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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 28, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PST

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the celebration takes noon from noon until midnight. they have several locations in california as well as texas, nevada, and hawaii. today at nine, ktvu goes inside san quentin for a candid conversation between inmates, officers and members of the community. and we have the best travel deals to start 2019. plus, we talk with maria menudo's as she rings in the new year from times square right here on ktvu . welcome to the 9, sparkling , cold friday, the last friday of 2018. some are saying goodbye, some are saying good riddance i have to draw your attention to the screen if you are not looking, this is a pretty picture but take a look at this heart stopping a video that is coming to us for me officers and dashcam outside of chicago. this is in illinois,and take a
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the left side of your screen. gly out of nowhere comes malfunctioned. a were not working. obviously the train company did not know that i think goodness the officer had both hands on the wheel. >> no one was hit. >> no one was hit, talk about a miracle! i went on the officer's facebook page, he says he bought tons of raffle tickets, every lottery ticket was a loser, he thought he was a board with any luck, he said little did i know i had luck, i was just saving it all for the perfect time for it here it is, my luck being used all at once. >> that is a life-changing experience. he now has to think every day that he lives he thinks about that one moment that he may not have been here on this earth anymore. that is another reason to get those phones out of your hands,
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you make your way around the been covering the developing story. this is where the man who shot and killed the police officer is still on the run. newman policlosure until the killer is caught. we are live in newman here with life pictures of the killer. >> reporter: new pictures and new information actually. we just learned a moment ago that investigators at the sheriff's office plan to release significant develops in this case at a press conference in modesto. we will be there and we will be live, and we will also lifestream the press conference, so i sewn as we know that those departments are, you at home will know as well. we do not know what information they will provide at this point, we still understand that the suspect is on the loose.
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as for those photos, you can take a them, these were released by the sheriff's office, just different images of the suspect that they have of tips, investigators issued search warrants. they did not find the suspect, but they didn't find his truck on wednesday, a few miles from the shooting stream. the devastating a situation unfolded around 1 a.m. on one the man shot and killed corporal ronal singh it during a dui traffic stop. singh also fired shots but ultimately he died and the suspect got away. it has been a really rough time for the newman police department, to deal with the loss of the 33-year-old. it is their first in line of duty death in the small police department. >> i did not know christmas morning, at 4:00 in the morning when i sent him out there, that it would be the last time that i saw him. >> reporter: of course a lot of
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emotion there, the sheriff's office adam christiansen says that the suspect is in the u.s. illegally, right after the announcement president trump tweeted that there is a full- scale manhunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security. build the wall. after that press conference we are expecting it to start at 12:00, and like i mentioned before, investigators are planning on sharing significant develop its in this case. so, watch our lifestream and i will be live out there in a gusto at noon. but from now and newman, ktvu fox2 news. the search continues for an inmate who escaped from san quentin prison. they have released video that shows will police say they believe is the in mint carjacking a woman at a home depot parking lot in rafael. we are live outside the san
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quentin prison with the latest developments on the story. >> reporter: police believe that the carjackinshalom mendoz based on the description and also the close proximity to the home depot to san quentin. they also think he ditched his prison jumpsuit. san rafael police released the surveillance video last night, police were called to the home depot at 9:17 on wednesday. the victim said she was approached by a hispanic male wearing a white t-shirt or khaki or light yellow pants. the victim assimilated what looked like a weapon under his close, demanded her keys and threatened to kill her. it is different to see, but please believe the carjacker is quite possibly shalom mendoza who escaped from san quentin that same >> the prison gave a description that he was in the jumpsuit but we have learned that they have found the jumpsuit. it is unknown what he was wearing underneath. >> repor 21-year-old shalom
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mendoza walked away from a work crew at san quentin prison, he was seen just before 6 p.m. on wednesday. no at the prison realized he was missing until a headcount conducted more than 3 1/2 hours later. the home depot is less than a mile from san quentin and the suspect is described as five feet six inches tall, 170 pounds, similar to mendoza. the vehicle take it was is over silver toyota rav4 with a california license plate 6stz502 . but, police say that if he was the carjacking suspect it is unknown if he would still be in the suv at this time but according to his criminal record he had carjacked a toyota previous back in 2017 only to ditch it 15 minutes later to steal a mercedes. and san quentin, ktvu fox2 news. now we are withmily of a woman shot and killed by san jose police and she is asking for a federal investigation into her death.
