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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the man pulled from the water. he appeared to be unconscious. we don't have an update on his condition. authorities have not released his name. it is a reminder that the surf behind me might look beautiful this evening but it can be extremely dangerous. firefighters rotated in taking turns in a desperate attempt to resuscitate a server discovered in the water friday around noon. kyle happened to be cycling by and spotted the man in the water unresponsive. >> he was offshore. i don't know how long he was offshore for. he wasn't conscious. >> reporter: the conditions were too dangerous to rush in and try to pull the man from the water. >> i couldn't because i'm not a swimmer myself. the best i could have done was call police. >> reporter: crews essay calling 911 was exactly what he should have done. a passerby with cpr training gave the surfer a fighting chance. >> another individual that was down on the beach was able to run into the surf and rescue
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the individual and immediately started bystander cpr. >> reporter: fire crews took over from the bystander and performed advanced lifesaving techniques. >> we were able to get a viable rhythm and we got a pulse read back on the individual and some form of heart activity. >> reporter: crews rushed him up a hill to a waiting ambulance and then to an area hospital. at this time crews aren't releasing any information about the surfer only saying he was in very critical condition. firefighters say there was a coastal hazard warning in effect with high surf, sneaker waves and recurrence. the big surf may draw adventurous surfers and swimmers, it can be downright dangerous even for strong swimmers and seasoned surfers. >> it looks like a wonderful time, we have the sun out. there is a nice breeze, you may want to go to the beach but you have to understand we have severe rip currents. right now i am looking at three
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of them as i sweep across the beach. >> reporter: the beach hazard warning may have expired but experts are reminding people that ocean beach can still be very dangerous. they are reminding beachgoers that people have died here. they generally advise people to stay out of the waters. if you insist on going into the waters, you bring a buddy with you or let people know you are going into the water so people know where you are and where to look for you. live in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the sneaker waves are nothing to play with. it was another down day for the stock market today wrapping up its worst weekly decline in eight months. the dow jones industrial average dropped 558 points as investors continue to worry about u.s. china trade port and the possibility of slower economic growth. the nasdaq fell 219 points, a drop of 3%. the s&p was down 62 points. u.s. job market remains healthy despite market jitters.
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figures released this morning show the u.s. economy added 155,000 jobs last month. the nation's unemployment rate remains at 3.7%. that is the lowest jobless rate in the u.s. since 1969. major personnel changes are coming to the white house. president trump said he has nominated alvar to serve as the nation -- bill bar to serve as the nation's next attorney general. he served under former president george hw bush. if confirmed, he would replace jeff sessions he resigned under pressure last month. the president also nominated heather nauert as the u.s. ambassador to the un. she is a former fox news anchor and could face questions about her lack of experience with foreign policy. president trump said he is confident she will win confirmation and do a great job. >> she is very talented, very smart, very quick. i think she will be respected by all. bill barr one of the most
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respected jurists in the country. highly respected lawyer and former attorney general. >> the president also said that he will make another personal announcement tomorrow at the army navy game having to do with joint chiefs of staff. reports that white house chief of staff john kelly expected to resign in the next few days. the retired four-star marine general and president trump are no longer speaking according to some reports. the top of the list of replacements is said to be mike pence's chief of staff, nick ayres. prosecutors are recommending significant prison time for president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen. special counsel robert mueller said in a court filing that russia reached out to the trump campaign as far back as 2015.
