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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 27, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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the search is on for an inmate who escaped from a san quentin prison, what they say he may have done shortly off the ground. a young witness describes what he saw and heard as a pg&e worker was injured. this is "mornings on 2". it is bright and early. >> yes, it is. >> 5:00, thanks for joining us on "mornings on 2", it's thursday, december 27, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. good to see you. let's talk about our thursday weather, mark tamayo has the information. >> i'm lucking out. we could seal the sierra from our bay point camera, themselves the possibility much
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isolated snow showers for today. we had gusty winds and we have and wind advisory for the north bay and east bay hillsuld have up above 45 miles per hour. this begins in 2 hours, 7:00 a.m. thursday, through tomorrow morning, and even closer to the surface, we'll have winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour, and looking at the current observation he is and mt. diablo, that's a wind gust of 40 miles per hour. it checking the satellite and the clouds streaming in from the north, we had sunshine yesterday and passing clouds, and we have clear to partly cloudy skies and current numbers, we'll check in on cool 30s in fair field and napa. san francisco checking in at 49. this is the plan for today. we'll have winds as 20, 25 miles per hour, but for the higher terrain, the wind speeds ream lip accelerate. 57 to 60 degrees, we'll look at the five-day forecast coming up in a little bit
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at 5:01, we're following the developments from an inmate who escaped from san prison. he walked away from if the grounds of the prison last night. elissa harrington will explain what we know so far -- we apologize, we're having problems with the audio there in the live picture. we he know the man who escape had been there for several months. we're working to learn what happened after he escaped, there may have been a carjacking involved. as soon as we company bring her back up, we'll bring it to up. there's another search going on this morning for a gunman who shot and killed a police officer yesterday morning during a traffic stop in standees law county. this happened in the town of new man, look at the photos of
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the suspect, this was taken at a convenience store before the shooting. they stopped the man as he was driving april way from the store. they talked to community members, they're badly shaken by the killing of this 7 year veteran of the newman police department. we're apparently having a technical problem. we'll work on that and bring you more details on that story as we get to it lets check with elissa harrington, she's live to bring ups up-to-date on the story of a escape inmate from that facility. >> good morning, prison officials say that that inmate may have carjacked somebody shortly after escaping last night. i want to show you picture of who they're looking at, and this is shalom men dose a. he
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was brought here for a 5 year sentence, he was convicted of carjacking and evading a police officer. police same he have may be in a toyota rav4. had the license plate they gave is 6spz502 and that's california plates. police have been searching an area of partnerships once last night. then want to get the word out if anyone recognizes this person or sees him around they can put him back behind bars. live at san quentin. elissa harrington ktvu fox 2 news. our time is 5:30 4, new details now about a pg&e worker who got hurt responding to a power outage. it happened after 10:00 last night near santa clara street. a pg&e power line acted. that caused and power flash. that worker was burned on his
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face and hands. the livewire fell set a car on fire. one family inside their home heard a big explosion. >> there was a big explosion, you heard boom, boom and i came outside and there was fire everywhere, this car was on fire, and then the tire was on fire. >> then had limited power before the explosion and then lost all of the power before it happened. we don't know the workers condition as he was taken to hospital. president trump and the first lady returned to washington overnight after a surprise visit to the troops in iraq. and service members lined up to greet the first couple and take pictures, the president has been criticized to pull the troops out of syria, it was a decision that led to the resignation to james
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mattis, one of the big disagreements is over isis. >> when i became president, they were and very dominant group, they were very dominant, today they're not so dominant any more. >> outgoing secretary james mattis are concerned about them making a comeback and they're worried that kurdish citizens will be slaughtered when turkey moves in. and there's a partial government shutdown, today marks day 6, it has allowed funding to lapse for nine federal departments. the sticking point is the president's demand for $5 billion to build and border wall with mexico. since the shutdown over the weekend, the white house has signalled and willingness to lower that number, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.
