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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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former senate majority leader, bob dole, powerful gestures of respect at the capitol for u.s. president george h.w. bush. >> he comes from a generation of people that treats people like people, and it's just wonderful. and, contentious vote. we are live in san jose for the city council is expected to survive on a huge -- decide on a huge land deal with google. why not everyone is on board with plans for a sprawling new tech campus downtown. there is this idea that that will trickle down to the rest of the community and it has never trickled down that way in the past. from ktvu news, this is "the four." another rough one, a major wall street selloff today. stocks plunging a new skepticism about the reports of a trade truce between the u.s. and china. the markets were also rocked by concerns about the overall economy. welcome to "the four."
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i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm alex savidge. shares about whether u.s. and china can reach a deal on trade. the white house has struggled to explain details of the agreement, it was supposed to delay increasing tariffs on many goods from china from 10% to 25%. president trump muddied the waters with tweets suggesting a deal might not even be possible. major importers including boeing and caterpillar were hit hard. the markets also were rattled by a drop in bond yields. bankshares were hammered since the decline in yields hurt their bottom line. taking a look now at the numbers, the dow was down today, 799, the nasdaq fell 283, and the s&p 500 was down 90 points. the markets will be closed tomorrow for the national day of mourning for former president geor in about 15 minutes, we are going to break down what happened on wall
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street today when we sit down with financial analyst james mcbride. again, that's coming up at 4:15 today. happening now, san jose city council is considering a large sale to google for the company's downtown campus. 's plan has sparked a very contentious debate. >> ktvu's southbay reporter jesse gary joins us live from city hall where protesters will be making their voices heard at the meeting tonight. what time do you think councilmembers are actually going to vote here? >> reporter: well, that is a tricky question. it may not come until late tonight. as a matter of fact, the public comment section going on right now and is expected into late tonight, as the mayor has indicated. if this hits the midnight deadline, he may carry this over until wednesday. tuesday, a handful of outside s refusing to eat until councilmembers vote on a land sale tgole. >> for 3 made promises about affordable housing. and they always fall short. >> reporter: city and corporate readers and the alliance of others believe this time, this
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project will transform downtown and provide needed housing across the spectrum. >> it's unusual that the city of san jose comes together with business and labor. community groups, with neighborhood groups, and small business, and nonprofits. >> the group holding this collective intact is the track of land, dedicated for google's develop and. 6.8 million square feet of mixed-use space near the train station, with offices, 20,000 jobs, and housing. the mayor says it's a win-win, and then some, considering the city originally sought to sell the land for $7 million to lure a baseball team. now, san jose could net $50 million for its coffers and help cure the housing shortage. >> this crisis is decades in the making, and it's going to take time for us to be able to build the housing we critically need, and to do it effectively. i think google can be a very helpful instrument inthis objective.
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>> reporter: experts agree saying this is exactly how you want to grow a city here in silicon valley. still, there are cries for housing, not more tech jobs and tech workers. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. we have demonstrators out over my right shoulder, outside here at the plaza at city hall. and inside over my left shoulder is where the auditorium is, where they are having the spirited debate right now. again, we'll check in with you again in the 5:00 hour. for now, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news live outside san jose city hall. back to you in oakland. >> it's going to be a long night at city hall. if you want up to date information and the results of tonight's vote, get the ktvu app on your smart phone or head to our homepage, now for a quick check on your bay area weather. rosemary, it sure felt like it really wanted to rain out there today. >> you're right. and, it's still trying,
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heather, looking at dry conditions around the bay area. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge where we have mostly cloudy skies, it's breezy out there, especially along the coastline. as we get into the inland communities, the winds not too bad. really depending on where you're at, everybody in the 50s this afternoon. we are looking at 57 degrees right now in santa rosa, 54 in san francisco. low 50s in oakland, livermore slipping to 49 and san jose, 53. these numbers are similar to yesterday, within a few degrees for most. here's a look at the wind. half moon bay reporting wind gusts at 20 miles per hour and off the coastline i'm seeing pretty good gusts. around hayward, 6 miles per hour, livermore, reporting five as well. when it comes to the satellite and radar, covered in all that cloud cover, we have been for the entire day, but the rain taking it's time to get here. most of this, not necessarily hitting the ground, just get. as we get through the evening hours, scattered showers eventually increasing, by the second half of the night, and then into tomorrow morning as
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well. it has to do with this system here. that's just kind of hanging out there, not really doing a whole lot and eventually will sink south. i think along the coastline we are likely to get the most rain amounts and then our inland areas, maybe not so much. here's a look at futurecast, picking up at this hour, showing you we have that off the coastline. maybe some hitting the ground in the santa cruz mountains at this point. into the 7:00 hour, not a lot going on. into 8:00, more of the same. 10:00, maybe beginning to move onshore. into the overnight hours, it does want to move through and here's a look at the drive for tomorrow morning. scattered showers tonight, into tomorrow morning. that will continue on. in fact, we will remain with scattered showers through thursday morning before that system pushes south andover southern california. as far as rainfall amounts, this is also fizzling just a bit.
