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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 14, 2018 7:00am-8:58am PST

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you'll hear from them coming up. we made it to friday. >> yeah, we did. i can't believe it. i heard you guys saying it. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, let's talk about friday weather. a little nip pi out there and stuff ahappening later today. >> miss claudine wong is back. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. not rain yet. it will be in here later on by this afternoon and tonight. the main system will be on sunday. there's some rain on saturday. don't look at that, that's not what you want to see. cloudy, breezy and rain develops. me and my army of one get caught. rain develops in the afternoon, 50s to the north, mid 60s to the south. a southeast breeze and the rainfall will be heaviest north of the golden gate from the first system, a couple 100ths may only make it south.
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decent totals coming in later and then the system lifts north on saturday which will still give us rain. the main system is sunday, a warm sector moving in the morning and the stronger cold front in the afternoon and evening. wind advisories out for the sierra starting at 10:00 a.m. ahigh wind warning to the northeast, snow probably winter storm warning but not until saturday afternoon. we are looking for a lot of cloud cover and not much in the way of rain. that's high based. 40s on the temperatures half moon bay due to a strong south wind. our front is here so it's going to take a while. it will move in, drop south and stall out somewhere ooefr the gay area and lift northward as we head into saturday and pushed out as the stronger system moves in on sunday. that's your stronger system and it's looking good. by this evening starting out noon to the north and then by around 2:00 to 4:00, that system moves in and it stalls out. some light rainmaking it to san jose. highs in the 50s and 60s.
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alley is here to tell us about the south bay. >> it had been our bright spot in terms of minimal traffic problems but in the last five minutes we got a report about a crash northbound 85. let's show you the map. the crash icon hasn't popped up just yet but northbound 85 south of winchester, there's four vehicles involved in this. one maybe two lanes blocked in the area. the icon you're seeing flashing there is from an earlier crash at matilda in the clearing stages. the new one is northbound 85 at winchester. here's a lack at the san mateo bridge, slow as the morning goes on but no specific problems to tell you about once you get on the other side on the peninsula, just the usual morning congestion for this time of the morning. the bay bridge toll plaza is busy but not toost the cash lanes not too much of a back up and car pool lanes traffic moving right on through without any problems.
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it's 7:02 back to the desk. new this morning, firefighters in concord are cleaning up after an early morning apartment fire off clayton road as you can see on the map. alyssa is live at the scene to look at the damage and talk about a possible cause. what a frightening morning for the residents. >> yes, very scary. firefighters say a woman was cooking when she fell asleep. i'm at the lake view villas on ellis street. firefighters were able to contain the flames to the one unit but there's smoke damage throughout parts of the building. i got a chance to speak with residents who say they woke up because they heard the smoke alarm or when the police went around banging on doors and they say when they walked out of the units the hallways were filled with black smoke. >> it's terrifying. we were asleep. we could have burned. >> i don't have anything on me, my cat is in the apartment.
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>> my wife fell asleep and woke up to the heavy fire and smoke alarms but she was able to get out a fire investigator took us inside to show us the damage. the kitchen was gutted, we even saw the frying pan that the woman was using when she fell asleep. this fire started around 4:30 a.m. many residents wokeup to the sound of the smoke alarms blaering in the hallway. police were the first to arrive. they entered the building and pounded on doors and evacuated all three floors. firefighters knocked down the flames and kept the fire contained to one unit. >> they got up here to the upper floor quick, stretched the lines and you saw how long and narrow these halls are so whether it's for someone finding an escape or firefighters trying to get to the fire, that's a challenge. >> when we first arrived evacuated residents were standing outside in the cold, many only wearing pajamas. some not even wearing shoes.
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nobody was hurt and power was shut off to parts of the building. everybody has been allowed to go back inside but that power will not be restored until 9:00 a.m. live in concord, alyssa herring ton, fox ktvu news. a man jailed in san mateo county accused of stab a woman in menlo park. she was stabbed with an instrument other than a knife. authorities called to a home wednesday evening, a man called 911 hysterically saying a woman had been killed. the police arrived and found the victim unresponsive. during the investigation they say they tracked down a second man in the house, 26-year old frances wokey and arrested him on suspicious of first degree murder >> our communities are deeply sorrowed by this loss and to have a tragedy such as a murder is unconstable and it leads to concern.
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>> investigators haven't told us a possible motive or if rep between the victim and the suspect. henry lee talked by phone to the suspect's mother who said she didn't know her son had been arrested and didn't know who the victim was. we have new information about the cracked beams that forced the closure of the transbay transit center. the cracks were likely caused by holes cut in the support beams by a welding torch. >> we identified very shallow micro cracks in the surface due to the thermal cutting process. the subsequent welding process created residual stresses that caused micro cracks to pop into a larger defect. >> inspectors are conducting more tests but did not give an estimate on how long they can take. they hope to provide a time line when the board meets in january. caught on camera in san francisco, a bizarre rescue
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operation inside the castro muni station. the fire department says a man on top of a train last night was rescued by firefighters. look at the circle here, we're not sure how he got up there. with the help of rescue teams he was slowly led down a ladder and then was treated at a hospital for minor injuries. the station was temporarily closed but it is back open again. pg&e wants state regulators to approve a new rate increase. the hike would amount to the monthly increase of 12 dollars and 55. the public utilities commission says they have nothing to do with potential liability from wild fairs and say instead this would cover a variety of items and expenses. san francisco's holding a gun buy back event tomorrow. it will take place saturday morning between 8 a.m. and noon at the united players youth center on howard street. it's a violence prevention organization that teams up with the city for this event.
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100 dollars is being offered for every hand gun turned in. 200 dollars for every assault style weapon. no questions asked. tonight former first lady michelle obama in san jose at the sap center as part of the nationwide book tour. her book is titled the coming and the eventually is sold out. the cheapest tickets we saw were about 400 dollars each. frank mallicoat found them cheaper. mrs. obama will take part in a youth leadership workshop. back in the 1990's she was the executive director of the chicago chapter of public aloo is the group is focused on providing leadership and career development from young people in diverse communities. president trump's former lawyer michael cohen fired back at president trump. >> the man doesn't tell the truth. it's sad. that i should take
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responsibility for his dirty deeds. >> why michael cohen says he did what the president asked him to do. . we are getting closer to a partial government shut down and not much compromise in sight. i'm doug luzader in washington, we'll have the latest developments just ahead. whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ ♪
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i know the truth, many people know the truth. under no circumstances do i want to embarrass the president of the united states of america. the truth is i told the truth -- i took responsibility for my
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actions and instead of him taking responsibility for his actions, what does he do? he attacks my family. after yesterday again being before the court and taking the responsibility and receiving a sentence of 36 months, the only thing he can do is to tweet about my family? ? >> michael cohen sentence comes after he pleaded guilty to tax evasion, lying to a bank and congress. coming up at 8:00, you'll hear what he has to say about accusations he lied to receive a lighter sentence. democratic leaders in congress still far apart on the
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>> not much time to work with on capitol house and the house leaving for a long weekend. >> the money spikt in washington is getting shut off partially and it all comes down a relatively small amount of money, (500) 000-0000 to build additional walls along the southern border. from the president, a plea to work together saying on twitter, let's not do a shut down, democrats, do what's right for the american people. but he also included a video that didn't exactly calm the waters. >> the democrats are absolute hypocrites, all along they have been supporting walls and fences and all sorts of border security. >> in congress the debate has been intense. >> shutting down the government is stupid. sit down with us, come to a compromise. not that it's your way or no way. >> soon after that the house left town and democrats in the senate are drawing a line. >> i want to be crystal clear.
