obvious sign of foul play. they don't know how long the person had been dead. the coroner's office is try to identify the body and also figure out the cause of death. in pacifica another body was found in the water at
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lindmar beach. the experience believed to be a man. he was floating in the water about a half mile offshore. there is no word how the person earned up in the water. state senator scott wader will hold a news conference this morning. be talking about car break-ins. he will introduce legislation that closes a loophole in how the state punishes car burglars. california law said that someone that machines a window and steels items from inside a car can -- steals items from inside a car can be charged with a felony. senator wiener introduced a bill addressing the loophole. but the senate appropriations committee killed the bill.
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four turkish shoulders are dead after their d -- soldiers are dead after their helicopter crashed into a residential area and hit a four story building. there were no civilian casualties. it appears like the pilot was trying to land in a field away from people. it is unclear why he was trying to land. an emergency meeting of the united nations security council will happen this morning after russia attacked a ukranian ship yesterday. he said that he the ship illegally entered their waters. the ukraine president has for their government to declare martial law in the next 60 days against russia. 140 whales beached
7:40 am
themselves in new zealand. half the whales had died when they were found. the rest were euthanized because they were in such bad shape. a new study by the you know on shows the most -- united nations shows that the most dangerous place for a woman is in her own home. she is killed by a loved one in her own home. the report said about 58% were killed with someone was an intimate partner or relative. the united nations said many countries have taken action to address violence against women. there are no signs of a decrease in the number of gender related killings in women and girls. the ride and bort is a little quieter. the repairs taking place to cut down on the amount of
7:41 am
screeching on bart trains. former vice president joe biden is in the area for a few days on his book tour. we have some slowing on the way towards oakland. today is not so bad. but tomorrow rain. but watch out for the wind and fog out there this morning.
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. jury selection starts today in the trial of a man accused of killing a woman during a white nationalist rally in charlottesville last year. he is charged in the murder of
7:44 am
heather heyer. she was killed and dozens of others were hurt. congress heads back after thanksgiving break with all eyes on house minority leader nancy pilosi. the san francisco congresswoman faces a critical week in her bid to once again become the speaker of the house. the margin to win 218 votes is fairly narrow. 15 democratic representatives have signed a letter of opposition. and several others said they will not vote for nancy pilosi. ohio governor john kasich considering running for president again. during an interview yesterday, he said that he worries about the tone, the name calling and the division in our country and said all options are on the table when it comes to 2020. he indicated that he may run as an independent or on a bipartisan ticket with a democrat.
7:45 am
the latest betting odds from overseas shows president trump still the favorite in 2020. the republican would the second best odds to win the presidency mike pence, the current vice president. former vice president joe biden is in the area on a book tour. and he is on the tour on his book, promise me, dad. he talked about the year 2015 to balance his political career when his son bau was dying from brain cancer. the former vice president is speaking in oakland tomorrow night. this is part of the speaker series. you can get information on all four events on you'll find a link to the series in the web links tab. tomorrow the pittsburgh
7:46 am
planning commission will consider approving plans for a farm just south of pillarus drive. the land trust entered into a ten-year licensing agreement with pg&g to run a farm on the site. and there is a farmer lined up to manage the property. the farm will grow vegetables and flowers for resale. it is definitely a back to work monday. yes. we have a lot of people on the road. we'll start with the south bay commute. i want to show you what it looks like there on northbound 101 and 280. you see red, 280. we did not have any of this last week this is downtown san jose looks good. if you're just restricting your travel to this area it is not too bad.
