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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 24, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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are injured following the tsunami in indonesia. a fire claims the life of one person and a firefighter and the latest on the investigation. good afternoon. it is december 24th, christmas eve. we began with breaking news . united air ploy -- airplane made an emergency landing this morning after noises are heard coming from the landing gear. elated safely at sfo. stocks closed with the dow falling 653 points after president trump criticized powell. he lashed out after the
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administration spent the weekend trying to assure everyone powell's job was safe. the weather's service issued a flash flood watch for areas charged by wildfires. the warning is in effect until 6:00 tonight. along highway 20 are advised to be on alert for possible road flooding and debris flows. the mendocino complex fire charred close to 717 miles. it could be a soggy ride for santa. >> we have scattered showers but this will increase as we move through the afternoon. we could see mostly cloudy skies with lock and rain on the lens. you can see it is fairly light with spotty showers. it is increasing over this
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morning. santa rosa, as we stretch east through fairfield with sprinkles reported along the richland bridge. along the peninsula, woodside, highway 280 down through past san jose, and if we move further to the south, the santa cruz slides, we see this continuing into the afternoon. showers will increase with pockets of moderate to heavy rain before it tapers off. as far as rainfall amounts, a quarter inch to a half inch for most urban areas. the wind is expected to pick up to 20 to 40 miles per hour. the winter storm warning is in place for the sierra underway through tomorrow morning. we will detail that warning and timeline of the system and when
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i asked that we will dry out in a little bit. the partial government shutdown and the president waited this morning and tweeting out in the white house waiting for the democrats to come back to make a deal on desperately needed border security. at some point, the democrats do not want to make a deal and will cost more money than the border wall we are talking about. there appears to be new deal in sight. >> reporter: the fight continues in washington over federal funding. 25% of the government remains that dark thanks to a border security battle. >> this is what washington looks like when the president refused to get along. with the president is fed up with lawmakers over the border wall. the said set-aside money this year but last week, the president said he is looking for more than $5 million and
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less, sparking a stalemate in congress. president trump doubled down on the blame game on twitter saying democrats chose not to support the wall because he made it a cornerstone of his 2016 mpn and called the wall vote, desperately needed. >> we want to stop the inflow of drugs into our country. it impacts american communities. >> reporter: sources say the white house offered to lower its demand for border security, including new spending plus $400 million for other priorities. the leaders rejected it and democrats say the issue is not border security but how the money is being spent. >> we are willing to find border security. to spend it on something that proves border control -- security, we will resume. >> reporter: many warned the partial shutdown continue to
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the new year and the new congress. in washington, fox news. i developing story where a search continues for victims of the deadly tsunami that watch that's not washed out coastal villages. more than 1400 are injured. there are more than 120 people missing. the waves crashed into the island of sumatra and java without warning and damaging homes and businesses and other buildings. the killer waves were triggered by an erupting volcano that is spewing lava and smoke into the air. landslides under water pushed water a short and the synonymy impact was combated by a high tide caused by the woman. some residents are afraid to look at the damage. >> i don't know what to say.
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i am afraid. i have not gone home. it hit us at the same time. i did not know what what was hitting me. my hands hurt. i have minor wounds but my husband suffered a broken leg. >> officials are warning people to stay clear of the coastline during the volcanic activity and a good create another massive wave. the most active volcano erupts in italy, clouding the skies with black smoke. it exposed 130 tremors. the strongest magnitude was 4.0. ash forced the airport on eastern coast to close temporary. mount aetna has had increased activity since july. two people are under arrest with a two-year-old homicide case. robert randolph and maria of philadelphia were taken into custody writing in austin, texas
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. randolph and maria was identified in the suspect shooting. according to investigators, they flew to the bay area for large marijuana transaction. randolph pulled a gun and shot three people. a female survive and they remain in austin waiting to be brought back to sonoma county. a house fire in san francisco leaves a person dead and others hurt including a firefighter. blames broke out before 1:00 this morning on clay street. the injured firefighter has been released and a second person suffered severe burns and was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. the chief says the fire started in the main living area on the second floor. they knew people were inside and they tried to rescue them. >> the whole section of the
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floor was fully engulfed. we knew there were people in the bedrooms. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. san francisco police say a shop -- shot spotter alerted them to a deadly shooting last night when investigators arrived, they found a man inside the vehicle and had been shot. he died at the scene. the police do not have a motive or a possible suspect. if you have information, give them a call. a body is recovered after a pickup truck went over a cliff in sonoma county. the fire department chief says crews were called to salmon creek beach by people who reported the truck that flipped over and was burning on the beach below. patterson said this video and photos of the burning wreckage.