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jennifer vasquez was shot and killed on christmas day byjose she was in a stolen car but was not a suspect in an earlier shooting as investigators thought. she led them on a high-speed chase that ended when she crashed. then police say she tried to ram her car into a police car that is when four police officers opened fire. eddie garcia now says that the police officers were chasing the wrong car but he is standing by the actions of his officers appeared >> had the deceased not been driving a stolen vehicle, had not led the police on a dangerous high-speed chase crashed the vehicle and did not attempt to get away at all costs, ramming officers and endangering their lives, this tragedy would not have occurred on christmas morning. as morning. >> the vasquez family is questioning the officers use of force. last night they held a candlelight vigil and demanded justice. >> she should be here celebrate the holidays with her family. now she is not. >> law enforcement has to be mindful of that. when they make mistakes, their
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mistakes can be lethal >> the vasquez e mi body camera video of the shooting that happened after the district attorney did an investigation and it is complete. the four officers involved are now on leave. the united states coast guard says of members will have to work without getting paid because of the partial government shutdown. the coast guard is the only branch of the military that falls under the department of homeland security, which is one of the agencies affected. other military branches are excluded because they fall underneath the defense department. under 42,000 coast guard members remain on duty the shutdown, the navy federal credit union, as well as a usaa are expected to help members with loans if needed. as we approach the one week of the government shutdown, the president is taking a strong stance. we are in washington to bring the latest on the standoff. >> reporter: we expect, that
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hope is waiting in washington that a partial government shutdown will end anytime soon. now, president trump is turning up the heat in the fight over border security. this morning threatening to close the southern border entirely if lawmakers do not offer up the money he is looking for. >> he present is very heavily engaged,. >> reporter: republicans are putting the blame on nancy pelosi who was set to lead house democrats when they take control next to thursday. >> right now we have seen from her is that she is unwilling to actually do anything until she gets her speakership. >> they locked down and they did that because nancy pelosi does not have the votes for the speakership yet. she cannot be seen by her party as being weak on negotiating with donald trump. >> reporter: while democrats have been largely silent this morning, a recent a statement from the senior aide to pelosi seems to show that democrats are in it for the long haul. and reason "with house majority, demo
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policy." the house and the senate will meet again on monday, both sessions are expected to be formalities. sources on the hill to that lawmakers are prepared to reach , distill me to reach into the new year and the new congress with no guarantee on one a deal can finally be reached. ray bogan, ktvu fox2 news. >> kirstjen nielsen will tour the border of mexico to personally review her department's handling of my grandchildren. secretary nielsen will visit a station in el paso, texas and then to go to newman, arizona. this is in response to the deaths of two children who died while in the custody of a u.s. border control. the first photos of philippe a alonso gomez who died christmas eve, an autopsy showed that he had the flu and was given
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antibiotics and ibuprofen at a hospital before he ultimately died. a seven-year-old goal from hours after she was placed on hi started to feel sick and stopped breathing. new information overnight about a nationwide sentry link outage that has affected some people's number one service. does before 9:30 this morning, the louisiana company said they were making a positive progress. sentry link said a quote network element was affecting service that affected 911 service or people in oregon and washington. >> some of the calls we needed to transfer two different communication centers, we have the ability to hail them on the radio, so we have used radiocommunication. we have been able to relay the information over the radio system. >> in the seattle area people are being advised to text 911 if they cannot get through by phone and they can also call the fire department number for
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their particular jurisdiction. still to come, taking on the role of former vice presidents, up next we will hear from dr. christien bale about performing as the former leader in today's political climate.
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it is 9:14, stocks started strong but. we see the market is coming up a two day winning streak, we are in track for the worst year we have seen since 2008. the dow jones is a very slightly gaining one quarter of 1%. percentage bump is a similar over on the s and p and the nasdaq. two mothers against drunk driving will announce the big expansion of a dui prevention program. starting on january 1st, a pilot program now operating in four counties expands statewide. it will require repeat dui offenders and first-timers involved in injury crashes to install an ignition device in
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their vehicles of. and measures blood alcohol concentration after an individual blows into it and prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver is not sober. 2019 is set to be a year of change for law enforcement right here in california as one of our reporters tell us in several highly publicized police shootings inspired build will become statewide. >> reporter: in an effort to increase transparency in law enforcement, jerry brown cited two bills a. 1421 which was written by state senator nancy skinner berkeley and takes affected january 1st allows a public access to internal investigation of police shooting and other use of force cases, as well as records involving sexual assa the second measure, assembly bill 748 does not take effect until july and will require body cameras and use of force cases to be released 45 days, u the investigation of.