7:47 am
this is slow all the way up to downtown oakland. all of these pictures look very nice weather-wise. westbound bay bridge, you can see the traffic is doing well here. and there is something or someone that seems to be stopped here. i don't know if that is a stalled vehicle for that person decided that he did not belong in the carpool lane and doesn't know what to do. we'll see what happens here. that is pretty -- that is making a lot of slow traffic here. 7:47. let's get to you. what time is it again? >> 7:47, the number of one of your favorite airplanes. >> yes. today is okay. but there is thick fog. watch out for that. that is thick. and higher clouds spilling over. nothing to worry about today. is it on the way for tomorrow morning. this is pretty and also just
7:48 am
pretty around the lake in kelseyville that is a pretty picture. george, a thin vail of cirrus clouds. 96 percent relative humidity. let's take a look at our water year rainfall. we finally made up some ground and there is more this week. santa rosa 2.3. oakland 2.04. san jose is trying at 37% and just over three-quarters of an inch. that was a lot to deal with this week. today not too bad. the first system tuesday morning. the system on wednesday and thursday morning, that will pack a wallop with wound and rain. that looks to be the best in
7:49 am
the series and another system on saturday. rainfall from santa cruz up to santa rosa. you're looking at now and sunday, two to two and a half inches of rain. and the santa cruz mountains, three to four. a lot of cloudy cover. the system will start to drag across the area tonight. i know polk valley was the one time. 41 in lima valley. cloud cover will be with us most of the week. and there be a lot of high and mid-level clouds today and tomorrow morning, i'll be talking about rain to the north. but it looks weak as it moves south. so some rain tuesday. and the heaviest will be north of the golden gate. and we pick it up thursday morning around 4 to 8 in the morning that looks like wind and rain. that the be the best system in
7:50 am
this here's and much cooler on friday and another system on saturday. the streak about to hear a case that involves apple and the app store. how it could affect the price of app. let's check in with mike mibach. coming up in the next hour, the british parliament has cease seized some internal documents about what facebook's zuckerberg may have known about user privacy. we're talking about the director of a unique film festival kicking off wednesday in san francisco. we're back after the break. ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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. welcome back. 'tis the season for the retailers. is it expected to be a record shopping day on line. and some of the stores also report the earnings this week. wall street just got disappointing news from general motors. pam cook in the studio with today's dollars and cents. >> reporter: general motors's stock was halted pending the news. and the news is not good. they plan to cut 15,000 jobs and stop production on several low selling cars. product will be halted at some assembly plants in canada, ohio
7:54 am
and michigan. we'll keep watching that. all three indexes went higher. tiffany's, dick's and others are trading higher. and now live to the big board. this is the latest on the dow jones industrial average. it is up one and a half percent. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also up right now. the latest read from the nasdaq. it is up more than one must have percent. and general motors, disappointing for workers but good news for shareholders. the stock is up 5%. today the supreme court will hear an anti-trust lawsuit over the sale of iphone apps. consumers claims apple claimed they unfairlily monopolized the market. they could be forced to cut 30%
7:55 am
commission it charges software developers whose apps are stole exclusively through ' appeal's ' -- through apple's app store. tesla ceo elon musk said that tesla was bleeding money like crazy and trying to meet the goal of 5,000 model 3s a week by the end of june. he said that he was working 22 hours a day, 7-day a week and sleeping on the factory school. he said if he did not do it, there was a chance that tesla would go under taking thousands of jobs with it. tesla showed more applications in the 2016/2016 academic year.
7:56 am
the company received a half million applications last year, which was double the volume in 2016. investors and analyst will keep an eye on tesla and the rest of the automakers. tesla and general motors, the disappointing information. they want to keep the car tax credit. we'll be watching the automakers today. 7:56. the confrontation at the u.s. border. a dramatic scene. hundreds of migrants clashing u.s. authorities. what president trump is saying now and what is next as that border crossing reopens. the latest on the investigation into this, an incident in san francisco
7:57 am
involving a golden gate ferry damaged on friday. why it is getting so much attention from tourists. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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a snowstorm causing problems across the mid-kept, impacting -- midwest, impacting thousands of people. how many money people are expecting to spend on line this holiday season. mornings on 2 continues now. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is monday, november 26th. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. we're looking a bit later in the week. that's right. put me on the spot. tuesday morning and thursday morning big time. today, no. but there is a lot of fog out there. a little around the bay. the temperatures will be on the
8:01 am
warm side. marty, let's get you going. the higher clouds continue to sneak in. our good friend chloe is up in lake county. 40s county wide. partly cloudy and fog slowly sneaking in. but you will go mostly cloudy and i'll have rain tomorrow morning. there is a lot going on this week. rain is on the way, just danvil.
