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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 14, 2018 12:00pm-12:58pm PST

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claudine wong. >> and i'm mike mibach, gasia has the day off. stocks are staggering as they're worried about the global economy yet again. the dow jones is down close to 500 points. when it comes to china, they reported retail sales growth numbers missed expectations, this is the latest sign that the economy in china could be slowing down. the nasdaq and s&p right now are nearly down 2%. we have rain and sun behind us right now. we've been watching the rain falling in parts of the bay area and a lot more is expected. rosemary you're the conditions, i know sunday somebody a big night and tonight may be scattered showers. >> i would keep red light umbrella handy for not just today, but tomorrow and the bigger storm expected to arrive on sunday. here's a look at the east bay,
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we're seeing bits of blue out there, coming in on my drive in, we have al little downpour, light to moderate rain falling in oakland, you can see that band of rain that worked through the bay area over the last few hours or so, right now into the south bay where areas are just right about scott's valley and we're seeing light rain into the santa cruz mountains and south bay, this works are you into the east bay towards freemont, 580 and 880 is a wet commute at this stretch. if you look at the central bay, you can see it's falling earlier, it's pushed out and over the north bay, a few sprinkles to report, that's about it. >> action we move forward through your friday, here's a look at your lunchtime, a little blue being picked up in the santa cruz mountains in the south bay. this next wave moves through, 2 or 3 it's central bay and as
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in the south bay. we'll have a wet roadway as we get into the evening drive today. we're not expecting a lot. a quarter of inch for most areas, we're looking at a few 100ths in some areas of the north bay. we'll continue to track this for you, a big ter deal as we get back to the weekend, the bigger storm there t there's a wind advisory and i'll have details on this coming up. precautions are being taken in parts of the bay area to prevent flooding. >> and some hard have been learned. frank mallicoat is live in east palo alto with you very much. if you came to me i have sunshine in my face, blue sky out there. a half-hour ago it was coming down to beat the band. i would say there's more rain
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to come here judging from the clouds. a major project has been completed, this is a flood protection project, this is the san francisco creek, here in east palo alto. it's an area notorious for flooding, it's gone through quite a transformation over the last few years. some residents had to be evacuated to escape the flooding and the debris in the neighborhood. the project has been in the works for 10 years at a cost of 76 plus million, no federal funding, all state and local funding here, it's welcome relief for everyone, including the east palo alto mayor who lives right here on thflood pl this neighborhood that's impacted by the floods in this area. i'm grateful that this work ly
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house protected, but all of the homes lined up against the levy, these families don't have to worry about whether the rain comes, will they be flooded out. >> you have to feel for this neighborhood, we're going to take you back 20 years, 1998, the river flooded big time back then, damaging 1100 homes and it affected some three communities, they helped fund and also direct the project, including santa clara water district, caltrans and pg&e among others. and by the way, this is only phase 1 the project, phase 2 will kick off shortly, they'll do a lot more flood control up the river in some of the communities to try to you don't know how much mother nature will drop each and live i'm frank mallicoat, ktvu 2 news. they forced the evacuation
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of the entire apartment building. firefighters said a woman fell asleep while cooking. >> reporter: this happened at the lake view villas which is a three storey apartment building. residents were terrified when they exited their apartments, the entire hallways were filled with smoke. >> it was scary, we could have burned to death. >> i don't have anything on me it, no id, money. >> the woman fell asleep while cooking and she was able to get out. >> a fire investigator took pus inside to show us the damage. the kitchen was gutted and we saw are the frying and that the woman was using when she fell asleep. >> many residents woke up to if the smoke alarms blaring in the hallway. they opened thand
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pounded on doors evacuating all the floors. >> they got to the upper floor quick, they stretched the lines and you see how long and narrow these hallways are, if it's for someone trying to escape or firefighters trying to get into the fire, that's a challenge. >> evacuated residents stood outside in the cold, many only wearing their pajamas, no one was hurt and power was shut off for a few hours, but was turned back on at 9:00, and the red cross was called out to assist. we have new information about the cracked beams that closed the transit center, it was likely caused by holes that were cut into the support beams by a welding torch. >> we identified shallow micro crksto the thermal cutting process, the subsequent, it's likely that the subsequent welding process created residual stress that is caused the micro cracks
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to pop in to a large defect. efect. inspectors are conduct building more tests but did not give an estimate on how long the repairs will be take. the trance fit authority hopes to provide a timeline for real opening, when the board meets again in january. today is the last day of a 5-day strike, for the clinicians, if the psychologists, kaiser and others to be hold the staff, the national union of health care workers stay if staffing problems force patients to wait a more for appointments. kaiser says it's actually increased staff by 30% since 2015. facebook is apologizing to be users as it announced today or after it announced today that a software bug allowed users to access thousands of photos put up privately by
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users. the photos were expose bid third party apps. it will notify users who were affected p the company is working with developers to delete those photos. michael cohen breaks his silence after being sentenced to three years in prison. what president trump's former lawyer said about the president this morning. and her book, becoming is the fastest nonfiction novels either. the hope former first lady michelle obama is hoping to have on two stops today. liforns free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. the impact former first lady michelle obama is hoping to have on two stops today. l during business hours.
