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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 28, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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during a traffic stop has been arrested. the relief >> thank the people who worked day and night that made this happen. i'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> california criticized. the stanislaus county sheriff slammed for the law that some say helped protect the illegal leading to the officer's death. the sheriff joins us live. and, terrifying encounter. a woman tells ktvu about being carjacked near san quentin prison right after an inmate escaped. >> from ktvu news, this is "the four." like to thank you day a this happen. >> the brother of the police officer killed in newman
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breaking down today after learning of an arrest. and tearfully thanking law enforcement for capturing the suspect. the gun man and five others were arrested earlier today in bakersfield about 200 miles south of where the shooting happened. welcome in to "the four." i'm heather holmes. >> i am andre senior. it was a coordinated law enforcement effort that finally led to the arrest of gustavo perez arriaga. the stanislaus county sheriff said that he had known gang affiliations and two previous dui arrests. officer singh had pulled over arriaga on a suspected dui before he was shot and killed. the sheriff also said the suspect in the country illegally was actively trying to escape to mexico when he was arrested. ktvu's jesse gary is live at the stanislaus county sheriff's office where arriaga is being booked into custody. >> gustavo perez arriaga is being interviewed right now by investigators inside the courtroom behind me. officer which arged with
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could carry the death penalty. the capture brings closure to this case but not an end to the pain for this victim's family. >> ronil singh was my older brother. yes, he's not coming back. >> reporter: the arrest has not ended the agony for the family of ronil singh. at a midday news conference friday, stanislaus county sheriff adam christiansen said local law-enforcement officers tracked suspect gustavo perez arriaga to a home in bakersfield. a county s.w.a.t. team made the caller at around 8:30 in the morning, as arriaga was trying to escape back to his native mexico. >> we identified locations, search warrants were executed. >> reporter: in addition to arriaga, his brother, adrian
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virgen, and coworker, erik razo quiroz, were taken into custody for trying to help the alleged killer escape justice. another three people were arrested in the county and are accused of being accomplices. >> we believe that more arrests may come, in my conversation with the stanislaus county sheriff this morning, i assured him, no stone would be unturned for anyone that we will hold accountable for this suspect trying to elude capture. >> reporter: arriaga is wanted for killing police corporal ronil singh thursday morning. singh was performing a traffic stop when arriaga opened fire, killing the 33-year-old husband and father. sheriff christiansen says the suspect had two prior dui charges, was in the country illegally, and the california law preventing deputies from notifying federal deputies could have led to the tragic outcome. >> if he was not here, he wouldn't have been driving drunk and it wouldn't have been reported to and the enforcement stop potentially never would have occurred.
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>> reporter: while politics mixes with the deeply personal law, the singh family is left with grief as they prepare to bury their loved one. >> i've been waiting for this to happen. i'd like to thank you for working day in and day out, for making this happen. >> reporter: the singh family and broader community in newman is holding a candlelight vigil at a 6:00 tonight, about 90 minutes. gustavo arriaga will be arraigned on monday on charges of killing a peace officer. the five other people who have been arrested are all being charged with aiding and abetting. the sheriff says this evidence of anyone else trying to help, they will also be charged and arrested. we are live in modesto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you in oakland. >> a reeft only for the family but the entire newman community. >> coverage of the case continues. coming up in about ten minutes, the sheriff will join us live to talk about the arrest and strong sense against loss here
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in california. the search for an inmate san quentin prince edward is continuing its second day. now the woman who was carjacked is talking about that frightening encounter. crime reporter henry lee spoke with the woman and joins us live from san quentin. >> reporter: san rafael police have not definitively said whether the carjacker is indeed the inmate who escaped from the prison but the victim tells me she is sure he is the one who confronted her. she is counting her blessings, happy that she and her chihuahua escaped the clutches of a carjacker in san rafael. >> i was lucky. it was very dangerous. >> reporter: i showed her a picture of escape san quentin inmate, 21-year-old shalom mendoza. she says she has no doubt he took her suv. she was carjacked in the home depot parking lot at about 9:15 wednesday night, 20 minutes before prison officials realize mendoza was missing.
