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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 10, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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thank you for waking up with us. it is monday morning. >> good morning. steve is here. >> early but not this afternoon. >> there's not enough for the rain boots? >> i don't think so. the girls want to wear rain boots. >> i know they do. there is a little bit. we have rain on the golden gate bridge. it is not a big system but it should move south and we can considerably. we are getting light rain. the fog after yesterday, there is cloud cover. it is a cloudy day and we get a break into tomorrow. the systems will clip us with partly cloudy conditions. 42 near 50 on the temperatures and in the sierra, no issues. there are isolated snow shower's but not a big deal.
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next couple of systems are moving towards the pacific northwest. it is near 60. we might show the golden gate bridge. >> we showed it already. we will see how much rain they get but it is not expected to be too bad but it is good to keep your eyes on the road. you have to keep your headlights on even if it is raining. let's show you that map westbound 80, this is near fairfield. there is a crash in the process of being cleared but you can see that impact that it is had with a backup. you go south or west on 80 through hercules, things look pretty good with no problems to tell you about. the car third -- macarthur maze will take you 18 minutes. we have been reporting this morning with flashing lights in
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the middle of that stretch of 80 towards the day bridge. we do not have information on what that could be but be aware of that. let's show you the toll plaza. things are slow on the right hand side in the carpool lane. you can see a little bit of rain not on the lens but in the distance. the time is 5:02. we are watching the huge fire in philadelphia this morning and nearly 200 firefighters are on the scene of a massive fire at an apartment building. you can see how big that fire is. it has been burning about six hours. they have not said how it started. two firefighters are treated for minor burns. most that are displaced are at a nearby elementary school. we will watch this story and
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bring you the details out of philadelphia. thousands of thousand kaiser mental health workers plan to walk up the job. they want more staffing and more resources for mental health care. we are at kaiser hospital where workers will start walking picket lines. good morning, lee. >> reporter: good morning. the strike starts today. there will be psychologists and therapists and social workers and addiction specialist. workers say those typically wait more than a month for an apartment. there is one full time clinician for every 3000 patients. workers will dissipate in the strike. the kaiser spokesperson says they are rescheduling appointments this week for non- urgent cases. for urgent cases, they are partnering with until health
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agencies so that you will receive care. union workers say they do not want to go on strike but they will to fight for patient care. this woman says she is overburdened and is demanding kaiser hire more staff so they can be seen in a timely manner. they are typically booked 4 to 6 weeks out. >> it is exhausting keeping up with the demand with not enough time in your schedule to provide timely access. it is imperative. if you don't treat these people, there are severe consequences to not addressing depression.>> reporter: the kaiser representative says this strike is not about helping patients but it is about money. they increased staff by 30% since 2015 and invested $175 million for expanding mental health care. all the hospitals will be open
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in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. teachers at oakland high school or planted a walkout. teachers have been working without a contract since july of last year. the walkout is not sanctioned by the teacher's union. there are warning teachers they could face disciplinary action. the spokesman says classes will go on as scheduled. a man due in court to face extra charges in the kidnapping case of what the police call a hoax. mueller has been convicted in federal court of kidnapping denise in 2015 and was sentenced to 40 years in prison . now, he is facing state charges of right, pulse imprisonment and kidnapping for ransom. they prepare to take control, democrats say they
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will investigate whether president trump broke loss during the 2016 campaign we are live from washington dc with the latest development. good morning. >> good morning. it used to be was talk in democratic circles, they have upped the stakes and one democrat is talking about the possible needing a pardon for himself. the army-navy -- navy game saturday, he relished his role as the commander in chief. on sunday, a different scene and democrats are talking impeachment or worse. >> they would be impeachable defenses whether they are important enough is a different question but it is impeachable defenses. >> he may be the first to face the prospect of jail time expect this comes after we learned friday that the president? former lawyer could face jail time for orchestrating hush
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money payments. and democrats, they may haul him to the hill. and james coming continues to draw higher after testifying on capitol hill friday and he tweeted, james coming must've set a record for who lied the most to congress in one day.'s testimony was so untruthful. coming will be back on the hill next week. >> we have more questions for him at that time. i think we should reserve judgment until we have the opportunity to finish our examination. it is disappointing and disturbing. >> we learned the president will face democrats with a new chief of staff announcing that resilard -- john kelly would leave at the end of the year. it looks like a larger white house staff shakeup is still to come. in washington, ktvu fox