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as we report, this comes as a former fbi director james comey testifying behind closed doors on capitol hill. >> will you take questions from reporters? >> reporter: james comey meets with house republicans behind closed doors grilling him on several loaded topics. the investigation into hillary clinton's emails, particularly his decision not to pursue charges against her and the other big investigation, the probe into russia's role in the 2016 election. >> we have learned a few things that are new. there is new information that has been gathered. we are really at the beginning stages of this transcribed interview. >> reporter: one democrat is tired of running in circles around the same topics. >> it is the same questions over and over again. we get the same answers from almost all the witnesses. i am left with the impression that we got nowhere today. >> reporter: today's session was said to be tense with comey unable to answer some questions on the advice of his attorney. >> the fbi for understandable reasons doesn't want me talking about the details of the
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investigation that is still ongoing and began when i was fbi director. it makes sense that they don't want me going into those details. that is a teeny part of what we talked about today. a lot of hillary clinton's emails which will bore you. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller submitted court filings today suggesting former trump personal kearney, michael:get substantial prison time despite his cooperation in the investigation. cohen had pled guilty to lying to congress about plans for trump tower in moscow. paul manafort has also been talking to mueller leading to a plea deal over business dealings in ukraine. last month that agreement fell apart and molars filings could reveal why. -- and molars findings could reveal why. -- and robert mueller's findings could reveal why. we reveal how paul manafort -- robert mueller's investigation could reveal how paul manafort lied about his
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continued contacts with administration officials. there were four other alleged breaches including information pertinent to another unnamed investigation. manafort remains in jail in solitary confinement after his guilty plea to lobbying violations. he is facing at least 10 years in prison. manafort's attorney has two weeks to respond. san jose police are investigating a collision that sent not one but two cars into the side of an apartment. it happened on meridian avenue near willow at about 1:20 am. san jose police say a honda rear-ended a volkswagen and both cars spun out of control crashing into a ground floor apartment. one car struck the wall next to the bedroom and the other went through the patio fence. the man who lives there with his family said he feels very lucky. >> i heard a crash outside my window. i don't even think it is in my
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window, i think it is in the street. when i looked it was right there. it would have killed me if i was right there. >> no one inside was hurt but the driver and passenger in the second car were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. the driver, 32-year-old daniel was arrested after being released from the hospital. he was booked into santa clara county jail on suspicion of driving under the influence. san jose is threatening to become the latest city to ban motorized scooter rentals. public safety is at stake according to officials. we explain the changes being considered by city leaders. >> reporter: this scooter rider said she took a tumble while riding on the sidewalk. she moved into the street and hit a patch of wet leaves. >> i was embarrassed because people saw me fell. they asked if i was okay. >> reporter: bruised ego is one
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thing but city officials say both pedestrians and riders are suffering serious injuries from scooter users zipping down san jose sidewalks. >> we need to do something to make the system safer. >> reporter: the mirror is putting scooter companies -- the mayor is putting scooter companies on alert. the mayor suggests geo-fencing technology which is what keeps grocery carts from being rolled too far away from a store. a kill switch would disable a scooter that moves onto a sidewalk in densely populated areas. >> we want to ensure that we can keep pedestrians safe and keep the scooters in bike lanes. >> reporter: it is not just safety, there are are complaints that -- there are scooter -- there are complaints that scooter users ride the bikes -- leave the bikes -- lisa scooters anywhere and everywhere. >> the way scooters are parked
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need to not create obstacles. >> reporter: some say the real dangers are in the street where inattention drivers can do more harm than a scooter. -- inattentive drivers can do more harm than a scooter. >> it is better to be on the sidewalk. they say not to but it is better to be on the sidewalk. >> reporter: the days of arbitrarily deciding where to ride or coming to a close. scooter companies didn't respond for comment, city staffers will likely begin researching rule changes in january. a new ordinance would be in place by july 1. chp is investigating the death of a pedestrian who was killed in a traffic accident near richmond this morning. it happened just before 6 am in contra costa county. the pedestrian was wearing dark clothing and was not in a crosswalk when the driver of a white pickup truck struck him. chp says the driver in this case
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is not going to face criminal charges. >> is fully cooperating with the incident. no drugs or arco hall -- he is fully cooperating with the incident. no drugs or alcohol appear to be involved. killed by friendly fire, new details about the gunshot that killed a sheriff sergeant in thousand oaks during last month's mass shooting. honoring the survivors and those who lost their lives. 77 years ago today, coming up at 5:30 pm how the bay area is remembering the attack on pearl harbor. i feel good about being able to be a part of it. i good -- i feel good about seeing our community come together and so many people stepping up to help. new homes for homeless veterans. see how folks in santa rosa came together to make it all possible. in weather, another day of full sunshine in the bay area. the weekend starts off nice and
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i'm tracking another system that could impact the second half of the weekend. we will have more in the forecast coming up. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. three people injured during an attack with a samurai sword. a suspect is in custody. it happened yesterday morning in the city -- the cities tenderloin district. the suspect began yelling at a group of people from the window of his apartment and burst onto the street and began swinging a samurai sword. the three victims are expected to recover from their injuries. police say the motive in the sort attack is still not clear. -- in this ward attack is not clear. -- in the sword attack is still not clear. the sheriff who ran into
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the bar during a shooting last month was shot and killed as a result of friendly fire. the ventura county sheriff made that announcement this morning. we are tracking the latest developments in this case and we are joined in studio by our reporter. >> reporter: officials say the development is part of a much larger case. sergeant ron helus was struck six times. five shots were fired by a suspect and the six by an officer. >> this bullet shut -- struck ron helus in the chest and his heart ultimately. the sheriff's department is revealing -- reviewing -- is revealing that ron helus was shot six times. five bullets shot by the suspect was survivable. the six shot fired by another officer was not. the bullet came from the chp officers rifle. >> this news is extremely difficult for all of us to process and understand. particularly for karen and jordan.