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we were thinking we make anywhere from a half inch to an inch. now he may get a quarter to a half-inch and some wetter spots could pick up an inch or so. when it comes to the overnight lows, it will be a chilly start for areas near santa rosa, 40 degrees for you tomorrow, 50 in san francisco, 40s in mountain view and for the afternoon, temperatures ranging in the 50s once again. is temperatures have not changed a lot the last few days. 58 in oakland, mid-50s expected for concord with scattered showers and partly to mostly cloudy skies. when i get back, we'll look at the extended forecast including your bay area weekend. back to you. thousands of people are spending a moment to pay their respects to president george h.w. bush. within the past 15 minutes, the bush family arrived there at the capitol rotunda to greet those standing in line. they said hello and also had some of the mourners there. there have been thousands of people making their way through the rotunda to pass by the casket of the president and pay their respects as he lies in state. >> fox's ray bogan joins us from the capitol where the mourners included longtime
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friends, and allies, and even the president's service dog. ray? >> reporter: that's right. there even sports stars, alex and heather, including phil nicholson, jack nicholas, albert pujols, and coach k. so, a lot of people have been coming from all spectrums, and just about every walk of life to pay their tributes to president bush. and, the line is pretty long. and it's a chilly day here in washington, d.c. some people are waiting more than four and half hours. one by one, a stream of mourners filed into the capitol rotunda, paying their respects to former president george h.w. bush. among them, general paul, the chairman of the joint chiefs during the upper -- operation desert storm. former presidential nominee bob dole and, sully, the president's beloved service dog. the presidents flag draped casket, guarded by members of the you -- military, lied and stayed until wednesday morning. utah resident paul smith explained why he traveled across the country to offer his condolences.
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>> he's the kind of leader that i think we need these days. he took everything in stride. he didn't try to grandstand and take what he thought was important for himself. >> reporter: the president and first lady stopped by late monday to pay their tributes. mr. trump tweeting this morning that he would meet with, quote, wonderful bush family at the playhouse, across from the white house where they're staying. the president's son, former florida governor jeb bush, speaking in washington today on his father's legacy. >> two things really gave him purpose. one was giving back to others, family mattered. this is a time to celebrate george h.w. bush, not to grieve his loss. and, that's what we're doing as a family right now. >> reporter: we also got some insight into the declining health of george h.w. bush over the last couple of years from jeb bush. he said he always kept himself surrounded by friends and he never complained.
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now, tomorrow, there's going to be a state funeral at the national cathedral. one of the four eulogies will come from george w. bush, our 43rd president, and his son, not sure what he will speak about, but one could be a moment that happened right there in the national cathedral , sunday, september 11th, george bush gave a speech, went down and sat in his seat, one away from his dad and his dad reached across, gave him a tap on the hand and george w. bush talked about how that moment and that reaching across and quick tap gave him a whole lot of strength when he really needed it. alex and heather, back to you. >> thank you. ray bogan there in washington. the boys & girls club in sonoma is facing allegations that it covered up sexual abuse. a suit was filed today on behalf of the four victims. the claim is againses in sonoma valley and central sonoma valley. it all stems from the sexual abuse by former employee, paul
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dwayne kilgore. the sexual abuse claims spend more than 10 years, with victims ranging from age 6 to 10. the suit claims the abuse by kilgore continued until he was arrested in 2016. this year, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison. hayward police are investigating a homicide after a body was discovered yesterday inside a building near main street, close to the now shuttered college. an autopsy is being performed but police say the body had a possible gunshot wound. we are still waiting for the victim's identity to be released. the white house, clarifying today that the negotiating window with china is open to end the trade war. the news that contributed to the stock market's tailspin today, next. after years of syncing and tilting, there is now a proposed fix for the new tower. we'll tell you what the fix is and how it's going to be put into place. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools . my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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now to a possible solution, to san francisco's luxury sinking high-rise. there are plans to fix the millennium tower. ktvu's christien kafton is live with the possible fix and timeline. >> reporter: heather, i spoke with an engineer who tells me that this is supposed to be a permanent fixture at the millennium tower and it's going to go deep underground here on the north and west sides of the tower. there is hope that the fix will not only stop the tilt but eventually bring the building back on center.