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there will be no additional proep combragss to pay for the border wall. it's done. >> much of this will come down to public preacception and a new fox news poll shows neither side in congress is exactly riding a wave of popularity. democratic and republican leaders are all underwater bracing for the blistering battle ahead. . >> it's a battle that may go right through christmas certainly house members have been warned that's a possibility. back to you guys. new this morning, china says it's going to temporarily suspend tariffs on u.s. auto imports in this escalating trade war between the u.s. and china. president trump and china's president agreed to the temporary cease fire while both sides continued to negotiate. the death of a little girl
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from guatemala detained by border patrol authorities is raising questions about how detained children are treated. a seven year old girl who crossed the southern border with her father died last week after being taken into custody. the girl began having seizures about eight hours after she was taken into custody in new mexico. she was taken to the hospital where she died. customs and border protection released a statement that says we're begging parents not to put themselves or their children at risk attempting to enter illegally. migrant parents at the border say getting to the u.s. is worth the risk. >> our lives are in danger in honduras because of problems between family members. our lives are at risk and that is why we decided to flee, to risk crossing to the other side. >> the girls death raises questions about whether border patrol agents knew she was ill and if she was fed anything or given anything to drink while she was detained. amazon applied for a patent
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for a doorbell camera that it says could have facial recognition technology to identify people considered to be suspicious. the patent describes how cameras could be used to piece together the image of a person's face and then compare that image to a database of suspicious people. the ring home security company makes doorbells that record video and connects to smartphones. amazon acquired ring earlier this year. time now is 7:16. time to go back to allie rasmus keeping an eye on the roads keeping it as friday light as we can. >> so far overall it looks good. but it's rare you have a problem at the golden gate bridge toll plaza but that's what we have here and that's where we're starting on the maps. southbound 101 at the golden gate bridge, there was a vehicle that crashed into a divider. the far left lane is closed until an electrician can come and take a look.
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right now it seems like traffic is getting through without about ten minutes ago and after this crash was initially reported there was a back up heading into the city but maybe things are starting to clear. this is a look at your drive from the cartinez bridge to the mcarthur maze, east shore freeway looks good. 23 minutes is very short for this time of the morning. maybe evidence of the friday light we mentioned and you don't see a crash icon here but we can tell you northbound 880, 1 of the left lanes is blocked. doesn't look like it's having too much of an impact here so far. 7:17, steve, i'm getting my rain boots and my umbrellas ready for the weekend. >> i think that's a good idea. starting this evening tonight into s you're probably going to need it. saturday if you're to the south, probably not. sunday, everyone gets in on the rain eventually. may take a while to get to the south. stacey thompson says you're
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always welcome to visit my classroom. now the invitations are pour that's a nice invitation. i might accept that. cloudy, breezy and rain develops this afternoon. temperatures 50s to the north, mid 60s to the south. due to a southeast breeze santa clara valley, santa cruz coast up to half moon bay, we'll take a look because of that. the front now is not a major front but i will give everyone rain. further south it's stalling out and there lies the problem. it will probably make it to the peninsula but a couple 100ths to half an inch of rain, cloud showers as our system lifts north. 02 parts of that, the warm overrunning and the actual cold front comes in later in the afternoon. system later today, not a lot of rain but some couple 100's san jose. napa a third. after that it falls part probably the golden gate south. still some rain saturday, a
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tricky one and light rain and then sunday bringing in the next part of the system. look at santa rosa, three inches of rain by sunday night. finally that makes it to san jose but not late. wind advisories out for the sierra starts at ten. i bet there's one tomorrow. not yet much happening. this is all high based. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 59 at half moon bay. fronts there so it has a ways to go. not until later this afternoon and tonight, that system then hangs out on saturday giving us a lot of cloud cover and some rain. that's your system for sunday and a lot more going for it will sweep in. watch what happens here, the timing 1:00 to the north and starts to make it around 5:00 to 6:00 and stalls out. once it starts to lift, lifting and then finally by late saturday it will move through as the next system comes in. here's sunday morning, that's not the cold front.
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there's the cold front starting to come in. 2:00 to the north, san jose mi the 49ers gaem some light rain but the bulk not coming in until 4:00. it will be windy though. i should add that in the mix. so cloudy today, light rain later on mostly cloudy saturday and partly sunny mild in the south and wind and rain make it for everyone on sunday. cloudy. >> all right steve, have you mailed your packages? today is a major shipping deadline for christmas. up next, a look at key dates you need to know if you still need to send christmas gifts. hundreds of rentable e bikes hit city streets today. fist, i want to give you a look at this dash for cash along a highway in new jersey. a brinks truck got in an accident and that's money all over the highway. people were stopping in their
7:21 am
cars, some people got in crashes in an attempt to get the money. new jersey police say hey, it's not a finders keepers in this situation. if you keep that cash, anyone who does could face criminal charges. so give it back. we'll be right back.
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he put a strap around the atm and the truck ripped the machine from the store. the thieves loaded it in the back of the truck and took off. these burglars tried to steal another atm hours earlier but were unsuccessful. berkley police looking for people who trashed an apple store. a uhaul truck slammed into the door. the thieves were stopped by a metal gate that prevented them from getting inside. >> when i got there they found a uhaul truck driven through the front glass doors. it was still running. screen that's just on the inside of the glass windows they didn't get through that so no entry made into the business. >> the store was actually able to open later in the day.
7:25 am
anyone with information about the crime should call berkley police. state highway one will be closed for an emergency response drill. the drill will start at 10:00 tonight between half moon bay and pacifica. northbound and southbound lanes will be closed until 4:00 tomorrow morning. interstate 280 and state route 92 will be used as detours. there will be fire simulations. today ford go bikes is hosting an event in oakland to announce its adding 400 bike share to the network. there's an inaugural ride with the new e bikes at 9:45 this morning at 23rd street in oakland. the e bikes have motors that can help riders travel further. the company is also more than tripling the number of e bikes at its san francisco fleet from 250 to 850.
7:26 am
if the state's air resources board approves the innovative clean transit rule in a vote today. it sets purchasing standards that would result in 100% 0 emission buses statewide. happening today a nonprofit group helping to preserve the oldest trees are planting redwood clones in san francisco. they will plant 75 coastal redwood saplings later this morning. the group says they hold serious potential for environmental recovery, those trees can remove 250 tons othe on time now is 7:26. fire erupts overnight at the concord apartment complex. how it starts and how firefighters got it under control.
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her book was a hit and so is she. i'm frank mallicoat live outside the sap center here in san jose where the former first lady michelle obama will speak later tonight. a preview, coming up. a crash on the east shore freeway, this is off to the shoulder but you can see ambulance and fire trucks are on the scene. traffic moving slowly to get around it, we'll tack a closer look at this and the rest of your commute, coming up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call
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during business hours. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours.
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look at that picture, good morning to you. >> wow that's not mount diablo. a quick vacation tour to help you through this friday.
