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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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3 miles or so. there is no fog there. there is some along the coast line. santa rosa is 49 and low 50s over oakland and 40s in livermore and upper 40s and san jose. there is a flood advisory until 2:00 along the low-lying areas along the coastline and bayside areas. we are mainly dry at the moment. right is to the north and that will change through the morning with isolated showers. it continues into the evening. we could see from a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. it is breezy with when from 22 to 30 miles per hour along the bay area. snow and dust sierra at a look at the advisory and the timing of the storm in your afternoon highs in a little bit.
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one person died after the early morning fire. two others were hurt including a firefighter at a home on clay street. leigh martinez is live at the scene with the latest information on the investigation underway. good morning, lee. >> reporter: good morning. this third floor is the home and the second floor is the living room and kitchen and that is where the fire crews believe the fire started. it was fully involved at above that was the bedroom. we are told that the rescue attempt was made. they knew people were trapped inside. they could not get to them. the fire crews are distraught for having lost a life. the fire broke out at 1251. the fire crews were on the scene quickly. a second alarm was issued as
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the fire was visible from outside. it was on the second floor were the living area was located. they tried to rescue the people when they broke down the door, the file rolled over the firefighters. >> when we arrived, the whole second floor was fully engulfed and the bedrooms were above that. we knew there were people in the bedrooms. because of the volume of fire and trying to get to them as rescues were attempted, again, we have two victims. one critically injured and one deceased. >> reporter: the second victim suffered severe burns and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. victim had not been identified as the fire crews attempt to contact family members. the firefighter that was injured, he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to have a full recovery. he was released from the hospital this morning the fire
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is under investigation. it is believed it was on the second floor they do not know the cause of the fire. the identities of the victims have not been released. in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. developments from san francisco about a deadly overnight shooting. the police say a shop smarter alerted them. the police arrived and found a man inside of a crashed car who had been shot. he died at the scene. there is no word of a motive or possible suspect. if you have information, call the san francisco police. the oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting last night and downtown oakland around 9:40. shell casings were found on franklin street outside of a nightclub. the police blocked off traffic along broadway to let the investigators get in there. no details about a victim and
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no word of a motive or suspect. if you have information, call the oakland police. regulators are looking at breaking up pg&e after the deadly wildfires at the pipeline explosion. the utility commission says they are looking at different ideas, including replacing the border -- board of directors. the commission will take public comment through january 30. they are open to a range of solutions. it is expected to be harder for people who want to buy new homes built at that naval shipyard. three major banks will no longer offer mortgages or property there. the chronicle reports wells fargo, chase will not finance loans because of concerns about the safety of the land with the developer that has already built 450 homes. they plan to build thousands
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more in the area that backs up to hundreds of acres that are contaminated by radioactive material. you could be several hours before firefighters recover the body of a driver who went off highway 101. the crews were called by people reported a pickup truck that flipped over and was on fire. the higher has been uploaded with this video and the crews were able to climb down the cliff and put out the flames. they discovered the body of a man inside the truck. because of rain and wind, they have not removed the body of the victim. a partial government shutdown is stretching into 2019. republican leaders are democrat -- angry at democrats for blocking the promise to build a border wall. jillian turner has the latest from washington. good morning,
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jillian. >> reporter: capitol hill is buzzing despite the government shutdown the president tweeting late last night from the white house, take a look. >> reporter: the most important is about gangs and crime at the southern border. we need border security and everyone knows you cannot have border security without a will. technology and drones are bells and whistles. safety for america. we know from chuck schumer's meeting with vice president that the president eight a counter offer between $1.3 billion that the democrats consider earlier and $5 billion , which is the white house number. sort the sources say the white house lowered the demand to $2.1 billion for the wall and $400 million for other security interest >> shimmers reject the proposal and issues a statement, the vice president made an offer. we are still very far apart.
