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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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eventually the driver lost control and crashed into a fence on leigh avenue at fruitvale avenue. the driver then drove at officers and rammed a patrol vehicle which is when four officers opened fire. the driver and passenger were both struck by gunfire. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. her identity not released yet. the passenger has been taken to jail. no names have been released. no officers were injured. police in san francisco say they have made an arrest following two stabbings in the midmarket district. the first happened about 5:30 yesterday evening. officers responded to a report of a person lying on the ground near 6th street and jesse street. the victim a 70-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. then around 12:40 this morning, officers responded to another stabbing on 3rd street stab wounds. that woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a 27-year-old transient was arrested and charged with
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murder. he is identified as michael jacobs. so far, no other details have been released. oakland police have found a patrol vehicle that was stolen around 9:15 last night and according to the "bay area news group" it was taken from an officer working a traffic post on 66th avenue after the raiders game. it was located a short time later with some damage but no other details were given. but this is not the first time something like this has happened. back in august, an oakland police suv was stolen and later found. and in july, a 31-year-old woman as arrested as she stole an oakland police services suv. i can't tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call whatever the want. >> president trump digging in on his border wall demands reiterating that he will let the government shutdown go for as long as needed if democrats
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don't give him the proper funding. as ellison barber reports, the president is already planning a groundbreaking ceremony for a section of the wall. >> merry christmas, happy new year, we're all very proud of you. >> and a chat with reporters. mr. trump says he cannot say when the partial government shutdown will end but he says the road to its end must be paved with money for walls along the southern border. >> i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a walsh a fence, whatever they would like to call it. i'll call it whatever they want. >> reporter: democrats insist they too want safe borders having included more than $1 billion for border security in a proposed government funding bill but they want to focus on areas like technology and more border personnel. >> as soon as i said i want to build the wallit. >> reporter: as for the hundreds of thousands of federal workers impacted by the shutdown -- >> well, i think they understand what's happening. they want border security. the people of this country want border security. >> reporter: 52% of american voters said they would oppose
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shutting down the government over differences about funding for the wall. >> yesterday, i gave out 115 miles worth of wall. 115 miles in texas. and it's going to be built hopefully rapidly. i'm going there at the end of january for the start of construction. that's a big stretch. we're talking about 500 to 550 miles. >> reporter: mr. trump didn't say who specifically received the contract only that it was different people. the white house did not provide additional details in regards to the trip or the contract despite requests from fox news. >> good morning, president trump. >> reporter: in between the calls to troops and talk of the wall, the president also talked about the economy, the federal reserve. reporters asked if he had confidence in fed chair jerome powell. >> they're raising interest rates too fast. that's my opinion. but i certainly have confidence but i think it will steady. they're raising interest rates too fast because they think the economy is no good. >> reporter: reporters also asked the president about his
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treasury secretary steven minute knew christian. the president called him smart and talented and has confidence in him and u.s. companies. reporting at the white house, i am ellison barber, fox news. an 8-year-old boy from guatemala died today the second immigrant child to die in detention. he showed signs of potential illness yesterday afternoon wanted was taken with his father to the hospital in new mexico. they said doctors diagnosed the boy with a cold and fever gave him antibiotics and discharged him. the boy was brought back to the hospital last night with nausea, vomiting and died there hours later. a cause of death hasn't been determined. u.s. customs and border protection promised an independent and authorize rio a thorough review of the circumstances. a 7-year-old guatemalan girl died earlier this month after being caught by border agents. today we're learning more
