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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 26, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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per hour and stronger winds for tomorrow and the weekend, it looks like a sun/cloudy mix. we're experiencing a break on the rainfall and a quick check on the tollsals, and most areas are running behind around 75 to 77, and january typically delivers, we'll watch out for that the rest of the year. here's a satellite showing you this. a few high clouds moving into northern california. we could have partly cloudy skies towards mendocino of course,. this is out towards santa rosa and napa. san jose in the upper 30s, so for this morning, partly to mostly sunny. a nice recovery, upper 50s for the wednesday afternoon forecast. we could be tracking winds for tomorrow and we'll have more in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. some survivors to the camp fire received and holiday gift
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in the form of a pardon. we're joined live from the newsroom, we have details on some of the people considered. >> the governor issued more than 100 on christmas eve as one of the last acts as the governor of california. and one was a couple who lost their home from the camp fire. heather had a decades old drug crime. she was sentenced in 1999, she was convicted of having drugs with intent to president trump and her husband was a manufacturer. they both got a pardon.
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and 5 refugees from cambodia and an immigrant from honduras. he denied san francisco mayor london breed's brother for a manslaughter charge where he is serving 44 years. and officer-involved shooting yesterday morning involved two women and one of them was killed when police opened fire. it started after 2:00 a.m., police responded to reports of gunfire near storey road and clements. they found two people shot. a car matching the description of one used by the shooters was also spotted, but when police tried to pull it over, the driver facebook off, tried to ram a police car at lee and fruit dale avenues, when that happened, 4 office% fired shots, killing the woman who was driving the car. a female passenger in that car was wounded, but her injuries are not life-threatening. she was taken to jim on an outstanding a warrant. police made an arrest in connection to two stabbings,
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one happened after 5:30 on christmas, they found a 70 years old woman on the ground and she died at the scene. and 12:40 yesterday afternoon, officers responded to a stabbing on third street. a 46-year-old woman was suffering from stab wounds and she's expected to be okay. michael jacobs has been arrested and charged with murder. and with the three suspected homicides in the past two days, san francisco will have the lowest numbers of homicides in decades. according to the san francisco examiner, 2009 was the lowest in 60 years and that is when there were 45 homicides. and oakland has had 65 homicides this year, that's 7 fewer than last year and san jose has had 27 homicides so far this year which is down from 34 in 2017. the numbers are falling despite all three cities growing in population.
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officials in contra costa county warning about at that phone scam where you're asked for your social security number. the scammers tell the victims they have to pay a fee to unlock their social security number because of criminal activity h then the scammers use that number to commit identity theft. there's been a arrives in that type of scam. here's what you need to know. the social security administration will never call you and ask for your social security number, nor would they require somebody to pay over the phone. authorities same another tip that is a scam, the stranger calms and asks to be a -- calls and asks to be paid by a gift card, card or wire transfer. and santa clara police used excessive force against two brothers at the a game. patrick and kyle flynn shade
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they started -- said they started yelling expletives at the game. and one was pushed over a remaining ann hanki n taser was used -- and a taser was used on them. >> oakland police are looking for information for whoever made off with one of their suvs on monday night. an officer was handling traffic controlled after the raiders beat the broncos, apparently someone got in the suv and drove away. it was found 2 miles away in the jingle town neighborhood a few hours later. it was damaged, this is the decade second time someone stole a car from a police officer while on duty this year. an 8-year-old boy from guatamala died while in us custody, it's the second time in a month an immigration child died in detention. the little boy showed signs of potential illness and he and his father were taken to a hospital in new mexico. the child was diagnosed with a
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cold and fever and doctors gave him antibiotics and released him. he was brought to the hospital monday night with flaws i can't and vomiting and a 7-year-old from guatamala died after being rescued by border angels. that investigation is still pending. and president trump is digging in, he's holding out for $5 billion to build and border wall, doug luzader takes a look at how long this shutdown could last. this partial government shutdown really begins in earnest today. this is the first full business day since this whole impasse began. >> we love what you do, we love your work. you're amazing people. >> president trump spent part of his christmas day in the oval office making phone calls, thanking service members. down the road, capitol hill is