8:02 am
[ no audio ] >> this is broken down you see chp is on the way to get this out of way and a tow truck. let's talk about san francisco. we had a problem on the lower deck of the bay bridge that slowed traffic. it is very slow on northbound
8:03 am
101 from candlestick there. say stalled dump truck in the way. 880 is slow. so almost every single thing that we look at here has been slow except for 280 and san jose into downtown. but it is slow till the 17. back to the desk. the port of entry, the busiest border crossing in the nation shut down for hours after a clash between central american migrants and border patrol agents. >> and we have the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: they say they will not stand for migrants being treated this way. so a lot of reaction coming out of the situation this weekend. the department of homeland security said that the us us authorities will have a robust presence along the border and they'll prosecute main damages u.s. property or threatens our
8:04 am
sovereignty. the drama unfolded this week after the caravan passed a police blockage and tried to get through a fence. that this what the border agents launched teargas. migrants and children running from the teargas. they say that the teargas was used to force the group out after several people threw projectiles. the goal of the caravan is it to get the u.s. to speed up processing of asylum seekers for central american migrants. they process fewer than 100 asylum petitions a day. there are 5,000 migrants camped out in tijuana. and the violence could reignite the immigration debate. some republicans are sceptical
8:05 am
of migrant asame asylum claim. >> the word got out that you can come in a large group and we'll allow you in whether you he had you had a credible fear and wanted asylum or not. those days are over. >> reporter: the president said that the border will be closed permanently if need be and called on congress to fund a border wall. mexico vowed to increase border security and deport migrants that try to violently try to enter at the time u.s. u.s. secretary of agriculture tour sonny perdue will tour the town of paradise. this will be secretary -- second visit to the area. they will neat with survivors and -- meet with survivors
8:06 am
and firefighters. the camp fire is 100 percent contained. it killed 85 people and 249 people are still unaccounted for. the rain that we had helped the crews gain control of that fire. workers will remain in the fire zone till is safe for people to return to their property. >> power lipes that are down. calverts washed out. and we have more rain coming in later this week, it sounds like. >> the camp fire destroyed nearly 19,000 structures, 14,000 of those were homes. search and recovery crews will continue to look through the debris through more victims. now that the camp fire is fully contained, members of the butte fire department are heading home.
8:07 am
they stay was just as hard as hurricanes and oklahoma city or 9/11. they said that people that lost so much theirselves kept working for their community. >> people there lost homes and family members and they were there reporting for duty and getting the job done every day. >> reporter: the crews told us that they help to ease the burden of the people in butte county, especially for emergency responders. they say they are grateful they can come home and enjoy a thanksgiving day meal with their families. a strike team was made up from san francisco. they spent more than two weeks fighting the deadliest wildfire
8:08 am
in california history. >> we bring in the tools and equipment and training. you wonder how they did it. you look and pray and you look for opportunities to help them when you can. >> the mayor of paradise said that she thinks it will take three to five years for things to get back to normal in paradise. a snowstorm in the midwest led to traffic jams, canceled flights and school closures. the governor of kansas declared a state of emergency because of the state of conditions after 14-inches of snow fell in some areas of the state. >> reporter: thanksgiving holiday travel halted through much of the midwest on sunday, all thanks to winter weather. >> it usually takes us 50 minutes. it took us about 90. it created blizzard-like conditions forcing the closures
8:09 am
of several major routes. >> reporter: they blocked homes for many travelers. >> slippery and sliding all over the place. >> reporter: chicago and kansas city seeing the brunt of the storm, with the whiteout conditions grounding flights. monday morning it may not get any easier to get home. the storm is connected to moves into northern indianapolis and southern michigan. if you're driving through a major city, you'll fight computer traffic. >> if you are hitting the road, give yourself plenty of time, if at all possible, do not travel if you don't have to. >> reporter: officials have cancelled hundreds of flights on monday. this snowstorm is having an impact on flights in the bay
8:10 am
area. we just got off the phone with the duty manager at sfo. they tell us that there are 44 total delays. most of them are to and from chicago. the cancel laces are -- cancellations are expected to fall throughout the day. wind gusts are up to 50 miles an hour in chicago. people that use ferries to get to and from san francisco should not notice any difference today even though one of the boats is out of commission. >> officials are investigating why this ferry boat crashed into the dock. there is serious damage to the dock and the boat. regular riders said they were stunned when they heard about the ferry hitting the dock. >> i've been riding these boats
8:11 am
for ten years or more and this is the fire first time i ever saw anything like that happen. >> they put some repairs in place on the dock and have plenty of boats. so people should not see any difference today. >> reporter: we're at amazon and learning how this they are tracking all of those packages. that is coming up.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
leigh martinez is at the amazon's fulfillment center. this is their busiest day of the year. >> reporter: yes. i've been watching the conveyer belt for 15 minutes now. they're trying to get all the packages in a single file. these are all of your packages on cyber monday. you can see the tech grabs that you can grab.
