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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:28pm PST

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>> she did not want to walk in the raus there. >> a family and anguish after a southern california womanhit and killed by a hit-and-run driver. the 11:00 news on ktvu, fox 2 news starts now. hello again. i'm frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. the family is offering a reward in the case. it happened on north first street in san jose near the interstate 880 offramp. azenith smith is live in san jose where the city is had a high number of pedestrian deaths this year. >> reporter: three pedestrian deaths in just the last week. hears a face to one of those fatalities. a young mother from san dimas on her way to becoming a registered nurse. her family will spend christmas without her.
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this is video of nicole staten, stadium last sunday. with her father and brother, huge 49er fanssan dimas and los angeles county. her father said they had the best time. >> we said we would do it every year. we had no idea it would be the last. >> reporter: the family was staying at the wyndham garden in two blocks from first and rosemary street. after the game, they had drinks at nearby doghouse sports lounge, leaving at around midnight. >> i said hey it is raining but we will lock anyway. halfway home, she did not want to walk in the rain . >> reporter: it was the last time he would see police called him, she had been struck by a car near the 880 offramp sometime before 1 am.
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>> we believe she was possibly sitting on the curb in that area when she was drunk. >> reporter: police say the suspects car likely heading southbound on first street when the driver may have attempted to make a u-turn and hit her. she is one of 23 pedestrian deaths in san jose this year. seven more than last year. police the holidays, i dangerous time for accidents with more cars and pedestrians on the road. >> we ask vehicles to slow down. we know people are busy and wanting to get where they are going, it is not worth it. 4 not worth it, no one knows that better than nicole's family. the 29-year-old work as a caregiver for visiting angels, taking care of the elderly. the aspiring nurse leaves behind a six-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son. >> she was going for he she just got her aa and was going to transfer into nursing will. her daddy told them that god needed an rn in heaven.
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>> reporter: police in the suspects car may be a white car with chrome trim and damage to the driver side bumper. the family is offering a $10,000 reward for information. all they want is justice. new pictures tonight of a man wanted for a horrible beading on a street in san francisco. the first told you of the case last night. today police released to these two pictures of the suspect. is wanted in connection with an attack on tuesday in mason street. surveillance video capture the suspect stomping on the victims head after punching him and knocking him to the ground. the suspect then took off walking northboundeventually go anyone with information about his name is asked to contact the san francisco police department. new details about the san francisco police officer arrested for robbing a bank. this is a mug shot of officer
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doherty. he is accused of stealing more than $9000 from a bank in the suspect 's sunset district. he was already on leave from the department and facing charges in san mateo county for allegedly dealing $24,000 from the bank account of a 76-year- old neighbor in burlingame. >> we are held to the same standard as everyone else. the case will go through the wheels of justice like any other case. >> san francisco police searched his home and said they found cocaine and oxycodone as well as anti-anxiety medication for which he had no prescription. he was already charged in san mateo county with elder theft and drug possession. he is now in federal members o soon be asked to weigh in on plans for a series of toll hikes on the golden gate
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bridge. right now it is seven dollars for past track users and eight dollars for others. the new proposal would put us pushing the highest toll to almost $10. jana katsuyama is at the toll plaza tonight. >> reporter: they say they are higher cost coming projected into the future. the revenues need to keep up. as you mentioned, tolls and one proposal that could go to nearly $10 for crossing. something that many motorists say they do not want to see. crossing the golden gate bridge comes at a cost. >> i drive six days per week if not more. >> reporter: e pivotal everyday? that is seven dollars for each crossing. you can add up for frequent commuters. the brit will not be enough to keep up with rising cost in the coming years. >> we just finished the last toll program. we are looking ahead for the next five years. we had about a $75 million
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shortfall. what make the district said that is due to an estimated 4% increase in future cost of materials and services. the district is laid out several plans. one would maintain the current 25% increase each year that would allow them to continue at current levels. other proposals would increase tolls by as much as $.35 per year. >> it depends on what the funds are going for and what they are allocated for. if they can justify it, we have to pay to play the game. what make the district said they will need to invest in transit. the ferry line has become so full they will need to purchase another vessel and provide more frequent service. >> we find that during commute hours we turn people away from the ferry. we are looking to invest more in transit. >> reporter: there are other maintenance costs down the road. >> we are looking at a . that includes tolls could reac
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as high as $9.80 per trip, drivers want the district to remember that every increase can take a toll on the working people. >> a lot of us also have deficits. people use the bridge to make a living, including myself. >> reporter: the bridge district meets tomorrow to decide wheere will be public hearings before any vote in march. new tolls could take effect in july. a new judge has been assigned to the ghost ship warehouse case. superior court judge trina dge she is the derick almena and max harris. they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the death of 36 people during
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the 2016 fire at the ghost ship warehouse. judge thompson is expected to be officially assigned to the case during the defendant's next court appearance on january 2. a state watchdog agency is calling for bart to be fined over the campaign spending. the fair political practices commission requested the state attorney general and bay area das to prosecute bart for violating state law using public money to campaign in favor of a bond measure. bond measure rr was passed by voters in 2016 to help pay for repairs and upgrades to bart. they also voted to find bart $7500 for failing to report the campaign asked and possess with wired by law.public not suggest how people should vote. track now to a turbulent day in washington and news at the white house is going to lose another key cabinet member. defense secretary jim mattis announced his resignation this