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the crews were able to climb down that cliff and put out flames. they discovered the body of the man inside that truck. we were both recovered and investigators or the investigation and what caused the crash is under way. regulators are looking at breaking up pg&e following the deadly wildfires. the state publicly utilities commission is looking at ideas that includes replacing a board of directors and turning it into a public utility. they will take public comment through the month of january. pg&e is open to a range of solutions to make the grid safer . there's no place like home for the holidays. for the coast guard servicemembers, they are heading there after a long deployment. martinez caught up with the crews hum coming.
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>> reporter: the coast guard cutter monroe rose to the channel with none other than santa claus himself onboard. on land, he stood in the rain with science degree the 150 member group home for the holidays. >> it is very hard for the kids and my daughter. mom -- i am so grateful. i don't even know or have the words to express my gratitude. i am a navy veteran. it means i lot to be there and to welcome them home. >> reporter: they had been in the pacific ocean for 105 days covering 17,000 nautical miles. part of the mission included inspections of foreign vessels to stop illegal fishing practices. gone since september,
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they missed halloween and thanksgiving. families are emotional to have loved ones home for christmas. >> it was really long. it is amazing they could, for christmas. we are really happy. also, he is coming just for his day. >> reporter: wind.monroe. , the families could go on board. most were anxious to celebrate the holidays and in this case, a birthday at home. martinez with ktvu fox 2 news. what could be the finale in oakland and what they say having to play the final game at the coliseum. outside this afternoon, it is cloudy and rainy and windy that goes along with it. how long? that is coming up. struck a
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special holiday experience that one santa is making much brighter for deaf children in the bay area.
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tonight could be the raiders final home game ever at the kyle sam when they play host to the denver broncos. they do not have an agreement to play and 20 19th at the
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coliseum. they are moving to las vegas. we spoke with the players and head coach about what could be the last time raiders play in oakland. >> reporter: monday night on the national stage, one final showcase. >> it is definitely a moment for a lot of people. >> reporter: that includes that head coach who witnessed his fair share of coliseum history. >> it is a real football stadium with dirt and grass and tradition where the best games in history have been played. >> a lot of people have happened in this state. we will get crying about the stadium. >> at this state and, they have invoked more than a few tears over the years. >> when i get in the shower, after playing on the dirt, i think about the nostalgia when you are beat up and bleeding. the center for you up there were good memories that we will talk about forever.
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and all those fools back in the day playing real football. i am proud to be a part of it. >> reporter: the pride should be evident on monday as they make sure they close up shop in appropriate fashion. >> it is wonderful to look forward to being out there. we want to make sure we go out to the right way. >> this is home. i got drafted here. i've got a lot of blood sweat and tears and i have some memories. you know? we think this could be a possible last game. i don't want that. visitors can appreciate that end of the coliseum era. it reminds me of a college atmosphere but while. it is awesome. the broncos might miss the coliseum more than most. the art 16-7 since 1985.
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that was the raiders and the 49ers have one more game left to play. yesterday, they lost to the bears with 14-9 is the final. on the bears side, they argued a late hit. sherman along with two other players got the heave for that game. the 49ers wrap up the season on the road. the lawyers will bring in christmas at the oracle tomorrow and they will do it in primetime. the other team was in town with the clippers. the clippers made a strong push in the 4th quarter. durrant said we will have none of that. they scored 42 points and durrant had 35. the warriors when it 129-127. let's go to rosemary with
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the christmas eve forecast with rain coming our way. >> the last minute shoppers and those that have to work today, it is a wet one. we expected to be windy and heavy. there is a coastal flooding in place until 2:00 this afternoon. along the coast and the bay, the king tied continues in the area. we are looking at the rainfall. it is more widespread over the north day and now for the south day. it is light but santa rosa through nevada and off to the east with a pocket of moderate rain. stretching towards the west, we have rain falling. richman now through the east bay, a little bit of light rain and perhaps her fremont down through sunnydale and over towards the santa cruz
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mountains and also to the east. santa cruz, scattered shower activity and highway 101 through morgan hill, this is what we see through my date with gusty wind picking up when the heavy rain moves through. we can see a thunderstorm across the bay area. 2:00, expecting heavy rain. it will turn more. as we get into 4:00, central bay and into the south bay by 6:00. this is just in time areas where you are trying to get home from work or maybe getting out of work early to jump on the highway. as we get into that evening, the jet winds down and tomorrow, we are drying out for the next several days. today is wet and windy through the afternoon. if you go to the raiders game, it is soggy. may quarter inch to a half inch
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. you could see more at the hills. if you go to the tiara, winter storm warning until tomorrow morning. the higher peak could get a foot of new snow. temperatures in the 50s. we are not going to budge from here. we are in the upper 50s to the low xts for the -- 60s for the afternoon. we do have dry weather in store for christmas day. wednesday and thursday, temperatures will not change i lot. a cool start to the day and your weekend, it looks like sunday may have like chance coming our way. we hope you will help bay area families bundle up over the winter by participating in one more coat dry. you can donate for people in need. ktvu is a proud sponsor.
