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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 13, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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to evacuate after receiving threats demanding ransom in bitcoin. apple's big expansion. >> we are very thrilled to share that will be expanding our employee presence in many other cities in the u.s. >> the tech giant is growing with a $1 billion campus planned for austin. from ktvu news, this is "the four." a wave of bomb threats targeting schools, universities, and businesses nationwide prompts swift evacuations. the demand, payment in bitcoin. turns out as of now, these threats were not credible. welcome to "the four." i'm alyana gomez. >> and i'm alex savidge. we are learning no suspicious devices were found. those threats caused quite a scare for thousands of people all across the country, from new york, to idaho, santa rosa, and santa monica. >> ktvu's christien kafton is live at police arters where they just finished a briefing on the situation. what have you learned? >> reporter: the briefing and did a little more than a half
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hour ago. we learned that in all, close to 20 locations in san francisco began receiving suspicious calls this morning, apparently demands, again, for some kind of ransom. we've also heard of threats in oakland, palo alto, and across the country. we do have some video to show you of sky fox. sky fox captured the scene as first responders scrambled from one location here in san francisco to another following the series of bomb threats. those threats reportedly emailed countries -- locations across the country demanding ransom in bitcoin. the targets, random businesses, apartment complexes and fire -- financial institutions including the san francisco fire credit union, which was evacuated and california street shutdown for two hours while bomb sniffing dogs search the area. they said that they took the threat very seriously, though nothing was found.
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>> earlier this morning we received an email at the credit union, for a notification that an individual planted an explosive device on the site and were demanding payment. >> reporter: at this point, we do not know the connection between emailed threats, how the victims were chosen, just how big of a bitcoin demand it was or if any victims paid that. we've heard none of the victims in san francisco paid the ransom. authorities say so far, none of the bomb threats appear to be credible. these threats didn't occur just in san francisco or even the bay area. we've had reports of similar threats going on in washington state, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, just to name a few locations. san francisco police say they are working closely with the fbi on the investigation. we are still looking to see if there is any word about who may have been sending out threatening emails. for now, we are live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. we have more on the other locations of these bomb threats and ransom requests on our
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homepage at an overnight shooting in east palo alto left a 19-year- old man dead. this happened just before 12:30 this morning on beech street near the palo alto golf course. investigators haven't revealed what led up to the shooting, but neighbors say they heard two to three gunshots. a police department shot spotter activation system helped officers find the victim. >> once they got there, they found the 19-year-old hispanic male. he was down, they checked for vitals, they called for the paramedics. the paramedics responded, and at that point in time, they pronounced the resident dead. >> police believe the victim is a resident of east palo alto and that he and the shooter knew each other. this is palo alto's third homicide of the year. now to the big and somewhat surprising announcement from apple today. the tech giant saying they are set to build a new $1 billion
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campus, but it's not here in silicon valley. the new campus will be in austin, texas. for more, we are joined by reporter bridget spencer at the apple campus in austin with more. >> reporter: good evening. apple does already have a presence here in austin. they have two locations. this is one of them in northwest austin here. they have about 6000 employees in the area but with this new campus, they are looking to create somewhat of an empire here in central texas. this is the future of apple in austin. thursday, the company laid out its plan to build a 3 million square-foot campus more than doubling the size of their corporate presence in northwest austin. >> we'll start with 5000 seats in the first phase and we'll have the ability to expand to 15,000 in total over time. >> apple executives and city officials say this would eventually make apple austin's
