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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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would take a bullet for him and now the loyalty will end him up in prison. but the question is, what does this mean for the trump administration. >> reporter: president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen walks out of federal court court sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to various crimes including campaign financial violations, tax evasion and lying to congress. the u.s. school district judge ruling the 52-year-old deserved modest credit for his decision over the summer to admit guilt and cooperate in the investigation of robert mueller. >> where this goes from here remains to see seen. he has more things to talk about. >> reporter: michael cohen told ohen told auth him to pay two women ahead of election day two years ago in an effort to keep them quiet about sexual relationships, allegations he denies.
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on twitter president trump dismissed allegations. arguing if he broke the law it was his lawyer's liability, not his. still, some top democrats say the president could soon face impeachment if the accusations are proven true. others disagree. >> a very, very questionable campaign. contribution issue. ssue. >> reporter: in addition to reporting to prison on march there is also a heavy financial penalty. michael cohen has been ordered to pay $1.4 million to the irs. forfeit $500,000 and pay $100,000 in fines. >> reporter: >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> prosecutors announced a deal with the parent company of the
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national inquirer to avoid uirer to avoid prosecution. they are cooperating with prosecutors in new york. the company admitted to paying a former playboy payment to buy and burry her story of a relationship with president trump. the company said it made the payment in concert with the trump campaign. house minority leader nancy pelosi y pelosi has made a deal with her party to limit her term as speaker to four years. the proposal all but guarantees she will be elected in january. she was nominated by the party last month but 12 democrats threatened to vote against her calling for a new generation of leadership. claims from california's wildfires have reached $9 billion and they are expected to go higher. the majority of the claims are from the camp fire that killed
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86 people and destroyed 14,000 homes. claims following the deadly fires in the wine country last year grew to $10 billion. the state insurance commissioner said despite the numbers, insurers so far are able to handle the claims. >> one small insurance company was overwhelmed so we acted quickly to take it over and to hand its claims handling over to -- we reached out to the other insurers and so far all are reporting they are not in financial duress. >> he said most insurance companies are cutting checks for up to four months living expenses and 25% of personal contents coverage as requested by the state. tonight we are learning new details about pg&e equipment failures on the morning the fire roared across the country. a letter from pg&e to the
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california public utilities commission confirmed problems in the area where the fire broke out. ktvu's cristina rendon with more. ith more. >> reporter: this is a letter we are talking about from pg&e to the california public utilities commission that notes multiple damages in the area where the camp fire broke out. >> reporter: pg&e crews working near the towers close to the origin site of the camp fire. this is the area where the 911 call came from a pg&e worker on november 8. november 8. >> [ bleep ] pg&e. just got a report of a fire. highway 70. on the railroad side. transmission line. >> reporter: according to a letter from pg&e to the california public utilities commission a power outage was reported before the fire. another power outage was reported 15 minutes after the fire in a separate location. both areas are on the scope of
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the investigation. it separated from an arm on the tower and showed where at the connection point. he says this is the first time pg&e is admitting to possible problems with equipment. >> they figure what do we have to lose because we will get a bail out again this year. >> reporter: one day after the camp fire started a pg&e worker at the cite of the second power outage noticed equipment on the ground with bullets and bullet holes at the break point of the hole and workers noticed several snapped trees on top of downed wires. pg&e says this information is preliminary. the cause of the fire is under in >> up the gas system they had not properly inspected. erly inspected. they did not have proper records and we are seeing the same thing in their electrical system. we saw the tragedy this year.
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>> reporter: in a statement pg&e says "the loss of life, homes and businesses in the camp fire is truly devastating. our focus continues to be on assessing our infrastructure to further enhance safety, restoring electric and gas service where possible, and helping customers begin to recover and rebuild. throughout our service area, we are committed to doing everything we can to further reduce the risk of wildfire." dfir >> thank you very much. the raiders may be leaving oakland sooner rather than later. the team rescinded its offer to play the 2019 season at the coliseum. this comes in response to the lawsuit filed by oakland yesterday. the raiders ceo said the nfl owners meeting said the rent offer is now off the table but there is no word on where the team may play next year ahead of moving to las vegas in 2020. the owner told reporters all options are open including oakland. the team is considering san diego, san antonio, reno and also at unlv in las vegas.