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these are the mountains in italy. along the border of austria. >> you have been there right? >> i've been to italy, not there. that's one of the highest villages in italy. i would like to go. the sun is setting there, it's 4:30 in the afternoon, very balmy 17 degrees. if you're feel like it's cold this morning, it could be colder at the highest village in italy. good morning, i'm dave clark, let's talk about our weather in the bay area. 0. >> our system is moving in and stalling out. as it does it will lift northward and enhance the tweet. >> don teeder of berkley says thanks for saying like a teeter to thor. i'm sure this is not the first time you have heard this but yes, this system acting like a
7:31 am
teeter to thor, thank you for that. the viewers are kind of funny this morning, thank you. cloud cover over us. not much in the way of rain. the front is not until this afternoon, speaking of berkley, 55 and 54 at the berkley lab. low 50s and 52 in downtown san francisco. alameda is close at 50 degrees. cloudy and breezy from the southeast. 50s to the north, mid 60s to the south because of that breeze, that's a warm direction for some but with all the cloud cover and rain moving in, a cooler one to the north. not a lot of rain south of san francisco. oakland on the first system. half an inch for some to the north of the golden gate. then this system stalls out. some raun and the main system moves in sunday, late sunday into early monday will be when the front finally moves through so it may take a while. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 59 in half moon bay with a south wind at 24 miles per hour.
7:32 am
rain will eventually get here, it just takes time. by late afternoon or early afternoon to the north, it starts to move in. then the system just kind of stalls out, that's the problem. to the south you may not get any rain. to the north you will. then our next system moves in on sunday. 50s and 60s on the temps. 7:32 anything new or just the usual? >> there's something new we're going to talk about that has to do with the east shore freeway. first i want to show you the map because the crash we told you about the golden gate bridge toll plaza now in the clearing stages and you can see from the green, it isn't causing too much of a back up there. so this is the other thing we are looking at. it looks like this is about to be cleared up as well. this is a crash that happened, the vehicle off the right hand side. earlier there were ambulances on that scene on the shoulder there and now they have since left. traffic should be opening up here again this is the east shore freeway, emoriville westbound at powell.
7:33 am
there's that golden gate bridge picture. you see traffic not having too much of a problem getting in the city despite the earlier crash at the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is slow this morning, we are getting a new report in of a crash northbound 101 at middle field in the redwood city. so we'll check on the details on that and bring you an update in 15 minutes. 7:33 back to the desk. new this morning, most people evacuated from a concord apartment complex are back inside after an early morning fire. however, they are still waiting for the power to be turned back on. this was a three alarm fire started after 4:30 this morning at the lake view villas on ellis street off clayton road. officials say it started as a kitchen fire in a one bedroom apartment.
7:34 am
0. >> i don't have tons to pack up. no id or money. my cats in the apartment. >> crews say if they received the call a few minutes lawsuiter the fire would have likely spread down the hall. only one unit had fire damage and no injuries reported. the power is expected to be turned back on around 9:00 this morning. happening today, michelle obama in san jose at the sap center as part of her nationwide book tour a lot of people are talking about it. frank mallicoat is in san jose outside sap center, people want to hear and see the former first lady. >> well, her tour has been completely sold out every venue she's spoken at filled all the way up and just like all the others, this one will be a complete sell out tonight at the sap center. 17,000 plus all jam packing into the sap center tonight. her book "becoming michelle
7:35 am
obama" is one of the fastest selling nonfiction books ever over 3 million copies sold. the first lady reveals she will never run for public offense and didn't think her husband would win the election in 2008 and she also gets personal and talks about her marriage and difficulty getting pregnant. just about everything is on the table. >> for folks to really understand me they need toed to know my whole story and they needed to know the context of my life and i think that's true for all of us. one of the things that we don't get to do with each other and we don't understand each other in our context. we see the superficial and each each >> before tonight's event michelle obama will take part in
7:36 am
event here in san jose at about 2:00. her book tour will finish up in brooklyn on december 19th. she'll tack a break but 21 dates for the year 2019 and that includes a visit to europe as well as canada. by the way, it's sold out but you can get resell tickets. we looked online, $367, the cheapest tonight. the most expensive nearly $1,800. that's the latest, live in san jose, i'm frank mallicoat, ktvu news. time is 7:36. hundreds of victims of last month's deadly wildfires in butte county are frustrated after being turned down for federal aid. many received letters from fema saying they don't qualify for benefits. officials say they are aware of the problem and they're telling people don't give up. . >> take a good close look at
7:37 am
their letter and find out why they are being deemed ineligible at this time. it could be for any number of reasons. they may not have all the required paperwork or perhaps they have been referred to another agency. depending on what type of damage has been done to their residents. >> fema says fire victims should go back to the disaster recovery center in butte county or call fema directly to have your situation evaluated. the united methodist church suing to get control over the glide memorial church in san francisco. it's located in the tender loin and known for its chairable work. they tried to sever ties with the church rlier this year. in response the church filed a lawsuit seeking financial control over the church. in a statement they call the lawsuit a hostile takeover attempt. people in the east bay
7:38 am
getting a lack at a proposed tower that would be bigger than everything around it. the planned site of a 54 story sky scraper in emoriville near the powell street exit on emory avenue. they host aid public study session. the building would include 600 residential units, retail space and 1100 parking spaces and a separate 16 story office tower. at 638 feet tall, the main tower would be twice the size of a 30 30 story condominium. they are worried this will cause more traffic in the area but others support it saying it would be good for the city. but definitely not a 54 story building right next to the highway. entire 80 corridor. >> the views of san francisco are stunning so it's a great opportunity to really enhance
7:39 am
the community and create a landmark property. >> the develop erp has a lot of obstacles to clear first. the project requires emoriville to make code exceptions in almost every area including the height, housing mix and parking. you have 11 days until christmas. that makes me nervous. if you still have christmas packages to mail, the u.s. postal service says they need to be mailed today to make it under the tree in time. monday is the deadline for fedex ground delivery for ups, it's tuesday. . >> i guess i should start. time now is 7:39. could your pg&e bill be going up? how much more you may have to pay for pg&e service and the reason behind that. the raiders could soon be in oakland. the city preparing to host raisers game if a lease agreement can't be made in oakland. taking a look at our live
7:40 am
traffic cameras. traffic is not moving on the san mateo bridge s. in the meantime, here's a look at your drive as you approach the maze from emoriville, the drive here is okay this morning. a lot of cloud cover, not much in the way of raub yet. the wind has picked up for some to the north and also on the san mateo coast, we'll talk about that coming up.