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millennium tower opened to rave reviews in 2009 but by 2016, engineers confirmed the building was sinking and leaning. the latest reports, showing the building has now sunk a foot and a half and has tilted by 14 inches. now, an engineering firm hired by the millennium tower homeowners association have filed a proposed fix with the city of san francisco. >> we have done more extensive analyses on this building than any building we've ever designed or retrofitted before. >> reporter: laurel hamburg is the engineer who came up with the fix called a perimeter pilot grade. plans call for extending an underground concrete mat under the tower, then drilling 52 new pilots underground beneath the mission and fremont side of the foundation. they will drill through 250 feet of clay and mud into bedrock. plan is then to jack the building up onto those new pilings, redistributing the building's weight. it's a commonly used fix, albeit on a much larger scale
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with the millennium tower. >> the most challenging part of the design was basically trying to understand the nature of the soil beneath the building and why the building was tilting the way that it was. once we figure that out, the fix was relatively straightforward. >> reporter: the work is expected to close down one lane of traffic on mission and fremont as crews drill those piles into place. the cost, approximately $100 million. as for who will foot that bill? >> it's a matter of litigation, and i don't know. >> reporter: the plans for the fix were delivered to the department of building inspection today and they will go through a department review as well as a peer review. they are hoping to get to work here in about three months. they hope to get to work in the spring sometime and expect that the whole work here is going to take about 18 months to complete. we are live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. the trump administration has high hopes that china will step up and show some go the trade war. foxbusiness correspondent blake berman has more now from the white house. >> reporter: the white house,
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making it clear tuesday that the clock is indeed taking. while the president's top economic advisor larry kudlow initially said the 90 day negotiating window would begin january 1st, he clarified that saturday night's dinner between president trump and chinese president xi jinping marks the starting point. this administration continues to push back at critics who say the first step forward is light on details. >> they are more cooperative than ever. they are talking about, quote, immediately, et cetera. >> reporter: but markets turned sharply lower tuesday after skepticism of a deal continued to mount. the white house is expecting beijing to import fees on cars and trucks but even that is going to be at play during this 90 day window. >> open markets, fewer tariffs, fewer barriers, should be able to bring about greater prosperity to different parts
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of the world. >> reporter: the trade truce could turn temporary if a final agreement can't be reached. the president tweeting this morning, quote, president xi and i want this deal to happen , and it probably will. but if not, remember, i am a tariff man. they are stepping a pressure saying trade reforms need to be met in china's human rights situation. >> the chinese economic developing did not lead to instability, it led to more political repression. >> reporter: there is no bigger issue for this white house and getting china to crackdown on the theft of intellectual property. china signaled today that it is getting ready to do just that, giving off the impression that china just might be willing to cut a trade deal. at the white house, blake berman, foxbusiness. >> joining us now to talk more about what's going on with the market's financial analyst james mcbride. james, thanks for being here today. we saw one of the worst days in terms of losses in the history of the market. what exactly happened today, in relation to the u.s. china trade truce? did investors kind of lose
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faith in the possibility of an actual deal being worked out? >> that's exactly right, and they showed their displeasure in a pretty massive way where they came back into the market and were selling off, particularly in the international markets. that was a big part of what happened today. the other thing was there was an important developed in the bond market where there was what's called an inversion of the yield curve. what that means is at a shorter rate, in this case, the three year treasury had a higher rate than the five year. that's usually a bad sign because it's showing a lot of nonconfidence by the bond market and the longer-term prospects for the economy. >> all right, yeah. i mean, there's a lot of talk today about treasury bonds and this yield curve inversion. can you help us understand exactly what that means? you alluded to it a little bit. help us understand what that means and why it's so concerning. >> sure. that's a great question.
