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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 25, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PST

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who inspire those around them every day. makes for now. now, on ktvu this morning, it's christmas day and people all over are helping to spread the holiday spirit. >> and a lot of rain, still crowded at the coliseum, they say good-bye to the raiders, that's abandoned oakland, not once but twice! >> this is mornings on 2. good morning, it's 6:00 this economies day, i'm allie rasmus. >> good morning, i'm frank mallicoat, merry christmas everyone. we'll get you out the door on this holiday. i imagine you'll stay home. >> most people are in bed getting ready to attack the tree. mark joins us now to look at the holiday weather. >> we had the storm clouds in the bay area, things have cleared out nicely. we're talking about at least for this morning, a chilly
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start to start out the christmas morning, we're taking a look at the forecast, in the short term, we ha40s, had 42 to 50 degrees as we celebrate and say hello to santa, this early morning. partly cloudy skies and this lingering clouds in portions of the south bay, look happened yesterday, the green all showing up at least reflecting the rainfall. it's heavy at times, even isolated thunderstorms today. that was monday, today, it's a different story, we'll gradually clear out some of the conditions throughout the dave. current numbers, you want to see the 40s in napa and fairfield. sonoma county airport has cooled off. a chilly start here, san jose 50 degrees and showing you the winds, they'll be an issue today. it won't be a per hour. it's and cool northerly wind
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setting up. san jose, a bit of a stronger breeze out of the northwest at 17 miles per hour, here's a plan for today. scattered clou40s, to the 50s a and more sunshine this afternoon, forecast highs will be most areas close to 60 degrees, and outside of that, partly cloudy skies and even mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions this afternoon, as far as the rest of the week as we head towards the weekend, we'll have more on that forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you for that, mark. we expect to know in the next few weeks or months when the raiders will play. and this was the last game in the coliseum and the raidsers went out with a big bang. look at dwane harris, he's ripp some 99 yards for the happened in the second quarter and we're off to the
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races. the running back, he ran for 24 yards for the touchdown here, and the raiders are up 14-0. and richard a free yard run up the gut, touchdown 24-7. the raiders go on to beat him 24-7. we have more from the coliseum. because they often move from team to team, professional athletes are not inclined to get sentimental. this could be one of the last one in the historic venues in nfl history it was emotional, i was remembering all of the member rings, from breaking my ankle to the 4th quarter come back winds, it's everything. i love you, thank you. my family loves you and you are the most loyal fans in the worldry, christmas eve and the last game in the coliseum, monday ate the
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holidays and leave a good taste in the mouth. >> a lot of the football was played for our fans. we made it a fourth quarter game, we came back and played pittsburgh, our fans fuel us, we played good, we shared a vick industry with them for a few minutes, it's always special june where the raiders play next year is up to the politicians and money people. the vibe at the oakland coliseum is like none other than it's the nfl's loss that that will no longer exist. longer exist. now, if somehow the raiders can resolve their differences with the stiff, the team could play one more season in oakland. there's talk than the team could play at the san francisco's at&t or the 49ers levi stadium and other venues include reno, glendale arizona. and no matter the location, the
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fans say it won't compare to the coliseum. >> drums beating, music blaring, the fans are out and this may be the last time it will look this way. >> i'm disappointed more than mad. it's heartbreaking, oakland is my hometown, i love oakland. >> they came decade out in holiday attire, a season ticket owner for ten years, she is doing her best to be in good spirits. >> we built the community, it's about building families, that's what tailgating is about. >> they're rescinding their offer to play at the coliseum in 2019 because 6 the lawsuit between the raiders and the nfl. their new stadium won't be ready until 2020. >> no love is lost from the raiders as abs franchise, it has to rship and politics with the city of oakland. >> it's just really hard coming
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to the last oakland game. >> melancholy news for this mother and daughter in novato. they're feeling nostalgic. >> it's sad to see them go, ti me in our lives. it's been a hard year, this is the last game. it's been rough. >> this mother brought her 14- year-old son to the game. >> being able to bring my son to the first and last game is bittersweet. i wish i could have carried on the tradition, taking him to games every year. >> some fans are past being bitter and angry. >> we have to roll with it. we'll still support them. >> one raider fan since the 1960s say he and -- says he and his son will play in las vegas. >> it's difficult for the raiders to see oakland, i've been born and raised in oakland, but if you're a oakland raid terse fan, you're -- raiders fan you're there in