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2 news. the u.s. is joining the proposal by saudi arabia and kuwait and russia to weaken equally -- key reference and a global report they met at the summoned the summit over the weekend. the world needs to cut carbon emissions by half to avoid warming. diplomats from 200 countries wanted to welcome the report. the u.s. and three other nations called the study to be noted but not welcome. the objection to the report likely includes a suggestion that fossil fuel use needs to be phased out. but trump administration is putting an end to a study for finding a cure for hiv. it is implanting fetal tissue into mice. they say the government was ending the contract and
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sparking uncertainty about the future of the hiv research lab. today is the deadline for congress to vote on preserve net neutrality. they could use an obscure removal to force a vote to kill net neutrality. commissioner of the secretary listened to millions of public comments. researcher from stanford down 21 million of the comments sent to the fcc were not from real people. and according to the researcher, 99% of the messages were in support of net neutrality. a former investigator with the district attorney office filed a lawsuit. he said he was fired for reporting that the da carried a gun while flying in violation of federal law. the lawsuit claims that guston took a gun repeatedly on
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flights. the attorney told the chronicle that since guston was not a police officer, he was not authorized to travel with a gun. the lawsuit states that after investigators noted the flights, many were fired or forced to resign. emmanuel macron will speak to the people of france today amid violent protests against his leadership. he was meeting with political leaders and union leaders to hear concerns. the yellow vest protest started weeks ago and anger mounted over taxes. they are demanding higher minimum wage and tax relief. he will give a nationally televised speech tonight and is six acting to propose solutions . hundreds of flights are canceled after a huge winter storm in the southeast. one man was killed after eight three fell on -- a tree fell on
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his home. 1100 flights were canceled yesterday at charlotte international airport. another 300 have been canceled today. authorities are urging travelers to stay off the roads. >> roadway conditions are hazardous and in some conditions and possible. it it is your decision to drive today, it could mean the difference between your life or death. >> it could take days before north carolina digs out of the first snow of the season and drivers are being warned that the roads will be even more dangerous. the time is 5:11 and the deadline for the british prime minister and an important early on the brexit deal and what is happening.'s a surprise, a
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stranger surprises a mother traveling with her sick baby. if you're traveling westbound through emeryville on 80, this is a slowdown because of a vehicle that stalled. it has been moved out of the way but there is a backup at macarthur maze on westbound on 80 as you approach the bay bridge. a weak system is moving through.
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welcome back to gate mornings on 2. a hearing is set today for a russian woman accused of being a spy. maria is being held in jail and is accused of political organizations including the national rifle association. it will decide if they will release the transcript of a phone conference between her lawyers and the judge overseeing her case. the center for disease control and prevention is warning people not to eat raw cookie dough. it can have salmonella and eating these ingredients can make you sick. they recommend following directions for specific baking
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temperatures. facebook plans the event and manhattan to teach users about privacy features an answer questions about how it shares data. this is called it is your facebook. it is held thursday and bryant park in new york. visitors can stop by without an apartment and talk with employees and have free hot chocolate. the event comes after a year full of data breach challenges for facebook. elon musk is requesting suggestion that the chairwoman was appointed to watch over him . in an interview. he said it is not realistic to think robin will bring them in since he is the largest shareholder owning 20% of that country. he was asked to step down after tweeting about taking the company private. he made the move with regulators
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. the competition between right sherry companies is heating up. this time, they are battling for more than customers. the wall street journals says uber filed paperwork for a public offering on friday. that is one day after the paper says lyft filed the same paperwork. both are still losing money any experts say going public will require them to be more transparent with their money. it is likely to take several months before they can sell shares to the public. i mother traveling was given an unexpected gift. 11-month-old was a twin almost three months early born. she was in intensive care. she needs to travel to be treated for a chronic lung disease. a man offered his seat to the mother and baby who asked to be connected to the oxygen tank. >> i am looking and crime and
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saying thank you. he just quietly and was like smiling so big. he said you are welcome. that was it. >> that mother posted a picture of her daughter along with the story on social media and it has gone viral. >> it seems like a small gesture but a huge one for her and that baby. the time is 5:18. allie is watching the roads. >> good morning. we are going to circle back and show you this picture of westbound 80 because we are following the stalled vehicle. things have recovered. we want to show you the map on 101 two the south bay, things look good. let's jump over to the south bay with overnight roadwork, things are pretty much in that green pick up you look at 680,
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there is a report of a car blocking the slow lane south of scott creek road. the south bay looks good. here is a look at 280 in san jose and moving smoothly. this is the picture we were telling you about come a big backup on westbound 80. the stalled vehicle has moved out of the way and there are no major issues. the toll plaza, things slowdown because the metering lights are on and you are looking at a 15 to 20 minute delay. i will send it over to you. >> i will get to it. today's system is the same as friday but sunday night and monday looks okay. the system is on track with widespread rain. this is sunday night in santa rosa. even down to gate moderate.