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the shutdown can last until january 3rd, when democrats will take control of the house. nancy pelosi is expected to become house speaker for the second time. we'll have a live report for washington on this coming up at the bottom of the hour. the government shutdown could have a trickle down effect and hurt the recovery from the camp fire in butte county. all 600 of its employees were working right now on fire cleanup and housing for survivors and long term recovery, they're saying on the -- staying on the job right now and they're being paid too. the back office support has been shut down, that may slow down the recovery effort. >> the administrative details that keep the engine going and keep people out in the field able to do the work on the essential personnel, the emergency personnel and police officers, all much the back office is shouldn't down, it's a serious problem. >> more than 50,000 people were
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displaced by the which destbusinesses, 86 people bad news that came just after their annual nutcracker performance. >> new gun control laws take effect in california at the beginning of the new year, coming up in the next hour, the increased age limit required to buy a long gun and the exceptions for certain groups. and in weather, we've had a stretch of dry weather for the next few days, we'll talk about the long-range forecast coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", a judge cop decide whether a man accused of killing wilson should have a mental evaluation. a lawyer for cal has said he's been having extreme delusions and is not mentally competent to stand trial. he stabbed wilson and her sister at the bart station back in july. a grand jury indicted him nor murder and attempted murder. if he's found mentally incompetent to stand trial, the judge could suspend the criminal proceedings. armed robbery, an attempted robbery that happened at the coliseum bart station in oakland. according to these times, a man
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rob him and had what looked like a brown rifle inside his coat. the march ran away and got help at a station agent booth, when the police arrived, the attacker was gone. if you have information, call bart police the time is 35:12, we're five days away from the start of 2019 and the new year means big changes for the gun industry in california. andre senior is looks at some of the gun measures that will become california law. >> reporter: several gun control lawyers are set to take effect in camp i have in 2019. starting in february, the minimum age to buy a long gone will go up from 18 to 21. there are exceptions for licensed hunters, law enforcement officers and members of the military. this age restriction applies to handguns, the legislation was by east bay assembly, rob b&m
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ta. >> he's good policy for handguns is good for long guns. >> and and lifetime firearms ban for anyone convicted of a misdemeanor violent offense. it expands on a existing law that applies top people with felony convictions. assembly bill 1525 takes affect on the first, it requires all gun stores to post warning signs detailing the risks and rules handling guns. s handling guns. the time is 5:13, it looks like a proposal to require state public universities to approach moat free speech could get and second chance from lawmakers. this did not make it through the legislative process, lawmakers say they'll reintroduce the measure to require the public university systems to disseminate free speech statements and it would require schools to provide
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facilities to have a free exchange of ideas. >> campuses across california and the country, they've seen universities that become hops til in situations across the very idea of freedom of as you've had, speakers have been disinvited and shut down. you've had campus speech codes that are restrictive. >> they launched their idea after violent proponents at uc berkeley when they had problems over a speaker, including a controversial conservative speaker. futures for all indexes are down more than 1.5%, a sharp contrast compared to what we saw in yesterday's trading. the dow soared 1100 points.