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or call during business hours. president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen said the president directed him to buy the silence of two women during the 2016 campaign, he appeared on good morning america today. he said then candidate trump was concerned about how were the stories of alleged affairs with the women would affect the election, he pled guilty to several charges including campaign finance algas to protect himself and cohen disagrees. >> he said in tweets, he basically says, his claims, you're lying about him to protect your wife, to protect thyoe truth and i know the truth and
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others know the truth. and here's the truth. he will al the people of the united states, the people of the world don't believe what he is saying. the man doesn't tell the truth. and it's sad that i should take responsibility for his dirty deeds. >> prosecutors have said cohen provided keep information in their investigation and that he still is cooperating with investigators. china says it will temporarily suspend on tariffs on car imports, and there will be a suspension of active hikes on -- tariffs hikes and they agreed to the temporary ceasefire as the two sides negotitrump won't make good on a threat over a funding over
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>> reporter: funding for the federal government runs out a week from today and hundreds of it thousands of government workers still don't know whether they'll it be taking an unpaid holiday vacation, democrats digging in their hills over $5 billion the president requested for the construction of his border wall. if he doesn't get it, shut down the government. the congressional republicans say they he's not bluffing. >> they don't have the votes to pass the proposal. >> the president says no more, i'm standing for you, the american people, they're standing to people standing here illegally. >> they're exploring military options, including having the army pay for the wall in the budget. there's little support for that on capitol hill. with most the republicans income if the president's cabinet pushing for the congressional action, they say it's a deterrent to the walls w
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illegal flow has dropped from 90 to 95%. the thousands of migrants are still determined to get the u.s., one woman gave birth along the journey from honduras, she's praying for god to change the president's mind. >> he's put a lot of repen forcements to prevent us from coming in, but if he has a heart of flesh and heart, maybe not stone. not stone. well, the death of a little girl from guatamala detained by border patrol authorities is raising questions on how detained children are treated. the 7-year-old crossed the border with her father. she died last week border patro she million seizures 8 hours half he she was taken into custody. she was taken to the hospital where she died. we're begging parents not to
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the put themselves or their childrennality risk, attempt -- children at risk attempting to enter illegal. and some say getting to us is worth the risk. >> our lives are in danger in honduras, because of problems within family members, our lives are at risk, and that's why we decided to flee, to risk crossing to the other side. >> the girl's death raises questions whether border agents knew she was suck and if she was given anything to -- she was sick and if she was given anything to eat while detained. >> it could result in the deportation, the law, some deportation of vietnamese refugees. >> it's alarming, i think we need to learn i don't know the vietnamese refugees are here in the first place. the trail from southeast asia
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to the states started with a politically unpopular war, vietnam. it started in the '60s and lasting until the fall of saigon, they poured dollars and lives to stem communism, they became refugees at war's end and sought asylum here. since 1995, the two countries agreed those arriving prior to that year wouldn't be deported. >> there was a promise made by that government to accept people fleeing the criminal because of their affiliation with the united states. >> the trump administration believes that the vietnamese immigrants who arrived before the establishment of diplomatic ties are subject to the same standard immigration laws, meaning they're eligible for deportation, they site security concerns, some of those impacted are part of the criminal element. as many as 5,000 refugees now face deportation back to
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vietnam. >> a lot of kids, it's my, for these individuals, maybe they made a mistake in their life as a younger person, it's been years and years later, most of these individuals have families, have children who are u.s. citizens, so this policy is really antifamily, it's going to be tear families apart, now, to turn those backs on those folks, to me it seems short sighted. >> immigration attorneys for exploring possible litigation to block president trump's efforts as the so-called mops him ban, as they have done. tonight former first lady michelle obama will be in san jose at the sap center as part of her nationwide book tour. the new book title is called becoming. we checked and if the cheapest tickets are about $400. and this afternoon former first lady michelle obama will take
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part in a youth leadership work shop in san jose, and it's in the organization public allies. she was executive director of if the chicago chapter of public alice. the group is focused -- public allies. the group is focused on young people from diverse communities. before making her way to the bay area, former first lady michelle obama stopped at children in chicago. she danced with the children and she gave the young ones advice. >> what would it will be if you were to tell us something? >> don't let fear guide you. >> i p to her since i was really little. >> mrs. obama went to a bookstore in denver as part of her book tour. if you're looking outside, and wondering if you need the umbrella, rosemary says? >> absolutely. we're in a little bit of a lull.