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the league needs to know by january or february for scheduling purposing. kaiser mental health workers expanded their picket lines to six new bay area locations. this came on the third day of their five day walk out. this morning striking workers began walking the picket lines in south san francisco, richmond, san lorenzo, vallejo and walnut creek in addition outside of five other bay area hospitals that began on monday. the workers are demanding higher pay, better staffing and improved mental health services for patients. san francisco police are searching for a hit and run driver who struck a woman this morning at bush in the hill neighborhood before 3:30 a.m. this morning. theivism later died at the hospital. the woman was crossing bush street when she was hit. police have released surveillance video. it shows the suspect car driving up the hill and it is
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hard to see but the driver gets out, looks down the street and then gets back in and drives away. anyone with information about the crash is asked to call police. to the east bay, an undocumented immigrant who was arrested by federal immigration agents. ktvu's henry lee tells us sheriff's deputies notified i.c.e. d i.c.e. >> reporter: this woman has been released but she still faces possible deportation after i.c.e. agents arrested her here at the jail. an undocumented immigrant arrested for having heroin. she told sheriff's deputies the drugs belonged to the father of her daughter. the charges were eventually smi is -- facing deportation because of what happened. after her arrest a judge released her on bail but instead an i.c.e. agent arrested her.
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the attorney blames the sheriff's office for tipping off i.c.e. >> a judge ordered her release. i.c.e. shouldn't have known she was going to be released unless sheriff's deputies communicated to them. . >> to say that, >> to say that, it would be inaccurate. >> the sheriff says he doesn't have specifics as to what may have happened but says deputies don't share information about is -- share information with formation with i.c.e. unless the inmates are wanted for specific reasons ear warrant signed by federal judge. >> i.c.e. does not like to come into jails in the bay area because they do not get cooperation. >> reporter: another attorney says that doesn't help her client. she spent four months in i.c.e custody and is still facing deportation proceedings. n proceedings.
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an attorney said they can catapult individuals and their families into a deportation crisis that cannot be undone. >> the sheriff's office says they used to get a thousand requests for inmates this year. this year, only 87 people have been transferred from here to i.c.e. the woman's fate is still up in the air. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a burglar caught in the act. what we are learning about a man rescued and then arrested. two days after getting stuck in a grease vent above a bay area restaurant. >> first a battle over the sea. inside a heated city council meeting and the concerns over rising sea levels. it comes down to a single key vote to decide future of -- the future of pacifica. >> looking at valley fog tomorrow morning and then rain back in the forecast for part of the weekend. we will let you know the timing on that. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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>> all right. this just cannot go forward. it is not ready. >> a fiery meeting over a plan to deal with rising ked a debat homeowners and city council members. the city of pacifica hasn't updated its plan since 1980 and the commission wants all cities along the coast to prepare for
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worse case scenario. looking into the controversial plan. what happened? >> for four hours monday night residents, business owners and officials debaited. the concerns include -- debated. it came down to a key vote with many worried the devil is in the details. >> reporter: from a lengy presentation to a long line of people -- lengthy presentation to a long line of people -- >> it is not ready. >> reporter: pacifica city council members thought as they listened to neighbors over what to do with rising ing that will three to seven feet over the next century. >> probably not going to do much to stop it so we need to plan for it, we need practice this plan now.
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>> reporter: a debate kicked off over a controversial strategy called managed retreat. moving homes and businesses in the hazard zone west of highway 1 to allow nature to do what it wants and maintain the beach. >> this is a war with the sea. we may win, we may lose. >> reporter: while the city says it is not a recommended fix, just the mention and considering has some property owners worried about home values, insurance and ability to make renovations. >> reported by 2 investigates last month. we went to the city manager. he had this to say to those who are skeptical. >> we are protecting the public. humans and properties that we are being proactive about -- you know, addressing climate
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change and sea level rise. >> reporter: still some city council members, the city of san francisco and other groups felt the final draft had flaws or lacked clarity. after four hours it came down to this key vote. passing and pushing pacifica forward with strategies to stop sea level rise and leaving managed retreat as a potential future option. it will get submitted to the coastal commission for approval. supporters hope it will open the door for money to build barriers. >> we can get a jump start on regional, state, or federal funding that might assist us. >> reporter: still frustration looms with some fearing their future in pacifica. >> how can this city council sign a document that is knowingly flawed? >> reporter: two city council members were ousted from their seats in the last election.