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terms of where the heart is. the nba will schedule some of the most behind up games on christmas day, they'll host -- some of the most hyped up games on christmas day. they'll host two games. the warriors have one 2 in a row including a thriller and the los angeles game the clippers. tonight's game at the oracle is at 5:00. >> it may be the most watched holiday game. people are coming together to spread holiday cheer, they're going to support a little bit, and there were stolen decorations, no shortage of googovernment shutdown is not enough to stop neurad
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from -- norad from keeping track of santa's whereabouts. there was a send off in finland with people braving sub0 temperatures to wish him well on and people in louisiana came together to make a memorable christmaa little girl with leukemia. a local effort to buy the family some gifts took off. and residents all over the area were pitching in. >> this is way, way more than we ever expected. santa did come early to homeowners in one dallas metro neighborhood, helping police return christmas decorations that were recently stolen off their properties. >> it's the greatest part of the job, even as something as minor as this. >> brandy of arizona found part of a balloon with a mexican border, ash note attached
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written in spanish. there was a christmas wish list and he contacted the family and bought them almost everything on that list. and residents from the town of paradise are still recovering from the devastating wildfire. they gave wildfire victims a night of music treats, a tree lighting and even some ice skating. skating. back here at home, we have breaking news in the south bay, san jose police are investigating an officer- involved shooting that left a person dead. >> it happened on freedale and lee avenues. brooks arrived at the scene, what can you tell us? >> reporter: this intersection is closed down. right now we have just confirmed this was an officer- involved shooting. one suspect is dead, the other has been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. if you look behind me, you can actually see that a crime scene on that truck. earlier this morning, there were markers set out all over
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the place as a white vehicle appeared to have smashed into a fence from there, there are patrol cars no other details have been released as to what led up to this at this point or what may have caused this, but fruit dale is shut down right here at lee avenue, and we're trying to get new details as to what may have sparked this officer- involved shooting. all right, brooks, thank you for that live report. >> we have more breaking news this christmas morning. oakland police are telling ktvu one pa control car has been stolen. it happened during the raiders game last night. we're working to learn more details on what happenedand we'll have an update later in the show. and up next, a highs christmas in the sierra is causing problems for people trying to get to their destination on christmas eve.
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we'll show you when i-80 had to be shutdown overnight and how crews worked to fix it. >> and a homecoming surprise had a mom in tears, look at how she embraces her son for the first time in months. and weather, a i lot to track yesterday, with the storm clouds moving into the bay area. today a different story, we'll talk about those changes and highlight gusty winds in the forecast today. i am a family man. i am a techie dad.
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>> let's see what's in that box. ladies and gentlemen, judge returning from overseas, from the united states navy surprising his mom and sister, make some noise, austin crop. >> a lot of hugging there. two fans of the sacramento king, they played and game of white elephant on the halftime of the game. austin came home from being deployed mother completely overcome with emotion as she hugs her son for the first time in months. governor jerry brown has denied a request to commute the prison ten tense. he has -- sentence. the brother was not on the
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list, napoleon brown has served nearly 20 years of a 44 year sentence for manslaughter. it consists of a robbery of a johnny rockets robbery in san francisco. he pushed a woman out of 9 car and she was -- the car and she was hit and killed by a vehicle. it was a tough decision, and she knew it was a tough position because it might appear that she was asking for leniency on behalf of her family. this mailed a dent. it was the worst christmas eve ever, the dow fell 600 points and the nasdaq down 140 and the s&p lost 65, that's more than 2% for hall three of the major index he is. 4200 points since the month of august, that's a drop of 60%. the trade war with china as
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well as "brexit happens sparked much of it. some of yesterday's drop came after the treasury secretary startled with investors, he commented that the heads of 6 major banks shade they have am physical money to finance operations when there's been no concerns over bank stability and the president criticized the federal reserve once again and gymnastics mcbride explained it's making many investors out there nervous. >> we're seeing a general loss of confidence in the government and specifically. his criticism of the fed suggests to investors there's a dual mandate from the fed to control and moderate inflation and employment and the the us economic growth remains strong, but some analysts say the potential for reason session by the year 2020 has increased in