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about the pardons and chew occasions from governor brown yesterday. belong those given clemency are some from cambodia and deportation because of criminal convictions. the five cambodians came to the country as children. a woman who received a pardon from the governor is a victim of the "camp fire." heather burnett who lost her home in the wildfire in butte county was pardoned for decades old drug crimes. the governor noted that burnett now works as a drug counselor with butte county. governor brown pardoned her husband jason before thanksgiving for his conviction on a charge of manufacturing a controlled substance. in the butte county town of magalia, members of the community came together to celebrate christmas just weeks after surviving the "camp fire." some are calling it the best christmas yet. >> reporter: the "camp fire"
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destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and for some of the people i spoke with here in butte county, the most important thing this christmas is being together with families. >> it's not a good time for christmas after losing everything. >> reporter: sitting around a table with friends and strangers, rickie shared a christmas meal. >> it's sort of pulling us all together and made us sort of -- what christmas is all about and spending time with friends and family. >> reporter: calle lost everything when the "camp fire" burned through paradise and magalia. last night was the first time he has been back since the fire. >> it's kind of emotional and, um, but the same time my daughter said it was probably the best christmas we have had which was surprising. >> turkey, just wrapped it on top mixed. >> reporter: from turkey to stuffing -- >> i don't want to miss anything. >> reporter: -- to coffee and pie, christmas dinner was
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served at the magalia community kristian. >> we were blessed. we lost our community -- not entirely, because we're still here but there's still community. >> reporter: it's a community that is standing strong helping others in need. >> it's inspiring. it gives you hope that we're going to rebuild and come back and -- i think we'll be better for it. >> reporter: organizers expect to feed close to 1,000 people this christmas. for some it's a different way to spend the holiday but a sign it's going to be okay. >> it's been, you know, very heartwarming and kind of a interesting christmas to say the least but, you know, we're doing it. we're here. and so it's going to be all right. coming up, a christmas tradition in san francisco. we'll show you the scene from today's annual christmas dinner at glide. >> and for many it truly was a
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white christmas in the sierra. we'll show you the conditions on the slopes. >> i'll be talking about the conditions on the ground as you can see behind me here. some people getting their ice skating on in union square. it's been a beautiful day. we'll talk about how long this dry sunny weather will last when we come back.
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at the salvation army central kitchen in san francisco, christmas meal preparations began long before the sun came up today.
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ham, pea, yams and sweet potatoes were cooked. and packaged up along with fruit, beverages and cookies. more than 500 volunteers then headed out with the holiday meals for residents who couldn't leave home. for some, the visit from a volunteer was the only contact they received this christmas. in total, more than 4,000 san francisco residents received meals. a lot of great things happening today and at glide memorial the annual christmas day feast hosted thousands of people today all with the help of hundreds of volunteers. all this talk about feasting is make i me hungry. it's making me hungry. leigh martinez reports. reporter: it's christmas day inside glide church. this is a story on perspective. what is it like to perform on that stage? >> i'll cry most of the time because being an addict in recovery 20 years clean and sober now, it's overwhelming. >> it comes back to you and it makes us push even harder. >> the light went down, electric candles flickered lighting up hundreds of
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individual faces. how does it feel to be in the space? >> it's really important for me to be with community, and i love it. i'm full of love. >> the love the message that was given today, you know? because we need to love each other more. >> reporter: for the first time in a year, the founder of glide took hold of the microphone. an ailment kept him from speaking to the congregation what does it mean to have a voice? >> to hold up for a year without speaking to our people was an incredible kind of thing. i know have an opportunity to say some things that i needed to say and i'm going to say them. >> reporter: he spoke of a freedom that comes with love . >> it's a way of life.
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>> reporter: it's what makes glide a destination for many every year. >> any denomination, any --an atheist, wicken, catholic, jewish, muslim, so we're very inclusive here and i think people really feel the joy of being able to embrace our differences. >> reporter: to love who you are, to know another's story, to celebrate what makes us all different, are not only messages at christmas but lessons in freedom. >> yes. and people come from all over the world on this day to attend glide's services. >> reporter: we have people from chicago, dallas. so it really is a huge sense of community. and people really do feel like they get a lot out of coming. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news.