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this week has been a roller coaster for fans of the oakland raiders. we have a look at the drama unfolded since sunday's win over the steelers. >> the raiders win, the raiders win, can you believe it? the raiders are winners. >> sunday's crazy ending turned out to be a crazy beginning to a raider roller coaster of a week. >> i've heard the same rumors. >> a day after mark davis denies rumors of reggie's release he fired him. >> we're going to bring the raiders back. >> on tuesday the city of oakland filed a lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl. >> the city of oakland has been badly treated by both the raiders and mark davis. >> wednesday the team resended its $7.5 million to play in the
7:45 am
coliseum in 2019 which led to rampid speculation on where they will play. >> it's easy to say put them in levi stadium. >> and the resulting relation christmas eve will likely be the final profootball game i spent five years playing in the stadium and people are talking trash about it. i love it. the fact it could be the last is crazy. where you're going to play your home games, that's weird, nothing anyone wants to go through. no book on how to do this. i'll figure out the best way i can day by day. >> we're all trying to figure it out and mark davis left the door slightly ajar for remaining in oakland next but for the g i don't want to fans it's something i have to think about which leaves us to think about what might come next in oakland. all right, we'll have to think about what comes next. 7:45 what's next on the road? allie rasmus watching those for
7:46 am
us. >> we're looking okay, although we're starting with the south bay because there's a new crash that we have been alerted to. well tell you about it. northbound 101 at old middle field road is backing things up through sunny vail and also this comes after a earlier crash westbound 237 and northbound 85 at the bottom of your screen. still in the clearing stages. taking a look at the east bay, northbound 680 you don't see an icon here for it but there's a ladder in the far left lane so be aware of that if you're traveling northbound 680. westbound 580 there's a two vehicle crash and an ambulance going to the scene as a precaution. here's a picture of your drive on highway 24 through lafayette. fog and cloud cover this morning but traffic is moving at the limit, lighter than what we saw here at this time yesterday. that's good news. bay bridge toll plaza not too bad.
7:47 am
if you have cash handy, might be faster to go through car pool lanes on to the span. time now is 7:46. i'll send it over to stooe. a lot of cloud cover as you saw there. there's a good breeze on the san mateo coast. half moon bay almost 60 degrees. the stronger gusts up in lake county on cobb mountain. winds seven miles per hour, gussing to 20. that sounds good to us, thanks for the invite. by the way, if you get around 3500 feet, there's gusts at 40 miles per hour maybe stronger. there's some areas certainly around cobb mountain where it's rather windy. that seems to be the isolated area, not as bad in other locations. we'll keep an eye on things certainly not around here, much quieter. cloudy and breezy, windy in the hills and on the coast. rain develops later this afternoon into tonight. coolest temperatures to the north, warmest temperatures due to a southeast breeze.
7:48 am
no rain to the south because of a wind ramping up for some. so cloudy and some rain, more rain will be north of the golden gate, far less to the south. the system stalls out on saturday and starting to lift north. as it does it will still give us light rain. the stronger system moves in and rain for all on sunday and the cold front may take a while to get down to san jose and sunday afternoon and night. wind advisories out for the mountains, that starts at 10:00 a.m. the breeze isbeginning to pick up there as well. 40s and 50s, a lot of 30s yesterday. that's not the case, there's half moon bay 59 warm degrees. a lot of cloud cover in advance coming up from the south, that's the cold front there. as it moves in, you can start to see the returns on radar. it's stronger than originally thought. it's going to give us rain and stall out. once it stalls out areas to the south won't get rain but looks like some rain is good north of the golden gate later today.
7:49 am
saturday it lifts northward and the cold front comes in giving everyone rain and wind. 50s and 60s on your temps. coolest to the north. 56 in santa rosa, novato at 58. mid 60s for morgan hill and gilroy. cloudy and rain develops afternoon and tonight and then mostly cloudy saturday, could be partly sunny and warm towards the san jose area, that system lifts north and wind and rain move in sunday. >> all right steve, thank you. time is 7:49. a thrill ride on the high seas. the roller coaster coming to carnival's newest cruise ship. first, let's check in with mike mibach to see what's coming up on mornings on two. coming up in the next hour, baby shark, probably one of the most popular songs with children now inspiring a company to sell baby shark. if you're hoping to get your hands on one of these, you will pay a lot of money.
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comedian airy spears bringing his impersonations to the bay area. live in studio ahead of his shows this weekend at cobb's comedy club, back after the break. ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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the santa clara animal county has a holiday shelter. that fee includes having the pet spayed and neutered and
7:53 am
micro chipping the vaccinations t. regular fees can be up to $120 for a dog, $100 for a cat. there's an alarming new report this morning about baby powder and it's taking the stock of johnson and john's down. pam cook back in the studio with today's dollars and cents, pam. >> yeah, roiters is reporting johnson and johnson knew for years that its baby powder contained as bes toed. i reviewed documents and trial testimony from 197 is to the early 200's doctors and lawyers were aware that johnson and johnson powder tested positive for small amounts of asbestos. that information was not disclosed to regulators or the public. that report says johns more than 5% shortly after the opening bell rang this morning. j andj part of the dow jones so it accounts for part of the drop this morning. checking in on the big board
7:54 am
now, the index is also down on concerns about trade, the and china and the global economy. right now there's a live look, dow down almost a full percentage point, 232 points to 24,000. the snp 500 down three yarters of a%, the nasdaq is at 7,000 down more than half a% as well. next summer american airlines will add more flights out of sonoma county. starting in june there's expanded service from sonoma county airport in santa rosa to dallas and then added flights will start in may. tickets for both destinations go on sale starting monday. iceland's low cost wow air plans to cut more than 100 jobs and reduce its fleet of planes to save money. the move could jeopardize flights from la and san francisco. the plan gets to get rid of
7:55 am
nine planes from its fleet including the california routes. new information this morning about the e. coli outbreak and row main lettuce. the strain causing the current outbreak went straight to a resident vary on a farm in santa barbara county. the outbreak made 59 people sick. regulators are confident the taintedless tus has been removed from the market but they do say you should continue check thanksgiving labels and should snot eat any row main lettuce groan in santa barbara counties until investigations are complete. we are getting our first look at a roller coaster on a cruise ship. carnival just announced the first cruise coaster calls the bolt. take a look at that. it will twist and turn on the top decks of the carnival new ship called mardi gras and will go 40 miles per hour. the ride and cruise ship will debut in 2020. that ship will be docked in cape canaveral, florida and it will head off to the bahamas
7:56 am
i'm sure. >> pam, let's go. i'll do it if you do it. >> okay, i would do it. i just found out they're calling it the mardi gras because it's named after their first cruise ship back in 1972, the mardi gras by carnival. interesting. >> all right pam, thanks. still ahead, dozen offense people in concord ran for safety early this morning and an apartment caught fire overnight. what we're finding out about the cause of it and how homes were damaged. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours.
7:59 am
we just took a look inside, we'll show you the damage coming up. new information about the cracked beams that forced a closure. why there's no time line for when it will reopen. strong words from president trump's lawyer michael cohen what he said this morning since he spoke out for the first time since being sentenced. this is mornings on two. >> good morning, welcome back to mornings on two. it's friday, december 14th i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. es. a has the day off.
8:00 am
>> rain is on the way. not here yet but getting windy for some. mike, good morning happy friday. rain will be here later this afternoon. mainly north of the golden gate by this evening. stalling out to the south, may not get much rain towards san jose. big news this morning on the san mateo coast skyline. gusts 25-30 miles per hour. up into lake county near cobb mountain, gusts above 3200 feet to 50 miles per hour. getting windy for some, parts of rushing river up into mendocino, our front inches closer and something similar at the surface. not that bad here but in the higher elevations and on the coast it's ramped up. 50s to 60s, a southeast wind for some. a breeze for others. rainfall though will be light for some but okay north of the golden gate, half an inch in santa rosa. the system stalls giving us light rain on saturday and the system comes in, that's the bigger system giving rain for all. two inches of rain, speaking of
8:01 am
wind, there's a wind advisory that starts at 10:00 a.m. nosnow watches or warnings but i imagine there's one issued on saturday. 40s and 50s on the temps. 52 in lake port. half moon bay, 59. one observation at 57 degrees. a few locations very mild we're under cloudy skies and our front has a ways to go. we'll get rain later this afternoon and evening. not much of a breeze here but it's turning southeast. on the coast, half moon bay there due south which is why they're 59 almost 30 miles per hour, above 1,000 feet you can find gusts at 35. for us cloudy and our next system, a good system will give widespread rain to everybody on sunday along with wind. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. 8:01, what would you say so far on a friday. b lus or b minus. >> let's say b plus. at this point in the morning, the height of the morning commute may be over. so we're on the back end of things. that's good news.