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>> reporter: ron helus and the officer were both responding to the shooting and saw victims fleeing the bar. they entered together to take on the shooter but retreated and tried to return fire. the sheriff said it was dark inside. the situation dynamic. >> it was just a tragic detail that unfolded so rapidly. it in my view was unavoidable. it was just a horrific scene that the two men encountered inside the bar. >> reporter: chp said the officer who killed him in friendly fire is a nine year veteran of the force. the agency said it is devastated. the statement reads without question, ron helus died a hero while protecting his community from a dangerous criminal. in the face of danger, ron helus courageously upheld the oath he took to lay down his life rather than swerve from the duty. he was among 12 people killed in the bar during the shooting on november 7. investigators say the gunman killed himself
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and there is still no motive for the shooting. a jury in virginia convicted fields in a deadly attack in charlottesville. jurors took seven hours to conclude that fields intentionally drove his car into a crowd of protesters on august of 2017. the crash killed heather heyer and injured nearly 40 other demonstrators. the conviction is on top of the 30 count hate crimes indictment brought against him by the department of justice. fields is described as a neo- nazi who targeted the counter protesters. sentencing is set to start on monday and he is facing life in prison. a beautiful friday across the entire bay area. lots of sunshine and temperatures off to a chilly start. we had 50s and lower 60s.
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the rainfall in southern california yesterday has moved out. right now we have some cloud cover up to our north. we are tracking a system up to our north that could generate a few clouds for us. there is that rain approaching mendocino right now. no rain threat over the next 24 hours. it is a minimal one beyond that point. the current numbers right now, santa rosa 57. mountain view in the upper 50s in san jose 59 degrees. here's the camera look above san francisco. we have partly cloudy skies for this evening. definitely want to bundle up as temperatures drop off rapidly and set the stage for another cold morning. possibly some frost tomorrow to start off your weekend. mid-30s or santa rosa. san francisco in the upper -- for santa rosa. san francisco in the upper 40s. partly cloudy in san francisco. into the afternoon hours pretty much the same story. the weekend starting off great.
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temperatures will in the city will be close to 60 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. as we show you the view in the pacific, you can see this first system bringing in a few clouds tomorrow. another one will generate rainfall to our north by sunday. by sunday night there is a chance we could be tracking a few scattered showers primarily north of the golden gate bridge. tomorrow partly cloudy. it will be dry and maybe some fog to the central valley. we had some reduced visibility this morning. for the bay area on sunday more cloud cover for the second half of the weekend. in terms of the organize rainfall, the best chance will be from ukiah and points northward. we could be tracking rain sunday night and the rain will gradually spread to the south as we had into early monday. some fog tomorrow morning. the afternoon looks okay for saturday. on sunday some more clouds. this is sunday at lunch time. you will notice that rain
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moving in to humble county, here we go with the rain line. 9 pm moving into portions of the north bay. this moves into the rest of the bay area and weakens quite a bit. this is early monday morning. next week, maybe some sour -- shower chances in the bay area. forecast high tomorrow in the upper 50s and lower 60s. in san jose 63. gilroy 64 degrees. your five day forecast temperatures are basically the same deal. sunday a few towers -- a few showers. a dry weather pattern for tuesday and wednesday. beyond wednesday stay tuned. maybe a return of some wet weather back in the forecast. the weekend looks pretty nice. brave the bay is happening tomorrow benefiting make-a-wish. this event is an active and fun
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way to raise money to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. everything kicks off at 9 am at san francisco's aquatic park. the event includes three athletic challenges, the 5k walk , a san francisco bay plunged which is what they are doing right there. and a cable car pull. members of the san francisco police department are taking part in the event. those involved in the fundraising for make-a-wish say there is no better feeling than seeing a kid smile. >> you feel a warmth because you know that wow, you see the expressions on their face. they are utterly surprised. they have no idea what is coming. when their dreams come true, that is what it is all about, making that wish. >> participants are encouraged to create teams and fund raise prior to the big day. at last check more than $152,000 had been raised. good for them.