8:15 am
the echo dot is now half off. you can get $80 off apple watch. and $50 off the ring video doorbell. this is how you can secure your chances of getting the deal that you want. >> if you see something that you like, you can actually look at it and you can save it and you can also set up to receive the notification. so your app will send you a push notification that says, we have a deal today for this item. you can also see what the deals are and what times the deals are coming into effect so we make this really easy for the customers. >> reporter: a lot of the deals are with prime free shipping. today is a busywork day. some employees will have 11 hour shifts. but they have a little fun with a little competition going on
8:16 am
behind the scenes. >> it is fun and you see everyone excited. we have goals and we always maim to reach them. we try to make things before the deadline that makes it funner. we have contests. we'll play music for them. ring i see my package. a package full of dog toys for my dog. amazon is expected to do a lot of business. they don't know the exact numbers. last year, worldwide they sold 83 million items. that is 961 items per second that is a lot of traffic. leigh martinez, ktvu news. >> and many people shopped on
8:17 am
line on black friday spending $26.2 billion, with most of that spent on smart phones. to the traffic was down at black friday at retail stores, down 6% this year. a lot of people coming back to work after a nice weekend or week off. we have signs of people out there. take a look at the macarthur maze bridge. it looks like a stalled vehicle or everyone is slowing down it took an hour to drive to the bridge. and they did manage to get the stalled truck out of the carpool lane. but it is backed up 15 to 20 minute delay.
8:18 am
san francisco very slow to the candlestick exit. and there is a stalled near cesar chaves. it is slow getting up to coopertino. cloudy and mostly cloudy north of the golden gate and mostly sunny south. by tonight, everyone will be cloudy. and the rain moves in tomorrow and it will be moderate to heavy wednesday night, thursday morning and again on saturday. is thering in going on saturday? >> the big game. >> it is a big game. it looks like rain right now. a lot of cloud cover on the way today. and there will be a series of systems, maybe three looking over the next week. so rain it on the way. and the wind and rain. where this all sets up on wednesday night and thursday, thursday morning, there could be four inch amounts.
8:19 am
but i would expect a good system to move in here on thursday morning. if you can work from home, do it. i'm giving you the heads up. cloud cover from the north today and a little bit of fog. some of it thick. 40s on the temperatures to 50s for some. the cloud cover will filter in today and a little more sun to the south. but everything is setting up for the atmosphere river. near 70 in the santa clara valley. and rain moves in tuesday morning and early afternoon. it is not a big system. thursday morning for sure, the most of thursday. and it does look like a break right now. the next system coming in on saturday. more potential problems for some san francisco high-rises. what a new report uncovers when it comes to the next big
8:20 am
earthquake. what's a gig of data?
8:21 am
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8:22 am
four turkish soldiers are dead after their helicopter crashed into a residential area. it was a on a training flight and slammed into a four story building. there are no civilian casualties. the pilot looked like he was trying to land on an empty plot of land away from people. it is not clear why he was trying to make an emergency
8:23 am
landing. a fifth soldier is being treated for injuries. deputy -- died in a car crash last night outside the city of riverbank. the sheriff's department said that he was responding to help deputies with a car chase and his patrol car hit a power pole. he was a 19-year-old veteran. he leaves behind an adult son. facebook has for months been trying to stop the documents from being made public. we have more on what it could mean for the bay area tech giant. >> reporter: the legal battle between facebook and british authorities reached a new level on monday. facebook is trying to block the release of seized documents, alleging that facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg new about the data mining and privacy. it was from a third party app
8:24 am
develop -- developer that was on a business to london. they say that the seizure puts the lawmakers in uncharted territory. they have not committed to releasing the documents. under uk law, we can publish papers if we choose to as part our inquiry. facebook lost a lot of value. and it could lead to more violations. >> you have things like social networks and places, they tend to work more effectively with more user data. and you end up with one come dominating the field. >> reporter: on tuesday, the
8:25 am
british lawmakers will hold an international hearing on how to stop the information on the internet. they invited facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg to attend. he refused. san francisco has 6 high- rise buildings -- 68 high- rise buildings that could be vulnerable in the next big earthquake. there are 11 hotels, three residential buildings and ten mixed used high-rises and others. they will steel skeletons and built between 1964 and 1989. they have a specific welding technique is now considered susceptible to break concerning a quake. quake has a big chance to have a big earthquake in the next 25 years. some people that live near the bart tracks are getting some relief because they are
8:26 am
getting quieter. they have shaved some of the metal on the wheels. some warrior fans can breathe a sigh of relief. seth curry is expected to practice with the team this week. he was involved in a car crash on friday. he could be back in the lineup during the upcoming road trip. but he will not play in tonight's home game against orlando. the 49ers make a quick decision after defensive linebacker rubin foster is arrested. the move that stunned many players and fans. a historic mission to mars. how the spacecraft to land on the planet today could tell us more about earth. you can watch it live coming up. it is still slow out there.