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afternoon. he resigned one day after mr. trump said, u.s. troops would be withdrawn from syria, a move that jim mattis refused to endorse. in the retirement letter he said resident trump should choose a successor whose views better align with other factor may hav this afternoon, we learned that president trump wanted to withdraw about half of the 14,000 u.s. troops by summer. earlier this year, the defense secretary persuaded president trump to keep troops on the ground to counter the talib and and islamic state. the government shutdown is looming tomorrow with funding for 25% of the government in the air. president trump is holding firm on his desire for a border wall. now the republican-led house has thrown their support behind him. the u.s. senate, that is another story. >> reporter: the clock is ticking on a potential partial
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government shutdown just when the solution seemed to be in sight. house republicans chose to to find the border wall. now all eyes are on the senate. the house answered washington's $5 billion question on thursday night. passing the spending bill that includes the funding president trump has been seeking for a wall and border security. b this is not about the personality of the person in the white house, it is whether or not we will act the rule of law and deep america safe. we are playing political games. to pander to the president of the >> reporter: earlier on thursday, the president reiterated his message after it seemed that the white house is willing to accept the plan from the senate to give 1.6 dollars for the wall. >> walls work, whether we like it or not. they work better than anything. in life there are certain principles worth fighting for. principles that are more important than politics, party or
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>> reporter: so far, 75% of the government has already been funded. the rest is being held up by next year's homeland security budget and the money running out friday night at midnight. with thursday's vote passing the house, it is up to the senate to agree or go back to square one. democrats are putting the blame on trump. >> the president of the united states prefers to shut down the government. >> president trump is throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shutdown. >> reporter: the bill that passed the house will need 60 votes in the senate and the president's signature to fund the government. senate republicans only have a 51-49 majority. now they will need help from democrats. in washington, bogan, fox news. new information about the killing of a respected for hire plot alleged by prosecutors. a new hospital in san francisco. we get an inside look at the new state-of-the-art facilities.
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a few raindrops right now. fog is possible tomorrow. as we head toward christmas eve, more rain in the forecast. we will see you back here with the details. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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two people are behind bars in connection with what police are calling a sophisticated case of murder for hire. maria moore hired marvel salvan to kill. >> this is not the car.
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>> he was scheduled to fly to india the day before he was killed to visit family. maria moore wired him $500 before the shooting. court documents alleged t sent moore a text message. the defendants waived their first court appearance today and are being held at the jail. san francisco's newest hospital will be opening in a few months. center health is putting the finishing touches on the medical center. tom vacar shows us it is being san francisco is not only one of the world's most advanced, it was designed to be impervious to major earthquakes earthquake. >> reporter: to make sureand ru af it has its own electric power
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plant. it has its own water supply, it has its own sewerage system. in reality it is an island unto itself. an island to save lives. >> i'm excited to move into a facility that matches the world- class care we provide. >> reporter: today staff from two other hospitals relocating here are taking classes on the latest meant, including power lives that are easy on patients as well as employees. these high-tech rangefinders can literally see through skin. they precisely locate veins so that repeated needlesticks are no longer necessary. the 274 bed facility with 30 operating and procedural rooms is digtient and employee friendly. employ selected 755 pieces of art, all from bay area artists to give the wall the look of color, light and beauty. no bland or blah. >> arch makes people feel good.
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it has healing qualities. >> reporter: everything including the artist totally washable to cut down on the spread of germs. the floors have family rooms all with sweeping views, comfortable well lit places. for children's floors, childlike rooms give patients a place to go to mingle, play games, do homework or just be away from their beds. >> it is very much like a hotel. we want to cater to our patients and families. we want to provide a place that they want to come. >> reporter: all hospitals can be at this level of earthquake safety must be so by the news. we are watching the weather move. there are a few clouds. the clouds are bringing light showers and places. for the most part it has been h bay. for the rest of us, pretty much business as
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usual. as the system slides through tonight, the fog will rear its ugly head, probably around 3 am or 4 am. that could cause dense patchy valley fog in the morning. not as extensive as today. this is the system. this is the system we have been talking about. as we said before, it has nothing to it at least thus far. we have seen rain totals in the foothills. you can see them houserville and grass valley. stockton looks like a little bit of rain. we've had sprinkles in pleasanton. for the most part pretty light. and the north bay also a little bit of rain. trace amounts to ain the in lan you get going the sun comes out. it is a nice-looking day. the model does this. tomorrow morning, you see fog on the south end of the valley. this is tomorrow afternoon. the sun comes out most of the day, at least after lunchtime. and here come saturday morning. valley fog will be back. then here comes saturday night. a few clouds and sunday we transition into the christmas
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eve weather we were talking about. sunday morning then sunday night. sunday night we start was showers were sprinkles around 7 pm or 8 pm. that lingers into monday. monday will be a wet day overall. the winter storm warning, probably in the mountains. right now it is a watch. it could be upgraded as we go into monday. with that said, a slight chance of showers tonight. we are seeing it now but no big deal. as you look at the five day forecast, nothing big. monday is not huge but it is something. probably a quarter inch or half- inch in the coastal health. what is happening now is really zero on the meter. monday's system will have a little bit of a pop. between sunday night and monday from santa, on in the north bay, to a winterfest, there are ways to get festive.