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a quiet place and it's unclear whether they can end the shutdown and-it's any time soon. >> i can't tell you when it's going to be open, it won't be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they want to call it, i'll call it whatever they want. >> a wall construction, their suggestion will fall short of what he recommends. and minority leader nancy pelosi is holding firm. >> the shutdown plays to the transportation at this point and it shows they're not -- to the interests at this point, it shows they're not willing to capitulate. not one to get or give a wall. it doesn't matter at this point, the shutdown works in the political interests of both sides. >> the shutdowns hinge on public opinion. the administration has a lot of leeway in terms of how this
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whole thing plate out. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> many stores are opening for an overlooked day in the holiday season. 50% of consumers will go to the stores and 20% will use gift cards then received and 17% will return or exchange unwanted items. experts say research of business holidays return policy, that will make it easier. amazon will accept returns through the end of january. we'll check on the holiday shopping situation in the next half-hour. our time is 6:08, your trash can and recycling bins, you may seem like you can recycle wrapping paper but much
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of the holiday wrapping you may assume recyclable is not recyclable, anything that is glittery or metallic and gift bags that have glitter on it. >> so if we had a bunch of contaminated about papers, like paper with glitter or paper that has the glitter attached it, it can contaminate the entire bail and be rejected at the market. >> we'll look at what can and cannot be recycled from christmas. ann hanki n young boy with cerebral palsy has his special tricycle stolen before christmas and how a bay area police department stepped in when they heard about the theft we'll look at the changing laws that could affect you at your job. and at weather, the storm clouds are long gone. >> and couple of days ago we
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had rain in the bay area buff not today. some patchy clouds are trying to reform and we'll let you know if we have any rain in the five-day forecast.
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the chp has been stepping up patrols ahead of the christmas holiday hoping to keep people safe on the roads. it's maximum enforcement of. they know people want to celebrate this time of the year. they're asking drivers to be
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responsible. with the pervasiveness of technology, we have ride share, uber, lyft, call a family member, plan ahead. that's the easiest thing to do, plan ahead. and people have been driving under the influence in the bay area. and they're asking drivers to slow down when it's raining. bart could be the best way to go. bart will have trains running until 3:00 a.m. on to new year's morning, to help people get home from the fireworks show. if you're planning on taking bart, take the schedule, the trains will be skipping stationing in the city, they'll try to keep the platforms from getting too crowdedded the timing is 6:13, the bay area toll authority, new year's day, follows go up on the 7 state owned bridges, and this goes up by $1, that includes during the commute hours and the off commute hours on the bay bridge, you'll may more to
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go across all of the local toll bridges with the exception of the golden gate bridge. this will be the first toll hike on the antioch, carquinez bridge, venitia and after that, tolls will go up by $1 in 2022. and on monday, a judge blocked the enforcement of new rules that would have put a limit on how many people can stay in rental homes, the voters in south carolina approved the ballot measure in november after homeowners were frustrated with noise and parking at short term rentals with air bn b and homeowners said the ruling is unconstitutional and they filed a lawsuit. it's temporarily and
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enforcement may resume at the end of january. and skiers and snowboarders are carving down the mountains, the resorts were enjoying the christmas day skiers, they took advantage of the six inches of fresh powder that fell on monday, for some who scooped on christmas day, it's a tradition for others it's something special this season. >> we don't live in the snow, it's just nice to enjoy the weather like this. it's so beautiful. >> with all of the snowfall this winter, the reason sort is hopeful, they'll be able to stay open until april. >> i saw you out on the slopes. >> me, no, you saw me making my way slowly. >> there are great skiers, mark tamayo knows about your weather for wednesday. >> the jumps, i used to --
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>> i used to be able to -- >> yeah, i used to do a lot of things. >> exactly. >> i'll just enjoy the view going down the slopes, take in the view. >> no winter warnings in place. it's cool, some areas are starting out in the 30s, you would expect cool spots right now in the sierra, look at the current numbers, 16 to 17, to 19 degrees, in truckee, here's the forecast for today. partly sunny for south lake tahoe, thursday, friday and sunday, there's and slight chance of a snow shower and a sun cloud mix from friday into saturday. and there's no storms to speak of in the next few days. clouds moving into northern california, we have partly cloudy skies reported up here, and that's a change in the past hour or so.
