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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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a manhunt is underway for a man who shot and killed a police officer during a traffic stop. >> all of the officers here are great. but he stands out the most for me. >> that police officer left his wife and >> tonight his fellow officers
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mourn for the colleague killed in the line of duty and they are searching for the gunmen who has been able to elude arrest. it happened today in newman. it is one hour east of san jose. investigators say 33-year-old singhn was shot and killed during a traffic stop. he had just celebrated his first christmas with his wife and son. a search is underway for this man. the suspects truck was recovered this afternoon about 13 hours after the shooting. henry has the report tonight. >> this is the man of authority say shot and killed corporal singhn as he worked an overt nighon christmas evening. >> he was protecting the citizens of the state and he
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paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> he pulled him over on a traffic stop. moments later the corporal called outshot fired on his radio. officers found him at the scene. the veteran had been shot in the head. is dog sam was with them at the time but the black lab was not hurt. >> these were images taken of him down the street. he was wearing these outfit. -- this outfit. later in the day, investigators searched the mobile home park and found his dodge ram pickup truck. the police arrived and surveyed the scene. >> it is tough when it is someone you know.
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it definitely makes an impact on us. >> definitely enjoying the american dream, he got his dream job. he became a k-9 officer. >> he leaves behind his wife and his infant son. >> he loved camping and fishing. he loved visiting his family back in fiji. >> in a statement the governor said our hearts are with the entire community of newman and law enforcement officers across the state who risk their lives to protect the people of california. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call the police. back to you. newman is home to 10,000 people. tonight many residents are paying their respects to
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corporal ronil singh as police continued their search many are coming to grips that something like this took place at christmas. that's right, you can see behind me a growing memorial. people have been stopping by all evening dropping off american flags and flyers and lowers. they have found it hard to find words that describe ronil singh. >> during one of the most joyous times of the year, the town is grip and sadness. >> the officers in this area are like family. it is unheard of for this town to experience this. >> we are a close-knit community. it is a tragedy. something that should not have happened. there are no words to describe how we are feeling. >> this couple said it was all
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they could do. ronil singh was gunned down after a routine traffic shop -- stop. he pulled into this store to buy beer. after serving the suspect she didn't know what would happen next. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. when the guy left my friend came back inside and said officer ronil singh just pulled him over. the shots were already fired. the guy left and we saw the officers, behind. >> a nice quiet town. and now this happened. >> the police issued a blue alert for the dodge pickup with paper plates and the suspect.
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4.5 miles from the stop, the truck was found in this mobile part. it was told for processing and the suspect was nowhere to be found. friends that saw ronil singh before christmas, he was just taking about his son. >> one of the last things i told him was, it doesn't matter what you by your kids it is how much time you spend with them. >> he was a dedicated officer and a friend. >> we know a lot of the police officers here personally. it makes a big impact on us. >> they don't know what led to the traffic stop and hope this image will lead to answers as the community looks for justice for the young police officer and family man. >> he was an officer. he had a baby boy in a family. the lease the community could do is find his attacker.
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>> the suspect has not been identified. the police believe he is from the area and could still be here. back to you. you can just hear in people's voices how much this has touched them. >> stayed with us for continuing coverage. you can follow us on our website, twitter or facebook. charge u.s. troops overseas got a holiday surprise today from trump. he arrived with the first lady and think them for their service. he also defended his decision to thtroops from syria. here is more on the surprise visit. reporter: good evening. it was a dual surprise visit to the troops and in germany where trump and the first lady lined up, signed autographs and took pictures. they tried to raise morale in
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addition to sending a big message around the world. >> air force one landed under the cover of darkness with the president on a mission to deliver a message to the troops in the world. >> trump and the first lady made their first trip to a comeback zone the day after christmas. excited troops lined up to greet the couple intake pictures. >> we came to share our eternal gratitude for everything. >> trump has been criticized for his decision to take 2000 troops out of syria. that was the final straw for his defense secretary who resigned. one of the biggest disagreements was isis. >> when i was nominated for president they word dominant. today they are not so much. the about isis making a comeback . they also worry our allies will
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be slaughtered when troops leave and turkey moves in. >> we don't want isis and others who have a safe haven. we have to keep an eye on this region . it is in our national interest. >> he also addressed the ongoing shutdown. he said the timeline depends on democrats agreed to his demands for border security. >> whatever it takes. we will have a wall. we need safety for our country. >> trump also stopped in germany where that fight over federal funding lies ahead. congress is expected to resume negotiations on thursday. back to you. a big rally set records on wall street today with the dow seeing its biggest gain ever. it sort 1000 points up 5%. nasdaq jumped 361 nearly 6% and the s&p rose 116 points.