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several dozen people spent the day at the golden gate bridge trying to save lives. the volunteer organization, bridge watch angels, has been patrolling the span on holidays talking to people who may seem like they are thinking about suicide. the group says the golden gate bridge remains the top suicide destination in the world. they say the holidays can be emotionally difficult for some people and that's why smiling volunteers will greet everyone at the walkway trying to bring hope to those who may be depressed. if you would like to help the organization, they are looking for volunteers to serve on new year's, another high risk holiday, as well. i have been keeping an eye on the weather for you today. hope you enjoyed the sunshine. it's been lovely in the bay area. when we take a look at the nation's weather, it's been a quiet weather day across the country. the east coast is clear and dry with just a little bit of rain in the southwest but that's about it. we have had just crystal clear skies out there today and it's making for a lovely evening as
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we look at the city lit up in lights here. just beautiful. hope you had time to enjoy family and friends. storm tracker two, you can see we are cloud-free right now. a system off to the north doesn't look like it's going to come in. barely any clouds out there. but this is that next system that we'll be keeping an eye on that's trying to dip down wednesday into thursday. it looks like at most we'll see a few high clouds out of that. current winds we have calmed down a bit everyone under 10 miles per hour. a northwest flow is with us and it will be breezy over the next couple of days. temperatures right now also amild at 54 in san francisco, lots of low 50s on the map. couple of mid 50s out there, we are getting cooler. you will see that throughout the week this week and we could see patchy frost in some of the valleys. but tonight we are looking out in the north bay to the 30s in
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place like santa rosa, about 45 in san francisco and notice the 30s are also going to be in concord and fairfield, down in fremont and san jose and morgan hill. looking out for 36 degrees. as we track things forward, you can see that sunshine is going to stay with us as we go throughout our wednesday right into thursday. i will have your five-day forecast and we'll talk about the weekend when i come back in just a few moments. guys, back to you. >> amazing conditions. thanks so much, kyla. in the sierra, many people spent the holiday hitting the slopes and taking advantage of those amazing conditions. reporter christie gross has the story. >> reporter: whether you celebrate christmas or not, people are here at dodge ridge resort saying it was the perfect way to spend the day. from beginners to seasoned veterans carving down the mountain, skiers, snowboarders and even santa hit the slope today. >> this was so special because of snow and winter and holiday. >> reporter: for some heading to the resort is a christmas tradition. >> we come as a family and stay together and have fun on christmas. >> reporter: and for others like julia, it was her first
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time seeing no. >> i like it. >> we don't live in the snow so it's just nice to come out and enjoy the weather like this. it's so beautiful. >> reporter: for some, it was a midweek getaway. >> we don't celebrate christmas. um, so but this is a day where we can get together with our friends and family and enjoy quality time. >> reporter: hundreds of skiers and snowboarders hit the lifts to take advantage of the 6" of fresh powder that fell yesterday. >> great day to be up, sun is out, not too hot, not too cold. we are getting spoiled today. >> it was great snow. there's not that many people here right now so there's still some fresh tracks that you can ski. >> reporter: the marking manager says the resort has already seen 8 feet of snowfall this month. he says the beautiful conditions are a dream come true for those who are wishing for a white christmas and even those who weren't. >> just something symbolic about it, isn't there, that makes it all better, especially with the clear bluebird skies out now. it's just beautiful never way possible. >> reporter: with good snowfall already this winter season, the
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resort is hopeful they will stay open until april. at dodge ridge resort, christie gross, fox40 news. overseas britain's royal family celebrated christmas with a traditional church service. prince william and kate joined harry and meghan as they arrived at the church in eastern england. queen elizabeth and prince charles were also at the service. 97-year-old prince philip didn't attend. there are reports he is in good health but just wanted to stay home. vatican city pope francis greeted thousands of people in st. peter's square. the pontiff delivered his message to the city and the world saying his christmas wish is for fraternity among people with different ideas where people are capable of listening and respecting one another. he praised syria and yemen and israelis and palestinians to resume dialogue. in germany members of the sea lions club celebrated christmas with a dip in a cold lake. it's said to be an icy 39
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degrees and the air temperature is at 37. i'm cold just reading that. but the polar plunge is an annual tradition for the sea lions. some went back for a second dip. >> no, thank you. still ahead, the season of giving, but after the break, what you need to know if you're planning to give to charity and how to avoid scams. >> and later in sports, we revisit last night's emotional raider win in what can be the final game at the coliseum.
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"go fund me" refunded $400,000 people to people who pledged money to help a man who claimed he was a homeless veteran. he allegedly conspired with a man and woman in new jersey. the woman said bobbitt gave her his last $20 when her can ran out of gas. prosecutors say that story was a lie. the $400,000 they raised was spent on luxury items and casino trips. all three have now been criminally charged. the scheme fell apart when bobbitt got mad for not getting the share she promised him. this christmas day marks less than a week until the end of the year meaning there's not much time left to benefit from this year's tax detuxes. if you are planning to give, authorities are warning that scam artists are stepping up efforts this holiday season, too. lauren blanchard has more. reporter: from the northeast bomb cyclone to the wildfires, 2018 brought disasters start to finish coast to coast.