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fog is regrouping, and santa rosa airport is reporting fog and visibility about 5 miles. there's formation of fog in the next couple of hours. >> and out towards santa rosa, 35, napa 36, walnut creek 37 degrees, san francisco 47 and mountain view in the 40s, the big view in the pacific, here's this area of high pressure offshore, follow-up follow the upper level winds, the jet stream winds, you can see from the track, this guy, testimony be up and over northern california, eventually on track for hap proposing nevada. >> more -- approaching nevada. >> temperatures on other side, 60 degrees, the skies are out to the west, it will impact the weather, no rainfall for tomorrow, teams cooling things off, gusty winds, we could have winds going up above 30 miles per hour and still a bit of a breeze for today. maybe 20, 25 miles per hour. here's the forecast model showing you clouds to the north
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this afternoon. this is 9:00 tonight. maybe more clouds for tomorrow morning, thursday and into the afternoon hours, we're expecting partly to mostly sunny skies, most areas on either side, it's 60 degrees, 58, 61, 62 degrees, the warmest location, 60, san mateo in the upper 50s. over the next few days, we'll cool things off on thursday, we're tracking the stronger winds, partly cloudy skies on friday, and a few extra clouds on sunday. there's a possibility that the remainder of 2018 could remain dry, we'll leapt you know did -- we'll let you know if that changes, no storms in the bay area. new laws will be here in the new year, it's days away. we'll have a look at changes coming for employers across the state. >> reporter: 2019 is set to be a year of change for the work
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place in california. starting january 1st, several laws will take effect including senate bill 820 which bans secret settlements and nondisclosure agreements with employees and employers, the accused would be made public while the victim can be anonymous. the bill was designed by a mom in california. >> everyone has hear mom, a wife, and they're taken advantage if they're taken advantage it doesn't work for anybody. >> it closes a loophole that allows employers to avoid sexual harassment and antidiscrimination laws so they can sign release was of liability as conditions of employment or a bonus. both were signed by jerry brown, in the wake of the me too movement as several high profile celebrities spoke out about their experience. >> it's not been about a witch
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hunt or about one man or hundreds of men, the past year he's been about change, it's been about acknowledging the injustices or inking knits working women face every day and doing something about it. >> also taking effect is a bill that requires employers to provide employees who are new mothers a private space to pump. it's built on and san francisco law that took affect in the city in 2018. city in 2018. well, it was as story that captivated the nation, but ended up being a huge scam. what's hang to $400,000 in donations for a home less man. and the search for survivors, it follow a soup name in indonesia, we'll have new video showing the devastation in.
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new this morning, the japan has left the international whaling commission, to resume whale hunts, it will be limited to the japan's ter toial waters. it's stopped hunting because of international outcry, it will resume this summer. and roseanne barr is
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traveling to israel this month and has been invited to speak to lawmakers in israeli. she will increase her knowledge of jewish and israeli history. she is going on the trip as a lover of israel. and there's a race rice tweet that accuses of advisor having an evil intent against israel. and a tsunami killed 429 people in indonesia. some local fishermen are scared of going back out to sea because the conditions are still considered serious. the deadly tsunami is believed to have been triggered by a chunk of a volcano slipping into that openings. there's a call for the system
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to detect volcanic eruptionses. a building has fallen after a suicide bomber exploded and then three gunman went into the building and continued the shooting. it went out for 8 hours. and president trump met with kim jong-un back in june. u.s. officials are awaiting an upcoming speech from the dictator for the new year. the two leaders met in singapore, and the president wants a second meeting in the new year. and a north korean state publication says it will not eliminate its weapons until the u.s. eliminates the threat of severe weather top north korea. but united states and you
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nations refuses. >> the world remains united, the united nations sanctions until the fully verified denuclearization of north carolina. >> they're looking for kim jong- un's position on renegotiation. this was a sweet holiday surprise. what a family found hiding underneath the lid of some baby food. and today is the day you should have no guilt in shopping for yourself, this is the day that you can return gifts that you don't want and we have tips coming up. e tips coming up. and in weather, we're seeing a little bit of daylight with high clouds playing us a visit. it's a chilly forecast for this morning. we'll talk more about the forecast over the last few days or the next few days of 2018, hall that coming up after the break.
