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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:28pm PST

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around at least until tomorrow. it feels like it is spriof you can see behind me this spray coming off the cars. we even that had a
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pretty badsplashed fender, so it's very dangerous out here with these weather conditions. take a look at this video we shot a short while ago. issues you video of the bay bridge toll plaza for just a short while ago, and you can see the rain is really coming down hard, the winds are very strong out here, and that makes it very treacherous and difficult once you get up on the bridge deck. we are also seeing a lot of run off that is causing very deep pooling on the sides of the road. today's intermittent rain have had people scrambling, trying to prepare before the storm comes through. to the season of showers and red roads had added dangers for drivers -- wet roads had added dangers . >> would not want to be driving later at night. is specially that we are renting a lot. >> reporter: the rain expected to get heavier at night had tow trucks out and ready. people try to get errands done before the storm.
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in martinez, christmas tree hunters try to be the rain. >> we figured we would jump in and try to get one. >> reporter: ab -- a -- birthday tree before the storm. the on-again office again showers, not so busy -- easy on business owners. >> it rained and it was hard. >> reporter: trying to make the best of what they can't control., >> it kind of works. >> i'm really proud of you guys. not even the rain can keep you away. >> reporter: the tree lighting with people pulling out their umbrellas. a sprinkle of rain make sparkling lights. >> three, two, one, light up! >> reporter: the mayor said they had co cancel. >> there's a chance it would rain sometime during our event. we are going forward. this is a special, annual event and a special meaning for all of us.
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>> reporter: and back out here live at the bay bridge, you can see the traffic moving. for the most part, people have been slowing down, but occasionally we will see a car come speeding by, and a chp officer told me that is a big concern of hydroplaning. a lot of people who are going very fast might not be able to stop with all these what conditions out here, and certainly visibility is an issue with all the spray coming out from the cars. frank and julie? >> jana, thank you. now to ktvu meteorologist bill martin where the rain is heaviest right now and what to expect for the morning, bill? as you saw from jana, mystical -- let's -- take a look at the radar. you see the heaviest areas of rain in yellow and orange. that is representing an inch an that is a lot of rain, so that is where you are seeing pooling of water on roadways. that is three quarters of an inch an hour out in concord right now. we rainfall rates
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over have an engine hour. it will be around for the morning commute, so be ready for it. a few breaks south of san francisco now and out by san leandro, but behind this system is a much more energy. it's going to slide on and as we get into the next eight hours, and it will mess with the morning commute tomorrow morning, so heaviest rain is right now, heaviest rainfall rates right now, but tomorrow the winds will pick up and there will be some widely scattered heavy showers on that morning commute. >> bill, thank you. in the sierra, this next storm could bill for -- bring four feet of snow. caltrans is t be affected wit potentially leading to road closures on interstate 80 and highway 50. the oakland a invent planes for a new waterfront stadium along the estuary and howard turn will. artists rendering show how might the new ballpark look. dave kaval announced a plan to
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redevelop the coliseum site in east oakland. it would feature an amphitheater style ballpark for the public, along with soccer d there is no pricing for the two projects, but the new ballpark is expected to be privately financed by the a's. >> we are building a new neighborhood in this part of the city, and so having locations for people to live, to work, to play, to connect to the surrounding area is going to be important. >> the closest parking to the howard terminal site is about a mile away. the a's say they are working on a plan to build a gondola that would shuttle 6000 people an hour from downtown oakland to the new ballpark. the stadium will 34,000 people. the a's hope to have it open in time for the 2020 season. the a's deal is far from done, but if it is completed they will keep the along the waterfr >> reporter: this week, one of
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28 cities to visit in the world. according to national geographic, oakland is bursting with culture and pride. lots of redevelopments, and new businesses opening up shop. now the oakland a's are keeping good on a promise to keep the team rooted in oakland. team president dave kaval announced plans wednesday to build a new waterfront ballpark at howard terminal at jack london square. >> it is the most conducive environment for success both on and off the field to attract fans, have an amazing fan experience, and have a positive impact on the community. >> reporter: exciting new -- news to newcomers who open doors a couple blocks away. >> we have been following this movement with the a's team, and we sought onne. some movementreporter: 34,000 p
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fill the new stadium nestled between high-rise buildings and situated along the water. it is a stone's throw from the oakland ferry, which is one method of transportation for fans, as well as plans to build an aerial gondola that can carry 6000 passengers an hour from downtown oakland to the ballpark. mark everton is the ceo of visit oakland, which is located about 100 yards from howard terminal. he says fans can also use the west oakland r 12th street -- or 12th street station and walk 10 minutes to the stadium. >> i understand they are going to do a couple of pedestrian walkways that are going to go over 8080, and if i can come to croatian -- fruition, that could be an easy way to get downtown to the ballpark. >> reporter: he can already imagine the impact the sites will have on tourism and the economy for both west and east oakland, but the a's ambitious plan to revitalize the coliseum site into a community park surrounded by new vote --