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let's hope that holds. steve, nice tight. thank you, beth. this is a garcia tie. >> you are always looking sharp . we have a little bit of rain. is 0.08 is in the market. there is not a lot there. there is light rain south and it weakens. the next system will favor more areas to the north pick next system is friday. that is the wine we are banking on. 40s four the temperatures and 42 in stamford and 41 in fremont. it is 40s and 50s on the coast. in the sierra, isolated snow
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showers south of tahoe and maybe kirkwood but not a big deal. look at this southern stream. the southern branch is quite active towards southern california and four corners, it will not affect us. they have cloudy skies and light rain in the morning. partly cloudy and sunny in the afternoon. the next system is towards the north and it will drag across with partly cloudy and near 60 with temperatures that are warmer than yesterday. partly sunny and partly cloudy and similar to the one right now. saturday looks good. sunday night and monday looks good. revoking passes at the happiest place on earth, the reason some people will been trying to make extra cash could be banned from disneyland.
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new technology for safety as some experts concerned about privacy.
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eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and butter buttermilk pancakes. and now, get it delivered free! free! enjoy denny's new $6.99 super slam now with free delivery. welcome back to mornings on 2. the huge job of cleanup is underway. hazardous terrio crews are working to remove heavy metals and asbestos left behind in the deadly wildfire. next is the removal of concrete and debris for nearly 14,000
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homes that were destroyed. a firefighter from paradise lost her home has a safe place to sleep thanks to an act of congress -- kinase. they have been staying with friends and sleeping and their car until a man from colorado sent a remodeled bus. >> it feels like freedom. >> it is nice that a stranger can help them. everybody wants to help but they do not know how to. >> the same donor started a nonprofit to match fire victims with donated mobile homes and has delivered 30 homes to families so far. >> a homeowner association in richland is turning to technology but security experts are raising questions about privacy. there using license plate readers to monitor who is coming and going. people say before they had the chemist, there were burglaries but now they've seen a drop in
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crime and they think it is worth the price. >> they can put your license plate on a neighbor list so it is not captured. for a little bit of their own safety, they're willing to give up a little bit of privacy. >> the company that sold the cameras said the videos are deleted after 30 days. security experts say there are concerns how private groups use security camera saying it is different how local governments use them because cities and counties and states have regulations to restrict usage. walking off the job and the demand made for mental health therapists and social workers and nurses. sources linking the crown prince of saudi arabia to president trump's son-in-law and we will tell you what jared kushner is accused of doing.