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democrats insist they are not for open borders. >> democrats support order security. we appropriated $1.6 billion for border security. democrats support that. >> democrats question whether any number wed satisfied democrats. they believe nancy pelosi is calling shots and there is little incentive for her to get to a resolution before she takes her seat as the new speaker in january. outlook remains grim expect things will not move quickly. it is possible the shutdown will go into the new congress. >> reporter: congress returns thursday but there is skepticism that they will make much headway. everyone believes the likelier scenario is the shutdown continues into the new year and the new congress. >> thank you. happening today -- >> santa clara county is offering warming
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centers. they are opening a >> opening the centers. the temperatures drop to 40 degrees or lower, including tonight. even if the temperature warms up, they will keep the center open and have extra beds available for christmas night. also, the homeless in the east bay can get a hot meal in richmond. the doors open up at 8:00 and will stay open until and a clock tonight. they plan to serve 10,000 christmas dinners with vegetables and pies. there are a lot of last- minute shoppers. organizers of a toy program hope to get last-minute donations. it is the all day toy drive. you can start dropping off toys and books and bikes at luckier tools. it is okay to do it
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right now pick the restaurant and bar is that a new location, 145 jefferson street at fisherman's wharf in the event will continue until 10:00 tonight. >> that is fun. they had to take a hiatus when they had to move. we will check in with sarah there this morning. it is 6:09 and a package they've, a quest to get back what was stolen from her porch. a volcano keeps erupting in indonesia and the search for survivors after a massive landslide causes a tsunami. it is dry but not for long. a storm is moving into the bay area.
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welcome back to gate mornings on 2. that indonesian volcano keeps erupting, spewing lava and smoke in that day. a big eruption triggered a deadly tsunami on the island of sumatra. walls of water was pushed ashore. those synonymy waves wiped out coastal villages. look at this. they are still searching for big items. the pictures are incredible. according to the associated press, the death toll keeps rising and leased 373 people
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are believed to be dead and 1400 are hurt. we know more about the people who been reported missing that number is expected to go up also. the waves crashed into the providence area and damaged homes and businesses and hotels and other buildings.>> i was sleeping. my son closed the door. i did not know what was hitting me. i got minor wins but my have -- husband suffered a broken leg. >> officials warn to stay away from the coastline. they feel volcanic activity was cause another tsunami. a high-rise was evacuated after residents heard cracking noises 3000 people living in or near the apartment building were ordered to leave the area. some reported seen cracks and
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firefighters engineers are examining what caused the cracks in figure if that building is in danger of collapsing. things are getting back to normal in the london airport after it was shut down with drone activity. 100,000 travelers stranded. two people were arrested friday but investigators have released the. the suspect, the police are talking about what people may have seen or heard. >> we recovered it damaged drone and as a result, that is being forensically examined in order to try to find out who is involved. if that drone has been involved. >> no one has claimed responsibility for flying the drums. the police do not believe it was intended as an act of terrorism. even though this was to be
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the busiest travel weekends on record, operations are running smooth at oakland and san francisco airports. sfo says 15,000 fewer travelers departed yesterday compared to yesterday with two canceled flights. a spokesman confirmed no delays all day sunday. if you have to catch a flight, officials remind you to get to the airport early 90 minutes on domestic flights and two hours before international flights. it is time to check with rosemary. people are heading out to do last-minute shopping, they should bring an umbrella. >> definitely have rain gear. rain is moving in and is expected to last the entire day . we have moderate rate in the evening and perhaps a thunderstorm through the second part of that day. the wind will pick up from 20 to
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40 miles per hour. the coast will be breezy. no advisories in the bay era one is in the sierra. we are waking up with mostly cloudy skies and dry conditions. by 11:00, it moves in with light showers over the bay area . 3:00, it is more widespread and definitely heavier. 6:00, we see a break but we could have a storms poll through. we do not expect whites read but 9:00, we are dealing with boggy weather but it dries out overnight. christmas day is dry in time for santa. when it comes to the sierra, be prepared for winter traveler. it goes until tuesday morning.
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we could pick up a foot of snow at the high peaks. highway 50 will find snow to be treacherous at times. the highs today any upper 50s under scattered showers and breezy conditions. if you are going to the rater game tonight, it is wet and breezy. we are in the upper 50s to start the game and have time back. the extended forecast, drying out on christmas day with dry conditions through the final weekend of 2018. with scattered showers on sunday. >> we want to know what new year's eve is going to look like.>> you got it. a cruiseship rescues two fisherman been stranded up off weeks and the circumstances. the efforts from firefighters to provide meals for families at a message from
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the troops. greetings. we have a special startup for friends and family out there.>> happy holidays. >> hello. i am staff sergeant jacobs. i am stationed at the republic of korea. i want to wish my family and friends a merry christmas and happy holidays. i cannot wait to see you next year and i love you all. i am a family man.