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what we think about is we invest our money for a longer period of time, that the return we are going to get is going to be higher the longer we are holding it. that's what's called the yield curve. it's just a measure of what the yield is for time and maturity. and we'd like to think that it rises slowly and goes up higher because you want to be rewarded for having your money invested for a longer period of time. but, when the curb inverts, that means that the market, the bond market is huge, is saying, they don't really have that much confidence in the long- term rates. there's a lot of reasons i suppose for why the bond market feels that way but it's usually a pretty scary precursor for the stock market. we saw the yield curve invert before the great recession. >> in 2006 or so? >> exactly. and we saw it invert before to every major recession in this country has been preceded by a yield curve inversion. >> that's exactly right. >> okay, so this is quite concerning. >> that's more of the longer- term but what the president did today, i giving mixed messages on, is there a deal with china or not on these tariffs, just
4:21 pm
last week, alan greenspan, former chairman of the fed came out and said, looks, tariffs are quote, insane and nothing but quote, attacks on our economic system. so there's all this ambiguity back to the u.s. china trade truce. supposedly a 90 day moratorium on tariffs is in place. but then as you said, you have president trump taking to twitter and referring to himself as a tariff man. and since we have nothing put in writing in terms of this trade deal, you have ambiguity and uncertainty, and that's not what investors like. >> and you also have an economic policy that's based on almost an eye for an eye, and the results of that is going to be, everybody is going to be blind. >> okay, that's a big concern. quickly here, a lot of the big tech companies, facebook, amazon, apple among others, they saw huge losses today. i was asking about the tech sector. do you have any broader concerns there?
4:22 pm
>> there is a little bit of hype in that because if you look at how apple, amazon, and google have done so far this year, believe it or not, they're all positive. the nasdaq itself is positive for the year, better than the s&p 500 and the dow. and if you step back and look at the three-year performance record of some of those stocks, they are absolutely extraordinary. for example, apple is up 55%, microsoft, 3 years, 100%. >> you've got to step back and look at the big picture. before you let you go, just quickly, the federal reserve, expected to raise interest rates later this month. are we still on track for that? >> great question. last week, bloomberg did a survey of economists and 100% said they were going to raise rates. >> might not be that many now? wavering a mcbride, thanks for coming in. coming up here, we are going to take an in-depth look at your personal help.
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we'll tell you about the new tool helping doctors to prevent serious illness. tonight, all new episodes of "gifted" at 8:00 followed by "lethal weapon" at 9:00. then of course, we hope you stick around for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. there sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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dna test kits are a hot holiday gift and could help you make important decisions about your self. that was the case for two sisters from menlo park, both of them, cancer survivors.
4:26 pm
>> cristina rendon tells us how one sister's advice to take a physician ordered test helped her make a very important decision and also the warning from experts before you do the same. >> reporter: for kim jones, cancer has been a thread weaved into her being. she saw breast cancer -- she studied breast cancer and ovarian cancer in families not knowing she would suffer herself. >> i had been so healthy my whole life. how could i have breast cancer? turned out i was advanced enough to need a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. >> reporter: years later and after a second diagnosis of tongue cancer, kim took a genetic test. it showed that she had a gene mutation. so when her sister, meg, was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, kim urged meg to take a genetic test through a company called color genomics.