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the inmate walked away from his job outside the secure perimeter of the prison. >> i did not know he was escape from the prison. >> reporter: surveillance video shows her and her friend at her silver toyota rav4. you can see a man walking up to her. she just assumed he was another shopper. she was wrong. >> he said he had a gun. at first i did not hear well. he said, i have a gun, give me your keys. if not, i'm going to kill you. >> reporter: she said the man had his hands under his shirt and for a couple of seconds she wondered if he really had a gun but stepped aside as he got in. that's one dog, 8-year-old bb in the passenger's seat started barking. >> i said, i want my dog back. that's when he said, okay. and then he left. he stepped out and let me wrap it up. >> reporter: the carjacker drove off with her suv. she works in a nail salon. the dog follows her wherever she goes. she is glad she was able to save her dog but is hoping that her rav4 shows up.
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the victim tells me that her gas tank was completely full but at this hour, no sign of the suv or inmate. live at san quentin prison, crime reporter henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> have officials said anything about tips that may be coming in regarding the inmate's whereabouts? >> reporter: police tell me they will be notified immediately if the stolen suv pops up no matter where that might be. still, it received no notification and it is anybody's guess where this guy might be. >> the search looks like it will enter a third day. henry lee, live in san quentin, thank you. some 42,000 members of the u.s. coast guard may soon be working without pay because of a partial government shutdown. the coast guard is the only branch of the military that receives funds from the department of homeland security. the other military branches are part of the department of defense which contthe shutdown. a spokesperson from
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remain on the job and continue to take art in critical operations on the high seas. >> they continue to do emergency response missions like report security, those are authorized by law whether we have funding or not. that is to make sure that we are keeping the public safe, and protecting our national interests here. >> reporter: however, the coast guard has suspended operations such as safety inspections and routine training exercises. it appears likely that the week-long shutdown will continue into the new year with hopes fading of a deal anytime soon. president trump is now threatening to shut down the entire southern border if his demands for portable funding are not met in the coming weeks. ray bolden reports now from washington, d.c. capitol hill is quite today as lawmakers are out of the office and won't meet again until next week. president trump initially demanded $5 billion for a steel wall along the southern border. the white house says democrats rejected the proposal without any negotiations.democrats have
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down discussions. they did not counter us. we went back to them after their second $1.3 billion and picked a number less than 5. we came off of the $5 billion slightly. they, instead of coming up from our $1.3 billion, left town. that speaks a lot to what's happening in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the white house says the president has been in his office all day making calls. he has a few days to reach an agreement before democrats take control of the house. democrats insist they offer the president a commonsense fix, saying the current stalemate falls squarely on the president's shoulders. >> there are three proposals put forth to the president but he made it clear he wanted to shut the government down. even though there was an agreement, 100-1 approved by the senate, republicans and democrats, the whole senate unanimously, would have been approved by the house. the president at the last minute changed his mind and
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said no. >> reporter: the clock still ticking, the president unwilling to budge, doubled down on twitter this morning and threatened to completely close the border and cut off aid to countries he deems responsible for illegal immigration. when democrats take control over the house next week, they are expecting to work on passing legislation to from the government, but incoming house speaker nancy pelosi says it won't include money for a wall. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. federal investigators say helicopter crashed into a large bird, forcing it to land on a hayward golf course this morning. i fox flew over the scene shortly after the helicopter landed around 11:00 this morning. this is very close to the hayward airport. the faa says the twin play chopper hit a large bird shortly after takeoff. the pilot that landed near one of the holes at the skywest golf course. the back section of the chopper broke off during the emergency landing but there were no reports of serious injuries. a small group of activists are protesting the removal of trees in berkeley park. work crews arrived this morning
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to start cutting the trees down and tossing them into wood chippers as you see there. in all, 40 are expected to be removed from the park near the uc berkeley campus including a giant sequoia, palm trees, and pine tree. protesters and people who live in the park held signs and prevented workers from cutting them down. >> i know my family and many people here wanted to remain a park. people need this park. i think they came at four clock in the morning and started cutting trees down. and it's the beginning of something. >> they report the university is doing several maintenance projects and the trees had to be removed from the park because some are dead or dying. others spoke of hazards or leaned toward powerlines or blocked lights. protesters playing together again tomorrow morning to try to save more trees. this is a criminal, illegal alien with prior criminal activity that should have been reported to i.c.e. law enforcement was prohibited because of sanctuary laws and
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that led to the encounter with officer singh. >> the sheriff investigating the killing of a california police officer sounding off on sanctuary policies after learning that the suspect is in the country illegally and has been arrested for previous times. coming up next, the stanislaus county sheriff's joins us live. plus, an alien invasion or something easier to explain? still to come tonight, investigating the bright blue light that lit up the new york sky. and i'm keeping an eye on your breezy conditions today, but we are looking out for freezing temperatures. we will talk about the cold and how long it will last. your forecast is next.