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the s&p went 5% higher. and analysts say a number of factors eased jitters including blockbuster sales and jerome powell's job is safe and they're working to ease a trade dispute with china. >> i believe there's a huge disconnect between the information we're getting from the stock market and the overall economy. i think the economy will slow down, but it won't fall off a cliff. and financial analysts say investors should remember while it's down 7% this year, were the market has given double- digit returns 7 of the past ten years. our time there is to teach communications and trust and they're teaming out with outward bound, and they're going to build and ropes course
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at the park. it's operated by outward bound. it's a course to teach kids how much they can achieve. >> you can go out on a limb and taking a trusting fall or working together as a team to scale through a course, it's all stuff that, i don't know, it's remarkable for kids to work through those puzzles. >> outward bound is great. prices for participating schools will be reduced to make sure everybody in san francisco has access to this. the new ropes course should be ready and open in may. >> perfect. i know yesterday was a sparkling day out in livermore. >> an incredible day. no excuse not to get out and enjoy it and work off today mark tamayo? >> we have lots of sunshine for today. the biggest day will be strong gusty winds. >> are we surfing today or what? >> i think it might be all right. >> it's a challenge to fit this
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work and surfing thing together. weatherwise we have clear skies across a good portion of the bay area for there are morning and into the afternoon hours, we'll have temperatures on track to reach the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. here's our live camera, looking out towards sfo and the wind here could be around 15 to 25 miles per hour later on today. a wind advisory that is kicking in, this begins at 7:00 this morning, all of the areas shaded in blue, north bay himself and santa cruz mountains, we could have winds gusting at 45 miles per hour, 7:00 a.m. thursday through 4:00 a.m. friday, the wind advisory is kicking in. we could have winds close to 25 miles per hour, it could be breezy to blustery today, across portions ever the region. right now the higher terrain, win are 16 to 24, and mt. diablo, they had gulf coasts top 40 miles per hour this morning. satellite showing you this. and that's the moving north to
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overall wind direction, and it's moving from the north to the south. we have clear skies and we'll check in on some of the current numbers t concord 40, fairfield mid-40s, and san francisco 49. here's what's happening out here in the pacific. up see what's happening, the area of high pressure to be the west, the low pressure center is up here and this is the upper level wind pattern. this low pressure will not move directly overhead, it's moving out towards nevada, they could have isolated snow showers today. mostly sunny skies, hypes will be in the 50s, a few spots 60 degrees, and the low tracks and the direction to the south, this will bring in the gusty winds for today and the cool fo cold mornings, friday morning, tomorrow morning, and saturday morning, cool spots could be subfreezing, i'm talking about
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a frost advisory kicking in. as far as the winds today, you could see it represents the stronger wind speeds. these are go up ambit. themes are the surface observations in the bay area, the higher terrain you'll find higher wind speeds, we'll scale back on the wind friday afternoon. forecast highs later on today, in the 50s, and fume spots 60 degrees, the last rainfall was last monday, that's going to be it possibly for the rest of 2018. just morning frost friday morning and saturday the time is 5:19. an unexpected christmas miracle. a reunion with their after some from their hours. and how the gold ten state warriors will be hostping the trail blazers.
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the time is 5:22, the warriors are expected to break a record. they'll break a franchise record form the executive sellouts, 311 when they play the trail blazers. the sellouts began in 2012. there are three teams that have longer sellouts, dallas, oklahoma and miami. cal was playing in its first
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bowl game since 2015. the golden bears jumped up to a lead in the firsqugo to overtim tied at 7 when cal turned over the ball. the horn frogs scored the winning goal and it was a winning season for the golden bears. happening now for die hard college football teams are taking a love for their team to new heights. they're camping out at a billboard. they represent clemson, notre dame, alabama and oklahoma. they were chosen out of hundreds who were applied. they're sleeping on tents with a platform and there is a bathroom and on the ground. they'll stay there until the championship game in until january 7th. that's almost in two weeks. we'll have a live report on this bill board sit coming up