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we had showers develop lawsuit morning and rolling through areas southern parts of the bay area, but it is going to continue, i'm giving you a look there into san francisco where we do have partly cloudy skies, we're going to continue to seal the partly cloudy skies and the cloudy skies, the light rain today it, the heavier storm coming in on sunday. there is an advisory in the sierra, and i'll talk to you about this in just a moment. look at what's going on here. it passed through in the last couple of hours. in the south bay we're seeing light scattered showers, it looks like now, in between the santa cruz mountains and highway 101 in the next 15 minutes or so it, beginning to see that. and this has shifted into areas, portions of the satibon east bay, this is freemont, we got light shower activity there, i came in about an hour ago and the rain was coming down pretty good over areas like oakland, you can see, we have to try this out as well as san francisco and a few
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sprinkles reported around santa rosa, we're not done, ner wave will pull through. we have a little rain snow mix on the southern edge of south tahoe there. there's no advisory for travel today and there's an wind advisory, it will go until 10:00 tonight. areas over tahoe could see wind gulf coasts up to 50, 60 miles per hour. it will be hazardous driving out there, despite the fact you don't have to worry about snow on the ground. we're looking at an inch to an inch and a half for the sierra. >> we can look at this, in the the rain over the north bay by 2, 3:00, over the central bay, 3, 4:00. we'll call this the first part of the evening hours, i expect the evening drive to be fairly wealth. here's a look at tomorrow morning, we wake up with scattered showers, it be does taper off, we'll be dry for saturday afternoon and then the bigger storm comes in on
12:21 pm
sunday. as far as rainfall amounts, we could see a quarter inch around here, maybe half inch for some of our hills and wetter spots for today. tomorrow not much to speak of and as we get into sunday, a half-inch to 2 and a half inches, we'll track that as we get closer, upper 60s to low 50s, if the extended forecast shows you yes, you're going to be need the rain gear, getting through the weekend, we'll see a break, saturday afternoon, with the bigger storm coming in on sunday, it could last into monday and dry again on tuesday, back to you. still to come at noon, concerns over the skyscraper in emeryville. if it's built, it will be the tallest building in the east bay. we'll have more on the public hearing where people voiced their concerns and support for the plan.
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the market stocks, it's trading on wall street. johnson and johnson is down 10% after reuters reported today as the company has known since the 1970s, the baby powder contains carcinogenic asbestos, the dow jones is down 2%. there's new information about the e-coli outbreak, the outbreak sickened 59 people last month. they're confident that all of the tainted lettuce has been
12:25 pm
removed from market. consumers should continue checking labels and not eat anything in monterey until all of the investigations are complete. american airlines is adding flights to sonoma county and starting in june, expanded service will begin from if the charles m schultz sonoma county airport in santa rosa to the dallas fort worth international airport. tickets for both destinations goes on sale starting on monday. and there's a low cost, and they plan to cut 100 jobs and reduce the airplanes to save money. it the airline plans to get rid of it nine planes that are on the california routes. they haven't said which routes have been cut. the airline says there will be no changes to the schedule goin
12:26 pm
>> they're looking at a proposed tower that would soar above it. the 50 storey skyscraper would be on interstate 80 and christie avenue. we have details on the project and reaction from the community. >> reporter: i think a project like this cause as little tension. >> a big turnout for a big building at the emeryville planning commission. >> city staff has never seen anything like it. a tower almost 700 feet tall, with more than 600 apartments and condos of various sizes and a separate but connected office tower, 16 storeys high. open space and time seat level. the structure would dwarf anything in the area r almost as high neighboring condos. some starting to be finally lake an urban community. there are more people walking
12:27 pm
on the streets and i actually love the design. >> others are incredulous it's being considered. >> this 54 tower, it doesn't belong in, my opinion anywhere in emory victim. if this is going to be built, it will if forever and we're stuck with it. >> at the silent there's as office building with a bank branch which would remain but this cafe would be demolished along with a established dance school and studio. many residents came to the meeting concerned about traffic, already suggested around pal street. >> we don't need this next to the highway. it will affect the entire 80 corridor. >> the developer has tall obstaclemix and parking and no on affordability. >> it's too early to say.
