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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 5, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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following developing news in freemont, one person is dead in a late night shooting, i'll show you live pictures from the scene. frustration boiled over in the san jose city council, the controversial land sale to google and the results of a vote that went late into the night. he night. good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday, december 5th, i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark and mark is in for steve and you're telling us to coop an umbrella. >> yes, the rain took its time to move in and i watched it all day. >> it kept threatening. >> finally it moved in and we had heavier downpours late last night into this morning, the
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amount is not too excessive, but more than a few sprinkles. a quarter an inch of rainfall. concord 1.8 and santa rosa, a 10th of an inch over the past 24 hours, here's the main system responsible for the cloud cover and the rain showers who have shore, we still have scattered rain, moving from the south to the north, so here's a closer look at the radar right now. some coverage up in portions of the north bay, especially around saint helena, scattered showers, we're tracking scott's valley highway 17, there could be a wet ride on to the summit this morning. you want to bundle up, upper 40s to low 50s at the last check. our live camera looking at sfo, lots of cloud cover and slick runways and roadways as well r here's ld on to the chance into afternoon, but maybe some sunny
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breaks, recast highs 53 to 58 degrees, 5:01, we'll check in with sal and you mentioned a report right? >> that's right. this is on southbound 680 at 780, this crash is involving a couple of vehicles and a couple of lanes blocked as these two freeways come together. it's earliy enough we don't have enough, and we can move it quickly that we hope can happen. there may not be a lingering effect. if you're driving for the venita bridge, this looks good. it looks good in contra costa county so far. lets talk about the tracy supercommute. there's traffic coming in from tracy to livermore. there are no major problems in tracy and into livermore, traffic is moving well dublin grade, it's moving nicely, at the bay bridge toll
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plaza it's light. again, wet roads, be careful out there. 5:02, let's go back to you at the desk. and the casket of former president, george h. w. bush is in the capitol rotunda, we want to take up to the capitol building, in just a few hours, there's a live picture of the casket, it will be taken to the national cathedral for george h. w. bush's funeral and doug luzader has what we can expect for today. doug? >> reporter: hour after hour, the capitol rotunda has been opened to the public and the response has been overwhelming. >> it was an honor to see president bush. >> the bush family returned to the rotunda thanking tho there have been many moving
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moments, and senator bob dole came to his feet to salute his friends. >> there was if the dog sully and youngest citizens coming and people coming across the country from as far away as hawaii. >> i thought it was important to say hello and wish his family well. >> a meeting at the presidential guest house, president trump met with the family for 20 minutes. and the casket will make it to the cathedral and all living presidents will be there as well as president trump who will not be speaking. >> we have a unique circumstance here, my brother was president, you know. the federal government is closed today for a national day of mourning for former president bush, all offices are
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closed except for essential wil package deliveries will be made and courts will be closed and on wall street, all of the trading floors including the new york stock exchange will be closed. stay with us throughout the day, we'll provide live coverage for you at president bush's funeral. it will begin 7:45, "mornings on 2" will continue on ktvu plus. and the time is 5:05, back at home we're following breaking news, right now we're at the scene of a homicide. and you just arrived, what happened, what do you know? >> reporter: you can see the crime scene tape is up at chaucer drive. there are several police officers on the scene. we have see that they've set up tape on the right side of the road and they're bagging up pieces of evidence. i want to show you individual
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groceryio from earlier. it was -- video from earlier. a shooting happened late last night, and it was raining, it happened on chaucer drive. someone opened fire hitting a person in a silver sedan. that car crashed into a house. they found one person in the vehicle dead. the driver tried to leave the scene in a second vehicle, but police were able to stop the car. i talked to a neighbor and his wife heard three gunshots. >> i am surprised it happened. i've seen it before. i've sinvolved in a chase, but i haven't heard and shooting. >> what's the neighborhood like? >> quiet. that's mostly -- a lot of elderly people live here from the old days and stuff. >> police are still piecing together what led to the shooting. we don't have the names of any of the people involved and
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police have not spoken to us here since we arrived. live in freemont, elissa harrington fox 2 news. and new this morning, shortly after midnight, the san jose city council unanimously approved a parcel of land to google. it came after a long night of debates and public outbursts. the council had to actually stop the proceedings at one point and even had the police come in to clear the council chambers as people who opposed the deal shouted down the speakers and the city council say it will help san jose to provide opportunities for all citizens, but most of the speakers said it will make the current housing crisis worse. we think the city lost a lot of leverage without knowing what google plans to build and
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how it will address inequality in affordable housing. long term having 25,000 jobs and thus of residents and having workers here and having them go out into the community. the early morning vote is the first step in a long process. the next step will be to reach a development agreement. it could take years before construction could even begin, google hopes to have the project completed by the year 2035. well, we've been telling you, today is the funeral for the late former president, george h. w. bush. the stock market is closed today. it could be the break the stock market means after the dow falling nearly 800 points. there were conflicting it tweets from the white house about a trade deal with china. the nasdaq fell 4% and the s&p 500 blocked 90 points. although are up slightly before the beginning of the year.