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largest private employer. >> it's a part of a plan we have to expand across the u.s. but a key part. >> reporter: the campus will overlap counties and be planted in williamson county. >> i am real proud that the most important conversation that's been happening over the last year about an expansion of a high-tech corporate office was happening in austin, texas and with apple. >> reporter: jobs at the new site will include engineering, research and development, finance, customer support, and sales. with the announcement of more jobs coming to his district, austin city councilmember jimmy flanagan is looking forward to the future. >> i'm so excited that apple renewed their belief in district six as the home for apple outside of the west coast. >> i went to the store at barton springs late at night, got terrific customer service and i'm back in business with an ipad 11. thank you very much, apple. >> like many people around the globe, governor greg abbott is stated how proud he was to accommodate the tech giant. >> we are proud of the fact
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that apple continues to invest in texas. but i want you all to know this. texas will continue to invest in apple. and one of the best ways that we can do that is we are investing more in a world-class university to make sure that apple will have access to the premier workforce in the entire world. >> they say everything is bigger in texas. that might now be coming true for apple. >> reporter: as part of that expansion, cities like pittsburgh and new york can expect to see more jobs as well. as far as construction for the new campus in austin, they expect that to be done in about 3 years. reporting in austin, bridget spencer, ktvu fox 2 news. >> today's big announcement isn't a total surprise but the move is a significant departure from the bay area. ktvu's maureen naylor looked into what this means for silicon valley and joins us from apple's headquarters in cupertino. >> reporter: alex, no one i
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spoke with today was surprised by the announcement. some say apple is building where people want to live and that place is not here. >> today, we can say apple is bigger in texas. >> reporter: texas's governor drew cheers after apple announced its billion-dollar expansion and new campus in north austin with capacity for up to 15,000 jobs. the city, already home to the second largest concentration of apple employees, behind cupertino's headquarters. >> we are thrilled to share that we'll be expanding our employee presence in many other cities in the u.s. including seattle, san diego, pittsburgh, new york, and culver city. >> reporter: from traffic to the high cost of housing, one tech analyst says the bay area quality of life has degraded, where people want to live elsewhere. >> this is showcasing that if companies want to perform in the current world, they are going to have to be flexible with where they put their officers. >> reporter: at this realty
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company in cupertino, the company is noticing few higher- level tech executives moving to the area. >> rentals are being rented for a lot less money. 10%, 15%, 20% lower. >> reporter: he says this property that last year was renting for $8000 a month dropped to $6500 a month this year. he says he's not seeing the housing subsidies for tech workers he once saw. >> i mean, we do see anywhere from $3000 to $6000 a month in rent subsidy. so if a property was being rented for, let's say, $7000, the individual would only have to pay $1000 to $2000 to rent the property and that's gone. >> i say the silicon valley, cupertino, is apple's home and will always be apple's home. >> reporter: ahead of the silicon valley corporation was not surprised by the expansion
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out-of-state. he pointed out the company has made billions of dollars in investments with their new cupertino campus as well as purchases in north san jose. >> with that said, we do need to make sure that san jose and silicon valley continues to create a positive business environment, so companies like apple will continue to invest here. >> reporter: in addition to austin, san diego, seattle, and culver city, apple says it has plans for hundreds of jobs in boulder, pittsburgh, new york, boston, and portland. >> all right, thank you, maureen. coming up at 4:30 on ktvu plus, we are going to continue our coverage of the apple expansion, including speaking with tech expert ryan eldridge. a government shutdown is looming and could take place just over a week from now. as president trump and democrats seem to have stalled negotiations. we'll have details next. the trump administration wants to deport up to 5000 refugees. where they are headed, why, and
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the push back after the break. and as we head toward weekend, we are looking out for a little rain and wind. i'll have all of the details coming up or you in the weather forecast.