12:28 pm
>> okay. >> still in the process with many more public session as i head, should this tower get off the ground. >> the views of san francisco are stunning, so, it's a great opportunity to really, i think enhance if the community and create a landmark property. >> a few dozen people spoke and had an opinion that was evenly split. there were thumbs down cooper to the large say. there was no action taken at the meeting, this was all feedback for the canadian developer to take back to the drawing board. drawing board. an unusual sight on a muni train, rescue crews never saw anything like this before, how to safety. and an atm at a gas station, it was stolen from sa not the first time this group of thieves have targeteded a business.
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a man is accused of stabbing a woman in menlo park. >> a that stunned one of the wealthiest cities. >> police found a won than two
12:32 pm
weeks before christmas. a crime scene in a neighborhood of multi-million-dollar homes. the police activity shattering the residential sense of security. >> this is very -- i think this is a safest neighborhood in the area. i never lock the door. >> a man called 911 in hysterics sawing a woman had been killed -- saying a woman had been killed. she a period to have been stabbed by a sharp object other than a knife and man was there, francis wolke who was still there and he was arrested for very sorry the his loss. city, many residents are in shock. >> the concern no matter what neighborhood is there, it's just tragic for someone to die
12:33 pm
young, and tragic especially for them to be murdered. >> police have not discussed the motive, they're trying to confirm the relationship between the victim and suspect who is wanted for prowling and drug possession, i spoke by phone for the suspect's mother in cinncinati, ohio, she was unaware that her son had been arrested and who the victim was. >> many students heard about what happened through texts and social media. >> we were all freaking out kind of because on the texts and people were like face timing and calling each other to tell them that something possibly happened. everyone was like lock your doors and stay safe. >> you never think it's going to be close to tulsa zoo. >> the suspect is being hemmed at san mateo county jail. he has yet to face formal
12:34 pm
charges. and united playas is taking back guns. $100 is being offered for a handgun and $200 for an assault style weapon, no questions asked. today the founder talked about the effect if the gun buy back has had? >> in san francisco, now, it, gun violence went down 33%, and the chief of police, scott, said he believes and i believe too that gun violence went down because of the contribution of if the gun buy backs. >> the last buy back in june brought in close to 200 firearms, many were destroyed t man who the top of a muni train last night was
12:35 pm
rescued by firefighters, but we're not sure how he actually got up there and why he was up there. however, we know with the rescue teams he was led down a ladder and was treated at the hospital for minor injuries, the castro station was which was temporarily closed is back open again a santa fe family is -- a san jose family is asking for help to find their daughter's killer. they believe she was not the intended target. >> they're struggling to cope with their loss especially during the holidays. >> there she is an elf. >> she would be the elf helping to give presents with her father who is santa, but not this christmas. >> it's loss that can't be explained. it will stay with since the martinez lost their
12:36 pm
youngest daughter. her mother who bears the same name describes the 24-year-old as a carefree spirit, that spirit gone too soon the night of may 16. >> what happened, help us understand, why her? >> jennifer's family said she had been drinking with two acquaintances she had never met and enjoy the east san jose foothills, at 10:00 at night, witnesses heard fire, witnesses sped off away from the crime scene, jennifer and the 21-year- old man were both shot and killed. >> that's the only information we have, they don't believe she was intended -- the intended target. they believe she was a victim. >> my daughter was a type of person, with friends, if they needed help, she would go see how she could help them. she was the type that if they were in trouble, she would not run away. i think that's what happened. >> little clues to go off of,
12:37 pm
it happened in a remote area with not much lighting, few witnesseses have come forward, they statue hanging and an angel on top of the tree, she's their angel now. >> she's a daughter, sister, neice and a friend, she'll be remembered that way. >> she -- we ask that she just gets justice. gets justice. well, the sacramento county sheriff's office is reviewing surveillance video of three burglars who stole an atm, look at the video, this is a smashing through the gas station, look at the mess they left behind. a man is wearing a ski mask, he pushes through the shattered gas and is able to get access i