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good morning to you on this wednesday, deeps 26th. i'm claudine wong. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. >> i want to take you to the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. the market is opening -- >> look at that face. >> they're opening in just about 25 seconds, of course, we have that matches sieve sell off on christmas eve, we're going to take a look at what's going to happen today. we'll monitor the stocks going into other business and tech
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news. >> we have the football players, they're playing in the pin stripes -- i didn't know about that onery, and there is the opening bell [ bell ringing ] >> it may be an interesting day on the market. we'll keep you updated. >> we thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2". >> our time is 6:30, we'll talk about weather first, i cannot go past mark tamayo without the forecast. >> it's a beautiful forecast, it may be chilly, at some point go outside for the walk. >> it's cold. >> i think it's good, it feels like this is a healthy cycle we're going through a little rain, and dry out. >> a little more. >> we start with the green himself already, we're starting to see those breaks in the rainfall and breaks in the rainfall and we'll see what january delivers. possibly for the rest of 2018 it could remain dry with no
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rain drops in the bay area. >> you want to -- raindrops in the bay area area. you want to check out the forecast for today h more sunshine this afternoon, tomorrow will be a tad cooler with gusty winds, we'll talk about a weather system that will impact the forecast for tomorrow, and the weekend will be a sun cloud mix. you can see, the main action is to the north. a few high clouds drifting into northern california and in the bay area, we have a partly cloudy sky, and teams moving up, the conditions are moving into the north bay. we're watching the fog, no one, no dense fog reports here, santa rosa airport reporting patchy fog visibility right now, it's at 5 miles, current numbers, bundle up. we have the 30s and san jose, 39, it's and cool refreshing atmosphere in the environment, san francisco in the upper 40s,
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had here's the game plan for today p partly cloudy skies and more sunshine, everyone is landing within this range, 57 to 62 degrees, these numbers are matching the highs we had from yesterday on christmas, we'll talk more about the five- day forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, mark. >> we're learning more about the pardons and commutations that were granted by governor jerry brown on christmas eve. he granted 143 pardons and commutations. and five from cambodia and an immigration who face the possibility of deportation because of the convictions. they cambodians came in at 35 or younger. they eliminate the convictions that is some deportation decisions are based on and the governor denied san francisco
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mayor london breed's asking for her brother to be pardoned. he is serving a sentence for manslaughter. she knew it was a tough decision to ask him for a pardon because she was worried about being perceived as using her position for a pardon. and a woman was pardoned for a decades old drug crime. she works as a drug counselor and her husband was convicted of manufacturing a controlled substance. our time is 6:33, follow-up didn't get everything up wanted for a christmas, a second chance may come today. the storms are opening early for post christmas shopping. leigh martinez somebody at san francisco's union square where the busy day after christmas is starting. >> reporter: i don't know finance it's busy just yet. i think i'll be the first
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person in this store. i've never been first for everything. i'm happy no one is here. i'll be the first one in the store. it opens at 7:00, follow-up see i'm all by myself out here. don't try to cut in front of me in line. today is the day you can return anything you got, that you don't want or 23 it doesn't fit. we have tips for you. the national retail federation survey says 50% of consumers are looking to take advantage of the after christmas sales and 17% plan to return and exchange unwanted gifts. before up tack a gift back though, here's some tips. if you -- you have to know the return policies, the deadlines and if you're going to need a receipt top return that gift and to return the return rush, early mornings and late evenings, typically see fewer crowds, if you have a gift, but you don't know where it came from, you can download an app like shop savvy to scan the bar code or you can type in the bar code numbers on google and see
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if that gift shows up and it will tell you where exactly it comes from. if you don't have the receipt you may have trouble returning it, if you have the gift receipt you're in better luck. i'm the first person in line, so hopefully i'll be able to get everything that i wanted that i couldn't get. but, again, yes, today is supposed to be a huge day form people trying to return gifts and get those after christmas sales. in san francisco, leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. menlo park played santa to a boy who had his bicycle stolen. >> down like it? >> oh, my god, thank you. >> this was christmas morning, hear new tricycle. they presented that new tricycle to this boy, someone stole his expensive customized tricycle from the apartment complex.
