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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 27, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the pine is a d warmer for the goats. another benefit that comes with donating the trees to the animal sanctuary. today at 90 him, we are live in san jose as four college football fans begin their 12 day stay on a bill board. >> what to do with that christmas tree? tips on how to dispose of it or a few ways to turn into a holiday souvenir.[music] a lot of blue skies out there. a little mist in the air. also wind to deal with it. a classic winter day as here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. a nice day to get out and take a walk. welcome to 9 am. december 27. if you are the golden gate
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bridge today you can actually see the farallon islands. 20+ miles out there. it has been a while since we have seen each other. >> i have missed you. it's nice to be here with you and see familiar faces pop up around the office. >> we teased about christmas trees and regarding to want to have it as a veneer. i want to first to get the trees in one first to get rid of a tree. >> we hang onto ours forever. because january 6 is what we call our meaning christmas. so at least through january 6 or more. >> keep water in the bucket. >> we will begin with developing news. the search for the man who shot and killed a newman police corporal. later this morning authorities are expected to speak about the investigation into the death of the officer. >> we have seen a lot of
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touching moments here at the newman police department. a man came by 10 minutes ago and dropped off flowers then he stood in front of the flag here for the flag is at half staff and saluted it. like i said, touching moments at here. a community in morning after the death of the corporal. you can look at this growing memorial. it continues to grow. there are balloons, flowers and things that appear to mourn the loss of the corporal. the stanislaus sheriff's department does not have any updated information about the suspect in the shooting. but we will hopefully get some more details later. let's look at a pick sure -- picture of the photo. the suspect was that newman's foods wednesday. chp describes him as a heavyset hispanic man with black hair. this all started at 1 pm wednesday morning during a routine traffic stop in unit in unit in newman.
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the corporal pulled the suspect overture after, the suspect shot and killed the 33-year- old. his truck was found a few miles from the fatal traffic stop at a mobile home park wednesday afternoon. but the man is still out there. we talked to a clerk at newman food said the suspect bought beer and cigarettes right before the shooting. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. when the guy left, my friend came back and said and said officer singh pulled him over down the street. we went outside and the shots had already been fired. the guy had left. and we set up that officer singh's car was left behind. >>reporter: we are waiting for a news conference that is scheduled to start in two hours. the newman police chief will be joined by the investigators and they are expected to talk about the investigation. initial report show the truck driven by the suspect in the shooting of the officer was
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carrying dealership paper license plates. as of january 1, vehicles will no longer be allowed to leave dealerships with those paper plates. instead new temporary license plates will have information listed to a dmv database that identifies the buyer in the vehicle. dealerships around the bay area are preparing for this change. >> we would print a temporary plate for that vehicle and it would have no logos on it. it just have the identification numbers. and that would expire. the new law is expected to help law enforcement tract and vehicles that have been involved in crimes and also catch those toll evaders. >> prison officials are looking for someone who escaped and carjack someone new to prison last night today looking for anyone who seen this man. they warn he is considered armed and dangerous. he is five feet five inches tall and weighs 177 pounds with short brown hair and brown eyes. mendoza was convicted for a carjacking in los angeles los
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angeles county late last year. authorities looking for another inmate from folsom. 27-year-old justin franks escaped last saturday. he is five feet 10 inches tall and weighs 143 pounds and has brown hair. he was set to be released in june after serving three years for burglary. new details about pg&e e worker while responding to a power outages who was hurt. firefighters say pg&e powerline caused a power flash from an ark. the livewire fell and set a card fire. one family was inside their home when they heard a loud explosion. >> a big explosion. you just heard boom, boom. then i came outside and there was fire everywhere. a car got on fire.