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a possible government shutdown looms. as the battle continues over president trump's border wall proposal, the president wants $5 billion to fund his wall and he's threatening to let funding lapse for many government agencies if he doesn't get the money. democrats say there is a strong
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bipartisan support to keep the government open, but they are not budging on the wall request. >> when it comes to the wall, we simply are not. >> again, $5 billion can be well spent. >> if the two sides can't strike a deal, the government will go into partial shutdown when funding expires on december 21st. time is running out here. the house adjourned today and won't be back in session until the 19th. the trump administration is once again implementing changes in u.s. immigration policy and the impact could see some vietnamese refugees who came to this country to escape persecution decades ago deported. >> southbay reporter jesse gary has reaction in a growing climate of fear and joins us with more. >> reporter: guys, good evening to you. last year, the trump
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administration tried to deport some longtime refugees from southeast asia countries such as vietnam, asia, and cambodia. the reason, they classified them as violent, criminal elements. now, the reason for pause has crept back up again. >> it's very alarming. i think we need to look at why vietnamese refugees are here in the first place. >> reporter: asian law alliance executive director richard tonda says for many, the trail from southeast asia to the united states started with an unpopular war, vietnam. starting in the early 1960s and lasting until the fall of saigon, in 1975, america poured lives -- money into pouring -- thousands of vietnamese loyal to the u.s. became refugees at war' end and sought asylum here. since 1995, the two countries agreed those arriving prior to
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that year wouldn't be deported. >> there was a promise made to that government to accept people who were fleeing the country because of their affiliation with the united states. >> reporter: but the trump administration now believes vietnamese immigrants who arrived in the country before the establishment of diplomatic ties are subject to the same standard immigration laws, meaning, they are now eligible for deportation. officials cite security concerns, saying some of those impacted are part of the criminal element. he says as many as 5000 refugees now face deportation back to vietnam. >> and a lot of my cases, my understanding is, for these individuals, be they made a mistake in their lives as a younger person. it's been years and years and years later. most of these individuals have families, have children who are u.s. citizens. so, this policy is really anti- family. it's a really going to tear families apart. now to turn their backs on those folks to me seems shortsighted. >> reporter: he says
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immigration attorneys all across the country are now exploring possible litigation to block the trump administration's efforts, similar to what was done with the so-called muslim ban. live in our san jose studio this evening, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you up in oakland. >> jesse, appreciate it, thank you. let's turn things over to kylie who has been keeping an eye on the weather today. >> everybody saw a little bit of sunshine today. it was warmer which was nice. >> you think it was warmer but it felt colder to me, but, okay. >> if you stood in direct sunlight, we were a few degrees warmer today than yesterday. so that was the difference. we will try warming it up for you. okay, we are going to work on that. let's take a live look outside right now. it has been a beautiful day. just glorious. we take a look at our temperatures right now and they
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confirmed that because at this hour, we are starting to come off of our highs of the day. heating in santa rosa, 61 degrees. very nice there. 65 for you in san francisco and in oakland, 59 degrees. my graphics are sticking so i'm going to walk over here, push the and get it going again. all right, there we go. the temperatures were really, really nice throughout the day today. and as we take a live look at the radar, very clear right now, and as we zoom out, you can see that it is very nice but it looks like we have some clouds rolling toward us. unfortunately, that's going to be the story as we get through the next couple of days. two storms coming our way, one friday, and one sunday. the friday one coming in in the afternoon, sunday through monday, storm number two. we have a weak front that is going to come through monday. some wind ahead of that and cloudy skies. a few sprinkles at the coast. it's going to be the afternoon where we start to see the
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showers come into play. looks like it will mostly be a northbay scenario, north of the golden gate bridge will see the most rain. this is friday at 2:00. as we track it forward, you can see it starts to fizzle out saturday, maybe a few more sprinkles. system number two coming in on sunday into monday. this one, take a look at this, goes all the way through the entire bay area. this one, we'll all get it on the party. and then it starts to clear out as we get into monday. take a look at futurecast. it looks like friday, that first system, a quarter inch of rain, mostly confined to the northern portion of our viewing area. saturday, a little drizzly, cloudy. about a trace of rain to add to the total from friday. sunday, we are looking at potentially a half inch to an inch and a half of rain and that's for everybody. but we are not there yet. let's talk about what's happening in the overnight tonight. a little chilly the last two nights but tonight because we are going to have cloud cover move in, it's going to act as insulation to keep the heat of the day a little bit longer, and we stay warmer as we go through the night. for those of you who have seen temperatures in the 30s the past couple of nights, good news for you, you're looking at