4:27 pm
color is a physician ordered genetic test available online. the at-home saliva test looks for gene mutations linked to hereditary cancers and heart conditions. >> she did genetic testing called color genomics. to determine that she did not actually carry. i learned that she did not carry the mutation. >> reporter: that information saved meg from having a double mastectomy like doctors initially recommended. instead, she had a lump removed. >> she is incredibly relieved and grateful that she had that information and she wouldn't have that information if i hadn't pushed to have genetic testing done in the first place. >> reporter: amy blanco, director of the cancer genetics and prevention program at ucsf, says color is a diagnostic color test -- diagnostic genetic test. >> the diagnostic test, something like what color is doing, is looking at these genes that are not common but associated with very high risk. >> reporter: meanwhile, mountain view based 23 and me is the only direct to consumer
4:28 pm
test that has fda approval to test for genetic risk, cancer risk, medication response and carrier status. emily conley, vice president of the business development section of 23 and me says her company's technology is groundbreaking. >> we've been able to show to the fda the people can understand this information. that was part of the authorization process. we have a really high rating from customers. >> reporter: some customers are downloading their raw data and taking it to a third-party service for interpretation. a recent study by the american college of medical genetics and genomics revealed a 40% false positive rate in the results from direct to consumer genetic tests, and misinterpretations when analyzed by third-party services. the concern? this could create false reassurances or lead to unnecessary medical treatment. >> we have significant disclaimers when people download that raw data, that the data is processed in a different way, we are not standing by any interpretation
4:29 pm
of that information, but, people have taken that and then they get these third-party interpretations of it and that's where the confusion lies. >> reporter: she says 23 and me stands by the test but knows it's not a substitute for visits to a healthcare provider. blanco agrees, saying anyone with a concern about a specific inherited risk should seek a genetic counselor or specialist. >> there's all kinds of direct to consumer genetic tests out there. and as long as people realize that for entertainment purposes that's fine, it's unlikely to really be useful for true healthcare. >> reporter: she adds the color test is more comprehensive. kim says meg was required to speak with a genetic counselor to interpret the results. both sisters are in remission. >> what have you learned from all of this? >> that genetic testing is going to revolutionize healthcare. we don't need to be afraid of it and i think it has changed the structure of my health and my family. >> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news.
4:30 pm
>> on our website,, you can see more stories like this one. it's all part of "strands of truth," our half-hour special, about dna genetic testing. you can also watch the entire program on our youtube page. still to come on "the four." continuing coverage on the widespread effort to help victims of the camp fire in butte county. we'll talk with a firefighter who is getting in on brewing resilience ipa. and up next here, arrest rates in california drop to historic lows. but, the disparity between who is being arrested remains high. details on the newly released report coming up after the break.
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california is seeing a historic drop in arrest rates. a new report out today by the public policy institute of california shows that the rate dropped nearly 60% in 2016 since its peak back in 1989. the same report also shows that african-americans are three times more likely to be arrested than whites, even though blacks saw the biggest decline since the peak 30 years ago. for a closer look at this number, i'm joined by morgan hill police chief, david swing. he is also the president of the california police chiefs association. thank you so much for being here today. what do you make of the decline in the arrest rates? >> the decline is certainly a very promising indicator. we'd like to take a deeper dive into it and help them
4:34 pm
understand how many arrests were made from proactive officer activity as opposed to calls for service. and i think that's one area that this report can certainly strengthen. but the initial results are certainly very promising. >> let's look at the areas which saw the biggest drop. that was on misdemeanor arrests. what does that say to you as someone who is in law enforcement? >> well, i saw some declines both in felony and misdemeanor arrests, and again as you look at that data, many misdemeanor arrests are also made by proactive policing activities on behalf of our officers, peace officers throughout california. and, some agencies are still coming out of the staffing declines that were experienced in 2008 as a result of the great recession. so, it's difficult to make snap judgments, or decisions, based on just the preliminary information out of the ppic report. but, clearly those results are still very encouraging. >> when you talk about proactive work on the part of the officers across california, what do you mean there?
4:35 pm
and are you saying then that fewer people are committing crimes? >> i don't know that this report has enough data to look at to make a determination if in fact fewer people are committing crimes. it shows that fewer arrests were made. and so, that's part of being able to disaggregate some of the data, to understand which arrests were made. in that period of time. as opposed to how many arrests were made and why. many drug arrests are made from proactive officer activity. so, that distinction is one we'd like to make. although these indicators have yet to be seen, we'd love to be able to take this data and understand which is proactive and which is a call for service. >> chief, you make some good points. we'd love to continue this conversation. we are having a little bit of trouble with skype.