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in a half-hour. students at the oakland ballet school had their final has last night. it's being forced to shut down. the building where it's been held has been sold. they said this is so much more than a dance school. despite the reputation of having impossible standards, they have learned torn love each other and themselves. >> it's a community, a family, a place of growth. >> you look at just more how you physically look, they look at, you know, your spirit. >> i feel beautiful when i dance. it's so important for everybody to feel good about themselves. >> the balance lane school owners are looking for a new place to hold classes, then want that to be in oakland where current students condition learn the life lessons that happen to come while wearing ballet shoes. kwanzaa has begun and bay area families are celebrating
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this week. it began with a musical performance at city hall. it continues until new year's day. the holiday was created in 1966 to help celebrate principles that are important to african and african-american culture. >> we so many bright unity, kwanzaa comes from a term [ foreign language spoken ], it means first fruit celebration. the holiday promotes certain principles, about determination, economic self reliance and importance of generosity. a man who was in san quentin escapes and why a search is under way. and the congressional shutdown continues and the stand-off continues. why this is unlikely to resolve before the new year. we'll have stronger winds and a wind advisory kick being
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in for portions much the bay area, we'll have the forecast coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", i'm and i'm gasia mikael for pam cook, and mark tamayo
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is in for steve paulson. it's been cold. >> it's been and nice stretch, you can go out to for walk in t the wind speeds will be increasing into the midmorning and afternoon hours. here's a look at san jose, we'll have mostly clear skies in portions of the south bay, i'm showing up the wind advisories, they had and gulf coast of 40 miles per hour, and this is this morning, and more reports at 16 or 24 miles per hour, we're showing you are this, and we're checking out there. >> the wind advisory in place at 7:00 this are morning until 4:00 a.m. friday, the winds can be gulf coasting from 40 to 45 miles per hour. here's the high clouds stnorth.partly cloudy skies and teams chilly out there, lots of 40s, and a few spots starting out in the 30s, and mountain view 48, and freemont, here's the plan this
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morning. fair skies, a bit of a breeze, and sunshine this afternoon, we'll wind up to the 50s top 60 degrees. we'll have a dry stretch and we'll have more on the forecast coming up in a limb bit thank you, we're still monitoring developments after an inmate escaped from san quentin prison, officials are asking for your help saying he may have carjacked someone near the prison last night. take a look. he's shalom mendoza. he's weighing 177 pounds, short brown hair and brown eyes. he was convicted in los angeles county last year. he was sentenced to serve 5 years at san quentin, he had been there just 8 months. he was reported missing when they couldn't find him during the inmate count last night. and authorities are looking for are an inmate who escaped from a minimum security prison
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in folsom. justin franks escaped last saturday. it's 5-foot 10, 143 pounds, brown use and black hair. last seen wearing a light blue shirt and blood pressure pants, with a cdcr prisoner initials printed on them. he was due to released in june after serving three years in burglary. we'll have a live property from san quentin coming up in the next hour. law enforcement are looking for a gunman suspected of killing a police officer in stanislaus county. we reported this shooting at the officer after it happened in the town of newman. this is 50 miles east of san jose. he stopped at a convenience store, he was pumped over by officer sing as he drove away from that store. the clerk said there was no signs of what would happen next. >> i was in shock, like i
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couldn't believe it. and he pulled this man over down the street. the shots had been already fired. and the guy had left, and we saw the officer's car was left behind. >> the officer has a baby boy, a familiar live, at least are the community can do for him is find this guy. >> and the suspect's truck was found yesterday, but there were no signs of where the gunman went. the truck driven by the man believed to have shot the officer was carrying dealership license plates. they will not be allowed to leave dealerships with the paper plates. you can track down and also hel >> we would print the temporary plate for that vehicle, it will have no and
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identification numbers and that will expire. >> it will have them linked to a database that identifies the buyer and car. sheriff's deputies are investigating the death of a 14- year-old girl in san jose who fell from her death christmas eve from an overlook in arizona. the family reported this woman missing, her body was found 700 feet below the overlook which had no barriers. authorities say her death was probably a tragic accident. meantime a fire in san francisco claimed another life. it started at a three storey home in the neighborhood monday morning. a man's body was found inside. a woman was critically burned and rushed to a hospital, but she has now died from her injuries. the victims were 83-year-old michael hooker and 69-year-old connie hooker. the cause of that fire is under investigation. several people in san raphael are being held by the