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they still expat voted. new city council members will be installed at the next meeting and now the plan will be in their hands. they have till the end of next year to get a final plan to the california coastal commission. >> thank you. and we are looking at the weather. we have clouds to the north of us. the clouds are going to start to thicken up as we get into friday. and then sunday with rain in the forecast. clouds, clouds thong ground, ground, the valley fog is back tonight like last night. the night before last -- i think tonight will be more extensive. out here, this is a cool looking system right here. looks like that is our friday
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event. not friday. sunday. that will have a good dose of rain with it as we get into the next few days. so good to see. looking for showers around here on sunday. and that will key to helpful as well with the rain totals and the snow in the mountains. as you look at the deludes the north, throws the high clouds. the valley fog shows up tomorrow morning. the radar spins. not picking up anything. nothing to pick up. the temperatures outside are where they were yesterday at this time and temperatures stay there. we will see lots of 50s and 60s. if you look outside, getting dark earlier. days are getting shorter and then they start to increase. but we are getting darker earlier. sales force clear out there. this system coming in on friday, and then another system back here following through on sunday which is a robust system. looks good for rain and snow in
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the mountains. in the meantime steady for tomorrow. and then again for friday. we will see you back here. >> thank you very much. a massive man hospital continues in a -- hunt continues in france. up next, why officials believe this was an act of terrorism. >> in sports, the raiders future. will their home game on christmas eve be their last game ever at the oakland coliseum? mark will join us with his thoughts. >> and remembering mayor ed lee one year later. the celebration of life today at san francisco city hall to honor the late mayor's legacy. mayor's legacy.
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french authorities issued wanted poster for the man suspected in the deadly terror attack yesterday at a christmas market. a picture of the 29-year-old suspect with a warning, dangerous individual, above all do not intervene. authorities say the suspect shotted god is great as he shot into a crowd killing three people and injuring three people. >> he opened fire with a gun and used a knife. as he came face to face with military officers he was shot at. >> the man's apartment was searched hours before the shooting yesterday in connection with an unrelated police investigation. the white house is monitoring
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the situation in france and working to make sure americans over seas are safe during the holidays. british prime minister theresa may will stay on as leader of her party after surviving a no confidence vote. she has been criticized for her handling of brexit negotiations which led members to hold the no confidence vote. the outcome was 200 to 117 in support of the prime minister. before the vote she said a change in leadership would complicate britain's departure from the european union. >> the leadership would not change the fundamentals of the negotiation those arithmetic. we should be standing together to serve our country. >> the vote was held by secret ballot. the outcome means the prime minister cannot be challenged for another year. it has been one year since
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san francisco mayor ed lee died of a heart attack. ktvu's christien kafton reports, his family and the current mayor honored him at city hall. city hall. >> day of remembrance for the late mayor ed lee began with a ceremony inside san francisco city hall. colleagues and leaders showing up to pay their respects. mayor ed lee's daughter gave voice to the loss felt by the city and the family. >> the shock of how suddenly he was gone. adjusting to the sharp turns our lives took and the strangeness of having personal pain become so public. >> reporter: one year ago it was london breed who broke the news to the city. >> mayor ed lee passed away early this morning. >> reporter: today the mayor talked about mayor ed lee's legacy. >> his motto on a regular
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basis, let's get to work and that is exactly what we are going to continue to do for the people of this city. >> the tributes to mayor ed lee extended beyond city hall and the richmond district, leaders announced the city purchased 16 unit of affordable housing created by mayor ed lee. his daughter said ensuring housing for the elderly and most vulnerable and the way he would want to be remembered. >> i can't imagine a more fitting way to remember my dad and what he cared about and what he fought for. >> reporter: that may not be the end of the honors. there are discussions to rename a terminal after the late mayor ed lee. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 p.m. is up next with details of the rescue and arrest of a trapped burglar after officers found
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tonight's top stories. president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in a new york courtroom today. he admitted to campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to congress. he said his blind loyalty to his boss led him to cover up his dirty deeds. he is due surrender to prison march 6. meg ised a -- pg&e is admitting to problems near the origin of the camp fire. a lettera letter confirms issues with transmission lines. the letter said pg&e found a pole and other equipment with
6:30 pm
bullets and bullet holes in them and in another location pg&e says there were snapped trees on top of downed wires. pg&e says the incidents remain under investigation and the information is preliminary. an undocumented immigrant says deputies violated the state's sanctuary law. they arrested her after she was released from jail after charges against her were dismissed. the sheriff's department say they don't share information with i.c.e. and only alert i.c.e. when inmates are about ad for specific reasons or if there is a warrant signed by a federal judge. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 p.m. firefighters came to the rescue of a bulgerler stuck in -- burglar stuck in a grease vent of aert for two days. ktvu's tall c -- vent of a
6:31 pm
restaurant for two days. ktvu's paul chambers has more. has more. >> reporter: a man covered in grease found inside this restaurant in san lorenzo for two days. he owned this building where a man was found trapped inside a cooking duct. >> foot was dangling through the vent. >> reporter: he heard noises coming from the restaurant tuesday night. he said he thought nothing of it till he came to work wednesday morning and he heard the sounds again. this time he decided to go next door to figure out what was going on. >> i went into the back and the door was open but the screen door was locked. as soon as i open the door, please help me. please help me. help me. >> reporter: he called 911. once on scene firefighters were notified he had been there for two days. two days. >> he was covered in grease. >> reporter: as crews had to take apart the mood and deduct system. >> disconnect electrical with the fire protection system. had to be turned off.