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welcome back in philadelphia, this is a helicopter flying over billy. we went back because we have been following a huge five alarm fire at an apartment building. it was a huge fire that started early in the morning. there has
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been people hurt. it has been burning about 6 hours. >> it is so cold and they are out of their homes in the elementary school. >> hundreds of flights are canceled because of the weather. >> that manic change. >> if you are traveling to the east comment yes. >> it is all green for oa k. there is light rain but not a big deal. the system is going through there will not be a lot left. a better system looks to be saturday night or monday. that is the next opportunity for widespread rain. the system is holding together for some but not for all. there is drizzle or light rain. most is to the north. probably not much but a cloudy morning
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and cool in the mid 40s. we should get a few breaks today. the next systems look to it take an aim towards the north. there is the mere fact there is loud -- cloud cover. you're heading towards kirkwood , moisture in southern california. there is light rain in the morning and it moves east and south & the afternoon. the system looks good but looks better for seattle and portland . rain returns quickly. friday looks similar to what we see right now. sunday night into monday comment that looks good with highs in the mid to upper 50s. this is when we have to get busy because things pick up. >> it is getting busy at the toll plaza. it is busy on westbound 5803 -- 580.
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the commute is picking up from 205 to the ultimate pass as traffic build up. there is increased traffic on 84 to 680. looking at highway 4, this looks typically slow for this time of the morning. west line highway 4, there is a collision with no reports of injuries. there are notes about maybe a vehicle involved speeding going to to 90 miles per hour. please drive safely. this is west of leverage road on highway 4. things are getting more crowded as the morning goes on but no major issue. your drive-through lafayette, brake lights but no specific problems but just the usual slowdown.
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today, a strike begins involving licensed mental health workers around california. 4000 mental health therapist and psychiatric nurses and licensed social workers say there are not enough mental health workers. in some cases, they must wait weeks without medication to see a therapist. they are demanding kaiser bring in more people. >> for every i believe 3000 members entering the kalisher system, want mental health therapist. >> having timely access is imperative. if you do not treat these people, there are severe consequences. >> kaiser calls this a bargaining tactic and says they have been the highest paid employer for mental health workers and they say quote, we
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are working hard to deliver the high quality care and services they need. the hospitals and medical offices are open. anyone in need of mental health or other care will receive services they require. leigh martinez is in semper cisco where this will start in 30 minutes. track this morning, the coast guard is helping to free a sailboat that is stuck. our crew arrived about 4:45 dismounted and found the boat stuck against the bridge but you can see here the coast guard towed the boat away. we are calling the coast guard to see why the boat may have been stuck and it did not affect bridge traffic. we will keep you posted. the european union top court says britain can change its mind over brexit. the court ruled that any you member state can revoke the process without needing approval from every other
5:35 am
number state. this comes before a critical vote on british prime minister theresa may brexit deal. the court is assessing the issue because britain is due to leave the block march 29th. theresa may says the government will not seek to delay or reverse brexit. prosecutors are revealing or details that make -- may tie president dropped to a crime. they accuse him of directly or directing illegal hush money payments to women during his presidential campaign. robert mueller's office revealed instances of associate line about contact with russia. the president has not been charged with crimes and remains unclear whether a president can be prosecuted while in office. >> i think with these
5:36 am
indictments and filings showing , the president was had massive fraud against the american people. >> core defended the president saying trump", no communication, no collision, no cooperation. james comey will be back on capitol hill next week for a round of questioning. when he testified behind closed doors on friday, congress asked him about the beginning of the russian investigation and the emptiness dossier. it was used to get surveillance warrants for president trump's campaign advisor carter page. he testified friday the information was not verified by the fbi before it was submitted to the court to get the warrants. also he testified that the fbi did not inform the court that
5:37 am
the dossier was paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton campaign . >> the biggest take away is that james comey with regard to the most important investigations certainly during his tenure as fbi director said as you noted, i don't recall, i don't remember, i don't know 245 times. >> democrats are defending james comey saying he was prevented from answering questions because he is a material witness in the robert mueller investigation. the time is 5:37. a sentencing hearing is expected to begin for the manning -- man who drove his car in to a crowd of protesters and killed a woman. feels has been convicted of first-degree murder at a unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia. now, he is facing possible life
5:38 am
in prison for the death of heather and injuring other protesters. we are finding more about the gunman who shot and killed 20 children and six staff members yesterday in newtown connected to. several items written by adam lanza expresses anger and disdain for other people saying quote, i have nothing other than scorn for humanity. he committed suicide after the sandy hook shooting. disturbing details on the death of jamaal khashoggi who was killed by saudi agents. a transcript of the audio recording revealed his last words were quote, i cannot breathe. the new york times is reporting that president trump's son-in- law was his biggest defender inside the white house even
5:39 am
after u.s. intelligence officers concluded the crown prince ordered the killing. they say he gave him advice on how to deal with the backlash. hundreds of migrants still camped outside a shelter in mexico, hoping to cross the border into the united states cricket has been a week since the sports complex that housed 6000 migrants was shut down by city officials because of sanitary reasons. three other people live in tents outside the sports complex . officials are no longer offering food or water. officials say they have to move to a former concert venue that is further away from the american border but the migrants don't want to leave they want to stay close to the u.s. and hope to get asylum. man is recovering from burns after a house fire in san jose that started after 2:15 yesterday afternoon near cunningham avenue.