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red cross this morning after fire tore through their apartment building. we're told how the people trapped in a upstairs unit were able to escape the flames. >> reporter: a terrifying sight for residents at larkspur streak. san raphael firefighters got the calm at 10:45am that people were trapped inside. >> when crews arrived they started evacuating the buildings. the fire so intense, residence in the two burning units had jumped from the second floor. >> gerald said he knew he and his youngest son had to get out [ foreign language spoken ]. >> he said he tied sheets and a blanket together. he woke his son and they escaped out the back window. >> minutes earlier he got up to warm up soup in the microwave, he went back to the bedroom a
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and when -- room and when he returned to the fire he saw it in the next r help. >> i'm going to die. >> neighbors same she had three small children and a baby. they say she dropped them from the second floor and several men caught the children below. >> i saw a little baby dropped first and then the other one. >> when she jumped, she said her arm was injured and burned. she went to the hospital with the children. >> this went to and second alarm, bringing in most san raphael resources and trucks from many surrounding agencies. >> fire crews said two other women and a child were rescued, and the fire was too hot for them to escape from the front door. no loss of life, but the lops a day after christmas leaves two families with no homes [ foreign language spoken ]. >> all i have is this car, the father said, everything else is
5:36 am
gone. >> the red cross is helping the families with hotel rooms, and at this point, fire crews same they have not determined the cause of the fire. reporting from san raphael, ktvu, fox 2 news. our time is 5:36, it's connected with a deadly shooting this morning. a news conference will be held this afternoon. on christmas morning, police responded to reports of gunfire near storey road in clements, then found two wounded people, they spotted a car matched by the car driven by the suspects, when the police tried to stop that car, the driver tried to ram the police officer and they opened fire and killed the driver and injured a passenger. a vigil for the woman will be held quite a workout. president trump is back at the white house following a
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surprise visit to iraq. doug luzader is live in washington as the political battles rage on. doug? the president returns to washington which is still mired in a government funding debate. >> it was and post christmas surprise, the president and first lady made an unannounced trip to iraq to thank you. s troops but it was difficult to leave domestic politics behind. the markets were on a tear, the dow setting a single day record as wall street begins to make up for off days. investors were cheered by white house assurance that is fed chairman jerome powell's job is safe despite criticism from the president. and the government shutdown approaches the one week mark. >> the problem is we need 10 democrat votes in the senate p nancy said we won't
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vote in only did we get them, we got them by a lot. >> they rejected a white house to meet more or less in the middle for the demand on $5 billion in border wall funding, they're biding their time until next month when they take chrome of the house. >> people are on holiday, they'll be on holiday through the first of the year, democrats will come back and nancy pelosi, they'll put a bill on the house to reopen the government and put the pressure on trump, i don't know won't you sign this and do this. >> the theory is democrats think their hand will be much stronger come january 3rd, when they take the reigns of the house. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, a accused painting swastikas on the hollywood walk of fame. a man is charged with defacing
5:39 am
the star and vandalism. it's a gathering spot for those who support and protest the president. they're examining every child who is in custody at the border. a little boy became sicker after he got medication. he died in the hospital along the texas mexico border. >> what they must be feeling to have lost their child on christmas day, i'm going to calm for an investigation in the latest death that we learned about today on christmas day just to get to the facts, to understand what happened and to prevent something like that from happening again. now the boys death is similar to the death of a 7- year-old girl from guatamala, she became ill and dialed in the el paso area. the chp here at home will be increasing their patrols again as we get ready to bring
5:40 am
in 2019. >> it's called new year's maximum enforcement designed to crackdown on i am fared and distracted drivers as well as speeding and seatbelt violators, are the police will be out in uesday, new year's da it gnomes you want to celebrate this time of the year, every driver is reminded to be responsible. >> the chp just completed its christmas enforcement crackdown, here in the bay area, the chp's golden gate division arrested 157 people for drunk driving, they also responded toddle deadly crashes. teachers are one of the largest school districts in the bay area will be going on strike. it would affect thousands of students in oakland unified schools. and and beloved portuguese bakery may soon close. the reason it could go out of business and the support the
5:41 am
bakery is getting fromcommunity we have clear skies across most of the bay area this morning, we're tracking stronger winds and we'll have a wind advisory to talk about, we'll have more in the forecast coming up.