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analyst they a number of factors played into this. they were also reassured from the white house that the commissioners job is safe and the u.s. is taking steps to ease trade dispute with china. >> there was a huge disconnect between the information we're getting from the stock market and the overall economy. i think the economy will slow down but it will not fall off of a cliff. >> james mcbride said that everyday investors should remember while the dow is down, the market has given investors double-digit returns, seven of the past 10 years. >> today is day five of the partial government shutdown. the sale allowed funding to relapse for several departments. the sticking point was the president's want for a wall. since the shutdown began, they have signaled a willingness to
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lower that number but right now there doesn't seem to be an end in sight and the shutdown could last past january third when democrats take control of the house. >> i can't tell you whether the government will be open. i can tell you it will not open until we have a wall, fence or whatever they would like to call it. the president says he plans to travel to the border next month to attend a groundbreaking for new unspecified wall construction. >> it could have a trickle-down effect in effect recovery in butte county. all 600 employees working for fema, and long-term recovery needs will be paid and stay on the job. the administrative details that keep the engine going, that keeps people in the fields and able to do their work is
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essential. the emergency personnel and police officers, but all of the back offices shutdown. >> more than by the campfire. it destroyed nearly 20,000 homes and businesses and killed 86 people. still to come, they fire at an apartment complex that trapped many. the quick thinking of a father that got him in his son to safety. keeping an eye on the weather, we do have some when headed our way. things will get cooler. your forecast is coming up. >> for college football fans stuck on a billboard for up to 12 days. white you shouldn't feel too sorry for them.
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>> officials said the residents were home when the fire started and got out safely. the fire captain said there were no injuries. the fire started on the second floor of the duplex. it was controlled in 20 minutes. the man who lives nearby city look outside to see what was going on after he heard a loud
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noise. >> i was in my house watching tv and all of a sudden i heard a big explosion. when i open my front door, the flames were coming out of the upstairs bedroom. you never know what is going on. >> at this point the cause of the fire is under investigation. amount to a dramatic escape. one mother was forced to drop her children out of the window while a neighbor use bedsheets to escape. here is more on what happened. >> julie, these residents did not have much time to escape. take a look at the damage that this fire did. the fire with through on the front balcony between two apartments. thatget out alive. this wasovie.
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>> a terrifying site for residents. flames burned through the wooden balconies at the front of two apartment units. firefighters got a call around 10:45 am that people were trapped inside. when they arrived they started evacuating the building. the fire was so intense that residents already had jumped from the second floor. he said he knew he and his youngest son had to get out. >> he said he tied sheets and a blanket together, woke his son and they escaped out of the back window. earlier he had gotten up to warm up some soup and he went back to the bedroom. when he returned to the front room he saw the fire. neighbor say a mother next door in unit 11 was screaming for help. >> she was saying i'm going to
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die. and she had three small children and a baby. she dropped them from the second floor and several men, the children below. >> they drop the baby first and then the other ones. >> when she jumped, her arm was injured and burned. she went to the hospital with the children. >> this fire went to a second alarm. engines and bladder trucks came . >> fire crusade to other women and a child were also rescued at the adjacent building because the fire was too hot for them to escape from the front door. no loss of life, but the loss one day after christmas leads to families with no home. >> all i have is this car the father said. everything else is gone. >> the mother is expected to recover from her injuries and the red cross is helping the
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families with hotel rooms. fire crews say at this point they have not determined the cause of the fire. >> you just think the mother must have been desperate to drop her children out of the window. do we know anythiabout the peopcaught the kids. the fire crews that one may have been a friend or partner of the woman. >> one man said he was a friend but a lot of people came together to help each other. >> it was nice everyone was able to get out. >> for diehard college football fans, they are taking their love for fans -- teams to a new height. they were chosen out of many who applied to sleep in tents