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development. >> we can have a convention center, hotels, retail and restaurants. it can really be a magnet for business to come and enjoy. >> reporter: the three iconic port of frames in oakland behind me, you might notice they were still shown in the renderings of the future ballpark the oakland a's revealed today, we are told those three claims will remain as a staple as part of oakland's history. in oakland, alyana go past, ktvu, fox 2 news. oakland police say two suspects are in connection -- custody near the lake merritt bart station. deputies were on patrol when they heard the gunshot at about 4:15 this afternoon. they set a man with a gunshot wound -- found a man with a gunshot wound. the man is being treated at a local hospital. people of the east bay are credited for capturing a serial bank robber. he is accused of robbing a wells fargo bank fremont and four banks and south carolina
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-- california. his plates were spotted in security videos helped narrow the search. from there, investigators were able to make a match. in napa, police are looking for a man who knockeght. -- unconscious in a bar fight. some of them them and attacked women, the woman rather. police say one suspect, 39-year- old ron rojas surrendered to police. he is now facing felony charges. this is the man napa police are trying to find out. he is identified as 30-year-old james curtis falcon barry. police say he punched the victim in the face. authority says he has tattoos on his arm as well as his neck and he should could be considered dangerous. now to petaluma where a woman was killed trying toon he
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she was just 30 years old and homeless. >> reporter: yeah, julie, and struggling on the streets. sometimes scavenging these donation boxes, which are designed only to put things in, not take things out. >> she would like to go into these boxes and get clothes and stuff. >> reporter: they came to this -- a friend came to the strip mall where kaily land died overnight in a donation box. >> we saw her last week at the 711. you should not go in those boxes because you know? she said i never do it alone. >> reporter: police got called after daylit -- daylight who saw legs and feet dangling from a bright green box. >> at first, i thought it was someone just stuck in there, and then the more thought about it, it kind of occurred to me as you further. >> reporter: police say they
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saw a flash i still on and appears item -- land was trying to grab items or shim herself out of the box. >> the door caught her around the neck area, and we think she extricated. >> reporter: such debts while bizarre are not unheard of. and alameda woman, 42 also living on the streets, was associated the same way two years ago, and there are a dozen such debts around the country the past decade. -- deaths around the country the past decade. after land's body was moved, this box at broken, bags of donations still inside. nothing worth dying for, advocates a. >> the thought of somebody just struggling to try to stay alive until somebody may notice them, it breaks my heart. >> reporter: they should have safeguards to deter deaths, and she advises people where you can get them. take the time to find out. >> reporter: she says helps
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those who need, ask for help instead of take risks. man's bicycle remains propped against the store where she left it, her boyfriend arriving after she was found was distraught talking to the police. as the new bin was delivered, the drivers showed us the opening, so small to squeeze through. >> somebody would have to hold it. she has been doing this for years. >> reporter: and someone has picked wildflowers and placed them here on this replacement box. petaluma police say they will reach out to the east bay agency that owns this in to if warnings at least might be placed on them. reporting live and petaluma, debora jumped up without hesitation to help this man. >> generosity from strangers, how a community jumped into action when a friendly safeway
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kohler was left homeless. changing the name of zuckerberg general hospital, what is san francisco supervisor says the public hospital should not bear the name of facebook ceo. more live pictures as the range rented the bear area -- bay area.
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we have new information tonight from butte county on the camp fire. the butte county sheriff's said there are no additional fatalities to report for the third night in the row. the death toll remains at 88. 196 people are unaccounted for. fema says ri later this week. aaron peskin want to remove mark zuckerberg's name from san francisco general hospital. the hospital was renamed zuckerberg san francisco general hospital three years ago after zuckerberg and his wife, dr. priscilla chan, donated $75 million to the
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hospitals foundation. supervisor peskin says because of the recent scandals company's mishandling of users personal information, the hospital's name should go back to san francisco general. peskin has asked the city attorney to outline a procedure to make that happen. in a segment, the ceo general defended the name of the hospital, saying we are honored dr. jan and mr. zuckerberg thought highly enough of our hospital and staff and the health of san franciscans to donate their resources to our mission. in san jose, the community is rallying around a grocery clerk who became homeless. ktvu's ann rubin shows us what wo to him, every customer at the byrd avenue safeway is either a new friend are practically family. >> and open, kind, considerate -- >> this guy is always alights
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with light. >> reporter: dude bulova customers found that he had fallen on hard times. his roommate died, leaving him with what he could not afford alone, so he had taken a bike and tarp and began sleeping in the heart -- park. >> i've been outside. >> reporter: paul sawyer said his five-year-old could not sleep, knowing his buddy jude did not have a bed. >> he started to cry. he started to well up and say daddy, i've got a pity but begged. -- pretty big bed. we need to make sure he is okay. >> reporter: so coworkers and community members banded together, setting up a gofundme age -- page. every donation followed by a comment about jude's warmth, his smile, or how the money could not possibly repay years of kindness. jude did not believe their generosity. >> i see the comments in the love the people have shown for me, and i did not know. they won't let me down. because i won't let them down.