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the 40s. we've got your five-day forecast year. tomorrow, we are going to have the wind ahead of the front. gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour in spots. and then those afternoon showers. as we get into saturday, a cloudy, drizzly day. the end of that weak system as it moves out. and then we get rain sunday into monday. that's when we are going to pick up good precipitation and then we clear out monday into tuesday. so, not too bad. but we do have to prepare ourselves to get the umbrella out. tomorrow, it's going to be more about the wind and the drizzle. just a little bit uncomfortable. >> thanks a lot.out of union ci crews are dealing with a water main break on union city boulevard. we are taking a look at sky fox. a live look at the scene. not much to see at the moment but the affected lane is the northbound lane, closest to smith street. the break we are told was caused by pg&e doing work on a
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gas main. and, officials are asking people to avoid the area for the next couple of hours. again, a water main break there in union city. we are getting pictures from sky fox and will bring you more information as soon as they come into our newsroom. we are almost ready for "thursday night football" on ktvu. and coming up, mark is standing by. he's joining us after the break and will give us a preview of the big matchup between the chargers and the chiefs from arrowhead stadium. mark is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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all right, we are gearing up for some football. here's a live look right there on the field at arrowhead stadium. you're watching the kansas city chiefs getting all warmed up for their game against the san diego chargers. two solid teams here, a great afc matchup. >> what did i call them? >> san diego chargers. >> all right, that takes some getting used to. >> how long is it going to take us to get used to saying the vegas raiders? >> i don't know if we'll be sang a whole lot of that. >> sports director, mark ibsome pretty good football games since fox started taking over. it has been renowned for not having great matchups in the past but tonight, take a look at some of the video from two of the most exciting players
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going on in the nfl right now. patrick mahomes, and sensational second-year quarterback for the chiefs and the veteran, philip rivers. now, the importance of tonight's game, if kansas city wins, they will clinch first place in the afc west and they will clinch a bye for the first round. the chargers win, they're going to the post season. both these teams from the raiders' division, obviously excelling. and, man. i'm expecting some points to be put up tonight. some pretty explosive offenses. that's what fans want to see in this day and age of nfl football. here is philip rivers talking about the get together this evening. >> this is the game, these are the ones you dream about when you're little. these are the ones you talk about in the off-season. having a chance to play, to keep your division champ hopes alive, and two, you know, get yourself a spot in the postseason. >> he was almost speechless there. you know the thing that gets me about philip rivers, he's a prolific passer, he's a
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prolific dad. he has nine kids. yeah. and none of them happen to be adopted. hey, philip rivers. got it going on. meantime, we're going to have the post game show on a thursday night. they're speechless. >> trying to imagine nine kids. >> i know. >> and a prolific passer. >> let's roll the video on what else we're going to have. yeah, unbelievably weird week for the raiders. they won a game sunday, fire their general manager, reggie mckenzie, then they get hit with a lawsuit from the city of oakland. weird times in the black hole. so, it's going to be their last game probably in oakland on christmas eve against denver. all right, we are also going to hone in on what's going on with the san francisco 49ers as they get ready for their game against seattle at levi sunday. george kittle.
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he has been one of the few bright speights in this season, man. this guy almost had a record- setting performance this past sunday in their victory, and he says it's not all about individual statistics, even though he's rolling up some major stuff lately. >> saying you are missing some key players isn't an excuse. but i think we have a good foundation and we've got two great leaders in mr. lynch and coach shanahan. they are steering the ship in the right direction. we had a lot of building blocks. and i feel like, you know, more pieces here and there. i feel like we have a lot of potential to be a really good team. >> he is definitely one of the pieces. our own jason abbelbaum interviewed george kittle earlier today. he's kind of an emotional leader, too. and, a fifth round draft pick out of iowa. came out of nowhere. and he's proving right now to be one of the best tight ends. look at him, on the loose. once he catches, he can fly. allowed of these players are making names for themselves. you talk about the niners, nick mullins. >> kyle shanahan has said the
4:27 pm
rest of this season is all about next season, really. guys who want to be here put it together. don't forget after the ballgame, fox 2, "thursday night sports wrap" with jason and me. we are heading over to ktvu plus now to continue our newscast. coverage of "thursday night football," the l.a. chargers and kansas city chiefs right here on ktvu. >> not san diego. l.a. >> have a good one.
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the darkness, under uncertainty there is clarity. free of pressure, we walk cautiously but with conviction. one step -- >> touchdown, kansas city. >> one foot in front of the other. >> touchdown, chargers. >> never tracing back, never looking too far ahead. step after step, we continue further into the darkness. the flash, the sliver of light in the distance, the end of the tunnel. it is that taste of the finish that blinds us all. wide-eyed, it is


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