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just in time for christmas, the christmas gift of a lifetime a new start in life for veterans. residents -- veterans.
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north bay contractors have been busy rebuilding neighborhoods devastated by last year's wine country wildfire. one contractor is splitting his time giving back to victims who lost more. we went to veterans village which is a new development of tiny homes in santa rosa.
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>> the owner of wolf contracting is trying to rebuild one country. he is putting a lot of time, energy, and personal money into 14 250 tiny homes for veterans to use at little or no cost for however long they need it. >> i understand how a lot of the veterans ended up where they are. >> reporter: wolf is a combat veteran and knows it only too well. >> when i first came home from iraq i had significant ptsd myself. once a marine always a marine, it is in my heart. i feel for the veterans, they are my brothers. >> reporter: sonoma county housing says that on any given day there are some 200 homeless veterans in the county who have to sleep on a friends couch, in
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a car, under a bridge or on a street. >> this project wouldn't happen without michael wolf. is a full-fledged partner and we can do it without him. today and tomorrow, kelly moore paints and volunteer contractors are putting the finishing touches on the tiny home village which will be available to veterans before new year's day. >> i just thought, we need to do something. i approached kelly moore corporate and they said we are in. >> it is a brotherhood thing. i am an army veteran and i'm happy to give back. >> reporter: so many people are helping wolf and community housing of sonoma county do this and that could be more. >> it is only 14 but we are knocking that number down. >> i feel good about being able to be a part of this. i feel good about seeing our community come together and so many people stepping up to help. >> reporter: this could be a not -- a model for the entire nation.
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>> they have raised nearly all of the $340,000 to finish off veterans village but they do still need donations. if you'd like to help out, you can head to our website, and click on web links. it is the only source of transportation for some people in the south bay and now facing a $25 million deficit, it may be forced to cut routes and raise ticket prices. it is a day that will live in infamy. 77 years after the attack on pearl harbor, one of the survivors tells his story to a group of east bay students.
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20 survivors were among those who marked the 77th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor today. the ceremony began with a moment of silence at 7:55 am local time. that is the time japanese warplanes began their assault
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which took the lives of more than 2300 u.s. service members. one survivor traveled from mountain view to take part, another survivor was 18 years old when the war came to hawaii. >> everett was standing on the deck of the uss pennsylvania when it took a direct hit from a 500 pound bomb. everett facing the uss arizona will now lead a salute as he passes aboard. >> island is now 95 years old. he gave a salute to a passing maybe worship today. he has been volunteering at the visitor center for more than 20 years. >> in east bay, a beacon shines in tribute to the survivors of pearl harbor as well as those who died in the attack. it was lit up about a half hour ago, the rotating beacon was originally built to guide domestic flights after the bombing set -- flights. after the bombing it was turned
5:32 pm
off. it is real it once a year. there is a special vietnam era flyover as part of the commemoration ceremony. paul chambers is joining us live from concorde with the story of one man who survived the attack on pearl harbor. >> reporter: they are just wrapping up behind me. more than 100 people came to see the beacon be relit in the flyover were talking about. it is something they have done for 55 years to honor those who lost their life 77 years ago. i had the honor to speak with a survivor who was only 20 years old when he and the country came under attack. for nearly 8 decades, donovan long has been fit grateful -- dawn long has been very grateful he survived the attack on pearl harbor. the guys on the other airplanes did not survive. >> reporter: on december 7,
5:33 pm
1941, long who was in the navy as a radio trainee was stationed across the island from pearl harbor. >> i was looking toward the shore and the hangar started exploding and airplanes on the ground were obviously being struck. >> reporter: he remembers the day vividly. his first thought was that there was training nearby when he heard the airplanes coming. >> everyone thought it was the army or navy. one guy said he thought it was a carrier pilot that was coming back in from one of the ships out at sea. >> reporter: 77 years later long shared his students in concord and he told the students how he barely made it out alive. >> when i saw planes making runs at other aircraft i went to get a life jacket. on my way back, i recall water coming up. long and his