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then the tires got on fire. the family said it had limited power before the explosion and they lost all power after it happened. the pg&e worker was taken to the santa clara valley bird center. we do not know that person's conditions. president trump and first lady return to washington overnight after surprise holiday visit to see the troops in iraq. service members lined up to greet them and take pictures with them. the present has been criticized for his decision to pull 2000 troops out of syria. it was a decision that led to the resignation of defense secretary james mattis. the big disagreement was over ices. >> when i became president, there were a very dominant group. they were very dominant. today they are not so dominant anymore. >> outgoing secretary mattis and other critics say they are concerned about isis making a comeback without an american
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military force in syria. they said they also worried that kurdish allies to the united states will be killed when american troops leave intricate moves in. >> the partial government shutdown is known as six-day as the senate returns to work today in washington dc. democrats rejected a white house offer to meet in the middle on the president's demand for $5 billion in border wall funding. some analysts say they may be waiting until next month to take action when they take control of the house. >> people are on holiday and they are going to be in holiday through the first of the air but after the first year, pressure will get ratcheted up. democrats will come back. there will be a bill in the house a generator to reopen the government and then they will put the pressure on trump. why won't you signed this? >> analyst say it's unlikely the issue will be resolved before the end of the year. >> the government shutdown could have a trickle-down effect and impact recovery efforts in butte county following the campfire. fema said 600 employees currently working on fire cleanup, housing for survivors and long-term recovery needs will remain on the job and they
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are being paid. however back office support has been shut down and that may eventually slow the recovery effort. >> the administrative details that keep the engine going, that keep people out in the field are able to do the work on the essential personnel. basically emergency personnel and police officers, all of the back office is shut down. it is a serious problem. more than 50,000 people were displaced by the camp fire which destroyed nearly 20,000 homes and businesses and killed 86 people. >> california gearing up for the 2020 presidential election and will hold one of the earlier primaries in the country. california voters will go to the polls on march 3, 2020. that's three months earlier than usual. state political activist hope that will make the golden state more of a player in the election.
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campaign strategist warn it could also eliminate some of the less well-known candidates because it could cause as much as $5 million to get into the conversation. in the past, candidates felt held rallies here to raise money to finance their campaigns in other parts of the country. five days away from the beginning of 2019. the coming year will mean big changes for the gun industry in california. we examine some of the new gun control measures that will soon become state law. >>reporter: several new gun control laws are set to take effect in california in 2019. starting in february, the minimum age to buy a long gun will go up from 18 to 21 point there are exceptions for licensed hunters, law enforcement officers and members of the military. the age restriction already applies to handguns. the legislation was co-authored by east bay assembly and assembly man. >> what's a good policy for handguns is a good policy for long guns. >> another law, initiating a lifetime firearms band for anyone convicted of a misdemeanor, domestic violence.
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it expands on people with felony convictions that takes effect january 1. assembly bill 15-25 takes effect on the first. it requires all gun stores to post specific warning signs detailing the risks and rules of handling guns. starting next tuesday, all hospitals in the united states will be required to post and online list of the standard prices for their procedures and services. the new rule as part of a medicare program to increase transparency in the healthcare system. hospitals are already required to provide prices but this will make the information more available to the public. the information may still confuse some patients because it won't include how much insurance companies and government programs pay. so patients are being told to talk with their insurance companies to find out how much they would personally owe. >> the cannabis industry looking to build upon a 28
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team. the associate press said this year was a banner year for legal marijuana. california led the charge become the largest legal marketplace in the country. canada became the largest country with nationwide legal recreational marijuana. overall nearly 2/3 of u.s. states have legalized some form of medical marijuana. an emergency meeting days after that video of a young wrestler being forced to cut his hair right before a match went viral. of next on the action being taken care of the referee when the center of this controversy.
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today's numbers are nothing like what we saw yesterday with a 1000+ gain on the dow. it's now down by more than 360 points losing more than one and a half percent per the percentage drop is almost identical on the s&p.