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up on a platform and yes there is a bathroom on the ground level. the fans represent the winners of the game so they will stay up there until the championship game which will be played at levi's stadium. they are competing for cash and prizes. all right. well better them than me. all respect to them. we are taking a live look at the radar. you can see some high clouds out there. we do have a system to the north and the west and that will bring some brand new wind our way. right now temperatures are in the low 50s. we are having a pretty mild e w are pretty calm. the northwest wind is at 12 miles per hour. these are the overnight lows. we will be cooler than we were
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last night. we may see some patchy fog. most areas are in the 40s. as we take a look here at tomorrow, the winds will pick up in the morning. temperatures will feel cooler. we will have sunny skies for the rest of the day. the gusty winds will be the story we are sticking with it. we do have a wind advisory in place and it is for this area. it starts at 7 am on thursday and goes until friday at 4 am. basically all day tomorrow. we will talk more about the wind advisory and get into the weekend forecast wh we come back. families around the bay area are starting the kwanzaa celebration. >> kwanzaa runs between december 26 in the new year. it was created in 1966 and
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celebrates the important principles of the african culture. >> today we celebrate unity. kwanzaa comes from a specific term which means first fruit celebration. when you come out for the celebration today is all about unity. >> other important principles the holiday promotes and includes self-determination, economic self-reliance and the importance of generosity. still ahead, a second child dies in u.s. custody after crossing the border. an investigation that lawmakers are calling for. >> college bowl season is ramping up. the bears had their chance at the gzip bowl. we will have more coming up. >> officials now fear al qaeda may be making a comeback and
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the u.s. customs and border protection said they have completed medical checks on every child in their custody. as matt tells us, a number of lawmakers are calling for a full investigation. u.s. customs and border agencies ordering medical checks on every child in their
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custody. the death of an 8-year-old from guatemala. it was his second trip to the hospital. doctors gave him medication but he only got worse. monday he was taken back to the same hospital. >> i can imagine what they must be feeling. >> he said he wants answers. >> i want to call for an investigation into this. we want to understand what happened and to prevent something like this from happening again. >> this bears similarities to another death and she to was from guatemala. >> we have a shutdown because we believe in walls. >> border security is one of the reasons for the government shutdown. from standing by his promise to get a wall built. >> we believe in barriers.
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we want people to come in through the legal process. >> critics say the wall is ineffective and want better policies. >> it is because trump is demanding money for an expensive in effect wall that the majority of americans don't support. >> back to you. a 40-year-old girl from san jose has died app or an accidental fall. she was visiting horseshoe bend park in northern arizona when her family reported her missing. her body was later found 700 feet below with as -- and it appears to be a tragic accident. >> a second person has died from a fire. it broke out in a three-story home on monday morning. a man was found dead inside and
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a woman was critically burned. now unfortunately she has also died. the two victims are 83-year-old michael hooker and 69-year-old connie hooker. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> today is usually a day where people return presence but online shopping is complicating that process. we will be right back. >> the new year means higher tolls on the ridges. the increases you will see as of january 1. ♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there
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>> the oakland ballet school is being forced to close their doors. the landlord plans to sell the property and the couple who owns a school has been unable to find a new location. students said they learned more there than just ballet. >> absolutely.of this building. this is a place of comfort and goals. >> oakland ballet school. it is a place of acceptance for
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the students. >> they save the world of dance has standards that are demanding. >> hearing you can dance. >> this is more than how you physically look. they look at your spirit. >> this is a community in a family. it is focus, dedication and commitment. >> they taught me a lot of things i didn't know before. >> every december at the school puts on the nutcracker in oakland. a chance for every student to perform on stage to delight audiences. soon after this year's performance, they learned about the schools closer. >> it is not just about learning
10:32 pm
positions, we feel it is material to help develop the dancer. >> they also have the option of buying the buildings themselves. the husband wife met here when they took ballet lessons. >> two to the side and they dance professionally for the ballet before taking over the school 10 years ago. >> we started here in 1990. it is very devastating. >> the students receives -- refused to hang up their slippers. they said they will not give up on the place where they have learned so many lessons.