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fluctuations are up and down, some investors are uneasy now that short term interest rates from long term interest rates and that's what they call the inversion of the yield curve. >> the collective, they're saying we're uncomfortable with the future, we when it verted i precursor to the great recession and in 1997, that was a warning sign about the dotcom bubble. >> the banking system is stronger than it was then. the last time it happened, the fed could cut interest rates and congress can vote a budgetary stimulus, but neither of those things are happening now. and in san francisco, marriott workers are back to work, the strike is now over.
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a null contract was overwhelmingly approved. marriott was pressured to settle after several meetings were cancelled. and we have an update on that magnitude 7.5 earthquake in the southern pacific ocean. so far there's no word of serious injuries or major damage. a tsunami warning was issued for new caledonia, that's 2,000 miles east of australia, the warning was lifted. it was felt as far away as 400 miles away. 5.6 to a 6.6, after shocks were felt. and nasa will try again today to send 36,000 worms to the international space station. the worms are part of a study that can help people stay healthy on space trips. they have muscles similar to humans. anis in space this
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afternoon, and there was a problem with a different experiment using mice. >> mice and worms. >> more dogfood yanked off store shelves, we'll tell you about the dog foods affected and more about a certain vitamin that should not be ignored. and relief for people who are tired of bart and traffic, a new option. a new option. we have traffic, speaking of which, is getting a little more crowded around bay area roads because respective showers, wet roads from overnight and just more crowds. and in weather, we had that system move across the bay area late last night and early this morning, still tracked scattered showers that will impact your commute, more on the rain chances throughout the day and when we can expect a drying trend, all that coming up. sfx: tinny headphone music
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", a nationwide recall for dry dogfood is expanding, the recall is for brands that contain too much vitamin d, cause serious health problems. some recalled dogfood contained 70 times the amount of vitamin d necessary. it includes these products. these products. we have a complete list of the specific products that have been recalled on our website,
5:15 am you'll find information about what the f.d.a. is doing to address the situation, just click web links at the top of our home page. don't drink the water on board of a commercial airplane. that's the advice from a hunter college report. they surveyed 11 airlines, and all of them admitted, there isn't enough to clean the on board water tanks between flights, that can affect the water in coffee and tea. have a can of soda if you need caffeine and use hand sanitizer rather than use the water in the plane's lavatory. there are 8 new people in the hall of fame. look at their pictures. the new inductees are. w inductees are. joan baez, arlene blum, belva
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davis, and thomas keller and ed lee, and nancy mcfadden, and robert redford and fernando valenzuela. they were honored for their contributions in the arts, sciences and politics. and ed lee fought for civil rights and affordable housing. >> ed lee left a legacy as the city's first asian american mayor, as a friend of san francisco's innovative businesses and as a champion in the city ease neediest neighborhoods. >> and mayor ed leap's daughter accepted the award on his behalf. >> and maria shriver created the hall of fame in 2006
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honoring those who embodied california's innovative spirit. and america has studied people drinking during the holidays. the consumption of alcohol doubled during the holidays and there are increases in social events, including holiday parties. we are highlighting special stories about bay area people who give beyond and above to help people during the holidays. >> and hunter and lexi pence were honored. they try to provide 1 million meals with a nonprofit work with no kid hungry. >> even though we don't have kids, we are very childlike. >> when you hear from the kids and teachers that it improves their focus and behavior, it's plenty of reward.