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>> we believe that providing greater transparency to the public, greater transparency to our communities will really help build back that relationship. but also, in particular build that trust. i think that is really what these two bills are really about. >> reporter: the new legislation comes after several highly publicized use of a force cases including the shooting death of stephan clark by a sacramento police officer. back in march, the 22-year-old was expected of breaking into cars and within the backyard of his grandma's home when officers mistook his cell phone for a gun. they opened fire shooting clark several times in his death part sparked put protest nationwide. millions of californians will get a raise in the new year. the minimum wage is going up to $12 an hour starting in 2019 increased to $11 an hour for small businesses. wages will continue to go up one dollar a year until they hit one $15 an hour.
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many companies in the bay area already have higher minimum wages than the state requires a. starting next tuesday, while dining in a full-service restaurant, restaurants can be fined up to $300 if they do not comply. also restaurants will only be able to offer milk or water as the default drink with a child's meal starting january 1st. children can be served soda or juice but you have to request it. they can also only feature milk or water. trips to the world war ii veteran believed to be the country's oldest man has died. richard over 10 was 112 years old, he died yesterday from complications of pneumonia at a rehabilitation center in his hometown of austin, texas. he served in an all-black unit during the war, he enlisted in the army and was at pearl harbor soon after the japanese attacked. before his death >> everything
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chewing gum was three or four pennies. things like that. i used to work for $.25 a day. $.25 a day. >> back in 2013, former president obama honored him at a veterans day stared ceremony. mr. overton once said that one thing secret to his long life was smoking cigars which he did not inhale. "vice" the movie about dick cheney is in theaters and is generating a lot of award buys a. we caught up with the stars of the movie about playing such a big little figures, especially in today's political climate. >> reporter: already getting a lot of award buys including a leading six nominations, "vice" a stars a christien bale , chamy adams . biographical movi about a political rise to power. regardless of their political
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beliefs, both bale and adams walked away from ect in terms o understanding that he is quite brilliant from his many, many years of his decades of being in government, of truly understanding how government works. >> hello, i am very challenged to approach a role, especially without judgment. it is imperative to tell the story in a truthful way. >> we can make this work. >> reporter: getting 40 pounds for the role, bale never met cheney and does not expect liked to of met him, i do not know if he would've liked to have met me, i do not know if i was even on his radar, i imagine complete insignificance to him. >> reporter: with politics consuming the news cycle, adams is hopeful that the film will educate and entertain. >> i hope people come away with
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a real curiosity about how our government works. >> reporter: in hollywood, claudia cowin, fox news. coming up next get your passport ready, if you're planning to travel in 2019, up next our senior editor has a look at some of the best deals to kick off the new year. >> he is so inspired! [ laughter ]
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only december 26th to january 6th. ikea.