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there is time for last- minute holiday shopping. many stores will be open until 6:00 today. target will stay open until 10 pm. balls were packed with last- minute shoppers. 56% of holiday shoppers waited until the last saturday before christmas.>> last-minute shopping for my family.>> reporter: what did you by? >> i cannot say because then they will know. >> we are here for the crowds it is the fun and excitement of it. >> reporter: the retail federation says 7% of americans will finish holiday shopping today on christmas eve. christmas came early for 300 children who got new bikes thanks to the toy program. they had to right letter to be
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considered. one girl wrote a letter for her brother because he did not have a bike. she was surprised with one also. >> now, i have a bike and so does he and we can ride together to the park. >> we cannot let her walk out of here without a bike for herself. >> it is great. even at an early age, kids are thinking about others. that is what this is about. >> the program has been around since 1949. they accept toy donations year- round at firehouses. firefighters in oakland continues the tradition they had 30 years and the making. people are doing extraordinary things. this is how fire station 18 is spreading cheer across oakland. >> one more. while more. >> reporter: fire station 18 is
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buzzing with activity as they load up for a call unlike most others. they pack boxes full of food to be delivered to churches and other organizations to help people your round and especially during the holidays. >> it is our way to give back. we serve in these communities and this is our way to get back to those we serve. >> reporter: it is made possible thanks to the local 55 fire union. firefighters adopted eight families. this year, they provide for 250 families. >> it is a blessing to have turkey and the staples that go along. it lasted a while. they can have potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. that would be cool. took the leading hand fantasia and is giving 15 food boxes.>> these guys are definitely
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naughty. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she is raising her grandchildren. >> i think it is absolutely wonderful. i have a great deal of respect for first responders. it is beautiful what they are doing for families in oakland. >> reporter: lola is busy. >> i am a great grandma raising these grandchildren, a 6 and 10- year-old. >> it can be hard when they asked for thinks she cannot afford. she is grateful for help she gets. >> i cannot explain in words how important it is to have them available. it makes a difference between having it and not or being able to do some of the things i am unable because of the help of the firefighters. >> reporter: she doesn't have everything she needs, she gives back when she can't that spirit of gratitude and giving is something she hopes people keep in mind long after the holidays
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are over. in oakland, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> you can head to if you would like to nominate someone you can find the tab at the top of the homepage. a fire fighter is in the hospital after a deadly house fire in san francisco and the update on his condition after a house caught fire. the annual toy drive is underway and a lot of excitement in san francisco. a new storm on its way to the bay area we will check on current conditions.
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good morning. we have pictures this morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. we are in vatican city. this is the pope christmas eve mass that starts and six hours. holy locations see a big increase in tourism around the holidays. this is a special place to be. the vatican city, we take you there this morning. >> will be full for christmas mass. good morning. >> good morning. a coastal
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flood advisory takes effect because of high type. >> it is from 10 a.m. until 2 pm. it has almost been 7 feet over the last few days. some areas have experienced flooding. >> it is really dangerous. it is 6:29. i just looked outside. it is still dark but cool this morning and cooler than when we came in. >> there is rain heading him. >> it is wet little bit later this morning. you will carry on through the evening as well. we are with the calm before the storm. it is a cool start with temperatures in the mid-40s and mid 50s. we are looking at union square. we will have a wet weather system moved through the bay area by christmas day.
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it looks like we will be dry for a days. san francisco is 54 degrees and san jose at 48. we are within a few degrees of yesterday. we are drip -- dealing with a little bit of fog. you go further north and perhaps heading towards linn county, it may be thicker. we don't have a reading but this darker shade of gray indicates patchy dense fog around pacifica as well as montero and half moon bay. there is a bit of fog but dry conditions with rain to the north. the system will bring wind as well with isolated showers this morning. it will increase this afternoon and into the evening. a quarter to a half inch is expected. more along the coastline. it
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will be breezy at times. if you are going to the sierra, winter storm warning that starts later this morning. highs are expected coming up in a little bit. welcome to christmas eve. many people are still shopping for holiday gifts. >> today is the final push to collect toys for kids in need. we are live were the jewels last-minute christmas eve holiday toy drive is underway. how does it look so far? >> reporter: we saw girls stop by with a huge bag of toys to drop them off in these barrels. i have a message from mayor willie brown. he says come out here and donate. >> i know he said it. tell him i've got his message. okay.