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>> i love them. >> last night's event was held by the foundation for children. the goal was to raised 250,000 benefiting bay area families. >> very nice. >> yeah. 5:18 is the time, lets check in with sal for a look at traffic. hopefully no big problems? >> well, we do have an issue here, not a big problems, we do have slow traffic out here, lets look at what we have northbound 101 in gilroy. it looks all right. but, if you're driving in the valley, there was some slowing in some spots already. 237 for example, you can see the traffic is mostly good. don't go too fast, a word to the wise. it's wet and slippery and some people are getting in trouble already. bay bridge, the roads are still wet. can i see something coming down from the sky. this is a look at northbound 101 in san francisco and the
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traffic here looks okay. at 5:18, lets bring in mark. >> i was watching the traffic cameras closely. we still have rainfall to talk about this morning. we had the system move on through last night, but still rainfall moving in from the south. it will be a factor as you saw for the commute this morning. few sam 78 the rainfall totals, oakland one quarter of a rainfall, petaluma .19, here's the system itself on the satellite and the radar as we come in closer we can see the overall motion moving from the south and driftping to the north. as we look at the radar right now, santa rosa, the sfo airport -- the sonoma county airport, it correspondence with heavier cells. watch out for that, especially in portions of the north bay and central portion of the bay, you can see near south florida and the bay bridge toll plaza
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and coverage in if the radar, closer to emeryville and the bay bridge and down towards the south bay for san jose and santa clara, campbell we have activity here right around the sunnyvale area this early wednesday morning. bring the umbrella and be prepared for slick roads this morning. it's a chilly start, upper 40s to 50 degrees. san francisco one of the warmer spots, napa 49 and san jose in the upper 40s, rain showers in the bay area, light snow towards lake tahoe this morning. this system is headed to the south, angeles, cloud cover and a chance of showers, especially for obviously, for this morning, we have this morning, 8:00 and through the day, we'll hold on to that possibility of scattered showers and probably the best chance will be for the first half of the day and later on this afternoon, we'll scale
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back on the chances and even some breaks in the clouds by 3 or 4:00. highs this afternoon, 55 to 58 degrees and here's a look ahead. your 5-day forecast, fog tomorrow morning, clearing skies, we're looking good, we'll pick up the cloud cover by sunday and rain showers approaching the north bay by sunday night. >> thank you, mark. 5:21 is the time right now, classic holiday songs yanked off the air. i really can't say, than 70 people say the song is offensive: the reason one local radio station decided to act now. he hasn't played in two seasons, one person is interested in colin kaepernick, hear what kevin durant is doing to help the unemployed kaepernick. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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or call during business hours. welcome back to "mornings on 2", san mateo county officials are warning people about a new scam. it starts with a text that the coun conduct and you'll inspections of all property. they say inspectors will need to enter your dwelling upon inspection. inspection. it looks like they are opting in to ergencies. >> every time something good is developed there will be crooks who decide to take advantage of it. >> the county officials say if someone comes to your door and
5:25 am
demands to be let in to make an inspection, you should refuse, because the county does not do that. they also say anyone who enters a home under false pretenses will face felony charges. the united nations says 132 million people will need aid and protection next year. the biggest challenge will be due to a 3 year conflict in yemen which has driven millions towards famine. they're appealing for $25 million for those displaced by the conflicts. and colin kaepernick, kevin durant to help washington to sign him. kevin durant took to instagram and tagged the team's official account and they talked about
5:26 am
signing kaepernick but they probably won't. 49ers kyle nelson took supplements that led to his suspension. they say he violated the performance-enhancing policy. he had been taken the supplements and never had an issue before. he plans to have the supplements tested and he hopes to uncover the cars of the positive test and miss the season and part of next season. and 5:26 is the time, america is celebrating the live of former president, george h. w. bush. we have details on the funeral and the closures that will affect all of us today on this national day of morning. a vote on a new google campus goes late into the night and city council voted in san jose and what it means for downtown san jose. we have wet roads and if you're about to leave the
5:27 am
house, i would suggest that you give yourself a few extra minutes as we look at traffic on the golden gate bridge. wet but doing okay. on the radar, still lots of rain to talk about, it's moving into portions of the bay area. we'll tell you when we could have a break in the rainfall, we'll have the forecast coming up.