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we are just days away from 2019 and what better way to start a new year by hitting the road for some of the best deals available. i am joined in studio by gabe szekely, happy early new year. we are excited for 2019, i should get my passport up to speed taste on this list that you have a. before we go international, let us talk domestic, hawaii is on your list. a lot of my friends have been going down to mexico they say it is cheaper, i'm surprised that you put hawaii on your
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list. >> i was in hawaii for some recon the. 2019 will be an interesting year because 2018 was one of. the volcano affected lot travel, and a lot of storms created cancellations across the island is. states. so they have extra incentives of for hawaii to start offering out great promotions of. and then there we flight out of california and hawaii that will bring airfare pricing down. we will see unique value opportunity in 2019, a lot of the resorts leading the way. there are key trends in the travel industry, wellness travel, culinary travel, solo travel, all of these resorts are leading the way in trying to capture the trends. >> flight for sure, security concerns and how that has changed the appeal of certain destinations, and the strength of the u.s. dollar. it remains strong across a series of a foreign currencies a. >> we looked at this list, and
9:24 am
my co-anger picked portugal. just dripping with beaches over there. >> that's just the shadows of spain and italy, it remains one of the most formidable european destinations the. we are seeing a 2019 extra flights into portugal that creates cheaper flights and cheaper vacation practices a. really for a lot of people untapped western european does destination it. it will be a big, buzzy destination a. >> all pop over to morocco, maybe not morocco but egypt is not too far. >> egypt has seen a significant downturn and travel out of eurog feeder market for egypt. security concerns quelled in 2018, and now all of a sudden we are seeing a big turn, more pretty vacation providers and we are seeing more of these escorted, boutique small packages that help travelers --
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>> escorted, can you actually say that, someone is actually with you the entire trip? >> more high-end vacation companies are offering this. so, you're looking at these small groups, escorted trips and then all of a sudden these destinations that were off the list for a lot of people they are all of a sudden online, and we will see greater interest and availability for egypt. if you look at the region in general i throw in jordan and israel. >> what about australia two? >> 2019 could be to place, it all comes down to extra flights. other major carriers are adding extra flights out of the major airports on the west coast, it is makce more affordable. reading about a couple years ago, a couple years ago him and blocking out 2 to 3 weeks on your calendar. we are seeing more of these weeklong promotions where you are flying out of sfo, crossing the
9:26 am
datelines. it's like one state or terrmend you're getting these six and a seven night packages, just much more available. all of a sudden the destination becomes that much more obtainable because it is the taste of the island nation that makes it so much more appealing to. >> what about one more for the road? what about the uk? >> the uk is an honorable mention. the big? -- >> the money? >> brexit, scheduled to take place on 11 p.m. on march 29th. that is the uk exiting the european union. if that happens, will the sterling drop in value? will there be less of an influx of eu travelers into the this could be an amazing amount of availability and currency strength, as soon as brexit happens, it is a?, they are talking about postponing the situation but there is just a big? that makes it a potentially big value destination spot you are
9:27 am
looking forward to? >> portugal, it is on my to do list because we will see in a couple of years there will be an influx of travelers that may not make it sort of as charming as it is right now. it is still undiscovered, untapped destination >> maybe dublin for saint patty's day? >> that's always a good idea. coming up in a moment on mornings on 2 at 9 , we have a candid conversation between inmates at san quentin, and also law enforcers and the community.
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today is the day to go out and do all those last-minute touristy thing that locals never do. go for a hike in your backyard. >> do not forget about that shutdown. >> so maybe stay to the east bay hills, east bay regional park. we will bring in our meteorologist rosemary orozco, we should be getting outside. >> reporter: absolutely, just bundle up, it is a cool and breezy one out there. temperatures are slowly climbing but still a chill in the air. there are gusts of about 30 miles per hour you don't need to be in the hills to have the wind. half moon bay has calmed down quite a bit as well as livermore. the winds will continue to drop off until the second part of your morning and early afternoon.
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if you do have a breeze outside your door temperatures are in the upper 50s, definitely feeling like or i should the upper 40s, definitely feeling like the low 40s with the windchill factor. outside it is a quiet day, we do have high pressure that will strengthen into the bay area for the days ahead and that will keep the storm track to the north of us. we will be dry to the final week of 2018 and beyond. here is a look at the highs for today. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures change ever so subtly as we roll to the next couple of days. in the overnight hours once the wind calmed down we are looking at a little bit of a chillier start for tomorrow morning, expected that. getting into the final days of 20 18 and new year's eve, dry conditions and ice conditions for four fireworks and on tuesday, new year's day, starting off on a dry note as well.
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we do hope you can help us help bay area families a bundle of this winter by participating in the annualone coate, we ask you to donate a gently used coat for those in need. the national nonprofit is now in its 16th year and it collects tens of thousands of coats and believe it a warm coat drive is having right now and goes through december 31st. we have drop off locations visit and you will find the full list of locations. we have other headlines we have been working on it. >> reporter: here are some of the top stories we are following, lawmakers and political experts now predict that the standoff in washington will last till the new year. you to the house or the senate has scheduled both and unless there is a surprtdown of the decade. congress will reconvene next week when democrats take control of the house.