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back to the top story on this friday, the manhunt is finally over. the stanislaus county sheriff announcing today that the man on the run for killing newman police corporal ronil singh just hours after christmas was arrested. gustavo arriaga was taken into custody near bakersfield. the serif says arriaga who was in the country legally was trying to flee to mexico. we also learned that he had crossed the border in arizona several years ago, and had two prior arrest for dui, and also known gang ties.
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officials also arrested five other people including the suspect's brother and coworker for trying to protect him. while the stanislaus county sheriff said today he's pleased with the arrest, he says the shooting of the officer was preventable and he criticized the stained sexually laws for protecting the suspect. stanislaus county sheriff adam christiansen joins me now live. first off, you've got to be happy that the suspect is finally in custody. >> we are. we are very pleased and it is a collective sigh of relief that the killer is off the street and our community is safer for it. >> i want to talk about something that you brought up during the news conference today and you are critical of the state things ray policy, even angry, i would say. >> frustrated i think is probably a better characterization. in my opinion, this could have been prevented. >> tell me what you mean by that. >> so, there have been several pieces of legislation that have been passed and signed by the governor, which provided some level of protection to criminals in our community. i think the effort is honorable
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in people's beliefs, or at least our elected officials' beliefs, that this somehow protects innocent people from i.c.e. which is simply not true. all this does is protects criminals. it's sanctuary for people who commit crimes in our community. they victimize and exploit people and it prevents or prohibits law enforcement from communicating with i.c.e. about this type of activity. so in this case, this suspect, having two prior arrest for dui and gang affiliation, under sb- 54, the current century state law, i, or any law enforcement officer, would be prevented, or prohibited, statutorily, from telling i.c.e. about this guy, and had we been able to do that, this absolutely, this contact probably never would have occurred. >> where do we go from here, sheriff? do you plan to reach out to elected officials to to persuade them to make some
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changes? >> i've already done that. i've worked tirelessly with my colleagues, leading up to sb- 54. we worked directly with the governor's office. the governor in fact did listen to the sheriff, and there were some amendments in the bill that helped us out. but the fact remains that there is a problem. this legislation is dangerous. and, while i only have 11 days left in my career, i'm sure my colleagues will carry on with the governor elect and hopefully we can have a dialogue and discussion about the negative effects that this type of legislation has on our communities. >> do you think the death of a police officer just a few hours after christmas during a traffic stop, do you think that will be enough to persuade people to make changes? >> i certainly hope so. while i don't want to politicize the death of officer singh, i want to focus on the fact that he is an immigrant who came here lawfully and legally in pursuit of his american dream. i don't want people to forget
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his service and sacrifice. and i don't want them to forget that his american dream was taken from him by a criminal, a convicted criminal and gang member. it's time to have an open, honest dialogue about what we are really trying to achieve in this country. don't get me wrong. i'm a big supporter of lawful, legal immigration. and i think that congress needs to de-polarize itself and start working on a path to citizenship, that protects people who come here seeking a better life, and allows law enforcement to weed out people who victimize and exploit others. >> we don't have a lot of time left and i know you can't share a lot about the office their investigation. it is my understanding that singh's own handcuffs were used on the suspect . can you tell us if he is being interrogated, meaning the suspect, and what happens next with him? >> first of all, i would tell
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you that had this dui traffic enforcement stop had not gone bad, the suspect would have been wearing officer singh's handcuffs anyway, because he was intoxicated, and he was an impaired driver. we just simply provided him another opportunity, so that is simply a statement we are making for the police department and the singh family. currently, he is here at the stanislaus county sheriff's office and is being interviewed by detectives. >> obviously we will follow the investigation. our condolences to everyone in newman and everyone in stanislaus county. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. >> if you would like to watch the news conference from this afternoon announcing the arrest and also his stance on the sanctuary law, be sure to go to our facebook page. it's the ktvu facebook page. now to a story affecting so many americans right now traveling this holiday season, rain, blizzards, flooding, and deep piles of snow.