8:02 am
we have a live picture to show you because if you're driving westbound 80 to the ooeb 805 connector, there's a stalled pick up truck. looks like they may be getting a traffic break out of the way. there's a vehicle alerting drooufs as they come over in the eastbound direction from 80 over to eastbound 580. the rest of the maze looks okay and you can see if you're driving towards the bay bridge toll plaza it's slow going in that direction but no specific problems to tell you about there. this is what it looks like once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza and it's okay for a friday morning. about 15-20-minute del the cash lanes don't have any delay whatsoever and the san mateo bridge bridge did open quite a bit, congested about an hour ago and seems like it's getting lighter as the morning goes on. a quick check in oakland, slow going through the coliseum all the way into downtown.
8:03 am
time now is 8:02 back to the desk oofshlths new this morning, firefighters in concord cleaning up after an early morning apartment fire that started around 4:30 at the lake view villas off clayton road. . police and firefighters had to evacuate the entire building. i got a chance to speak with residents who told me they were terrified when they walked outside of their units. the hallways filled with thick black smoke. >> it's terrifying. we were asleep. we could have burned it down it's scary. i don't have tons of back ups. no id or money. >> a woman was inside cooking and fell asleep and woke up to the heavy fire in her apartment inside to show us the damage. the kitchen was gutted. we even saw the frying pan the woman was using when s the fire started around 4:30 a.m. many residents wokeup to the
8:04 am
sound of smoke alarms in the hallway. police were the first to arrive and entered the building and pounded on doors and evacuated all three floors. firefighters were able to knock down the flames and keep that fire contained to one unit. >> but they got up here to the upper floor quick, stretched their lines and you saw how long and narrow these hallways are so whether it's for firefighters trying to get into the fire, that's a challenge. >> evacuated residents stood outside in the cold, many only wearing their pajamas. nobody was hurt and power was shut off to parts of the building. the red cross was called out for additional assistance. in concord, alice sa herring ton, fox news news.
8:05 am
the residual stresses caused it to pop into a larger defect. >> inspectors are conducting more tests and officials did not give an estimate on how long it will take. they hope to provide a time line when the board meets in january. the fbi looking into hundreds of bomb threats emailed to schools, businesses and government offices around the bay area as well as the entire country. it sent first responders scrambling but it appears to have been a large hoax. . the office received an email with a bomb threat. >> we received an indication from an individual or entity who was notifying us they had planted an explosive device on site and they were demanding payment. >> the building was more than
8:06 am
100 employees were evacuated so across the street which did not get the email but took precautions. >> we pulled people out of school. we are generally able to evacuate the building in five minutes. >> san francisco police say more than 20 locations in the city were targeted including apartment buildings, hotels and community organizations and media outlets. >> san francisco police officers were dispatched to each incident and we are conducting investigations at each and every one of these locations. >> the fbi put out a statement saying we are aware of the recent bomb threats in cities made across the country as we remain in touch with law enforcement partners to proside assistance. >> law enforcement officers say it appears to have been a massive email hoax sent to hundreds of sites nationwide. >> kelly burns a social media expert at the university of south florida received an email. >> one of the things that jumped out right way was the language. it did not sound luke a native english speaker.
8:07 am
>> the subject line stated "you are responsible for people and threatened to detonate a bomb if they didn't pay $20,000 in bit coins." one of the e-mails came from a russian server. >> they're really hard to track. did it even come from russia and were they using a serve their made it look like it was coming from a russian server? it can be hard to track down. >> investigators say while the trets were the same, the wording in some of the e-mails was different. police here in san francisco and elsewhere in the country say that so far they have not found any explosive devices at any sites. president trump's former personal lawyer, michael cohen says the president directed him to buy the silence of two women during the 2016 campaign. michael cohen appeared earlier today and says trump was concerned about how the stories
8:08 am
of alleged affairs with the women would affect the election. he was sentenced wednesday to three years in prison and pleaded guilty to several charges including lying to congress and campaign finance fraud. . >> he said in tweets he repeated an interview basically he says his claims "you're lying about him." to protect your wife and father. >> inaccurate. he knows the truth. i know the truth. others know the truth. here is the truth -- the people of the united states of america, the people of the wod don't believe what he is saying. the man doesn't tell the truth and it's sad that i should take responsibility for his dirty deeds. >> the charges in the case were brought by special counsel robert mueller's office. prosecutors have said michael cohen provided key information in their information and he is still cooperating with investigators. the death of a little girl
8:09 am
from -- -- guatemala she crossed the southern border with her father and died last week after being taken into custody by border patrol. she began having seizures l eight hours after taken into custody. she was then taken to the hospital where she died. border protection released a statement. some parents reported staying in their home country is also dangerous for their children. >> our lives are in danger in honduras because of problems between family members. our lives are at risk and that's why we decided to flee. to risk crossing to the other side. >> the girl's death raises questions about whether border agents knew she was ill and if she was fed anything or given anything to drink while she was
8:10 am
detained. still no deal on funding the government meaning it could be a far from merry christmas for hundreds of thousands of federal workers. jillian turner has the latest from washington funding for the federal government runs out a week from today. hundreds of thousands of government workers still don't know whether they will be taking an unpaid holiday vacation. democrats in heels over 5 $5 billion. the president saying if he doesn't get it he will shut down the government. congressional republicans say he's not bluffing. >> they do not have the vote to pass the president's proposal. >> the president said no more, i'm standing for you the american people, they are standing for people who are here illegally. >> the president is exploring military options including having the army pay for the construction of the wall in the pentagon's budget. there appears to be little support on capitol hill with most republicans in the president's cabinet pushing for
8:11 am
congressional action. . >> the walls work, that's the facts. where we have walls at illegal drops somewhere between 90-90%. >> the hows of migrants waiting to cross the border are determined to get to the u.s. one woman who gave birth along the your any says she's praying god changes the president's mind. >> he's put in a lot of reinforcements so we can't get in. if only god would soften his heart because he has a heart of flesh and blood, not stone. >> the federal government will run out of money next friday at midnight. in washington jillian turner, fox news. keeping an eye on stocks this morning, a turbulent week out there. trading has been going on for more than an hour and a half. johnson and john right now taking a big hit. that stock is down more than 8% after roiters reported the company knew that its baby
8:12 am
powder was contaminated with asbestos. firmer first lady michelle obama in the bay area. where she's going to be tonight and you can see her but you have to pay a little bit of money. plus, your pg&e bill is going up, how much more you may have to pay ask the reason behind it.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
caught on camera, a bizarre rescue operation inside san francisco's castro muni station. the fire department says a man on top of a muni train last night was res kaued by firefighters but we're still not sure how he actual lu got up there. he was slowly led down a ladder and transportd to the hospital for minor injuries. the station was temporarily closed and its back open again. hundreds of victims of last month's butte county fire are being denied federal aid. many have received letters saying they do not qualify for benefits. officials are aware of the problem and are urging people not to give up. >> take a good look at their letter. and find out why they are being deemed ineligible at this time. it could be for any number of reasons. they may not have the required paperwork. or perhaps they have been referred to another agency.