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the recent months. the winter storm that hit a sierra late last night, that made for icy challenging conditions, causing trouble on the roads, there's been trapped drivers and traffic. i-80 was closed down for several hours, due to several spinouts and that caused a 3- mile backup. and they had to close the freeway down, and everything gets backed up. the weather is changing, chain control can be moving. and caltrans crews were plowing the roads overnight to make this smoother for drivers in morning. in the south bay, they're trying to bring in homeless people from the cold temperatures. daytime and overnight temperatures are expected to hover between 40 and 50 degrees. the centers are at: e centers are at: if you liver up in santa
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rosa arrest they dipped into the 30s overnight. it's kinds of chilly. most of us are in the 40s. >> mostly cool. >> it's a soggy, christmas eve. >> there's warming today. remember, it was before the cold front it felt okay, all of a sudden the cold front swept on through, and we felt the cold front move in the area. a cool westerly wind somebody setting up as well. it was active in terms of clouds, the rain and clouds heavy at times. there's not extreme amounts, still, not just a few sprinkles. w sprinkles. amounts are tapering off for redwood city and oakland, and san low say and concord close to a quarter of an inch. here's the satellite and radar, action was flaring up across the bay area. once the rain moved through,
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you thought it was over p thunderstorms popped up and creating an unstable environment in terms of weather. we have more snow important for this morning with the winter storm warning in place, we'll talk about that in a moment. here's the wider view of the pacific and we have this, this is our forecast for today. clearing skies, no rain clouds, and the main storm track for the next few days remains occupant of the bay area -- remains out of the bay area, it's chilly out of it, napa 41, and mountain view and san jose 503-6- 8 miles per hour. there's a stronger wind out towards san jose. and out to the west, 17, 6 miles per hour, sierra snow with the winter storm warning in place for a few more minutes until 7:00 this morning.
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teams the anticipated snow amounts, you can see 4-8 inches and we're waiting for some the totals for some of the resorts, you can see it's a perfect ski or snowboarding for today. it's a nice edition for the snowfall. we have lingering clouds in the futurecast today. it will clear out later on today. here's the universe afternoon 3:00, this is tomorrow morning, maybe patchy fog and partly to mostly cloudy skies. it's 56, to 59, to 60 and here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast, it's a quiet one, we'll have fog to deal with wednesday, and gusty winds and the thursday forecast, if europe thinking s there's a slight chance of a shower, we'll keep an eye on the chance, no major storms to talk about and it will clear things out nicely for the christmas day forecast. thousands of people come together in one of the few
6:21 am
buildings still standing in the town of paradise after the devastating camp fire. after the break, the emotional christmas eve service. and president trump took phone calls calling the white house on christmas eve. one exchange between a 7-year- old that is making the president headlines today. we'll tell you what the president said about santa claus when we come back.
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back at 6:24, san francisco is investigating a deadly stab, it happened at 6:00 last night n near 6 and jessie street. a victim was found on the ground and pronounced dead at the scene r there's no word on what led up to the incident. there's no information that has been released, if you have any information give san francisco police a call. survivors of the camp fire felt a range of emotions as hundreds of people gathered at a church that was run touched by the flames. the gathering at paradise alliance church is the first time many had seen each other since last month. >> the holidays are taking on a
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deeper meaning. >> wow. >> inside paradise alliance church. >> it's an important day. that's hard to come up here, it was very heavy. >> one of the few buildings still standing following the camp fire. >> for people of paradise, it's a big day and the fire and what has happened has made it bigger. >> hosting christmas eve for thousands of neighbors, embracing each other as they figure out the next step. >> the question of how are you? has become new for all of ums. to really be able to -- all of us, to really be able to see and hug people is energized. >> they're facing tough lessons. >> kids are resilient, they find happiness wherever they are. i think that's what we need to think about a little more. >> moments like this are a reminder of the true value of faith. >> it's indescribable, to come
6:26 am
to the church where i was raised and i was baptized in this church, where the building still stands. >> and the roots of the community. the time 166:26, regulators are -- 6:26, regulators are looking to break up the wildfires and the pipeline explosion that happened 8 years ago. they're looking at a number of ideas including replacing the board of directors and turning the investor owned company into a public utility. they'll take public comment on the proposal through january 30th. and pg&e is open to arrange the solutions to make the energy grid safer. and the time is 6:26, and after the break, it's quiet in washington, d.c. this christmas day, and more on the government shutdown and when we can expect lawmakers to come to a compromise. a big hit for the holidays, people are giving the present of pot and it's perfectly legal. we'll hear from marijuana shoppers coming up next.