8:27 am
we have a lot of slow traffic driving in the area. it looks all right. some sun mixing in with some high level clouds. tuesday, we'll get back into the rain and not just tuesday either.
8:28 am
8:29 am
foster. 8:29 on a gorgeous monday. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. we have new storms lining up out there in the pacific. there will be some wind with this. if there is not wind with it, it is not a storm, in my opinion. today is a lot of high and mid- level clouds coming in.
8:30 am
and a lot of fog, where it is thick, it is thick out there. the morning mist lifted a while ago. but high clouds over us. we have away the the next rain that will be here tomorrow. take a look at where we are on the water gauge. we made up some ground this weekend. san francisco 67% of normal, oak land 63. san jose is trying. but some rain is in your future as well. mid-level clouds today and mostly cloudy today. sierra just looking for cloud cover. no issues with snow or anything. more rain on the way. and three systems this week and tuesday and light wednesday and thursday is the main system and then again on saturday. and earning much, much cool --
8:31 am
turning much, much cooler. san jose showed 2 plus inches this weekend. there was a lot of 40s and 50s. we're beginning to slowly warm up here. but the cloud cover will play into our monday. rain develops tuesday morning to the morning and sweep through the area. today is a break here. 60s to near 70s on the temperatures. sal is back and he's been busy from the jump. absolutely. last week was a light week. but today is not. we're not expecting a light week. i think everyone is back to work here. this is 80 pocketbook pocketbook, a 39 minute drive. it had been about an hour from the bridge to this spot. you see a lot of crowding at the bay bridge toll plaza. and san francisco had slow traffic on northbound 101.
8:32 am
this is looking like a bad afternoon commute. driving from san francisco to oakland. that will throw a lot of people off. 880 oakland, slow into oakland into downtown. 8:32. back to the desk. mexico will increase the border security and deport anyone that tries enter the united states violently. this comes after a tense weekend with the u.s./mexican coborder. they fired teargas at hundreds of migrants rushed a fence in tijuana. activists rallied in san diego after the government shut down the san diego. >> why not fight for the right of humans that are just like us. >> president trump has threatened to close the entire
8:33 am
southern border if immigration deal cannot be reached between the united states and mexico. u.s. costumes defended the decision to use teargas. several my grants threw projectiles to agents. several agents were hit by the project files. a statement is forthcoming. a snowstorm is leading to cancellations and delays of flights in the midwest. illinois, kansas and nebraska were all blanketed. the governor of kansas is declaring an emergency. most of the flights cancelled and delayed are to and from chicago. oakland airport said that no
8:34 am
problems there so far. today u.s. secretary of agriculture tour purdue and u.s. secretary of the interior ryan zincky will tour the town of paradise. the two members of president trump's cabinet will attend a meeting with the survivors and firefighters. the fire burned 240 square miles and killed at least 85 people and 249 are still unaccounted for. the weekend rain help the fighter regain control of that fire. usually the science center in oakland is closed on monday. but they will be open today starting at 11:00 to invite people to watch nasa he's alive
8:35 am
stream and their rocket will be landing on mars. >> reporter: at 11:00 is when he will open the door and they invite people to come and watch the landing of the sunrise probe on their big movie screen inside the space center. it is expected to land around noon our time. that is when it is scheduled to touchdown on the surface of mars. the insight is the star of the show. it launched from santa barbara six months ago. it will is supposed to reach mars at noon today. we spoke with an asreason astronomer about this. >> the history of this exploration, there have been missions that gone all the way
8:36 am
and for whatever the technical reasons they did not make it to the surface or to mars itself. >> reporter: some of the big variables if the landing will be successful is the weather on mars, something like a dust storm on the surface at the last minute could thwart the landing. they will use a probe to drill 16 feet into the surface. >> mars is intriguing destination for that purpose, trying to understand what the conditions were like back 4 billion years ago. it did life bin in mars on that time frame. is there any preservation of that left on the surface. >> reporter: the insight probe will measure mars quakes. they have pulled off 7
8:37 am
successful mars landings. there was only one failed touchdown. so hopefully odds are on nasa's sides today. they want you to come and watch it live. 8:37. the 49ers are back at home today after losing to the buccaneers. they have five games left in the season of the and now that he will play without 49ers' defensive linebacker rubin foster. the 49ers cut foster after he was arrested for domestic violence. >> reporter: the 49ers had a bye-week to prepare for the game against the tampa bay bucks. and then on the way to the stadium, they learned about something they had no way of preparing for. 49ers' defensive linebacker rubin foster was arrested late saturday night on domestic abuse charges. foster had been under a no tolerance policy since similar