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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2", there's your live picture. i think it qualifies as a beauty shot. >> that's my favorite shot, it's colorful, showing downtown and the bridge and sales force. >> and you can't see it, but some areas have rain drops, we have rain drops outside of our studio right now. roads are wet, be careful, give yourself extra time, sal is watching the commute, the great mark will be here and we welcome you back, "mornings on 2", i'm dave clark, it's december 5th. >> rain drops are falling on your head. >> there's a song there somewhere, i'll start to sing it. >> i appreciate your looking at the radar. it's not always accurate, it's nice to sync it up with reality. we had rain last night and a
5:31 am
break and now portions in the bay area, not everyone picking up the rain. san francisco a quarter of an inch and san jose .20 and santa rosa .11. we're adding to that number right now. here's a look at the satellite and radar and you can see that circulation offshore, we'll come in closer to the bay area radar, there's a coverage moving from the south to the north, santa rosa is reporting rain, and you can see possibly heavier rainfall up in portions of the north bay this morning, we move the maps closer to san francisco, this is the east bay neighborhood, the rainfall in oakland and alameda, it's not as much coverage for this sector of the still scattered rain in the santa cruz mountains. 40s and 50s, periods of rain this morning, we'll hold on to a chance for a scattered shower this afternoon, we'll begin to scale back on the chances for your wednesday afternoon. we'll check in with sal right
5:32 am
now, he's updating the roadways and the roadways are slick. >> they're slick, mark, you're absolutely right. good morning to you, we're looking at solano county right now, and interstate 80, if you're driving on 80 westbound, it's slow, 680 and 780, we had an accident and they did clear it. it shouldn't be too bad. i do see slow traffic on highway 29 and also on 37 in vallejo. you can see traffic to hercules looks all right. no majorge and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza, the camera is wet and the backup is growing to 10 minutes. 5:32, let's go back to you at the desk. we're following breaking news in freemont. police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened last night just before 11:30 on chaucer drive between newton and tarrington court. the police have concerned this is a homicide investigation.
5:33 am
emergency crews are out there during the night, the shooting victim was inside of a silver sedan, you see it right here, it crashed into a fence, the person was already dead when police got there. neighbors say it's quiet in that area, they were shot -- shocked when they heard three gunshots last night. elissa harrington was out there council of san jose a live voted unanimously to support a development by google. they say it will bring jobs to the community and the opposers are concerned about it increasing rents and pushing people out of the city. construction is not expected until 2022.
5:34 am
the time is 5:33 and in washington, d.c., a state funeral will be held for the late former president, george h. w. bush. the funeral caps off 3 days of special remembrance at the u.s. capitol building. and thousands of people were joined who passed by that flag draped coffin to pay their respects. >> i came to pay final respects to my commander-in-chief. >> president bush taught us that public service is a noble calling. >> be flown back tomorrow to houston, texas and be buried at the college station university, the library. all federal offices are closed and today is a national day of
5:35 am
mourning. there's no standard mail today although some package delivery will continue. courts will also be closed and all major trading floors will be closed including the new york stock exchange. ktvu will provide live coverage of president obama's funeral this morning beginning at 7:45am, we'll continue, we'll be on ktvu plus. starting today, you can submit applications to attend a big event in oakland where former president obama will address opportunity gaps that face people of color. it's sponsored by the organization my brother's keeper. attendants at this event is by invitation only. the horse has set aside 20 spots for young men of color or for adults who weren't doing exceptional work for young men of color.
5:36 am
the application guidelines you can see them on the my brother's keeper website. the event is scheduled for february. former national security advisor michael flynn is producing documents for special counsel robert mueller. he provided firsthand information and offered substantial help to investigators looking into the russian collusion case. he's a retired army general who pled guilty to lying to the feds about contact with russia. he will have no jail time and he provided information in 19 interviews. u.s. senators are condemning the crowned prince of saudi arabia. and the criticism came after the cia director gave evidence
5:37 am
about whether the crowned prince ordered the assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> there's not just a smoking gun, you have to come to the conclusion that this was orchestrated and worked under the command of mbs and that he was intrinsically involved in the demise of khashoggi. and they're looking to see if they should pull out of supporting the proxy war between saudi arabia and iran. a district attorney george skanone said gonzalez was found guilty of several charges. he was rent ago room from a faand 6-year-old sons for month while the mother worked overnight before she found out her son was being assaulted. man is in jail this morning. the police say he caused a life-
5:38 am
threatening injuries to a 6- year-old boy and they arrested 23-year-old jonathan davis over the weekend. he hurt his son the day before thanksgiving. the child is unconscious and in children's hospital in oakland. davis is facing felony charges and be in court, to appear later this month. there are over 3800 homeless people in alameda county. the camp in emeryville sits alongside the city line and oakland mayor libby schaaf wants to lease the la homes are donated. >> he has portable units for families. oakland has more land.