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hurricane florence dumped on the carolinas. hurricane michael wreaked havoc on the florida panhandle. and most recently, the massive earthquake that rattled alaska. the needs this year are great, but this holiday season, state and federal authorities are warning that lending a helping hand has its risks. >> couple of threats. first if you give to a sham organization that money that you were trying to donate to help somebody or something, whatever it was, it's gone. >> reporter: he is talking about scammers, fake charities, attempting to take your money and not help a legitimate cause. >> it scares people away from wanting to give. >> i think you're more inclined to give face to face because there's more of a personal connection. >> you know it's legit. >> reporter: nick and kelly are more wary about donating, having experienced scammers after disasters firsthand. >> you know, you see things pop up, oh, yeah, give to whoever, because there's an earthquake in indonesia, whatever. >> reporter: tips for giving
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during the end of the year include asking questions, being suspicious of charities that won't give answers, getting an invoice or statement, and doing your homework on the organization before you give. >> you want to give something to something you're passionate about and you want to help. but you want to make sure you pick the organization carefully. >> reporter: prepaid debit cards are a relatively new favorite for scammers, donors asked to buy the cards at the store, load them with money, and then share the card number over the phone giving scammers access to the cash right away without giving you the ability to trace who they really are. if you spot a scam or belief you may have been a target, the federal trade commission asks you report it right away. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 fox
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starts next. amazon taking on president trump and the u.s. postal service. after the break, what insiders are telling fox news about the tech giant's plan to fight the president after months of public feuding. >> plus, a christmas surprise for a boy in menlo park. how the police department stepped in after his special tricycle was stolen days before christmas.
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police shot and killed another woman it happened about 2:30 am at fruit deal avenue. police were responding to calls about shots fired in another part of the city where they located two adults with gunshot wounds. a suspect was leaving and refused to stop for officers. a pursuit ensued until the officers stop the car. the officer struck both women. >> an 8-year-old boy died earlier today while in the custody of u.s. customs and
6:29 pm
border protection. he seemed sick yesterday and was taken to his father -- to the hospital with his father. they gave him antibiotics and discharged him. he was brought back after he began vomiting. he died at the hospital a few hours later. amid the government shutdown, trump stayed in washington for christmas day. he started the day with calls overseas and then reap reporters. he said it will not end until he has the money for a border wall. as for the the other federal workers, trump said they understand and they want border security along with the american people. >> you are watching fox ktvu news today. now that trump wants an overview of what the cost is two postal services, the cost
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may be on the rise. >> here are the details on how amazon is responding. this christmas eve brings in a new world record. 2.5 billion packages shipped worldwide. amazon ships millions of packages and 62% are sent through the postal service. now they said amazon has been developing a plan to fight back against trump in the new year. he has been blasting the company four months. >> the post office is losing money and taxpayers are paying for it because they deliver packages for amazon at below cost and that is not fair to the united states and it is not fair to the taxpayers. >> the worst case scenario, a price hike, something that could happen if the megadeal that is under review is terminated. experts predict that it a price the packages appropriately, amazon would lose its
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competitive advantage. they are working on new alternatives hoping that they will be less dependent on new sds. there focuses on cyber technology. >> they are also looking at large scale driver contracts to replace postal workers. asked about the deal with this, trump said i think they are getting the big bargain of the century. >> the review is now in full swing. they have a test forced to reevaluate the deal. note the postmaster general is the same changes coming. they want to reduce costs, grow revenue and compete more effectively. they are going to aggressively manage the business. amazon has done well this season. the new york time studies found
6:32 pm
that shoppers trust amazon above any other e-commerce out there. but customers should buckle up, things could get rocky in the new year. back to you. the new report to limit the use of fossil fuels is costing billions in minis lost job opportunities. environmentalists battling climate change have a new strategy. stop it before he gets to the market. >> the goal is to keep it in the ground, so we exceed the amount that will lead to a catastrophe. >> rule if they can't do that,
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it will help them make when of more affordable alternative. >> recovery efforts are in full swing after a storm that claimed the lives of 429 people. >> locals are trying to salvage what they can. the conditions are still dangerous in the sea, and it is believed to have been triggered by a chunk of a volcano slipping into the ocean. there are now calls for a new system that can detect eruptions. >> a pedestrian was hit in killed on the tracks in santa clara. it happened today at 1 pm. an investigation is underway. the person was trespassing on the tracks. the identity of the person killed has not been released. this is their 13th fatality of
6:34 pm
the year. >> a grinch trying to dampen the christmas period. his was stolen from his garage. police have not found it but this christmas is one the 10- year-old will not forget. today he got a special surprise. >> why would someone steal his tricycle right before christmas. >> is it because they are poor or they just want a bike or did they just want to upset me. >> it has been a question on his mind since it was taken from his garage. >> i was just moping around. >> he has cerebral palsy, the customized tricycle is expensive and it is what he used to get to school. his father filed a report with the police department. >> we searched everywhere for it but we could not find it, and that did not sit well with me. >> that is when the department decided to do something special. on christmas morning, officers showed up with a brand-new bike.