6:32 pm
and everything was removed around him and we supported him from above and lowered him down. >> the man was taken to the hospital. he was treated for dehydration. or dehydration. it is unclear why he was trying to enter the building and now he faces trespassing, vandalism and burglary. >> breaking in to get copper and other recyclables. to make some money so this may be a case of that. ase of that. >> i know he is facing consequences but he should be grateful i was here to save his life. >> reporter: firefighters say had the man been stuck a is -- in there re another day he wouldn't have survived. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. . 100 families in stockton will be chosen to receive $500 a month, no strings attached. the program mailed letters to more than a thousand families
6:33 pm
in stockton alerting them of a bump in incomes. the families will receive $500 every month for a year and a half to spend however they wish. it will measure the effects of a guaranteed income. >> we care about making sure people who are contributing, working hard, who aren't bad people, who just need help, to get some help. >> people have to december way to complete the survey. taxing your text messages. it could become a reality. ktvu's jessie gary tells us the california public utilities commission is proposing a plan to charge a fee for text messaging on cell phones. g on cell phones. >> reporter: text messaging is a staple of communications. enc revenue on a text tax. tax. >> i think it is crazy. >> i am sorry what? >> protest. >> reporter: in a proposal
6:34 pm
retiring public utilities commissioner proposes adding a fee to cell phone bills. phone bills. that money would sum element a program that ensures low income families residents have access to the same service as everyone else. one else. multiple organizations oppose this idea which could cost california consumers $44 million annually. and if it is applied retroactively the number balloons to a couple hundred million dollars. >> $1 billion is in the fund. >> reporter: he says there is already more than enough money in state coughers despite revenue decrees. >> sometimes we just don't need a new tax for every idea that a government agency or official has. >> reporter: some experts say tax law is already a confusing
6:35 pm
and adding a new tax won't make things any easier. ings any easier. >> what would be the best way to make sure we have a tax system that is simple. >> reporter: any fee increases would be offset by lower voice fees but some say they are . .(test.ecl) thinking about ways to circumvent this. ent this. >> reporter: they decided to keep this issue off the agenda and will tackle the debate in wednesday. the federal communications commission ruled text messages are information services. similar to e-mail. and not a taxable service. the ruling cast more doubt as to whether the proposed tax can be enacted. jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news.
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. old school meets high tech. up next, a look at how small businesses in silicon valley are turning to self-driving car companies to stay afloat. sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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u.s. investigators know who committed committed the cyberrer attack at -- cyber attack at the marriott. [bleep] t was part of a chine -- it was part of a chinese gathering
6:39 pm
effort. the revelation emerges as the department of justice is preparing to announce new indictments against hackers who work for the chinese government. in the silicon valley local businesses are turning to ing c them stay competitive. ktvu's ann rubin tells us the partnerships offer something for everyone. for everyone. >> since 1932 they offered fresh produce with a personal touch but times are changing and so is the small business. not only do they deliver now and they do it by self-driving car. >> why not hop on the wave of the future instead of jumping on the train that is already moving. >> reporter: they partnered with auto x in the hopes of competing with bigger delivery services. >> when you eliminate the human ate the human you can allow cars to be deployed any time of the day at a lower price point.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: and they are not alone. other small other small businesses are turning to self- driving technology too. they just launched a pilot. >> giving lots of calls -- getting lots of calls. going you are doing what now? g what now? >> reporter: they are doing what customers come to expect, deliveries to their door steps. delivering to a few locations at first, like the local senior center and the fire department. . >> as the consumer chooses to haveutems brought to them, delivery is a huge obstacle -- have items brought to them, delivery is a huge obstacle a huge obstacle to tackle. >> the autonomous car companies get practice on a manageable scale. >> trying to test the technology, the business model and the changes humans have to go through. >> reporter: while the company says self-driving delivery is a
6:41 pm
it yet. >> i am old. i have been doing it for too long. i don't care to have someone bring it out. might not like what he brings. >> reporter: after the successful pilot the hope is to begin expansion in the new year. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. . a bay area barbershop is offering more than just hair cuts. coming up next, how it people who work there encourage children to read. >> and we have valley fog in the morning and showers towards the weekend. even snow in the mountains. we will see you back here. >> and coming up at 7:00 p.m. san francisco is getting rid of its school lottery system. the question is, how will the school district decide how kids go to school and a car goes off the road and lands on his roof in a freezing river. how the driver survived five
6:42 pm
hours inside the wreckage before he was rescued.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blcheeseburger combo you can get a 100% beef with hickory smoked bacon and american cheese on a fresh, buttery bakery bun, plus fries and a drink... ...all with just the change you find in your couch. oh, think i got a quarter. what the!?