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dan napolitano shows us what travel conditions are like. >> reporter: winter tightening its grip on a large part of the country. the powerful storm is causing to cause even more traffic troubles. drivers in the dakotas aren't trying to navigate treacherous conditions. motorists are also dealing with blizzard like conditions. leading to white out conditions and as a result, a number of accidents on highways. christmas and new year acting as bookends for the peak's season, which will ultimately be one for the record books. >> we had 16 cars involved in crashes, in this one spot. >> reporter: it's a bit warmer down in the gulf. however, an intense rainfall is causing major headaches. the weather systems falling over the region, leading to long periods of rainfall. the national weather service says parts of louisiana got almost a foot of rain. >> i was planning on going out for breakfast this morning. i had to change those plans. >> reporter: all that moisture tracking east into the
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carolinas, on up into virginia. alexandria also on the 12 inch marker on the rain gauge. it's not just the interstates and highways, though. hundreds of flights across the country have been canceled, not to mention counseled delays. airlines are reminding passengers to check with your planes before heading to the airport. matt napolitano, fox news. quite a different story in the bay area where it is just beautiful today, kyla. >> i know. take a look at this shot. and anything get more beautiful than that? i felt the beautiful sunshine on my face. it is not the same story if you're dealing with the east coast at all. if you take a look at the map, you can see that we've got rain dripped up the east coast of the united states. i just checked and newark has two hour delays, jfk, just about an hour and a half in philadelphia. it's pushing out and then they clear out for the weekend. we have a different set up here.
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we are between two pressure systems. we've got high pressure out on our coast and we've also got low pressure inside. that sets us up when you have counterclockwise collation for low-pressure, it's a high pressure gradient and that's why we've had the wind the last 24 hours. that will relent as we head into our evening tonight. right now, not too bad. san jose, 12 miles, everybody else is down around the 10 mile per hour mark. we have wind hanging around in spots in napa, you are one of them. that will get better. it is gorgeous out there. this is a live shot. you are looking at wonderful, blue skies. i hope you had the chance to take some of it in. sun tracker 2 shows you the high clouds that are out there and will stay there because of the high pressure hanging off of the coastline. here are the current temperatures. 56 degrees here at ktvu studios in oakland. 58 in san francisco, 61 up in santa rosa where they are getting very warm. we have very cold temperatures coming our way tonight.
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we are expecting temperatures in the 30s. some people are going to be skirting to the edge of the 30s. we will talk about that on our north bay and inland communities. we will be back with your five- day forecast and more. back to you. big names added to tesla's board of directors. how a tweet from elon musk got one of the biggest names in silicon valley to join the board of directors for the electric car company.
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there are two major additions to the tesla board. the electric car company
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announced it is adding oracle ceo larry ellison and walgreens chief human resources officer kathleen wilson-thompson to export. is a part of a settlement with tesla over elon musk's tweets this year, saying he was considering taking the company private. the board said the two directors were selected because of their strong belief in tesla's mission in moving the world toward sustainable energy. oracle's larry ellison purchased 3 million shares earlier this year. meantime, elon musk is asking a california judge to throw out a defamation lawsuit thrown against him by a british diver. the diver criticized musk's efforts to help rescue young soccer players trapped in a thailand gave earlier this year. musk then tweeted a derogatory term in calling out the diver. unsworth, who played a leading role in rescuing the boys, is now suing musk for $75,000. a hearing is set for next
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april. today and tomorrow, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen will tour the border with mexico for the handling of migrant children. she will visit a border station in el paso, texas and then go to yuma, arizona tomorrow. this is in response to two children who died while in u.s. custody. she says she is directing a series of, quote, extraordinary measures to make sure all that children receive extreme medical attention. this after an 8-year-old died during several transfers during detainment. an autopsy showed he had the flu and he was given ibuprofen at a new mexico hospital before he ultimately died. a 7-year-old girl from guatemala died december 7th, hours after she was placed on a bus by border patrol agents. she started to feel sick and then stopped breathing. a roadside bomb hit a tourist bus near the pyramids in egypt. blast killed two vietnamese tourists and injured another ten. a tour guide and bus driver were also hurt.