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. welcome back to "mornings on 2", indonesia raising the danger level. it killed 400 people, the soup name, and the indonesian government is extending a no fly zone to 3 miles for any flights that go near that volcano. the threat level is now at high alert. it's the second hypest april letter. the government is worried about more eruptions and the people
5:44 am
nearby can be hit by the hot rocks and ash. a beloved bakery in the south bay can be gone in the new year. the minimum wage increase could put this man out of bises. and the community is rallying to save the bakery. >> hidden in the santa clara shopping center is the portuguese bakery. and inside you'll find the head baker hard at work dividing dough to the next day's customers all by hand and customers rave about the sweet bread. >> it's as close to our grandmother's as we could totally find. >> it's delicious. >> it's a taste of home and tradition. >> it tastes like something you haven't experienced, it's amazing to have this place to come to and it's rare to find. >> a rarity since the owner says it's one of two portuguese bakery left in the south bay, the shop could shall gone in the new year. >> minimum wage and how everything is going up, i can't seem to get ahead e costs.
5:45 am
>> the business as mom and pop as it can get, one with 10 employees and now it's the owner and head baker, with the equipment repapers and red, he's worried he won't be able to afford the $2 million minimum wage hike in the new year. >> we've done our best to keep marching through tough times with the best faces on. >> the owner took to youtube with a heartfelt plea, his livelihood at stake. >> we've been working so hard and tirelessly hall these years, i don't want to become a thing of the past, i want to be part of the community and keep this going in the community. >> we've been coming here ten years he's been gracious and humble and friendly. >> long term customers are spreading the word on social media touched by his message. they same if the bakery goes away, it's not going to be the same. >> it's a loss of culture, we
5:46 am
have a huge portuguese population in where will we get sweet bread. >> to see this go away, it would break my heart. the time is 5:46, a man in florida who wanted to do something nice and pay it forward for the holidays, he posed as a homeless man begging for spare change, but the people who stopped to help brian there outside of a florida target store, they got a surprise, he gave them eat and $1 billion and it was caught on camera. >> i woke up a couple of days on christmas, there was and video online that inspired me to give. i woke up and called my video grapher, we went to target and i held a sign, you can help me feed my family, i had a cup there, and anyone who gave me $1, $5 got $100 in return.
5:47 am
how about that? the responses from those who received the $100 it was overwhelming, one woman offered to bring him dinner, another mantered up and someone else came back with his son as a way to teach his son about the spirit of giving. and finance you're ready to get rid of your christmas tree, the annual chipping of the trees gets under way today. you can bring your tree down to center plaza starting at 7:00 this morning. if you want to hold on to your tree you can wait until january 3rd, you can leave your tree outside on the regular garbage pickup tree. and people are giving trees to the goats, it's going to animal sanctuary. it's and dewormer for the goats, they say and goats eat it all up. it's a way to celebrate
5:48 am
christmas. and a little yorkshire terrier was stolen from a family in 2014 when the home was broken into. but, last week they found harley wandering in the streets and they were able to track down the original owners. that brought back memories of the first day they had harley and when she lost her. >> when we got her, she was this little, and i have pictures of her this little. >> i cried, it was horrible. >> it's like losing a child. >> little harley is back. >> the shelter was able to reunite harley microchip. >> we love it. we hope you can help bay area families bundle up by participating in the "one woud
5:49 am
warm coat" drive, it's in the 16th year and it collects tense of thousands of coats annually. the "one warm coat" drive is happening right now and goes to december 31st. we have drop off locations in san jose, oakland and participating ups and big o tire stores. you'll find and full lowe's of locations. >> it's and special event and it's apropos to talk about warm coats, it's changing, mark tamayo has if the forecast. >> we could have temperatures down to near and below the freezing mark across portions of the bay area. this morning we're not talking about frost advisories just yet, but a wind advisory though. winds are picking up. gusty winds and a cold start tomorrow morning within fair skies and in the weekend, it looks like a mix of sun and clouds and it will take us into saturday and sunday. here's the wind advisory, all much the areas in blue, the north bay area and east bay himself. the wind advisory begins at
5:50 am
7:00 this morning until 4:00 a.m. on friday. we could have winds gusting to 45 miles per hour to the bay area himself. the winds will be 20 to 30 miles per hour. here's the satellite showing you this. you can see high clouds moving into california for the bay area, right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies and we'll check in on some of those cool numbers, bright now some mid-30s, it's from fairfield to napa, fan san francisco 49 and showing you a bunch of 40s for mountain view, san jose and freemont. these winds are not bad yet, a bit of a breeze out towards novato, that he is a gust of 20 miles per hour and more important for you, if you can't see what sfo, winds out of about the north west at 5, and it's out here towards mountain view. in the pacific there's and storm system, more storms are lining up out here. this is the weather pattern for today.