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the manhunt goes on for an escape inmate from san quentin who got awaylooking at released by san rafael police shows a carjacking in the parking lot of a home depot near san quentin. they think the carjacker was shalom mendoza who walked away from a prison a work group on wednesday night. he was reported with missing 3 1/2 hours later following a headcount of the inmates >> something that is very concerning, it is very uncommon that san rafael has a carjacking. if it is not related to the prison, it is something that we take extremely seriously. >> reporter: last year in los angeles, shalom mendoza stole a car and knifepoint and then led police on a chase. he has been in the prison system for a year and then was transferred to san quentin in april and assigned to a job outside of the secure perimeter of the prison. new photos released of the suspect who killed a police officer during a traffic stop
9:34 am
in the central valley city of newman his name has not been released but sheriff's y he was in this country illegally. investigators say there will be a news conference today at noon announcing significant developments. we will bring that to you live. yesterday, president trump is that this case was a reason to build a border wall. but sheriff's department says its main focus is to capture the man who killed officer singh a. >> remember, we do not need to politicize the death of officer singh a. officer singh himself an immigrant , immigrated here lawfully andthen agreed to plii cehis life a police officer. his killer on the other hand is not supposed to be in this country. >> reporter: investigators conductede. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. we have also learned that corporal 16 k-9 partner will be
9:35 am
retired in the wake of singh's death. >> sam is back home with the singh family where he belongs a. sam will be retired, she has more time that she can work the streets but i will not pick another member or taken of a member of the family from them. that was a member of their family. >> that picture on your screen of corporal singh and his family and assam was taken on christmas day shortly before he left for his final shift. a frank conversation behind bars. and meza joining in the conversation to bridge bars between law enforcement and th we are for the first time inside san quentin prison >> reporter: what a beautiful sunny day. a line of people stood outside waiting to enter a place that most people avoid, san quentin prison.
9:36 am
the reason, to have a dialogue with an often overlooked segment of the community. the i am currently serving 109 years to life in prison. >> reporter: this is a first for the barbershop before him, inmates wanted this conversation, one of the first things i noticed -- no one here said i was a falsely accused everyone said i messed up >> us inmates, what role do we play? law enforcement, they play a role, we play a role, you have to hold yourself accountable. >> become to prison, we educate ourselves, we understand it is not a mistake i'm a it is a crime he committed. >> reporter: everyone lowered their guard and let a certain sincere and productive two hour long conversation happened between inmates, officers and community members sitting side- by-side. the topics were off-limits. >> what is the process when you enter a possibly highly volatile and dangerous encounter with someone who may be going through a mental health crisis or addiction?
9:37 am
>> we do, as first responders, we do get that training to recognize that someone is probably under distress so we treat that differently, but at the same time, if they are dealing with a weapon or something like that, we still have to protect life. >> they do not have to shoot to kill, they can shoot in the arm or the leg. >> that was great if i was a perfect shot, even under stress i am not a perfect shot. there is a reason why we go center mass. a lot of people if you shoot center mass, they are so capable of getting rounds off >> ve to talk about both. we cannot talk about police brutality and not talk about what is going on in our community. reporter: as the for progressed conversation switched to the lack of trust in law enforcement, something the current officers understand the. >> i have negative experiences with law enforcement. that is just how it was going up in east oakland in the 80s. >> i was traut talk to that you can trust the police but
9:38 am
everybody know and everybody i loved you came into contact with the police he left for a long time or never came back. >> i know we are not perfect, i know we have bad apples in law enforcement, i cannot deny that. but what i can say is that the overwhelming majority of us are in this for a good reason. >> that is something we have to teach the younger generation, it is all right to become a cop. >> reporter: that comment from an inmate took many by surprise. another question, why don't officers stand up when one of their own does something wrong? a question quickly answered by a san francisco police lieutenant who considers herself a whistleblower. >> i crossed the line, and when you do that there is retaliation. >> reporter: many say that respect is the key, especially if they know the people they serve. >> when the officer pulls the gun out, he doesn't see me, he sees my somother's, my
9:39 am
pull the trigger. when you see somebody like that. >> every time a police officer treats me a criminal, that would make a big difference in my life. >> we are the epitome of the so- called inmate. we are the ones who push the false agenda. >> that hurts my heart to hear that because that is not how i view any person in this room. no one is my enemy. >> i see bad things and negative things from law enforcement, but what can i do to change that? that was one of the motivating factors for me to become law enforcement. >> reporter: the inmates distress that they do not want to be forgotten. they are mostly trying to right the wrongs of. >> just because we got arrested, whatever mistakes we made, i do not want people to think we are not human beings. >> the public is not aware of think if they see more things happen, they would change their attitude towards ptesor: for on
9:40 am
barbershop for a members it was a homecoming. >> i did 26 years on my california life sentence, 10 of them right here in san quentin. >> reporter: he and others agree that taking responsibility will go a long way on the outside, including the prosecutors who put people away. >> there is hope for changing the way we look at cases. i am looking for people who are ready to be released to. >> they are the ones who need to come back to our community to stop the crime. we need to be proactive, had we get to legislature and get these guys out because we need them. >> take everything you learned in here and when the opportunity comes for you all to return, reach out to organizations like the barbershop forum. >> this should be a learning moment of how we can come together as a comm >> reporter: inside san quentin prison, paul chambers, ktvu fox2 news . coming up, new year's eve prepar welive with maria ktvu. what what better way to ring in the new year with a little bubbly. coming up we will mixup
9:41 am
champagne cocktails.