12:38 pm
strap around atm you can see it load it on to the back of that truck. the burglars tried to steal an atm hours earlier but were unsuccessful. they're looking for people who trashed a apple store. a truck slammed into this store on 4th street in berkeley yesterday morning. the thieves were stopped because there's a metal gate that prevented them from getting inside. >> when i got there, they found a u-haul truck had been driven through the front glass doors, it was still running, it appears that the metal security screen on the inside of those glass windows, they department get through that, so, there's no entry made into the business. the store was able to open later in the day, anyone with information about the crime is being asked to call berkeley police. pg&e wants state regulators to approve a new rate increase,
12:39 pm
average increase of $12.50, the utility told the public utilities commission that the increase has nothing to do with potential liability from wildfires, they said this rate hike would cover a variety of items and expenses. hundreds of victims from last month's butte county are frustrated after being turned down for federal aid. many have received letters from fema saying they don't qualify for benefits. they are aware of the problem and are urging people not to give up. take a good close look at their letter and find out why they are being deemed in eligible at this time, it could be for any number of reasons, they may not have all of the required paperwork or perhaps they have bending on what type of damage has been done to their residents.
12:40 pm
>> fema is urging fire victims to visit the disaster centers in butte county or caliphal directly to have their situation evaluated. the needs affected by the devastating it wildfire in butte county are not going away. ktvu's rob roth has the story. >> talk about a bee hive of activity, here at the san francisco march republican food bank, dozens of volunteers were packing up apples and other fruits vegetables and groceries, all of the food would go to those in need locally, most are headed to the fire victims in butte county. >> they're boxing it up so the church can take a box full and take it back to people they're assisting in butte county. another box may did to a school. >> come saturday, all of the pallets will be delivered to a
12:41 pm
distribution point in chico. there's produce as you saw. people don't have full kitchens, we have pop to cans. >> the total shipment is expected to be 12 and a half tons of food. volunteers say they're happy to help. >> for people who have lost their homes, you know, pretty much everything that they own, this little bit can go a long way for them. if me being here to do the little things i can help package it and make sure they have good produce, it's my way of giving back. >> the san francisco marin county school bank serves 134 meals a week. >> the things i was packing was there when i went to pick up my kidsry, they're shipping groceries to the fire victims, people who are having a difficult time to get to the stores. >> it's important we help our
12:42 pm
extended community, when an earthquake strikes the san francisco we'll look for support. >> holiday season isn't fundraising season. it's hoping to raise several million dollars in the next few weeks to cover next year's budget. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. we're hearing an appeal by the public scooter company lime was unfairly denied to be in the city p bird flooded san francisco with the scooters back in may. after a public outcry they put temporary ban in place, and in the end skip and scoot were the only two allowed to operate in san francisco, and lime appealed that decision and said it's being unfairly shut out. ktvu has learned that san francisco police have made an arrest in the homicide of a homeless man. 58-year-old samuel is in
12:43 pm
custody accused in the april murder of 40-year-old kuan chong, he suffered injuries in chinatown. the suspect is the same man caught on surveillance video viciously kicking another homeless person laying down on the sidewalk. christian captain is working to learn more about this late breaking arrest. we'll have more for you today on the 4. the last home game for the oakland raiders could be a monday night game on christmas eve. if that's the case, it's bring being up the team where they might play next year, it's just in case the team wants to be safe. rosemary will be back with the weekend forecast.