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firefighters arrived in two people escape but the disable man is still inside the home. they were able to rescue him and he was sent to the hospital with significant burns. investigators have not said how the fire started. >> investigators in walnut creek want to know why a driver drove a car off the road and slammed into an apartment building just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon south of valley road. look at the pictures. firefighters pulled the driver out of the wreckage and that person was taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. it is been six years since the sandy hook school shooting and 100 vigils across the country marked the somber occasion. family affected by gun violence came together with leaders in san francisco yesterday for the interfaith vigil for victims of gun violence.
5:41 am
survivors and advocates shared stories and offered words of support. moms demand action was a part of the event. >> our kids today cannot focus on learning. they are not just learning to read and do math but learning how to do active shooter drills . >> 2012, 20 children and six adults were killed and that sandy hook shooting. organizers say the event was meant to pay tribute to the lives lost and to demand change. dozens of people use the signature landmark to urge the united states just top helping saudi arabia in the continuing war in yemen and. the committee in the bay area marched on the golden gate bridge. protesters carried mock child sized coffins symbolizing the children who died from starvation since the bombing started three years
5:42 am
ago. york, the brother of the co has died. he was a entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the company called cota . in a statement, they said quote, tony will be remembered as a bright spirited entrepreneur with the unmasked pageant to serve others and to brighten a room. tony, we love you. the statement did not mention how he died. he was 35 years old. the time is 5:42. hundreds of students fighting against homelessness and the challenges that faces a bay area school district. the oakland school is prepared to receive sick calls from teachers. we are following news about
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a collision eastbound on 580 and more details on that. here is a look at your drive that is rainy on the roadways at highway 24 through lafayette . the airport is green except for san jose with light rain. so far, so good. my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health,
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you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. we are getting video of a fire at a strip mall in los angeles. they are putting it out right now between burbank and santa clarita. it caused a partial roof collapse and no injuries are being reported. traffic in the area, this is not far from the 5 in los
5:46 am
angeles. dozens of teachers plant a walkout, protesting contract talk >> they have been working without a contract since july of last year. we are live in oakland with more about this walkout. what do you know? >> reporter: this is not a union approved walkout. we understand the teachers are expected to call out sick and will march at oakland high school to downtown oakland. 75 of the 90 teachers at oakland high school will participate in response to not getting a new contract. the education association is negotiating a contract with the unified school district but they are yet to a great on terms. miles says without the actions, teachers face a poor settlement or a stressful strike and something had to be done.