6:36 am
it helps him get around including going to school. officers searched the neighborhood and they couldn't find it and they wanted to make things right. >> we were not okay with you not having your bike for christmas, so, we had to do something about it and got you a new one. >> thank you. and i have something for you guys. >> oh, thank up. >> this is going to make going back to school in the new year pretty special. he's in fifth grade and his grandmother says she now really believes in santa claus and christmas. >> for good reason. the time is 6:36, the college football national championship is forcing a holiday tradition in the south bay to end early this year. >> it's when we got married. we traveled somewhere and joined the family, this time we decided, since we're local in the bay area, why don't we come to the local area and spend christmas together. christmas in the park is a family oriented celebration with lights, it and in downtown
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san jose park. it tracks a lot of people, but the annual vent ended at midnight, and they're making way to the football championship. it's january 7th, levi stadium, downtown jose will be filled with fans. >> we missed it this year, but unless we made it -- >> it's been nice, the lights are beautiful. >> now, christmas in the park will go back to its norm hal schedule next year. well, music and singing set the stage at glide church in san francisco, where worshippers embrace messages of acceptance and tolerance. >> i am light [ singing ] >> when the lights went down electric canals flickered and illuminated hundreds of faces in attendance. the glide founder refer reverand williams overcame an illness and was able to speak
6:38 am
to the congregation for the first time for a year. >> the holed up for a year without speaking to the people was an incredible kind of experience and i had an incredible opportunity to say things i needed to say. i'm going to say them. >> the reverand spoke of freedom that comes with love and community. >> glide is a place that welcomes people of all faiths, people as far away from ship and dallas came to that service june the christmas meal preparations began long before the sun came up on christmas day. ham, yams, peas and sweet potatoes were packed up with fruit, beverages and cookies. 500 volunteers headed out with the holiday meals for residents who can't leave their homes because of age or illness. for some the visit from a volunteer was the only contact they'll receive from the
6:39 am
outside world on christmas day. 4,000 residents were fed and given the gift of human kindness. >> good, good. coming up ahead, arrested for heckling, some say they were targeted during and game last season. it's good for your body, what does cycling do four your brain. and one man believes cycling can help children with adhd and why the search for answerses is so personal. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless.
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy
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"go fund me" has refunded $400,000 for people who pledge money to help a homeless veteran. a couple conspired with another man and made up a story about a man who gave his last $20 to help a woman who ran out of gas. >> all three are facing criminal charges, the scheme fell apart when the man didn't get part of the share he was promised. and a family got a
6:43 am
wonderful surprise he didn't expect. >> is there a coupon. >> no there's money in it. >> the couple have three young children, then got baby food, they found $30 hidden under the lid, it said the good samaritan was in a good tough situation last christmas and was helped by strangers and now they're paying it forward. the husband lost his job, his wife happens to be a government worker who is not getting paid because of the partial government shutdown, $30 doesn't sound like a lot of money, the couple is happy to feel the holiday spirit and generosity. the camp fire wiped out 95% of the town of paradise, other communities where hurt too. magalia many lost their homes and they knew christmas would be tough. this family lost their home and then went back on christmas eve for the first time since the fire. >> i was dreading christmas, i
6:44 am
would say, it's not a good time for christmas to come along after losing everything. >> he and his family enjoyed a christmas dinner at the magalia church, and 1,000 meals were served and they felt felt a lot of kindness and they felt it was a sign everything would be okay. christmas day was unexpectedly good for some of the survivors of the camp fire in butte county. they were invited to a special event, they gave them a holiday to remember. it included appeared visit from santa. >> i waited for everyone -- >> oh, that is very nice, i hope everyone can have that too. that will be in time. >> mrs. santa was there too. for many of the people at the gathering, the camp fire destroyed almost everything they had, that's their focus, for a couple of hours, they were able to be distracted by gifts and good food and love
6:45 am
from their friends and even from people then didn't even know. >> i never expected so much love and compassion from our community, our country and it's moving, all of the beautiful things in life, we should not take for granted. today is no exception by far. >> the party organizers including reality star bethenny frankel will keep helping the survivors in the new year. >> what does specialized bikes do to help with your brain, one man thinks it helps adhd, and riding for focus, it's accepting grant applications. >> item start of every pe class, mr. conlip spends a are knew minutes making sure his students remember the basics. >> a quick review of signals, left turn.