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>> he is on his way over after the show.>> reporter: perfect. he is waiting. he is singing in a little bit. everyone is in such good spirits . i want to get out and start singing after this shot. let's bring you inside. if you walk through, you can see i lot of people out here standing around the piano and singing. it is a cool event. we have mayor london here and of course willie brown junior and it is such a cool event. i will stop talking to hear everyone sing. take a listen. >> the christmas songs, all the very good when no one else is listening, i do chest not opens on a fire. then i say i simply must go
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because baby it is cold outside. [ laughter ] >> reporter: did you hear what a great singer he has? the toy drive is underway. the toy drive will not wrap up until 10:00 tonight. stop by jefferson street. you don't even have to get out of your car. that is all you have to do. were reporting 13,000 kids under 18 live to love the poverty line here. this will help give them the christmas they deserve. it is early this morning but there is so much excitement. it is the last toy push for the season ticket is a great event. just drive by on jefferson street and drop off your cars -- toys. you don't have to get out of
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your car. we are hoping to get as many people out here as possible to donate. ktvu, fox 2 news. tonight could be the final gain ever at the oakland raiders. they have no agreement to play at the coliseum. in 2020, they moved to las vegas with talk to the players what could be the last raider game played at the coliseum. >> reporter: monday night on national stage, one final showcase. >> it is definitely for a lot of people. >> reporter: that includes the head coach who has witnessed his fair share of coliseum history. >> it is a real football stadium. it is dirt and grass. it is the best games of the history of football been played. i get excited.
6:35 am
i start crying about the stadium. [ laughter ]>> reporter: this particular stadium has more than a few tears over the years . >> when i get in the shower after the game after playing the dirt, i'm excited when i think about the nostalgia when you are beat up and leading, the center for you up but there are good memories that will last forever. it has been fun to play here. we have been playing real football and i am proud to be a part of it. i am proud of all of it. >> reporter: that should be evident on monday as they make sure they close up shop in the appropriate fashion. >> we want to do our best out there and get out there we want to go out the right way. >> this is home. i played on this dirt. i have a lot of blood and sweat and tears out there with great
6:36 am
memories. i know? it is weird to think this could possibly be the last game. i don't want that. >> reporter: the visitors appreciate the end of the coliseum era. it reminds me of a college atmosphere. it is wilde. it is awesome. >> the broncos might miss the coliseum most. the time is 6:36. a person died in san francisco after a house fire. two other people were hurt including a firefighter. it happened just before 1:00 this morning on clay street. the chief says the fire started on the second war where the living room and kitchen were. the firefighter that was injured has been treated and released from the hospital. the second person hurt suffered severe burns and was rushed in critical condition. but cause of the fire is under
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investigation. the police officer is called a hero after saving the life of a woman at sfo. bobby chong is part of the airport bureau was awarded after a woman was unresponsive in a stairwell. she did not have a pulse. the sergeant began cpr and radio for a defibrillator. the officers responded and they were able to save her life. the police chief said he is proud of his officers and added they exemplified it what it means to be the san francisco line is. there is a proposal for a new discount for low income adult b.a.r.t. riders. they would get a discount on all b.a.r.t. rides the household income needs to be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level guidelines. that would mean the annual
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income of $50,000 $200 or less for a family of four. it would be funded using gasoline tax dollars. if you want to share your opinion, fill out the online survey. governor brown is setting a record before he leaves office. governor brown has granted pardons and that is far more than any other governor in modern history. the pardons erased convictions for nonviolent offenders. when he was first governor, he pardoned 440 criminals. want to be grinches accused of stealing christmas decorations and texas, they track down the thieves and had fun returning them to where they came from. >> they stole these from the grinch. >> that is mine. that is mine.