8:16 am
depending on what type of damage has been done to their resident dens. >> fema is urging fire victims to visit the disaster recovery center in butte county or call situation evaluated oofrnlt a shipment of supplies to help survivors of the camp fire. volunteers brought free fruits and vegetables. normally the food goes to those in need locally but the food will be load on a truck and delivered this weekend. organizers predict 12 and a half tons of food will be donated. >> for people who have lost their homes and pretty much everything that they own, this can go a long way. >> other bay area food bans have also sent groceries to fire victims. the holidays are an important time for food charity. they hope to raise several million dollars to cover next year's budget.
8:17 am
>> some residents getting ready for an evacuation drill this weekend to see how residents would feel during a life or death emergency. for instance a wildfire. the town's main street is two lane road but during saturday's drill it will be one way with both lanes headed out of town. >> residents have been alerted from the upcoming drill from door hangers and signs posted throughout town. only people who live in the country club neighborhood are taking part in the drill. pg&e wants state regulators to improve a new increase. a monthly increase of 12 dollar $12.50. the utility told the public utilities commission that the proposed increases have nothing to do with the potential wildfires. instead this would cover other expenses. time now is 8:17. >> looking good, especially for this hour of the morning. we're on the decline when it comes to the height of the morning commute. that's good news.
8:18 am
one thing to tell you about in san francisco on the peninsula, northbound 280 there's a crash vehicle and that is backing things up on 280 and 101 into daly city out of the san francisco city limits. taking a look at highway four in bay wood, the westbound direction traffic is kind of sluggish in the eastbound direction at railroad avenue. there's a crash being moved to the right hand side. that's the eastbound noncommute direction and speaking of noncommute directions, this is westbound 80 to eastbound 580, there's a stalled pick up truck that we showed you last time. the vehicle letting drivers in the area know that truck is in the way. there is a back up as we usually see this time of the morning as you approach the maze off the east shore freeway. slow going in that area. taking a look at highway 24
8:19 am
through lafayette, this is definitely lighter than what we see at this time of the morning. earlier this the week, maybe a little bit of the friday light commute, you're clearing up and opening up more than this as you approach the tunnel. you can see that cloud cover, i don't know if it's fog in the east bay, steve? i little bit of haze and fog out there. not widespread but there is some. >> ahead of the rain later. >> yes, in fact for our system not producing rain there's a lot going on. one is a little bit of fog and also the wind has picked up in the santa cruz mountains and up towards mount saint helena and lake county there's gusts up to 3200 feet near cobb mountain, 50 miles per hour plus. so this system is going to take a while to get the rain here. in fact, it's still hours away. the wind is here now, that's out of the southeast, breezy for some but windy in the
8:20 am
higher elevations around half moon bay all morning long. southeast breeze, due south for some. the rain will make it eventually. this system will stall out as it moves south by tonight. in fact, may not do much in the way of any rain but it will north of the golden gate. tomorrow it starts to lift north. as it does, we'll get light rain. i wouldn't be surprised if parts of the south bay have warm temps tomorrow. rain moves in for all on sunday, winds picking up and rain won't make it until later in the day. wind advisory out in the mountains. 10:00 a.m. high wind warning isout. 53 in lake port. 57 in berkley. one observation there. 53 at sfo. downtown san francisco, there's the 59 in half moon bay. san jose at 54. so a lot of cloud cover, our front still back here and as it moves in, it's intensifying a
8:21 am
bit. cold air to the north, by the time it arrives late tonight and tomorrow, then it's going to stall southeast at oakland, southeast at napa airport and east at santa rosa. there's the southeast and san jose picking up, mountain view is 57. mild to warm and you can see this. half moon bay, gusts over 30 so it's been roaring along the coast there. that's our system, dragging itself on saturday, the next system on sunday moves in. there's our system later today. watch out tomorrow, it starts to lift north so that's why i think the south bay is all right tomorrow. on sunday we bring the system in, the cold front doesn't come in until later in the day. so han jose late sunday night and monday, the system has good rain. the wind will pick up, 2-3-inch amounts from this system coming in sunday night and monday. for today, 50s and 60s on your temps. cooler to the north, we'll look at the rain sooner.
8:22 am
warmer to the south. active here the next three days. a dearing robbery attempt in downtown berkley, what we're learning about a truck slamming into an apple store. the search on the way for the suspects. the holiday green from the royal family. a look at the photos used on this year's greeting cards.
8:23 am
8:24 am
denny's♪ $6.99 are you out $6.99 of your mind ♪ eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and butter buttermilk pancakes. and now, get it delivered free! free! enjoy denny's new $6.99 super slam now with free delivery. a man from ohio in san mateo county jail on charges of killing a woman in menlo park. she was stabbed with some sort of instrument. officers were called wednesday
8:25 am
night, the man called 911 saying the woman had been killed. when officers arrived, they found the woman unresponsive. they located a second man in the house, a 26-year old and arrested him on suspicion of first degree murder. >> our community is deeply sorrowed by the loss and to have a tragedy such as a murder is unconstable. >> investigators have not revealed the motive or the relationship between the woman and man arrested. henry lee spoke by phone to the man's mother and she said she did not know her son was under berkley police looking for people who trashed an apple store. a uh aul truck slammed into the glass doors of this store in berkley. the thieves were stopped because there's a metal gate that comes down and prevented them from getting out. the store was able to open
8:26 am
later in the day. anybody with information about the crime call berkley police. italian fashion design house says it will reissue a coat worn this week worn by nancy pelosi. she left the coat wearing the coat almost immediately people began posting on social media sites asking where they could get her power coat. she originally bought the coat back in 2013. the designer stieded to reissue the coat saying they're honored she chose to wear it for the important moment. the coats usually go around 2 thousand dollars. new this morning, the royals giving us a look at the pictures they use for this year's christmas cards. they released a photo from the duke and duchess of cambridge. they chose a picture outside their home in norfolk.