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nasdaq dropped more than two percent. a texas tent city holding migrant teenagers will stay open. trump administration said it will keep the facility open through at least early next year. it had been scheduled to close next monday. the facility came under fire last month after reports that the trump administration waived fbi fingerprint checks for staff working the per the facility holds about 2300 teenagers. most of them are from central america. the government also plans to expand another temporary shelter for teenagers in the state of florida. us border officials say they completed medical checks on every child in its custody. this comes after the death of a second guatemalan migrant charter doctor say they believe he had a common cold and gave him medication to fix that comical. but the boy only got worse. and late monday he died at a hospital along the texas tactical border. what they must be feeling to have lost a child on christmas day. i'm going to call for an
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investigation. just to get to the facts and make sure we understand what happened and to prevent something like that from happening again. while the death is similar to the death of a seven-year- old girl from guatemala, she suddenly became sick and later died in the el paso area. >> a referee in new jersey who prevented a high school wrestler from competing in a match unless he cut his dreadlocks has been permanently banned from working in that district. there was an emergency meeting in which parents and school officials demanded action. >> i believe that this pig was humiliating that kid. he does not belong in that wrestling association at the scholastic level. his >>reporter: emotional reactions from parents, students and community members attending an
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emergency school board meeting after a referee forced a new jersey high school wrestler to cut off his dreadlocks. >> deeply troubled by the embarrassment and humiliation that our young student athlete endured. >> the meeting was discussed to called was discussed to handle the head covering. the referee told the student his hair was too long ordering him to cut his hair or forfeit the match. video of the very public haircut quickly went right viral. people calling it " racist and humiliating. >> it broke my heart to watch a young man stand there and be humiliated like that. >> reporter: johnson one his match but appeared distraught asking many people to ask why didn't anyone stop it from happening? >> administration were there and they did step up to the plate. the blame is on the referee. >> reporter: the referee had been permanently banned from the district now. the school district and civil
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rights division and state athletic association are all investigating this incident. looks like a proposal to require percent public university to promote free speech on their come campuses could get a second chance from lawmakers. the bill has support from members of both political parties last year but did not make it a way through the legislative process. now lawmakers say they will reintroduce the measure that would require the state public university systems to disseminate free-speech statements. also schools to require facilities where there could be a free exchange of ideas. unfortunately campuses across california and the country, we have seen that universities have actually become hostile in a lot of situations toward the very idea of freedom of speech as you have had speakers disinvited or shut down. you have campus speech codes that are very restrictive.
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lawmakers who came off with the original proposal said they launch their idea after violent protests at uc berkeley last year when concerta campus group scheduled speakers. some of those protests led to cancellations of events including a speech by conservative. >> the park and rec's apartment has a new plan to get kids outside and teach them about teambuilding, communication and trust. teaming with out word outward bound with a three-dimensional obstacle course. a ropes course is a great way to teach little ones how much they can achieve. >> challenging yourself and going out on a limb and maybe taking a trusting fall or working together as a team to scale through a course or a puddle. it's all stuff that is remarkable to see kids work through those kind of puzzles. >> the city said the prices would be reduced to make sure everyone in san francisco has access per the nucor should be
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ready and open in may. you know sometimes little ones don't want to go outside. on a day like this, i love getting them out there. dirty and muddy. >> of the sunset, get out. coming up next, living up on a billboard in downtown san jose. it's happening. up next white college football fans are forgo being foregoing the conference of home before the national championship game.
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cobalt football fans are on a billboard representative. they will be out there two weeks. leading up to the national championship. >> reporter: they are all huge super fans and right now they're trying to entertain themselves. they were throwing volleyball is down below into these red buckets that they have down
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here. i guess just to keep themselves occupied. they are 40 feet above the ground. the four people up there all say that other family and friends urged them to apply because they are super fans for these college sports teams. while espn provides food and housing, the fans brought along other items they need for their superstitions. >> i have orange food that i have to bring with me. i have to wear a special jersey and socks. i'm very superstitious. >>reporter: they climbed the billboard last night ahead of the two semifinal matchups on saturday. they each have a tent, a sleeping bag and beneath the billboard is a bathroom and a shower. there is one fan from alabama, one from clemson, one from notre dame and one is a former walk-on for the oklahoma sooners. >> my shoulders went numb.
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not going to lie. my sleeping bag is about six inches too short but other than that it was a great night. there's also a carnival ride just to our right and so there was a kid screaming for about 10 minutes nonstop going around. and there is also a flight route peered all the planes flight right over us in line. so it was a great night. >> reporter: now they are experiencing -- their expense is life screamed lives streamed. the team that wins, that is the fans who will win. they are nice people. we got a chance to speak to all four of them. they are also great. they are all single thing they're missing is their pets but also missing chick-fil-a. there's a bucket there where
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people can send stuff up to them so they are saying if you could bring chick-fil-a up to us. they are very cool people. cal fans are disappointed this morning after losing to tcu in the teams ballgame. cal was playing in its first bowl since 2015. the golden bears jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter. defense really dominated this game. nine interceptions in all. the game would go to overtime when cal turned over the ball giving tcu some good field position. the horned frogs would score the game-winning field goal. cal loses 10-7. is still a winning season for the golden bears. >> bad weather dallas wiped out the first responders bowl between boise state and boston college but they just started the game when lightning chased everyone from the field.