5:39 am
when we put our resources together we can get much more done. >> the largest city in the county and the smallest city of the county can find a way to work on a problem together that's of significant regional magnitude. >> and they must have bathrooms and electricity which oakland will pay for. you may have an alternative to riding bart or a car or bike, there will be a ferry that will start in richmond. the serve shore freeway. >> there will be 6 daily round trips between richmond and downtown san francisco. the ferry sells itself. it goes around that traffic that you experience on i-80, you avoid the bay bridge and you come in to san francisco after a nice relaxing ride on the boat.
5:40 am
>> the ridership on the ferry has doubled and it's expected it could quadruple. there can be ten more ferry terminals than you see today. a long process after cleaning up after the camp fire has begun in butte county, the epa say they're in phase 1 of that process, that includes getting rid of toxic debris including cleaners and other items. they say that initial phase of the cleanup could continue into next summer. after the toxic items are takew would include removing anything else, damaged in the fire. >> our time is 5:40, changes are coming to the way trash is sorted in san francisco. according to the san francisco examiner, the board of supervisors approved a deal it would include hundreds of businesses to sort their trash properly or hire someone else to do it. the city said earlier this
5:41 am
year, they did not meet a goal of sending 0 waste to the land fill in 2020. the business also face an audit once every three years, and if they fail, they'll have to hire trash sorters at least one a year. they could face daily fines. and there's a global call to end plastic get knock the openings. they estimate 2050, there could be more plastic in the then there's fish. 8million tons of plastic ends in the ocean every year, that's about the same of one garbage truck dumping into the ocean every minute. >> that's alarming to see those swimmers. coming up in our 6:00 hour, we'll break down a new proposal in sacramento. the goal is to get the homeless off of the street. i got to go away.
5:42 am
>> baby, it's cold outside. it's a popular song you know that song. we'll you why some radio stations won't be playing it for the first time in 70 years. >> it's wet out, there you probably want to leave the house a little earlier because of the wet roads, right now we look at the richmond bridge, traffic is moving okay, on the way over to san raphael. >> and after a break, the rainfall later this morning, we actually have more rain showers that will impact your commute, more on the radar coverage and a look at the five-day forecast coming up.
5:43 am
youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", a deadly shooting in san raphael outside of a community center has some people who live
5:45 am
in that area very concerned. a man in his early 20s was shot and killed monday night inside of his car near the pickle weed community center in the canal district. witnesses say another man was seen running away. the families who go to take part in activities at the community center say hearing about this happening makes them very nervous. when things happen, it is definitely, it sparks ash little fear, kind of and worry. >> people coming in, they have questions about what's going on, and are programs still going on. >> police identified the shooting victim, but they're not saying his name as yet. they're also not talking about a me active. a bay area radio station is joining others stations across the country and dropping a christmas classic from the play list after complaints the lyrics are sending the wrong message. >> i've got to go away. >> baby it's cold outside. >> this evening has been -- >> i'm hopingdrop in. >> so very nice.
5:46 am
>> i'll hold your hand -- >> they play holiday music throughout december, this year you won't hear about this song. it is a about a man trying to convince a man to keep drinking and stay overnight, and this song is new considered inappropriate by many people. and the director could not ignore the angry e-mails and protestors over this song. >> we have to look at content and lyrics these days, complaintscourse the content was offensive and sexist and, you know, one woman stated she value pews for her. at koi it. we're a mass appeal brand, people use us to feel good and be uplifted. >> the song was written in
5:47 am
1944, it was featured in the film neptune's daughter and won the oscar for best original song. we hope you can help bundle up families in the "one warm coat" drive, you can donate to people in need, ktvu is a proud sponsor of "one warm coat" drive, the drive continues until december 31st, there are drop off locations in a lot ofs san jose, oakland and. ps and big 0 tire stores and you can go it our website to see a full list of the locations. and the salvation army's red kettle campaign has begun in san francisco.