6:46 am
>> once they're off and pedaling, there is not a lot of time to chat. >> it's to see how excited they are and they come out here and they're ready to go. let's get going, they're superexcited and the ride is part of the ride for focus program. they believe cycling can be used to help children achieve academic and social success, the response has been overwhelming. i had the bike unit and at that time i didn't know who to you bike. >> and today he rides, and with confidence, something his mother thought he would never do. >> i feel he's blossomed and suddenly you find you couldn't do for so long, this really opened his world up, and for us it was like a miracle. >> right now there are dozens of schools signed up for the program across the country. the foundation steps grant applications every year from
6:47 am
interested schools. and they're really nice bikes compared to the ones i have at home. >> when specialize came to us with this opportunity, we decided to take a look at the data, we started looking and noticing we have high numbers of special needs students. >> the specialize founder believes it can help everyone. he is focused on adhd and he and his son have adhd, neither of them have taken medication. >> the ultimate goal is for parents and kids to realize that there's other alternatives for augmentation besides taking a pill. this is nationwide and at some point, the doctors would shea hey, your kids need to ride and there would be a description to ride a bike.
6:48 am
>> he was inspired by an article in 2010, and he said riding is my ridilin, he started with a pilot study in 2012. that found and signal biking session, it improves significant amounts of attention in adhd subjects and this arrives at the current study in stanford. >> we're looking at what happens during a single session of exercise, so, we're increasing incidence with or without adhd, we're looking at the brain activity and measuring it and affecting performance and measure due to exercise. >> exercise has a positive effect but they want to look at what seeking can do. >> what i like about cycling is the balance aspect. >> and while doctors same the
6:49 am
current treatment options for adhd are good, they don't work for everyone. >> many kids don't respond well to medication, some don't, they have side effects, we do know exercise is good for the brain including all children. maybe we can hand out the prescriptions for exercise. that would be exciting. >> for now the work is land based, but they're getting ready to work outside, working on the data gathering helmet to work on the process, and getting outside is important, because there's few things that mimic biking. >> i can go on my bike and ride outside if i have had a bad day. >> there are 20 to 25% have never ride a bike and almost all can now. >> there are one or two out of this 1,000 kids that haven't known how to ride.
6:50 am
it's been great and successful. >> and the popularity of biking, they have inspired a bike club where kids could ride a bike before and after schoolery, most of the clubs don't get that much people, i think there's a lot of excite prime minister for biking. >> and so while the adults try to learn more about what this means for our brains, in a world where it is like everything is about a screen, these children are figuring out just how beneficial it can be to sometimes just enjoy the ride. the ride. >> i was jealous of that bike unit, it's a lot if fun, then go off campus, that school in particular has an off road course they go to, the parks and they're going home and biking with their families. >> that's great, do you think it could help my brain? no. >> they're accepting grant applications, you can think if my school can use that, now, is
6:51 am
the time. mark tamayo has the forecast. >> it's a great day for a bike ride if you want to hit the trails and go outside for a little bit. we have clear skies and high clouds and patchy fog, and look at the beautiful colors to start off for your wednesday morning, so, i'm starting out with partly cloudy skies out there, and temperatures are in the 30s and 40s, we had the rain clouds a couple of days ago, but not the case for today. there's a sampling of what we're seeing across the bay area this morning. we're seeing high clouds across the picture, we're expecting mostly sunny skies today. we'll have a cool start with 30s and 40 this is morning. and satellite is showing you this. clouds are moving into eureka and mendocino, this band will fall apart in the next few hours. we have partly cloudy skies in santa rosa and a chilly number showing up 30s in the portion
6:52 am