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look at the screen. a huge lightning strike. one of many. officials waited an hour and half deciding cancel the game. it was really no contest with no one winning the game. so the game will not be replayed. the onset warriors are expected to break a record tonight. the game will break the franchise record for consecutive home sellouts. it will be the 300 -- 311 packed house as they take on the portland trail blazers. the streak began back in december 2012. only three nba teams with longer cells. dallas, miami, oklahoma city. >> what you plan to do with your christmas tree? we look at how to properly get rid of it and some ways to save it. >> reporter: you felt the christmas spirit around your tree and now like unwanted relatives, it's time for it to go. so what needs to be done before you get it out of your living room. first, remove all the lights, ornaments, tinsel and a stand. next, cover the tree in a
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plastic bag or sheet to prevent the mess from the needles. if your christmas trees more than six feet, it is best to cut it into small pieces for easy pick up when you take it to the curb make sure you don't block the street or silex. don't wait for it to dry out. not only is it a fire hazard but the needles will drop all over your house. but it doesn't have to go into the trash. >> you can recycle them. >> turn your tree into other treasures using limbs to create ornaments for next year. building a birdhouse. crafting pen holders or even coasters. >> reporter: for those looking to do something more environmentally friendly, you can chop it to make firewood. turn it into a mulch to fertilize your yard and if you live near from, see if they are taking tree donations. some animals enjoy snacking on the no longer needed decor. >> the pine is a natural d warmer for the pigs and the goats. >>reporter: when tossing your tree, check your local waste management rules first.
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we have at least a good week and a half if not two weeks before we even think about taking our sound. at least until january 6. you on the other hand -- >> archery will be gone probably by monday. i don't know which day. having a great debt but i'm sure it will be gone soon. it's just time to move on. and stuff in the car and we go down to local park where we can recycle it. and they take it away from us. so monday it will be nice and clean in the house. >> coming up next, disappointment for a group of local ballerinas. the bad news they received just after dancing their annual nutcracker performance. >> also the search for an inmate who escaped from san quentin. when he was serving time for and how he managed to get away.
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it is thursday morning. cool temperatures out there. a lot of blue skies as we see a live picture in san francisco. if you get out to point reyes today for lunch or a walk or whatever, look for the farallon islands. just one of those days where the wind helps. >> that went really clearing things out. visibility is excellent. yesterday we used one of our cameras looking out toward the sierra. to the east. you could see the sierra with his great visibility. we do have mostly clear skies. some patchy fog but the main reason we have the clear skies is this. the wind is picking up out of north. so there is a wind advisory until 4:00 a.m. run the bay, not a strong but up there at 25 possibly 30 miles per hour. the wind still moving around quite a bit. the trees are at least moving
9:31 am
around. mount diablo has a gust of 42 miles per hour. up toward middle peek a gust of 24 must bar. the winds increasing out of the north. clouds moving in from the north but those clearing out to right now. if you scattered light showers overnight between midnight and 6 am this morning pick mainly down toward the south bay. kurt numbers beginning to recover. napa 46. san francisco 52. livermore 43 degrees. you can see oakland airport with a gust of 22 miles per hour. some more reports with sfo out of the north and west at 40 miles per hour. not nearly as strong at sfo. the breezes around because of this area of low pressure moving to the east. lots of sunshine. temperatures this afternoon in the upper 50s but with this, it
9:32 am
could generate snow showers out for this year. the main impacts is wendy for today. chilly start friday morning but especially saturday morning, we could have a few neighborhoods well england with subfreezing. here's a forecast later on today. clouds in the pacific. lots of sunshine. this is 9:00 tonight and then friday the same deal. looks like a quiet weather pattern as we head into friday and the winds will back off a little bit as we head toward friday. forecast ties this afternoon at 57. a very narrow temperature range. winds will be effective for today right into friday morning. then once the winds back off then temperatures drop off quite a bit especially for sunday morning. there we have december 31, new year's eve, in view. it looks like a dry forecast as we head into next week. we hope you can help us help area families bundle up by participating in the one warm coat drive. donate a new or gently used coat for people in need. we are a media sponsor of one warm coat.