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final preparations are being made for the new year's eve celebration in times square. this year, 192 new crystal triangles will join he ball tha been a. again, steve harvey and maria menounos will ring in 2019 live right here on ktvu fox2. happy to say good morning to maria menounos to talk about what is coming up in the next coming days. good morning maria! >> hi how are you? >> we are so excited to see what you could possibly do to top your new year's eve from last year. >> i know, trust me, i am like
9:44 am
working on a plan every day, every minute, i am trying to figure it out. we have such an incredible and memorable experience last year, it is really hard to top that for us personally. but the show literally has been blown up to a whole other level this year. we have the most amazing live performances from being and robin thicke and of course my all-time favorites, snoop dogg and so much more, we have so many celebrity cameos and other performers, it is going to be on fire. >> it is a big night for you, it is new year's eve, but also provide personally, it will mark one year since you got married surprise live on the air. are you and your honey going to take a minute to mark that special year? >> i sure hope so. i have to look back at the exact time it was when we got married and hopefully in the moment we can steal a quick kiss or something because it was a special. i remember our last new year's
9:45 am
eve was special because it was the first time back on camera after surgery. then of course we were surprising my parents with their dream after almost, it was 20 years, after 20 years, we were finally going to get married to. >> allow people make resolutions, are you the resolution type? >> i do like to make something. two years ago i had the resolution that one on sundays that this year, i think olution i i will work on a language and extreme language, i call it mental violence. this great author talks about mental violence, so treating yourself and talking to yourself the way you would talk to, you know someone else or, at least like your five-year- old self, you would actually have empathy and kindness towards yourself. >> be a little more gentle. i think one of the reasons why
9:46 am
i love watching you late at night on new year's eve is that i get to be at home in my pajamas with my hair in a bun. if you were not working and partying, what would you say is a perfect new year's eve? >> i think the perfect new year's eve is kicking back and watching a show like ours. steve harvey is the greatest in the biz, and our job is to create those great moments for you guys and then have great performances so you can be cozy by your own fireplace. and, have your cocoa or gin and juice, whatever you want. >> [ laughter ] >> i will get a chalice ready. >> there you go, you can have whatever you want, it is a big day for you. maria menounos, a pleasure talking with you. thank you for joining us a. >> thank you. happy new year deputy happy new year to you as well. >> it all starts at 8 p.m. right here ktvu fox2 on new year's eve a. >> what is a new year's eve celebration without a little bubbly. you mentioned that we have a little --
9:47 am
>> i have a memory like an elephant. >> happy early new year. great to see you back. nothing like a little bubbles t year and going into a new year. this is a cocked up >> did champagne cocktail, sparkling wine cocktail. is a great way to host a people. it makes things more vivacious. >> we are starting with a fresh 75 that is a cocktail with old of gin, lemon juice and a syrup talked all topped off with a nice champagne from new mexico. it is refreshing. >> do a lot of people come into the store and say maybe i do need a cocktail, what you guys recommend or is it more you and your employee is going to them and say why don't you spice it up a little bit. >> a lot of people, it's both, some people come in with their phone ready and pinterest, and then some people we have to recommend. this is is sparkling a sidecar, little better bosak. a little
9:48 am
bit of triple sec. >> that was a little powerful. >> i call it a wake-up call. >> any plans? >> we have some friends so we are keeping it in-house, it will be really nice. put the kid on the east coast to time for new year's a. >> is a 9 p.m. >> this is a royale, this is a pretty cocktail. is super simple. if you come in we can give you something you don't get anywhere else. >> all affordable for the most part? >> right now these are all on sale., if you buy the bottlecond bottle cost you a nickel. >> the last one we will do is a little bit of elderflower. this is a chardonnay base drink elderflower to it it is really floral, a little bit of sweetness, very fun and festive
9:49 am