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the nonprofit is in the 16th years and has collected tens of thousands of codes annually. it has drop off locations in places like walnut creek and san jose and oakland as well as participating ups store >> you can check out for a full list of locations. the clock is ticking until christmas. there is time to get in last minute shopping. we will let you know which stores are open for business.
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believe it or not, there is time for holiday shopping on this christmas eve. a number of stores will be open until 6 pm tonight. target is open until 10 pm. the walls are packed with last minute shoppers. the retail federation day the 6% of holiday shoppers waited until the final saturday before christmas to do their shopping. >> i am shopping for my family. >> reporter: what did you by? >> i can't say because then they will know.>> it is fun to be the part of the excitement of it. >> the retail federation says 7% of americans will finish holiday shopping today on is missing. and you can meet santa claus as
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he continues to cross across the globe. he was seen flying over the sudan. norad is tracking saint nick as he delivers gifts across the world. the tradition goes back to 1955. you can visit the norad website to track the reindeer in time. there is a kid track to see how many presents have been delivered. he is a dozen hours away from the bay area. he is over the continent of africa heading to the city of. amazon is adding 50 cargo jets. they are lazy more airplanes as they tried to ship packages rather than rely on third-party carriers. the shipping cost for the first 9 months of the year reaching $18.5 billion. they predict they could take
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away 10% of revenue from fedex and ups. disney confirms dunnage up -- johnny depp will no longer play captain sparrow. they are looking for a new actor. the production says it is in the effort to bring in new energy and vitality to the role. disney met with writers to get started on that revitalization. the last movie in a series was dead men tell no tales in it 2017. that was the lowest performer of the fine films. aquaman is making a splash at the box office. >> grab it. you've got to love him. >> the movie made $67 million over the week. aquaman had already crossed the market globally. it will hit $100 million over
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the weekend. a trio of films dominated films, mary poppins returns debuted in second place with 22 million the -- $21 million. a push for donations at luckier tools all day this christmas eve and how you can help out. up and about this christmas eve how ruth ginsburg is doing today as she recovers from surgery.
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with the wet weather, we are expect snow in the sierra. we are looking at the kirkwood ski reserve where people are keen on this christmas eve. this is welcome news. i guess the write up tonight might get dicey. >> we have winter storm warning in place for the west slope. we look at the radar where the light rain is falling over the area. we have snow already in the mountains. if you are heading in that direction, be prepared for the winter travel. it could be treacherous at
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time. tomorrow, everybody will be happy with a new foot of snow expected here at home, we see the bay area with light rain reported over areas on highway 101. around american canyon and towards the west in neil valley with light rain for you there. along the coastline through perhaps areas near stenson along the coastline for ocean beach, it looks like pacifica. as we shift towards the east bay, areas over berkeley and emeryville and oakland with spotty showers. it stretches towards fremont and a shift to the south along the peninsula along south of redwood city and towards the santa cruz mountains and towards the coastline. morgan hill with scattered shower activity there. this is going
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to grow worse into the afternoon. the wind is expected to pick up. concord reports 14 miles per hour and cloudy and soggy and breezy and shifting into the south by san jose with half moon bay a dusting at 21 we look at rainy conditions for the entire day. i have that timeline into your christmas day. we will be dry for a few days. more now on our developing story were efforts in indonesia have been stepped up to search for the missing. 373 people are dead and the number is expected to go up. 1400 have been injured and 120 are injured or missing. this is in southern sumatra. the waves followed an eruption by a nearby volcano and a
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nearby landslide. the members of the national security president trump resigned over the decision to pull troops out from syria. they say the president's move was a shock to him. the president envoy, they are fighting the islamic state. he was set to retire in february. mcclurg submitted his resignation and will leave next week. they say he was frustrated over the sudden announcement of foreign-policy leaders and the own party says they don't blame him for leaving. the israeli prime minister netanyahu is saying the decision to withdraw troops from area not affect the israeli efforts or israel's effort to battle iranian aggression. they were caught off by the abrupt move to withdrawal roughly 2000 u.s. forces from
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syria. israel routinely strikes iranian targets in syria and is conducting anti-tunnel operations against the levin eyes -- lebanese group. ruth bader ginsburg is up and about this morning as she is recuperating from the cancer surgery. she is still recovering as the cancer center in new york. that we do not know when she may return home. ginsburg underwent surgery to remove growths in her left lung. doctors say there is no evidence of cancer. the court meets january 7th despite her health problems, she is never missed an argument. governor de smet governor brown is setting a record. governor brown has granted 1189 pardons and 152 computations.