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it's now in its 16th year and collects tens of thousands of coats annually. the coat drive is happening right now and goes until december 31. we have droptop locations in emeryville, walnut creek, san jose, oakland and participating ups and big o tire store stores. >> still following overnight developments about an escaped inmate from san quentin state prison. he walked away from prison last night and reported missing after headcount showed he wasn't there. we are live with some new information from police. >> reporter: i just spoke with sergeant and he provided me with new information. he said that inmate ditched his
9:34 am
jumpsuit during the escape and at the same time, there was a carjacking at a home depot less than a mile away from the prison. at this point, they believe that the inmate is a suspect in that carjacking. it took place at the home depot parking lot on shoreline at 9:15 pm. the victim told police that the suspect motioned as if he had a weapon and then threatened to kill her. this is who they're looking for. mendoza. he was last seen at the prison last night at 8:55 pm and reported missing during a headcount at a headcount at 9:30 pm. he was wearing a white t-shirt and light colored pants. >> reporter: a hispanic male approached a female and simulate what look like some type of weapon or a gun through his t-shirt. demanded the keys from her. threatened to kill her. told her not to call the police or that he would shoot her. and then what she handed over the keys, he fled the scene in her vehicle. >> reporter: believes that he might be in her car which is a toyota around four with license plate six st z502.
9:35 am
he was brought here from los angeles county because of another violent carjacking and the attempt to evade an officer while driving recklessly. let's get you caught up on the rest of the news stories we are working on today like saying good morning to dave clark. >> thank you. here are some top stories. law-enforcement officers still out there searching for the gunman suspected of killing a police officer in stanislaus county yesterday. officer ron singh was shot in newman 5550 miles east of sims a peer to build photos of the suspect were taken at this convenience store. the officer pulled amanda over as he drove away from the store. the store clerk said she had no idea what was about to happen. >> i was in shock. like i could not believe it. when the guy left, my friend came back inside and said officer singh just pulled him over down the street. so we went outside and the shots had already been fired. and the guy had left.
9:36 am
and we saw the that officer singh's car was left behind. >> he has a baby boy and a family and a the lease the community can do is find the suspect. >> reporter: the truck was found yesterday but no signs of where he went. if you see the suspect, call the police. don't approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> in san jose several things will happen today in connection with a deadly police shooting christmas morning. san jose police chief will hold a news conference this afternoon. on christmas morning, shots were fired near story road and clements. police found two wounded people. they also saw a car matching the description of one driven by the suspect. when police tried to stop the car, the driver tried to ram a police car. four officers fired shots. killing the female driver and injuring a passenger. san jose police will hold a
9:37 am
news conference this afternoon. >> and today a judge could decide if john lee cowell who is accused of killing neil wilson should have a mental evaluation. cowell's lawyers say he has been having extreme delusions and is not mentally competent to stand trial. prosecutors say cowell killed wilson in july, fatally establishing stabbing her at the bart station and stabbed her sister also. cal was indicted for murder and attempted murder. if he has found mentally incompetent to stand trial, the judge could suspend the criminal proceedings. that's a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. several people in san rafael are being held by the red cross after a fire in the apartment building. firefighters arrived and they immediately started evacuating buildings but with a fire so intense, people in two of the
9:38 am
burning units had already jumped from the second floor. some of them tied bedsheets together and escape through a rear window. one woman escaped with three small children and a baby. witnesses say she dropped them from the second floor and several men caught them below. >> i saw a little baby. >> we mainly went into rescue mode and found people self extricating from the second floor window of one apartment. we sifted them to the ground. one person received minor injuries. >> the cause of fire remains under investigation but firefighters say it does appear to have started in a front deck area of one of the units. >> the curtain has come down on final class of the oakland ballet school. after 50 years of teaching the community to dance. the landlord plans to sell the property. the school has not been able to
9:39 am
find a new home for his classes yet. we attended some of the last classes and students told us they learned a lot more than ballet steps at the school. >>reporter: oakland ballet school is a place of acceptance for its students. they say the world of dance has standards that are often rigid and demanding. >> you never told a foreskin you have or have been if he. but here you can just dance. they look at more than just how you physically look. they look at your spirit. >> it's a committee and family. >>reporter: students say they learned focus, dedication and commitment. >> they took me under their wing and taught me a lot of things i never learned before. >> reporter: every december, the school puts on the nutcracker at holy university in oakland. a chance for almost every student to perform on stage to delight audiences. soon after this year's
9:40 am
performance, students and parents learned about the school's closure. the owners. >> it's about steps and combinations and the material used to help develop children as people. >> reporter: after a year of negotiating with the property owner, including the option of buying the building themselves, the couple said they were unable to come to an agreement. husband and wife met here when they took ballet lessons. they were 14 and 12 years old. they danced professionally for the oakland ballet before taking over the school 10 years ago. >> having started here in 1990 for myself and earlier for him, it is very devastating. >>reporter: the students refused to hang up their slippers. they hope that they will find a home temporarily if need be until they can find a permanent one. they say they won't give up on a place where they have learned invaluable lessons. >> hopefully they can find a new home. that would be something.