5:51 am
no rain threat for us, temperatures were in the upper 50s, this low pressure center will influence our weather pattern with the winds today and a chilly morning so the cool air filters into the northern california for friday morning and saturday morning. that same system could produce a few isolate there had snow showers in the sierra later on today, here is the forecast over the next few days, partly to mostly sunny skies, look at the overnight lows, 10 degrees starting saturday morning. winds will be increasing this afternoon and into the morning hours. we'll hold on to the gusty winds friday morning and scaling back later in the day on friday. for today, temperatures 56 to 59 degrees, and here's a ahead. it looks like a quiet weather pattern but a cold one. we have partly cloudy skies and it will take us to december 31st. >> thank you, mark. 5:51, there's been and possible break through with two years of negotiations. alameda teachers, what they'll
5:52 am
be getting after am long contract battle. my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thougkevin?!ost you. try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. welcome back to "mornings on 2", there's information about a possible agreement and
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teachers. they're agreeing to a 5.4% pay raise. they've been a to let the raide in san francisco this year, that's running into opposition in city hall. according to the it san francisco examiner, a groping number of city supervisors are against leapting the raiders play at at&t park and same they'll do what they can to stop it. they worry that san francisco is being used a as negotiating tactic to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars to oakland for abandoning the coliseum. the raiders as you know are set to move to las vegas in 2020. authorities in santa clara county are investigating the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of a man involved in a car crash christmas night. the accident happened on the northbound lanes of 85 passed the freemont exit in sunnyvale. the man wasn't found until and day later they have. the man got occupant of his wreck suffering severe head wal
5:56 am
roadway collapsed at the top of the embankment. concerned relatives found his body yesterday morning. the chp says victims become disoriented after the accident, but it's rare that they leave the scene without being found. bird lovers will be spreading out across san francisco for the annual holiday bird count. hundreds of bird watchers with the audubon society will be tracking bird populations and oakland had a bird count earlier this month. there's reports that bankrupt taken's queen elizabeth asked her grandsons ton put public duty over private issues they may be dealing. we hear there's a feud going on between hair rip and make and a william and kate. she asked them to act friendly
5:57 am
to each other. body language weighedded in on what they saw. and they same the nguage seems a bit forced. i think they make up that drama and just leave them alone. and a partnerships ner escaped from san quentin, we're live on the scene and how he got a way and what authorities think he did moments after breaking out. many consider the year 2018 the year marijuana went mainstream, the big changes to cannabis and what we saw and where it could go from here.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. we'll show you what police are looking for and what they're asking the public to look for. >> a man shot and killed a police officer yesterday morning during a traffic stop in newman in standees law county. who they think is responsible. s responsible. . it's 6:00, pam cook somebody enjoying the morning out, i'm early, i'm
6:00 am
gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark, let's talk baseball the weather, mark tamayo is right over there. >> we can be talking about a series of strong storms or flooding and that's what we have right now. we have clear skies across the about portion of the bay area. bundle up not only for this morning, but tomorrow morning and into saturday morning. we're talking about 30s are, but the biggest story today will be the increase in the wind speeds, the mt. diablo observation is misting, mt. tamalpais, that's the peak there, that's 20 miles per hour, all of these numbers will be going up for the higher terrain and as a result get ready for this, and wind advisory, this begins in 1 thunder shower. 7:00 this morning, for the north bay hills, winds can be going up at 45 miles per hour, but closer to the surface, we could have winds topping 20, 25 miles per hour. here's the plan for today h mostly rning


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