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egypt's interior administrator said that the bus was hit by a device. this is the firstborn attack on egypt in almost 2 years. it was freaky. it was like "independence day," the movie. where you look up and see that weird color lighting up the clouds in the sky. >> so, what is that in the night sky? separating fact from fantasy in new york. plus, a new year. you know what that means. coming up, big changes coming for california law enforcement.
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so, no, it wasn't an alien invasion but you can excuse people who thought it may have been. a bright blue light lit up the new york sky last night. thousands god shirt the bright blue glow on cell phones. cross fox news' chris foster reports. >> reporter: images of the new york city skyline, making headlines worldwide. videos and photos showing this, a bright, pulsating light in the sky. it was caused by an explosion at this electrical plant in astoria, across the river from manhattan. were scattered power outages and a brief ground stop at laguardia airport. the services were likely unnoticed by commuters accustomed to delays on the problem plagued system, something called an electrical failure. which really wasn't a major event at all. >> there was an equipment malfunction that i'm being told happens pretty routine. >> reporter: except for this visit overhead visual. going viral almost instantly.
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small fire at that plant, telling in comparison to the social media firestorm, people musing on twitter if the mesmerizing rich hue was light imitating hollywood. a possible alien invasion, some wondered. >> it was like "independence day," the movie, where you look up and there was a weird, blue color that you have not seen lighting up the clouds in the sky. >> reporter: explained by scientific terminology as this. >> it came from the light show that is called an arc. the power surge is what kind of lit up the night sky. >> you saw it. >> yeah, it was spectacular. you could see from the precinct about a half-mile away. you felt it in your chest, explosions. the ni like an electric blue. >> reshort-lived light show, leaving millions of
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new yorkers with memories. even that cynicism was short lived. though,and the memes and gifs last forever. it has been a week of highs and lows on wall street. the dow fell 76 points, the nasdaq rose 5 points in the s&p 500 dropped three. the dow this week posted a 3% gain but still put in its worst performance since 2009 for the month of december. sears is planning to close another 80 stores. the struggling retailer made the announcement today, just hours before a deadline to submit a bid that would keep the 132-year-old store chain in tact. sears chairman eddie lampert is the only buyer who has expressed interest in keeping the company in business, and he is reportedly struggling to come up with financing to make good on his $4.6 billion offer to buy the company. if no other offers surface, sears will go into liquidation.