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. order a pannido with doordash today. good morning, it's 6:30 this christmas day, i'm allie rasmus. >> good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. it's chilly how the there, north bay in the 30s and it's so cold. mark has spiked up the ktvu. >> it's chilly. >> we started out the christmas -- >> we can feel it from here. >> yeah, enjoy the fire we have
6:30 am
for you right now in this little fireplace, and it's a cool start this morning, temperatures are back down to the 30s and 40s, keep that in mind for the short term this morning. it looks like midmorning, 42 to 50 degrees, we have a few spots near 38 degrees right now. we had all of the rainfall and thunderstorms moving to the bay area, that system is clearing out nicely, we will have this, partly to mostly sunny skies as we expand the view out in the pacific, you'll notice the energies are heading to the north. we get a break in the rainfall today, and the current number we have 30s to report in santa rosa, mountain view 51 and san jose 49. you'll notice a bit of a breeze throughout the day. winds going over 20 miles per hour, and it's not too bad with san jose, northwest at 10 miles per hour and half moon bay a northerly wind checking in at 8
6:31 am
miles per hour. here's the plan for this afternoon, cloudy skies this morning, a cool start this morning, 57 in the afternoon hours, we have 62 degrees for the high and partly cloudy skies. we'll have more of the week's forecast coming up in a little bit. breaking news down in the south bay, san jose are investigating a officer- involved shooting that has left one person dead it happened on fruit dale and lee streets. what happened, brooks? >> reporter: we're in full investigation now, officers have been coming back and forth, they're e unit. there's as man on top of the un for the better part of a half- hour and 45 minutes as they reconstruct this scene. now, earlier this morning, it was 2:30 in the morning when
6:32 am
this occurred, we're told. there was a white car that smashed into a fence, we're told that this was an officer- involved shooting, many shots fired, one suspect has died. the other one with non-life- threatening injuries was taken to the hospital. they have been collecting evidence all morning, there are little markers that have been out. we have subpoena bags, they have some -- bags me evidence this occurred right near an elementary school next door, the playground bumps right up to the scene where that car smashes into that fence. what led up to this and caused this is still pun known, san jose police have not released that to us. what we do know, there's one person who has died, the other suspect with non-life- threatening injuries in the hospital as police continue to investigate. in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news.
6:33 am
>> thank you. santa claus is back at the north pole this morning after his round the world deliveries last night and yesterday the president and first lady took phone calls from kids who wanted to hear the latest updates from the federal government's official santa tracker. >> good luck and have a great christmas, and i'll talk to you again, okay? >> reporters were allowed to listen in for five minutes. during that time, the president asked one child, are you still a believer in santa, at 7 it's marginal. 25% of children still believe by the time they're 8 years old. still no end in sight for the government shutdown and how much the president will get for the border wall and border security. the partial shutdown should shut down well into january.