of the north bay. we have roanoke park 35, sebastopol, one park pointing about 49, and 47 degrees, san jose in the upper 30s, it looks i can a pair of 37s for walnut creek and livermore this morning. here's a big view in the pacific, you can see a lot happening, this area of high pressure out in the west. we're watching this primarily for tomorrow, and we'll have more sunshine and a bit of a breeze, and most areas outside, 60 degrees and then into your thursday, this guy will move to our east, primarily out towards nevada, those will be cooling off those numbers. it will reinforce some winds, strong winds in the upper levels, this might mix down into the surface, winds could be top 30 miles per hour in your thursday forecast. in fact, these clouds associated with that system, this is wednesday, this afternoon at 1:00, those clouds are falling apart. we could have more overcast a little bit later on tonight
6:53 am
into tomorrow morning. this is thursday, partly to mostly sunny skies, and tomorrow will be cooler than today. upper 50s to low 60s, a low temperature range 58 to 61 degrees, a look ahead, your five-day forecast for tomorrow, it looks like a quiet weather pattern, we're tracking a chance of rain on sunday, wherement latest model is backing off that chance. we're watching this over the next few days, it looks like the remainder of the year, potentially, it could be dry. >> all right, mark. the time is 6:53, one woman is dead, and another in jail after an officer-involved shooting, christmas day, we'll fell you the situation police found themselves in when they opened fire. ♪
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62% of packages are sent through the postal service. the president says amazon has a sweet deal with the post office and it's hurting taxpayers. . >> the post office is losing billions of dollars and the taxpayers are paying for that money because they deliver packages for amazon at below cost and that's not fair to the united states and our taxpayers. >> the postal service is evaluating that deal with amazon and making
6:57 am
recommendation. 0. >> amazon is looking at new alternatives to package delivers and hope to depend less on the postal service. time is 6:57. the warriors played yesterday and still have room to improve after losing christmas day to the lakers. >> for the very first time this season, draymond green, kevin durant, first shot. >> still want to be kevin duran. the game wasn't pretty. relativity will close though. the lakers left the game, lebron james has a groin jury. the warriors lost blown out at
6:58 am
home, 127-101. >> it's a tough night. christmas day, a lot of hype playing the lakers. looking forward to this opportunity top get out there and play a lot better. just laid an egg. we got to get better. >> just lost lovbly as a smack in the face, we got to respond to it and that's kind of the name of the game in this league. the best teams don't let a game like this get them down. they come back and get after it again and that's the plan. >> tomorrow night the warriors host the trail blazers at oracle arena. cal is playing against tcu today in the cheese it bowl tonight in phoenix, arizona the first bowl game for cal since 2015. they will depend on the strong defense against a team from tcu going to 16 bowl games in the last 18 years.
6:59 am
the game starts at 6:00 p.m. tonight. we'll have full details on the ktvu 10:00 and 11:00 news hundreds of pardons from governor brown, some of the significant people who were and were not on the list including the brother of san francisco mayor, london breed. >> no resolution in site for the partial government shut down which gets underway today. more on that, coming up. good morning, iths wednesday december 26th. i'm claw dean wong. >> the official office outside, it's cool and refreshing. just a nice start to the day. bundle up, maybe grab the
7:00 am
sweater or jacket for the next few hours. temperatures starting out in the 30s and 40s and a nice beautiful start with a few high clouds working their way back into the picture. here we are looking towards san francisco and the bay bridge. no umbrellas needed for today. this afternoon we should have a nice recovery with temperatures close to the 60-degree mark. cooling off tomorrow, gusty winds and the weekend forecast featuring a sun cloud mix, maybe a few extra clouds as we head towards sunday. here's the satellite now. the main action up to the north. the clouds drifting into the north and approaching san francisco so right now we have partly cloudy skies up in sonoma county with santa rosa reporting high cloud cover and patchy fog. current numbers santa rosa, has cooled off. 33 degrees, 1 of the cooler spots. napa 37. san francisco 47. san jose in the upper 40s. here's the deal for today. partly sunny, 8:00 temperatures in the


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