8:38 am
accusations were made against him in february. 49er manager met and felt they had northeast other choice but to fire foster. >> in life, there consequences for your behavior. >> i know we told rubin. and he didn't do what we asked him to do. i knew the decision was going to be made. too many things have happened. we tried to help him out a lot. i know he has been trying too. but this was a messed up day. it doesn't matter if he did or not. it is time to move on. >> reporter: two things for the 49ers, they have five games to try to salvage something out of this season. and a team that has been criticized for player discipline in the fast, has made it clear they will no longer tolerate certain types of behavior.
8:39 am
we're learning about another incident involving foster last month. the santa clara police said they were called to the apartment that he shared with his girlfriend. a neighbor reported a late argument. the couple was arguing over something found on foster's phone. there were no signs of violence. but they did take photos and video. and the officers toll the fire set tell their differences more peacefully and no arrests were made. the raiders are 0-9 after losing to baltimore. baltimore pulled away after former raider crabtree got an 8- yard touchdown. the ravens knocked ball out of his hands here with six minutes
8:40 am
left in the game. and the final was 34-17. the raiders back in oakland to face the kansas city chiefs on sunday. are you planning to get a christmas tree this year? why it may be harder to find the perfect one. good morning. if you plan to leave the house anytime soon, you'll see some flowing out there on some of the commutes. a lot of high clouds offer us, more to the north than the south. this is really the warmest day of the week. rain returns tomorrow and more so on thursday, we'll have more on that many could be up. [ phone rings ] what?!
8:41 am
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the police are investigating a body found in the marina yesterday. they say there are no obvious signs of foul play and they do not know how long the person had been dead. the coroner's office is trying to identify the body and the cause of death. another body was found in the water of lindmar beach. this was just before 9:00 yesterday morning. the person believe to be a man
8:44 am
was floating in the water. the coroner was called to the scene. a driver that died saturday after crashing in a chp patrol car has been identified as 72- year-old laura pino. it happened on southbound 101 about 8 in the morning on saturday. investigators said she was driving through the spencer avenue offramp and her toyota corolla hydroplant before hitting the officer's car. two years after the launch of a new bureau in san francisco to investigate police shootings and use of force, the results are not much has changed. the district attorney is supposed to lead a you know to investigate possible police misconduct. but a dispute over a labor agreement has been put on hold. they urge the police and the da's office to reach and agreement. audit was requested this year by board of supervisors' --
8:45 am
and they threatened to cut funding. the archdiocese that a review shows in the 1990s, there were six instances of alleged abuse by clergy and three more in the year of 2000. they do not see any abuse since then. the archbishop of san francisco said that he is prepared to work with his archbishops to move forward in confronting the sexual abuse allegations in the catholic church. it is back to school for a lot of school. and more people are on the road to work as well. and that turned into a busy commute all over the place as we look at 37 minute drive from the car carquinez macarthur
8:46 am
maze bridge bridge. and san francisco has been taking it on the chin. 101 and eastbound 80, is it is slow from candlestick park exit to the 80's slight. 880 north will be slow from 288 and 580 is slow as well. and the south bay commute is getting busier. i'm dry today but sorting tuesday and wednesday and thursday, it looks impressive and again on saturday with the cold air coming in. a mix of fog will start to lift and born off. so we'll flit the difference. there are delays not just to chicago. slow ceilings in boston and newark. these are departing flights. chicago o'hare has it problem with the snow most of the
8:47 am
morning for departing flies. from cleveland to new york and boston, that will be the main mess there. you see the cold air continuing to come in. fargo is 9 degrees and minneapolis at 18. for us, the high clouds will filter in and a little rain to the north. you have to worry about any travel issues. rain on tuesday morning into the early afternoon. the better system will be wednesday night into thursday morning. four inches possible. and a quick move on saturday could give us a quarter of an inch. it looks good into early next week. a lot of cloud cover again and maybe light rain north. but this system shows up late tonight into tuesday morning.