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heading into the weekend and here is what is happening around the bay. in san francisco, come see illuminate 2018. the festival of light includes 37 light sculptures in 37 neighborhoods by 34 artists with free. in the east bay, you can shop for an assortment of fine art and craft during the 28th annual berkeley artisan holiday open studios. over 100 professional artist, craftspeople and galleries in berkeley will ding or clustered walking distance. track in the noive friday night crawl starts at hot monk tavern. in the south bay, winterfest continues at great america when the amusement park is transformed into a winter wonderland and holiday festival plea with ice dating,
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activities, performances, santa's workshop and mrs. clauses kitchen. >> the 49ers, raters and sharks are home. that is your weekend watch. former 49er, eric reid does not mince words when he talks about how the nfl treated him. >> a west side story on the ice. the sharks and jets through down at the tank. mark will tell us if the winning streak is still alive. a holly wonderland for low income families. every child received the passport and visited different stations to receive a special toy and a stamp in their passport. ing us. we will be back in a moment. ♪ toyland, toyland
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mark is back with sports it was a rough one for the sharks. >>the drain. they have been playing their best hockey all season at the tank. the winnipeg jets came to town and west side story breaks out as an sharks versus jets. that is goodrow and lemieux mixing it up.
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i hate to say it but i think goodrow got the worst of that. in the first period 1-1. sharks power play. and actually hit the belsky's thigh. the ninth goal in 12 games. they go up to -1. still in the first. martin jones, a rough night after a shutout a couple of nights ago. way out of position. now the hat trick made it 2-2. ec the replay. the sharks will tie with five seconds left in the second period. . going into ?. the third period, down to the final few minutes of the ga just over three minutes, winnipeg is ahead for good. jones again, lured away from the net. he actually got tangled up with a .te dealer scored. he had an empty net or later to complete the hat trick. is a 5-3 final, the sharks on the short end.
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the final weekend for the 49ers and raiders. there will be no january football for either the area football teams. a former 49er, eric reid is in the news . he was associated with colin kaepernick is one of the guys annealed during the national anthem. is doing it now that he signed on with carolina. he has been drug tested randomly by the nfl this year seven times. a little out of the ordinary. that is a little suspicious to say the least. he has also been singled out for some other things. >> the interception was overturned. i was ejected for hip it happens every week in the nfl. i was fined for defending myself when a player charged at me. that player was not find. i have been drug tested multiple a short amount of time. i know what i am going up against. i'm not surprised in the slightest.
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>> a little suspicious. to check it out, peewee football. a short attention span. that is in between plays. music blaring over the loudspeaker. short attention span. they were dancing and having a good time. some shattering basketball here. high school basketball in utah. too often on a high school level. they delayed the game. that is the deal. all worth checking out. that is the sporting life. happy holidays. see you later everyone. you have a lot of deadlines in your business, right? we miss deadlines, we don't get paid. what if you lost your network connection? you gotta be kidding me. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files up to 20 times fas ter. our gig-speed network land we go beyond fasts
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if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. [ alarm clock blares ] claire: mm. [ both groan and sigh ] remember before we had kids, when we could just lie in bed on a saturday?
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that's how we got them. why did i have to be so sexy? a few months ago, luke joined a club soccer team. and at first, we were thrilled. it takes over your whole weekend. and not in the cool "mythbusters" marathon way. luke sits on the bench a lot, which means we sit in the hot sun for like eight hours just to see him play five minutes. but what a five minutes. tell 'em about last week. oh! yeah. luke stopped a goal with his face. yeah. too bad he doesn't remember that. yeah. we can't do that. missing one tournament doesn't make us bad parents. my mom never went to any of my stuff. i'm fine. why didn't she go to any of your stuff? because she was an incredibly competitive woman who didn't like to see me do very well at anything, but i think it's pretty clear who won. mm-hmm. i'm working now, you know,


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