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>> that is a police officer going door-to-door giving back stolen holiday decorations. investigators used video and social media to track down two women believe to be responsible . they posted the video on facebook and after getting tips, they found stolen decorations in a garage. >> within minutes, we started getting calls and tips coming in . >> they care about the community. they really do. they are not just here to serve and protect they are part of our community. >> the police are investigating whether suspects are linked to other crimes that area. >> a woman took matters in her own hands to stop a suspected package they. >> i am chasing you. >> renie confronted a woman after seen her taking a package
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from her front porch. she chased her down and recorded the confrontation on her. >> throw it down. i would have ran as many miles as i had to to get my package. >> she means business. she got her to stop it hand over the package. >> all right. a call for change at pg&e after a series of deadly disasters and what state regulators may change. is started with one or two and then there were others, probably 30 or 40 that come your . >> we will introduce you to a special santa to make sure all kids have the best christmas experience. wet weather on the way for your day area holiday and what you can expect coming up.
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two fisherman are safe after being stranded for nearly three weeks. they were discovered friday night. they were brought aboard the royal caribbean cruiseship
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pick they state they fell asleep and ran out of gas. it was a coincidence they were found and they were off the course because of a storm. the ship reached jamaica, they were taken to the hospital. the number of active duty troops deployed at the border with next go is 2600. most are in california and rest in arizona and texas. were 5800 troops at the border where they were staging and the first appointment was set to end december 15 but the pentagon extended it. the body of eight girl from guatemala died in the custody of border patrol agents is home in guatemala. the remains of jacqueline arrived at the international airport. from there, she was driven into the countryside and will be
6:45 am
handed over to her family. investigators are looking at how she died after she and her father were taken into custody at the u.s. border with mexico. agents say she was malnourished the family's lawyers say that is not true. the unified school district has seen and a roll -- a rise in enrollment of unaccompanied students. the school district has the second highest number of unaccompanied minors behind los angeles. they serve the needs of newly arrived immigrants and refugees and minors. >> we have had unaccompanied minors forever since we opened. however, and the last five years, we saw a big influx of central american boys largely now, they are about 30% of the student body. >> this is a student at oakland international high school. his parents came from el
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salvador when he was a baby. he stayed with his aunt but the violence made it too dangerous to come to school there. he is seeking asylum in the u.s.. he was released to his parents and oakland. the 49ers, they lost to the chicago bears 14-9. the biggest moment was right here. the 49ers quarterback richard sherman hit the bears quarterback and the bears did not like it. they argued that punches were thrown and sherman was thrown out. two bears were run out. they wrap up the season next week on the road. the sharks are having a tough month. they scored first against the coyotes. the teams traded goals and it was 3-3 at the end of
6:47 am
regulation. they went to a shootout. that cody won the number 4-3 when. struck the war years have the loss. last night, the other team, the clippers, the warriors led the game but the clippers made a strong push and greet rant, steph curry had 42 points. durrant had 35. the warriors one 129-127. meeting santa is a special experience. there is one santa who makes the visit more magical. they are fluent in sign language. the daughter who is deaf get to see him every year. >> robin captured this video of
6:48 am
sophie visiting santa. she is deaf. santa understands her. he taps her arm and uses sign language. we met up with sophie and her parents at the hayward home with help of an interpreter. her mother said they randomly came across santa went their daughter was a baby. >> we were shopping and we saw santa claus. let's get a picture of her and he started signing. that is how i found him pick >> this is a picture from that first visit. they made a point to see him every christmas. >> she can feel as if she is not different from everybody else and is part of the community. by having this signing santa, we are able to be recognized in the community and valued in the community. >> reporter: we visited santa at his workshop. he has been here for 11 years
6:49 am
and is happy to communicate with all sorts of children. >> it is important. not everybody can use asl. i know it because my parents were deaf. >> reporter: word spread and a few weeks ago, a large group of children made a special appointment to see him. >> is started with one or two and it grew. now 30 or 40 come here every year. >> sophie asks for a lego police station. they hope to raise awareness about the deaf community and hope others will engage with them. >> as a mom, it is important for my daughter to have good self-esteem. when i see her signing, it feels good to know she will be whatever. there is nothing wrong. >> happy christmas. >> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news . happening right now,