8:27 am
megan chose an image from their wedding night back on may 19th showing them looking up at a fireworks display. >> beautiful photos. dozens of people had to rush away as an apartment caught fire in concord. we'll tell you what we're learning about that. michelle obama book tour continues in san jose tonight, i'm frank mallicoat outside sap center to tell you how much it will cost you to get inside to watch the event. next. traffic on the east shore freeway near the mcarthur maze backed up because of a stalled vehicle heading over to eastbound 50. we'll check on this as we're learning about a crash in al bah gnu, coming up. cloudy pr many but winds picking up in the higher elevations from santa cruz mountains to lake county and san mateo coast. feels like christmas, smells like christmas but where is the
8:28 am
rain? it will get here. >> ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
. >> good morning, everyone hope you are having a great friday morning. rain is on the way. >> wind has arrived before rain. >> is good eye still have to get a christmas tree. i know i am very behind. don't shake your head at me. >> you have 11 days, don't worry about it. our system not giving us rain yet, will this afternoon but the wind has picked up, santa crews mountains, san mateo coast, not everywhere, there are other locations,
8:31 am
with that. warm -ish start, southeast wind to malice power overcast and a little fog being reported. mid-40s to upper 40s, 50 el cerrito and these are way up compared to yesterday. a lot of 30s. this was not tropical clouds being brought up by the system. cloudy, breezy rain in the afternoon into the evening, drops south stalls out stays through saturday. south-southeast breeze makes for mild conditions, cloudy to the north. tomorrow's system will lift north, light rain sunday rain for all. may take a while to get past san jose and santa clarita valley. the system coming in today will have the heaviest totals north of golden gate. .02 san jose, might not make
8:32 am
that. system lives north tomorrow light rain sunday system sweeps in late afternoon. wind advisories for the mountains that starts 10:0052 lakeport, strong south wind look for cloudy conditions rain develops later for the evening commute looks like it for many and that system will just hang around through most of the day tomorrow. the wind is picking up, a bigger factor this morning than this afternoon and evening, which will be rain. 8:32 what do you have? >> i ee yet. i feel like it was d the last m half go? checking traffic this out day, there is a new issue to tell you about although overall have to say the picture is pretty good. the map at 280 south of cage
8:33 am
mill road is where this crash vehicles are off to the right hand shoulder. should not create too much of a backup there. the earlier crash is still backing things up. taking a check of westbound 80 east of albany there is a collision in the area you could see creating quite a backup into richmond. the bottom part of the screen is a stalled pickup truck, at last check, was still stuck in the westbound 80 lanes toward eastbound 580. this is 280, traffic moving both directions here. no problems in the area. this is the pickup truck, chp flashers alerting drivers to get around it creating a backup want to be sure free we. 880 also slow past the oakland coliseum and southbound 880 at hyde street reports of a bumper stuck in the right lane.
8:34 am
>> keeping an eye on stock this morning, trading underway for a little more than two hours now. the s&p 500 down more than 1%, nasdaq down about 1% and as you can see on your screen the dow jones down more than 330 points, one and a half%. pam cook back in about 20 minutes to show us what is pushing the markets down this friday morning. firefighters and concord cleanup and early-morning apartment building fire started about 4:30 right off clayton road. fell asleep while cooking. only one unit had fire damage, obama will be in san jose as part of her nationwide book tour. frank live outside where a lot of people want to see and share the former first lady. she has not had a problem filling seats. >> reporter: i guess not.
8:35 am
every venue she has spoken out since the book came out november, has been filled up. same thing here behind me. sap center pack tonight, completely sold out. although there is a way to get tickets, we will have more coming up. but you will pay a price if you want those. 7000 -- 17,000 close will pack in the sap center tonight her new book, becoming michelle obama, where the fastest nonfiction selling books ever. in the book, the former first lady reveals that she will never run for public office,not husband would actually win the election in 2008 and she gets personal, too. talking about her marriage, therapy and the difficulty she had getting pregnant. just about everything in the book is on the table. >> the most powerful part of my story is not that eight years i was first lady, that is not the
8:36 am
thing that is resonating with people, it is the 50 some odd years of all that growth. and i want young kids to understand that's what makes them special. it is that struggle, that climbed. the journey to become. not when you arrive at something and that is the end, it's that whole journey and you should own it with pride. >> she will speak tonight. before tonight's event she will take part in a youth leadership workshop event held by a nonprofit here in san take plac 2:00. her last speaking engagement this year is on the 19th, that will be in brooklyn. she has 21 dates already for 2019, including stops in canada and europe as well. as i mentioned it is sold out but you can't buy resell tickets. we checked the cheapest one pushing $400. the most expensive right on the floor will fetch some $1800.
8:37 am
the book, very popular. it all happens tonight right behind me at the sap center. before making her way to the bay area, the former first lady surprise some children at a hospital in colorado. the children had no idea michelle obama was coming to visit until she walked in yesterday. this is -- misses obama dance with the children, answered question gave them the supply. >> if you could tell your younger self something what would it be? >> don't let fear guide you. >> it was insane. i've looked up to her ever since i was really visit a bookstore in denver. arizona senator jon kyl resigned from the u.s. senate seat, he was appointed to less than four months ago following the death of senator john mccain. the decision by the 76 -year-old was not unexpected. he had retired from the senate
8:38 am
back in 2012 and said when he took the appointment in september that he only committed to serving until the end of the year. his resignation effective december 31. arizona's governor will pick a replacement and that person will serve until 2020 when a special election will be held to hold -- filled the final two years of making a six-year term. a fourth person has died from the shooting at a christmas market in france. police shot and killed the man suspected of the attack. this on the 29 -year-old man walking on the street and police shot and killed him after he opened fire on officers. the christmas market has reopened with increased security. >> a small indiana community in shock after an indiana teenager exchanged gunfire with police at a middle school in richmond, indiana about 60 miles east of indianapolis. police got a tip that a student at dennis intermediate was planning a school shooting. officers arrived at the same time and the exchanged gunfire
8:39 am
outside the school before the boy ran inside and turned the gun on himself. the teen died, no other students were hurt. the last home game for the oakland raiders could be a monday night game on christmas eve. now, this is bringing up questions of where the team might play next year. we will tell you what levi stadium is doing in case the team wants to head south. >> we will check on your commute through the babe bridge toll plaza. this is what you have to drive through to get there. update coming up. cloud cover no rain yet but really very warm for some certainly long the santa crews and san mateo coast. windy as well.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
. the raiders could be playing their last game in oakland on christmas eve. the team is going to vegas for the 2020 season but because they are not renewing the lease at the coliseum they need a place to play next season that place could be right there, levi stadium. the mayor of santa clara told the mercury news she has not yet heard from the raiders organization but is looking at lease agreements just in case the team inquires. san jose will new have -- will soon have new police officer, joining the force just weeks after a violent stand off.
8:43 am
live with police chief eddie garcia with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are talking about the stand off that was just after thanksgiving, where he came out of the house and opened fire on officers. we talk to you about this earlier. the danger officers face when they are targets of gunfire. >> it is a situation happening all too often really throughout the state quite frankly. officers encountering these types of situations. in this particular case officers responded to a call for help, really from the community, from neighbors and family members about an individual who seem to be on drugs and was shooting inside the house. when officers arrived the individual came out and exchanged gunfire with our officers. incredibly dangerous, very proud of the way my officers stood in front of that evil and did his duty. and it was a very tense situation. >> you talk about the bravery of the officers.
8:44 am
how much time, both reaction time and thinking time you officers habits of the like that. >> you can't even put it into words not much time at all. every situation evolves very quickly or and officers have to make those split-second decisions. >> other anything officers can do differently if it's a situation of suicide by cop? because that is the situation that happens also or someone, wants officers to fire. >> the reality of it is if you have an individual shooting at you, as in this case, whether suicide by cop or other reasons, the officers need to protect themselves and protect the community from the individual. >> let's talk more about officers joining the force. you had the academy class, puts a smile on your face. tell me how many you have and what impact it will have immediately? >> we graduate today, a great day today. 46 graduating, another big class. some of the highlights of the class, seven females in the class which is fantastic, we needed to really push on that
8:45 am
end. there is 11 veterans in the class and the class speaks 11 different languages. obviously brings a smile to my face, smile to this community. as the police department is rebuilding to get back to where we were out before. it is going to have an impact no doubt. >> i understand you are going shopping later? shop with a cop. we run out of time i want to know a i got you something ahead of time, this is channel 2 gum. >> is this a hand? >> no of the christmas thing for you. >> appreciate it. >> we can give anything more than that and shop with a cop. >> this happened last week the shop with a cop foundation, a great event officers throughout the area including san jose took part in taking little kids on a shopping spree. shout out to target, about 160 kids, $150 each target donated for those kids which is amazing. >> chief, have a great holiday. all the best in 2019 we will see you in january.