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that is more than any other governor in modern california history. most of the pardons erase convictions for drug crimes and nonviolent offenders. when he was first governor in 1975, he pardoned 400. the 18th annual lucky o'toole toy drive is in the final push to collect donated toys for kids. they are trying to break the personal record of toys collected. we were there. >> reporter: what kind of a that can get the former mayor and current mayor to sing christmas carols? none other than luckier tools last minute toy drive. >> you feel so much better participating at this>> reporter: the event took a year
12:36 pm
off last year. there in a new location and are spreading holiday cheer. >> people want to see the things happen for people. part of what we do best is contribute and support great causes. >> reporter: donating is simple. all you have to do is to drive to the new lucky >> you don't have to park. someone is waiting outside to collect toys. it goes to local kids in the. people of all ages stop by. >> we collected them and save them for other kids. >> reporter: the mayor hand- delivered toys at a house of the community. this year, luckys wants to beat the record set in 2016 when they got over 10,000 toys data. they are well on the way with generous donators taking money to help out.
12:37 pm
>> my heart is to give. i don't have much but i give. it just makes me feel happy when i see a smile on their phase. >> reporter: there are a lot of toys here luckys is looking for more. you can come out on fisherman's wharf on jefferson street until 10 to 15 on christmas eve night. we are going to look back at 2018 to highlight the biggest and most memorable moments for legalizing pot sales. as expected, soggy weather in the bay area with the rainfall expected to pick up. i have the latest on the storm and how long it is expected to last.
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welcome back. 2018 it's just about wrapped
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up. it was a year of highs and lows. let's look at the memorable sights and sounds of the year as we approach 2019. you use that position of trust you had in the most vile way to abuse children. how are we not stopping this after columbine and sandy hook? is still happening. >> we want change. we want change. we want change.
12:42 pm
there were three wonderful professional, talented young women. sadly, they are gone. how dare you? >> how dare you? >>[ sound of gunfire ] stephon clark. your user agreement sucks. these young men, it shouldn't have happened. you are selling water without a permit? do you have anything to say? >> not a word. you willfully and unlawfully and with malice aforethought
12:43 pm
murdered a human being with multiple murders. it went into the back of my head right in the middle of the back of my head and came out here. regardless of what happened in that meeting, this is it. we are all immigrants. we all come from an immigrant story. i'm not sure where people forgot that. we were expecting to live a lot longer. the world has gained insight into the mind of another species .
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if i were able to get a lifejacket, i can save my baby. somebody could have grabbed him. i wasn't able to do that. melania, you go. would you believe? is that russia? i have president pollution -- put them. i will say this, i don't see a reason why it would be. they created some sort of tornado activity. >> the rotation and a fire turned essentially, it is something that did massive amounts of damage. the cause is bigger than me. i hope it gets the attention it
12:45 pm
needs to get right so people can make a good choice. i believed he was going to me. i tried to yell for help . when i did, he put his hand over my mouth. >> i never sexually assaulted anyone, nine high school and not college and not ever. we find that defendant guilty of second-degree murder. justice for the crime. justice for the crime.