6:34 am
and fox news has more. >> reporter: the white house is backing away from the $35 billion demand that led to the government shutdown. >> we moved off of the 5. >> and making an offer closer to what democrats said they were open to. >> they're at $3 and we were at $5 billion. the counter-offer we gave is between the the two numbers. they offered us $1.6 billion for that same thing, so, they're moving in the wrong direction. i think it's a good we as to whether this deal can be cut before the new congress comes in. >> and democratic sources says the latest offer the white house is $2.1 billion for border security and that includes new fencing plus 400 million for other immigration priorities, the white house somebody not commentinthe details of the counter-offer, a senior administration official said if negotiations are going to progress, it's important for democrats that physical
6:35 am
barriers need to be part of the package. >> the president's building in understanding the law he doesn't get. we support things that are effective. broader negotiations, let's have them. >> and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer released a statement today, said in part, different people from the same white house are saying different things about what the president would accept or not accept to end his trump shutdown making it impossknow where they stand at any given moment. the president wanted the shutdown, but he seems not to know how to get himself out of it. president trump planned to spent place in mar-a-lago but stayed in washington. the first lady is returning tock spend the holidays at the white house alongside her husband. she's spending time alone and she's waiting for the democrats
6:36 am
to come up with a deal on border security. corker wanted to run for office again, but numbers tank when i wouldn't support him. just like people won't support the border wall. >> they're discussing border wall issueses with his administration and republican lawmakers from capitol hill. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say as long he's they're being guided by the freedom caucus, they're unlikely to come up with and solution at the house or senate. or senate. a gunman stormed a government building killing 43 people in afghanistan. a soup side bomber filled up a car number of explosives in front of an office building in kabul, then started shooting. some managed to barricade themselves inside officers. the assault went on for 8 hours
6:37 am
before the attackers were killed. they evacuated safely 350 people. a federal judge ordered north korea to pay $500 million to a university student h he was visiting in 2016 when he was arrested on suspicion of stealing a propaganda poster. north korea released him last year, but he returned to be the u.s. in a coma and later died. his parents say he was tortured. the judgment is largely a symbolic victory since in is no way to force them to pay. a tsunami hit over the weekend. 1400 are injured and many are defend. they're trying to find more survivors. the large wave hit suddenly and
6:38 am
it hit homes in western java and southern sumatra. >> it would take just 10 minutes for the tsunami to hit the coast to the west and an hour to the east. there's little time to get a warning out. experts same an eruption from an underground volcano triggered that landslide and tsunami. and an active volcano. >> load he had yesterday. it triggered 120 earthquakes across sis live -- sisily, it doesn't pose a threat to people who live near. it forced a closure of the airport near sisily. and two men were at drift s they picked up a small
6:39 am
boat. they ran out of gas near costa rica and were stranded for a few week. they got food and water and they were taken to jamaica for additional medical attention at a hospital. a battle in south lake tahoe, a judge blocked the enforcement of new rules that would have put a limit on how many people can stay in a rental home. voters in south lake tahoe approved the vote in november after they became frustrated with parking and noise at air bnb but they called the law unconstitutionally and they filed a lawsuit. and the ruling is temporary and there may be a new law enforcement in january. and police are giving back to the community, how their holiday collaboration brought cheers to several families. and packages seem to be
6:40 am
online and on the way, they're part of an elaborate scheme to make quotas, you'll find out why 2 investigates peace, coming up. and we're setting stage for a nice cool christmas morning. we have partly cloudy skies and we're talking about a nice forecast for today. we're lucking out with the timing and we'll have more on the forecast coming up. ♪ ♪
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this area's bay area people look at people celebrating the holidays. >> they joined forces to gig back to the community and showed a different side of law enforcement. this area was buzzing with activity when officers unloaded christmas trees that they would give away free to the community. >> we put the speaker on one side and a speaker on the other side. >> an event organized by this man. >> my name is justin. >> a fillmore native with a passion to give back to his community. >> i'm the founder and ceo of a
6:44 am
nonprofit organization. >> three weeks ago, the captain of the northern station came to him with a request, following an event held around thanksgiving. >> open came to me in the middle of the convenient and said, hey i like what you're doing, let's put something togetherring the and do something for christmas, eh idea where we can get trees and we can put to together. >> there should be a table up here, in three, we, he partnered with the local precinct to put together an event form the holidays. >> we're giving out christmas trees as we saw behind move. we have face painting and toys out there, we have, dj, it's coming out and doing dj. >> it was hatched by this man. >> who is the receiver and running back. >> if there was any question as to why you're looking at the answer. >> that's what it's all about, it's about the kids, that's what we're doing out here today. >> this is an area that has its