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awww, mr. wigglesworth! where've you been? wait. kevin? try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. another great deal from jack in the box. uh.. don't forget to walk him twice a day. ktvu fox 2 news bay area people highlights people who are making a difference and tonight a silicon valley barbershop that goes above and beyond the call of duty because their services don't just stop at hair cuts. ktvu's sara zendehnam tells us the owner wants to give back to the community where he was raised himself. raised himself. >> reporter: they have what other barbershops have to offer, a hair cut and good conversation but on the inside there is so much more going on. sights and sounds of a barbershop. >> reporter: hair tools, friends shooting the breeze and
6:45 pm
little kids reading books. >> that is enough, david. go to your room. >> reporter: sharp images in menlow park isn't your typical shop. >> to give back and something we have to do. if we don't, who will? >> reporter: sharp images is only only one of three shops that participate in barbershop books a nationwide programs that puts books in shops books in shops to encourage literacy for young african american boys. >> free books, new books. in the book stand. gives the kids somewhere to hang out. >> the owner said it was an easy decision to bring in the books last year. books last year. >> i looked at it. where do i sign up?  . >> reporter: a spot where kids feel ds feel comfortable practicing their reading. and parents feel comfortable
6:46 pm
leaving their kids. >> my son is reading and i didn't know he could read. magazines. he is saying words that i didn't know he could pronounce. just -- all because he reads. i think that is fascinating. the fact that he is encouraging it here, makes me want to be here more. >> reporter: giving back to his community doesn't stop there. from books to boys. >> i had to step in. come between two groups of boys. i brought them to the shop and we talked it out. worked it out. 12 weeks later we are hanging out. >> reporter: he created his own mentoring program for teens. >> feed them. you know what i am saying? i am saying? >> reporter: he is a dad and understands the value of having that kind of influence in boy's lives. >> rarely do you have positive african american males -- that have businesses -- that esses -- that they could relate to. you know, wanting to talk to
6:47 pm
the kids. ys at sharp images, they might not realize how important what he offers is but they have a good time. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you would like to nominate someone nominate someone for bay area people head to our website, just look for the bay area people tab. >> nice see all the people in the bay area making a difference and doing good things. >> i love that story. helping someone read, that is fantastic. our chief meteorologist bill martin, as we plan -- >> someone who helps us -- >> i like that -- >> call up promotions right now -- >> yeah. >> seriously. what do things look like? >> it will get wet. we have the valley fog, that comes back tomorrow and friday morning we get back into -- or friday afternoon, showers. and then sunday it is real
6:48 pm
rain. friday is rain but not significant. sunday looks like it has legs. so you see -- first thing, super active pacific. talked about large surf coming out of this. 40-foot swells next week. an indication of how strong the storms are which bodes well for storm production for us. all tied together. ytall the same thing. not -- it is all the same thing. not the same thing. one effects the others. temperatures in the 50s. dew points low 40s. dew point temperature, temperature drops to the dew point temperature, fog forms. most dew point temperatures are in a spot where they will have an opportunity produce fog. especially in the north bay and east bay valleys. friday morning we have a chance of showers with a mixing in the atmosphere. tomorrow is a beautiful, dry
6:49 pm
day. partly cloudy skies, partly sunny. lots of valley fog. this system slides through friday. it is weak and its impacts are north of here. it will have game north. it is not going to produce much more than a few hunks of an inch of rain -- hundredthths of an inch -- hundredths of an inch of rain. there is the chance -- that is the afternoon commute. and then saturday morning -- kind of partly cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle. and then saturday afternoon. and sunday is back here. sunday will be wet. forecast highs tomorrow like today. light breeze. that will help pull the fog back and then there is the 5- day forecast. and the 5-day forecast you can see we have heavier rain sunday and that is -- i think that is -- friday is legit.