5:34 pm
survivors came together to share their story and remember a time gone by. he said in his lifetime there were only two times that they came together, pearl harbor and september 11. we were as one and we got the job done both times. why we can't do that today i don't know. >> reporter: the sons and daughters of pearl harbor survivors took place in today's festivities. the beacon will be turned off in the morning and they will do it again this time next year. >> paul, thank you. in alameda, a grand opening was held on the uss concorde. it was a traveling exhibit that commemorates the attack on pearl harbor. it is called infamy, december 7, 1941. the exhibit features iconic photograph of sacrifice and tragedy as it examines the moment that led to the united
5:35 pm
states entering world war ii. >> this is an eight panel exhibition on war trust -- on loan to us from the world war ii museum. >> exhibit will be on display on the uss hornet until january 16. turning to the south bay word has been a rough road for valley transportation authority which runs the light rail and bus system in santa clara county. a massive budget shortfall is forcing the agency to make some cuts. >> reporter: thousands of riders rely on vta light rail and buses each day. >> it is hard to get around without the bus. >> reporter: as valley transportation authority deals with the $25 million budget deficit things make it harder soon. ridership is down expenses are up and cuts are on the horizon. >> we do know that changes need to be made. the board approved moving forward with a plan to fix the
5:36 pm
problem. >> reporter: on the table fare increases, cutting underutilized routes and offering buyouts for some employees. they will work out the details and framework in the coming months. the incoming vice chair said these will be difficult but necessary decisions to make. >> taking a deep dive in this to make sure we are protecting and spending public dollars in the wisest way we can and then making sure that we are providing a service that people really want to use a our job. >> reporter: vta cautions the public not to panic. there will be plenty of time for their input. >> this is the first step in the process. no final decisions have been made in the real work is now starting. regular riders are worried that their routes might be the ones to get cut or they might not be able to afford raised fares. >> you need the buses. people that don't have cars need the bus. >> people will probably use uber more or lyft. or maybe the scooters.
5:37 pm
i feel like that would be their best option now, if they cut the routes here. >> reporter: the board is expected to hear the plan in january. they will take it to the public and vote on it sometime in the next six months. a night spent in the cold to prove a point and to raise awareness. we will tell you why a couple dozen college students decided to sleep in tents last night. an incredible story of resurgence, a long forgotten about oakland band went through a relaunch of sorts 40 years after their only album was released. sfx: tinny headphone music
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some two dozen students woke up in tents on the campus of san jose state university this morning. they camped out in the cold overnight to try to raise awareness about the growing problem of homeless students. a recent report found some 4300 san jose state university students have experienced homelessness in the past year. homeless activists say that is creating huge problems for the students who are trying to get a college education with no place to live. >> they are having to live in their cars. we have a 24-hour library so many of them sleep in the library. they are having to stay with friends, couch surfing all the while trying to maintain a
5:41 pm
steady education. it is a difficult time. >> they are coming to class not well rested and not well fed. how can those students be successful and graduate and go to get a job and have a better life if they don't have basic needs met. that is what the students are highlighting. >> organizers want the university to provide safe parking struck -- spots for students who sleep in their cars. they are demanding beds in the dorms for homeless students for at least 60 days while a long- term solution is worked out. we have some shocking video coming out of la. it shows a homeless man pushed another man into oncoming traffic. you see this unfold right there in the middle of a downtown street. the man in the yellow jacket sitting and shaking his head before he stands up and randomly shove this man into the street without warning. then he is hit by that passing box truck.
5:42 pm
the victim in the case was caught under the front tire of the truck and the man who did this calmly walked away. bystanders helped the victim who suffered rogan bones and a collapsed lung. -- suffered a broken bones and a collapsed lung. the man alleged to be responsible was arrested. preparations are underway in paris for protests. the eiffel tower will be closed to the public along with much of downtown. it is a protest against fuel price hikes aimed at combating bro global -- combating global warming. the demonstrations sparked some of the worst violence paris and france has seen in decades. amazon looks to expand their cashier list doors -- stores when you don't have times to wait in lines.