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about a third of americans are planning to travel for the
12:47 pm
holidays this year. more will be in the sky despite pricier hotels and traveling. december 22nd 3rd and 6th will be the busiest days at the airport. if you're traveling this holiday season, and driving, the average cost of a gallon of unleaded 3.47. unleaded 3.47. rain is coming, rosemary, i still have not purchased my christmas tree. >> oh, no, oh, no. >> i would need a window and break in the rain. >> i would say saturday afternoon will be your best bet. storm on sunday, we will get a bit of a brief reprieve by saturday afternoon. here's the view of a lot of gray sky and system. we did have a band of that and
12:48 pm
way down to the central bay and south bay. you can see it marred across the bay anophelesesled out. a few sprinkles at this point. now, it's moist enough, right, over the higher elevations, santa cruz mountains, we may have a little bit in the diablo range. a little off the coastline and into areas over san francisco, if we look to the east, east of livermore along 580, we may have a little there. shifting into the north bay, perhaps a few scattered showers around roanoke park and petaluhighway so 1 and over here to saint helena, these showers are expected to pick up once again by mid to late afternoon. here's a look at 2:00 over the north bay, and the evening drive, 5:00 or so, it's into the central bay and then as we work our way into the evening hours, it will contihe south bay. lets take a look at ay
12:49 pm
morn up with a lot of cloud cover, scattered showers in the forecast, by lunchtime it, kind of wants to pull out and give as you little bit of a break, with partly cloudy skies for your saturday afternoon. there's a look at sunday, there's a look at the bigger storm that we will be tracking. i mention the in the last half- hour, that for the sierra today, a lake wind advisory, you don't have the travel advisories for the small amount. it will be a small amount. on sunday there will be winter travel advisories for the sierra trucks meanwhile for us at home. we're looking at anyway from a few traces to a quarter of an inch for most of us today. some of the wetter spots to the north and our hills can pick up a half-inch or so, on saturday there will be cloud cover, a few sprinkles early in the morning as you saw, the bigger storm comes in from a half- inch, to an inch and a half. some of our coast side communities, our hills could pick up 2 and a half inches,
12:50 pm
the farther north you get more, to low 60s right now. temperatures won't budge a lot. we'll remain route where we are at f getting into your week, the temperatures don't change, morning showers followed by some afternoon showers under partly cloudy skies, more rain and wind on sunday, scattered showers to start your day on monday, dry on tuesday, back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. this week has been a rollercoaster of e-- roller coaster of emotions for raid% fans. >> we look at the win over the pittsburgh steelers. >> the raiders win, you can >> oh, my. >> sunday's crazy evening ending turned out to be the crazy beginning for a rollerwee he denied rumors of mckenzie's release he legitimize them. >> we're going to bring the
12:51 pm
raiders back, that's all i will say. >> the city of oakland has been shabbily treated by both the raiders and mark davis. >> wednesday, the team rescinded its 7.5 million offer to play in the coliseum which led to rampant speculation where they will play. >> all options are open. >> it will be easy to shea, put them in levi stadium and the resulting realization, that christmas eve may be the final football game in the coliseum. >> we spent five years playing in the stadium, people are talking trash about it, and it being the last, people talking about it, it's crazy, there's no book on how to do this. i'll figure it out the best way i can, day by day. >> and now we're trying it figure it out f mark davis left the door slightly ajar for next season, he own lawsuit, but for
12:52 pm
the fans i have to think about it. it leavestous to think about what might come next. come next. and as scott mentioned the raiders leaving oakland, this he could share space with the 49ers, she hasn't heard from the riders, she's looking at lease agreements in case the team inquires, no word on how the 49ers would feel about sharing their home field. something new in oakland this season, we'll look at the city's first and only outdoor ice skating rink.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
. > coming in for award wilson. she passed away last night at the age of 81. john legend treated that she was a magical performer and he
12:55 pm
heard her beautiful voice in person. she won grammies and a lifetime achievement award for the national endowment of the arts. she was dealing with a long illness, she was 81 years old. we're working to learn more about the arrest of a man accused of a murder of a homeless man back in chinatown in april. they've taken a 58-year-old man in custody. he's the same man in this video brutally kicking another homeless person on the streets in san francisco. we'll have more on this development in this case for you today on the 4. >> we're keeping an eye on the markets, it's a volatile week, it's a points, and nasdaq is down 148 and s&p down almost 50 points, you ha concerns over the global markets, numbers and data coming in weaker than expected
12:56 pm
p. well, in just a few hours now, the city of oakland will open its first outdoor ice skating rink to the public. opening ceremonies will be held at 6:30 tonight and the oakland mayor libby schaaf will be there. not only can families enjoy ice skating but food and shopping. that's a cool place to hang out right there. it will create a new holiday tradition for families in oakland. >> we want to take the opportunity to make it and special place for the holidays. let people come down here and experience downtown oakland, in a way that we haven't experience it had before. >> the will be open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., students can get a $2 discount if you have your student id. >> if i could only ice skate. >> you can learn. >> i'm sure you could. thanks for watching everyone. have a great day.
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