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>> reporter: the customers at the safeway say this is no surprise that the willow glen community takes care of its own. >> everybody has jumped up without hesitation to help this man. it just makes me walk a little taller, makes me feel a little more proud of the people you have around you every single day. >> jude says he's humbled and beyond grateful for the support. >> to hold a high place of honor in the community that you love, it is priceless. you cannot put a price on that. you just can't. >> reporter: coworkers say the goal is to raise enough money to help jude get back on his feet. they say they are also on the lookout for anyone who has an affordable apartment he might be able to rent. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. back to weather again. this is system we are watching, this one behind me. w rainfall rates up to one half inch and three quarters of an inch in our, so you are noticing it out on the roadways, especially in the
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north bay. to come in closer, you see the radar returns. there is the system moving onshore and then boom! this is what's happening right now, and you can see the yellows and reds and oranges. that represents probably nearly an inch of rainfall in our through concord, feel food -- fairfield, antioch, so it's really coming down. out by fairfield, vallejo, we are getting reports of heavy rain out there as well. this thing -- if this thing were to stay still with rainfall rates like in vallejo and concord, we'd be seeing urban, flooding. we have seen a lot of standut i is moving through fairly quickly. now behind this system, there is another system, and that system is going to slide in behind the system, sort of a secondary deal. it's going to raise heck on the morning commute. it will be more widely scattered. so here's our system now. to william, it is to the east
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of us, and this comes in behind it. this is 7 a.m. -- 2 a.m., it is to the east of us, and this comes behind it. this is 7 a.m. there will even some -- be some breaks in the clouds. thunder and lightning a possibility as well. by 1:00 it's moving through, and by 5:00 it's basically out of here. afternoon commute should be dry. there's friday morning, there is friday afternoon, and you see right here, friday evening a chance for s'more showers and maybe a little something -- some more showers and maybe a little something into saturday morning. with that said, you've got a wind advisory throughout the bay area. you have gotinthe mountains. i would not be surprised if katie got shut down tonight when this all arrives up there. -- 80 got shut down tonight when this all arrives up there.
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as we enter these winter months, we want to see a pattern like this. it's going to bring tons of snow, tons of rain. it's nice to have the heaviest rain overnight so it is not a lot of folks on the road, but tomorrow's commute will have a little bit of what roadway, so -- wet roadway. >> when you get home, there's a flashlight. can you check? there's this huge rush of water. >> she's not know -- she does not know where it's going or where it's from. >> -- it should be kind of winding down. in the mountains it will still be snowing, by tomorrow night this time it will be winding docanada tonight looking to get a maple leafs. that coming up next. w
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>> bingo! >> gosh, okay. i thought you right now. >> they have had a lot of rough nights.
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yeah, but granted, they are playing two of the better teams back east, buffalo last night, tonight north of the border in toronto where the warriors will be. an old friend, patty marlow. the sharks -- was with the sharks 19 years before he went to the leafs last year. snacked by and by hertl , his six the goal of the year. now quickly 2-1 toronto on the mood. mitch marner, to john taveras. remember how badly the sharks wanted him in the off-season? when team, toronto. his ch toronto tonight. this one hurts even more because it is, yeah. the former shark. patty marlow scored what would turn out to be the deciding goal, 5-3, and the sharks are officially under .500 team. the warriors will be up in toronto tomorrow night with the team with the best team in the nba, the raptors. the warriors will be without the services of steph curry.
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they want to make sure that strained groin rest just a little bit more. the team does say he will return on saturday when they are in detroit against the pistons, and for staff -- steph he says yeah, waiting for the go-ahead in the most frustrating part for him. -- is the most frustrating part of him. >> for sure. you wake up, you get excited, you know, and further along, you just want to get back out there as soon as possible. when you get that close, then you have to wait. >> -- st. marys in college hoops got done and by the teare three-for. as for --3-4. as for stamford tonight,
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they take care of portland state. a little tougher than jared has figured it would be. the cardinals down one at halftime. brights willis, however, nice acrobatic shot to get them going in a nice 15-4 round -- run. jordan belayer from oscar da silva right there, and more good news for the cardinal. it is one player to josh sharma. put it away, 79-57. check this out. do it in a hurry. this is your move of the night. joe well, -- jolyn beebe -- imbiid. he's huge, agile, and a millionaire. >> things for >> the warriors tomorrow. >> i will get it right. good night. what's a gig of data?
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