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>> do yo >> yes i do, i love it. >> i really believe in christmas miracles. >> he was upset when he found out his bike was stolen but now you can't wipe the smile off of his face. >> everyone is wondering what happened. i am so happy. >> the holiday spirit is alive in this neighborhood. >> we had to do something about it and we got you a new one. >> thank you. and i have something for you guys. >> it is an exciting day for the family who thought they would have to dig into their own pockets to replace the bike . >> we are overjoyed. it was a very special gesture. >> now he can write back to school in the new year inside of. >> i am very excited and think go. >> so thankful for that happy ending. police are still searching for the original tricycle and asked
6:36 pm
if you can contact them if you have any information. >> napa police gave some cheer to this family. look at this on their facebook page. the family recently relocated to a new home with nothing. so dispatchers furnish the entire home with a new washer and dryer, dishes, pots, pans and a vacuum. they were also given money in gift cards and packages. needless to say the donations help to make a very merry christmas for this family. dodge coming up, a community host a christmas event for families affected by last month's deadly fire. >> this program is amazing. like kids otherwise would not have received anything for christmas. >> all of us at fox ktvu hope you are having a merry christmas. tomorrow morning t start your day.
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and --
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so this is misstate the community more than 100 guests who were affected by the camp fires in butte county. >> the families were treated to breakfast. and as they showed is commonsensical even made an appearance. >> i'm sorry. here i can't merry christmas. >> i am so happy that everyone is here today. >> we lost our house and that some of our vehicles. two of our pets were also hurt. >> we heard about the evacuees
6:40 pm
and the tragedy in butte county. we knew we had space. >> the children have never experienced a christmas like this. the excitement and all the the overwhelming. it is a parade of elves running around. it made everything comfortable and familiar. it was better than home. >> all of these little guys. it is so amazing to see the outpouring of love from so many people. >> we got the word out and a lot of people responding. a lot of people were volunteering and the donations. it has been a great thing for all of us. we are helping people and we always give more back then we share. >> it is overwhelming. >> this program is amazing.
6:41 pm
mike kids would not have seen christmas at all. >> we came together and put this together. we were so grateful. >> it is a christmas miracle. >> great reaction from that little child. thank you to the photojournalist for putting together that these. >> we have more good news. there was a special delivery for families in the hospital. the parents received christmas trees. >> the donations came from a samuels tree organization. the annual tradition began back in 2012. >> that money goes towards buying a lot of diapers. >> still ahead, a mystery in
6:42 pm
sacramento after a new face appears in town. how he is being embraced by the community. >> we don't have any snowmen here but we do have some in the sierra. we will talk about how much sun we have and how much sunshine will be in the forecast. >> we will be right back.
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here is an interesting one. some people in sacramento
6:45 pm
a mystery on their hands after someone left a settlement outside of the coffee shop. it is believed the soul was made from so in tahoe. people have been stopping to take a picture of the snowman. i lived in sacramento and this is a little bit weird. >> it doesn't snow there so this is bizarre. >> it is very clever though. >> this is a reminder of how cute this resident panda is. they posted this video of the animal playing. this is a giant panda in the snow rolling in a winter wonderland. >> i wish my day could be like that. >> he will be sent to a
6:46 pm
breeding program when he turns 4 years old to make more cute pandas just like him. >> thank you for the memories. >> i have two follow a baby panda. >> there are a lot of people rolling in the snow in california. >> plenty of snow for rolling, skiing and everything. once you are up there, all is well. >> here are some totals. this is 10 inches of snow. >> a foot of snow in north star. a lot of fresh powder out there. the system. this shows you the percentages. we picked up a half inch of
6:47 pm
rain yesterday. now you can see what it is. we really got some beneficial rain out of the system and that was a good thing. so tonight we will see dry conditions continue. it will be a little breezy. tomorrow will be dry as well. temperatures will dry and drop- down into the 30s. on thursday we will have some high clouds. >> we do have some sunshine for our last week of the year. santa rosa is 50 degrees right down. and oakland is 55 degrees. let's take a live look at the storm tracker. this is what we are dealing with . a system that is well off to the north and the west.