6:50 pm
sunday -- friday will open the door so sunday's system can be further south and that will set us up with snow in the mountains and rain here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, the raiders may be playing their last game at the oakland coliseum against the denver broncos on christmas eve. mark davis may have other thoughts. >> tonight tune in to empire at 8:00 p.m. followed by star at 9:00 p.m. and stick around for the 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. news right here on ktvu. i am a family man.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. is.
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all right. more questions tonight about just where the oakland raiders are going to play. >> just -- it is a 40 year story since they first moved to los angeles. the raiders always in the news and today mark davis called the lawsuit by oakland against the raiders meaningness and malicious. -- meaning class and malicious. speculation as to the raiders will play the final season before the new stadium finished in las vegas. some were outside of las vegas in that lean year there next
6:54 pm
year because of the lawsuit, he said it is not a foregone conclusion they will play outside of oakland. >> all options are open. not ruling anything out. >> he is thinking about the raider fans in oakland. no. no. hasn't been thinking about the oakland raider fans in a long time. this is the 49ers week to be out of the spotlight. they would like to beat seattle, haven't taken care of since 2013 and you know, if you talk about positives from this season, i think if nothing else they
6:55 pm
found a backup quarterback. leadership qualities and get this, he is averaging nearly 300 yards a game passing. not too shabby. not bad for an undrafted quarterback coming out of college. why was he undrafted? >> that is a really good question. good question. i understand my limitations. i understand where -- what strengths i have and what i don't have and i understand the process. i never expected to be drafted to be honest. if i did it would be cool but this is what i got. it is my job to maximize it. >> going good with what he got so far. big game tonight. little of the shine taken off with the news the rafters, the team with the best record in the east, won't be playing with leonard tonight against the warriors. however the beat goes on as far as good news concerning the
6:56 pm
golden state warriors. they will get that guy back real soon. boogie cousins, who is in santa cruz. that is his brother on the right that he has been playing with. his brother, number 15, is with the santa cruz warriors and today boogie talked about getting to play with his brother. >> not every day i get to, your honor, come to work with my brother so it has been cool. good to see him out there. you know, growing and working as a player. you know, he matured so much over the years. i mean, always being a baby brother, he is a grown man now, cool to see. >> the winter meetings with the giants or a's yet but buse bochy -- bruce bochy was asked
6:57 pm
about the opening pitchers throwing an inning. >> i was fortunate for a few years i had the horses. but it makes sense and you try give a guy a break. you have to be open minded. i do. that is where we are at. we need to be creative to win a game, i am all for it. >> who gets to tell madison bumgarner you are using an opener? >> won't be me. >> she old school. he would not appreciate that. check this out. this is one of those want to get away moments. look at this guy. yeah. there. the invisible teammate. never have an easier bucket. one of those moments. >> yeah. >> see you later everyone. good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
this sandwich is an unmitigated disaster. i asked for turkey and roast beef with lettuce and swiss on whole wheat. what did they give you? turkey and roast beef with swiss and lettuce on whole wheat. it's the right ingredients, but in the wrong order. in a proper sandwich, the cheese is adjacent to the bread to create a moisture barrier against the lettuce. they might as well have dragged this thing through a car wash.
7:00 pm
i don't believe it. i know. it's basic culinary science. some guy is auctioning off a miniature time machine prop from the original film, and no one is bidding on it. a time machine from the movie the time machine? no. a time machine from sophie's choice. boy, sophie could have used a time machine in that movie. did you see it? it's rough. wolowitz: oh, that's cool. uh-huh. it's only $800? yeah. and that's my bid. you bid $800? it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. i figured it would go for thousands, and i just wanted to be a part of it. there's only 30 seconds left in the auction. do you have $800? not to blow on a miniature time machine. well, don't worry. the way these things work is people wait until the last second to bid, and then they swoop in and get it. it's called sniping. 15 seconds. come on, snipers. ten, nine, eight... where are your snipers? five... snipe. four... snipe. three... snipe! two... snipe! one... ah! congratulations!


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