5:43 pm
companies are in talks with several airports to build amazon go stores. talks to include san jose minetta international airport. at the stores you grab things off the shelf and you walk out. you don't have to stop and pay. the items are linked to your amazon account automatically. officials say amazon would still have to go through the same competitive bidding process to open up a store inside an airport terminal. right now there are seven of those amazon go locations across the country including one in the heart of downtown san francisco. >> you walk in and grab the stuff and leave. >> that would absolutely work for travelers. recorded in the 70s but forgotten about until recently when the artist son found a record still in the flat stick. they realized the music was popular again. >> my son and i cried when we first got it. >> a long forgotten about bay
5:44 pm
area band is having a resurgence across the world. in the weather, a beautiful friday out there. a few spots warming up to 70 degrees. outside right now mostly clear skies. we will talk about your weekend forcast and the next chance of some rainfall coming up. with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask... what stiff joints? what bad back? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels.
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this month we are highlighting stories to bring out the good in the bay area. tonight we are introducing you
5:47 pm
to a woman named carrie cleveland. she was a local single decades ago and is introducing a resurgence of her music at age 77. this is due in large part to the internet. >> when i hear it it makes me feel good. >> reporter: carrie cleveland is being taken back to the 1970s when she listens to one of her songs. a time when soulful disco music reigns supreme. her husband wrote the songs and play the instruments. >> he loved riding music. he also wrote music for other people. >> reporter: they were courted love songs releasing a little- known gem of an album in 1980 called carrie cleveland looking up. they only cut 1000 copies. >> reporter: wasn't popular at the time? >> not really. we were happy about it.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: she remembers her music making it to a local a.m. radio station. >> they are playing my record. >> the radio at that time, you could hardly get them to play it. >> reporter: they also performed around the bay area with their band. places like disco city, bank off -- and cross street lounge. carries music never took off and almost faded. after bill passed away he eventually gave up seeing with the band. fast forward to 2017. her song was on the internet. >> my mom's record that is 30+ years old is still in the plastic. i wonder how much it is going for. >> reporter: the results shocked him. >> high-end it goes for $450. she said she doesn't want to
5:49 pm
hear about it. >> i said hold on, that is running. >> reporter: it didn't take long for two original copies to be sold to this record store. his mom's music is also popular across the pond. a man's name -- a man named young was looking for her. he specializes in unearthing soul, funk, and disco music from around the world. >> some guy wants to talk to you. i can understand him. >> after they got to talking, they said that was a guy calling about the record. >> reporter: in september, they reissued carries album complete with notes on her life and love story with bill. >> it is like he is here again. >> my son and i we cry. when we first got it and started playing it, we cried. >> now i am realizing how good he was and have really come to
5:50 pm
appreciate the music much more. >> reporter: people of all ages are enjoying the music. this youtube video of a woman dancing to one of carrie's song has more than half 1 million views. the album is and record stores and on streaming music services. >> hey google, play carrie cleveland. i am just doing what my dad wanted me to do. to share his music and my mom singing. >> reporter: carrie knows bill would have loved to have seen this resurgence. their soundtrack made us -- made a comeback. >> it is a beautiful feeling. it is even more beautiful because my husband did all of these songs. i think they are so beautiful. as long as i live i will at least -- i will always have a part of my husband with me.