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i don't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want gun control i hope to god nobody else sends me anymore prayers. we are not going to catch on fire. okay? we are going to stay way with that and be just fine. people ask for details. this is the end of my dreams. fox news projects democrats will take control of the house. put down the microphone >> are you worried about indictment coming down? mr. president?
12:47 pm
struck a great and noble man, the best father eight son or daughter could have had. >> it is no such thing as a slow news day. all that transpired over the last year. we have another week to go and we start all over again. let's get your weather. that has been in the news as well. rain is coming with santa. >> we have a wet pattern in place for your monday. as we get into your tuesday, we will be drying out. here is a look at emeryville where it is soggy with rain on
12:48 pm
the lens. the clouds are in place. visibility was low over the north bay valley locations. we had that to contend with. or the afternoon drive, it is slick. we have people that had to work and some are trying to get out early. it is going to be wet and slick. we have moderate rain falling over the north bay. by 2:00, this is when it will be more heavy here. there is light to moderate rainfall. it is whites read at this part down close to napa and towards the west. scattered shower activity continues over the central and south bay. and cross the bridge into the ease bay, we showed you that camera of emeryville. it is
12:49 pm
stretching towards highway 24 and maybe into lafayette along the peninsula. the southern edge of san francisco through the coastline with half moon bay and further to the south over the peninsula covered in green. for the afternoon, showers are increasing. showers continue. it does not taper off until overnight. it will begin to dry out with rain fall amounts to a quarter of an inch. the wind is picking up. we see wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour . it could reach 40 miles or so. we do see the sierra cert advisory for the next 24 hours. be prepared for the winter storm warning in place. the future cast, 2:00 where it is expected to come down with a
12:50 pm
heavy pockets over the north bay. for those going to the last radar game of the season, it is going to be wet and breezy. by 6:00, the south day. we are left with scattered showers and maybe the possibility of a thunderstorm. tuesday morning is when we dry out. christmas morning, partly cloudy conditions and clearing out with 40s in the forecast. we could see patchy fog with residual moisture in place. 56 degrees in san francisco and 53 in santa rosa. in the afternoon, we remain in the 50s. here is a view of your extended forecast where temperatures them up slightly into the bay area tuesday and wednesday. dry weather is in the forecast through 2018 and into your
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weekend. taking matters into his own hands, a colorado woman track down eight suspected package save and got the whole thing on her phone.
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meeting santa is a special experience for every kid. for those who are deaf, wind santa makes it more magical. alyssa harrington has more. >> reporter: rahman captured this video of sophie visiting santa at the broadway plaza. sophie is deaf but santa understands her. he taps her arm and uses sign language. we met up with sophie and her parents at the hayward help with the help of an
12:54 pm
interpreter. her mother said they randomly came across santa when their daughter was a baby. >> we went shopping and we saw santa claus. let's get a picture and he started signing. and i said yes. and that is how i found him. >> reporter: this is a picture from that first visit they made a point to see him every christmas. >> she can heal as if she is not different from everybody else and is part of the community. by having this signing santa, we are able to be recognized in the community and valued it the community. >> reporter: we visited santa at his workshop. he calls walnut creek the north pole 11 years and is happy to communicate with all sorts of children. >> it is important because not everybody can use asl. i happen to know what because my parents were deaf. >> reporter: word has spread.
12:55 pm
a large group of children made a special appointment to see him pick >> we started with one or two. good group and now probably 30 or 40 that come here>> reporter: sophie asked santa for a lego police station. they hope to raise awareness about the deaf community and encourage others to engage with them. >> or me as a mob, it is important for my daughter to have good self-esteem. when i see i signing santa claus's comment makes me feel good to know is she will feel she can do what ever. there is nothing wrong with me.>> reporter: alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. a woman took matters in her own hands to stop a suspected package feet. >> i am chasing you. >> go away. i didn't take it. >> reporter: yes, you did. i saw you. >> renie decided to confront a
12:56 pm
woman after seeing her on cameras taking a package from her front porch. she chased the woman and recorded the whole confrontation on her cell phone . >> throw it down. >> i would've ran for his many miles as i had to do to get my package. >> she finally got the woman to stop and handover the package which had a crockpot cover inside. we are live what may be the final radar game in the city. we are getting a preview of the matchup. andre will speak with fans tailgating and to learn how they feel about the potential move. we want to thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here on you can follow us on twitter and facebook. happy holidays
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and we will see you today at 4:00.
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