6:45 am
share of problems. >> in this park, there's as great history in the fillmore district, there's been times where there's been troubles on this block. it's turned around and turned around the right way. >> policing involves is more than donning a gun and badge. d there's trust, and a police officer is seen as someone they can talk to and they can, you know, have a conversation about what position they want to play in football. >> who is the organization comes through here and brings trees and toys for the kids. i think it's great. >> police and volunteers doing their part to spread the christmas spirit to residents of this san francisco neighborhood. >> it brings everybody together and all of the neighborhoods together. it makes me feel good and come in my own space and
6:46 am
neighborhood. >> a group called the guardsmen who the captain is affiliated with donated all of those trees and another organization called another planet entertainment donated all of those toys. there was a guest appearance by a warrior and black santa. area people, we would love to hear for you look for the bay area people tab and let the roa today, that was written by a man on his facebook. he was talking about a father handing out gifts in memory of his two daughters. they were killed last january, a robbery suspect was being chased by police and plowed into a truck, they were out at the intersection where the crash occurred with a message of peace. we're giving gifts in memory of my two kids, have a merry
6:47 am
christmas. >> the gesture wars a reminder of the troop meaning of christmas. many people have been adding legal marijuana to their holiday shopping list this year. this is the first season when the sale of recreational marijuana is legal in california. pot is becoming a popular present. >> reporter: they're delicious, this is really good. >> chocolates, gummies and other groovy gifts. >> wow, you can -- >> pot presents are pretty popular. >> christmas cheer. >> getting dispensaries and magnolia -- >> chris and his dog frankie are after edibles, they'rement perfect stocking stuffers. >> it's like you're having a snack. >> and judy couldn't wait until she got home, taking a seat in the lounge and using one of
6:48 am
these machines to vape and smoke her gift to herself. >> assistant general manager butler says the last few days, people have been stocking up. >> it's been a busy day, i can imagine everyone getting christmas shopping and needing a stress reliever and need a little something so when you meet your family you'll be relaxed. >> this 73-year-old says that's her goal. >> is this your idea of a rom t we were opened at 9:00, we had a line and we've been knocking the lines out quickly bun it's been steady. >> of course, you have to be 21 and have your id to walk in. >> it's definitely unique, you know. >> supporting the locals -- >> like dozens of customers have done today. >> i want to take one of those -- >> including judy who says she's been smoking weed six the 60s. six the 60s.
6:49 am
a big hit for the holidays ann hanki n visit to. >> santa claus. >> -- the who will lays and a visit from santa claus for the holidays. >> there's a nurse on site, the big recommendation, take it slow. all right, brooks, time to get you outside, it's christmas so kids will want to play with their toys and it's dried up, i guess. >> it looks like it will be a nice morning and time to get to play with the toys outside. >> you need a jacket, we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s, we're lucking out with the forecast. we had the rain clouds yesterday, the storm clouds are moving out of the bay area, setting the stage for a dry christmas, it's a fairly nice afternoon, a 40s across most ba
6:50 am
22 to 25 miles per hour. look at the green on the radar, we had to navigate through ers clearing how the this morning. we have lingering clouds out there to start out this morning and the sierra, they have a winter storm warning in are place until 7:00 for another 10 minutes, here's the satellite, a big view for the specific. here's the storm, this guy is headed to the north. we have a dry weather pattern and a cool one, at least for today. current numbers, we're check being on those, santa rosa, 38 degrees and oakland 36, and freemont checking in at 47. winds will be picking up throughout the day. out there. winds are at 3 to 6 to 8 miles per hour. sfo westerly at 6 and san jose, a stronger wind at 10 miles per hour. so, this morning in san francisco, partly cloudy skies are, we'll have fair skies into the afternoon hours, and 3 or
6:51 am
4:00, still sunshine, temperatures on tractor reach the 50s, we'll scale back for the clouds throughout the day and scale out for the snow showers throughout the sierra. we'll start out today with patchy, dense fog and more rainfall later today, and hypes will be 59 to 60 degrees this afternoon. san jose 59, that's and popular number on the map for later on today. here'slook ahead at the five days. christmas day, breezy, warmest conditions are 60, close to 59, it's chilly tomorrow morning, a bit of a breeze by thursday, chance of shower activity. there's a slight chance that will be on sunday. for the weekend, we could have no major storms to talk about. head to the sierra if you can for the next few days. >> i bet there's a few people
6:52 am
in the sierra over the holiday. coming up, breaking the silence after sexual assault allegations, after a bizarre message from kevin spacey, many are questioning his message. that's it coming up.