4:36 pm
we hope that you call in again and we can dissect these numbers and lead more to the relations. have a good night. christmas came early for more than 100 kids in the san jose area. it was the 100th annual shop with a cop, heroes and helpers event, where officers from bay area police agencies spend the day shopping with underserved kids. ktvu's sara zendehnam has the story. >> as the college football playoff foundation moves from community to community, they do a tremendous amount of work looking at the needs of the community and the bay area housing costs were such an important part of that story. that's why they've developed the partnership to make this possible for the teachers and students. >> okay, we hope that you can help bay area bundle up this winter. i apologize for that. that was on a different story. that woman is talking about
4:37 pm
grants being given to teachers so they can buy a house in areas where they teach. now back to this great effort on the part of so many people in the bay area, it is our annual one warm coat drive. you can donate new or gently used coats for people in need. ktvu of course is a proud media sponsor of this event, now in its 16th year. the national nonprofit collects tens of thousands of coats every year, the one warm coat drive continues until december 31st and has drop off locations and places such as emeryville, walnut creek, san jose and oakland, as well as at participating ups and big o tire stores. be sure to go to our website,, to see a full list of locations. thousands of breweries across the country have taken up the challenge of brewing a special type of beer with all the proceeds going to victims of the camp fire in northern california. up next, we're going to speak with a firefighter who got in on the action today. outside our doors this afternoon, cloudy, cool, breezy, scattered showers in some areas as a weak storm
4:38 pm
moves closer to the coast. i'll have a look at what you can expect as you go into our evening hours and tomorrow, as well as the extended forecast coming up. sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, xfinity xfi. a more powerful way to stay connected. enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. across the country, brewers are coming together to help survivors of the devastating butte county camp fire. some off-duty santa clara county firefighters getting in on the action today, they are helping brewers by helping to
4:41 pm
make a batch of resilience butte county proud ipa. they were out at rock bottom brewery in campbell today, pitching in. now, the proceeds from this particular beer goes to victims of the camp fire there in butte county. for more now on this ongoing fundraising effort, we are joined now by adam kogner from the santa clara county fire department. appreciate you being with us today. looks like a fun day out there. how did everything go with the brewery? >> it went really well. we had about 20 guys show up. they were all from the camp fire. they were guys that were up there the day after it started and fought it for about two weeks. they came back, and have been back for about a week now. and, they are pretty excited to have the opportunity today to give back. >> all right. so, tell me how you got the invite to come on down to the rock bottom brewery and pitch in. >> so, we worked really closely
4:42 pm
with rock-bottom on a few other charity drives, and we've brewed beer with them before for another fire chief ale. so, when the general manager called me last week and said, hey, would you guys mind coming in and working with us on this resilience ale? we obviously were pretty excited about it and, yeah, we jumped on it. >> you are telling me a total of about 30 of your firefighters from the santa clara county fire department were assigned to the camp fire. i mean, obviously, we know the devastation and the destruction there. it must have been difficult to be on the front lines of a fire of that magnitude. >> yeah. you know, these guys that were up there, they did a great job. they worked really hard. they saw a lot of tragedy and they were really, really happy to be able to give back a little bit, like what we did today. they worked hard. >> all right. so, tell me about the brewing process. did you learn all about what it takes to make beer?