8:46 am
>> very nice gesture. didn't even know we had it. >> i did neither where is my gum? >> let's go to allie for a check of the roads. did you know we have ktvu gum? >> that is news 2 me. i wonder what flavor did he say it was meant? maybe it doesn't matter, but what does matter is your commute. let's get to the map and show you what is going on. the big problem spot westbound 80 east of albany. a crash making the commute very congested as you drive through berkeley into emeryville. also stalled vehicle in emeryville as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza very slow going this morning. your drive there, once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty open. looks like it usually does on a sunday morning. so the payoff once you get through that congestion is
8:47 am
getting through to this nice, clear picture here. 8:46, steve, i'm wondering if that rain we are getting this week and will mean snow in the sierra? >> yes. >> asking for a friend. >> yes, well. what is going on at the bay bridge toll plaza?  where is everybody at? >> i think they are stuck. >> there you go. >> is in the unusual? >> very for friday. cloudy and wind is the big story for many maybe not for all the santa cruz mounds to parts of lake county, blowing and strong in saratoga, so windy. south wind also producing really mild temps look at santa cruz 59. 59 campbell. saratoga speaking of, cupertino, santa clara, on the inching closer. a lot of high clouds and very light rain could start soon mainly north of the golden gate until later
8:48 am
this evening then it will start to drop south. put on the brakes and start lifting northward saturday. san jose may have to wait a while. it will get there on sunday but might be later on sunday. a couple 100 marin county more that, there will be light rain the system on sunday looks to be impressive really. 30s, 40s, 50s, yes 61 half moon bay. running noticeably warmer than 24 hours ago. mountain view plus 13 double digits san jose, hayward and napa airport plus 12 compared to this time yesterday. much warmer to the cloud cover that is the front for the north, it will move in, drop in and start to live northward on saturday. tomorrow may not be a bad day. we up and get raining here but not until later. some areas north will be rather windy. half moon bay gusts 30, 32. windy along the san mateo coast.
8:49 am
rain later, your system sunday impressive. system comes later today evening commute to the north i think we will get rain puts on the brakes and starts to lift north saturday. sunday a rain day eventually for everybody. >> still to come baby shark, probably one of the most popular songs for children and becoming one of the hottest holiday gifts this year. up next, the new toy that has parents trying to find one in time for the holiday. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phoness on this state program. visit right now or call
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8:52 am
. stocks tumbling getting in this morning, when popular stock in particular down on bad news that affects a lot of families. >> alarming news this morning for a lot of people. reuters reporting the johnson & johnson new, for years, that a baby powered contained a so. >> they review documents and trial testimony from 1971 to the early 2000s company executives, doctors and lawyers were aware that johnson & johnson powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of a cells. that information was not disclosed to regulators or to the public. that report to johnson & johnson stock down, when the opening bell ring this morning, right now it is down more than 11%. j&j as part of the dow jones, the dozen counterpart of the drop there. the index also down on concerns about trade between the u.s. and china and the global and the dow jones has dropped about 150 points in the last hour. now down almost 2%, 463 points
8:53 am
24,136. s&p 500 down one a half% and the nasdaq slipping the same about one half%. back below 7000 again. more than one third of americans plan to travel for the holidays this year. aaa says a record 115.5 million people will be on the roads and in the skies despite a rise in costs for rental cars and hotels. drivers will also pay the highest holiday gas prices since 2013. on the road, december 20th, will be the busiest day in the air december 22nd, 23rd and 26 the busiest at the airport. ugly christmas sweater is no longer for your office holiday party. it can help you board your next flight. alaska airlines will give early morning to get to those wearing ugly holiday sweaters it applies december 21st in
8:54 am
celebration of national ugly sweater day. the airline will also play holiday music and movies. if you have little kids or middle-aged middle -- middle school kids you might know the baby shark song phenomenon that went viral this year. finding a new way to spread that catchy kids song. ♪ . >> the creator now has a singing baby shark toy already sold out available to preorder on amazon for about $70 they sold out in a couple of days. now third-party sellers are hiking the prices to $100 or more. you can still find the korean singing version on amazon for about $45. >> for somebody who has two children i don't know the baby shark. >> but something else that get stuck in your house? >> my daughter a fan of jojo a
8:55 am
hot singer through nickelodeon learning more and more about her. >> in our house it was barney over and over again. >> pam, thank you. getting in the holiday spirit, coming up we are live of the city of oakland's first and only outdoor ice rink.
8:56 am
denny's♪ $6.99 are you out $6.99 of your mind ♪ eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage buttermilk pancakes. and now, get it delivered free! free! enjoy denny's new $6.99 super slam
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now with free delivery. . day five of five day strike by thousands at kaiser facilities in california. they want kaiser to hire more staff and provide more resources for patients. the national union of healthcare workers says stopping problems forces patience to wait a month or more for therapy were appointments. in response kaiser says it has increased staff by 30% since
8:58 am
2015. united methodist church suing to gain control over the same church in san francisco located in the tenderloin known for charitable work. they tried to sever ties with the methodist church early this year. in response united methodist church filed a lawsuit seeking control. in a statement they call the lawsuit quote a hostile takeover attempt. new information this morning about the e. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce. the strain of e. coli causing the current outbreak tracer reservoir at a farm in santa barbara county. outbreak second 59 people in 16 states last month. regulators are fairly confident all tainted lettuce has been removed from the market but consumers should continue checking labels and don't eat any romaine lettuce grown in monterey, san benito or santa barbara county's until th investigations are complete. a hearing in san francisco on the appeal by the electric scooter company, lime, which
8:59 am
says it was unfairly denied a permit to operate in the city. line, along with another scooter company, bird, flooded san francisco with scooters and may. after a public outcry the city put in a temporary band, put in new rules and in the end skip and screw the only two allowed to operate san francisco. line immediately appealed saying it is being unfairly should -- it out. today hosting and invite -- an event adding 500 electric bikes to its bike share network in the east bay for the first time. there will be an inaugural ride with the e bikes at 9:45 a.m. bike station at 23rd street and telegraph avenue in oakland. they can help riders travel farther an appeal with less effort. while air plans to coast -- the move could jeopardize flights to san francisco and los angeles to iceland. they have not said which routes would become the airline says
9:00 am
will be no changes to flight schedules through early january. today a gun buyback event tomorrow in san francisco. live with one of the organizers. a comedian brings his impressions to san francisco. celebrating the holidays with the bay area staple. special performance from some of the stars of beach blanket babylon. the end of the work week here. sounds nice when you say the words friday. every now and then we give you a live picture from the east bay looking toward the great city by the bay, the great city of san francisco. high clouds starting to roll in because rain is on its way to the bay area. welcome to the 9. steve also saying there is wind. all the christmas trees by my


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