6:48 pm
it may bring some clouds our way. g in any reciprocation. that is pretty much what we will see through the evening. remember when we don't have cloud cover, the heat escapes quickly. >> a frost advisory will go through that night. we don't have one in our area but we do have some chilly temperatures on the way. so it will be 36 degrees for an overnight low. it is also 36 degrees in morgan hill. as we get into tomorrow, it will be similar to today. temperatures will be in the upper 50s in a few areas in the 60s. let's look at the five day forecast. you can see lots of sunshine and dry conditions. we do have a chance on sunday we don't have a model to look
6:49 pm
at. we are pointing out that monday is our new year's eve day and we are keeping an eye out on that. ladies like to know what outfits they can wear. >> it is sunny and beautiful on christmas day. >> up next in sports, and exclusive with a pro bowler. >> we will also visit last night's emotional raiders game. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome.
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i saw you yesterday talking to the fans. we weren't really sure what would happen after the game. >> probably a little conflict did over everything. man that was it and what a way to go out. last night against the broncos, the night was all about oakland. and this is what happened after the touchdown. he had his best game in four
6:53 pm
seasons. joe was there to lend some perspective on what it all meant. >> because we often moved from team to team, athletes don't get sentimental. the exception is the game that could be the last one in a historic venue. >> i was remembering all the the memories from breaking my ankle to the fourth quarter come back when. >> i was thinking of everything. >> we love you and my family loves you. >> this is something very special. >> it may be the last game. what a great way to celebrate the holidays and for the good taste in everyone's mouth. >> the team is playing good football. we came back against the chiefs. we came back and beat pittsburgh. i thought we played pretty good tonight. our hands really eulas. i really
6:54 pm
want to share the victory with them. >> where they play next year is up to the politicians and the money people. one thing is for sure, the vibe is like none other and it is the nfl's loss that this will no longer exist. back to you. the 49ers, like the raiders have had a disappointing season but they are still battling. they almost beat the bears last week. one of their emotional leaders set down with joe. >> here is the reason why he goes to the pro bowl every year. >> breaking this down is something he does every day. it starts with his ivy league education. he attended college in went to this top school, harvard. >> it's not a date that goes by
6:55 pm
that people don't throw harvard at me. >> there is another aspect of his game that is anything but typical. he plays a position that has been phased out of the nfl, the fullback. >> everyone have a god that does these things. he may be a tight end. he may be a defensive tackle. >> the guys are getting faster and that is the case for myself. you have to be able to claim space and i feel like i am that type. >> i don't think there's a better offense i could be in right now. >> he had choices when he picked the 49ers as a free agent. he still has high expectations for this team. >> each week we focus. we focus on ourselves and how we can get better. that is really what we are playing right now.
6:56 pm
i am an optimist. when we get all of our pieces together, maybe add a few guys, it will be a great team. >> in the meantime, the guy who was born in ohio and went to college and massachusetts said he loves the bay area. that is good news for the 49ers who use them as a key component. >> back to you. the nba loves christmas day. one more excuse to spend the day eating so much food. we have a lot of good games today. the this was the final seconds. irving was off of the shot. this scented to overtime. it was pretty much all read.
6:57 pm
then in transition, re shots. he had this in the celtics when. >> thunders and the rockets, this is solid. third quarter, russell westbrook will go coast to coast. he lays it in for the file. he had 21 points. the rockets had this shot. no defense. they are happy. he had 41 points. the rockets when the game. >> there is another game and we will talk about that later. >> thank you so much. >> that does it for us, thank you so much for joining us. we will see you back here at 10 pm. merry christmas.
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hey, how are things going with your parents? not great. they hired divorce attorneys. you know, speaking of attorneys, if i ever needed a lawyer, i would not hire she-hulk. you know what? that was almost on topic. i'm gonna say, "good job, sheldon." wait, she-hulk's a lawyer? yeah, she works at a law firm in new york. yes, but she's the only monster at the firm. between you, me and the wall, i think she's an affirmative action hire. anyway, dad's gonna be here in town, so i won't be able to do christmas dinner this year. if you're not up to hosting christmas dinner, i'm happy to do it. you can even bring your father. that would be nice. i've always wanted to do a traditional victorian christmas. parlor games, goose and figgy pudding... ugh!


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