8:48 am
and that sweep across the area. 40s and 50s. thick fog in winter park that should lift. the cloud cover is on the way and that will take us into tuesday when the rain develops. 60s to near 70 on the temperatures. prepare for rain starting tuesday an off and on wednesday and for sure thursday. we'll get a break friday and some rain on saturday. new information about problems with tesla. why tesla ceo elon musk said that the company almost went out of business.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
tough news to hear this morning. general motors announced a big restrucking plan. gm announced plans to lay off sa thousand works in north america that is 15% of the work force. product will stop for several low selling cars. michigan, maryland and canada. they are focused on autonomous and electric vehicles. all three indexes are higher. amazon, target, wal-mart, are
8:52 am
all trading higher. tiffany's, guess, dick's reporting earnings this week. so active with the retailers today and this week. checking the numbers right now. general motors's stock is up 6%, $2 a share where the analysts are saying it is a good deal for investors for the company to restructure and shift their focus. this is a live look at the dow jones industrial average. it is up one full percentage point to 265 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are also up more than 1%. the supreme court will hear a case about others accusing
8:53 am
apple to have monopolizing the app store. tesla ceo elon musk is speaking out about how the company almost went out of business this year. he said that the electric car company was within weeks of going under. during an interview last night, he said that tesla was quote, bleeding money like crazy. trying to meet the goal of producing 5,000 model 3s the week by june, he was working 22 hours a week, 7 days a week and literally sleeping on the factory floor. he said if he did not do that, it was a good chance that tesla would go under, taking thousands of california jobs with it. there is a shortage of christmas trees this year. during the recession, farmers did not plant as many trees. many areas across the country are reporting a 20% or so rise
8:54 am
in the prices of trees. and i was reading a lot of the areas back east were hit by the storms like north carolina, all of those places hit by the storms, they're tree lots were affected as well. >> i put up the lights but no tree yet. >> i put up the tree, no lights. spreading kind ofness with a hat. me a 13-year-old ceo that using his favorite accessory to put an end to bullying. ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers,
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or 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you pay for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. state senator scott wiener is holding a news conference to discuss the issue about car break-ins. he went to close a loophole about how the state charges
8:57 am
break-ins. the victim will have to testify in court and they may not be willing to take time off work or fly back to san francisco if they're not from her. he addressed the loophole. but the senate's appropriation commit killed the bill. a american recovery and reinvestment plan to legal solo drivers to pay to use the carpool lane is one step closer to happening. it will help people get in and out of the city faster. the san francisco transportation authority recently approved $4 million to study the plan. if approved, existing southbound and northbound lanes on 280 will be converted in h.o.v. lanes. former vice president joe biden is in town this week on a book tour. talk about his family and how
8:58 am
it changes continuous bau's death. be in oakland tomorrow night and then sam te'o. this is part of the speaker series. you'll get information on all four events by going to we have a link to the series in our web links tab. well known civil rights activist dr. larry edwards said they'll boycott the san francisco giants. is it over one of the owners of the giants donating to the campaign for senator cindy hyde smith. she said that she would be on the front row if invited to a public hanging. many called that remark racist. and the senator later apologized. dr. edwards said as a people nation we must not accept disparaging like linking and
8:59 am
accept them as normalize. a medical breakthrough is raising some ethical questions. chinese researcher said that he helped make the world eases first genetic i -- world's first genetically edited babies. he said it could rewrite the blueprint of life. he said that he did to help the girl resist the infection of aids. they stay can risk harming other genes. a human trial could be starting for a trial for alzheimer's vaccine. testing in mice shows that the vaccine safely prevents of the buildup of substances in the brain that is responsible for the disease. it could cut the number of dementia cases by half. an unusual intruder made
9:00 am
his way into a sheriff's office. he actually opens the door. eventually the bear walks out and two officers follow him. m.


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