4:43 pm
>> absolutely. so, we worked with our master brewer. as we have in the past. and, yeah, they run us through the whole thing and as you can see from the videos, it is hands-on and we have a great opportunity to learn a little and have some fun. you know, get to sample a little bit of it. and, yeah, it's a great experience. >> so, we know this beer is called resilience butte county -- let's see, butte county proud ipa. and now we have more than 1000 breweries around the country brewing this beer and all the proceeds from the sales are going to go to victims of the camp fire which is really just incredible. tell me about the batch you guys made today. when is a batch going to be available for folks? >> we will be tapping the cake on december 28th. we will all be back at rock bottom brewery, and enjoying
4:44 pm
the fruits of our labor, so to speak. >> and obviously, you enjoy the beer but it's a beer for a very important cause. what did it mean for you and your fellow firefighters to be part of this fundraising effort today? >> you know, it means the world for us to be able to give back to the community. we saw firsthand what loss there was in the community. and, not only do we want to give back financially, but we want them to see that we are supporting them, we have their backs anyway we can. you know, it just makes it feel pretty good to help out for people that have lost so much. >> all right, we are looking forward to tasting some of that beer. that's adam cosner from the santa clara county fire department. appreciate it. good work. meantime, we have an update for you from butte county officials on the number of people killed in the camp fire. the butte county sheriff now says that the death toll is a
4:45 pm
five, down from three. also, the number of people unaccounted for has dropped down to 11. earlier, it was 25 people listed as missing. pg&e announced today that service is expected to be restored by the end of the year. as of today, 2900 customers in butte county remain without power due to the impacts from the fire. utility says a multi step gas restoration process is underway for those who can receive it. in the areas where service cannot be restored, pg&e says it will work on a longer-term plan to help rebuild the electric and gas system. okay. let's turn our attention outside and give you a live look at the current conditions. boy, another beautiful shot. and you are tracking a potential system coming our way. >> yes. it is a weak storm but we are looking at scattered showers arriving to the bay area. outside our doors at this hour, we are beginning to see it
4:46 pm
there and along the peninsula and shifting to the east bay as well. the models had predicted it would come a little bit sooner than that. we had been tracking isolated light, scattered showers around the bay area this afternoon, but no accumulation thus far. if we move in closer, take a peek over areas like scott's valley, santa cruz mountains seeing some of this. perhaps a pocket of moderate rain near sunnyvale, saratoga and san jose. in time for the evening drive, we are seeing some of this scattered showers activity work away across the peninsula, 281. looks like it could be wet in san francisco, crossing over the bay bridge and into the east bay, widespread light showers along the east bayshore from oakland down to hayward, fremont and milpitas, and stretches for the inland east. this could be virga as well, meaning not all of it is hitting the ground but it is beginning to moisten about there. here's a look at the center of this storm, this will continue a southerly path. it is not actually going to
4:47 pm
move across the bay area. for the next couple of days, it's going to be this on and off scattered showers activity that we see before it moves across southern california. here's a look at the futurecast model. notice, all of california getting the opportunity of a little bit of wet weather, but it looks like it's going to favor areas on the west. perhaps along the coastline or just inside the bay. but the further inland you go, that opportunity is going to sort of -- actually, not going to be just as good. giving you a view, there is the center of the storm wednesday morning, by thursday morning moving over southern california and we are drying out by then. originally, we were looking like we may see a half inch of rain per day. now we are looking at the possibility of 0.2 inches of rain to a half-inch for urban areas, maybe up to an inch for some winter spots. a little bit breezy toward the coast. for the sierra, no advisories in place. snow levels will be dropping down to 5500 feet but 3 to 6 inches expected now through thursday. as far as the winds, generally light over novato. oakland reporting 13 miles per
4:48 pm
hour. as you get off the coastline, those gusts are closer to 30 and 35 miles per hour. that's where we are seeing the wind. temperatures right now, 52 in oakland, mid-50s in napa and low 50s in san jose. getting into the overnight hours, temperatures will range from the low 40s to the low 50s. a chilly one to start your day. 38 in oakland, 50 for san francisco with scattered showers, mostly cloudy skies. afternoon highs for tomorrow, a lot like today. widespread 50s in the forecast and will remain with a mix of partly sunny skies, scattered showers, drying out on thursday. once we get into that dry weather, we are going to remain that way into the weekend for our holiday festivities and the holiday shopping. and, temperatures will warm just slightly. when i say slightly, take a look at that. we may hit 60 degrees by the weekend. >> you may not notice. >> okay. time to tell you about an out of this world chase that's
4:49 pm
happening in space. >> there is an unmanned spacecraft that is racing after a giant asteroid that's millions of miles away. matt napolitano has more now on this story. >> reporter: a high-speed pursuit in outer space, coming to an end. nasa's unmanned explorer called osiris-rex has reached an asteroid, some 76 million miles from earth. flight controllers so bring the moment in littleton, colorado at lockheed mountain where it was built. it launched back in september 2016, from cape canaveral, florida before getting gravitational assist from earth. the asteroid is about the size of a skyscraper and one scientist are familiar with. >> this one is particularly well studied from earth bay telescopes, from hubble, radio telescopes. we know about its orbit, its path around the sun. chemically, we think it contains molecules that contain carbon which is of course critical to life. so, we want to touch and taste this time capsule of the early solar system. >> reporter: the spacecraft is now mapping the asteroid using
4:50 pm
cameras and lasers that will help them for the next phase. >> we'll pick the right spot, and then we'll deploy a long 11 foot arm. that arm contains a sample collecting device, kind of like a space vacuum. >> that's going to be put into a capsule and dropped safely back to the earth. it will land in the utah desert. now in nasa, we are going to have a sample of what the solar system looks like that long ago. >> reporter: the landing in utah is quite a ways off and is in expected to happen until sometime in 2023. matt napolitano, fox news. julie is here now with a look at the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. and a new warning about a high- tech crime trend. >> alex, thieves in one bay area county are taking scamming to a whole new level. they managed to send out an emergency alert that could have some people unlocking doors and opening homes for the scammers. we'll tell you what to look out for coming up at 5:00.