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2019 is said to be a year of change for california law enforcement. as ktvu's alyana gomez tells us, several highly publicized police shootings inspired a pair of bills that will soon become law statewide. >> reporter: in an effort to increase transparency in law enforcement, governor jerry brown signed two bills. senate bill 1421 was written by state senator nancy skinner of berkeley and takes effect january 1st. it allows public access to internal investigations of police shootings and other use of force cases as well as records involving sexual assault by an officer. the second measure, assembly bill 748, does not take effect until july. it will require body camera footage of police shootings, and require footage to be released within 45 days unless it would interfere with the investigation. it was introduced by state assemblyman phil ting of san
4:36 pm
francisco. >> we believe that providing greater transparency to the communities rewitionship, but also in particular, help build that trust. i think that is really what these two bills are really about. >> reporter: the new legislation comes after several highly publicized use of force cases, including the shooting death of stephan clark by sacramento police. back in march, the 22-year-old was suspected of breaking into cars and was in the backyard of his grandmother's home when two officers mistook his cell phone for a gun. they opened fire, shooting clark several times. his death sparked protests nationwide. alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. millions of californians are getting a pay raise in the new year. the state minimum wagees up to $12 an hour in 2019. for small businesses, it goes up to $11 an hour. salaries will go up one dollar a year until they hit $15 an hour. many cities in the bay area already have higher minimum wages than what the
4:37 pm
requires. prepare to see changes at restaurants in the new year. starting next tuesday, you will need to ask for a straw while dining at full service restaurants. restaurants can be fined up to $300 a year if they do not comply. and, restaurants will also only offer milk and water as the default drink with kids meals starting january 1st. children can be served soda or juice only upon request. restaurant menus and ads can only feature milk or water beverages as well. there is good news for buyers looking to get into the housing market here. details about the downward trend in home sales and prices. there is a chill in the air, that is about to get chillier. near or freezing temperatures in many communities. i'll tell you all about those low temperatures when we come back. your forecast is next
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bay area home sales slowed in november, marking the slowest in 4 years. over 600,000 homes were sold in nine bay area counties last month, a 15% drop from last november when more than 7200 homes were sold. this is a month's long trend. sales have fallen on a year- over-year basis for six consecutive months. the median price was about $815,000 in november, down from 847 thousand dollars the
4:41 pm
month before. in san francisco, the population is booming but constructi the california department of finance show's population grew by more than 6500 people from july 2017 to july 2018. the city estimates it will add in about 3000 homes this year. that's why the mayor's office says it is crucial to greenlight new housing as quickly as possible. >> we need to have housing at all affordable levels. rate marketing is great because it creates housing for all people. but also, there is crucial affordable housing that keeps communities stabilized. >> san francisco isn't the only bay area county to see a population boom. on nine bay area counties saw their populations increase. wells fargo has now agreed to pay $575 million over those phony accounts. the payment will settle claims allegations of other ous deceptive practices. the scandal involved employees allegedly setting up millions of
4:42 pm
phony accounts for customers without their consent or knowledge, all in order to meet sales goals. the warriors have reached another milestone. last night's game against the trailblazers at oracle arena marked the team's 311th consecutive sellout game. ktvu's amber lee spoke to fans and coach kerr about what this means. fans arrived at oracle arena with a sense of anticipation. the mood was festive as they enjoyed the holidays by attending a warriors game. >> first time coming here, it's my birthday. she surprised me. i love the warriors. >> reporter: love for the warriors, fans say, is the driving force behind this streak of 311 consecutive sellout games that started 6 years ago. fans say the words must be christmas day blowout loss to the lakers is all the more reason to be here on this night. >> this season has been a challenge for them. i thought i'd come and support them. >> they have a lot of talent.
4:43 pm
>> reporter: undercoat steve kerr who joined the team in 2014, this has been the warriors' rougheststart. tuesday's game was the team's 12th the loss. last year, the warriors did not lose their 12th game until february. >> thankful for the fans, for the constant support. it's a huge help, night in and night out, playing on our home floor. >> it is warriors who will be season-ticket holders. >> reporter: this husband and wife say it was worth the wait. they described themselves as loyal fans since the 1960s who has seen the team's ups and downs. >> there is nothing like warriors fans. >> reporter: fans say the consecutive sellout radford is -- record is evidence of a fan base, and that they believe in the warriors. >> we've stuck with them and enjoy it, and, even the bad times. i think it's great. it shows that regardless of what the team is doing, the community is going to stand behind them and that's awesome.