5:51 pm
ktvu fox 2 news. -- >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> beautiful story. if you would like to nominate someone for bay area people, go to our website at and look for the bay area people tab. maybe you are doing some tree shopping this weekend putting up some holiday lights. mark is here to tell you the weather will be perfect. >> goforth. i remember watching channel 2 they would have a promotion saying be who you are, it is great to have that campaign back. weatherwise, you heard about a preview of the weekend. lots of sunshine to start things off. we will cloud things up a little bit into sunday but take things -- but look at the highs. 69 degrees in morgan hill. gilroy was at 70 earlier this
5:52 pm
afternoon. today if you are near the coastline you probably saw a lot of energy in this well moving to the coastline. no high surf advisory but way of around 10 to 15 feet. we will scale back a little bit tomorrow but even 8 to 12 feet is still sizable. this well is up there. it will back off a little bit from today. here is satellite showing you high clouds moving into northern california. this system could bring a few clouds into the saturday forecast but the rainfall remains up to the north. we will check in on some of the current numbers. right now lots of 50s. fremont 55. santa rosa 87. napa cooled off to 52. our life camera looking above san francisco, it has been a dry stretch over the last couple days. a chilly start for the morning hours. low to mid 30s for the coolest
5:53 pm
locations. san francisco 49. this is a system that will generate some rainfall across the north bay. especially by sunday night. tomorrow will be dry. into sunday, definitely some more clouds and some rain showers could be drifting in from the north as we head to sunday evening. most of your weekend should be dry. here is our forecast model tomorrow morning. there are some few patches here. definitely more clouds on sunday. here's that rain line moving in from the north. there is a chance of a sprinkle or light shower up in the north bay sunday afternoon. we could be waking up to raindrops first thing early monday morning. the monday morning commute could be tracking roadways -- wet roadways. could be in -- santa rosa 63 degrees. the five day forecast, pretty
5:54 pm
nice. we don't want to think about monday morning just yet. but maybe in the back of your mind, maybe a few showers early monday morning. >> we have an update now on the story, that nine-year-old napa girl who received a pair of steph curry's signature shoes after being disappointed that they didn't sell them for girls, good news is she got her kicks and she has stormed the court. riley morrison's father shared these photos with us this morning. the warriors guard personally sent her a pair of steph -- of curry five after she wrote him a handwritten letter asking for the shoes to be sold in the girls section of the company's website. in his letter back he said he was working with under armour to fix the problem and promised her one of the first pairs of the new curry sixes wendell to the market. until then, she has her curry five to play with her teammates
5:55 pm
at napa valley sling which academy. and she also has an invitation to attend international women's day with the warriors coming up in march. republicans in wisconsin accused of a power play it could have far-reaching consequences in many other states. the details coming up. (music throughout)
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5:57 pm
thank you for watching ktvu fox 2 news where the power of 2 comes from you. and uncommon clinical procedure is happening in wisconsin with republicans trying to strip power from the incoming democratic governor. we have more from chicago. >> reporter: republicans in the midwest took a big hit in the 2018 midterms and wisconsin was ground zero. democrats taking back every statewide office including
5:58 pm
attorney general and governor. but during a controversial lame- duck session, lawmakers voted to restrict the powers of the incoming democrat. with many saying the move ignores the will of the voters. >> the people of wisconsin expect better from us as leaders and leaders in the legislature than to pit people against each other. >> reporter: republicans are pushing back against democrats who call them so losers -- sore losers who say there limiting -- >> this will be starting on january 7 but he is not the governor today. that is why we will make sure that the powers of each branch are as equal as they can be. >> reporter: the vote prompting widespread protests at the state capital this week. the bills are waiting for approval from outgoing governor scott walker who hasn't said whether he will sign them. democrats have promised a legal
5:59 pm
challenge if he does. but incoming governor joni eberts is hoping it doesn't come to that. >> it is part of his legacy as he is walking out the door that he can i believe to the right thing. republicans in several other states are also considering bills that would reduce the power of incoming democrats. in chicago, matt finn fox news. this is one news leader, the power of two. at 6. he was president trump's so- called fixer. federal prosecutors are recommending substantial prison time for michael cohen. a flurry of developments out of washington today as new details emerge in the molar investigation. >> two men with close ties to donald trump have entered guilty pleas in the russia investigation and now new court filings are providing
6:00 pm
additional details on their involvement with russia and what the president and the trump administration may have known. manafort is already in prison and today we learned that prosecutors are recommending substantial prison time for michael cohen. heather holmes is here with what we are learning about both cases tonight. >> reporter: there were two separate filings late today from special counsel robert mueller involving paul manafort and michael cohen. a third filing came from federal prosecutors in new york in the cohen case. as you may know, michael cohen pleaded guilty in august to tax evasion and campaign-finance fraud. that was for making payoffs to stormy daniels and another woman about alleged affairs with mr. trump years ago. the filing said that was done at the direction of president trump. late last month cohen entered another surprise plea to making false statements to the senate intelligence committee about plans for a trump tower in moscow.


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