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>> the mode here tonight was bittersweet as students gathered together for the last time at this location. the owners are looking for a new home in the city. >> let's hope they find one. >> christmas is over but for many people holiday shopping is still underway. they found 50% of consumers are looking to take advantage of after christmas sales. they plan to exchange or return unwanted gifts. extracts recommends checking the return policies to see if you need a receipt. a huge number of gifts were purchased online. customers use prime service to ship more than 1 billion items for free. the convenience is appealing
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but it also adds a wrinkle to the return process. >> the bad news is you still have to box it up and in many cases they the return shipping. if you have to pay to ship it back sometimes that is a problem. >> there's no point in exchanging it. just give it to someone else. >> some places will let you return until the end of january. target gives you 90 days to return as long as the gift isn't open yet. >> the new year is bringing new bridge tolls. it will go up by $1.00 to $6.00. it is the first increase since 2010 and the tolls will go up again in 2022 and 2025. regular tolls on the bay bridge will go up to $7.00through 7 pm
10:35 pm
in the all week offers -- hours it will go up to $5.00. there are also considering a toll hike in this area and that wouldn't take effect until next july. >> a man in florida who wanted to pay it forward posed a homeless panhandling for change to feed his family. those who stopped to help him, got a surprise in return. he gave them each a $100 bill. it was all caught on camera. >> i woke up a couple of days before christmas and there was this video online that inspired me to give. i woke up and called my videographer. we went to target and i held a sign that said can you please help me feed my family. i had a cup there and anyone who gave me a dollar, got $100 in return. >> the responses he received
10:36 pm
from people who got the money was overwhelming. one woman offered to bring him dinner. another man was teared up by the generosity. >> still to come, new types of bombs and infiltrating airports. why there is growing concern about an attack by al qaeda. >> we had a lovely night out there tonight that we are expecting wind gusts of 245 miles per hour. i will tell you about 45 miles i will tell you more when we come back.
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on his trip overseas trump told the troops that he is confident the u.s. is winning the war on isis. >> but an old enemy is making noise again. >> officials are bringing alarm bells about an uptick in rats to airlines. >> they will continue to target as the we will can target them. during the holiday season and all year-round. >> much of the attention has been focused on isis over the last 4 years. >> we are destroying the blood
10:40 pm
thirsty killers known as isis. >> we have done a major job with his. >> we have defeated isis. >> but al qaeda has been alive and well and going into vulnerable regions. >> we have seen them in west africa and south asia. in my judgment, they are trying to regain relevance. >> they are looking to make a come back and reassert themselves as a high profile terrorist group. it has been hit hard by the ground wars in syria. the manpower in those countries has been decimated. the groupsntn to aviation atta developing new technology to take down passenger jets including bomb carrying drones, bombs, new chemicals and new
10:41 pm
expos and methods. they tell us that al qaeda is focus on infiltrating airports. they are planning to get more hired as employees giving them access to passenger info and planes. >> we don't have any illusions about their intent. >> they are worried that trumps decision to withdraw troops from syria will of the anti-in the middle east. >> the white house is also worried about terrorism in the friendly skies. they have been working on this for months. they will release a strategy for aviation security. it will be the first for the trump administrationar the strategy is classified but and unclassified version will be released publicly. coming up, a small business with a lot of cultural meaning is on the brink of closure.
10:42 pm
how this portuguese bakery wants to be saved. >> to see this go away would break my heart. >> tile will be here and she has the complete forecast coming up.
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the owner of a portuguese bakers say he is on the brink of closing. he said the minimum wage hike could cause him to go under. >> we are in santa clara and will tell you how the community is trying to rally behind the bakery. >> they are known for there's the >> customers say they will be sad to see this business go away. they are doing everything they can to help. >> hidden in this shopping center is the portuguese bakery. inside you will find the head baker hard at work. customers rave about the suite read. >> this bread is as close to my grandmothers as we could find. >> for many families, it is a
10:46 pm
taste of home and tradition. >> it tastes like nothing you have ever experienced. it's amazing to have a place to come to like this. >> the owner said it is one of only two that in the area. this could be gone in the new year. >> minimum wage and how everything is going up, i can't get ahead of the cost. >> this is as mom and pop as you can get. now it is just the owner in the head baker. he said he is worried he can't afford the two dollars -- $2.00 wage hike. >> we have tried to get through the tough times. >> the owner took to youtube with the plea. >> we have been working so hard all of these years. i don't want to become a thing of the past.