4:44 pm
>> reporter: amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the warriors' sellout record is the fourth longest currently active in the nba. dallas is first, miami is second, oklahoma city is third in the warriors's next home game against houston on thursday, january 3rd. i was at the warriors game against the mavericks last week. there was not an empty seat. that place is always packed. okay, let's turn things over now to kyla. we are taking a beautiful look at san francisco. look there at the san francisco salesforce tower. i mean, it is just beaming this afternoon. >> it is gorgeous. it's like it needs a little ding. it is gorgeous out there. it has been beautiful. the only thing you could falter for it is a little wind today but not that. look at the state right now. it has been a nice, warriors ran across california. lots of goodies on the map and as you look at storm tracker 2, look how clear it is. gorgeous and beautiful sky out
4:45 pm
there. barely a cloud in the sky. i got out there and enjoy the sunshine myself. that's what we are going to see as we head throughout our evening. look at the beautiful sunset. gorgeous. as we take a look, current temperatures, they warmed up pretty well today. san francisco, 56, oakland, 59, livermore, 54 in san jose, 57. i have to smile when i see that picture. it's so pretty. mount diablo, 43 miles per hour gusts. you bet that's windy. and we got 25 miles per hour at hawkeye. that will start to subside as we watched the sun goes down tonight. in fact, as we take a look at the current winds, everybody under the 10 mile per hour mark except for napa and oakland. you too will be getting in on the calming down action. what is ramping up is the cold. take a look at this. we've got freezing temperatures coming to many northbay communities. we are going to see little dang santa rosa, we expect you to hit 30 tonight. 32 in napa, 32 in concord.
4:46 pm
you see some of these numbers on the map from san mateo down to morgan hill, looking out for 30s as well. it's a night to remember to bring the past inside and take precautions. in san francisco, a low of 45 degrees. for those of you in inland communities, down in the 30s tonight. colder than you were last night. this could bring some of the coldest temperatures this season. just to show you for instance, livermore, you had 33 on december 11th. tonight, your forecast hit 32. napa hit 28 back on november 18th. also forecast day 32 tonight. hayward hit 40 on december 2nd. you could see 38 tonight and san francisco could be a wash. 45 is what you achieved on december 2nd. looks like we could see that again tonight. now, we don't have any advisories or freeze watches or warnings but we do to the north and south of us. in mendocino county, they are under a frost advisory. down into monterey county, they are under a freeze warning, those until
4:47 pm
cold air is amount. expect to wake up a little bit chilly out there. we have a few clouds in the sky but not too bad. should be another beautiful day saturday, more sunshine. temperatures a little bit cooler than they have been. a couple of degrees cooler than they were today. you will feel the chill but we will lose the wind so it feels like a wash between today and tomorrow. a few clouds as we go into another cool overnight on your saturday. i know a lot of people are looking head to the weekend and new year's eve. let's talk about that. sunday, we are going to have a few clouds moving in and breezy conditions as well. similar to what we had yesterday as we have the same set up happening with those two pressure systems but it won't be lasting long. monday, as we head into new year's eve, the big theme is we are staying dry and it will be cool. let me get more specific for you for new year's eve if you plan to come into the city. 8:00 p.m., 52 degrees, midnight, 49 degrees. a little cool but definitely staying dry. if you have to make plans for travel or your outfit for the evening, there you go.
4:48 pm
take a look at the five-day forecast tomorrow. sunny and cool. looking out for highs to be a few degrees less. it is awfully chilly as we go into the next couple of days. we will see things improve just a little bit. as you can see, no rain in the forecast for the next five days. it's nice to stay dry as we go to the holiday. people are going to be moving around which makes it easier to be outside. we do need some rain. we are down from where we should be for this time of year. we will hopefully see as we get into the new year, maybe that first week, are in the week, there's a chance we might get some rain in there so hopefully we will. >> yes. we don't want it now but we could use it in another week or so. >> i just got back from atlanta and it was coming down in buckets. unbelievable. and the planes were still taking off. >> they no rain. we hope you will be able to help bay area families bundle up this winter by participating in the annual one warm coat drive. donate a new or gently used coat for people in need. ktvu is a proud media sponsor of one warm coat.
4:49 pm
the national nonprofit is now in its 16th year and collect tens of thousands of coats annually. the one coat drive goes on until december 31st and has drop off locations in places like emeryville, walnut creek, san jose and oakland, as well as participating ups and big o tire stores. you can go to for a full list of locations. the world war ii veteran believed to be the country's oldest man has now died. richard overton was 112 years old. he died yesterday from complications of pneumonia at a rehab center in his hometown of austin, texas. he served in an all-black unit during the war and enlisted in the army in 1942 and was in pearl harbor just after the japanese attack a year earlier. before his death, he reflected on more than a century of change. >> every day it changed. a stick of gum was three or pp pennies.