5:47 am
they say a sick out is an illegal labor action. teachers could be disciplined and will not get paid. the spokesperson called the protest concerning and says quote, the district is in litigation with the education association. we are in the fact-finding stage which means we see a solution amendable to besides. the teachers will start the walkout at 7:30 this morning and make their way to downtown oakland. ktvu fox 2 news. disneyland reportedly tracking down people who buy and resell souvenirs. some started businesses online, re-sailing limited additional items >> the register says disneyland is revoking passes of people who get caught doing at. disney responded to the report by saying park rules and past
5:48 am
terms and conditions are in place to protect the experience for all of our guests. it is already expensive. is probably good they are cracking down on that. what are you watching this morning? >> we are watching two items in east bay. the southbay, things look good there. this is a map and you can see a sea of green which is good. i am not sure why the over night icons. you can ignore that with no crashes which is good news. where there are a couple of crashes is eastbound on 580 at the offramp with a collision in the clearing stages. on the left of your screen, 880 southbound at industrial parkway has a crash blocking the exit lane there is orange above that
5:49 am
icon on the left. here's a look at the bridge with traffic looking good as you make your way to that span. richman toll plaza, we want to show this picture because traffic is slow but aside from that, you can see wet pavement because the light rain that steve has been telling us about. it is on and off with sprinkles and it looks like it is clearing out a little bit. >> it wants to favor the peninsula right now. there is a little bit but not a lot. if you are traveling, so far, so good. it can change fast but it is green. raleigh and earlham says green. that could change. it is just cold in chicago and 17 degrees. the big story is in the
5:50 am
carolinas with snow and freezing rain. south of that is rain. cold air comes around pittsburgh and cincinnati and takes the turn. asheville is 34 and nashville, 32 degrees. if you have trouble plans, i would not be surprised. >> light rain today. the system friday looks similar . sunday night and monday looks okay. that is the next good rain. the model diverges for a more drier pattern. we have light rain but may not be much of anything. it looks okay from the city along the peninsula. that is the biggest echo so far. cloudy skies and isolated snow showers in the mountains. cloudy and mostly cloudy and 40s for the temperatures in fremont is 43. it is the one in
5:51 am
half moon bay and gilroy is 43. also santa clara at 42. it is cloudy and cold in the mountains. snow showers towards kirkwood. the southern branch of that jet in southern california. it is 14 in truckee. there is a weak system with light rain for another hour. this next system is taking aims to the north. the next system is friday. that is a very weak system brushing us there on friday evening. saturday with increasing clouds. sunday morning. it looks to be good if it holds. a lot can change. after today, a break until friday. i would not cancel
5:52 am
plans but you might get rain. sunday night and monday looks okay for now. one player stood out when the 49ers played the broncos and we will show you what george did that almost>> reporter: the nfl record.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. george put the team on his shoulders, leading them to an win over the denver broncos. >> it is complete. there he goes again. it's good. he's inside the 15-your lab. >> he almost set the single- game record for the most yards by a tight end. he did not catch anything in the second half. he was 4 yards short of the record. the 49ers led by 20 at halftime and held on 20-14. next, the seattle seahawks come to town to play the 49ers. the raiders beat the iceberg steelers. the score, the raiders took the
5:56 am
lead twice only to see the steelers score. with less than a minute, the raiders took the lead with the touchdown pass. the steelers responded by rushing down the field that they set up for a possible game- winning field goal. >> a good hold. it was blocked. the raiders have beaten the steelers. >> yes, he did. he flipped the kicker on that field goal attempt and the raiders 124-21. the raiders go to cincinnati to play the bengals. it is looking like the radars general manager will not be in the front office next season. mckenzie is not on the same page as the head coach. gruden was signed as one of the richest coaching contract so he is not going anywhere.
5:57 am
the general manager since 2012. kaiser workers are going on strike around the bay area and protesting and the potential impact on healthcare services. weeks to go before democrats take control of the house and talk of impeachment and worse is ratcheting up. i have the story coming up. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. sfx: stair creak sfx: clink
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sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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thousands of kaiser mental health workers walk off the job and we will tell you what this means. a man drives a car off a cliff in the north bay and the dramatic rescue captured on camera. good morning. i feel like december is already flying by. >> good morning. did you know it is cold outside ? >> it is cold inside also. >> there is a little bit of rain but not a lot. >> we will take it.
6:00 am
>> we usually go six or seven months without rain. it's not a much but enough to be a nuisance. saturday night monday, is the best opportunity for the next widespread rain. it looks good but it is six days out. do not cancel plans friday. there is the system with not much to that east. it looks like over towards oakland and san francisco. that is the main focus. there is enough and cloudy skies in the morning and sun this afternoon as the system slides through. there is not much of a breeze. near 50 at sfo and not much for the sierra. isolated snow showers. really, active with the jet taking aim at southern california. this system will be out of here in a couple of hours


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