year. >> why is it so popular? >> it is so bright and fruity. the floral park put that altogether. >> the last cocktail is in honor of chelsea, this is the chelsea cocktail. >> chelsea plumber, our reducer for the 9:00 hour. >> this is in honor of her. a little bit of gin and lemon. this one will be for chelsea. later on. [ laughter ]. a little bit of gin, a little bit of lemon, triple sec and a little bit of sparkling bubbly on top. another citrus profile, great way to start the new year. >> chelsea, your drink is phenomenal! it is something i recommend people try. try some citrus, try some cognac. >> some of the original and classic cocktails more qu
9:50 am
out there today. >> i would say that perrier is fantastic. rose all classic, those are all fantastic. ifyolurge get dom legacy 08 it is on sale for 100 and $50, $150, it is one of the best wines of the new year. >> how old is my son? this is a safe way to do it, even if you go out, just remember to not drink and drive . take and uber, ticket lyft, took a cab. we will be right back. after the break more. >> [ laughter ] that is for chelsea, i would never. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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you can enter right now for a chance to win four tickets to the professional bull riding associations velocity tour at the coliseum january 5th. go to the ktvu facebook page and look for the link on the left side. follow the instructions and you will have completed the online entry form. three winners will be chosen by random. esday january 2nd. going to and looking under contest . the sharks continue to prove that they are among the best teams in hockey. last night the anaheim ducks made a trip over here, they had a big night on the ice.
9:54 am
bread burns scored the game- winner and the one 4-2. these division rivals will not play again until march. the golden state warriors is still trying to get there late game mojo back, he lost in overtime. portland trail blazers, this was close most of the evening, they were down by 10 just three minutes left when it kevin durand led the warriors on a run including a late shot to send the game into overtime. >> >> damien lillard of portland took over the overtime. for the trailblazers, is a three turnover led to a big three-point shot from lillard, they could not hit another buzzer beater and he lost 110- 109. this was the chance for revenge and all comes pretty quick pick these two teams go at it tomorrow night, this time though in portland. >> despite the loss, the warriors and set a franchise
9:55 am
record. last night was a 311th at the arena, that is the longest stretch of sellouts in team history. district began more than six years ago and it is now the fourth longest streak in the nba. three championships later, the warriors are still one of the hottest tickets in town. >> first time coming here it is my birthday, she surprised me, i love the warriors. >> just thankful for the fans for their constant support, it is a huge help night in and night out, playing on our home floor. >> warriors look to make it 312 in a row next thursday against houston, they have a long way to go. but the longest streak sells out belongs to the dallas mavericks with 162 sellouts in a row. humphrey slocum will be giving out free scripts today at its original san francisco shop on jefferson, the
9:56 am
celebration will take place between noon to midnight, humphrey slocum now has several locations in california as well as texas, nevada, arizona and hawaii. a free lunch for some lucky customers at a southern california in and out. tom hanks and his wife, rita wilson, showed upto the montana location and bougfor th everybody who was in line. after enjoying his burger, the academy award winner walked around and said hi to people, taking plenty of selfies with those inside the shop. >> i would have freaked! speaking of free burgers, shake shack is an goodbye to 2018 by entering getting a free cheeseburger by entering the code online. the first bay area location opened up earlier this month at the shopping center, i have never been to shake shack, i am loyal to in and outs, have you tried it? >> i have not but i will try it, for certain. >> in the name of research.
9:57 am
>> having a burger is not bad, it is behind in and out, but thank you for joining us. happy new year. >> happy new year we see some more bubbles? i never drink the chelsea cocktail, i want the martinelli. i will take the martinelli.
9:58 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show."
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♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: yes! all right. i like it a lot. thank you for watching! [cheers and applause] say hello to my car hosts my studio


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