4:51 pm
also, new options for an easier, more relaxing ride to work? >> yeah, there are options for commuters that will have you sailing around traffic backups. also, a new ferry service will be available in a few weeks. and that's just the beginning. >> sounds good. that's all coming up at 5:00. meantime on "the four," old saint nick embracing new technology. how operation santa is going digital.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
there was a bit of a scare for fans of the 1990 sitcom, "friends."
4:54 pm
don't worry, people will still see this in 2019. some hard-core fans were worried that the show is going to be cut from netflix. a notice on the streaming platform said episodes would only be available until january 1st. so, fans even created a petition to save the show. but, an executive says the show will continue to be available next year. >> i like that. a very worthy cause. take that to well, it looks like santa is even going digital. the u.s. postal service is testing a new format for its operation santa program. >> it's a change that if successful could go nationwide next year. fox's carmen blackwell tells us more from phoenix. >> reporter: operation santa is back and this year, it's gone digital. for the first time, customers in the phoenix area are able to go online, read letters written to santa, adopt one or two and
4:55 pm
help brighten the holiday season for others. >> when you read the letters, sometimes it's heartfelt. we don't have a christmas tree, bring mommy a bible. bring my little brother some cars. it pulls at your heartstrings. >> reporter: operation santa has been around for over 100 years but this year, phoenix is one of seven cities with online access to adopt a letter through operation santa, then deliver a package to select usps facilities throughout the valley, using the new touchscreen kiosk. >> those letters will be uploaded to a digital database. and then people will be able to go online, deliver and take a look at those letters. >> reporter: starting today, you can select a letter by visiting and help a family experience the magic of christmas. >> i think this has an opportunity to go nationwide and help out kids who may not necessarily have a christmas. >> reporter: in phoenix, carmen blackwell, fox news. the oakland zoo has a new
4:56 pm
resident. meet moosa. he's the newest addition to the baboon family there. he was born last month. mom and baby both are doing well. he is joining quite a large family there at the oakland zoo with parents, grandparents, cousins, and even more relatives than that. there are now three generations of baboons living at the zoo. oakland zoo's 17 baboons can be seen daily by the public between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the baboon cliffs habitat. one large happy baboon family at the zoo. >> pretty cute. that's going to do it for us, everyone. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 begins right after the break. ♪ [festive orchestral music) share the wonder of christmas at bass pro shops and cabela's with a free picture with santa and big savings. like select men's thermal and flannel shirts starting at under $20. and save 33% on men's and ladies' everest hikers.
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the latest round of rain is starting to hit the bay area as before heading home from work. a look at the radar shows that raid that the brain is covering most of the bay area. >> good evening everyone. >> after a couple of days of dry weather, another round of rain is back. it is light rain right now and it couldn't have come at a worse time. this is right in the middle of the evening commute. this is the freeway. you ca to
5:00 pm
bumper right now. also on the right, it is very slow going. >> here's another live look at the conditions. here is highway 880. you can see on the left the highlights -- headlight are coming this way. the roadway is wet. let's go over to the wet center -- weather center. >> we have had showers earlier but it didn't amount to much. we had light rain showers early this morning. then this system came through. in terms of systems, it would really didn't bring a lot of rain. that rain really doesn't want to arrive until another hour.ha all day. you can see the areas of heavy rainfall just south of san francisco. you


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