5:48 am
a tradition that started in 1981, 100 red kettles and bell ringers are around san francisco collecting donations for the salvation army's program and services, they want to raised 200,000, this saturday they'll be holding a 20-dollar challenge in san francisco and on the peninsula, every $20 bill or check that's donated will be matched up to $30,000. our time is 5:48, kevin hart, the actor, comedian will host the academy awards for 2019. he announced his job in an instagram post. he said it's a dream of his and has been a dream for years. kevin takes over the hosting duties from jimmy kimmel. he hosted over the last two ceremonies, the oscar ceremonies will be next february. that should be entertaining. >> he's from my hometown,
5:49 am
philadelphia. >> my daughters think he's very funny. >> sal is also very funny? >> of course, he is. >> looking -- >> no, we both say no. >> thank you, you have to be serious because you're covering traffic. >> yes, that's true, i'll have a serious anchor voice now. there's slow traffic out there. i would advise you to leave the house as early as possible. this year if you're a professional commuter by now, you will see traffic is slow in the area, we'll have an accident on mountain house parkway. this is causing slow traffic between the 580 and 205 interchange. if that's you, give yourself extra time. it looks all right to livermore and if you're driving on 880 southbound, a little slowing on
5:50 am
238 and northbound traffic is moderately heavy and the bay bridge, there's a 10 minute delay. we haven't had major accidents, but minor fender bender kinds of things. try not to drive too fast, lots of times it ends up being spinouts. lets go to mark. we have slick streets, rainfall numbers haven't changed much, in the past hour, san francisco is up to a quarter of an inch and hayward .21 and san jose .20 and same for santa rosa, and we're tracking moderate cells and localized cells drifting in from the south and moving into the north. i should mention to the sierra they have chain controls on interstate 80 and us highway 50 with light snow in the mountains, here's our local radar right now, coverage is focused up in portions of the
5:51 am
north bay. santa rosa reporting rainfall. yellows indicate heavier intensities with the rainfall, and moderate and localized downpours moving across portions of the region. here we are, san raphael and approaching rhythm monday as well. oakland, san leandro, borderline moderate this portion of the east bay and out to the maps, it's closer to the santa cruz mountains, not as much coverage for the south bay here, if you're cruising over the summit at 17 this morning. the current numbers are in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees, around 47 to 50, you want to bundle up this morning, there's a cool weather pattern, this area of low pressure is drifting closer to southern california. they have the rainfall towards los angeles for today. we have are the cloud cover and the rain showers, the bulk of the activity should be this morning, this should be in the
5:52 am
afternoon hours. into the morning hours, we will track rain showers moving to the south and drifting to the north, this is 123 clock, this is 5:00, -- this is 12:00 and this is 5:00, and we'll scale in showers quite a bit. probably 9 best chance of rain will be -- the best chance of rain will be this morning. forecast highs around 55 to 58 degrees, a look ahead, the five- day forecast will be dry. we have a series of dry days as we head through the weekend. the next chance is sunday night into monday. the time is 5:52, considering a run for the white house, up next, we'll tell you about a meeting wean bet owe/o'rourke and -- beto o'rourke and former president obama.
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him. expert care for every new beginning.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 5:55, the government of france may change a wealth tax that critics say is too easy on the rich. there have been violent demonstrations in parisseries -- paris proposing fuel tax and hikes, and president macron backed off the green tax and four people were killed in clashes with police. all tax policies are beinhidden
5:56 am
anger of france which works hard, the angry of the french people who have their back to be the wall. >> president macron has not talked publicly about the protests since the g20 summit, the calls for his resignation are growing. >> the calls for the mexican border are there through the holidays. >> and they approved a 45 extension from the deployment. that was requested by homeland security, thousands of migrants are in tijuana mexico applying for asylum. they're looking to providing security and transportation for the border patrol. the troops are spread in california, arizona and texas. and democratic congressman beto oh roaring met with former president obama and that's fueling speculation he may be
5:57 am
running in 2020. he met at the former president's who was in washington last meant. oh roaring lost the u.s. senate race against senator ted cruz in the midterm elections, but picked up national attention. some say he's considering a run for the white house. the time is 5:57, restricting cannabis in the east bay. we'll tell you which city wants to limit the amount of marijuana plants that can be grown. former president, george h. w. bush will leave capitol hill for a final time today. we'll have more on the state's plans just ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i'm following breaking news in freemont, someone opened fire on a silver sedan causing a driver to crash into a house. what one neighbor said she heard. the nation will pause to honor the life and legacy of former president, george h. w. bush. we have a rundown on the funeral service and how it might impact you. ou. good morning, thank you for joining us here this morning on wednesday, december 5th, i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave
6:00 am
clark. steve paulson is off today and mark has stepped in, you want us to take an umbrella. >> i'm happily married for two months. >> congratulations. >> my wife is a teacher. >> you get your first tree together. >> i get questions about the forecast, what about the recess and there's pressure with this marriage thing, i'm very happy. you can count on rainfall, hayward .21 and santa rosa .17. we're adding to these totals right now. keep that in mind if you're dropping off the kids at school this morning and i'd say into


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