4:50 pm
i used to work for 25 cents a day. 25 cents a day. >> imagine that. in 2013, former president obama honored overton at a veterans day ceremony. he once said that one of his secrets to his long life was smoking cigars. which he adds, he did not inhale. while you may be finalizing plans for new year's eve, those throwing the big gatherings are also finishing up some key details. a preview of a party expecting a million people. you know the one i'm talking about in new york. it's coming up next.
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
so you may have another option to get to hawaii. southwest airlines is looking to start flights there. the airline is waiting for certification on larger planes meant to fly longer distances over water. the ceo of southwest told investors to expect flights during january and february. the airline has targeted oakland and san jose as lunch cities and plans to add san diego and sacramento. the airline also plans to offer flights from island to island to directly compete with a low hot and hawaiian airlines. an estimated 1 million people will jam into new york's times square to watch the famous ball drop on new year's eve. crews will spend the weekend making sure everything is ready for the big night. steve rappaport gives us a preview. >> reporter: with the holidays behind us, it's time to look ahead into the new year.
4:54 pm
on new year's eve, approximately 1.2 billion people around the world are watching times square and the glittering bull that rings in the new year for the east coast. preparations for the festivities got underway thursday, crews and selling 192 triangles to the crystal space of the ball, adding to the existing 2500 already sparkling the sphere. >> it is stunning. it's on both sides and is designed on waterford island. it is spectacular. >> reporter: the new handcrafted pieces featuring rose that cut designs, which will give the pieces a flow into one another, which highlights this year's theme, the gift of how many. >> after we all come together on new year's eve after we count on the final seconds of the year in unison and in celebration with hope for the future. >> reporter: times square revelers and those watching at home will be treated to several performances. the ball will be raised at 6:00 p.m. on december 31st before it
4:55 pm
drops at midnight on new year's eve. >> this is a moment when we look back and reflect on where we've been. it's also a time when we celebrate the people that we love, and the things that we value the most. and it's also a moment when we look forward with a sense of hope. >> reporter: the celebration centerpiece is 12 feet in diameter and weighs roughly 12,000 pounds. wishing you a happy new year from new york, steve rappaport, fox news. >> i've been in new york on new year's eve, and it is certainly something else. you can watch the ball drop right here on ktvu fox 2 news. comedian steve harvey will host fox television's new year's eve special. that will run from 8:00 to 10:00 on monday night and then he returns at 11:00 to ring in 2019. musical performances include robin thicke and country music star, jason aldean. an ice cream company founded in san francisco's mission district is celebrating its 10th birthday. henry slocum will be giving out free scoops at its original san francisco shop on harrison street. the celebration will take place all the way through midnight.
4:56 pm
they now have several locations in california as well as texas, nevada, arizona, and hawaii. speaking of pre-, lucky people at a southern california in-n-out got free lunch, all thanks to tom hanks. the actor and his wife rita wilson showed up to the fontana location and bought lunch for themselves and everyone else who was in line. after enjoying his burger, the academy award winner walked around and said hi to a few people and snapped a few selfies. what a nice guy. that does it for us on this friday afternoon on "the four." ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 begins after the break. this is not a bed.
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with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. i very pleased and proud that the suspect is in custody. >> the manhunt is over. authorities have arrested the suspect accused of killing ronil singh. tonight an emotional message of gratitude from his family. >> he is not coming back. but there are a lot of people out there that miss him. and a lot of law-enforcement people that i don't know who worked days and nights to make
5:00 pm
this happen and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. a bittersweet day across california. good evening everyone. the suspect was captured earlier this morning in bakersfield. he was identified as gustavo arriaga. today is also his 32nd birthday. he is on his way back to where he killed ronil singh. >> also arrested were gustavo perez arriaga, who turned 32 on friday; his brother, adrian virgen, 25; and co-worker erik razo quiroz, 32. we have more on this and jesse, law enforcement were with corporal ronil singh's brotnou >> he had family members there. gustavo arriaga is being interviewed right now. he is being charged with murder of a police officer.


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