10:47 pm
i want to keep the portuguese community going. >> longtime customers were touched by his message and are spreading the word on social media. they said if the bakery goes away, it won't be the same. >> we have a huge portuguese population here it will be a big loss. >> it is a staple in our family. to see it go away would make my heart. >> she said it would break her heart and many others. the owner said he has been approached by grocery chains but he is cautious about contracts. he just hopes customers will ca equipment to automate production. we had a beautiful day out there. some high clouds this evening but the big story is we do have some wind headed our way as
10:48 pm
another system brushes by. this system will have when gus up to 45 miles per hour. we will have a wind advisory in effect starting tomorrow at 7 am. this will cover all of the viewing area in the east bay hills. as you can see here it is all of the areas you can see in page. it goes right through until 4 am on friday. sold the impacts here -- so the impacts here will be in this area. it will be felt most intensely in the afternoon. what's happening right now is we have a low pressure system to the north and west. it will slide in. tonight we will get high clouds
10:49 pm
but tomorrow we will see the cool air come in. the winds will rush in as well. what that means is we will see the winds pick up tomorrow. this is 7 am on thursday morning. the winds are at 26 miles per hour in some spots. again got the afternoon hours will be the most intense. you can see the winds are calm in most spots. notice this northwest flow. the storm tracker shows we do have rain to the north and west. for us it is high clouds and it will stay like that as we go across the evening. it is lovely outside. it is 45 degrees. you can see it is 50 degrees in oakland. tonight it will be chilly. we could see some patchy frost but it will be mostly in the
10:50 pm
40s. also if you are in places like morgan hill they will be in the upper 30s. the temperatures will be in the upper 50s but it will feel cooler for sure. let's look at your five day forecast. you can see the fund will stay with us. we will have a dry air mass coming our way and temperatures will drop. it will be way down there in the inland communities. it also means our dew points will drop. when you have that air mascot you won't see fog in the morning. that is the upside. >> in the meantime, it will n't >> coming out -- up, a deadly crash. the victim wasn't found until today.
10:51 pm
an investigation is underway. >> we will tell you who won the game next in sports. ♪ toyland, toyland
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♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland
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never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. the mighty cheese bowl. >> once you get past that name. >> it is hard to take it
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seriously but they thought it would be a great defensive game. i don't know if it was great defense or bad defense. nine interceptions in one game. five of them from bike cal. -- by cal. >> the quarterback keeping it on the option. they had plenty of support down there in arizona. tcu, you have to see this play. back and forth they go. finally hawkins will step in and intercept the ball. he had three interceptions. great the same the. they couldn't do anything with it however. in the third quarter cal was still up seven by zero.
10:55 pm
they got down to the one inch yard line. then it went into overtime. they were ready to score, then the bears quarterback pick this up and he brought it back into their territory. still the defense was not tight enough to stop jonathan from nailing his field-goal. 10-7 was the final score. the frogs one. >> the raiders received a lot of love christmas eve. it will be a different picture. arrowhead is one of the angriest places to go for visiting teams. the new quarterback is doing good and they really want this vic three. they want home-field advantage.
10:56 pm
he has 48 touchdown passes as his first full year as the starting quarterback. the talk is he may even be mvp. >> it is a team game. it is about the team and everyone around you. you can't do it by yourself. i'm grateful that i am on a great team. >> this guys making the roads i haven't seen before. he is closing in on fifth the touchdown passes in his first year. >> in the meantime, the 49ers will play a game that doesn't mean a lot to them but it means a lot to the rams. they will have a quarterback who will be running for his life. nick mullins did play bears
10:57 pm
defense but was only sacked once. he got the admiration of the young coach. he likes the way he plays in the pocket and that is something he is aware of. >> it is one of the biggest challenges that the quarterback faces. the mental strength and discipline after you have been hit, to still stick to what makes you successful. don't flinch. that is what a lot of people say. >> i'm in the minority here, i'm going to stick to my guns on this, i think a lot of people take the warriors for granted and think they will switch the game up. right now it is only december and the long way to go but what an embarrassing loss to the lakers. draymond green is not himself
10:58 pm
and neither is klay thompson. 33% from the three point shot. they don't have any worry that you can see the frustration. >> we definitely want them to shoot more. they did a great job at covering him. >> we all can play better. it's not just klay thompson. we all can be more decisive about what we want to do. >> they will play in porton tomorrow night. >>this little girl had just finished seizing -- singing the national anthem
10:59 pm
>> check this out, the corner kick is very important. that is going down as the all- time worst corner kick ever. he kicked this went over. that is the sporting line for right now. it is 11 pm and time for more news. >> thank you. coming up, it was supposed to happen. we moved here because it was a nice tile a police officer killed in the line of duty. >>
11:00 pm
they found his pickup truck, but they are still looking for him. pictures of the suspect were taken at a convenience store before the shooting. authority say they know his name but they are not releasing it yet to the public. they also say they are devastated by the death of corporal singh. >> it is tough but it is somebody you know, and in our county even though it is a large county, we know a lot of the law enforcement officers personally, so it definitely takes a toll and impact. >> corporal singh is


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