9:41 am
but if they close, i don't know if i can find a place that is as special as this. >> reporter: this is alaska class for the oakland ballet school. the owners are looking for a new home in the city they love come oakland. coming up next, the night a christmas gift years and the making. the new picture the kansas city royals had for his parents.
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9:43 am
another busy travel day for airlines across the country.
9:44 am
a storm system is sweeping across the midwest. it hit texas yesterday. heavy wins heavy winds caused grounding. and american airlines had to be rerouted due to heavy turbine sending two passengers to the hospital paid the same storm is expected to drop heavy snow in the northeast as it continues to sweep across the country. a man from portland, oregon has done what no one has done before. he crossed antarctica by himself with no outside support. he walked the 932 miles across the southern most continent in 54 days. he dragged a sled caring all his supplies for the trip. others who made the trip have had supplies put in a place in advance by helpers. he said he called them as soon as he hit the ice shelf. and yet i did appeared >> fm in arizona celebrating what they call a christmas miracle. a little yorkshire terrier was stolen when someone broke in to
9:45 am
the home in two says in arizona and 2014. but last week, a volunteer for a local animal shelter found the dog wandering the streets and was able to track down her original owners. this reunion got back memories of the family's first day with little harley and of the day they lost her. >> she came home and was this little. i even have little pictures of one we brought her home. >> we put signs and flyers and posted on social media sites. i cried. it was horrible. it's like losing a child. the shelter said it was able to reunite harley with her family thanks to the information they found when they scanned her microchip. >> for the founder specialized bikes in morgan hill, getting out for a ride is more than just getting exercise. he and his son have adhd and they think there's another way to manage it other than medication. we have their story in today's bay area people. >> this is an old british bike. i rode all the way through europe when i started the
9:46 am
company. >> reporter: walk into the morgan hill had corridors of specialized bikes and you take a trip back in time. >> we are where the company started as i lived in a trailer park in san jose. so that's where the company started. >>reporter: he has come a long way since 1974. >>reporter: in 1981 we came out with the first mountain bike that you could buy at the bike stores. >>reporter: and was 1600 employees worldwide, this is a company now recognized as the dominant brand in the industry. >> the year took off is when i start to sell the bike tires. >> reporter: but for mike and has never been just about business. what has led to your success? >> i think our success first of all is that i've been very lucky. i have attracted other people to the company. they share the same. that cycling changes lives. >> reporter: now more than 40 years after this country --
9:47 am
company start. he now focuses on a foundation that was inspired several years ago by an article he read. >> i saw this article by a doctor at harvard medical. and he showed this young kid riding and this kid said writing is my ritalin. the doctor said hey, this kid and some other kids were writing and they didn't need their ritalin. and i thought oh my god, that is me. that is my son. that has to be a lot of other people. >>reporter: ritalin is a common treatment for adhd. he said he has been fighting the impacts of adhd his whole life. >> the thing that was hard for me in school was to be able to focus and feel calm enough to really sit down and read something all the way through. >> reporter: he ended up dropping out of high school and although he eventually went
9:48 am
back and finished, it was an uphill battle. did you ever get an official -- >> no, i'm not official. i'm still waiting. i never was diagnosed. my son was. how >> how early did you spot a? >> i could's bought it when he was as early as seven or eight years old. and then it got more. and then it just grew. and i notice when we go riding, it would really help him. but i never really pulled it together. >>reporter: is a hard decision for people to make to put their children on medication. >> it is a hard decision and so my personal beliefs is that we are over medicating our children. >> reporter: you believe no one needs medication or just fewer kids? >> i think that probably fewer kids and maybe there is a combination. >>reporter: which brings us back to him sponsoring this article. he was so compelled by it that
9:49 am