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6:54 am
is 65 amen. kevin spacey has released an unexpected video which he
6:55 am
appears to be pushing back against but sexual assault actualization. in the video he brings back his frank underwood character from netflix is a house of cards. it is a show he was fired from after being accused of sexual assault. >> but you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? you would rest a dgnt without backs, would you? did you? no, not you. you're smarter than that. >> this is the very first time spacey has said anything publicly in more than a year. the video was released on his youtube and twitter pages shortly after he was charged with groping a teenager in massachusetts years ago. e firs that has been brought against the act there. is expected to be arraigned next month. now onto, accusations that postal workers are writing up fake delivery notices in an effort to keep up with quotas. ktvu's candace when tells us that in place a they are scanning packages as being on the way but in reality they are still sitting back at the postal facility.
6:56 am
>> reporter: cell phone video and photos inside the usps distribution center in san francisco show boxes as far as the eye can see. the result of the holiday rush that an employee tells to investigate staff cannot keep up with so workers falsify delivery notifications. the employee who asks to remain anonymous says up to 30% to 40% of these holiday deliveries are scanned as on their way to customers when they are really here for another two to three days. >> is deliberate. its intent. it's premeditated, really. rexha rocket is holiday season they're not getting the packages on time and the reason for the failed deliveries don't make sense. >> i waited at home and no one
6:57 am
knocked at the door between us times. >> i received a notice from amazon saying my package was attempted to be delivered but they could not access the entryway of the building. which, i found that odd. because it's a hotel. and anybody can walk into the building. >> reporter: in early december carter went to track down the package when he said a u.s. postal worker told him what was going on. she said that they are scanning the packages and they are falsifying deliveries and information just so they can meet their quota. and the managers can make their bonuses. >> reporter: it's not just san francisco. ktvu sister station in salt lake city, utah, spoke to usps employees there who say they are pressure to do the same thing. they also say workers input take reasons for why a package is not delivered. >> a respectable is blocked when it wasn't blocked. things of that nature. >> reporter: another employee in salt lake city says it comes down to managers wanted to keep delivery rates up because the
6:58 am
numbers impact supervisor salaries. according to the usps offer of inspector general, the postal service does have a pay-for- performance program for employees who work in supervisory technical administrative and managerial positions. >> in order for them to meet there is numbers and be compensated for their sorry, they have to meet certain delivery expectations. and when they fail that the compensation is obviously taken away from them. >> reporter: a spokesman sent a statement saying that the postal service takes allegations such as these very seriously. the information available to us indicates there is no merit to the claims raised. the postal service declined to answer our questions about delivery rates impacting manager pay. >> we are understaffed. we don't have the resources that we need. we don't have vehicles, we don't have employees. >> i don't have faith in the usps anymore. >> it just feels like a lie. >> reporter: officials denied to give information or the reports in salt lake city. they say employees are trained to bring concerns to a
6:59 am
supervisor at any level of the manager chain. a suspect is dead and another one is injured. the details of a san jose police involved shooting coming up in a live report. and it was a happy homecomimore than 100 families time for christmas. we have the emotional reunion at coast guard island in alameda. from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. good morning. at 7:00 this christmas day. i'm allie rasmus, >> and i'm frank mallicoat. we have a nice warm sweater or jacket you might want to slip it on. mark joins us with our forecast. kind of a chilly start? >> no umbrellas are needed.
7:00 am
looking out with the time in this year. we have some cool numbers this morning. the skies and eventually will have more sunshine this afternoon. in the short-term, or center and everyone here we have temperatures in the 40s to right around 50 degrees. yesterday dodging the rain clouds and the gusty winds. though storm clouds have moved out of the bay area. right now we just have some lingeringand a winter storm warning in the sierra until 7:00. until right about now. that was supposed to expire this morning. showing you


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