6:50 am
tracking santa around the world. he has taken flight. >> that is music. it is christmas eve and a bay area but it is christmas in the pacific islands in australia. >> santa is over taiwan. he will be here soon. get to bed early tonight. >> your daughter has to dance for santa. >> and then, you know, i think he is seen the recordings on my phone. he knows she has working on it. rosemary knows about your christmas eve weather. >> i have been really good this year. >> some nice candy would be great. we do have dry conditions. christmas eve is wet through
6:51 am
the second part of the morning through the evening. the possibility of showers, the wind is picking up from 20 two to 40 miles per hour. we do not have an advisory. we have to be aware along that coast with the raiders game, it is wet and breezy. by 8:00, we see light rain over the bay area. the light rain continues. it does pick up. here is a look at your afternoon. heavy pockets move to the north bay. 5:00, heavy pockets move through central and the south bay. we have wind to go along with it. tomorrow morning, we are drying out in time for santa to make his way across the bay. we will get from a quarter of an inch to a half inch of rain. some good news, the last couple of
6:52 am
systems have not brought us much in terms of accumulation. we have snow on the way and the sierras. there is a travel warning until tomorrow night with a higher peaks receiving to a foot up snow. partly to mostly cloudy skies with lock along the coastline. the upper 40s to mid-50s and your afternoon today, remaining in the 50s. it is 58 in oakland. as we get into your weekend or the final days of december, we have mainly dry conditions. the king tide is with us with an advisory for low-lying areas along the coast. there is a front until 2:00. we are into the final week of 2018 and mainly dry with
6:53 am
perhaps rain on sunday. >> i thought i was going over there. >> i am trying to focus on what i am actually saying. >> it is a nice forecast. >> we need the rain. >> thank you. a big weekend at the box office at the top films if you see a movie during christmas vacation. this is the marine corps from napa, california to give a shout out to my family. >> i wish my friends and family at home a happy holiday. way to stay connected.
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time is 6:56 am. amazon is adding 50 cargo jets to its air flight. they have been leasing were planes trying to ship themselves rather than depending on third partner carriers. their shipping cost for the first nine months of this year were up 30% reaching more than 18.5 billion dollars. the analyst predicted amazon handling its own shipping could take away about 10% of the revenue from both fedex and u.p.s. jennie-o turkey is recalling more than one 64,000 pounds of raw turkey because of possible salmonella contamination. the cdc says the announcement comes during a continued outbreak of salmonella in turkey products dating back to late last year. they say one person in california died from the illness. 84 others have had to go to the hospital.
6:58 am
the effect the ground turkey products were produced in minnesota on october 22 and 23rd near labeled establishment the fda is warning about stem cell therapies after 12 people in three states became ill. all 12 of those patients were hospitalized with bacterial infections after getting treatment. they were getting injections of umbilical cord blood that contained stem cells to treat painful conditions. it happened in florida, texas, and arizona. although the people who became ill were in the hospital for one month or longer. but they did survive. the time is 6:58 am. the movie aquaman making a big splash. i'm glad i said that. at the box office. this christmas holiday season. thanks for you doing? >> are man-made $67 million over the weekend. it opens up as number one. it is already crossed the $4
6:59 am
million $400 million market is expected hit 100 main dollars over the weekend and the christmas holiday combined. three new movies dominated theaters this weekend. mary poppins returns which allie was a sea, they were number two with $22 million in sales. and bumblebee took in $21 million in ticket sales. there is a 3 1/2 million dollar plan to protect the oldest redwoods in the world. near the oregon border were so remote that very few people visited but now it is at risk of being overrun with tourists and people every week go to see and take selfie near the trees. now the fundraising project to protect the trees will pay for an elevated walkway, above the trees roots. would also build restrooms for visits. just $230,000 for the project has been raised so far and there is a mention grant
7:00 am
available for all donations made before the end of the year. you can go to and look at the web links for a link to the save the redwoods fund for that project. more problems for the shipyard of element and why suspected homeowners may find it difficult to finance the purchase of a new home there. and early-morning house fire has killed one person and critically injured another. fire crews say the fire was so intense and unpredictable that it injured even one of their own. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. it's monday, december 24. christmas eve . i'm allie rasmus. >> and i'm dave clark. rosemary is you're talking about were going to see.


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