he reached out to researchers to say why are you not looking into this for? and the answer was simple. >> he said, while there is no drug companies to support the study. so i said, what would it take? so we started off and did the study and sponsored the study with harvard medical. in 3 1/2 years ago, we transferred over and now at stanford. >> reporter: that works continues today in the lab at stanford university. participants ride bikes and they collect data on how their brains are responding. >> we imagine we will be having data collection for at least the next six months. >> reporter: but commitment to finding answers has gone beyond the lab and into schools for a program called writing for focus. the middle school got these bikes two years ago and they are getting good feedback. >> we are seeing the impact. >> reporter: for mike it's just
9:50 am
the beginning. >> it's bigger than our company. our little brand. it's really about the future of the kids. >> reporter: and so he continues this right. waiting for science to back up what he has always believed. that getting on a bicycle can in fact change your life. does writing still give you the same feeling from six years ago? >> yeah, maybe more. you can suggest a story for bay area people on our homepage. >> a special christmas for a 22- year-old kansas city royals pitcher brady singer who found a way to think his parents for everything they had done to support history. >> i paid off all your debt. now instead of trying to save money to replace your savings account you drained on me.
9:51 am
the it's all paid in full. save money for yourself. >> he said he preached all the money he spent on him to make sure he always had everything he needed and now he wants them to enjoy their life. singer was a first round pick in this year's draft and received a $4 million bonus. he said this was the least he could do. force parents. >> i'm sure the money is nice but just getting that letter from your son. clinging to that sentiment. that's a real gift. >> there is a good young man there. i would only hope to think my son and daughter would do the same if they were blessed to be a first-round draft in any sport. >> up next, we share the story of a florida man who surprised people in a big way when they offered him spare change to feed his family.
9:52 am
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vaporize sore throat pain with new vicks vapocool drops. a delta flight attendant tried to work over christmas and didn't have to spend the holidays with from her family. her father checked her schedule then booked himself onto all six christmas day flights. i love this. i think this is something my dad would do. and this passenger, the guy in the gray sweatshirt, sat next to dad on one of the flights. to find out what he was doing.
9:55 am
this dad literally went above and beyond what was normal to make time to spend the holiday with his beloved daughter. >> a very cool story. retailers are smiling after reports indicate holiday sales as he reached a six-year high. a company that tracks spending in stores and online say total sales topped $850 billion 35 percent jump from a year ago. online sales were up 19 percent. clothing sales rose nearly 8 percent. although department stores saw fewer customers walk in. online sales were up at many retailers. >> the mother of the fallen police officer was given an unforgettable christmas gift. her son died in october but his voice and his memory live on in a special teddy bear. >> when the mom pressed the teddy bear's paw, she hurt her sons whispered her daughter got the idea for the gift after finding a teddy bear dressed in a police officer uniform. at the officer work for the china lake police department.
9:56 am
he was only 21 when he died. >> a man in florida who wanted to pay it forward this holiday season pretended to be homeless. panhandling for spare change to feed his family but the people who stopped to help him outside of a south florida target store instead got a surprise. he gave them each a $100 bill and it was all caught on camera. >>reporter: i woke up a couple of days before christmas and there was this video online that really inspired me to give. i woke up and called my videographer and we went over to target and i held the sign that said can you please help me feed my family. i had a cup there and anyone that gave me one dollar or five dollars or anything like that got $100 in return. >> he said the responses he received were overwhelming. one woman offered to bring him dinner. one man was teared up by the generosity and another returned
9:57 am
with his son as a way to teach his son about the spirit of giving. >> we talk about giving this time of your bid we should extend that conversation europe. we are thankful that you are with us today. join us tomorrow. we have travels with our senior editor. he's talking good travel deals for 2019. and we talk with maria about the new year celebration from times square. >> new year's knocking on the door. so as our new joe in a couple of hours. i will see you then. have a great rest of your morning, everyone. see
9:58 am
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